The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1946 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1946
Page 16
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PAGE EIGHT. LAKOTA BOY HURT IN FALL FROM CAR, TWO OTHERS FALL Lakota: Three Lakota persons have received injuries in three different accidents in the past ten days. Most seriously hurt was Hadley Castor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Castor,who opened the family car door to throw out an apple core and fell nut. Ho received critical injuries to his body and. was still in serious condition at last reports. The accident happened last Wednesday, near Marshalltown, whore Mrs. Castor and the two sons had planned to visit relatives while Mr. Castor went on to the teachers meeting in Des * 1 week Moines. "^ I week Tuesday at the Buffal A second person to be injured Center 'Hospital. She has bee was Mrs. Emily Smith, who is numwt Uiaua Irene. " ' A daughter was bom.Novem bcr 3 to Mr. and Mrsi Milto i arrow at the Buffalo Cento recovering from a slight concussion caused from a fall in her home ten days ago. She landed on the back of her head. Gordon Wirtjes was in the third accident. He suffered a fractured right elbow when he fell on the gym floor recently and was taken to the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge for further treatment. He was brought home last week. His mother, Mrs. Will Wirtjes stayed with him in the hospital. Three New Babies A f)-lb. ll-o/.. son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hcetland at the Buffalo Center hospital last week Monday and has been named Gary Erwin. An 8-lb. daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Becker last HIDES and FURS Hospital. Birthday Celebration Mrs. n;lso Janscn enjoyed birtnday celebration iNOvcmbc 1 wnen a group of relatives nnc iriends carne to help her cele brate. Those present were: Mi and Mrs. Germ Gray, the Frcci Stubbes' of Lake 'Mills, Mr. and ivus. Henry Gcider, J!'orest City Mr. and wirs. Klso Jansen and wir. and Mrs. Leonard JBoettch er, Lakota. Tnc evening vva: spent playing caids and visiting delicious iiinch was served. Price ceiling is off on hides. We are now paying 1 7c for beef hides. Trapping season opens November 10th. Top prices and fair grading. Honor Dakota Guests Mr. and Mrs. John Jantz ol Mmot, i\. 1J., visited theii daughters and families last week. A dinner was given in their honor at the Lavcrne Edwards home near Swea City Friday evening, November 1. Guests were tno Ernest Heidcck- ers, the Henry Heidcckers of Lakota, Mr. and Mrs. Reo Mcin- der, 1-airmont, Minn., and Clar- cnse lidwards and daughters Mildred and May. Mr. and Mrs. Jantz are parents of Mrs. LaVerne is the son of Clarence'Ed- wards. Kephart Buys Lester House Art Lester has sold his house in the east part of town to Barber Bill Kepharl, who will continue to rent it to the Roelf Miller family, who now occupy the house. -AIGONA UPI-EB DES MOtNES, ALGONA, Kresensky Poem Dedicated to Iowa's Centennial Recently In a recent bulletin issued by the Iowa Centennial Committee,'a poem oy nuymond Kresensky of Algona, reprinted 'below, lead Off the weekly news release: • •..•••. * * * Down winding roads, across bridges they come, fneir roots oaca j&afet, down South, now here is strength, turongih trorn tne past. '1'hey're free, they're young, lortune seekers, with trew roots they grow, Becoming rich, and founding new plantations, And laying out new farms, new factories. ' There will be no more slaves,of black and white. This is a great concourse of men and women, Mass movement never marked in history. Rod and blue Conestoga wagons, massive, rngh wneeied, drawn Dy three teams of frothing horses, wall brake.biocka squealing on the muddy hills, uust grimea iumoer wagons driven by women, tiun-oonneted, perched high upon the seats, ui4> siowiy westward to a fertile land. Benind the emigrants come lean milk cows, Ancestors of great herds lor prairie farms. And Concord coaches, the aristocrats, ' VVnirl by with those more favored than the rest. And wealthy gentlemen ride gaily past Un fancy-bailed saddle horses, each saddle \uorncci with dragoon pistols, saddle bags l bright tooled leather, .journey out to get fhe diggings, investments of their wealth— 'abulous and amazing, this decade. —Raymond Kresensky Teachers to Des Moines _ .. _ . _ The John W. Cook family left I 'State Farm Insurance Co. nesting. All of the teachers also I ttcnded the meeting and there /as no school Thursday and Fri- ay. . f/ins Trip Henry Swalve returned home unday after a week's trip to loomington, III., a trip he won y sellmg life insurance for the He Wednesday afternoon for Des also visited his sister at Wellirig- Moincs to attend a teachers TOCK UP NOW! HARDWARE OUSEWARES Kx.Tlk-nl quality nmvtcr.; lhat \\ill handle your Thanksgiving l>:rrt . . . \\-ill |;i!(c up to 11 12 pound fowl. Lisht in \vc ! fflit. easy In keep sparkling clciin. Will ffivc many years scrv:cc. LOOK AT THESE NEEDED ITEMS! Step Ladders SI.69 I'uiul.v si/.e for the licust V KuiU'crt niMtlo. Insures Perfect Fowl Roasting Floor Brushes S2.85 Super quality hair bru"hc-; in 16 inch width. Salad Bowls $4.95 Beautiful wco:l haiu' painted bowl; thai add a colorful touch. O'Ccdar i^Tops Genuine O'Ccdar mop:; that give long serv.'cc. Bread Boxes Large slzf- nietai bread boxes. beautifully decorated. 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Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Ukena of Colo, la., visited Maynard's mother, Mrs. Ida Ukena over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. MRS. A. LOFSTROM SWEA CITY, DIES; SERVICES FRIDAY H. H. Murray and Patricia attended the foot,ball game and homecoming at Iowa City November 2. Joseph Berschman, one of the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Heyo Berschman, began work in the Hertzke Grocery store Novem- 4th. Mr. and Mrs. DeVere Smith have moved into the apartment itore. They have with the James above their been living Smiths. Mr. and Mrs. Steve "Powers returned home last week "Monday from several days visit with their cousins, the James OConnors in Minneapolis. They attended the Michigan-Minnesota tootball game, Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pavek and two daughters of Mason City were last weekend visitors with Mrs. Pavek's aunt and, husband; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Telkamp, east OL town. Death came Tues- day.Nov. 5, to Mrs. Anna Lofstrom,' 11 following- a stroke sustained early this fall. Mrs. Lbf- stfbnVwas one of the early- set- Eagle township and on the Lofstrom fann, which; 'is operated by her son Carl, unmarried. There are also three daughters, Mrs. Louie Hoi- comb (Lily), . Mrs. Emma Hoi- comb (deceased), and Mrs. Robert , Bexell (Hilda). Several grandchildren also survive, also three sisters and a brother: Mrs. O. L. Thoreson, Mrs. Selma Anderson, both of Swea township, Mrs. Harold Johnson (Edith) Los Angeles, Calif., and the Rev. Wm. Samuelson, Marcus,- la., respectively. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon from Immanuel Lutheran church, the pastor A. M. Youngcjuist in charge.' Other speakers were her>. grandson, the Rev. Robert Bexell, and 'her brother Rev. Samuelson, who spoke in Swedish. Lions Honor Forbes The Lions club were hosts at a party "honoring their departing member and president, Dr. J. R. Forbes and Mrs. Forbes Thursday evening at the Swea school building. Guests wives of the local Lions. 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Army Dodge Was guest speaker. Doctor Forbes is leaving to prafeMCe , at "Tucson, Ari2. Bleai 1fw^ OflUrw •..•,/> '; ; • Hfirrison 'township officers elcbted 'here Tuesday were ,1. J Anderson, clerk; Richard Anderson, assessor.' David Anderson Was reelected for trustee for 1947. Harry Tish was named for 104S term. ' Heine' lo Hunt - ' Robert Berggren came Tuesday from Rochester, where, ho is employed, to Visit the parental C. F. Berggren and to get in .sortie hunting. C. F. being busy on the '.election board, he was mot at 'Fairmont by his mother. Mrs, Olive 'Anderson returned to- her homo last week, alter a several weeks stay afc the home pf a 'daughter Mrs. Lr C. Cant in Waterloo. A sister-in-law Mfe. Lara Anderson of Forest City has been staying with her since her return. A. J. Bllsborough was elected over Wm. Blomster for justice- of-peace and P. W. Larson for constable. , Mrs. Tom O'Grady and daughter of Minneapolis were here Saturday. 1 Mrs. O'Grady is a cousin of the Berggren brothers, and also of Mrs. Bernard Peter- .«> .:,^^ i-*.*n i IIDtfdM^l ;||ii^Lg ! NOVIMftlft If44 Algona Public Schools Soo -story -olscwiicro hi this paper. —Bo You Want to Keep a Goqd "Tan" All Winter Long? —Do You Want to Dry Your Hair or Finger-Nail Polish in a Jiffy? —Are You Bothered With Sinus? —Want to Break Up a Cold? —Do You Want Soothing, Comfort-Giving Heat Rays? THEN SEE OUR DEMONSTRATION OF SflECT|i|RAY COMIINATION SUN fto HEAT LAMP A Product of mse Here's something! A sun and heat lamp that gives you a choice of sun or heat rays. Lamp turns to any an?Ic. Height adjustable from 32'/a to 50 inches. Two-way switch controls both bulbs. Convert from floor to table iamp, in one second. Use in any 50-60 A. C. convenient outlet for sun tan, drying hair or nail polish, taking: chill off rooms and to relieve tired ach'ng muscles. 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