The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 26, 1946
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SHORT COURSE ON [DEC. 9, LOCALLY /. AAhnbUncerrient 'tA ah advisory Tpimfjnittee to handlei, arrange* Renfa for a series of night class" *" -and by farmers .of this , , was made Saturday by George W,.SefMt, vocational ag-- JrieultUTe instructor in the Al* f/gotta schools, .'•'..• " f At tho same time the date of ••;fhe first meeting was set for *M6ndaV, Dec, 9, 11 7:30 p. m., in > the auditorium of Algona high Ischool. : ;.' Topic of the first meeting is S 'Soil Improvement J and Management.'" •j. Advisory Council |* These evening school "short t.coufse" classes will be held for |tf|rmers in connection with the Vocational Agriculture depart- nent. which was newly organized in Algona high school this year. ' .General purpose^ of the meetings will be to give farmers an opportunity to get together in an informal way for the purpose of discussing the general problems of farmipg. 'v:J Named to the'advisory council lor the programs were the fol- /Silrtt "JfSW ' ; tie Blgotra —i .—. -. . .-.iute-tri.- . 'i •• .—i^i ,—— — . ,. ' _ • ' . 4^^^^^^^ • -cj—... ... • ESTABLISHED 1865 '•":"*—•"-—•---•' * -" ALGONA, lOWAf TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1946 •jThree Sections—20 Pages VOL. 81—NO. 4T; HEHPPUNTLEASETO CHICAGO FIRM .Robert LQBS, <.Harley Trout. matt,, Fred Plumb,, John Weydert,-Harry. Sabin, Paul Lind- holtrij Floyd Bode, Hugh Black, Cprwirt Peer, all of Algona, Wayne- Keith, Burt. Lawrence Kirsch and Cecil Bjustr6m, Whittemore. The icommittee points out that the meetings are not "dress-up affairs'-' and will also terminate early enough so that they will not cause the loss of a good night's sleep. Tentative Topics Other Ag. Night School meeting dates and tentative subjects are as follows: Dec. 9, Soil improvement and management, with two sub-topics, (a) common soil management problems, and (b) need of soil improvement practices. Dec. 16—What about, commer- ial fertilizer? Jan. 13—Outlook for 1947. Jan. 20—Control of, noxious and other bad weeds. Feb. 3—Sanitation and disease control in swine. Feb. 10—Feeding and management of dairy Cattle from the standpoint of milk production. Feb. 17—Feeding and management, of beef cattle. 'Feb. 24—Planning crop rotations.] •'••-• March 3—Financing the farm business. Oni March -10 an---evening sehoo] banquet will be; held. ', After each of the meetings the Algona/ Chamber of Commerce has ..volunteered to serve ;"free Werner Gade Is Hurt Severity. By Corjipicker ff Whittemore: Werner Code, south of Whittemore farmer, suffered a serious accident Wednesday morning which might have been fatal. Mr. Gade was assisting: Mike Bonnstettcr, in Picking corn at three o'clock In the morning when his overalls caught in the tumbling rod of the elevator, and were torn off —every stitch of clothing up to his waist line—throwing him to the ground and bringing him severly and tearing the cords on his stomach, although it was found that no bones were broken. ,. a i H i C . Wa u ta ? ei .V 1 ° West Bclul for flrst ald and thftn was rushed to the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge, where he Is a Pa, ,i "HM!. t.i!!i 0 i' e / OPts , h i vc bce " hcard> Thc Rcv - and Mr s- ffmwE^rf '*?"** Gade ' alld Mrs ' Carl Ostwald visited him Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer'Sr. were Fri- Mr. Gad r |'FrWay Bprnln(fhaus alld *«i*hier Alvlna, visited Four St. foe Folks Hurt In j§herman Twp. Crash La'ir^arthbunces. that ; if; enough local people .are interested,' the school faculty will Undertake to conduct night school classes in subjects as listed below. The classes would be held each Monday evening, starting Dec. 9. .Courses that would be offered would be in typewriting, speech, physical education for men and women, animal biology, elementary Spanish, problems in public education and possibly others. Atj least ten interested persons will be required for each class in , the above list. Those desiring to ( enroll should contact Mr. Laing. ldN,43,DIESJN BED ON SUNDAY '(; Albert Manthei, 43, foreman for the McGuire Bros, road con- Itruc.tion crew, died of a heart Jttacjt, in his bed, Sunday morn- Bng, in Algona. - 1 He had awakened and talked 1 fto his wife earlier in the morn- {jng, and she thought he was I sleeping, but found after a while 'that he had passed silently away, physician was called, and said condition caused A a coronary deatlh. Mr. and Mrs. Manthei and their daughter, Joyce, age 6, had been living for the past five years in the Brown court on North Jones St. > Funeral services will be held, Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p, i ,m. a,t the First Lutheran church • here, and burial will-be in Swea City. , : Also surviving in addition to his own family, are four sisters and' two -brpth,ers: Mrs. Art Brandt, Blmore, Minn,; Mrs. A, E. Weaver of Lakota, Mrs. Jphn Hammer,,.,and Mrs. Rgy Thilges, Algona;, John Mfjnfrhej, pf iTed- yard ; pntl Leonard Mw^hei - of Gwkeen, Minn,, : : t ^PaUljearers will .be -John anS Jjjarl? > McQuJre, Mjl?e v Welch, Chajrles - Banninf, J^ Wilson Rarnug, ;7 Four Kossuth people were injured, in an automobile crash al a county road intersection in Sherman township last Friday morning, and three of the injured were still in the Kossuth hospital last Saturday. 'Miraculously, two ' occupants of a second machine .escaped without injury .although 'their car was nearly pulverized nv the •crash.^.'•'rv'v^-.--:. ..:>;•:'':.•.-- .'.;'-.. ? '*•; • ^ insurlricft • Man'^Uhhutt 1 ^' In a/car Agoing north at; this point was Leonard A.. Anderson of Sioux City, an insurance salesman, and Milford Ramsvg of Humboldt! , In a car going east, with Wilmer Thilges of St. Joe driving, .were Mrs. Kathryn Thilges, .mother of the driver, Valeria Thilges, his sister, and Joyce King, a hired girl. Mrs. Thilges was cut and bruised, Miss Thilges received a broken leg, broken nose and had .six - teeth knocke'd put, Joyce King received a broken leg and bruises, and Thilges himself was cut and bruised, but released from the hospital after treatment.- The! other three remained fOr further care. Stop Sign Was Down- In adjacent pictures are shown the two cars after the accident, after they had been towed in to Algona. t . - • * The larger picture is that of the .Anderson machine, showing how the left side was creased into a crescent shape. The smaller picture shows the front end of the Thilges machine, which ,was .badly smashed. At the intersection where the crash occurred/ vision is obstructed for cars , approaching from south and east by a grove of trees. A ..stop sign ordinarily placed at the intersection for travelers on the north-south road, was down and in the ditch, according to Deputy Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, who investigated the accident. TOWNSHIPS VOTE NEXT WEEK FOR AAA DELEGATES The schedule of Agricultural Conservation program (AAA) committee elections in Kossuth county was released Monday by O. L. Thoreson, chairman of the Kossuth committee. Farmers in each community will elect a committee of three fanners plus two alternates. At the same time a farmer delegate to the county "convention will be chosen who, with delegates from other townships, will elect a three-man county committee. Polling places, dates and hours for the Kossuth meetings are as follows Buffalo Legion 'hall, Dec. 2, 8 p. m. Burt—Center school, Dec, 3, 8 p. m. Cresco—Vipond school, Dec. 6, 8 p. m. i Eagle—Center school, Dec. 6, 8 p. m. Fenton—Legion hall, Dec. 4, 8 p. m. : Garfield—Center school, Dec. 6, 8 p. m. German—Center school, Dec. 6, 8 p. m. Grant—Grant school, Dec. 2, 8 p. m. Greenwood — Legion room Dec. 4, 8 p. m. Harrison—Bank building, Dec 2, 2 p. m. Hebron—Center school, Dec 4, 8 p. m. Irvington—Center school, Dec 3, 8 p. m. . Ledyard—City hall, Lakota- Dec. 3, 8 p. m. Lincoln—Center school, Decl 5, 8 p. m. -\ Lotts Creek — Center school, D,ec. 3, 8 p. m. LuVerne—Center school, Dec 5, 8 p. m. Plum Creek—Center school, Dec. 4, 8 p. m; 1 Portland—Center school, Dec. 3, 8 p. m. Prairie—Kleinpeter hall, Dec •5, 8 p. ny, / '' , Kamsey^-<Legjon ,> club--! i?eo:i3; : ;8 p. m. .•'••;-"- i '-"--';"-J*y, -« Riverdale—No. 6 school;' Dec. 4, 8 p. m. Seneca—Seneca school,'Dec. 3, 8 p. m. Sherman—Center school, Dec. 5, 8 p. m. NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTION PRICES UP DEC. 15 Efactive after Dec. 15, the subscription price of the Algona newspapers will increase slightly. From $2.50 for one paper, ' or $4 for both, in the county area, the price will advance to $3 for one or $5 for both. On out-of-area subscriptions, the price will increase to $4 for one paper or $6 for both. The increase, first in many years, is caused by general increase in operating expenses and the general newsprint siluntiqn. START T. B. SEAL SALE DRIVE SOON Ths/qityof'AJistert^ i>*sfw>Hgh JHet':pu to lagt i fQ^_ f $ Jeft|t fciir ' • an jl .• pJwer. B^pfsuls IpiJWfiftjS-'ffSl*' ^^ig|'lp}}tefe|m®;rMfeajlj|' |te%ffe|-:^|^«§«iM|,i|«. li^aSifesaftiSiSfiftWfe^lMftS^ ^f^if^^SM^eem m NEWPOSTOFFICE FOR LAKOTA SOON Lakota: Work began Monday, Nov, 17, on Lakotas new postof- fice building, ^yhich is being erected by Andy Andersort on his lot between the Barrett Variety sfpre and the. Kephart barber shop on Main street. Hansen Bros, of Buffalo Center are doing -the wprk. .The building .will toe glx40 feet in size, with in ~U-ft. eeiir Ing, and will be modern in aU details, Ail new fixtures will be installed in the interior, Thf ppstoffiQe Apartment has, taken a JQ'yeap lease on the Bought the lot about afP with the Jntention of erecting Sit building fw h.|s drug stare. wh?o he was not §b}e t« ifet%a:tenajs heshftd to Postpone IhJsv and, igtec ^ sold the stock, to Rob th« Pencil in hand, a university of Iowa 'freshman, tols McCord, encircles Nov. 25 on her calendar to remind her that on this date she can begin buying Christmas Seals from the county unit of the Iowa Tuberculosis Association. The sale will continue until fiec. g§, Lois was impressed by the fight against tuberculosis 'when she was given a Student Health; §S r-yjce tuberculin test upon university entrance this fall, Christmas: %a} funds ape used, throughout Ipwa to search out and P reven t Springfield — Consolidated school, Dec. 2, 8 p. -m. < Swea—Community hall,' Dec. 5, 8 p. m. Union—Center school, Dec. 2, 8 p. m. Wesley—Kleinpeter hall, Dec. 5, 8 p. m. Whittemore—Legion hall, Dec. 6, 8 p. m. The county-wide meeting and election will be held Dec. 7, with each township having one vote in selection of the county committee of three. . V "Eligible farmers 'are urged to show their interest by full attendance at meetings. Eligible to vote is any farmer participating in the 1946 Agricultural Conservation program. RATE OF CORN LOAN SET AT $1.07 PER BU> The 1946 Iowa corn loan rate has been set at $1.07 Per bushel in Kossuth county, and 23 other .counties in this area, the county AAA office announces. In-corn grading No. 3 or better wjth the moisture content not in excess of 20.5 per cent for the "recommended crib width •for the area" will be eligible for loans up to March 31, 1947, After that-date moisture content must not be in excess of 15.5 percent. County AAA officials point out that the most important factor to be considered in the safe storage of corn is the crib width. Fuji details can be obtained at the Kossuth AAA office in Algona. TWO TEAMS TIED FOR BOWLING LEAD IN COUNTY LOOP Old Style Lager and the Woodman Insurance bowling teams were .all tied up, after last week's summary of games won and lost. Al Young of the Woodman team, -sparked the Titonka boys with a three game series of 617. Other 200 bowlers during the .weeks play were as follows: : Olson (204), and Tom McMahon (209), Wesley Bauer Implement; K. Batt, Jr. (206 Herb's Ghosts; Bill Geerin :(201), Tanvilac; John Grott (226), Consumers; Lloyd Roug (201), Jaycees; Bud Briggs (211 Pioneer; Bill Peck (204), Perc. val Motors; Paul Seeley (200), K C.'s; Young (232); Lynk (202 Old Style; Anderson (203), Burt Leonard Lindsay (207), Consum ers. • V/. Old Style 1 26 Woodmans Ins. __26 Hank's Barbers __^__i_24 Tanvilac . 22 Jaycees 20 Britt . r ... 19 Muilin's Hybrid :19 Burt —— 18 iauer, Imp; _^ 18.. , Pibne'er i______15 Percival Motor 13 Kanawha 12 Consumers 12 Fisher Garage 11 Herb's Ghosts 11 Kossuth Turkeys Meet Fate This Thanksgiving •CIIET KURITZ, manager of the Algona plant of Swift & Co is standing beside a rack of dressed turkeys, ready to be shipped to the eastern market for Thanksgiving. This .picture, taken just before the Jirds were placed in boxes, shows Kurtz pointing to a turkey that weighed 35 Ibs. dressed, which came from the Frank Ludwig farm at fat. Benedict. (Algona Upper Des Moines Newsfotos) Lone Hock Note Lone Rock; The evening North l^ijlips street. ten< to take all the boys th e .MS. a Vffi^w » ^mmmm^mWf'^e^w^ "*"* IS*SP:S 7T-T-T-— •*,»—,.,», 4>*«V - WV«»»*jli5 church services here will be held only. one Sunday evening a month, and riot twice a month, as -was stated last;week. Algona Barbers 11 Swift's . 10 Bradley Bros. 10 Girts' Standings In the girls' league, the Drug- list Mutual five took the Upper )es Moines girls down a peg by copping all three games last week. Team W. L. Upper Des Moines 15 £ Modern Cleaners 12 12 Druggist Mutual 12 12 Modernistic 9 15 Scores of 150 or over were rolled by Valeria Butts (167;, Mary Frances Carney (165), Doris Colberg (207), Louise Elbert (157), Lorraine Bock (157), and Ann Kelley (167). REPORT TODAY For the first time this ' year, the Kossuth county grand jury has _been ordered to report this morning (Tuesday). County Attorney H, W. Miller said Monday that as the law requires the grand jury to meet at least t once during the year to make a formal inspection of the jaii, county farm, and similar county institutions, this meeting will include those activities, The petit jury for the next term of court will report a week from today. Small Fires . , Two small fires were quelled by ,the Algona Fire Department, last week. A small chimney fire at Georges' Cafe was quickly subdued, and a roof fire at the X?har?es UJfers home did some 4amage but was not too serious. THE LONG TRAIL for a refrigerator carload of Kossuth turkeys is about to begin in the above picture. Here John Strayer, Don Kienitz, Elmer Stebritz and Albert McVeigh are loading the car with dressed birds in the boxes you see, on the Northwestern siding here. If it isn't a "Happy Thanksgiving," Thursday, for thousands of grading and ;: sor.ting for quality:- .key "raisers • or processors ' have- During the early part of this month, Swift & Co. here shipped some four refrigerated carloads of turkeys to the New York market, according to Ohet Kurtz, manager. No doubt other plants around the county have been doing the same thing. Trainload in a Year During the course of a year .he local plant shipped a train- oad of poultry from 'Algona. A 'trainload" means from 60, to 65 cars, including all types of poultry. Kurtz said that production his pre-holiday season had been jlowed down somewhat on a :omparative basis with last year, >ecause prisoners of war were available last fall Turkey processing falls into ix major departments, he point^d out. First, buying, weighing, nd bringing into the plant. Sec- nd, killing, scalding,- picking and dressing. Third, chilling ov- ---•-'-• ' -' ' Fourth ELECTRICAL GOODS TO BE PRODUCED; PAYROLL OF 100 Algona's wartime hemp plant had a new boss, this week. The Weidenhoff Co. Inc., of Chicago, 111., was -granted a five- year lease with an option to buy. by the War Assets Administration, last Friday. In a telegram to Leighton Mis-/ bach, secretary of The" Algona Chamber of Commerce, word o£ : the final completion of negotiations was received, and with great satisfaction, here. Officers Expected Today The telegram stated: Gentlemen: We are pleased to inform you that the proposal submitted by Joseph Weiden- hoff Inc., to lease the Algona" Hemp Plant with option to buy, was approved by the zone board this morning. Signed, S. G. Taylor, War Assets .Administration, Chicago. Secretary Misbach was expecting representatives of the Chicago farm here this week. From previous interviews with the company representatives, it -was decided that upon acceptance of their proposal they would lose no time getting the plant in an'•• operative condition. Skeleton Crew Coming Preliminary information stated that the firm would send about 25 of its experienced em- ployes here from both its plant at Chicago and also Neilsville, Wis. This skeleton crew of •skilled workers would get things going and als® act as. instructors in an expansion program that will finally put at least ,100 per-* sons in the company's employ. The firm is a subsidiary of the , ! Bowser Pump Co. of Fort Wayne, Ihd., who themselves manufacture, gasoline" station pumps and equipment.' . : The Weidenhof firm manufactures battery: and electrical sei>.-."..•!', vice tools, such as fo,attery:charg4:> ers, 'filers,-' hydrometers, testers; v _ ^_ -M box and four tome. Sizth, ship'- ping in refrigerator cars, locally! iced before the journey begins. "Half Turkeys' Popular The fal Imarket has regular in price, with a spread of some 13 cents between hens and toms, Mr. Kurtz said. Kossuth turkeys have been running, into good, sizes, too, he added. The average American family of 3Vz people would take a long time to eat all of a big torn turkey. Hotels and restaurants like them, however. \ One of the newer, developments in packing is to slice dressed turkeys in two, and selling "half turkeys." These cellophane-wrapped birds are more in keeping with the needs of an average family. The large 35-lb. bird shown'in one 1 ' 1 of the adjacent pictures would provide a Thanksgiving dinner for 52 people at t}ie average serving, Kurtz said. The Swift plant here employs 46 people at the present -tune. Santa Clous, Free Movies and Candy Here for Big Day, Dec. 6 Is Deer Al : 'I1ireesomG. ,_ watering dgier which [fa startled JoPaJ residents (n the prc'd»wn b«l ri backyard windows ana , is »tm on the loose, 0115 deer In the vicinity, On wSSSESiSSB •••'•'•••• Santa Claus vvil make his first ppearance her on Friday, Dec. , according to word received by rie Algona Chamber of Commerce, yesterday. Jentlernan with the long white eard will arrive by car, and hen participate in a parade own State street, weather per- nitting this ceremony. The Seneca Saddle club will lake part in the parade, and after its completion will give free pony rides to youngsters, The parade is slated to begin St 1:30 p, m., . and the free pony rides will start about 2 p. m, on State street in a specially roped- off area, Free movies for youngsters are again on the schedule and the. fre movie will start at 1 p. m., with other .shows at 2:30 p. m. and 4 p." m.,in both th.e Iowa and Call theatres. Tickets to rural, school children wiU'^f foix warded direct to the teachers Irom the Algcina , Cham'lJW of Commerce. The AJgona" high schpol feand parti<?JRate m the c^emon-r alsp, if Ihe fly- \s, av« f abje, '. -Wol . •will iree , ,. ' >S^W^™: of Algona's four wards, and three more for • the business industrial section decorations. Judges will announce the night of judging the lights well ahead of time, it was added. The prizes will be $3, $2 and $l,for each ward and for the business section. - , lar. ,.,-s ' - Hpw/rnany-.ctf-the : ^ ducts might be' .assigned, to Algona paint for production r- •mains to be seen. Other Firms Inquire At .the same time it was reliably stated that two other manufacturing organizations have been making inquiries regarding possible placement of plants in Algona. Neither is what might be called a "large industry," but one said that it would employ about 60 people, and the other one said it would expect to have over 100 employes. Chief inquiry was directed toward a potential site, with available railroad trackage, Chamber 1 " of Commerce-letters indicated. PERCIVAL MOTORS OPENING SATURDAY Eight New Vehicles Licensed In County Eight new vehicles, were IK censed, the past week, as follows, in Kossuth county; Chevrolets^-Algona Ice Cream .Factory (truck); Bancroft Implg. ment Co.,.Bancroft; Raymond. .Hsrig, b'vlngton; Bill ^ -JJan McGuire, Bode, , Studebaker4-Pon' E. Boeveys, Algona. Mt^sttfe§itt|^f|M fON • head of the Perciya .,- - ,, .;-. ,'^'- -,' ' •^l^^^'T^^^W^'--' A.-J; A^^|pp||^|||p ' ^ev-^uxU^iy? iftS^af^l^ t -. ,-ti- 5 - «• « .^iWr'o-T.WT^K-ti ff& \ 5 '""-it. ^f^^;>^4 a f'~-T

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