Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas on July 19, 1933 · Page 8
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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas · Page 8

Denton, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1933
Page 8
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MOB EIGHT PENTON, TEXAS. BECOKP-CHROMytfc WEPJVB51MY, JULF 1>, IMS Sheridan Is Winner in Screen Contest Miss Clara Lou Sheridan, dauRhle: ol Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sheridan 402 South Elm Street, has beei named Joint winner with Alfred J Oelcambre oj Dallas in the "Search for Beauty" contest, sponsored during the last month by Ihe Palace Theater of Dallas and a Dallas newspaper In conjunction wilh Paramount Pictures, designed to find material for the screen and csixrially for the fllin, "Search (or Beauty,' soon to be produced. There were other entries to the number of 200 In the contest. Similar contests have been held in cities In other Southwestern states. and screen tests are bcinp made of the winners of each contest. Screen tests were made of Miss Sheridan and Delcambre Monday afternoon. and were sent to Hollywood where they will be judged along those of the other winners. Each contest winner has a chance to win a role in the screen production. •Miss Sheridan is well known in Denton, having appeared in several local r;-oductions. both in Denton High School and in Teachers College, where she was a student last year. She has also been seen quit* often in connection with the Teachers College Stage Band, bolli in Denton and on out of town trips, with which organization she was featured as a singer of blues songs. Apologizes for Delaying Train After Being Hi DALLAS. July 19.— (0>>— R. L Smith. 23, thought there were n trains early in the morning in Sout DaJias so lie stretched himself ou and went to sleep in the middle o the track. The engineer of a fast freight saw lim but not In time. He set the ai brakes and put the locomotive ir reverse but the heavy train passe over him. The crew Jumped out am ircparcd to see a mangled body. Smith crawled from under a car apologized for stopping the train and went on his way. Large Crowd Here for Jersey Picnic BUY IT IN UENTON About 260 persons were present for Jie annual JPersey Cattle Club plc- ic at the County Pair ground? Wednesday, enton, Collin, Dallas 'arrant, Orayson, Cooke and Wise Bounties were represented. D. R. Simons, Jers-| cattle lead- r. was to spsak after noon on Breeding of Jersey Cattle." Dr asper Manton of Dallas was also cheduled for an address. Tlie visitors were welcomed b? John Underwood and Be/. Chas. \V Estes, president of the local club, presided. A picnic lunch fas served at noon. Defense Heard in Woman's Trial Don't bet on flRhts—Ilir.Vre Hxecl! Don't bet nn races they're phoney! Ihm't bet on love—It's a fake! DON! BET ON LOVE with GINGER ROGERS SHIRLEY GREY CHAR. r.RM'EWLN MERNA KENNEDY LUCILE GLEASON GRAHAM McNAMEE NEHSHEEI, "VOURS, SINCERELY" A Comedy Riot TODAY Only iliows at 1—2:37— I:M—(j-.M :20—8:05—A complete feature artcr 0:30 Telephone 75 COOLED BY WASHED AIR! STARTS THURS. ! MC H A RD Gerrhaine Trerriblay Sfi« hailed 3 despcnte nun-hunt Ion; enough for Colin Hewitt to fill in love THE HIDDEN DOOR tl FRANK L. PACKARD Starts Tuesday, July 25 Record-Chronicle TORT STOCKTON, July 19.—W) —Defense testimony intended to show that Mrs. Bessie Sharp's actions while a child indicated insanity was introduced today at .her trial for the poison death of her husband, Telefus Sharp, two years ago. Eleven witnesses testified in behalf of Mrs. Sharp. DREAMLAND TODAY and THURS. I D O U G I AS , •i a public idol who thinki he can lead • double life and ;ct mw«y with it! t O R E T T A n n n; Eternally his — as long u she doetn't : the truth! She truiti no one— who wears pants! AND 4 OTHER BIG STARS IN 'THE tIFE OF JIMMY DO LAN A Wanttr B-VT. Picture BING CROSBY In "Slag Blng, Sing" "WONDER GIRL" A Novelty WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY 7 / First to Ask V. S. Home Loans Con-.tant teasing is one reason why mothers, and fathers, get gray! Why give members of your family A chanca to lease for "Out Our Way." when you're all on vacation? Call the circulation department, telephone 184, and have the Rcc- Iord-Chroiucle mailed to you! PURE MILK ApP««lni«ltIy 3" milk pr"micrrs «Tv!ni; Dcnton with milk from about 1000 cows arc working Io mwt the requirements of tlio City Milk Ordinance . l l 5 «T XIUI c ' tlrs hav ° alrri " | y a'lopli-d the standard milk ordinance, and only 8 cities the si™ or Uraton. Including ucnton, ore without this protection In force at this date. This protection, with our crrtlflcd wntrr nnd over 95% of tho town connect«J to sanitary sewers, win plarc Demon in tlic lead from a (unitary BWDdpolnt In attracting student* to our State COHCRPS. The City of Demon conprr.atvilates tlic IniRc majority of milk produce™ co-operatJng In thib health inuve who arc now preparing to me«t the requirements ot the ordinance. CITY OF DENTON Do you know that tllp *2 00 per year ncrldtnt policy we sell, pays Sl.OfO •nd upwards. We would ratlin- you rarry h Ir.rqrr and more complete policy. but don't be without any pmrdion Wr .-.ell « lit,- policy nt a very low cost plying for <Vat!i fn,m miy i:iu.M- U is H -,\ ,vf,f« ,,, ,; n y nboiit home, or msko any trip wlthum .,ur |>c-nuy n (tny puln-j Ask mir tmdcTtnki-re— they know the dirrcreno in tavim; mi.- |.<>i;cy lim i not iiuvmg it--'Nur Sed. Come talk with us. McClurkBu Bldj;. DAILY MARKET QUOTATIONS LOCAL PtoODUCE (the market milled one to thr:« Potatoes, No. 1, 2-3c ID.: toma-' points In light trading, toes, 2c to 4c lb.;_ black eyed pea», I The market was rathw quiet most 3c to 6e lb; okra, 7c Ib; plums »1 to 91.25 bushel: cantaloupes 35c to 60c bushel: watermelons. l-2c to 3-4c lb; cream peas, 8c to 4c lb.; grapes tl bushel. •'irst of the nation's mortgage-burdened home owners to seek relief from he federal Home Owners fioan Corporation was Mrs. Leandra Bqnl, vidowed mother, pictured in the top photo as she discussed her plight rtth John P. Hamilton, Michigan manager, when the Detroit office, first n the country, was opened. Below are the leaders in the crowd of 200D ager applicants who jammed corridors and stairways leading to doors f the Detroit office. Nazis Register for Church Vote BERLIN, July- 19.-(/P)—Rudolf ess. Chancellor Hitler's general epresentative, today ordered all azis to register for church elections ext Sunday which are expected to eliver German Protestantism to he Nazi government. Followers or Rcichsbishop Fricd- ch von Bodelschwingh, whose ap- ointment in May is contested by 'ie Nazi German Christians, have '.en hampered in their pre-election ampaign tor they have been de- •ivcd of press support. Newspapers, on the other hnnd, ave been ordered to rlnt every day, deluding Sunday, on the first pa?e hat appears to be an election ap- eal| which'asserts that "only those lio unconditionally support the hlrd Ecich are entiled to your otes." Honor Revolutionist ORLAND ORLAND. Cnl.—Disln- vment of the body of William B. e and removal to a shrine near e is proposed by a club interested California's history. Ide, as tev- torial governor, proclaimed the dependence of California in 1845 nd for 23 days was hend of the ear Republic. The grave at present unmarked In an abandoned c?m- ery. Round About Town A unique ad: "Notice: To the party who stole a quart of alcohol from our basement. Plense return Aunt •Nina's appendix. No questions asked." Signs of progress I The W. A. Taliaferro & Son Hardware Co. is having built new display counters for their store on the North Side. nnnton County, with more than 30,000 acres offered Tor destruction under the cotton price-raising program of the federal government. Is about ready to start turning under (hat portion of the crop that is to be destroyed, and will be doubly ready to share in the distribution of S?,,ooo that is to be distributed in Texas. It appears 'thSt' Dentorf County farmers will receive something in excess to $300,000 for their plowcd-up. cotton, and this money b expected to be paid within the next three to six weeks, so those cnttnn f armors who have-sold a portion of their crop to the government for destruction will receive a nice bit of cash before the cotton picking season starts. This cash in hand will enable many cotton farmers to hold the remainder of their cotton from the market and tend to bring about a more orderly marketing process, which has long been needed throughout the South. • LOCAL POULTRY Hens 6c to 7c lb.; rooster 3-2 l-2c; fryers 8 to 12c lb.; turkey hens 6-8c lb.; toms 4-5c; ducks 4c lb.; guineas 12 l-2c each; eggs candled lOc to 13c dozen; eggs No. 1 white Infer- tllee 13c to 15c dozen: cream (butterfat) 18c to 20c lb. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. July 19—(AP)—Poultry steady: hens 12 1-2; Leghorns 9; roosters 8: turkeys 10-11: spring ducks 7-10. old. 7-8; spring geese 10, old 6 1-2; rock fryers 16 1-2, colored 17: rock broilers 13. colored 12, Leghorns 10 1-2-11. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, July 19.—(AP)—Butter, easy; creamery—specials (93 score) 25 1-4-3-4; extras (92) 24 3-4; extra firsts (90-91) 23 3-4-24 1-4; Orel (88-89) 22 1-4-23; seconds (86-87) 20 1-2-21 1-2; standards (90 centralized carlots) 24 3-4. Eggs, steady, unchanged. LIVERPOOL COTTON LIVERPOOL, July 19.—(AP)—Cotton, no receipts. Spot moderate business done; prices five points lower: quotations In pence: American strlcl good middling 7.18: good middling 6.88: strict middling 6.68: middling 6.43: strict low middling 6.28; low middling 6.08: strict good ordinary 5.88; good ordinary 6.58. Futures closed quiet, July 6.16: Oct. 6.20; Dec 6.23: Jan. 8.26; March 6.29: May 6.33. KANSAS CITV GRAIN KANSAS CITY, July 19.—(API— Wheat: unchanged to 12 lower. No 2 dark hard 1.05 1-2-1.11 1-2: No. 2. hard 1.04-1.10 1-2; No. 2, red :.06 1-2-1.07; close: July 1.00; Sept. 1.01 "-4; Dec. 1.04 1-4; May 1.07 7-8. ' Corn: Down 1-6; No. 2, whits, nom 52 1-2-58; No. 2 yellow 52-57: No. 2. mixed nom 61 1-2-57: close: July 67; Sept. 69 1-2; Dec. 63 6-8. Oata: Unchanged to 4 lower. No. 2 white nom 40-41. of the morning tuid prices eased on steadily. The weekly weather and wop report while favorable for the eastern belt was not so favorable for tu* west but the rains reported, post-dated the weekly survey. October dropped to 11.65 and December to 11.85, or 23 points down 'on both months from yesterday's close. Near mld-sess!;;. th? market rallied and became somewhat more active in sympathy with firmer stocks which prompted covering by shorts October recovered to 11.73 and December to 11.94. or 8 to 9 points up from the lows to levels 14 to 15 points under yesterday's close. STOCKS NEW YORK, July 19.—(API- Stocks were swept overboard today under a deluge of selling In alcohol Issues and a sharp relapse In the grain and cotton markets .The recently buoyant "wet" equities suffered losses of 7 to 25 points ut one time and other groups declined 2 to around 7. The close was weak. Trad- Ing volume attained large proportions after noon. Transfers approximated 7.600.000 shares. CHICAGO GRAIN PRICES CHICAGO. July 19.—(AP)—Wheat No. 2 red 1.11-12; No. 1 hard 1.11 3-4-13 1-4; No. 2 yellow hard 1.1011; No. 1 mixed 108; corn. No. 2 mixed 61 1-4-62 1-4: No. 1 yellow 61 3-4-63 1-4- No. 1 white 63 1-2: oats. No. 2 white 43 3-4-44 3-4; No. 3 white 42 1-4-44. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK POUT WORTH, July 19.—(AP) — battle: 2,000; steady; common steers 2.50-3.00; grass 4.00: best Jed steers above 6.00; fed yearlings 5.40; good to choice cows 3.25; butchers 1.752.26. Calves: 700; good heavies 4.25-6.00; plain 3.50. Hogs: 1.200: 6 up: 271 Ibs. 4.85: bulk 176-275 Ibs. 4.36-60; packing BOWS 3.50-3.75. Steep: 1.500: ' steady: yearling Mrs. Crabber (angrily)—I hope 10 I able to dance on your grave me day. Mr. Crabber—But honey. I'm go- g to be buried at sea. Ijittle Dorothy was watching moth- take a pie from the oven. As the earn escaped through the opeu- gs on the top of the cover slight- raised up, Dorothy suddenly ex- imecl "1,00k, mother the pie is ea thing." TIRE SERVICE Phone 88 HEADLEE TIRE CO., Inc. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS If you fall to receive your copy of the Rscord-Chronlcle, call the office before 8:30 p. m. and a copy will be sent out by special carrier. NEW BATTERIES Cattery Re-charging, Repairs ' SPARKMAN BATTERI* & ELECTRIC CO, Telephone Z4Z RITZ (Cool and Comfortable) Wed & Thursday "The Face On The Barroom Floor" Comedy —o— Friday & Saturday BOB STEELE in "TEJ5AS BUDDIES" ADMISSION lOc Afternoons lOc and 15c Nights FOR DEPENDABLE PROTECTION, SEE—> iwl KEEL-CAMPBELL & Co.' m M SYSTEM STORES See M Stores for your new crop honey, comb and extracted, 5- and 10-lb. pails. Ice Cold Melons Ic lb. M SYSTEM STORES . wethers '4.50; feeder lambs 4.00; 'eeder yearlings 3.00. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY, July 19. — (AP) — U. 8. Dept. Agr.)— Hogs 4,500; 160 direct: slow, uneven early top 4.65 c-paringly on choice 220-240 Ibs.; 140160 Ibs. 3.16-4.15; packing sows 275550 Ibs. 3.60-4.10; stock pigs 70-130 calves 800: slow, Ibs. 2.60-3.00. Cattle 4 500- steady,, to ..slight,!; .lower; early top JOtO lb. .yearlings q.76; stews, choice 660-1600 Ibs. 5.50-6.85; heifers 850900 Ibs. 4.75-6.16; cows 3.16-78; veal- ers (milk fed), 3.00-6.50; stocker and feeder steers 4.25-5.50. Sheep 4,000; sheep about steady; top native lambs 7.76: lambs *90 Ibs. 7.00-75; yearling wethers 90-110 Ibs. 4.00-5.75; ewes 90-150 Ita. 1.25-2.25. *—Quotations based on ewes and wethers. NEW OKI.EANS FUTURES NEW ORLEANS. July 19—(AP)— Cotton futures closed steady at net declines of 43 to 45 points. Open High Low Close July 11.50B U.08B Oct .... 11.80 11.87 11.30 11.43—48 Dec . 12.04 12.07 11.61 11.64—65 Jan 1201 12.01 11.72 11.72 Mar . 12.20 12.20 11.71 11.82B May .... 12.40" 12.40 11.95 11.98B NEW YORK FUTURES NEW YORK, July 19.—(API—Cotton" futures closed barely steady, 4043 lower. Open High Low Close 11.55 11.65 11.14 11.18N 11.87 11.88 11.35 11.48—49 12.06 12.09 11.66 11.66—68 12.12 12.13 11.65 11.75—77 12.28 12.30 11.79 11.88 12.42 12.44 11.95 12.03—05 Spot quiet; middling 11.35. N—Nominal. July Oct Dec Jan Mar May NEW ORLEANS SPOTS NEW ORLEANS. July 19.—(API- Spot cotton closed steady at revised quotations, middling 44 points down. Sales 679: low middling 10.64; middling 11.24- good middling 11.64; receipts 3.384: stock 772.137. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS. July 19.--(AP) — Cotton had a comparatively quiet opening today. Liverpool came in better than due and sterling made a new high, but first trades showed losses of 4 to 8 points, the easier tone being attributed to good rains In Texas. Prices soon rallied on overnight buying and In sympathy with firmer stocks, October trading at 11.87 and December at 12.07. or 3 to 7 points up from the opening to levels one point under yesterday's close. The market turned easier again, rains and In anticipation ot a favorable weekly weather report due during the morning. October dropped to 11.78 and December to 11.97. down 11 to 12 points from the previous close. Towards the end of the first hour CHICAGO GRAIN "REVIEW CHICAGO. July 19.—(AP)—Severe setbacks of more than 13 cents n bushol In wheat prices took place late today, with a 3 cent drop In corn, 2 cents In oats, 6 conts in rye and 5 cents In barley. Pit observers said the breaks In values were largely the result of readjustment of accounts after a period of nlno days of Incessant speculative buying on the par t of the general public which disregarded marketing conditions and the relation of cash grain to futures. The markets snapped under the strain of overbought conditions. Toward th- close of trading. Immense selling on orders to stop losses overwhelmed the wheat market and toppled prices wildly. The descent of values was at the rate of fully a cent a bushel a minute. Reports of big falling off in purchases of Hour at Minneapolis contributed to the acute weakening of grain values. The extreme fall In wheat was 13 1-4 cents. This was In May wheat which reached a minimum of 91.12 as compared with £1.26 to (1.25 1-4 at yesterday's finish. The close for wheat was wild but at rallies of 1 cent to 2 cents from the day's bottom. Final quotations on wheat were 9 7-8-12 1-4 under yesterday's finish, corn 3 1-2-4 3-4 down, oats 2 3-4-6 3-4 off, rye 11 1-4-12 1-4 lower and provisions showing setbacks varying from 2 cents to 62 cents. TEXAS SPOTS DALLAS. July 19.—(AP)—Cotton. 10.95; Houston 11.25; Oalvcston 11.15. NEW YORK COTTON- NEW YORK, July 19.—(AP)—Cotton opened barely steady, 3-6 lower under liquidation and reports of showers In Texas. July unquoted! Oct. 11.87: Dec. 12.08: Jan. 12.12: March 1228; May 12.42. Selling was attributed largely to realizing, particularly In the October and December positions, while there wao some trade and Wall street buy- rig In the later months. Near positions stiffened a point or two after :he call, but the profit-taking con- ilnued and by the end of the first lalf hour active months were about 8 to 10 point* net lower with December, selling at 12.00 - and -March The early decline extended to 11.95 for December and 12.16 for March, making net losses of about 14 to 15 Mints. At these figures, however, wme buying limits were reached and the market steadied on trade and commission house demand coupled with covering or rebuylng by recent sellers. At mldd&y December was ruing around 11.98 and March 12.18 with active months generally 3 4 points up from the lowest. Reports of deterioration In parts of Texas were offset by favorable features east of the Mississippi river. Futures closed barely steady, 40-43 iowsr. Spot quiet; middling 11.35. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK. July 19.—IAP)— Government bonds: High Low Close .'t'y 3 l-2s 32-47 102.25 102.20 102.20 st 4 l-4s 32-47 102.3 101.30 102 4th 4 l-4s 33-38 102.29 102.27 102.2' T's'y 1 l-4s 47-52 110.2 110 110.1 ' 44-64 10611 106.5 106.5 3-4E 46-56 104.24 104.20 104.24 5-Bs 40-43 Jun 102.13 • 3 3-8s 43-47 102.20 102.17 102.16 3 a-8s 41-43 Mar 102.16 102.12 102.12 l-8s 46-49 100.14 100.11 100.11 3s 51-55 99.3 99 99.2 MARKETS AT A GLANCE July 19.—(API- NEW YORK: Stocks weak: wet Issues lead wide reak. Bonds Irregular: rails lose early gains. Curb weak; liquor stocks slump. Foreign exchanges easy: sterling lags. Cotton lower; beneficial rains outhwest; weakness grains and itocks. Sugar easy: Wall street selling. Coffee weak; heavy commission house realizing. cmcAOO: Wheat down 13 1-4 cents: stop loss selling. Corn lower; sympathy with wheat. Cattle generally steady, best steer's held above $7.50. Hogs slow, 10-15 lower, top $4.85. 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Phone 292 Today Denton Dairy Products Company VACATION TIME Put your mind at ease by placing your valuable papers, jewelry and keepsakes in one of our safety deposit boxes when you leave on your vacation. We issue American Express Travelers Cheques. First State Bank Of Denton "The Bank For Everybody" SOME OF OUR SERVICES Safekeeping of your funds until needed. Loans for your needs when properly secured. Safety deposit boxes for your valuables. Travelers checks for your convenience. Service cheerfully given. DENTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve System Ml SUPPLIES -< Water Hose, Sprinklers, Connections. Also Good Line of Lawn Fertilizer. McDOtVEL-JACOBSEN CO. Phone 724 North Side Square ATLEASTAQUARTOFMILK PER DAY PER CHILD That is the correct amount recommended by the leading doctors and child specialists. Milk is the most economical food you can buy*, it contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats, minerals for building bones and teeth. 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