The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1946
Page 5
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•• :.'•••.•:•<••'•'>&:•?'$%*& NOV. 12, BURT MAN BOWLS A SERIES OFM1 Fred Davis of fiiirt rolled a • three-gflfnc series of 041 in one of the best scores if n6t the best for the current season in the KossutJh Bowling League. Intef- mlll and Al Young of .the Titonka woodrhah' Insurance team 1 each came up, with a 600 series, also. Other top scores: Fred J3avis (254), Ihterniill (214), Al Young ' (234), A. "Kromiftga .(206), Tom Kbrburjjer (207), Harold Voight '(200), Julie Baas Jr. (210), Julie Baas Sr. (223)', Harold Lampright (210), C. Smith (203)., K. ftonev (201), Angus Cotton (203), Paul; Engen (217), Paul Erdman (203). Team W. Old Style Lager 24 Woodman Ins. . 22 Hank's —..— Ai 19 Tanvilac .„:_.:.. 18 Mull inis Hybrid ..-—.18 JayCees ..17 Britt -i 16 Bauer .Imp. .. 10 , Pipriocr ' ._».-! _.l4. ' Burt M-—-'.—-^. ..14 K, of €.;___'', 12 ''Lone Rock _.12 Kanawha. . . 11 Fisher .Garage 10 •' Herb's-Ghosts ... ._. 9 Consumers — Swift's. _ •Algotia'. Barbers Bra'dlcy Imp. . :'.Perciv^I Motor _ , «,„ ' The', Upper. Des .Moies girls' team look a big lead in \ the women's league by annexing all thi'ce of its games last week, • ; High scores were turned in 'by LaVonne -.Wplcott (160), MarV T/ Bestenlchner. (183),. Eleanor Sor- rnjson (155), Jo ••••$per'ry (152}; Doris Cblherg, '(inOV- and M.ary francos Carney (163). . ^ .' /'• Standings: . •team . • '...W. Upper, Des Moines _._j-13 Modern Cleaners . :.•_•_ R Druggist's Mutual 8 Modernistic --. ... 7 ALGONA UPPER OfiS MOlNtiS, ALGONA, IOWA. ... 9 — 8 .... 7 _--..— 7 HII'IIII'7 FENTONAIDHAS Fchton: The Ladies' Aid society •• 'of . St. John.'s Luthbran t-hurch held its monthly meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6. ; Election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mrs. Everett Drcyer; vice president, Mrs. Clarence Wegner. Re-elected as secretary was Mrs. Emil Bier- fetedt and Mrs. Larry Alt is the inew treasurer. The .meeting next month will be a Christmas party with .an exchange of, gifts. . '...'•.• • ta'«••• InM*. M NM ImnM CHESTcoibs Matt School Program • ,Sti -toe: Students of St. Joseph's schopl are working on a toroject to buy a stfttyc of the Sacred Hear 1 ! for the school and We planning a program for Nov. 22 .accordingly. JR. FARM BUREAU HAS lALK MEET' A "Talk Meet' of the Kossuth Junior Farh) Bureau was held at the girls' 4'H clubhouse at the fairgrounds, Wednesday even- ,lng, ,Nov. 6. Phyllis Kain and Marie Erpeldin? were pronounced winners by the judges. • Walter Friesner, Wesley Bart- lett'and Roy Brown were judges. Contestants were introduced by, Lester Elaine, The winners Will be' entered in the stale Talk Meet, which will be part of the Junior. Farm Bureau convention in. Des Moines, Nov. 10. ]• -Final arrangements , for the "dahce being sposored by the organization on Nov. 25 at the Burt ;Legion hall were'made. 1 Al Men- 'kd's>. orchestra will 1 play. County Extension Director A. L. Brown discussed the national rural young people's conference at San Francisco and the club is making arrangements to send delegates. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Orcn Hirt were chosen sponsors for.the. coming year. .. - •••..;• ; LEGALS Ml'I'tCII OK IN'COIII'OIIATIOV TO VV'TKiAr IT MAY OONfMOliN: , Ndllco Is" liorcby (?lvcn Unit/ DM* 'U'J'!ct''slRneil- bnve foiTnc-il a Corpor- ation'uniler the provisions of Title Xl.N, ; .Chiip(ors I!I1 to nCII, Ir.cHisIvy, 'ofUhc ,IOI« Code of. lowtt. .Tlml'lhe liiimo of-milil (iiirpnriillnn Is .... TJIQMI'.SQN ' I')ISTI5IH.UTIN(.! ^Alt* tc< ;O^WV IN A GREEN ?J FURNACE Wkilcvir Itind of Fum«e« you wtM wfcrtU CM!, Oil or GH- .-'JBram Col»jl«l imflnccrcii h<ri- Irtf will |lvf : yovHw. H Bl( 3" e( coMpltl* ' .littllrtf Kllifictlon ..jtCONOMY... COMFORT E. Before you Muckey SI ' GREEOCOLOniflL a •!''' "Give a Thought to Chrislinns Shopping 1 * & £\ »s'i \ LAY-AWAY A GIFT A DAY FROM NOW ' V , •TIL CHRISTMAS --ITS BEAUTY —ITS LUXURY Chenille ROBES ,^l^^u, tmmfyjm&Si*w<* tf •*»!?'IW'I|*W' ' fg;lfev^vM:f : :.:t'. •;. :l ; :ft$y,- MZ?*^ + * .f't- is >' : J',* vi-.-i - ; T!3^ . ,'ffc4 K . m-KA, , .TV i£/i% : A;:'-'w' v ; : ;,;|f^|i ...t; ,'-;, •;-... .... ' ' .. Y' -,Vi', ..-Ji "••V (-':,'; ;•;»" Vi;..v'j>'jl '. 'nful- llH'-prlnHpftl nlacp of business Is to 1)6 lopatfitf Bt Al- Bonn, Iowa. , ' ' . .',' . • ' Tlio InmlneSs to • i» transdntctl slmil lin ,in bviy ahii-sell.- at. *liolo- Kalo or rctiill,, mrtclilnory. ivarohoiisrt- enulpmcnt, • sliitlohAry nnfclhrs, all f,vp.ri*V-;o.f. ! Cln't!<rlcitf ftp- pllntit'.^rt, ffrtn'otlhe,' 'oHs/ l\3jjrloftni^. Broases, oilier mftl«rlals on.pfoiluets used In tonneotjon* With ''(Ho. Operation of rriolors or >rrtptor-'•v^hlclps. purls ar.d • nccbssoWcs.,- fo'r trucks, niitotnofollos,, Iraetors, •alrpla.tlcs,. fiirm nmclilh-ery,. watfcKouBd Sqtllp.- tnonl stationary engines, all' tytiod of cleofrlc'ii:!. a'l»pllarior>* .ttrtd•' 'all uiiulpmcnt (iifd tools .necessary-to. lliu operatlnr: bt (filrag;pjii flllfiiff stations, wflfMioiises ' ntiil ' AtK other lyppM.of business, wllcrin i/iotor ve- lilrlos arO' repaired Oh stored. ' -' ' Kakl cnrporalloti, yill . ttngaKO H' solf In operating shops (or tlie rc- pnlr of t in r I ft and accoHftrirlcx for trucks, Irncto'rs, BUtpmbbllcs, airplanes, fariTi pinclilupry, w.ajcl otisp miulpmeht. statldnary eiiRlnes afifl all types of cVactrl'cRl eciulpnicht. •Siild corp.orfttlon Is •'antborlzed to purclmse. erect, alter 6r"lcasft btilld- Inffs for tlie cotiduct .of'Its otwrtt- tloim at sucb totyns or cities as may be determined riy l(s Hoard of pl- reetorH, and to fititeliase, Ko'ld, Opcr- iiIP, fcll-or lease' stipbrdal Estate and personal tmiperly as may ,\><i •-.I'cessHry for nil .pu'.rposes • allthorr 'Issi'd, and to HuirtRijiKe und encumber I ho snnie. • •-•;. . : :.. - :,'• , . , The .amount .of tho (.'iipltal 1 stock is One Uimurod TlioUslind 'Hollars ($100,000.00). divided; ititu 8bard8-:of the inir value ut Out} ,J/uiidred IJol- Inrs ($100.00)'•u'avr,-," No stock shall h<! Issued unlit Ibb corporadtir. has received imylrlent"ln fUll. at par,,"ln I'nuh rtr propertyi .Muhjecl to I lie np- provnl of Uw! Kxetutlve Council ot Iowa. All shares .ot stiK'k'shall he Iriinsfenilile only <m 'Ihe books, of the'-CorporalInn. n.nd eanh .shnro of slock 'Issued nhnll be subject lo the r«slr'lctlon thru before the'holder of reeoj-il of sileh slock mtty sell, Rive, iVvlsft or ollinrwlflft trai!«fer his Rhare or shares of.stock to any »er- son - or forHonn, otlier than tho Incorporators narnod herein, such holder shall first Offer every such share or xhare.s to Ihe Directors for (life use, of this'corporation, atid at ll.lri sainh price , which Btich holder bait I'jppn offered for the sal« thereof, ami sttlil Directors shall have ar optloh for thirty (»()> dayrf from the dale of such offer In which to. pnr- i.'hasc'Mp'cli share or shares of Htock at.>a like price, but If said offer Is not'acceptbd by the UlrontoW *lth- IttsuId thirty .CS'O) ilny period, then tfie holder tliprV>of inn.v dispose of sucli share or shares of stock as 1 e inay see fit. Tlje (Corporate period of Ihe cor- porrtrtori shall begin on the dule. the fjecrelary of Htatc Issties a Oortlfl- esie of Incorporation, and shall terminate at the expiration of twenty years front said date. The corporation may- be -sooner dissolved by n a/:( vote' of the stockholders present nt any annual meeting, or at a special mcctliiK culled for that purpose -or ^>y the unanimous consent of'all .stockholders as provided by law... Tie Corporation «hnll be managed at:d bonlrollod by a Hoard of Directors consist Inff of not less than flw not' indre tbiin seven, to he elected liy .the stockholders at Ihe annual m-fcMIng \vhleli shall l>« held on the hist Krldny: li: December of each year.- . Tlm.l • tlin Hoard of Directors shiill Iminiklliilely elect a I'rusldelil, Vlci'-l'n'.ildeirt, Mecl-elary nnd Trcn- suT-r-r,'aiid, on.o or inoi-e of these of- fjcc-s 1'ilily lieVbeld by iin'y l.drcctor. In 'tie election of Directors and In "«II • ol her stockln»h.leps' nveetlnw-s. each xliickliolilcr shall be ur. tit led to TEA SET—Fpr. .fi« ^tiriie'.-'ih Ithe playhouse •..'.;,;'-. ni^kirtj,',-; Jcnife, fork, spoori,', tei-^ cup and '. : -.'.; ..--•.'• saucer ...........^;;;'.'.f. (6392) ... •:'";;; Ot ,1L 0 C.K'll-AF'T" — .Construction 'blocks : ... 100'toys: in one. Com- plele instructions easily 4 29 understood .by: a •ehild-.i"* • dlapi'ams- Msy: to.fbllow^ FRILLY •ppL'LYiiShe.\ 'has- that open ah'd' :; cl(Ssf-!;R*al iJJ hair and cute, dresi^witri;^^ colored trim'"-..t^..i;.*:. .'...:•. .*•'< • (6102) ; '".•"'£(? •'•-/.I- '<••,:, yi'" ,f^iic«"PLASTIC, DINETTE issr -^rFi'r the*little party-giver ..- iirtfl':'.hir 'doll's'house. .Frtur-chairs/cupboard, tiulfet ani table .....:. '••• •'- RING TOSS ..... . the a«.me of skill. complete with heayy^B «^ g* stand and flrrn:p<Wt$Mf3f V . . heavy rope, rjnfls. •-. . •• ' '' ; ' KALEfOOSCOFE — VVith of ,th,* wrist, a differ; enf \4esiJ8n. iri all the( color* of the rainbow a twist STANDING POLL-^I4 inches fully dressed,in colorful dfess . long legs . V ,. .another .«•,.( easy to sew'for : '' 'JL;-' doll ,..;,;',.,',„',;..' • (6051) , • ,....- ; ; ,. , - *B IAJIY .in m^sm- iCOWBQY ir HORSE PULL TOIfo- Vividly colored . . . equipped with pqll strings;'A safe toy if • .Og> made of smooth woorf, J. ff'I rings when'nulled,;.. .10075) .*• i. .'••'"' . . bed. -ln r«o "••• p»rf?=t bedroom th« Nift *, : t WS^$j^''^:K III lif^i-A one vole for eneh wluii-e of stock owned by him, u-hU'li m;iv In* cnst In pet-son or by wrlllen proxy. A tiinjorlly of the stuck represenipd rtt any Rlo(rkholflei-n' nu^'tinK Rhnll const Itnte ti iiiiornni. ICver.v Director mu*l he e. slock- bolder nnd the office of the Director si.all he vacated upon hl.s siile or Iransfpr of his slock In KN id corpora! Ion. All slock In this corponillini Hlinll bi' noll-llBHXKSilhle nnd Ibis Article cnnnoi lie nmcnflcd \vithoii1 Ihr; unanimous vote of all slockliolders. The private properly or Ihe stockholders of this corporation shall be forever exempt from Ihe corporate debt, ami the Article so providing Is not subject to Amendment. lOxccpl, ns to Article.* VII and V 111 the A Hides Incorporation inay he amended by :i 2/;( si fflrmntlve vnte of the slockl.oMei-H at any annual nieetliiK, or ill any special meeting; of (lie sloclth/ilders callvd for thui *rhe corjioratIon shall have power to Morrow money from I line to time upon a L'/ ; i vole of the Directors. The property of Hie corporation, real or personal, may be mort^fised to secure such sums so borrowed. Dated this 1st day of November, A. D.. HMO. THOA11'SOX DIST111 HUT INU . COMPANY l.\'coi;i'OKAToi;.s A. K. Thompson Lore?: S, Tlmmpson Mclvln (.'. Tbrimpson llnssell A. 'Thompson .Mrs. A. !•'. Thompson Alrle !•'. Thompson .Mrs. Vivian .Moore. M-17 READ THE WANT ADS -NOTICE- A Few Twin Laundry TUBS On Casters Still Available Galvanized Inside White Baked Enamel Outside SI4.95 PRATT ELECTRIC CO. NOW!--IN THRILLING SELECTIONS At YOUR \ EMBROIDERED sling. Leather soles. Red, yellow, blue. Sizes 4-9. (A-50) . 98c INFANTS' felt booties with c,o n't rasting .soles. Sizes 3 to 6. 3- WOMEN'S two tone s h e r ling style. 4-9. Podded sole. (A-oi) WOM E N'S colorful fell Everetts. Softly p a d'd e d. Sizes 4 to 9. (A-S8) 2.79 W 0 ME,N'S "Ba-Ba" wool fleece, elastic back strap. Sizes 4 to 9. (A-70) ' 5-39 MEN'S leather opera. Leather t h roughout. Rubber heel. Sizes 6 to 12. (A-58) WOMEN'S Indian mocs, Beaded vamp, fur trim, 4 to 9. Misses' II to 2. .*-., *—,i W O M E N'S "Shimmer"... metallic covered -fabric— sizes 4 to 9. (A.-53) m. '.-.-•• ?;'• -\ •• p>** 1.29 WOM E N'S fancy fabric with white fur cuff. Sizes 4 to 9. (A-74) BOYS' A N I GIRLS' Rome- OS. Ejastic '(" sides. Leather side & rubber heels, II to 3, " Uppcr DCA Moine« Wdnt Ad* Bfitif R«^| "Give a Thought to Chrittntat Shopping' •sl ''V. ,.,JAL» ...of Wanted Ho use war** ^li^jfjti^^ VZ^PIECECAST Chicken Frytr ',-' :. .,;/.-.•.,. ., .-.:.. /•• >;. : i,^.,. Heavy qualitr . '.;> ' •!• 4ttt' : ea*r-grip handle., , : "Jf'ilw • -s p«r k i i *-*..^i : \:',:£p'$£ • •iuihinuin. -.-,' ./ -*•''• -..'•-.*.•'":'V'' f "-tv BENCH OH Hampers VenliUled, woven " i>toE^M^ien: or';;uptl P*f fluid or ; . Leatherette Top JUM30 SIZE .„.$7.95 2-qt. Aluminam Easy-pour Jiji.i,:.. of durable Munii. 'num.- A «pecial . offer. ' '.-'","':..' Oven-Type . Sparkling chrome .;' . •' turning or. tipping.:• lift handle. Cord Iflcl DOMINION--"ONE YEAR GUARANTEJB"! ELECTRIC IRON ma»--- .AUTOMATIC- 130 New «lyle'handle! .'.»•»' Chrome finiih. Co^i included. • -• '.. „•',.' 4-P1ECE COLORED PYREX Mixing Bowl ' Fpiir different ijolort f inttflia aud . fUB>«n> ' «£M f or

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