The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1946
Page 11
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, NOV. 12, 1946 INE BASKET MWNSS, ..PAGE TfBffiS ANNOUNCED LtVerne; , The schedule of .LuVerne 'basketball teams tfte yeSt, has been announc- as Ipflbws: frovcm'bcr 5, Isley tfiSfe; November 10, Ot- len r here!; November 22, Ti- Ika here; November 26, Livc-r- B-e there; December 3, Gold- Id ther'e; Dec* (i, Boric here; f ember ll, Bancroft 'here; lembef'13, Corwlt'h here; De- hber ITfVcrnon there; De- kber 20j> Livermore hero; luary '3|-' Whittcmoro here: ludry 7, \Ternoh here; Jan. 10 w'ick^there; Jan. 15-16-17-18, k.le, Nme Tournament ' here; 20, Ottoson there; Jan. 23- girls' county tournament [Wesley, Jan.; 2H-29-30-3l-Feb. Algona; Feb. 4, Bancroft ! Feb. 5-0-7-3, girls' sec- at «tpiirnnmenl; Fell. 11,; Feb. 14, ConviUi "ii Feb. 18 Bode then:; Fob. tenwick here; Feb. 25-7.0- bdys' sectional tunniu- r Class.Play Given— Junior class of the Lu| high school presented |Class play "Papa' Says No" ery large audience Tues- feninE.,in the gymnasium, llh'e 'direction of Miss Bct- , liner, ; The cast included iGronbach, Delores Lund, IS Phillips,- Mildred Lcnx, JJI.. Nielson, Doris Schipull, |ra Meyer, Mcrlyn, Swan- Lyle Ponton, Marcia , Robert Stauffacher, lia Bowman; Geneva Wilson, LW. POST LY AND TRANSFER STORAGE OF ALL KINDS distance hauling. Every insured against loss or ttage. Equipped to do all of draying and haulin;;. Geraldine Jfehclerson and Robert Pergande. Elton Wood and Nadine Wittenburg sang, vocal solos between acts. Ushers Were Jean Eischen and Jean Schulz; prompter, Beverly, Thomas; stage crew, Robert Pergande, Larry- Grandgenett, Lawrence Weigert and Wesley Bray ton; poster committee, Jean Schul?, Carol Henry, Jean Eischen and Doris Fett. C6Utieil OffieetS Election of officers of the student council of the LuVerne high school took place recently and the following officers we're elected: president — LdRoy Mil-' ler, a senior; vice president- Leo Lallier, a senior; secretary — Jean Schulz, a junior; treasurer—Harriet Nelson, a senior; boy at lartje— Donald Miller, a senior; girl at large, Imelda Laubenthal; senior representative, Patricia Trunnellc; junior reprer senladve, Darrell Nielson; sophomore representative, Elton Wood; and freshmen representative, Marilyn Miller. Lutheran Aid Meets The Lutheran Ladies' Aid met 'Thursday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs. Fred Lenx fis the hostess. Mrs. Herman Hih?. Jr., president of the aid, had charge of the business meeting and plans were made, to jond Christmas gifts to patients at Cherokee. Rev. Wittenburg gave the lesson. Lunch was served by. tho hostess at the close of the afternoon. The next meeting will be held Thursday afternoon, November 21 with Mrs. Ed Lenz as hostess. horne of Mrs. NeW Jensen. Circles two ah'd three rriet in the cliuroh parlors, Plans were made for. their., annual bazaar, - which will be held i Thursday, December 6, in the ohui'ch parlors. io Entertain The Lutheran Walther League mot Thursday evening in the church parlors . with Kathryn Pergande as the hostess. Lewel- •lyyn, Hippen, president of the league, had charge of the business meeting, at which time nlans were made to entertain the Garner Walther Leaeue x in the very near future. Following the business meeting the evening was spent socially and lunch was served by the hostess at the close of the evening. The . American, Legion , Auxil j iary Unit of the..Erhes't Mefkle Post will;, hold their.- regular meeting" Monday., evening,, November 18, ift the, Legion, ha.1,1, The theme will}bg;.Aft1,ericaiii,,Ed,-: ucation an4i hostesses, will be Mrs., Clarence Kriu^e,- Mi's. 0. S. Lund, and Esther', Merklo. .. Mr. and'Mjs. Bcr.t hafnus ; entertained at,. a. party Thursday evening,, in honor; of. -the first birthday of theii 1 daughter. Sheri Lyn, the party being;; held , : at the home , of Mr." and, Mrs. Otto, Ra- hi.usi Those .atfendihg the party Were Mr,' arid; Mrs., Charles Soj;- 'ensen and daughter' of ' Corwith, Mr. and. Mrs. Art. Riley,. M,fs. James Black, Mrs. Aftjia, Sankey, Mrs. Janies Th'brn and : sons and Nbrma Stripling, all' of, Lu Verne. fcresbyietlah. Sup^Ar i The Woman's Association o£ ;lhe Pji-esbyterian church will : hold their annual chicken pie 'dinner and Christmas sale Satur- 'day, November l6j 'irf the .com- 'munity hall.: The. gavl'y,, decor! ated booths Inclade. ^Im^r/ ;to'w x els, a'prohs, f hattdkel- and also elty gifts , all kinds of 'hoirne mMe' pickles, jells, jams,"cahjied T 'vegetables, bakery goods arid: 'dressed chickens. Lunch, will, be; served from lliSO until, 2-00. Ginner will be served ,' from' 5:30' until eight in the evening. ,"'•'•'•. Union Men Aid Each Harvest Corn . Union: Corn-picking was again halted by rain. Mechanical pickers arc boi'ig used with tho uxcoplion of a Jew fields wh;rc Ibo corn was toldwn down sn badly it must be gathered by h.'inrl. Morn! Bacon is unfortunate to huvt; .such a field* Others ;u\i gliruning the conn.the mechanical pickers are leaving: owing to Hit; leaning corn. Farmers arc assisting each other. One owns the picker and a rieighbov helps hSmaftd in. return gets his corn picked. Some of, the men working-together ' are Ernest dodfredsbh. 'and Jrihh Logan 4 , -Roy Adams .and Jim Shipler, John,, Sh.oJ.tes and Jjester Johnson, Earl Taylor apd Ijenry Search's, Pete Ef£ elding and; William t>bdd,s. Jr., Louis Bode and Floyd,, Gardneir, Andrew Godfredson an,d ; iLp.well Samp,. Frank Hofius aijo,; R6beEt Leason., Laurence'. GiSch ..has' a hew two-row rnpu'ntecl. iftjern&- tionai this, year, and Walter, rieerdt just received;, a' new Wood Bros, picker also. Melhodisl Circles The three Circles of the Metho- di't W. S. C. S. met Wednesday afternoon with a good attendance. Circle one met at the 'AivtrHttment From where I sit ... Joe Marsh How to Handle a Fortune . . f hattdkel-chiefs an assprtineht.' of lipy- s. In ,tfie' pantry Svill b'e ' ' Home, MlettSi* Year* . Mr. and Mrs. Merle Eggleston |of .Brunswick, Ga., arrived Sun;day evening -to spend two weeks visiting at the home' of his parents, Mr. and Mrs., George Eg- igleston. Merle, received, his. honorable discharge in, September jafter spending six ' years ' in th.e navy. , . Globe Trotters to. Pjay:y. F. V^. ; The world famous '.Globe Trotters basketball team and r 'a ; team Composed of ; members. Of the lo- ical Veterans of Foreign Wars •post will meet Saturday, evening, November. 16,; in . the high 'school • gymnasium... !' iSome months ago I reported in Jje Clarion hojy IVJcJ Bate's uncle '"1'up nbrtHjjjBnd.lellfc hiiu .vith a •fortune. ,; ... -.-.., I'Nnturnily, our town was curious how Mel would spend if ji-avclingr- around the world . . j a new house or car .. arlnjj fancy clothes ... or din on cold pheasant anil cha'm ;r.e...? • . fe can noyr report, Mel hasn't with the Missus, sharinff a glass of beer with friends. " I'rom -where I-sit,; Mel lonrnod the art of-hiin'dlihg'money —as well as handling_people^ Yoil: don't IcAashrin-the-bank Jpush you around any' inore 1 than you /let people push you around. 1 If you like the simple, homey lif.ej companionship iind quiet ways"; a glass of beer and friohdly talk^—that's worths fortune, after all] , tf yiinMl 'fih<l him in his rt sleeves by the flro, chatting - Copyright, 1946, United States Brewers Foundation H 'tJi^eisj Have a yeapwrigifpr % priyatf s're4plng until ;bespnj!9 ! '4Ql! We hope ypii will maki^fep-pf iiwW we v ' H^^^i^^^iSgi^ii^ iMethodisi Study ' The study class' 1 ' orf: the ' 'Methodist W. S. G. S. rne.t for their second meeting •Thu'rsda'yy afternoon at- the- home/vof -Mrs.' Peter- Thompson. The afternoon was spent studying thejr book on Stewardship. Beulah and Doris ; I^gleSton o.f ,Des Moines spent. th'e w^eke-end •Visiting .at . the hpnje ''of- their paVents, Mr. .and. -Mrs. George vEgglestonl •' '..';•'''. ', Mr. arid Mrs. H."O. Ch.amb.ers; •Miss Clara Rector- and- Mrs. .Leonard Mullin,.;: al . lof GprMth,' were visitors Tuesday aft'erhopn at the' home of., Mrs. Peter Thompson. • , . ; Liu'YemeV public '; sehfl,ol , was; dismissed; early,; , Thursday af ternoon , to; .ehil^p ike* t'eacjiers to attend,' the :Te'aehers Ihs'tiljute, which was^held ^iday and iSat- ^day in Des M&ines. Mr. and Mrs, HenvyAKqbly, ac- coVnpanied by their guests Mi-. an,d Mrs. C. D. Myers and Mr. and Mrs. Art Foat spent several [days visiting .relatives and friends in Des Moines. James, Doak and Art Riley at- t^edj. ki. sfecX. bjUyete, ^atftoet which -was held Wednesday evening at Georges., Cafe, in A^: 'igonia^ .'The, .Western^ Buyers off 'Algona sponsored the' banquet. ' Mrs. George.., tf^pff.^*, -^MW _.ay^ mbrningJfor'"Cedar'.-Rapid . where she will visit her daughter- Jean-.^tfo is employed there. She will also''visit*-atrthe K h 4 orne of Mr and Mrs. .Alex Evans in' Waterloo. , . • . ' ' Mr r and Mrs. Charles Nickels of Chi$agp;j'<I)V, A\vere>gu^sts fr,om Tues3^y> to>til l?iuredajK; aj; the home"'of M^i-ana'J^rsjp'QuyYGid^ •dings. Mr^a^d. Mrs; Nickels;were, just recently^' 'married* aflkd., they were on their honeymoon. ; Mrs. Quy Giddings, Mrs. Robert Sanford^andidaugkter, Cheryl Snd Richard foe. \\Vpu spent Thursday aftern<5Pn.v f-t&-.. Algona tvisitinft. Mrs,.:Carf«lr Bi'Sdy f of Chicago,' I''-. %h* v i8i'Y 1 ?ftw*i. 11 !?}• atives s in-, Algonai Mrg. Braay' is 'a sister of Ou^y ? Oid|ii&9i',,; Mr. andjMrji,..HP'yt S^nith and 'family of Austini 'Mihn.. t and their son Sgt. Harold Smith, who recen,tj^y,.jeJturped home, after be- sorne,>,t«T\e,. wpjre, overnight guests recently at m& WMP^, o|. h,is mother Mrs. Edith Smith. Mr, and Mrs. IV' B^SfchjdrtJ and son Jerry of Estherville' I _r|, Robert .Sj»«fpr4 fii Ills worth. The floldni Jtiile (Mir J'lionc ">2I-\V Algona PMOHE 20-206;WE5T STATE Parents, OPENINC THIS WEEK AT vow, Toys! Toys! TOYS! Tlic mi nil to. you walk in our door you'll sc<( loys of every description— ••Tory typo—find prices for nil! Yon'H be AVISO to make your solcclions (Iris year early, loo, since ycarcitif.s si HI prevail, lint- Oafct-to-fHoast lias (lie TOYS now—lninilred.s of diem! Visit us nowl JOE BLOOM, Owner KELLY JOHNSON. Mgr. Upper Des Moines Want-Ads Bring Immediate Results The central livestock market; is as Amerl the "hot dog." No other country has^th*-,^,^, it. European sellers and buyers haggle,? ftYjSr individual animals. In Sputh America'~iiijtat.of; the dealing is done'righ!t*$n the estan«<xSj\w^re the Jivesto 1 ck ;L is A .raised;..But,.here in the,leading,; livestock'riation'of the^worldyfor 7$ yea^ central | markets have played a big part in thS j6p'_6f moving meat toward dinner tables of the United} States. ' ' When a carload of livestock rolls off the prairie; or but of the mountains, into one of the.65/or/ more great central markets^ the animals are "greeted" and "registered"- at the unloading dock, much as travelers are received and rej^fe- tered in hotels. From there they are sent ; tath.ei£ "rooms"—the pens assigned to the commission man to whom the owner has shipped his animals. There these hogs, cattle, calves and lambs i are. rested and given food and drink. „, > Just as hotels compete for guests, so these' central markets compete with each oth^-'fofc the business of accommodating the 88 niiUion head bf livestock which come in each year,., Tnpvfc, sands of livestock buyers and order buyers-bid i against each other and the sale is made to the highest bidder. With 26,000 meat'packers aha; other commercial slaughterers active in livestock tluyftig^fitjis easy to see that the American liVestpckVrqJarketing system is the most com- petitive'ih-jthe world. ,.', These .^livestock hotels" are a separate branch bf'th^-livi^tock-meai, industry. They are privately oytited. Swift f: Company does not own a ' single share of any stt<c 'cyards company. Soda Bill Sez: •* be a success at farming,you- have to dig in. . .. if you want to, realize that castle in the air, you had better,get down to earth first., things Are NOT. Always BO JO- - Thanksgiving In-thi»:'T|ipnksgiving month, the people'of our nation—an$ of many ' ther nations—owe a debt of gratitm^e. to the ranchers and farmers of America. ?fll:/ih>pugli;the war, in spite of its tremendous re- quireinentsi our people ate well. And in spite of sKarjngivHth the earth's hungry, our people are still eating well.,Today, to be sure, not all the meat they woujeflikeito have... but plenty of nutritious f.'cod eepi'lthi!'*^ well and strong. That is h'.-cause for are'n.ili'ons of farm and ranch men, women ildren i.'av'e kept the food supply up, working ai^ evCi' before, overcoming shortages of jpachinery and many other obstacles. Yes, Americans may well offer thanks this month to all ;th08e ; who produce our food. The mechanical device picture^ tall marked A and at the pame ins|»n marked <B straight down, I* certe B'will hit the ground first, since Ijp, farther to go. But the fact is ; thai; eWike' the ground ftt precisely; tfi In our businessi too, thing?,,,.,,. seeraV On Septeniber I, 1946, the. WS, Agriculture reported that in the enture coun were 356 miUion pownjs of meat stocks »g|, That is a lot; o ' lowest on record for . • • • . 626'niilUon a year sgo an.cj $ 631«mUUQ!Bi >1941»1945. Here in AmeriPft we, eat pounds olmeat R asy, so .the.Sep.te roefet in cold storage visa barely eno isevendays, ' /City Ccostn pn the that there WQ$ llttfe harm m eating apples by the dozen.,*, ' SPREAD When visiting with livestPck producers on farms or ranches, or at meetings, the subject- of "spread" often .comes up for discussion. Then I-give them an explanation of the difference •(between the price they get for livestock and the price we meat packers receive for the meat we sell. To me it is a source of continual surprise that the spread is not greater than it is. During my years of experience in the livestock- meat industry, here is what I have learned about spread. We at Swift & Company have been paying fanners and ranchers approximately 76f(, on the average, out of every dollar we receive from those to whom we sell, for all products we process and handle, including hides, glands, and all by-products. That leaves us 24ji to cover the cost of processing and marketing. ... put of the 24( comes the cost of buying livestock and other agricultural products. The cost of preparation and refrigeration. The cost of loading them into cars and trucks. The cost of transporting them'to our branch houses or to retailers. The cost pf branch house operation and of selling and delivering the products to the retail dealers. In addition, we have taxes to pay; plus insurance and all the other necessary costs of doing business. When all the>e expenses have been paid,; \ve make a profit;, which over a period of yejirs -haSiaveraged?a fractipn of a cent a pound on the 6"K billion pounds of products we handle annually. There is no other business m the country that dpes BP much for BO FOR CATTii FiiDIN REPARATION OF CORN , fs recommended, whereas grin4jnjg needed with softer corn 3. What will aheUing Corn Belt cattle feeders corn to get best results from *neHf feeding? As eaj? corn, shelled corn pprn'ftnd,cpb meal, Pr grqund J%flfpU9Wing may be helpful in deciding; meal j« ra|a4 JBJ a fpliowing the cattle? either the whole cprn hogs have little nareaan of the bunks pr "•'•'] c^ y$ teo»poon vonlllq ' 9Q rato feSK&Ms^sSiSPislMMS&S^^

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