The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1944
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1044 BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.)! COURIER NEWS PAGE THRKk Battle Veterans Train At BAAF Members of New Class Wear Many Citations For Combat Service More Mian n hundred members or BAAFs new air crew trainee class ai-e veterans of the battlefronts of (lie world and llicy are rapidly becoming bowlegged from wearing all tli e "fruit s?.lad", (Ar• my slang Tor medals) they have f \ earned. One of (hem lias the Silver Slav, 10 wear the Distinguished Flying Cross, 08 have been uwnrded Ihe Air Medal, and six have won the Purple Heart. In addition, ner.rlj nil of these men have an Oak Leaf Cluster or two and most of them have battle slars plentifully sprinkled on their campaign bars. Some of them have just returned from the Southwest Pacific others nre Lack from China o: Burma. Many arc men who onlj recently were flying over Europe nn ( | veterans of serivce in mow lhan one (heater aren't in the minority in this group. These airmen have flou-n a lota of more v than 3,000 combat mis slons against some of the lough csl targets in the world. The have gone through flak so thic! you could wulk on it to dump dc struction and death on Kabnn Norway, Italy, the Solomons, Hoi laud, and all the other stronghold of the enemy. In addition, individ uals from this group have , sho down a total of ten Axis plane and have five probables to their credit. Each of these men is, on the basis of his record, a hero, But they nil laugh at their achievements and make light of their adventures. "Shucks." they scoff, "there's a war on. Guys like us arc a dime a dozen." BAAP commissioned personnel don't share their estimate of thcm- _ selves, however. As one flying offi- r - cer puts it, "These fellows are goiiig to make swell fliers. They've been through the mill; they love flying. You have to love it when you ask for more of it aftc-i 1 all they've been through." Gets Six. At A Clip Credited with one of the most unusual exploits of the wa< Js. Ut. John W. Wainwright, of Marshall, Tex. Piloting a 9th USAAF P-47 fighter .plane, he was. attacked by six , fi enemy places. He took .violent evasive .action . .>.;-' Hrlckev's ana McNull'.s inxl Slcl- (inlus's handsome, profiles, Ickes's leading chin, Rockefeller's youlh. As the collection Is housed In l« c Smithsonian building along wllti the Ihidborgh plane and the dresses worn by Ihe wives of the presidents, It will bo seen by ninny thousands and It Is easily one of Ihe best new sights of Washington. Leaclml'k OOC JCfTT —~~~ I OrSUWJW Mr. and Mrs, liny Olive mid Inni ily huvc ns thcli- guests .over tliu weekend Ills parents, Mr. nnci Mrs, Joe Olive of Joltici 1 , her molhcr, Mrs. ulniul Moll ami her brother, C. Li. Holt, liotli of Vaumlide, Ark Miss Violcl Turner, n student at- Conwny, Ark., hus spent Ihu past week here with her pnrenl.s, Ml and Mrs. Henry Turner and fniu- 'oiny Moore of SI. Ixiiils Is spending llic weekend Here wllh rclnllves. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hipp have liml ns Ihelr guesl Ihls week, G. K. HciKlrlcks of Springfield. T. A. Wtlklus hns returiKxl home from Jouesboro, when! he hns been confined 1,0 the hospltul. •Berlin or Busl" Is Ihe nicknimic of the first 240-nim. Army Ord- nruice howitzer lo be fired in Fiance. Film On Tuberculosis ' Cm fro/ Shown At Reiser Mrs. C. O. Kidman, executive MIidmy of lliu Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, spent \istenliiy hi Iho public schools ill Kotser, where .sho displayed mi educational film on ttilwculosls to stmli'iils of both the grade and high schools. Posters, study units, Christmas prin'i-nins and kits of material on tuberculosis work were left, with each of the Iciichers In Ihe schools. Mrs. P. V. Fuller of the slate ol- llce In Little Hock, plans to be in Dlythevlllc nest Friday [or a conference for nl| seal sale chairmen of the cnuiily, Mr.s. Redman annuunced today. AH'ximdcr C, Kirl;, nbore, will lie U. S. Hiiihnssudor to Koine, following Allied recognition oC the Itiiliun };ovmimcnl, nccord- !ll(! tO il SUltO Dt'lKlltUK'Ill HU- nouncemcnt. N o w Aiiiurlunn rc-in-csenlalive on (he Allied ndvisury council for Holy, hu w:is formerly U. S. cliaruo (i'lilYiiiivs In lleilin. Courier news Hallowe'en Carnival To Be Held At Armorct A llallowe'nn Carnival will be hclil Tue.'Hlay nljjIK ill the Armorrl School, II was announced loday by si'lmul officials. Uiinclui?, bingo, slimls, cnrulvivl bouths and the crowning of the Hallowe'en miccn havn licen planned lo miike up the evening's entertainment. The public Is Invited lo attend Ihe affair, those in charge- announced. The defendant, Opal Bailey, la ioreby warned to appear within hlrty days In Iho court named In he capllon hereof and answer tlib complaint o! the plalnllll, Hurmon Ualloy. Dated this 14 day of October, 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Olork liy Doris Mirtr, D. O. 1'eicy A. Wright, Ally, for Pit. Cliuidc F. Cnojier, Ally. »<l intern. 10[H-21-28-ll[4 In The Chancery Court For The (,'hlrk:iMiuli.i Dlslricl, Mississippi County, Arb;\us'.\s. Winnie Calwell, 1'lainllff vs. No. liBlO William Calwoll, Defendant. WAHNINO OIlDKIt Tho dcfendiinl, William Calwell Is warned to appear hi Ihe Chancery Court lot llio'Oh.lctciUifl.wun District Mississippi County, Arkansas within 30 days and answer the, com plaint of Iho plaintiff. Witness my hand as Clerk of mill court, and the seal thereof on thli the Gill day of October, 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, lly Doris Mulr, D. O. 10|7-14-21-2 \YAUN1N(5 OUDKlt In I lie CliiuHviv Court, Chlcknsiuvlin Illstrii-l, AllsslssliMil Ci ly, Ar- kms:l.s. Mm m»n Iliillcy, Plalnlilf, vs. No. 111127 Opal Halley, Defendant. WAUNINO OltDKIl In llio Clmiicury Court, Chlckuiitwb l>Islrlet, Mississippi County, At klUISilN. Kobci-t Dan/., Pliilntlff, vs. No. 8112 Mill Dan/, Defendant. TliB defendant, Llta Dans',, is hero by warned lo appear within thirl (lays In Iho court named In 111 cupllon hereof mid answer (ho com plaint of the plalnlllT, Robot I Dan Dated this 14 day of October, 1M4. • HARVEY MORRIS, Olei* By Doris Mulr, D. C,- -' 'crcy A. Wright, Ally, for PU, P, Cooper, Atty. for Deft. . 10|H-3I-28-n|4 WABNING ORDER •-. n the Chancery Court, ChlekaMwkt District, Miuiuippl Coontr, Arkansas. Woodrow Jiay, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8826 ilartdc Roy, Defendant, The defendant, Margie Ray, ta Hereby warned to appear '> within hlrty days in the court named In .ho capllon hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Woodrow Hay, Dated Ihls 13 day of October, 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Uy Doris Mulr, D, C, Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf, Claude P. Cooper, Atty. ad Litem. FARMERS (Vc liav« plenty of Iron Roofing and Rough Cypre*», tor barns und sheds. 3 Year FHA Terms If desired. E. C. Robinson Lumber Go. PTA Membership Drive Will Be Held Next Week A membership drive will be conducted throughout next week by the Junior-Senior Parent Teacher Association under the direction of Mrs. F. B. Joyner and Mrs. C. E. Crigger Jr., it was announced today. •The National Congress of Parents and Teachers is an organization made up of those \vho believe the proper nurture and dcvelopmen of children and youth to be the first duty of the adult generation, am membership in the organization of fers an opportunity to belong to ai organization t!r\t is known and vc spected all over the nation fo its work toward the betterment'O chldren and youth. An effort is being made to haV 1 parents of all children in junior o senior high schoo) enroled in -tin association. ". • . v -.-y-- # ••• •• • • • :j • • ;- - \? • ^.fesTioSttng d : e*ri:tWo German plahpS 'art4 cauaiing'=the * othar- Ttftir Ships' to collide-'in.confusfori'-with'eaah oth^r •i> '"''"•'' '"-o- ' ' n tyo'separate crashes.'-.-, '< r . V EPSON IN WASHINGTON Are The Top Fifty Tops? BY 1'ETEU EDS ON i Lewis Ilcrshey, the late Office of Courier News Washington Defense Transpoitalion Dirccloi Corrcsiiondcul i Joe Eastman, "the perfect clvi A cci'tain amount of controversy seivant. s bound to develop from Ihe nn-1 When you get inlo Conyrcss •eiliiij; of the Smithsonian lastitn-'aren't (here others besides Wallace ion's "Living Hall of Washington" i Truman and Uayburn who would —50 bronze slatuettes, on<;-third rate? What about Daiklcy, Byrd, ifc size, done by sculptor Max | Connally, George, Carter Glass, Kalisli. Nowhere in the litcraUivc ,TaIl, Vamlcuburg, White. Wheeler about the new exhibition, which is and the B-2-H-2 group of Ball, the gift of Kiplinger business let- [ Burton, Hatch and Hill, to name ler organization is II stated that only a few in Ihe Senate? In the these 50 are the most important House, where docs Joe Martin rale people ol Ihese limes, but that is for contemporary fame? Or Judge the inference and any controversy Hatlon. Simmers, Everett M. Dirk- wilt be over who was included, and sen, Fulbright, Sabath, dean of the who was omitted that should have House, and Martin Dies, most been Included. Willard M. Kiplinger widely known name in Congress Blame Placed In Wreck WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 (U.P.) The Interstate Commerce CommL sion says- absence of an adequate centralized traffic control system caused the collision between a passenger and a freight train on the Central of Georgia Railway at Macon Junction, Georgia, last Aug. 31, which resulted in the death of one person and the injury of 40. A new disease, thought to be spread by gnats, has been discovered in Mexico and other Latin American countries. takes full responsibility for the selection made, so be it on his head. Included in the collection arc of course ['resident Roosevelt, Vice President Wallace, Cabinet members Hull, Stimson, Morgenthau, JBiddle, Walker, Knox, Porreslal, Iclies, Wickard, Jones, Perkins, Stetlinius and PaHcrson, Chief Justice Stone, Candidates Dewey, Bricker. Sen. Harry S. Truman, Speaker of the House Sam Rey- bwi-n and the late Wendell Wilftie. 1'HCM fllacARTHUR TO uon HOPE Military leaders are represented by Generals Marshall, MacArlhur, Eisenhower and Arnold, Admirals cathy, King, Nimilz and Halscy. War agency heads nre Harry Hopins, Justice Byrnes, Don Nelson, harlcs E. Wilson, Chester Bowles, anncvar Bush, Marvin Jones, Paul IcNult, Barney Baruch, Bill Jef- rs, J. Edgar Hoover, Elmer Dais, Byron Price, Nelson Rockefel- T, Admiral Emory s. Land. Labor leaders honored arc Bill rrecn, Phil Murray and John L. ,ewis. Industrialists Henry J. Kai- cr and Eric Johnston, Newspaper- icn Ray Clapper, Ernie Pyle, Wai. er Lippman, Comedian Bob Hope. Everyone will have his own nom- naUons as to who should he in- hided on any Washington hall of nine list, but of far more specula- ivc intcresl is the list of those who verc not included. Where, for instance, are Director if Economic Stabilization Fred M finson, War Labor Board Chait- iian William H. Davis, Selective crvice Director Major Genera! With U. S. aerial forces striking almost continuously al the Jap- held islands throughout the Pacific, keeping score of Jap planes clowned has become almost a full-time Job Cor Yank carrier seamen like the one above pictured stenciling up "meatballs" that tell number of Jap planes destroyed after U. S. carrier swoec against Manila. vhether you like him or not. AMONG THE MISSING If Harry Hopkins is included, why not .luslice Felix Frankfurter or Judge Sam Rosenman, Dave Niles or Bob Sherwood? Other journalists not without :heir iiifhmcc over Washington nf- j fairs would include Henry Luce of Time, DeWill Wallace of Readers Digesl, Col. Robert McCortnick of Chicago, Drew Pearson, Arthur Krock, Waller Winchell. Oilier industrialists who have shaped American life are Henry Ford, Donald Douglas, General William S. Knudsen, - Paul Hoffman, Andy Higgins, Jack & Hclntz. Make'your own list. Regardless of who is on it, the Kalish sculptures portray in imperishable bronze tlie characteristics of these, our betters. Lewis standing with clinched fists like the original Neanderthal man, Baiuch on a park bench with his quizzical smile, Cordell Hull's and Byron Price's stoop, Elmer Davis's bow- lie. Foneslal's broken nose, Patterson's impressed pants, Nelson and Bush with pipes, Stimson with tils, tired paunch, Jeffcrs with his big bull belly, Dcwey's smoothness, AT FIRST' SIGH OF A: Cold Preparations as_dieecled COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J. L TERRELL Office HIS. Bdy. Phone 2631 Complete Auto Repair Service JIM NEKLY is now in charge of our mechanical repair dcparlmcnt HOIiERT WATSON is in charge of the body aurt upholstery department. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION Shop Located In Rear of Martin's Cafe 114 W.' Main—Phone 5G5 DRS. MIES & NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIAN RECTAL DISEASES o SPECIALTY (fXCSPT CANCF.R) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Cl)n)« 614 Mat* Blytherllle, \rk. l>hon« 2JZ1 TIKE every good American, -^ you've bought your share of War Bonds. You've bought "cm to help build tlic tanks, ships, planes, and guns. You've bought 'cm to back up our fighting men. You've bought 'cm for every conceivable reason to help speed the winning of a very tough war, and as long as that war goes on you'll naturally keep on buying Bonds. BUT . . . Next payday, even if it pinches, why don't you buy an cxtrtt Bond v —just for yourself? There arc n hundred and one ways you could use some extra money a few years from now. Buy that extra Bond—tuck it away— and you'll have that extra money! I If you're going to want something extra out of life-now's the time to get it. , When you're cooking up some coffee, it's that extra spoonful "for the pot" that makes a richer, tater brew. Put an extra War Bond in the pot—and let it make a richer, better future for you! WAR BONDS., .to have and to hold! This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machbe Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co, Barksdale Mif. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chemlet C». Gny & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hard a way Appliance C*. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture C«. nbard Hwiwire ft, Huddleston £ Ce. Jiedel's Langston-Wrotem Ct. Charles S. Lemons Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Stwe Pat O'Brytnt Palace Cafe J. C. Penney C*. Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Draf Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. '"\ Tom W. Jacks*! Rustic Inn.. A. G. Shibley Wholesale Gmen C. G. Smith Floyd A. White 1 Zelher's Slipper Skop fuuici MM«mIi~»n ustiu mit-mm? mrlii

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