The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1946
Page 7
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•''••'•''':.. ? v'S-%.'-:\i^^);'x ''*••'.-' i: '---•''•'- •'^^f-ISil^j^l'^ . ,.,.. 4A , ^.,.,,_^,.,^:f^rf|?||fe:pwlt. OUTWEARS PREWAR TIRES B. F. Goodrichf- now they're ~ * that aC- TIRES! as fast'- iria'n- ._ T; |«)m^hpw." ', ;,- ^^^ji^^V.jf^ntiitni ahd convenient tefms llERS Lester DeBoIt N. Thorington Phone 308 B.EGoodrich TIRES Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sheldon and baby spent the weekend in lAlgona and visited Mrs. Sheldon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson. Richard, who was .formerly with the Algona Uppes : pes Moines, is now employed in a newspaper office at Eldora, where his parents live. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mergen spent Sunday at Titonka with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daiighan, the Jatter a sister of Mrs. Mergen. Mrs. Daughan has been ill for some time, and while she is still Confined to bed, she is much inv proved. • After a visit of several weeks with . her daughter and son-in- law Mr. and Mrs. Dale Simon, Mrs. 'Lyle Blair returned Sunday to her home at Mendota, 111. Her granddaughter Lanell accompanied 'her and will remain till Christinas when her .family will go to Mcndola and bring her home. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stev/nrt of Qcala, Fla., the -former an Algona boy, are parents '. if a son, named David Arthur, born Nov. 10. This is their second child. They have a girl two and one- lalf years old. His sister, Helen, and her husband, are now visiting them from Colorado Springs, Colo. Walter Plumb, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred'Plumb, is taking his boot training in the navy at San Diego, Calif. Pie 'had enlisted some time ago, but due to quota restrictions did not receiye his call until about ten days ago when he went to Des Moines to be sworn into the service. Robert Bennett of Ottumwa is a new. apprentice in the Algona Upper Des Moines office. He was recently released from the navy, where he served in the armed guard. Mrs. Bennett arrived Saturday and is now employed at the Northwestern Bell Telephone office. They have an apartment at the European ho- AJ.GONA tJPPEK DES?. MOINES, ALGONA IOWA. •tel. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Skogstrom had as recent guests Mrs. C. O. and Helmer Skog- JFor Itjxe JiQmemakcr; there is no gift .njorc ,cia,lted than a practical one—qne that lighteris; the household ,duiie$ and makes them more pleasant. Conic in and shop. "•'.'•? •-SINJKxGABINET •;•';• COMBINATION Fancy ail steel cabinet with stainless steel top. Complete with faucets. $224.50 23 Shopping Days 'Until Christmas furniture and! Durable een in Shops Every home In the land has become a "problem .child" due to tHc y/ar years. Either the things needed weren't available; or when' ttrfft available were priced beyond the family budget; or 'temporary housirig arrangements didn't warrant an investment In all the needs essential to a complete home. . -. -. • , .., BUT—and it is a very large one—what is being turned out of .factories is beautiful to look at and enduring to own. The side chair which looks so expensive really isn't because its plastic upholstery will outlast anything ever before used and can be washed clean as .easily as the baby's face! And waiting for a short period can be easily accepted when we compare that small inconvenience with the harder lot of our neighbors around the world who are just about getting roofs over their heads after digging out of ruins. WE REPAIR— All Makes of Washing Machines and Refrigerators "Hoy, Cut Out That Swiss Sfcyin' on Them New Slates!" strom, mother and 'brother of Harry of Ayrshire. Later his father spent a few days here. He is employed at Laurens but is able to be at home in Ayrshire at regular intervals. Alma Dee/ eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seeley, who is employed at Minneapolis, is expecetd Wednesday and will remain till Sunday with her parents. The other daughters, Mary Lou and "Pat," students at St. Catherine's school, St. Paul, are expected for the weekend. Dick Potter has been appointed assistant custodian of the high school and will begin his work it)ecember 1. He has been employed at the Ncaly hatchery and hardware store at Burt. If an apartment can be found Mrs. Potter will join him here. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Reed and the letter's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber of Fenton, spent Sunday at Sherburn, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bassett, oarents of the women. On Thanksgiving day Mr. and Mrs. Reed will go to Humboldt to attend a Reed family dinner at the Jasper Reeds, a brother of L. J. Reed. Mrs. Ida Nickerson has been enjoying a visit from her daughter Mrs. Fern Ruling of Britt, who with her son Pvt. Gene Huling, .has been here part of his ten-day furlough. He had been located at Camp Lewis, Wash.; Sand Heft "Friday for Mason^'Gity 1 to-entrain for Stpneman, Calif., a point of embarkation to a Pacific area of occupation, 'Monday, Mr. Huling with his riiother and grandmothe.r Mrs. Nickerson, visited Mr. and Mrs. Lurhl Fessler and Mr. and Mrs. A. J Meyers at Ringsted and Mr. an Mrs. Arthur lexander. The worn Mrs. Arthur Alexander. The women are his aunts, being sis ters of his mother. Authorized Maytag, ; Erigi^laire Dealer , ,* v GIET ITEMS Floor tamps* • Table Lamps .y.;,:">, Gas apd Electric Space Heaters : Mahtle Radios, 6-8 Tube Combination Radios and Record Players Numerous Small Appliances CRILLY PhQne 3JJ9 State and Harlan HOSPITALS KOSSUTH HOSPITAL Nov. 16: Clifford" Sinclair Sioux City, appendectomy. Nov. 19: Mrs. Peter Becker Bode, 'boy; Mrs. Guy Diamond Wesley, surgical; Mrs. John Sheppard, Algona, girl; Mrs VIelvin Walker, Algona, boy. Nov. 21: Herb Adams, Al- jona, injured ankle; Mrs. Arthur Sutler, Bancroft, girl; Joyce Sing, Mitchellville, la., accident; Mary Miller, WKittemore, hand Always' rely on this great rub for CHEST COLDS *^T^^ 1^!^^^^ ^^^W IBffl^^ ^^fir to rellww a>tigh»-aching muscles <ff: ", :"•*:' " fi ,?•''* '^. SELLS IURGE Miwcpg aieowr B$f SALESMEN . J toaay, for a make : S|rge. MilHer§ come t» Jiast \yeej* a o tl|B shop to order a SWFfe, ^e^ users, fhey |eji Wf C8« supply their*, . ^iliil^^ pay, H -£•"'' i"* $•'?'<*•< • ; -iS;i-^- \yy 'i-("'it~:^ '^•^^'^"^i'^^^^t^ : r.^:^<$ : ^.?>. :•;;>{>/' ',-v'gjt|^JjS'-i-^^§^|a§^ piWps;5 *mmm^ ^0^^^iM^^&^^^ff^^i^&^^^!^i^^^^^^^- ; slslfSl;S^'-;^; -. lacerations; Mrs. Katherine Thilges, Bode, accident; Valeria Th'ilges, Bode, accident. Nov. 22: Mrs. Harvey Johnson, Algona, medical; Mrs. Leon Martin, Algona, boy; Russell Behrends, Swea City, appendectomy. ' - . .- . Nov. 23: : "Mrs. Kenneth Brando w, Algona,;girl; Mrs. Laura N. Smith. Algona, medical; Mrs. Rex Taylor/ Algona, twin boys.. Nov. 25:,. Mrs. Chas. Heider- scheidt, Algona, boy. , .GENERAL HOSPITAL Nov. 20: Mrs. Wm. Robinson, Corwith, boy. Nov. 23: Mrs. Robsrt Munger, Algona, girl. Nov. 24: Danny gona, medical. Rents, Al- Wringer Rolls in Stock For All Makes of Washing Machines CRILLY APPLIANCES PHONE 399 47-62 More news, more pages, jnorc pictures than ,ever before in The Algona Newspapers. TONIC Great for All Ages! by Many DOCTORS * .Helps tone up adult • systepis — children build sound teeth, strong bones. TAX SCOTT'S EMULSION Give Us Light The HENS. 1 W.».QUARfON It. W. MtLLfitt " " ATTORNEYS A? 'LAW" 1 * Office in Sawyer Building Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW' A. Hutchison (18G2-1038) , Donald C. Hutchison •Theodore ,C. Hutchison Sqcurity State Bank Building Phone 251 , Algona, low? Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. Kelly Harold F. Fristedt "itUMWAY, KELLY & FRISTEDT ATTORNEYS AT LAW' ' ' Office in Hutchison Bldg. Phone 58 Algona, Iowa JLINNAN & LVNCII ATTORNEYS AT' LAW Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 26 JL,. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Hutchison Building Phone 180 • Algona. Iowa Install An AUTOMATIC POULTRY TIME SWITCH In Your Hen House! ; Complete Hens have got it in them to give MORE EGGS, BIGGER EGGS and BETTER EGGS during the winter—if you give them lights to work and eat under. Give .them this light with an "Automatic" Time Switch—aiid all the answers are in this Model 162-P at $13.50'! In .the early morning, at whatever time for which you Jiay.e previously set the clock, the lights on y.our "dim" circuit will come on and rouse the poultry. After about 15 minutes the lights on yqur "bright" circuit will come'ori, and the poultry will start putting in a full day for you. The time £w,itch of course, will turn all the lights off at daybreak, at whatever time you have the trip-levers set-| In .the evening the bright lights will come on at ,w/hat- eycr .time you have selected. The evening: "off" leyer will also have'been .set for yhatevcr. time-you desir&i ...This -will" turn the bright lights put entirely, ana",turn on the lights on your "dimmer"' for about 15 minutes. This gives .the paultry enough lighi and enough time to find roosts before all :the lights go out altogether. AH .these periods .of course can ,be gel ,by yourself at whatever lime desired. After setting them once, all operations will be automatic, and you won't need to touch the switch except when you jvant'io change the light periods! NOW AT •;' 3. D. LOWE. , ATTORNEY AT LAW Rooms 212-214 First Nal'l Bk Bldg Phone 287 ' Algona, Iowa E. jr. YAN NESS 7 ~~ Law Offices E. J. Van Ness Delia Walter 2nd Floor New Heise Building Algona, Iowa HAROLD .1. McNERTNEY LAWYER Office in Hutchinson Bldg. Phone 354 Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS '•& SURGEONS ,C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Phone 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office in John Galbraith Bldg. MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Phones-Office 197 Res. 194 Across from .F. S. Norton & Son PR. ROBERT W. LEE Physician and Surgeon Sawyer Bldg. Office Phone 127 ' Res. 827 JOHN N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician and Surgeon .Over James Drug — Phone 300 Residence Phone 326 DENTISTS A. J. EASON, Dentist Office over JameF Drug Store Phone Office 59 Residence 859 ElectriclCo. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS GAS STOVE CONVENIENCE With UEEN RANGE BURNER Makes a Modern "Qas" Stpye From ANY Rajnge or Coo^t'Stpye Nqw you cait enjoy the convenience of "Gas" for cooking bjgcgpe : is easily installed in any coal or wood range or cook stoye in jyst a fe> a»il4s so bAoiftbJy made 4bat it will outlast the life of ap or|injry JWfj flM||? ^ft^^«JjRH*ei»lla^geiBui?ner is se economical to operate and ,u§es ^fife ]$& \S^$&aA Mi), J distillate) .that you jzao cook for an enjtjre fjp)4ly tmmAy^im !/ ' • "' ''"''•'•" '•"''•'"•'•' ' KARL R. HOFFMAN DENTIST . Office in New Heise Bldg. Rhone 44 Res. Phone 116 DR. J. P. IIERRIG • 13 and 15 : ' ,\ Haggprd ft Peterson Bldg. Office Phone 1-J Residence 569 ,; C. D. SCHAAP, Dentist 17.'/i E." State (Over S. & L.) Rhone 991 OPTOMETRIST A. W.'AMUNSON .Office—Borchardt Bldg Eyes Examined Res. Phone 436 MISCELLANEOUS "GENERAL': HOSPITAL 308 So. ^Jarlari Phone 187 Pr. R.K. Richardson, P.O. Jles. Phone 313 Obstetrics Pr. H. P., ftjeyer. P. O. Res^ Phone 970 Rectal Diseases <£ Varicose Veins ,WALTER L. FRIESNER . Auto Fire Hail Life State Farm Insurance Companies 720 So. Minn. Phone 746 — ' ' No , -A-' Burner With n | ;{-;; ; ^ ii EMMETSBURG PRODUCTION " CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans tp Farmers and Stockmen • with a sound .basis for credit. Rate 4i/4% •'••• Part time office, Friday, 1 to 4 p. m., National Farm Loan Ass'n Office % Block South of Council Oak Store, LEGAL BLANKS, desk blotters, adding machine rolls, stamp pads. The Algona Upper Des Moines, 9 No. Dodge St. OFFICE SUPPLIES .-JeR^i.'-. * »" « * it'" t Holla

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