The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1934
Page 4
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SHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS <xxmtp MEWS co., PDBUBDU '' a R. UBOOOK. WJtor ft* MciteotJ i* : nitt»e«, ine. Me* York, CMc«eo, flt Louis, Dallu, Swuu City, Little Brtrp Attcrnoon •reept ta Kama class matter tt oflic( »t Blythevllle, AT- under act of Congrai Oe- r.t 1 - toter 0, 1817. by me Pnm. . SUBSCRIPTIOK XATES By earner in me city ol BiyUievlLK, 160 per we«k or ttJK per jear in advance. B> mall witnln a radius ol 60 mlla, 13.00 per Tear, *1.50 for tlx motiUu, 85c (or three monttu; by mail In postal umea two to six, Inclusive, «6.M per year. In nines seven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable In advance. For Goose and Gander A: contemporary who ht.-i entlnis- iftsticully welcomed tha promise of cheap electric current thiMi^h TV A competition with private producers of power holds up his editorial hands in horror at the report that (he residents of the new city of Novels, tiie model town the TVA plans near ilie Morris (him, will live in govcrnine-nl huilt houses, work in government huilt l'nc- torics, and buy merchandise ul cost in a govcrnnitnt owned departnient store. "Such excursions into the realm of private business," he says, "may wreck the whole TVA program." The fact is. of, that the whole TVA program is a social's! ic "excursion into, the realm of private hus- incss." And anyone who finds no cause for alarm in the competition with private business : whi';h is involved on a huge scale in the public jwwer 'phase of the TVA should l;nd it possible to control his fears 'concerning 'such petty hits of socialism as may he incidental to the Norris city development; , i :l WrH •|;'','.-{.,(r>'?}! ? ' : '' The public generally seems at present inclined to look wilh fnvor upon governmental production and distribution of electric power. The reason is that most of us believe, and nut without good reason, thai the private companies oujjagud in tint business have botched their job at iur expense. The same criticism might he applied, however, with varying degrees of validity, to numerous other lines of business.—'And those ol us who welcome public invasion of ore lieid of private business ought to te willing to acknowledge that simih.r invasion of other fields—even our own—would have ctjual justification in logic and morality. In other word.^ what is sauce for the goose oui'ht lo be sauce for the gander. Better to Slay Home It would be a good thing if men who want jobs could be warned not lu yo to Detroit to find them. The auto trade is reviving marvel- lously this winter, and employment in the Detroit area is picking up at an amazing rate. It is to lie hoped, however, that this will not a great influx of job-hunters to Di-lroil. Manufacturers in the area point out that tliero still is >\ vast reservoir of unemployed men in ami around Detroit, fn almost every case, marufai.turer.s ate giving preference to these men in handing out jobs. The man who picks up < ml moves lo Detroit in Hie hope of easliing in on the auto trade revived is apt to get a very painful disappointment. Dabbling Politicians Tin: ugliest l)il uf |Hiliiicii| cliicum!ry of the ywir serins to br that which is boiiijf Iwouiflit to light i;i cci-iain lofat- itit'.s in connection with joli-givin^ HC- (ivitic's of tlii: Civil U'dirs Ailiiiini.slni- tion. By iiiui liit-Kf, tiic CU'A Ii;,s | K!( .]i liiilidlwl very cti])iil>ly ii.ilr.-inl. Hut in some dtic.s local imliliiituis seem to liuve (M thwir h;tii([.s mi llilnjjs. Tliiy,' sire nccu.s(!(l of h.'ivintf i-ii.nueii jobless liiwi fees in i'i-tiini lor ! ; !iitiK thi.'in up with t.'WA jolis. ,-,ril Department ol Justice ii.Ti'iils IIMVC b(-i:n ordered fo look info the maltcr. President Ilnover <>ML';J li;•<! soiiii; .liil- iiij? words In f,iy ;i lion', (lie practice of "|>l:iyiiiK politics wiin inmiiii misery." The |H)litici;ins ,vK> monkeyed wilh tlm CW'A j,,|, lists sce:n lo luive lione precisely dial, ;in,l ll.e speclildu is not a pretty one. These work-rclici 1 pnijeris iiuisl lie kept out ni 1 the hiiiuls i,f nuchine polities, «t all i-osls. Dangerous Comments A London nowspajior rs:-er(s that CHi'i-l'iil negotiations ;tre u.itier way anioiiK (he United States, i/iiKhiml iind 1'Vunce, looking Inward lli u cession to this country l,y tile other i'.vo powers ol' curtain South Hens islands which init'lit' Ije used as aerial :•.!»! mlvid bases in the event of war in the I'acilie. ' According to Hi is st.iry, Washinjr- tmi tentatively has uli'ered parlhil cancellation ol' war delits in Mum for such action. And the He;', hack of it, ot course, is supposed :o lie prupara- tion Tor that mndi talked.of war W JI M Japan. This .story may lie utt'vly without foundation; and. somclm-v, one may bo t'orjjiven Cor hoping that ! s the case. The diintrerou:; tension in relations tjc- Iween Japan ami (lie United States lias slackened in recent month';; uiit, action of this kind would h,. sure to revive Jiipaii'.s worst susp'i ions. 1'ronipl denial at \V:'!:h:iij;lon that any move ol' liiis nature is eunteniplaf- «l would he a step toward preservation of peace. Krankly. I have Iind my III! o; ail. H's all very well in Ms way, bin there's an enllvcly rtlirercnt rtiseination lo pictures. —Lionel Atwill, slage nml screen sun-. To briny 11 person into court In a scinl-nelp- icss contlliion lo be tried is I" he obnoxious 10 ordinary decency. —Jutlgi? Join!])l> Uivid of Uhi- cnno. who declared 11 mistrial in Dr. Alice Wyiickoop's Eradicate |x.vcrty by gclun- nf ,,f die birtn coiurol (,[ money. That's ihr ,iiii::- ami's be'un overlooked. -Rev. Charles t'. Couqiilin ol Oi-lrpu. OUT OUR WAY By Williams AH WISH FOLKS WOULD PUI DERE SADDLES SOMMERS. FLS.- B£S(OE5 ON DE CORRftL' FEKc'fi? AM MEBBER DO GRAB DE RIGHT SADDLE HAWN' ' V • Vv —> l ff^^ ' l -^^r^g^ 3*^—«.''-'\>' .'/AM u;-':%s .^J BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS -'• i SIDE GLANCES By George Clark j Nervous System Is Chief Victim of Electric Shock IIV III:. A10KUES riSlll!i:i\ Kclilur, Jiairn:,! ir llic Anirrh-all AIi-ihYal A'Mncialiui-, and nf Ilygeii,, Hi, Health Mugailnr Diti you ever l.ikw hold ol the two icriuinals of a small d,-c- iric apparatus, 0,10 in-cadi, li.ind, and fiui! you cwjkln't let' B0 ? That little ,ha--j;c of cluclncity i:rncL:ca]|.v ]>;iraly::al your iu-r- voiis system fo t'lfl'. you couldn't iLiens? your liuiids. Imagine, tlu-n. vliat n larger charge could do to you! 'Hie nr-rvous sysK-jn Is Ihe ;iriii- <-i]ial pan of l)-e bmlj thai Is il- fictetl by an electric cimnil. tmnll hcmor.-hap.os miiv u-cii;- oiiiih l lie liv..|| n and HID spinal cord, and the b'ootl ve.sseh uriv '-•• torn. 'I'hcre also Hav 1-e severe c!e- ftmeralivc clnr-gcs in cells of tl-,,> nervous system, a;:ii tjiese - may -illecl nut only (ho <.|,inal cord and ihe br.ijn. bin. :,i n rj (],(, j, e] . vcs hlcli control the muscles. When a man is r-lrclrocuicd o- Is struck by lightr.inj;. his entire Drain and pnrui O t (he S|)hiuj cor;l m:iv bo fomirl swolieii. sofSi'noil. •ind almost reduced to liuid. Yd thi'ii- ure cases"wiiL-ri- etrrcls like these do not o--ci:r. in .spite of tlv heavy shock. '"• (ireat deal .f.-m- to depend! on the extent to which ihe skull! i>- involved in the pathway o|! the cm-rent. Anvuenlly. w hen the skull is struck. tl, s . iciiinera- ' c inside is niv-.a •„ ;l - vcrv li:sh ixiinl, a cnncV.ion which docs ANNOUNCEMENTS - The Courier Nc-.vs lias been authorized to announci- the following ••' candidates for p:.t,ij c O in c e. sub- licl to the Deiiiocralic primary ntxt August: Tor Mcmlipr «f Con-icss CLINTON' I,. CAUHVELr, I'nr Sliprilf and Cnllrrlnr CLARRNCt: H. WILSON ror Itc-elcclion for Second Term I'or County Ticasuror JOE S. DILLAHIJ.NTY For Circuil Cnurt f'li-rk HUGH CRAIO For County Cimrl (l,- r | ; FRED FLEEMA.V For lie-Election ror 2n;l ';-erm Tor Assf.ssor It L. (BILLY- UAIM'.S U. C. (IKK) not occur wli'.n l!-.c electric cur i!'i)t passes ihiuii:.'!- the body. <Tonsciousnc:.s m?.y be ios lillicr from liiivthij or from con cii'.sion. In event at -conclusion i "ic pirson coiu-criKa has no mem » V of ihp i.-n.-.j.ui 1 when he te. i-oihes' V».i.W. "in othc rascb. wliL-ii ;he lr^: ol lonscioi-F ness Is due u rcciiinuhitlon o II nit In Hie braui, ii comes on slowly. When n !);.r.; - : , i s struck b .lalilning. |K> d-.-nlly becomes in- :cnscx)us at ow. Here Iher must be eoiu-u.^iun because, 01 VL'covery. persccis H:uck by light ning in mosi ii^tances do no Know iviim iiai.poiiecl. A few uise:; six recorded I; 'vhich the pe.-.son .'truck by light .".ing had some in'i.-ression of Ih sliock citlicr .is ii ilash of ligh ihu feeling ol ni-.!: or wind, or a, tliough he had received a' violen blow in Um b.icl: ' ' People who .-filch hold of livi 'vires and C ;iinu:i let go, an( vno remember nnylliing at all re i:'lc some iiUorKrno; scnsalions Mi?.-.e include ri!!p:r.- j n n lc oars ccalnws lo 3iich c\ient lhat thej p'.IMlol lioill- Ihciv LWll sllOUtS fO !u-lp. sometimes thickness bcfor. I'll- eyr.s or Hir- rbservation o fcrilliam lights in concentric cir (Ics. •Ihcsc nix- se-n especially whci Hie head Ionics a live wire •-•j.'1-..n..- ,\ mt.' Hne. When a person has received ai c.iTlnc shock or has been struck •V liBhtiiing, ui-tlfiiiai respiration •s of greatest imtx.uance Evei t'loush there may Ue „„ sign 0 c-rrulalion ol V .. nt or move penis or respna'..oii. you should keen nrt.licial prpiralion goini '<-: a long lime. Gradually I!T in;i sc w!1 | con)1 witk and coiiycioit-.-.w will be re >v.u:ed. Tlier,- : . n records o I.-M-.S in «j,i v . h .., ; -ir;cial rcspira •=•-11. !:ept up to- iiircc lo foil IIHIIi. nsr. rnsultc- i,, recovery. After n usrs-n ii.ioieis he ma' l-'"(i hmiscir , in: , bic lo s[aiK| • valk because .,! •. nwrciu p.,,.., • is ol Hie !ei'.^. I -Ins para'.ysi-j [• instance: KOIl CITV Or-TICI.< lilcction Tuesday. AJI:-:- 3. Tor Cil.i- Clerk S. C. CRAIO li. L. McKNIGHi 1 j Hffl CUBSK \ViOS .. • < flR>. It 15 UK,. LO some change .11 thu nervous sificm. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From Ihe flics of the Daily Tonrler .Saturday, r P |,. 2 . ,,,,,_ ,. C - 1 . r - Cw ?"- «'••!. lias been Uvcuns school, anr.ounccs that as soon as the prcrent term of cshool enrl, he «-:ii 0|wn a ,.,„. of . [o, fi Bi '' lhcvilk ' Mr Coo,™ has fo, sacra] ycar-s ton a member 01 the bar of ihc supreme court 01 MLvwari ami « a ,, 0 a m( , mbcr . the Mipi-emc court of Arkansas. tllc ?^ U ' a . - !: ', r: ''' ' O '" u i 1° ' • oho ° I - -1 team, o ;„ 4 . anri t , 0 d bo>s ic,,.,, oefc.trd the loc-al bays. !,,!,? ., rl ' n B ,' ilnfS plrl - VCfl Fri( < a 5", v^ 0 i CCo!a - T1:c |)la >' crs W^1 oxcinich; m Oiccola und tay they were toy.,ily entertained. Fire de.-tro>rd tlie 2-story home "f KIRS: H. Matlhews. 211 KCn- Lky. about 8 o'clock mday »Sht. Mr.v M;,t t ] 1W s and the Vr/ M' ! ,V C f "" ItC11 ' K >'" Vl5i »»3 .Vrs. .Matthews parents. Thev «1ll le urn a: 8:30 tonight knowing nothing about the flre CHURCH EXCUSES By QM. W. BartMa . Everything seems lo start out small at the beginning just as our Saturday Night Club started. At first, there wa^ only two or three ojuplc.s meeting oil Saturday Night first in one home, then the other. For amusement we plnyed. bridge ind our refreshments consisted of sandwiches and coffee. After coffee the men discussed their lodge nnd business affairs and the ladies, home and church work. Maters run along this way until i et It be known that I could qive them Ihlrjgs to do and think about hai made the evening all but too short and as our crowd increased nil entirely different class of refreshments, as well as entertainment, had to be planned to satisfy the most of them and thai Is where my early social training stood me in hand. Il's imiwssible lo Bet a crowd together without some trying to take things in hand )ut my ability as a leader helped — to keep things in hand. Since a little bit easier to get real refreshments properly labeled, our parties are real lively and we are so busy you seldom hear the ladies mention either home or church. At limes T find my Ingenuity taxed .o. the limit for satisfying entertainment. We are now planning to work out some dunce steps using urt as a motif or background I iiavc been reading some of a colony where tiic Adam and Eve mouf seems to be the basis of the liead man's Idea of the game, or whatever it Is they are playing I may visit this colony and take a tew notes. THIS CURIOUS 'iUSC.l MNklNQ ALGOL, A FALLING BODY DOES NOT CONTINUE TO GAIN SPEED/ IN EXPERIMENTS A DUMMY FIGURE REACHED ITS- MAXIMUM SPEED AFTER, FALLING I6OO FEET. , -. ~ vw i\/a/.\[ BY THE ARABIANS BECAUSE EVERy NIGHT THE STAR DIM FOR /<3/M// ASTRONOMERS ,^ w KNOW THAT THE STAp HAS A COMPANION STAn CIRCLING ABOUT IT, vvw, u PASSES SETWEeNVT K AND THE EARTH EV6R.V THREE DAVS/ IS A60UT 3i TIMES' AS STRCN'-, . AS A COLLEGE " -=- •-^n, If there were no atmosphere gain speed. Due to t . all5n— J gain speed. Due to ihe resistance of air, howevei'' a "tody"', , ing through atmosphere reaches a velocity whicl^ Vinnot !„. i, creased. The dummy used in lesU 11 Wright Fk-ld never I faster llian '200 miles per hour. BEGIN HERE TOD4T MABEL McELLJOTT fc-i»i. Tkl Lt '. >h , e """" "I 1 h " i ..... H i / *"'" '" X'Vttml*, anrt I. clirl»M nc( l DAVID. """" KklH'l" """•""'-' of .kr . 0( .|.,, »>klrl lo nhlck ke ma LII, li% - c * " m " f»" «* Tiic apartment was rerj lonely wltb Elsa gono and David asleep. There could be years of this sort of thinff.-Gynsy thought, witu a clutch of pain at her heart, years and years an<Ji year.s . of daysjuileij With dull^ taskS.ahtt' louely eTeulngs. When Tom camo fn at D:30, alie was playing pntience. Slie had on her old brown velveteen with Its hroad lace collar. She was palo but her eyes were feverish and she liacl painted her small mouth with bright, raspberry colored salve. " 'Lo, dear. Sorry 1 couldn't eel away." ---- , ---- .. She read guilt In every line of NOW oo o.> WITH THE SToni ['I™; , She litled n "o] cheek for . -r^Cft. !nt tired' 0 " 1 '" 1 "' rlSht JC3t a 1Utle tion «"W ^ tl,o best thing !„ t, » llcu - u'ni-i.i r»« ii hnt 1 CHAPTER XXVI IJEH heart plunged slekeuinsly; there was tie taste of silt water In her month. Her first sensation was of mortal sickness, not anger. The thought that Tom would deliberately deceive her rocked her ibe mailer? Anything go { Ins kiss. • •"Wliof wrong?" "N-uo. EverrlliinB's.lice.- Ho tried to taUe herein his arms hut she evaded him. "Boy all right?" Slie tried to make her voice sound natural, to put all her usual enthusiasm lino her tone. world for them When it came time for Tom l leave Sunday evening Gypsy chin to him feverishly. "I think r.| he ter go back with you. after ,il she .said faintly. She was dcspc •itely afraid she w?s going lo cry ^ "Nonsense." Tom' said robustl "^«n need a change. I'll u-orr along. I'll telephone you everyday Sho watched him go with a di pain at her heart, £;;: later, as she picked up 11 Ihreads of the old life aK; ,in. si began to wonder what bad boll ered her back lu Hie cliy. c flowed back Into her cheeks fin hope into her soul. She began persuade herself lhat all of IK had been sclf-inriicte, tortures world, mindly she went on with - ••-• ««i<.-. nu<, her tasks. The day had cleared 1 s l )Icn " l 'I." She might tell him bow was cold, bracing, blue. Blindly i cuun '«E David had been In his she dressed the baby in his warm balh; Dow Ila ll!ul laughed aloud, suit of wnnlips i*nT imn-nir ._ waviuc his fat sinrdcii hirwio <?u~ snii o! n-oolies, (,'ot lierself ready tor the street. In the market slie stood aside, trying to remember what sho had come for. David's luncheon; there must bo fresh spinach for It. The ihonsht of food made her definitely ill but she conquered that. As ID a dream she boaght bread, carrots potatoes, sugar. Elsa *ould wonder wavius his fat slarnsh"hands. She might tell him these things ... I and bore him. So she kept silent" I When Tom said, lu a sympathetic ' tone. "Hottcn for you today, kilten. 1 thought of you so much." her throat ached and tears or self-piiy spranR to her eyes. She winked them back, bending wilh pretended concentration over her cards. I' sho did not. buy supplies for I " Tilat "<! nueen . . . what did ~---**j -Ji.|.|j. jl;3 lyj- dinner. Hut how did one cat chopped steak when ono's heart was break- In:;? In Hie street slie saw no ono she knew, u was a dismnl block she bad to traverse, between tlielr aiiartment building and the wide' cohtilestoned highway-where most i o! Ihe shops were. An elevated' train crashed by. Chaff blew In the : Sillier. Kvcryone looked colil. brisk i purposeful. She thought sho must! be the only woman so miserable in i you say. Tommy?" him be." Shc'rthc with n c ' a I ti'h " "It's just that 1 was so much alon and had BO much to do," slie •„ sured liersclr. Tlie rich. Jumhlo cnsual family life amused and l»u led her. She worked a litile In i! garden. She lunched aurt dint with old friends, answering ( ,,ij lions aboul her husband will, u, serious young-matronly man n c which well became her. At thc en of seven days she was missing T 0 - lerribly. Over the telephone ea morning he assured licr that a sol tary state was not one to he sired, no matter whm smug hac! elors lold to tlie contrary. IJUT on Saturday morn ins. toi or five hours licforc his o peeled arrival. Sue Caravan young sister. Katlierinc. tossed bombshell inlo Gypsy's ti ouse , contentment. w that handsome hus3jni"i • lunching yesterday," she . It seemed to (Jypsy that ij least. C!IK was s ,„ a3li _ no[ UOW| „ able clotti coat, pushing a rosy babv I , . in a big blue carriage. What wa~3 w:lhlns she to do now? Her firai Impulse was lo Ily back lo llic safe shelter of liluc Mills to cry her heart out In lhat familiar and beloved sett rug. Hut pride held her back. No one should know liuw she had been hurt. She would work her trouble out atouo. miserable in Iho days lowed. Tiic shadow of isy hovered over all her hours. On Ihs surface I no things were 03 before. Tom ! dcrs. "He was miith ion biuy notice poor liulc me." she ni-icke "Ho was all wrapped up in the B ; with him—stunning lonkins crc lure in black. Looked like Paris.' "He--he has all sorts or woin; clients for tlie various accounts, when he was at home Cypsy ..„. nuie!. sweet, imeresled. apathetic j !''T" hcr 1[13t c •T Ihitik you ought to BCG llio doc- ?. y ,'° Say "° ^ 3 "" lor, honey," ho told her more than I '-'' rS - !"- W0rk ' Anl1 sl:e once. "I think you need a tonic." Sho shook her bead. She was all ..isy said coldly aad proudly. Tt more late nights at the office and <>M. desperate sickness was re.... . ing. Yesterday—wl,y. Tom had let i I'lionctl hcr inst at 11 o'clock yc "up to hi bad !>/ him. "Ot course ho ha;." Suo s.i'1 quickly—too ijnickly. She changcC the subject wilh lier usual lact n J they spoko of olhor things. I!if Oypsy felt the knife l timing In hn heart- This could not BO on! L n del' • t Kn3 a sit " al ' on beyoinl licr controj . .. —,..^u- uuacucu-i, oacuruav u,pv- rirA--n rtt,'« t.i'~ ^ wounded her pride and from homo lately: his silence, his | Hills. The babv wi- ? ,?• wllcn Tom carac shc K0! "^ ., 1 ,.,r,,, ! ™ L-™, ... .., u... . i . . '" »a, adorable in a | to , lavc U out will, ,. hy can ' ( ' VI1 " After the girls had gone glanced over the a _, paper, seeking an cscips trotn hd troubled thoup^tS. A name Elos] uotea oa the Maylie It all meant nothing, her right, she-Void'him »„ eager thoughts cried out. Mavhc that wha s, e ncrM wa^t "I " the handkerchief wa 3 a trin 0 Tom j ot trusl the "." b ,^~ ,° ,"" i Picked up In the street . . cine oC n'cr Irt in ' S ' "' Clli ' nt the office. But she knew it was I to™ ' ""demand- nol iriic. No. this evidence ci- In April Plained Tom's frequent absences j Eaturdav n', cv . fT-rtmt l.n«._ l_l«l... U/_ _:,_. . . . _ . ' 1.1LJ abstraction. Fool sbe had been not to see before! Stj fed llio baby, tnckcd liiai away for, his cap. Klaa came. "1 fii you some lunch, now. huh?" "Just some tea and loas,t." "You don't fcal «o g^ood, huh?" Isa's wide, plat, humorless face took oa an.expression of concern. "I—1 bave a headache." U was always easy to say that You nover lold anyone you had a pain in your bc«rL rink sweater and si, n . ,..,„ had the new gray sui; which Iu commission had mado possible. motlcr caiil doinl so ?hl '° tbi , ' . bCCD>S S ' 0 '"' c Tom "Wbat doe.? lie ihink?" Gypsy's uce. in spite of berair, was sharp lib suspicion. "Uon't be so loucliy." soothed 1 umn of i ciely page. 'Miss Vcra Gray or IJoslon [ho Wcylin." Something clicked In licr brahl Was this wljat she had been fca:lnf all thc time? That girl—bow 'srl hated her! Gypsy 5 lood up, .. little hands clenched. David ml •• "".-viv wi L"*/. vjjut tits C3rrisgo to au Aticls -T tti sSgSiSJre £: : ,:Si^" »^™ :?s d ».„. h ,,, fhlnklno hor nn.-i «« T - ;-ue-slated at tim, almost wl;i, c but tmnking ner owa| So lorn wanted to set rid or hcr sceinj. ' (Jo you £oc(] A change . is i!:oi. v ni to to ii. '"«••: '":•' Hu'v do <-•' - | <.IOSEU II no' i ofe r the i

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