The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1946 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1946
Page 15
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Y;,1W. 2% DREYERIS lEATFENTON bn: .Snir't wadding, mis i dn the a rvJng trays ah- d the mU'riage^ of Ruth P, 16 Ruebeh LUedtke, at a glveftin' her Ijonor: Sunday, '7 at the Lutheran church. eremony will take place in 'hn's Lutheran church Sat' . » at 3 p. m. Foi>t# .itoeSfa; fenjoyerf the afternoon UWjMnfc games. Dorothy Dreyer read the, honoree's life history, i.vyv .-' ThS .bMae was assisted In opening, ,he» Marty gifts! by Dorothy Dreyeiy Vie Luedtke, Mrs. Er M0yer., , •Ref rkshtn&iti* Were served by .the' hostesses, Mesdames W. E Laage, W...J. Weisbrod, Elsie , Everett Dreyer ! and Ray ' ' • • • •- ,-•••-• ., you any of :that ATOMIC gasolene?" No; -lady,; atomic "power 'for) Jrour cdr ii stillvhi the dream depaf Wnent...but right-now;' we'd recommend a tankfuj v of Cities Service Koolmotqr if y«?ii Wantto See that car really perform'. V. : ', Kbolmotor Gasolene, a super high-test fuel, will give your caf new life, new power, new smpothness . . . here's why. ,Koolmotor was developed in the world's most modern refinery by our experts as a gasolene of the type that powered W'&rtime planes, tanks and trucks; It combines fast-vaporizing power for flashing g'etaway with a high anti-khock rating vfpr steady smoothness>'bn the open road. . . • Yes, today's Koolmotor Gas- olene is as fine an automotive fuel as you can put in your car. Drive in for a tankful today. See if it doesn't add new life to your car. LOEBIG'S SERVICE STATION '., Dodge and Nebraska ALLEN MOTOR CO. , * • Diagonal and Elm HUTZELL'S SERVICE STATION South Phillips ' ROY HUTZELL Tank Station Operator WHlfTBMORELADY LEDYARD SPEAKER ' Ledyard: On Wednesday af ternoph the Modernette clul held its annual Guest Day at th£ home! of Mrs. Roy Valvick. A splendid program was given consisting of readings by Mrs 1 Valvick, and a trio consisting o Mrs. Orville Brand, Mrs. Reuben Lutter and Mrs. Keiineth Buscl Sang two numbers and then the speaker of the afternoon, Mrs Mary ,Woodwar<l of Whittomore county president of Federatec clubs, was introduced by the president, Mrs. Lutter.\ Mrs Woodward gave a very intei esting talk on club work. Mrs. Orville * Brand and Mrs Orville Runksmeier presided a the tea table. „ Guests wer as follows: Mrs Herman Brand, Mrs. Seltner Uhr, Mrs. Marvin of-Swea City Mrs. Henry Selberg, Mrs. Berhow, Mrs. E. Muss, Mrs. Fred PJoeger, Mrs. Ed Knoner, Mrs D. B. Mayer,/Mrs. R. B. Rogness Mrs, James Logan, Mrs. R Johnson, all of Ledyard, Mrs. Claude Haag of Swea City, Mrs. Richard Brauer and Judy oi Cylinder, and Mrs. Reinhold 3usoh of Ringsted. Mrs. Krause of Grant; Mrs. Richard Anderson, Mrs. Vern Anderson, and the speaker, Mrs. Woodward of Whittemore. Card Party Auction ; The Amvet and Auxiliary card party held at the town hall on Tuesday, Nov. 19, was well attended. Mrs. H. B." Frey won the door prize, which was an angel food cake baked by Mrs. Asa Warner. Another angel food baked by Mrs. Bashara was auctioned off by James Logan and was bought by Mrs. Aubrey Walerhouse. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Walsh won the high score prize. UPPER DBS MOINlg, ALOONA IOWA a small gift. Entertainment is being planned, so be on hand. At Kin's Fuhefal Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson went to Clarion, -Wdenesday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Thompson's cousin, Thomas Mason, who died very suddenly Oh Sunday. Teachers, at Meeting Supt. R. B. Rogness, coach Robert Leland, Miss Shirley Baker, and Miss Lillian Kvamsdale went to Algona Thursday night to attend the Schoolmaster's club and the county council meeting. Mrs. Warner Hostess The C. E. B. club met Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Asa Warner, honoring the birthday of Mrs. Charles Bashara. She was presented with a throw rug from the club. The evening was spent socially and a delicious lunch was served. Mrs. Orville Runksmeior has been ill the past week and was under the care of a doctor. Mesdames Edward Looft, Harold Herzog, Glenn Burrows and p. B. Mayer attended a unit meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service at the Swea City Methodist church last Tuesday. Miss Frances Langholz, home economics and English instructor here, went to Waverly Thursday evening to be bridesmaid at :he wedding of her roommate ast year at Waldorf college. Mrs. W. E. Wiemer substituted for heir on Friday. Plan Christmas Parly The Amyet Auxiliary will have a Christmas party at the town hall December 4 at S p. m. for all Amvet and Auxiliary members. Each one is to bring H. W. POST DRAY AND TRANSFER STORAGE OF ALL KINDS Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. K\rZv The THRILL of a Thanksgiving at Home 9 ... You Can't Beat it! \\ (ft 'III A',}'" i- GLENJENKINSONS UNION M-D HOSTS Union: An evening meeting : the Union Mothers & Daughters club was attended by 40 •people at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jenknison. Owing to the fact of the severe cold wave and many men still picking corn attendance was reduced. Frances Dodds opened the evening with a pi'ano number. Rachael Weisbrod read an original satire on present-day radio programs. Miss Wilson of the 'Algona public high school was the speaker. Her topic was on the new proposed legislation for state aid to our schools. Helena Weisbrod sang and played two songs. The lunch committee was Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchet and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor; program committee, the Lloyd Schencks and Frank Hofius. The next meeting is scheduled December 12 with Erma -Harvey and Anna Zanke at Buri'jfe Christmas program is planner. week. Mrs. Schenck was consulting a doctor at Fort Dodge for sinus but 'he diagnosed her case as beirtg asthma more than sinus. She is taking treatments for it. :Mrs. Wayne Smith of Independence, la., visited her sister Mrs. Richard Leigh last week and visited the Leighs' daughter Dorothy, who jus* returned from Alaska. She came as far as Seattle, Wash., by plane and the remainder of the way by train. She is suffering from a cold and hoarseness believed caused by the change of climate. Guests For Dinner At Alexander Home Last Thursday Four Corners: Mrs. Fern-Hilling and son Gene and Mrs. Ida Nickerson were Thursday dinner guests of the Art Alexanders. Gene is a nephew of the* Alexanders. He is home on leave from the navy. He returned Saturday to his post at Tacoma, Wash., where he expects to be sent to Japan. Guests Near Fenton Mrs. Fern Huling, sons Gene and Gary and Mrs. Ida'Nicker- son were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lpuis Lowman and Mr. and Mrs. Aijelt Meyers of near Fenlon. ' ;•'•;"-. / Give "Tha ? nk"''you" Parly • -Mr. and-MrsV Edward Rich en- tertained;fflijirids at their home Friday ^ifglff;',: It was a thank you party yfof .those who helped the Riches; when they had recent ilhjess::: Those attending were tht>JS$ttorHarlans and son Ronald, 'F " ' Mrs. Jofc George;; Mrs. A.-t lin, and and son Mrs. A. B; Al- iters, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. » ; ;Dick Lee, Mr. and ^scheid and son Mer- ,-4nd-Mrs. Ray Smith -.. ,,. alter. Lance,'Stephens spent Saturday afternoon with Walter Smith. ."-. - .-„ .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rich Were Monday evening guests of the Merton Christensens. A 'Mr. and Mrs.' J.'L. Nelson of •Algona, called at the Ray Smith home Saturday: evening. .The Everett Withams and the 'Leo Ramuses attended the Farm Bbreau meeting Friday night. ''Mrs. Ray Smith attended the • -,«.&-. meeting held at the "**>•*> church Wednesday. LEGALS ff/ Dorothy Gisch Hostess Dorothy Gisch entertained her sewing club at her home here last Wednesday evening. .These attending were Betty Wilden. Eilene Jhul, Helen Winkel,, Ruth and Rachel Gisch, V Fae Bode and Iren Gisch. !.' ff f j Entertains "Q" Club Mrs. Richard Leigh entertained her neighborhood "Q" club last Frinday afternoon. Bingo was played and light refreshments were served. Kathleen Lundstrom of Britt, lO-.year-old granddaughter of Mrs. Andrew Godfredson, came last Friday and spent the weekend at the Godfredson home. Pinochle .was played and lunch brought by the guests was served. Rudolph Will and daughters, John Leininger, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode of Union, and Mr. and Mrs. John Baas, Whittemore, helped Mrs. Ralph Herberts celebrate her birthday anniversary last Wednesday evening. '• ' Mr. and Mrs. Claire Winkje visited the letter's sister Mrs. Lloyd Schenck one day last IN PROBATE NO. 5456. NOTICE OF HEARING ON RE&£?TP °i?f ALE °F REAL ES- TffUl. rt. .1 CH nf " f ' • '• .; . . ** I ^X THE STRICT COURT OF J&T&JB® 0 ? OR KOSSUTH In the '.Matter, x>f the, /Estate of JOHN BRASS, Deceased. TO MARY ANN WILTGEN, MARY- JANE MALLINGER, •'•"SADIE'TmJHRMAN, MARY E DARROW, JOHN J. GAPPA, 4yiAT'!5GjAiFJ > A, GEORGE GAP- SfcA., *BAiiB'A'RA BLIGHTON, •gUSAtft ROO'T, 'SUSIE KRAMER, ELIZABETH ' KRAMER, MAGARET. KIS.CH,. KATHERINE •WAGNER', ELIZABETH M. CARROLL, : BENJAMIN H. DUTTON, SUZANNE Ei BRAM- JBLE, JOSEPHINE MEURER, LELA ..G..CAMPBELL, EDNA LOIS DYE/' 1 BLANCHE M. •-LAGE, SABA; E. NELSON, AND TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THtf'ESTATE OF JOHN BRASS, DECEASED, AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are t he?eby . notified that ithere is now on 'file in the Office of the Clerk of'the'Disctrict Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Report of Sale of Real) Estate of L. E. Linnan, Administrator with Will Annexed of 'the' Estate of John Brass, Deceased,-..?otf the State of Iowa, in which Report said Administrator reports that he has entered into a contract for the sale of the following des.cwbfid*-real estate, situated in Kossuth County, Iowa, to-wit; The Southwest Quarter MARK Farmers Attention We Need Your Hogs at Top Market Prices. Dubuque Packing Co. Weighed at Sexton or Wesley. DON MCCARTHY, Mgr, Phone Wesley 2151 or St. Benedict 6. WIRING APPLIANCI REPAIRINC OF Au KINDS CONTRACTING (SW'/i) (except one acre in southwest corner for school house), and the West Sixty- four rods of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/ 4 ) and the ' West Sixty-four Rods of the South Forty Rods of the Northwest Quarter (NWVi) of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/ 4 ), all in Section Seventeen (17), Township Ninety-four (94) North, Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the Fifth P. M., to Wilfred H. Kohlhaas of Kossuth County, Iowa, for the sum of Forty-six Thousand Dollars (|4iJ,- 000.00), according to the terms and conditions set out in said contract, and said Administrator ie- commends that said sale for said price be approved, providing ho higher or better offer be received. FOR FURTHER PARTfCU- LARS, SEE REPORT NOW' ON FILE. You are further notified that by Order of the above-entitled Court the hearing on said Repbrt of Sale •pf- Real Estate will be had at the Courthouse In Algona, KossUth County, Iowa, on the §th day of January, A. D., 1947, at 2:UO O'clock P. M. o£ said day at whicli tlrte you may appear .artd show cause, if any you have, Why an Or- dfer should hot .be entered approving said sale. L. E. LINNAN, Administrator With Will Annexed For The State of Iowa Of The Estate Of John Brass, Deceased. 47-48 FIGUEROA BALLROOM LIVERMORE, IOWA BIG THANKSGIVING DANCE THURSDAY, NOV. 28 DEACONS OF RHYTHM DECEMBERS YOUR OLD FAVORITE ALMENKE COMING DECEMBER 12 NAT TOWLES AND HIS GREAT . BOOOGIE WOOGIE AGGREGATION ^1 •tC £•50 I JO -10 30 o 0 Protect Your Home With $ Insulation—- ZONOLITE The Modern Miracle of Insulation! ZONOLITE is a mineral, called "vermicwlite", a pare species of mica that is mined in the Rocky Mountains. It is shipped to Zonolite expanding plants in principal cities where it is then exposed to intense heat and exploded into golden colored granules which are filled with minions of tiny air fells that resist ^ie passage of heat, gnd cold, Ite- caw» it is a mineral, it will notrot, is chemically imeirt »t»(i provides protection against rats, mice and other vermin. Zonolitejs fireproof and will not conduct electricity, « . Zonolite Saves Hf^ing Coft«> WifttW t Makes Home* Cooler in Summer Botsford Lumber Co. •v'.., ^,,_; l M: M Wells Stores Opening in Algona Next ?,,.«

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