The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1946 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1946
Page 21
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35 AT MEETING OFU1DNM.&D, Union: The Union Mothers and Daughters' date met with Corn Bacon at Her home in Al- pona 1'ast Thursday afternoon, Thirty-five were in attendance Mrs. Bacon was assisted -by Ida Winkle Jr. A discussion on the essay to be written by the school pupils for rural schools day took place. It will be open only to piipils in the seventh and eighth .grades. A lively discussion orf "Wi,M Compulsory Military Training Be Gop'd-or Bad." Nellie; Jenkinson, Mary Sarchet, Marguerite Gardner, and Mary Gisch led the discussion. Singing of "America the Beautiful' closed the meeting. A tray lunch\Was served. Guests were Mrs. I, Vf. Nfclson of Lohe Rock and Mrs. Eugene Hofius. Ottosen, daughter of Mrs. Bacon. The next meeting will-toe on November 21 at the home of Mr. rind Mrs. Glen Jenkinson, program committee Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 'Sfchenck and Mr. and Mrs. Frank; Hofius. Menu committee will be Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchet and Mr| and Mrs. Earl Tay lor. Plan Wlerans Banquet Mrs.- Earl Taylor has been appointed to secure names of. returned- verterans in Union township as a free banquet will be tended them in the near future. Anyone knowing of a veteran - not already contactec please; contact Mrs. Taylor as they wish to omit no one. and relieve her of a sinus afflic tiort- which has bothered her for several years. Louis Bode and Jess Lash brook spent last Tuesday in De.< Mdinds. Mr, Lashbrook visited with his sori'Harlan, wfib is cm- ploye'd there', Mrsi Robert Sarchet and Jessie Safehet spent Wednesday at Corwith with Mrs. Arnold 'Heise (Jeaft Marig Sat'chet). They assisted her. with'Some papering. M% 'Lou, Robinson and her daughter Mrs. Don Moore Were guests of the Creseo M. & D. clu% at the Mi's. Ralph Morgan hojne last Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Presley Harchet and daughter Jessie were dinner guests last Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Ed Dittmer, Lone Rock. They were guests one'day at the Will Shrader Home. Home From Illinois Mrs. Henry Dearohs returned last week Wednesday from Rock Island* Ill.,' : 'where she has been at the home . of her daughter Mrs. Hehry Peterson, and welcomed a new granddaughter, born October 2&. to the Petersons. They have one other child a son 8 years old. The baby has been •named Linda'Mae. Plan 1947 F. B. Program The Township Farm Bureau committee met at the Wm. Dpdds Jr. home and made out the nety program for the year 1947. Co. Agent and Mrs. A. L. Brown of Algona were guests. Mr. : .and Mrs. Roy. Sarchet and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Campney were the others on the committee. Mrs. Dodds served lunch. Has Sinus Operation Mrs.- Lloyd Sch'enck underwent a nasal operation at Fort Dodge last week Thursday to try PHEASANT FEED FOR V. F. W., BURT Hurt: The members of Car- ;er-Stott post Veterans of Foreign wars, held a pheasant feed n the recently redecorated hall n Hurt, Tuesday evening, No- ember 12. About 25 members -ere m attendance and an en- oyable time was h'ad by all. In addition to .the ample supply o .pheasant, sandwiches, coffee anc dessert were served. The next meeting of the pos will be held on the evening of JSTov. 26 at 8 o'clock at the <hal in Burt. COUNTY Wesley, Nov. 13—-A joint court ty Legion^Auxinary meeting w! be held nt the Kleinpeter hall her Monday evening, Nov. 25, and th state commander, Jesse Balden Newton, will speak. Board Proceedings (Continued from page 4) ffiimhlo. Store, Sup ........... I/lnde Iinpipmnnt Co.. Sup. ... •leiiNvnld Inipli'mpiit ('.<.•„ Sup; Inlernallonal Harvester "Co., Jflfl 4litf 31)!? Lynch Oil Co., sop. . ......... POOR FUND /lenders. Shoes ............... 3 fli Mr. K. A. Kvans, Med. Care .. Dr. C. II. Crelzmeyer, Med. & Office Calls ...', Mrs. John .lennlngs, Care and • -l.flt .11. or I n.i.8.- .(il 20.0; nio.or I7:i.'_'5 70.78 Ralph Harbert* Due Home Nov. 17 Union: Mrs. Ralph •Harberts got word last week that her husband would be permitted to come home now. He has been about the hospital at Pittsburgh Pa., on crutches where he has been recovering from injuries suffered in a car accident some months 'ago. George Kohl took Mrs. Harberts to Livermore last Wednesday evening, where she caught the tram for Grundy Center. Mr. Herbert's brother will leave with her by car fdr Pennsylvania. They expect to be home Sunday night (17th) if thing goes o. k. every- Farm Hand Suicide Bode: Dr. Cloyce A. Newman Was called io the Jeffrie Thorson home, 51/2 miles southwest of Humboldt, Saturday afternoon 1 , where John Monsbn, a farm laborer on jrT horson farm - had hanged himself.- County Farm : l-'lorenus Hakkcn. Labor ..... Hell Telephone (.'o., Tele. Serv Iowa Slalo Hunk, Withheld Taxes ...; D It. Slophensnn, Waterproof- Ing County Home I.en Rakkcn, Labor Myrlle SI. John, Labor The Tnfplcnl Paint ,t OH Co., Sup lown Machinery iV- Supply Co., jnna linking Co., Prov Park, Prov. and freight nn.sfl Harolds Food Slore, I'rov. .. 107.82 Ugona Ice Cream K Candy File., Uuleherlng * Slornge.. 17.70 Ugona (,'n-0|i. (,'ry. Co., Prov. I12.II3 ir. C. H. Crclzme.ver, Medicine 1.00 Men's Keforninlory, Hup 24.48 Kohlhans Hdwe., Sup., 14.75 iCossiilh Oil Company, Sup. .. 74.57 \lgona Imp. Co., Sup , 2.8(1 Oeliveln Chenilcnl Co., Sup. .. W 50 NOW TIIKRKFORK BK IT UK- SOLVKD by (lie Hoard of Supervisors Hint the County Auditor Is hereby nnlhorlHcd nnd directed to Issue wnr- rants for nil claims nllowed nt this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" herelnnfler written. On mot Inn Adjournment, was taken until 2:00 o'clock P. M., September II), W. R. McDONALD. Chalrmni Hoard of Supervisors 1.. J. lAIArKRI-'ALL, ' County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, lown, September 10. 1040. 2:011 O'clock P. M. The Hoard of Supervisors of Kos surh Couiily, Town, met In regular ses slon pursuant to adjournment wlti I lie following members present: Su pci-vIsors J. Hi Fraser. W. K. McDon aid, W..A. Sehram and M. L. Johnson Absent : J. F. Qiilnn. Motion was made by Fraser and 2n by Sehram Hint further hearing on es tablisliment of Dralnnge District No 1*0, Kossuth County, Iowa, be con tinned to October 1, 1040, nt 2 o'clock Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson nnd 2m' by Fraser (hat (Jeorge K. Thorne i competent civil engineer, be and'lit hereby is appointed Engineer to ox nmiiie and make report to Die Hoard ol Supervisors on Main tile Hue of Drainage District. No. CO, as how best to repair said main In order to re slore same I,, Its original efficiency. Ayes: All. Nays: None Motion made by Schrnm nnd 2nd bv lohnson (hat the Hoard of Supervisor's nler inio contract with tho Empire Conlrnclors, Inc., of Omaha, Nebr' or Hie cutting, trimming and clear lug tof the trees from open ditch of Iralnage district No. 25. Kossuth onnty, Iowa, nnd that W. E. Mx-Don- ild. Chairman of the Hoard of Supervisors, be authorized to sign contract AtOOWA, Beauty and B ...tlie p-eri< rawn i e perfect team Here, there and everywhere, Hudson style and stamina are making new conquests—taking thousands of hearts by storm. This preference for the new Hudson' is phenomenal, even in a year when car demand is far above normal. You ought to know the reasons for it. Women's hearts—men's, too—have been captured by the smartness of new exterior styling, and the luxury of new interiors upholstered in a leather-fabric combination found in only one other 1946 car (one of the highest priced). Present Hudson owners-and thousands of "habit buyers" of "other makes as well—also know what a mountain of evidence Hudson piled up during the war years for smooth performance, reliability, endurance and economy. There's another reason ... the splendid Protective Service offered by 3,000 authorized Hudson dealers from coast to coast-with expert mechanics,^modern equipment and genuine Hudson parts. * ' , , N We are here to serve you-promptly, courteously, at moderate cost. Visit us today. You will find this Hudson organization, too, is "the perfect team" —backing fine cars with expert service, for your satisfaction. In behnlf of Kossiilb County. Ayes: All. Nnyn: None. Moflr.-u made by Prnn* and 2rtrt by Rein-mil-, Unit (he overseer of Dm poor be. dlrecled to serve h nnn-reiddent. nfi- tlep. tin I'Mpr Henry Slfert and Verdell Slfr-rt, 'husband.and wife, nnd family, Ayes: All, Nays: None. On nlollon adjournment was Inken unlll 8:00 o'clock A. M'., October 1, I (Hit. W. M. MeDO.VAI.n. Cltnlrmat Hoard of Supervisors ATTKST: 1,. .1. I.\r\tRHPA 1,1,, C'Miuty Auditor. Auditor's Office Aluonn, lowil, "ctoher 1, I'.Hfl. S:(l(l O'Cloelt A. Jf. The Hoard of Sui» of Kos fiiilli County, lown, niei In rcirnla session pursiiaiil In adjournment, will (he following iu(>iiiliers present: Su pcrvisors .r. II. l-'rnser. W. M. Mellon aid. W. A. Selirnni, .1. I-', (julnii ami M Ij. .Ir.-hnson. Mollntl made by .Tolinson nnd 2nd b.v l-'raser tlint I lie Hoard of Supervisor.* oilier Into lease wilh Christian (Iran, ville Dourlo nnd Minnie Dourle. hus band and wife, for -MTi acres real es- tale for gravel purpose for I en years In Section IS, (Irani Township, and Hull Ihe Chairman of (he Hoard of Supervisors, be and lie hereby is authorized :o slftn said contract. In bull nil' of KoKsulh Ci/nnly. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Molloii made by (.iiiinn and 2nd by Tohuson llhtf Ihe Hoard of Supervisors ipprove (lie final eslimale IV.r lii'nvel- 'nt! of I-'. It. KrordM on Malnlenance 'roject NIL II. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion nmde by Sehram and L'ud by [•'laser thai Ihe Hoard of Supervisors pprove Ihe final esflinate IV.T ^ravel- nir of Maudlin Consiriiclinn Co.. on Mainlcnance Project "o. 2 and Secon- Inry Itond District: No. 4(id. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Mf/llon madi! by "raser and 2nd by lohiiHon tluil. Ihe Hoard of Supervisors approve Ihe application and bond of I'aul l-jrnst for class "I,''' beer por- nlt. Ayes: All. Nays: Nom\ M^(ilif/n made by Sehram and 2nd by julnii that Ihe llonni of Sii|iervlsors pprove I IK.- snspeiiHion of the taxes «>f )ld A^(^ AsslRtatico' recipients ns cer- ified to buy (lie Kossuth ('onnty De- artiiient r.-f Social Welfare on August 0, 12, 11, 15 ami in. 1!ll(i. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion nindc by Mohuson and 2nd by Sehram dial the Chairman of Ihe Hoard of Supervisors tic jttithori/cd to siiru cf/iilract Io piirciiase n .lacobsen power bhvn mower from 'I'he All- \\'hect-DrIve (.'oinpnny, Davcniioi-t,, la., for the sum of .f275.(IO, pin a tax. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Pirnriim and 2nd by Qiiinn Hull; Praser be nppolnted ns a committee to make necessary repairs on drainage district sub 1 of No. U. Ayes: All. Nays': None. Mutton made by Qtilnu and 2nd by Sehram that.) McDonald be appolnlc.l ns a committee to mnke nei-essary repaint on drainage di-strlct Ne. i:il. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and 2nd by Sehram (hat Quinn lie appointed as a committee to make necessary repairs on Ihe following drainage districts: No. .".2, No. (l(l. v niid'U. 1C. No. 2. Ayes: All. Nays: None. . Motion made by (Julnn and 2nd by Fi'aser that. .TohnsoM TIC appointed as a eonimilleo to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: Nos. 4, (10, Si, J.'lii, lfl."i. Id', and K. K. OFFICIAL I!.M,r,OT (Notlee to Volers: For nil afflrmn- live vole on the following proposition, make an ''X" In llm square nfler the word "VMS." l-v.r ,i uettntlve vole make n similar murk In l*ie square after Die word "No''.) Shall The Following I'liblle Measure lie Adopted? of Shall Ihe Coifnly In (he Slafe nf | •'i she and creel maintain a Coiinlv pllnl In (lie city lown. in said Coli'nly i'M\v Money by issnaiic of bunds hi' Ihe sin Hundred .Tin (SIOO.OOII.IlOl Id pay Ihei-cof and levy a tax 111" ItiMibb) properly snld Ciiiinty. ;il a rale Kos-stilli, u-a, pruciirc ifjuip and I'libllc II,«.of Algomi, and bor- and sale of One exceed one-half (l;,i m ||| Hie dollar of (lie laxnhlc value In addition io all oilier lines, by year, commencing with the |!l|7 levies. In pay mid bonds and Interest Ihei-e- i n mull snld -Hfliids and Ihe interest thereon are completely pnldV VMS NO Section ::. Thn i.ounlv Auditor a Clerk t.f the Hoard ,,r Supervisors I hereby alll liorlzed and directed Io Issue a nolle,, of Die submission ,,r said proposition at. said (ierennl Kledioii and Io cause said nollce Io be published once each week for al lc,M four cnnspcllllvp weeks in (lie p'enlon Itp: purler, a legal iiwKpaper of general cli-cubillon. printed and published wholly in DIP l-.'iigll,-.h Inngiiage al l-enton, I<y\va, In snid I'ouiilv in eon H.v vvllli Section ~-<;r, ,,f Die Code of loiva, Kl.-lli, and tnws ain;-udalorv Ilierelo. and Die' Comity Auditor shall provide r,,r the posilng ,,p ,,f „ ,.„,,,. nforesiild proposition nt each plane during the day of said and Ihroiighonl liie linnrs In confoniiily wllli Ihe aforesaid Section 52(15 of said Code. Seel Inn 4. Said proposition shall bill lor,-,, and effect mini and after Die line of |ls adopllnn bv Ihe local vo- ers of said Collnly al. said eicclion. |-|,,in roll call an to I lie aforesaid iroposillon Die vote Iherei.ii resnllcd s follows: . . Ayes: Supervisors .T. H. Frnser, W. \. Schrnm, J. F. Qiilnn. M. L. Johnson ml W. K. McDonald, Chairman. voting nay wore: None. Whereupon Die Chairman declared the motion carried and Die resolution duly passed and adopted this 1st day of October, A. I).. 1!i|(| W. I' if Kd Moore, Hauled firavel with Truck Dnnnld D. Sanders, Cutting Brush , Drainage District No. 17!), Hoad Assessments Loul:< Sli^jxcl, (iravel C. *!. Doilrte, Lease ro grnvel pit Mabel nnd II. S. Shellllo, right of way Killio Knln. rlRhl of way J. I. Mcrryinan. Lar-nr and list? of tools J,-I. Alcrryimin, La'ir-r and I'se of tools Lee A- Mednlre, Labor iV- .Medllire, I'se of do-/.er and scoop Harry L. Culler, Labor Maudlin Conslr. Co., Hauling • Iravel I-'. S. Ni.-rlnii K Son. Sup Klmore Ceinenl »V Tile Co., Sup Klmoro Ccinent A- Tile Co., Sup Kovsntli oil Company. I-'uei 2SO.OO 132.82 7'iO.fiO 1280.40 1272.00 PHKCINCT Algona 1st Wnrd -I.i8.7r, .171 .Wl 200.00 1 i:in.oo 1011.1.1 11SR.r Alirnna 2nd Wnrd .irnftns Ilortensn Fhrguson It. S. Blossom C. 11. lieilly corNTINfi HOARD l-'ranklln Itoscoe .loci Al. Herbst (i. F. .Mahoney Stella SlnltPM II. II. Nolle Kdw. Capeslus Cor.VTINd W. A. Dnllon Claire Kellh 11. M. Harris Ward Mary Stroll; M:inn|e l-'uclisen Alma Nelson cor.vTixo Mnhi'l Pnx-son Miii-ihn Sherman Norni.'i A. lle,viinldft Pcrirl Phtfisr F.dlfh Hnindngo MM. I/eotn Oclg«f IT. )). TIuM5Hn« i Annn Sharp Mabel Irolan Elizabeth J,. A. wlnkel Nancy Morrnll Knthiirlno MoKvoy ' .III.! 7(i!l.:'» McDO.VAU), Chairman. HUDS Can lftd« Bring Neu> meaning to a ffne Cboicf of famous 102-honefower SuPtr-Six mid 128-borif. power Super-Eight engines . , , Offered in a Super Sfriet atid diitiosuiibfj Commodore Sena-Sedans, ISrougbitm (Super Series only), 3- <wd S-ptneuger Coupes and Convertible Uroiisbams iu uiue ntw standard body colors, milk lour 2-louf totutiualiouf gt extra coil, No. 4. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Alotlou made by Qiiinn and 2nd by Fraser that further hearing on establishment, of Dralnnge District No. ISO, Kossulh County, lown. be continued to November T, IfMfl, nt 10:00 o'clock. A. M. Ayes: All. Xnys: None. Alollnn made by Qiilnn nnd 2nd by Sclirnm thnt the following !lrd nuar 'erly - reports he approved: Auditor's Report of Fees and other collections for $.1(11.:',!): Clerk's Iteport. of Fees for $1(118.1.'!: Recorder's Report, of Fees Tor $02.1.25: Sheriff's Report to Hoard [if Supervisors for $1711.02. Ayes: All.'Nays: None. ACotjon mnde by Frnser and 2nd by Sehrahf thnt the Hoard o-f Supervisors approve tho t\ni\\ estimates for open lll'ch cleaiiout of H. C. Young of Aton- •oe, Iowa, on Joint vrninnurc Districts, Inneock County, No. 7, Kossuth County, No. 120, nnd Hancock, Kos- KUth nnd Wright Counties No. 01-11-15. Ayes: All: Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson nnd 2nd by Fraser that, tho engineer's report, of Cieorge E. Thorne, on lateral No. 2S of drainage district No. Iflfl be placed on file. . ' Ayes: All. Xnys: None. Alotlou made by Schrnm and 2nd by Qulnn thnt Die engineer's report of George 1C. Thome, on lateral No. 20 of drainage district No. Kid be placed on file. Ayes: All, Xnys: None. Alotlon mnde by Frnser nnd 2nd by Johnson that the engineer's report of Ooorgo E. Thorne, on lateral No. 05 of dralnngo district No. SO be plaecrt on file. Ayes; All. Nnys: None. Motion mnde by Schrnm.nnd 2nd by Johnson that Die overseer of tho poor •e directed to serve n non-resident notice on (Jleri Hlldebrnnd nnd Afaxlnc Illldebntnd, husband and wife. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Alotlon mnde by .Tolmson and 2nd by Sehram thnt tho following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WIIKREAS, n petition rending: "We the undersigned, resident freeholders of KOB.SU th County, State of InwaT request the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth Comity, Iowa, to submit to Die electors nt the no^t general election Ihe proposition to issue bonds for the purpose of procuring a sits and erecting, equipping and maintaining a County Public Hospital and further submitting to Die voters Ihe proposition of Issuing bonds to finance said proposition In the amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)". was filed with the Hoard of Supervisors of said County on the 25th day of September, A. 1).. 1040, and has been presented to this Hoard of Supervisors; and, WHEREAS, said petition Is signed by two hundred or more resident freeholders of -said County of Kossuth. Iowa, and at least one hundred and fifty of whom are non-resident of tin City nf'Algnnn, Iowa, where It Is pro posed to locate such hospital, all o such signers being resident freehold ers of Hiild County; nnd WIIKRKAS, Kiild petition Is suffi cient and complies with Chapter 2110 Code of Iowa, 10!!!), and laws amendatory thereto, and In particular Section 0114)5, Code of Iowa, 1H.1H, and should be granted ami this >oard has jurisdiction thereof. ' NOW THriRNFOIln HE IT BESOL- VEP and unanimously ordered by the Board of Supervisors of (lie County of ICosmilh, In the State of Iowa; Section 1. Public -.Notice Is hereby given,' that at the next tienera) Klei: Don to be held in the County of Kos- sii|n r In the State of Iowa, on the 5th day of November. A. J)., 10-10, between the hours of 8:00 A, if. and 8:00 P. M., «t which election tliere will be submitted t" I ho voters of said County, to be by them voted/ iip&u, the following proposition: ''Shall the County of Kossuth, (il the State of Ipwa, procure a site and erect, equip Uud .maintain' u County I' Hospital lu the City of Algona, C'Quijty, ttud. bpr- IHSIIIHICC arid sale the sum of One < riplhii's M., Postage ATTKST: L. .1. IM.MKItFAI.r,, I'nnnly Auililor, In and fur Kossulh i On molion bonrd dlt. and nlbi\v ebilii ule uf Claims" hereinafter' wrl COI'NTV I-TNI) Mary K. Sands. C,,. Treas.. Adv. Hly.. etc CHy of. AlKfiia. r,|gld and Water Serv W. \\'. Sullivan. I and Hox Kent . Kl, or Kollascii And .Mrs. Itiith Itaney. AsslKl. Co. Treas Mrs. Ilcrnard PiM-den, Assist. Co. Troas ... Maxlne A. ('apesjns, A v .s!s| Co lieeonler .". . .1. II. Fraser. Comm. and sions W. K. McDonald. ('0111111. Sessions W. A. Seiiram. Coni?!i. and sions J. I-'. Oitinn, (.'oniin. and slons M. L. Johns-oil, .'•Vssions Fidelia K. Skow. Hack Snlnrv C. II. Ostwlnkle, Del. Per. Prop. Tax Coll A. .1. Cogley, Invest. Fees and Mileage Itnlpb W. Llndhorst, Invest. Fees and Mileage Ijiivon Llndhorsl, Assist.; Co >-Sheriff ; "' A. K. Lniirltxen, Visiting Schoo;s n H - Sclicd [en. ns.ns Ses- nnd o.omin. and 215.04 244.70 244.03 12.4.'! 55.111 51.75 20.24 Kiiehynka, Assist. A'ssisV.' Co. Co'. Joanne Supt. Ardis Hivsworlh, •Sn-pt • II. W. Miller, Office KXII H. W. Miller. Office Kxp. ... Clark .t Clark. Hrd. Proceed.. The Fcnton Reporter, Adv. .. Fldlnr * Chambers Co., Sup. Algona I'pper lies Almnes, Sup. Fidlar X- ('liainhers fo.. Sup.. Kllpto r.oose Le.-if Company, sup ;. ICr.-ch I'.roDicrs, Sup Raymond N. Klass, Sup Kohlhaas Hdwe., Sup C?. A. Heard, Sharpen Alowor . The Algonn Hardware, Sup. , Alerlo Wellendorf, Afaking Keys Airs. Alike Koppen. Labor ... Rr.niabl Krnnse. Hty Mary K. Sands, Co. Treas., Adv. Illy., etc ,T. II. Johnston, ,T. P. Fees Frank Kohlloias, Mayor Fees Joseph Schaller. Altg If. W. Harms, Altg II.-H. Hcnilnghans, Iurg Alike AVagner, Allg Henr.V Recker. Weed Commissioner Kossulh County Farm I'.ureau, Approp Clotlhln lIiitchlBon. Cards ... L. J. Iininerfall, Del. MIO Pri- mnry Kloe. Sup A. H. Laiirltzen, Altg. at DCS Molnes f.'enrge R. Thorne, Prelim. Survey COI'RT FUND F. II. Kenils, Court Reporter Helen While, Clerk, -Court Costs 7 INS'ITL'UTK FUND Tnincs Sheldon, Trl-County -in.fto Concrete Produeis Corp., Sup. MA I NT KN. \.\CK FI'NI) Marv K'. • San-Is, ( 'o. Treas., Adv. l-'rclghl ................ I.I.Ji I-'. It. Kverds. Hauling (Irnvcl 75CS.7 Lel-oy Crapser. Sltf.'p Meehanlc 221.5 Clifford Holmes. Patrol ..... 17.1.:i. Arnold Wegner, Culling Hrush, ele .................... , ...... 102.1 I'Vnlliiiind Meyer. Paired ____ 1(12.1 I'.CT! shellmyr'r, Patrol ...... 1(1(1.0: Clarence Ileulges, I'alrol ..... 17:t.2" Itussell K. C.irpser. I'alrol ... 1(i7.2." Lewis I-:. Marshall, I'alrol ... 171'.!): S D. McDonald. Shop Work . 1!«.!)2 Archie Dodjts, Hauling r; ravel IMC .......................... 150.1." (Jiii-iy M'-Doiiiihl, Hone Work . fl.-i: Charles Crajiser. Dragging ... (1.4: Milford K. Hllyeu. Cut. Hrtisl Hani firavel, ele ............ 152.4( Ol!\-er Young, Cut irrnsh and l-'ill Silo ..... ............... 141.7: I'rbnn Neiirolh. Patrol ....... 1S0.1S Dick Itando, Patrol ........... 171.2r Hob II. Spear, Pal rol ......... 7U.:i( lames M. Long. ParnM ...... KI7.2r William F. Sehrader. I'nlrol .. 18 !.!>:' Wlllbim 10. Marlow, Patrol ____ 130.43 'hurles ^\*. Thompson, Patrol 1C2.51 'liarlcs W. Thompson. Patrol 1.10.5!) lonald Nelson, Hunting (Irnvel etc ........................... 140.14 'iyde Sanders, Pal rol ........ IfiO.Ol Verne Mollnder, I'alrol ....... ]."il).:ri Alvln Kiving. Pa I nil .......... 177.41 John S. Anderson, Parrol ____ 15LM4 Theodore' Trump, (Jut Hriish, etc ........................... 122.20 lil'-lnird (larrelt. Cut Hrnsh and Piimiilng Waler ............. 115.S:'. Paul W. Sanders, Haul (i ravel and Cut Hriish .............. 120.02 Inwii Public Service {.'o., Klec. Sen- .................. ..... .S2 Clly ,.-f Algona, Light, Water and Pou-er Serv ....... . ..... 17. (!2 Norman Slcper. Hauling (iravcl 120.10 N. L. Cotton. Repairing roof . 7.00 (Icorgle (!nde, dining Trees and I'.rush .................. 7.00 Kd I'.ccker, Hauling Gravel .. 70.1 Charles llclnon, Pulling Tractor .................. . ....... Ileyo Ho(;l;clinan, Jr., Hauling <lravel ........ . ............ . 1.1.4 John A. Krickson. Lanor ..... :;o.O Maudlin Constr. Co., Hauling (; ravel ...................... Central States Kle,-. ..'o.. Klec. Serv ........................ 1.0 Intel-stale Power (To., ICIe Serv ......................... 2.S Mary K. Sands, Co. Treas. Adv. Freight ................ ' 5.1f The Algona Hardware, Sup. ,. 1.0i Clements Super Service. Sup. . • 701.1! Dutch's Sniicr Service, Sup. and f.ahor ................. 100.1S Funk * Helm, Sup ............ -LI' Creenberg Allto Supply, Sup. fCI. '>• Ken! Motor Co.. Sufi ......... n:\.f Kohlliaas Hdive., Sup ......... 7.01 Kossnlli Motor Co., Sup. ...... 15.IR. F. S. Norton * Son. Sup ...... ..",1 O. K. Hubher Welders. Sup. . 27.20 Algona Illi \Vnril S0..11 Ihiucroft Oil Company, Sup Thompson I list. Co.. mp Kloinpetors Dept. Store, Uub- bcr Hoots Oeorgo F. Ornlinm,. .Slip Heed Hardware,' Sup. Ilia ncha rd r.uinhcr' Co., Sup. . Ni'i-lheni Lumber Co., Sup. .. Northern J,mnlicr Co., Sii] Klmoro Cement & Tile Co., Hup. Algon.-l Implement f.'i Sup. 410.07 1.02 2-1.82 20.70 'n.!50 IlisDInle Altg. ". 20.50 KTIIUI H. Pbieliu, Tri-Connty Institnlo Altg 20 BO Loillne Sires, Trl-County Institute Mtg "050 Nellie A. Pheiilx, TrI-Coiinty Ilisllliile Allg 20.M Nora At. Hratsi-lil, Trl-County Institute Allg 0.15 John 11. Hael'iior, Trl-Coiinly Institnlo Allg. ..' 20.50 Jowu, In said row Itonpy bi' of 'bondii-ih Section ?. afc »a|d ,tt«n wljjl 8 ««««wte Wt ta fte fo for b#ji«t| to lie used i«'oposl- tKj vwer» on STATK INSTITI'TION FUND Helen White, Clerk Fees C. H. Cretxmeyer. Kxam, Phys. 'I'. C. Hutchison, Attorney Fees L. A. Wlnkel, Attorney Fees A. J. Cogley, Sheriff Fcea ... HANG'S pisioASK FI;ND Robert T. Angus, Inrtem, Cattle < W. If. Jlnrger. Indent. Cattle . Arnold A. Ilnttcn, Indent. Cat- tic t Francis W. Alart, Indem. Cattle CONSTRUCTION FILM) John n. Stroll, Hi-idge lusp. . H, Al. Smith, S.-ilary Wilbur T. Courtney, Rodman Thclma .Sjiiirgeon, Assist. Co. John D. Fraser, Siilary•','.'"!!! F. {[. Kvords, Ilaulhig Oravcl Juo M. llisaei', Oucratirig Drag- line A Rasmle Hansen, Hauling nirt, etc. ,,. ,..., , Rtillih Markla, Pumping Water, ftJS ' .17.r,( 12.00 100.00 87.fiO 80.82 310.SO 10:1.70 07.02 170.04 ,15S.2i3 187.20 IT4.64, 277.0fl 1,, .Tolinsoii, Labor ... 213.01) A'diijii llcefer, Blowing Rocks, gttv ...,.,;., 1(15.57 Ar>'J. nt.ldiua.n, Checking I.tni Stock'\Vcli,' 'Ptjti'iil,''.'.' ' M -~.'. '. 18S.W N". C. l!rown Supply Co.. Sup. SI.40 I Kicg-Fort Dodge (Company, Sup SS.D Central Auto Klec'. Co., Inc., 70.05 Sup 1 (1.00 The AII-Whecl-Drive no.. Sup. 14.21 Herman Al. I'.rown Company, 8.14 I>nkchart-H'ughes'Ti-'.'iV:'Eii.'c'd.', Sup 3.20 Kleclrlcal Serv. & Sales Co., 70.81 Sup 15.00 nibbx-Cnolc Tractor & Kq. Co., Paper, Cnlincnson & Compiiiiv, 5.S.", Sup ;. -M.OO Retco Alloy Company, Sup. .. 1.1.5U Peerless Oil Co., Sup .10 Celllns Oil Compnny, Sup Standard Oil Conipnny, Sup . I4.0H Cilles Service Oil Co.,' Sup. .. 7.5H Henry Fischer, ROHIT Work . 4.0i) Charles Amn, Spraying Tlilst- 4.00 les 4.00 POOR FUND 4.00 Afarvel Dole, Travel Uxp 4.00 Deno's Food Alkt, Prov Merrill Bros., Prov HerlKke's (irocery. I'rov Hlitzell's Store. Prov Dr. John N. KeneficK, Calls & .Med IT. C. II. CreUmeyer, Office Calls and Aled Dr. P. V. Janse, Mod. Care .. I.u.sby A: (ilossl, Sup St.iMoiilca's'Hoine, liotfrd and Care C-eucral Hospital, AleiT. Care .. Hurt Hospiial, Hosp. Care Sknugstad (.'onvale-si-ent Home, t.are and Keep Airs. John Jennings, Care and Nlta Al. Hoswell, Rent ........ 100.00 Frank P.cstenlchiicr, Rent ... 4000 Hept. of Social Welfare, Aid to Dependent. Children Dept. of Social Welfare, Aid to Blind CiMinty l-'iirm: L. K. Stephens, Mice. Serv. ... Hen Hakken, Labor Floremis Uiikkcu, Labor- Aljytlo SI. John, Labor * I'I'll It Klectric Co., Itepalr Clock Frank \V. Klberl, Pump Repair C'. S. Johnson, Prov Algeua linking Company, Pi-ov. Hub Clothiers, Shoes '.,.. Ifraham'.s Store, I'rov Katlieriiie Park, Sup. and 1'ost- ayo Stamps Dr. P, V. Juiise, Cans ii Med. Dr. C. II. CrcUineyer, Alcdiclne Bert Croniin, Sup Algona I'pper DCS Alolncs, Subscription , F. S. Norton & Sou, Sup The Algona Hardware, Sup. .. KohlliaiiH Hdwe., Sup. , , 1 unk iV Pelni, Sup ',. Kossuth OH Company, Sup. , " Imp. Co., Sup. 321. IS (1.10.1,s 12.S5 GJ(I f)0.02 140-.2(i 10.10 57.01 .SO 44.RO 1:10.77 ,18.05 .11.87 12.00 .118.45 2.1.81 30.74 27.1.04 80.40 K18..1!) 214.52 loo.o, 1 : 150.01 .10.48 24,05 2.',.74 20.70 15.00 20.28 27.82 3.90 82.00 82.00 12.00 17.UO 77.00 10.00 04.00 00.00 Tiuffnlo Township Hurl. Townshlii fresco Township Kntrle Township East r/one Itock (linrt Township) Fcnton Town«hlp finrfipld Township .. flornian Tf.-wnshlp nranl Township f '• rpen Wf/ocl Town ship Ilnrrlson Township Hebron Tr.Tvnship Irvlngton Township I-nkotn (I-cdyanl Township) Ledyard (r.edynrd Township) . Vnlllp JI. Trilion .l<.'hn MclOnroe TPI| Clifis.-lillloi COrXTIMi llOAlfi) 1-Mna M'urliKrli Kllxii Anirlp l.aurii Chubb . Chris I.. (!. Chii-Piici.' Hcluiljcr f'or.NTIXii A nmi belle Swan I'cli'i- Ilcpiiki-ii Citiuilla (Viopf-r Rmlly (!. Mrs. Isabel Helen Kvn Townn I'leteh K. r. Ilnnson Kd. Sullioft K. Stilellle cor.\Ti.\r; HOARD W. \Y. Hoetlelier Lnln Ilawcotl liorotby McDonald . Hurry Sabin l^lnier I'f/ller .Myrtle Liiidliorsl, . T. L. Tilorsnn .1. I'. Peterson Richard Newton . 10. 1C. Daiuia Ralph Illerstedt Ornie Helirends . (f. H. .Tolinson Kd. Prlebe H. If. Dreyer C(ir.\TIN(! HOARD Peter Ilnycnga Hi-nosh Peterson Kdivnrd Hoyken len. I 1 . ITawcf.-tt o. II. (iraliam IT. A. Thompson C. C. Smith Clarn Weydert M^. X. Phllllpa Arno Oslercnnrd Itoy Jf. 1'ehrson K. C,. Ewr.'ldt Tt. C. Thompson K. C. Wpifthrod Win. II. Jonta . Herman 1!. It. n Michael Harms Heiderschcld Hoekelmah ..lolin Kred 1 )e A"rl(?s Jolin Cnriles . Kly Anderson A\'./C. Kn;rst roni \\'/. I,. Kcyiidlds ? . I. F. Kiniesxpr A. A. I''au^ r nian (Jeo. \V. Xyman cofNTixr; noAitn A. .7. Ilenifer' Mrs. Ivy Ilutlon Mrs. Chas. Ilaker . Harry Tlsh Tiavld S, Anderson Oeo. E. Uulterfleld. COTTNTIXO TtOARD Itenii llajrlund Fern I'eterson Jennie McCrary , H. O. Larson 'riioiuns Tierff • Elmer Leibrand Chas. Newel Airs Paul KIgler Mike Waprner IT. W. lialKennin Menno TilshiR 11. W. Glnjfrlch A. M. Kollascb A. if. Tokbetm Mrs. .T. K. Ofirmenn Albert C. Kollasch Charles Qulnii sryrtle r.crcns .T. J, Anderson Mamie Sperbeck F. Berjrjrrert Dora Smith Wm. Oldenburg Kay M. Elekhorn . MJI It Itormnnn John F. Weber F.dw. H. Mnwdslcy . S. r. I'f/wers I'en Farrow Olga Wort inn n Corwln C. Peer. Henry Scheppmnu .Timett'e MusBmnn: Jerry 'Ueellnnd m r.oAun Art Losler Jennie (iiilknecht (Jcorjie Ileellnnd . J. H. jrriiisel Ed. Iliilverson Albert. Humes COI'XTIXC, ROAIin Chris Celhtius ICdw. iMvft (Menu Vnbnke Lucille Ley Margaret Powers \Tolm Hartshora 1 D. A. Carpenter Wilson Rraek; Oco. Hagg« Lincoln Township Lone 'Rock (Fenton Township) Creek To-wnRhlp LuVerno Townnhlp .Menno Ttl.slns I'aul Hertxke Orvlllc Ruby . W. 0. Finis Cieo. C. Peltit Alex Itndls . C. W. Elbert Oeo. Winkcl Otto Ituhnke . E. R. Thomas Anna Murray A. A. Scbipiill POVXTTNO HOARD ' Florence Hot Earl R. Chambers F, I. Chapman RcIIe M. Koppen Walter Sachs Art Prlebe P. M. Christcnsen Martin Meyer Louis Hackbnrth Wm. A. Marty Faye Llchty Arthur RIley' Violet DImler; Plum Creek Township ,...,.....T. K. McEnroe Itoscoe Mnwdsley Alfred S.2f 3.0i 3.00 10.00 14.10 JI, Copper, T'fthor- '"«••»!%*».:" B....:;. W«rS , tflastlns PO.WIJJ, W6-W m,& 815,^ W7.12 ; Out : - ' 167.23 " " Wm. « Culling .. 1T5.33 10T.23 MT-80. 230.83 10.74 10.22 17.1.25 11H.83 70;7S 2.23 150.20 5S..10 •L'lisL' 14.01 4. SI 2S.50 1.00 1.00 2.50 1.4S 4.41) 21.4:1 2.,'JO 42.7!) Portland Township F. K. Teeter. W. J. Stewart Vermin I/ l.nrsor Pralvie Township Hermnn Studer Nick Arndorfer Klmcr Olawo Ramsey Township Dorian Hellman •Tolm Hellman Leu N. Roche Hlverdale Township fleorgc Borhiann Peter Knyer Henry Bormnnn Seneca Township Alillcn -.Tensen J. W. Bollig .T. D. Crowley Sherman Township , Sim Leigh II. A. \Varmbler Fred Bluiner Springfield Township vtrgll I.oucks ' Henry Blome D'inuld Jacobs .Tf/hn Krtln Cllftnn Renschotet Lloyd IT. Bartlott Russell Shipler Ooc-, B. Ltidwlg John N. Ltidwlg Par} II. Cuahmnn Henry Rustemler" John Rornianq Lyle Steels Chris Dahl Thos. J. O'Donnell Paul Philllpa ,Toli,u P. liormann Otto S. P. Klonu .. . ., . tt , K , l'«til A. James, Trucking .... 4.23 II. K. Miller, Hay ,..,,.". 101 23 C, A. Itochleau, Fllljiis Silo ,. IgO.OO *»»' THKUIOFOIU^ UW IT HEsbL- Vl-,1) by the lloard of Supervisor's tlmt the County Auditor be and hS hereby is iiiitlK/rlxed ana directed' to is- sup wurrauts for nil ciaiins allowed at tliU meeting as shown by tho ••S'chaa- ult> of Claims'- hereinbefore written. On motion adjournment'wan taken M«UI D o'clpc-k A. M., October !1, 191B. W. H. JTclJONAl.D, ATTEST: t-'rf.-t! fliiun.l.v , . BJU,ilfl by joinaol, and" by Sefiram tj,at tl^ (oljpwing [i.«r»pua b« .uj>4. Mir hireby ' ar lJei,utna,-.tQ «wv» »u Judges an*} t-l. ike elerflpo Jwjir.djj at t.u» .Qe'asxu m* Swea Towoahlp T.'nlon Township Wesley Township , S. A. Uutclier 'Wm. Kruimii A. Anderson- O. Ii. Thoresbi' II, J. Kenned; .. .Tens II, Soreuseil Fred Plumb Floyd OuriliieF .. Italph TJadeii die K. Flom 'Geo.,.'\v> Glen ~Vf.. Jenk(nso i Bay H, A. Dlekioa COI'NTl.NO II. J. Uraley. (Haf Funiieniark * Vluocnt J", Kllcnpeter Whlttemore Township Fred:KoHascji .'•Win. Meyer, Sf. ' H.. suited UOAEJ) Sophia Peril' Elbeit 0. L. rolj cnii the fellows: Motlou made by; Sfhrttin an tliat Tlie appreve . (|io ' OH. «o.tjb)n..;*a -•""

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