The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1946 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1946
Page 8
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95P PAGE EIGHT. .ALGONA Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c tor 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3e Her word; when charted, Ac per word. Blind ads 25c extra. FOR SALE FOR SALE: Electric stove, apartment size. Three burners and oven. Hegarty Bros. Phone 255, Algona. 15w47 FOR SALE: 1930 Model A coach, 4 new tires, just been overhauled. $300. Jr. Woods, Algona. 16w47" A CAR LOAD OF BEEF supple- n\ont is clue this week at the Fitch Feed Store, Algona. 16w47 (1 HERE'S A REAL BARGAIN: You buy 10 bags of laying mash 18% protein in beautiful print 'bags at S4.10 per b;i£ and next spring we vill give you 250 light breed cockerel chicks 'without cost to you. Feed your liens a real feed and save money. Cotton Hatchery, Lone Rock, Iowa. 50w47-48 FOR SALE: Two black Poland sows to farrow first of December. Gerald Brace, LuVerne. 14w47 FOR SALE: Yearling Guernsey toull, well bred, a breeder. C. R. McVay, Algona, mile south '/i mile west fairgrounds. 18w47* FOR SALE: P. B. Spotted Poland China boars. These are the big type easy 'feeders. By far our 'best offering. Everything cholera immune. E. C. Marty & .Sons, !'/•> mi. east, '/i mi, south, LuVerne. 32w46-50* BIT MOtNES, ALGONA. IOWA -' • •• ";f^ll§0 GRAPHS made now at Long's Studio at any time during business hours. Appointments may be made for evenings and Sundays. Phone 243. 25w47-49 FOR SALE: Model A Ford truck, good shape. Ben U. Meyer, 717 South Jones, Algona. 13w4'7" FOR SALE: Purebred black Poland China .boars. John Bockes, LuVerne. 10w40-;50' i FOR SALE: John Deere 34 ft. elevator and wagon hoist. Albin Schneider, Bancroft, 2 ml. south on 169. 18w46-4V* FOR SALE: Classy 1941 Chevrolet 5-passenger coupe, new tires, low mileage. Frank Vera, phone 964-J. 15W47* FOR SALE: Spotted Poland China boars. Right type and breeding. Sired by Modern Boy and Brigh Diamond. New blood lines. Vaccinated. O. T. Cherland, Lone Rock, I 1 , k mi. N. 1% E. a31w40-47' : ' HAVE YOUR XMAS PHOTO- FIRST In 1917! The Land Bank Cooperative Credit System pioneered the idea of a long-term, amortized farm loan—the kind of loan that helps farmers get out of debt. FIRST TODAY! A Land Bank loan is first choice today among farmers who want all the best features in a farm loan—long term, low interest, pre-payment privileges. Future Payment plan, and the understanding that only the farmers' own credit co- • operative can offer. PIONEERS/- 30 TEARS Qnd still leadhg the way with America's best farm loan! GET YOUR LAND BANK LOAN through your NATBONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION E. II. IIUTCIHNS, Secretary-Treasurer 110 So. Dodffc St., AlRona, Iowa SI 6.95 SI 9.95 £24.50 It's best dress forward this Holiday season and for your fashion pleasure we 5 present our ' collection of smart frocks. rise nill es FOR SALE: 1930 Model A Ford. 22 automatic rifle. Peter J. Hennings, 3 blocks south Milwaukee Depot and 1 east. 19w47* FO$ SALE: 1937 L. W. B. Ford. stock and grain box. Phone 474-W, Algona. 14w47* FOR SALE: One P International corn picker, one year old. One King and .Hamilton 46-ft. elevator ai)d jack. Louis Scheppmann, Irvington, Algona phone 27-F13. • 23w47* FOR SALE: 30 head of black- faced breeding ewes. Alfred Jcrgenson, Algona. 12w47° FOR SALE: P. B. Duroc boars, blue ribbon winners in the open and 4-H classes at the Kossuth County fair. John F. Weber. Irvington, phone Algona 15-F22. 24w44-47* FOR SALE: 20 sacks of cement. Tom Sampson, 4 miles east Sel- tauter. SALE:.i944 SG 4-row mounted tivatof, No. 21 John All in first class shapte. Carol Hutchins, Algeria. ; , 2flw47* FOB SALE: Registered. Chester white boars, top blood lines, c F. Whalcn, Lakota. , FOR SALE; Duroc\bbars, choice weight 300 IbS. 'Matt Weydeft, Livermore. 4 miles .straight west of LuVerrte. , , 17w47-51* FOk SALE: Hampshire spring boars. Eligible for register. Godd rugged' individuals. '»: Joseph A. Skow, 'Wesley, loWd.' . 47«SO» FOR SALE:, Registered Hereford bulls. Serviceable age; Also'good grade bull. Joseph At Skow, Wesley. ,. V- '},,.., 47-60* FOR SALE: .Pure; Bred -Poland China boars. Record of prodtic* lion herd. Aaron Steu'ssy, Lu- Verne. -'•.••••-, •• 13w44^47* FOR SALE: P. B. Slack Poland China boars. R. Bicrle, % south, west Lone Rock; 12w44-4S-49* FOR SALE: 25 head P, B. Dur,oe boars. Sired by son of Low Set t Iowa's Grand Champion. Extra quality. March larrow., A. H. Streeter, 4% N., 3 mi. E. Renwick. 25W44-47 1 " zer's, 4 north, >-. cast. 16vv47* FOR SALE: Former White's Market Bldg.; well built and not old, oil heat, good for business or investment. Sec Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 25w47 FOR SALE: A Tew good Chester White boars. Mike Loss Estate, Algona. 12w47-48-' FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home • insulation, "blown Ih." Expert inspection, estimating service. .Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8U FOR SALE: Quality registered Spotted Poland Chinas, spring' and fall year;-, boars, sired toy Streamliner Ace', a 'top;, son of Streamliner. The low down • easy, fedeing kind. New blood ;for old 1 customers. Bert S. G6erciei'& Son,' 3M. miles south, 1%. east! of L.a- kola. ' ' '••'•>• f"43w41tf FOR SALE: Poland $hifta boars.; These boars the right jlype and' have quality. 4 mi. 'Wrist/'/* south Burt. Jess Dugan.' :; jf2w42-49° FOR SALE — PurebVed Poland. China boars. 2 mi, nqVth. 2 east. Bright, crisp cotton house Crosses arc here now to give career v.omcn at home. Lacc-trimmcd. flower- Striped, sturdy cotton. _ Chestftf Schneidet, OH 169. ld B6l?s7 tfil. Aoutft AlWft 19W43.48* SALiE^Used:»reS Stotef* Ib. eapMty.'Sle* It 1W»ftl9 Pliitti* Ihg and Mealing'SHdp,, 8.12 ifiast Mcategof St. Haggard' & Pet'ef*' son. WA1TROBSS -WANTED. ; ,'Myefs*. Cafe,' Algofta. ..=.;,' :/.' ,:,43tf YES, WE AM smii? used cars,:trucks'.'and picktips. No need to look i6r a.feuyef'Of ad* vertise, just iphohe US, Wtlte.Us, Or drive in. All maketf aid modeli wanfed and -VTE PAY TttE MOST- W. E. Ley, Lakota:' , ..' 40w46-(47 WANTED . Horses of-all grades (Blind, lame, wild, gentle) For Said . Some good useful hbrses. WILLIAM DtmAKT ' . . - 30w47* Wanted . . ... . Barry's RWreatlon 40tf SERVICES BEADS RESTRUNG.- All types. One-day service at WOtgen's Watch Repair and 'Jewelry Shop over Iowa State Bank. 18w47* ICE SKATING • Just'Ahead Better have'those-ice skates sharpened now. New machine that follow grinds. r -..- . ' NICHOLS SHOE SHOP .? Back of Kent Motor Co. 47 •'.'.-• • ,: Tot- ''.•':'• " • FUEL OIL . . " (No. 4-Distillate) . ' ' ' .' ' PHONE'530 .' '."' VIKING OIL :CO. ; •' Immediate .Delivery 'Cily or ' 'Country ' • 45tf INLAID LINOLEUM, • Linowall tile,, laid by experts. Custom work..' . Cowan Building "Supply Co.,'phone 275, Algona, . .16-3-8tf MAGAZINE subscriptions taken at The Algeria Upper Des Molnes, complete .service*-new. and' renewal. ••; ,,,•;/,.'.... \3.9tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast'sets, teuffets; Radios and Washers. • ' BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE FLOOR SANDING ana neflnish- infi. Heavy commercial .equipment. Portable . power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algeria. . . 17-3-8tf LOST STRAYED: One black sow pig. '• nWtfbOut. 150-Ibs^ Please notify Tohy"Sorensen, ph. 7-F13, Algona. •• ,."•' '- ' •: 15*47* STRAY CALF came to. my place. " 1 Owner'may have Same by iden- -awd (piling y&t. txpewsesi Fisher, West Bend.' 19w47" HUB MISCELLANEOUS FLOOR SHOW OF THE SEASON Princess Narda and hjer Doves, She does" a be.autiful dance with.' live doves, something you will not .soon Corset, -All this plus Leon Mandrake, :a-' magician- and a thrilling skatirtg team on Saturday, Nov. 30. Thanksgiving ball, Nov. 28. Dancr ing every-Saturday to: Paul's Orchestra,' .' ' ! T '.'\ " Catering ^6 .''banquets, • we.. serve chicken, .steak,, and' s,hrimp. dinners. Club opens'at'8. '•'< GAY PAREE NJTE CLUB HAND'S PARK FAIRMONT, MINNESOTA Swift's Ice Cream Pts. 25c Malted Milks 85c . Tak« some home. BARRY'S RECREATION 40lf SEE ME FOR .Real '.Bargains - in farms, loans, drainage surveying and 'estimates on tile. , Phil .1. Kohlhpas, phone 22, Algona, tf NOTICES For many years, previous to the war, we held a great cotton house and street dress promotion during December, prior to the holiday season. Now that we are getting back to normalcy. again, we are able to show a great assortment of standard cotton lines in all sizes and all types of fabrics, including chambrays, seersuckers, raypn prints and novelties. Many of these still carry the OPA price ticket of only $5.40 which will remain until sold; others will be sold at a very low price of $6,50. You haven't seen dresses like these for three or four years, and they will make such attractive gifts. Select them now. I WISH TO THANK all my friends for the cards and calls during my illness. I also wish to thank my mother and dad for their heln. Joan .Lanritson. • 29w47* WE WISH TO EXPRESS our sincere; thanks to ouV many relatives and friends for your many acts of kindness and words ol sympathy for our beloved son and brother. Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Zeimet and family and Mr. and Mrs. George Diers. 42w47 I WISH TO THANK all my friends, relatives, and neighbors for the beautiful flowers, cards and coins..received during my stay-in the hospital. Mrs. John Mertz, Livermore. 29w47" WANTED WANTED: Girl for general housework. M. P. Christiansen, 408 East State St. Telephone 299, 47 WANTED: Downstairs apartment for two people. Mrs. P. E. Kent, Phone 435. '" • .47 HIGHEST PRICES paid for late model used cars. Hoenk Motors, west of Court House. 47 WANTED: Used doll buggy- Phone 982-J, 620 E. McGregor. Algoha. , 10w47 WAiNT TO RUNT: Two apartment or house. residents. Call 39.5»M'Humboldt and reverse charges. Geo. E. Thorne. '••.,• "\yp Buv Hoes and Sheen Daily BHONF! US: 800,1, Jim Ryan LIVESTOCK BTDflNa STATIO^ Y On WrWav 18 North AJgOM (Tracks AvsJ^bl?) 4W FOR ftENT: Small ; b}J«Jli?sS i Hswarrf 4 PetersoR Ijw Uppej? pef Moine|i o|f|es.- -— — .. . : ; ., . , . ' :';' f.* What It Takes —To make it a real "Merry Christmas" fbr your Men-Folk! If you have been a bit worried about being '' able to get what you want for the men on your gift list, we urge you to start your Christmas shopping at HUB CLOTHIERS. / e • • • -.;,., •.'...,...:. Even with the tough shortages that have' 'prevailed in men's merchandise over past months, we have been forunatc. Our .regular year in and year out quality men's wear manufacturers arc giving us the "breaks" this holiday season. We are getting quality merchandise witlj a big capital "Q". The kind of vahies a man would buy for himself, with labels^ he knows and respects. . * You can shop v for Christmas at the HUB with two thoughts in mind: (1) our stocks are as complete as it is possible to make them, with the fine cooperation of our regular manufacturers, and (2) you will be selecting fine quality merchandise. Here is an idea of what you will find: .MCGREGOR, WOOLRICH, LAKELAND—the great names in men's sport wear. ' . SUPERBA, McCURRACH, WEMBLEY —- big names in neckwear > and mufflers. . IRELAND GLOVES — quality through and through., . ESQUIRE SLACKS — men know them for quality. .1 .. SHIRTCRAFT & MANHATTAN — top names in men's shirts. , . PIONEER—belts and suspenders, "• . SWANK JEWELRY^ one of the quality houses. . ROLF LEATHER GOODS—billfolds - and cases..' ' , . .' t •...,...' / , ,.•'„ _ "•-. ...,.', MONARCH -» fine, rugged Je^tfeer jackets, '..-•.'.-'•" .' ; '.' •KV'v.-O:."'' •;' ; , MCGREGOR & JANTZEN SW^AT. ERS—two of the beist, v . ally known tppcoa,^; ;«ind oyer« . . , soats. - ' , "- • •;,.:'...';'.';; .^ ,:,' : "::;.;''.. ' .-:''•' i of the s« "»«fc

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