The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1930
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Served bit the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKA3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVii—NO. 220 uiymevlUe Courier, Bljthevllle Daily News, „, ,„,..„,,,,, . r ' —.-==: BlythevlUe Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. ' liLi 1 llkVlLI/h, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, UKCEMI5KU 1 1930 Mother Jones Dies Chisholm and Elinore, Ex- Convicts.Nabbcd for McFail Robbery. Pour alleged bmglars, including l\vo with prison rccouls, were'nr-f reeled in a wtck-cml drive by po- llc? following a series of store rob. bDi-ies "and attempted sr.fe thefts in this city.' . Forrest '"One. Round" Chisholm ar.d Henry Elmore, who were convicted In the spring of 1928 for bm-glhry cf the. Aldridge Jewelry i lore, were : arrested In a house In the Qaliies quarters by police Saturday night p. short time after a ro'jbcry of McFall's grocery store on South. Lake. Harvey Hall and O. R. Kennon were arrested Sunday on charges of burglary and eran'a larceny In connection 'with the robbery of UK West Main Drug Store last week. An employes of an inter-city trucking firm is said to have noticed intruders within MclJ.ill's store as he drove up to the store late Eatuf.-iay night. He summoned Emel Damon of tile Merchants Patrol and Damon rushed to a phone and called police to the scene. In the meantime, the burglars left the store. Night policemen noticed sisns of blcod in Longworth Wide Is the Gavel Mother Jones STRIKE LEJIDER ~ ~ I |> fj i.-jiucnv ^urm sunn P III [I der talk" hero and throi I II! |j' !elk s faded. The pit U ULUitiiR nrst paragraph Erid Comes in Quiet Fann- «iT Ready to Receive President Hoover's Message To-: ' morrow Morning. j | WASHINGTON, UPC. 1 (Ul>)- : i Congress convened today in'a short | lived mood uf gaytty. . " I The immediate business v/as'to! pronounce the senate and house• of the 71st ccngrrc: In session and' the appointment of committees to inform President Hoover of tliat: ,fact. After that adjournmeiit was j Su order' until tomorrow when'. President Hoover's message will be i received. ' • . | Pivo hundred or more average i Americans, young to old, thin to j fat, homely to handsome, milled in i the two chambers. Preliminary to i Speaker Lonjworth's and Vice-! President Curtis' summons to or- j 'Ugh the gal- j piess scribbled i paragraph of a story ' which will not end until those; same navels sound at noon March j Turmoil. SILVER (UP) — ^ I :{ i' f! Half way, down the long corri-l LUiuim. Ol lj cr t i lc supreme court began read-j I ing its regular Monday opinions. WASHINGTON, Dec.. 1 (UP)— Mrs. E(lth N. Rogers, Republican, rlassnchusctts,- announced ': today he would introduce^ tomorrow In he house a bill authorizing- a]>- iroprlutlon of $52,000,000 i-fpr. ad- flitlonal hosnitnls for World' War eternns. This will provide '13,- ZOO.aitdltloinil bed.'i. ''• • i . the store near a broken glass and night. She followed the tvail of blood to the! fighter. vicinity of tho quarters they stated. As they ncared the clistuct they saw two men enter a IioiiSD and followed them in. Henry F.lrncre was sitting In a chair holding his hand which was bleed- in? profusely and in the room with him was Chisholm, the officers stated. They declared Ei-. more's shirt showed signs of flour I countryside, oust. >-..- -.-. ' > - • .. Hall and Kennon wsre taken --stl Judge Finis Garvett of Tenncs- This daughter of an IrLih rebel- was more than 100 years old. Kindly heart, active spirit and vigorous body led her Into crusades for the laboring man, and often the way led to bloodshed and violence, but MoUier Jones emerged' unharmed to die In the old-fashioned farmhouse set in the. tranquil Maryland s retiring after this session. Both I see, .former Democratic leader, w.isi turc was u ' : ' cen of Longworlli, s!:6v.-mj how he would open ! on ihe floor shaking hands withi t!llrd Cession of the 71st Congress, Republicans had established an friends tefore the .session. \ incontestable majority of 218 against the Democrats' 216 seats Orchids seemed to be in style! among the women members. Mrs. I Ruti; Pratt of New York wore a ; coisage. She was attractively dres-! sed in a" grey ensemble. The first' woman member to appear have been turned over to .Harry Taylor, deputy constable, and preliminaries will be held before Justice R. Li McKnight. . Arlmsas Churches Will Observe Bible Sunday LITTLE ROCK—Governor Harvey Pntiioll urges the observance nc.xt Sunday, December'7, of Universal Eible ' Sunday in the throughout Arkansas. The American Bible Society, an organization which issues annually over eleven million copies of Bibles, Testaments, and Portions in close to two hundred languages, has been sponsoring Universal Bible Sunday over a period of years. Thousands of churches throughout t/ie United States as well as many Christian churches abroad join in this movement which \vas conceived ami is promcted to emphasise the essential por.itlon v.bicV ths bible occupies in the spiritual life of men and women. Tn er.dorcing Universal Bible Sunday Governor Parnell says: '•The celebration 'throughout' the land of Universe! Bible Sunday, on December 7, 1930, is a very significant cvc-nt because of the pur- poje of it. Only through ths sotrit ci understanding among civilized people can peace and harmony prevail and the foundation of such understanding can only rest upon a bed rock of faithful religion, regardless of creed or faith. "It is hoped that people will give this particular day deserving recognition and co-operate by attending religions services and urging thrir fellow men to do likewise.' Mother of Mrs. Mathis I* cre IV ri • -11 «•• i seats on the aisle on the De'mo- i-'ies in Batesville, Miss. | cratic sice. 'Mrs. Sallie Heir, 77, mother of "Mrs. L. N. Mathis and a resident Loca !; Teacher's Father Dies After Operation J- M. Kerr, 41, pioneer ssttler ana planter of Clarendon, Ark..ana father of Miss Noll'.c Kerr of Blytheville and Clarendon, died at a Little Rock hcq) last night. He underwent an operation for a tumor on lie lung. Miss Kerr, an instructor in tho city high school, was with her father when he passed away, having gone home for the holidays Wcd- nesclay. i'sil of Agreement in Scottish Coal Strike , ScoUand, Scott!sh Dec. I , conciliation bcr.rd adjourned with- 6ut an agreement for settlement of Ihe strike of Scolch miners involving 1)2,000 men, :: Use fe*\- Communists took g l ' ess Convenes. WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. (UP)— , This K the nrst time any state | Te " B« and clubs were used by lias been represented by more than pt)llcc today !° rtls rKrse oOO com! munlst demonstrators who gathered ' at the capital just as congress con, tblS one woman. D;mc:ratic floor leader John N. Garner of Texas, radiant with the and daughter. Saliic, hid! jcen there since Wednesday and; Mr. Matht; v.'onl today for thei funeral services to be held at Rip-' ley. Miss., Uauorrow. - : : j .The deceased who was a native! of Ripley, Miss.,-made her home was the center if a continual stream of hand- hnkcrs. D:mocrals appeared particularly vened; . There was fightliig all the v;ay from ttle W™ = rolmds to Feacc Young Paul Kvale of Minnesota, with the Mathis family-and had onl >' farmer-labor member, whose been in Batesviile for a visit ——•--• • another daughter, Mrs. Cliff been in Batesviile for a visit with] vote may become particularly ioi- another daughter, Mrs. Cliff Ed-1 P^rtant with Hie- narrow margin wards, only a few weeks. She to al- |m tlu' house, received many con- so survived by two sons,' Neal Holt; graluiDlions for his victory in wln- of'Talhilah. La., ana Robert Holt, | riin-j the seat formerly held of Shrcvsport-, La. • I his father. Ty'er Boy Bailly -Hurt in Gasoline Tank Blast Receives $5G Fine (or monument, a quarter oJ a mile away, before 1 the demonstriitors were (iiiellcd. Police said they were Im'ccd to strike several women In the melee. Capt. S. J. Gnash of Ihe capitol police said he did not know of any serious injuries but that several persons went away with b:cc:l- ing noses. The police used small -revolvers by j loaded with tear "gas shells leaned (them by the chemical warfaie service department. As nearly as could bo learned all shots were iron; these weapons. Seven demonstrators were arrested. f T • I ors were arreste Of Liquor: captain Nash told the Uni:c:i William Brigance.-eight-year-old j . i Press the demonstration was made eon of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. B;-ig- •- " kc Crelgliton was meted out: contrary to law ar.3 despite wani- ance of near Tyler, Mo., Is'in a se- * ne l!e aviest, fine in police court,ings by officers. He said the com- ricus condition at. tbe Blytheville | 1>is morT " n £- Zete entered a plea i niunists were tolrt in advance thcv liospital from burns .receive-d in an i °f 6 ^" t5 ','° a char _Sf of illegal pos- [ would not 'be disturbed if they explosion of a gasoline tank. His | ol lu l uor anti was S»0. ' came In single file or double fib face and "eyes ore badly burned. j ^ nutnuer]of half pints of licjuor 'but upon arrival at the capltol thi The accident occurred yesterday i " " an<i aflernocn at the temtiy residence I P 01 ' , four niites south of Tyl°r Tlvj ro:!n of an *-* A Mairt restaurnr.t |, carried. a ^"PP'X of boHlos S3ized by j demons! rators quickly nssen in a rald on an ops'sirs j crowds, displaying placari Tech's Fairest Thero -y,-cre 23 candidates for the> title of college licauty at Ixiiilsiana Tech this year, hut how could lovely Marew .liyson, above, with !ier Inuj curls niui wavy hair, bs beat? H.-rjery,.voted tlio prettiest, livea in Alexandria, L*. Arkansas Senator Discusses Emcvftciicy Measures with President. HoldYouth For Blurdfef Near^arle EARLK, Ark.,v-pce.> 1 (tip)— -Jewell Adalr, 10, ; was; talng held at Marlon, Ark., today as a fmpccl/In connectlcu wllii tlie killing of E. WASHINGTON, Dec, 1- (UP)^A job relief bill sponsored.'.;by anice B. Aswcll,-Democrat.. Lijuls- ana. eallhm for an' apprbprUtlon 3f JflO.000.000 to be- administered tricken fnrmers was amonjp'the first measuren .'to . be .. proposed vhcn the house : convened' today. of Km It. Byin disappeared early Saturday iltiht. Ills body was found at 1 p. n. Sunday on a lonely road near litre with a shot through tha neck. It was known that Byrn always carried a largo aiii'iint of money as lie- conducted a amiill loan business. He had been robbed several tiira before and was ' robbed of $500 a year am>... . Adalr 'will be questioned- today, according to. officers, WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (UP) — Toneress is meeting today for a lire monlhs session . with party livjs broken and disagreement apparent between President Hoover' and his republican leaders In the and house. | of both' houses was sst 'or noon. Scatlnf.'cf new mem- wrs wll precede Rdjoiirnment until omorrow when President Hoover's mes=aee win tv; rend, oh Wednesday Mr. Hoover will deliver his budget message. . • .;. The pledges '^..rcp',ibllrnn ; t-»nd "inocrn's to \iani together for' ieasurr>5 to alleviate the effects of he business depression wis recall^ by a Sur.dR.v'c/mferencR between Mr. Hoover and ScnatT Joseph T. Robinson of 'Arkamar, democratic flrw leader. • :The subject of lh» discujsion. w»i the fmenencv relljf prc(i "' " nert bv the oresir'ent and wi»'.fti7»i- '^rncd DRTtlculnrlvwlth''' Tier-rhraiMiriin to be Introduced .-by Rotlnson somi after the CT>enin» of rongres; 1 . The White House crja- ferencp. indicted the b'dmlnis^ra lion's slipport of tl-ft Roblnso.n''blll. • 'AnDroorititlon bllh brlijfn^te-, In Ihe house and ivn are scheduled to h?'dl'pftchcd to the senate before the Christmas r«ess, but the" ."fin «t? Is expected to devote trie first three weeks to recess appointees' Thse include tariff and nowcr com- nilsslonc-rs; J. Heuben Clark as ambassador t-. M.'ijlcn; W. H.-'Doak as secretary of Labor: Eurene Mever. jr.. ns Eovernor of the federal reserve board, and others. Plan Single Decree For German ReorganizaHon BERLIN. Der.: t. (UP)—Th".cabinet of Chancellor Helnrfcn Bruening, after a record breaking 11 hou- session; decided to oromuleat* a c a single : decree all laws necessnry for a financial reorganization program. ' There are about 20 laws thus nut into effect hv a decree which b; effected bv seml-clirtalorhlmw- ers iiprmlttert bv the cnm'ltntlon President Paul Von Illndenburz will be expected to sign the deorRd t'fis evpnln-r fitter he receives I he chancellor nt 6 p. rn. ssembled in j •ds they child struck a match to s'ec what • vcr ? °, n dis P I ay-in the ccurtrcom | caused a noise- he heard in the- lci!:l> ' to slibm!t ^ cvl(lenci; 1n the tank of an old Ford car when thj i case ' fumes in the recently emptied tink I f - T n=»™an Shears, negro, was caused the explosion. lm ™ , 515 n™. 1 ? (la ys in jail lor He was brought to this city this i petlt . .'"I'"*-. T '>earman exhibited Electric Rates at St. Louis Seismograph Records Moderate Quake ST. LOUIS. Dec. 1. (UP)—An enrth tremor of roo'derats intensity v.-as recorded on tlie Si. Louis Uni-'[ PnriiirPjJ I v£rslty "'smojraph here at 3:36 p KCUUCeit j m . yesterday. The disturbance was Little Rock Bandits Shot, Killed by Polic, LITTLE ROCK. OKI I (UP) — P-ilce shot and killed two tandlts '-.j last nieht PC they prfnared to rifle pfternoan. - — _ -jnce was , approxlmate-ly 1.850 miles south- JONESBORO, Ark.—A reduction west of St. Trills, probably along in rates on electric ca-rent, which ; the west coast, of Mexico. •• \ ccnsidcrable interest in a warm jlc-atlier jacket lie was trying on i.i _ _ _ n local store. When h; walked close i It is estimated will save~Jonc-sboro .-to the door the negro sprlale.1! residents about $15.000 a year, was' W;ii: 0 n l T 1 : .. j away. He v, as capUired later by p> i announced Saturday by th- tonr-1: ™'t la m U03K iaKRS Near Mountain Home! llc L. „..., ,.'_ ......,, ! OI ;. th ? %- wato and ii?i.t pbnt. i As Secretary of Labor Luxora Car Ovcrhnnp . , One man was fined for public | Under 'ths new schedule the ral» I ' MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark.—Alvln \ Wunderlich and Fon, Alvm jr., of i drunkennecs. I on residence lighting, where heat-1 ! fng or refrigerating appliances near' Wre Saturday.. ';':• : 1 A strong wind had blown a troe ! oernss ;ths highly ,between • this j town-and.Viola. Tryin l D " T * J wniie tn c- rate on comm^rci^i lanes Being 1 CSted; lighting is reduced from S c«nU on LONDON. owu-ar.d.Vk.:a. Trvlns to miss tin ljU '" uu -' 1 - <"«-i rce, the' Luxora driver, lost c-.ntrcl ! B , ettsr TaS =- 0(I *" a )— "Shorter i the first 100 kilowatt hors to car. and •Secretary of .Lator. aicce»dini? •Jar.ies j. Davis. Th coath of of. fice was administered at 1:05 P. M. by Samuel J. 'Gompc-rs, chief clerk ^ . , I of the labor .dcnursrnc-nt. W Victims' of Separate Accidents on Same 'he saf.» r>f a. local dalrv coniunay Guy Williams. 24, f.nil "Bins' ;Io. 25, were slain after fire on rx;lico .who were fcarchlns the hulldinr after Iwinz inforn-« of an attempt to r •*> the saf; Ragle died instantly from two shots through' the ?bd3inen. Five r-hots t?ck effect In William's body befVu: he droup^d to thi floor nn< died an h-nr later in the hospital Attempts Saturday to Eiv ter Business Places Prove Unsuccessful. OSCEOLA, 1 Ark., Dec. 1. (UP) Unsuccessful attempts, were made by prowlers Saturday night to enter Williams Feed Store, John Grady's cafe, a negro restaurant »nd the county court, house. "The marauders 'were unable to force an entrance lu the first two places anc after breaking a window' Iri 'the court hotue, fled as offlceri. arrived 'on the. scene. They hive no been apprehended. ' . ' . A burglar entering Andrew Florida's (tore at Dead Man's, curve on tho OsceoJa-LUtle Hlver. 'road,; a few miles west'of town PrMay 'nlg'hl jobbed the store, only of Its :• stock of smoking tobacco, and made " successful getaway. ., . ' . . . > 'i- OUwr depffd»Uon» aeported re cehtly Inelutte the theft of^ hots from Godfrey White's n.drth'of Osceolii, which were ed.Jnlhe lot before beins carried offend a cow -slaughtered in Mr BJbffatl's lotJ at Itjikora. Only the . Hlnlli quarters of : tha cow were talrun nd'ax' ' ''• ' : Bankers Predict less Acreage in "$,{ 'As Southern Gn ii'owers Meet. .NKW ORLEANS, Dec. 1. (UP) — Reduction of 25 per cent In colton acreage next year was seen by bankers here today as they gath ered with, cotton growers fron scores of southern states at th meeting of the*'"Southern Colton Growers association. Bankers said the reduction woule be brought about by economic fore es as the country banks would have money to ban the coltoi grower. This 'was expressed by John Drakeford. president'of the Ala bama Bankers association, who i one of the speakers here. "Tho .reduction will come aboti In a national 'economic condition Large banks in cities are chary in advancing money to small banks for loans to small farmers because of the recent low earning power of the farmer." "Next year," Drakeford continued, "the small banks will not have as large a surplus for farm loans as heretofore." W. L. Glover, president of the- South Carolina Bankers association, agreed with Drakcfoid, bui said he opposed thc'25"pef cent cotton reduction in the main. 'ossibility of; M4rger;With),•-;] Fanners Bsinlc' Examiner Due Tomorrow The First Naljopal .bank of Bly^ lieville failed-to opjn .its doors-'for_ ,:,•! uislness this' morning.'' bfacirVjOt :>'•' f he Institution -stated that It- w.o;u}d ! •> lot be reopened, arid that' ; if-nego-.'"- ' 'Inttons for a merger, .now;iU'.Sro- jress, proved unsuccessful.'.'!! Vouid be turned over to' Uie/'cqqiptrollljr •'.;. I of thf: currency for ll^uldatioh; ; <^; l ''3; I A decline, in deposits, attflbjited^-i/51 9 the'current depression' In'.buil-'..;,-;»I ness and agrlc'uHure,'-created a'j?-4" tj?l latlon which, Intensified :by'.'v^l(ti- 'rj£\ drawals .which' : f'olloyeti; the reberit' -\$ Public Funds Involved Clarence Wilson, chief deputy ol W. W. .Shaver, sheriff' and collector, stated tills afternoon that approximately': 520,000 of collections by. the sheriff's office were on deposit-, with "the First- National bank. Improvement district funds were largely represented in the deposit. Between $3,000 and 53,500 was on deposit ih;the .Institution by ; W.:\VY-JftUIpeter; | circuit court clerk.'.-..'rtiis. con- "Uined''funds the ctrciiil clerk was i'prdered to--hold by.':the chancellor ,;'..-" '•'.•''.' C-r'&'s' • -The '. county treasurer's /: office stated. that : . investigation' 4 on checia outstaruilriji' aaalns'tr thu county's. account'^ 1 %' tne ' ; i*i* t would be necessary -Before-''the. amount on deposit co'uld be"de- termiced. /-All o.couiityV.', funds ah'd'slierlfl's.' collecUSns are icbv-: ereiJ.' by '.; depository bonds.:' Hope Ts AH but Gone for Mrs. Keith Miller 'KKY \VEST, Fla.. Dec. 1 (UP)— I Royal Russian Exiles Celebrate Anniversary . SAINT BSTEUC. (UP)—Grand Duke Cyrllle Vladimlrovitch,- proclaimed Emperor of all the Ru<. Victoria "Pay Day" Rev. LaHiner 'v - ol -' riuBjero'tti tanks; -Tria3«~; 11: lii Wvl^lfliS" 1 pSPAVff tempt to carry, on tlie busih'ess : fur-'•-/ ther, A/. G. Little;-executive'vi£S-'"." president' slated. •--. '..;••'."; : .. ••-;• - : .:" ' No Run at'Fanners Bank . . | Fearing that dbsl'ife'.of thfr Fiirat '.National might - precipitate a luri V: upon the Fanners Bank and .Trust' ;' company,- officers'!of tliat-^instituticirt' ='/ arranged for a shipment.' of .cur-'.'; rency which arrived" by .armored"--•-' truck 'from,Memphis, this mprhlhg. No run developed, however,"»nd'at , 3 P. M; deposits- had beien EUbstanti- ally in excess of normal end withdrawals negligible!; • . ' /; -B. A: Lynch, president of the' Farmers Bank and Trust company, ' Issued a-statement expre'ssibg, apr. ... preclatldn for the confidsnce db"- . played by patrons of .the. instltii--... tlon. He declared that arrange-;' ments had b2en made with Meiri-;. phis and St. Louis bank? for cash' sufficient, to coyer all deposits. •. ' ."I natiu-ally am gTatifled at hie . confidence shown by the unusually Heavy deposits we heye rec'eivecl this morning," he saicf.' "I wanV '., everyone to know, however, that we have arranged for cash suifi-.-'."•'. dent to cover every cent of de-. posits. Those who want their'nioney will find it ready for them." - • News of the closing, of the First National brought many persons to. the Farmers bank this morning, but for the most part their fears wero : quickly allayed, by sight of-the big " stacks of currency plied up in the tellers' - cages. -Some actually withdrew their money and than turned around and re-deposited It when they saw what the situation was. •Negotiate for Merger Deposits in the First National bank at the ciosa of business Saturday night were $319,532.63. Cash and exchange on hand was $99,- r,W,M, with loans and . discounts, including cotton loans," of $369,- 1C0.28. Rediscoimted . notes were $67500. and bills payable $50,000. It was learned today that negotiations for a merger of the First National tank with the Farmers ,Ba:;k and Trust company wero % opsned Filday of last week. No agreement has been reacr.ea as yet, however, and officers of neither in- • stitulion cared thli morning to make any statement as to the'- probable outcome. Any further consideration of the matter, it Is (Continued on Page 3) WEATHER affair that gets an airplane into first hnnd Instruc- . c ? !lstlc meeting in progress at the T T TV*, i Bal IS vtnt uatdM-in, lo, went tho air in less than 30 yards. It Is • t!on i!1 Preventln 1 ; colds, acccrdinj! F^ 51 Christian church. The Rev. compact and collanslbls, cr.n t 1 • to an ""nouncsmsnt by Dean P. : E - K.. La timer, poslor, who has - ' • -•"-"- -—-.-. -•• - - 'been conducting t;-.e nightly ser- week, announced today revival will close Wednes- Knntineton hwpltal with a frac- ! of the Air Ministry to develop , t T eatm°nt HATTON, (Middlesex) Enz. (UP) — ~ erable objection at the Russian During thn Middle A<?c-J. an au- 1 court, and they were sent Into ex- thor who -wrote n bMk: of over 1000 i "e in France In punishment. large pages was condemned literal- ! The marriage has been one of lv to »at his own «ords. IT-« bey k , the most happy in royal annah. boiled and ' which the'unfortu:nU> author was compelled to 'swallow in pubnc-.He died shortly &t(enw<i- ' , . into pulp. The court objected as Victoria had previously been divorced; She is a sister of Queen Mother Marie of Rumania; ARKANSAS—Fair and somewhat colder In the north centrcl and northeast portions. Freezing to- nlghu Tuesday partly clcudy. According t« the offlcul weather observer, Charles Phillips, thj minimum lempjralure yesterday war, 32 degrees ar.d the ma:;inium, S3 degrees with .78 Inches of rain over the week-end. On tfce same day a year ago there was two me! a half Inches of snow and a temperature cf 25 degrees for the minimum and 38 for the maximum.

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