The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 12, 1946
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Des Mc-inesi VETERAN CARRIERS OF COUNTY RECALL HORSE-BUGGY ERA Fifty years ago last month, Oc- Jober of 1896, the riostoffice department inaugurated the federal system of rural free delivery. In this story and accompanying pictures,'we pay tribute to the RFD system—and in our case to the men who bring you your mail six mornings a week If you're on a^ural route in Kossuth county. Rural free delivery! is serving about 20,000,000 Americans and in all the rural carriers of this nation travel 1 1,435,059 miles, a year. That's a lot of miles. . Rural carriers today don't often have the hardships encountered in the'early part of the century, but there ar> very few of the Kossuth RFD carriers who haven't come ' through those trying days and still remember them well. ;,- First the carriers got around on •bicycles and by horseback. Then '.buggies were added, and later spe- "fcially-built wagons that were Weatherproof. Then came the auto- iObile, better roads and the rural immunities found themselves no .ger so isolated by weather and ,ds from the large places, and D kept pace with the times. jToday the rural carriers are md as community leaders, men character and intelligence, and fixed a part of community? life electricity and modern machinery, , and Just as important. Thumbnail sketches of Kossuth's rural carriers with permanent appointments and many years of service follow: , '; L. C. HEIF"NER, Titonka—Began J Feb. 1908, on one of the first ules in the county. At that time IXTltonlca had two routes. J. D. jBjfeen carried the other one, with ( the routes being consolidated in ffj)32. Heifner covers 61 miles a ;d£Jy, and is'serving in his 38th.con- j&Cutive year. Breen retired in J ?32. '• , ;L. E. STEPHENS, Algona. He is 'been a rural carrier for 40 tars. He was born in Missouri ind carried there for 23 years, en moved ito Cylinder, where he ierved for 4% years, coming to .Igona in 1934 where he took over FD 1. He covers 59 Vi miles daily, irvcs 218 boxholders. He is mar- ied; and has five children living, .^ncisbn gave his life for;his coun ; L try In the recent war. He w^s iligible to retire Aug. 1, but looks . lale and hearty and you wouldn't Ifiguess his age within 10 years. ft; G£O. P. THOMPSON,. Ledyard. He subbed at LuVerne for. .three years, and has carried since Sept. 1*19.1.4; at Ledyard: His route goes 'west and north of Ledyard, cover'••': ing• almost 34. miles.vHe is married Salutes Rural Carriers On 50th R. F, D. Anniversary ESTABLISHED 1865 m ALGONA, lOV^A, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1946 Three Sections—24 Pages VOL. 81—NO. 45 'Si COURTS JAMMED AS 17 ARE FINED m Here Are Rural Carriers of Kossufh County KOSSUTH-COUNTY'S rural letter carriers; with'the exception'of two who were unable to be present for the picture, and.two temporary carriers now on duty but not permanently appointed as .yet, are pictured above. The men above are all members of the county-rural carrier's association. • . The.y are, left to right, front,row—Devaughn V. Mullin, Wesley; Fred Genrich, Lone Rock,.secretary of the association;. Geo. P. Thompson, Ledyard, president of the county ass'n; Barney Casler, Algona. re- t rc'c! carrier; George. Aldrich., Wesley; Ray Stone, LuVerne. Back row, left to'right—Andjif Deitering, Bancroft; S. E. Straley, Fentoh; R. E. Berg. Swea City; H./S. Montgomery, Algona; L. E. Stephens, Algona; L. C. Heifher,.Titorika; Guy C.Biddings, LuVerne; and L. H. Schenck, 'Burt. ''3 Not pictured are-Fred Schroeder of Lakota and Carl Priebe of Fenton. regular carriers and'members of the association, but not able to'attend^ and Ed C,. Farrel'df .Wh^ttemore and Phjl Sheridan of Bancroft, who are temporary;appointments, (Long Studio Photo). I'l? ' ,.., , , rlirai ; jnaii : for 25 " t^ySars-'and cpVErs"G4 miles daily oa '•;.rOiite two ;Here, serv'i'iig',,'250- pat- 1 rons. He started 1n'Juhei'l921, in Idaho after his 'return irom World War J. He carried there until 1928, was k city carrier briefly in Pueblo, Colo., then went .to Akron, la., 1934 when he came to Algona. He is married and has two children. CARL W. PRIEBE, Fenton—He covers •about 30 miles daily, and began way back in 1909 when the ; pay was $900 per year. Carl is able to call practically everyone) . on his route by their first name. L] H, SCHENCK. Burt—He carries'.the recently combined route .at .Biirt, covers t,3 miles daily, and • began his RFD duties in 1922 at Burt, after returning from World War I. He is married has a,married daughter, a son at Coe in the Navy V-5 program ajnd .another son in high school at Burt. ANDY DEITERING, Bancroft-Began" April 10,'1919, when there •weiie three routes-from Bancroft, now consolidated to 'two. He covers ,53, miles daily. When he first •started at Bancroft Tom Garry and Frank Mescher were, the other I'oarners, The latter died in 1929, :nd Deiterlrtg took his route. When Jarry resigned; Phil Sheridan,was temporarily appointed to the other joule, although examinations for "permanent appointment were t#k- en Sept. 6, with results not yet an; : nounced. He is married, and has * four children, Peggy, Marine,;,mar- I rled and living at Sheldon", Claire and Bill. FRED GENRICH, Lone Rock— :e began carrying with 19 miles Ms route in 1919, at Lone Rock, n Sprank was the other carrier if'that time, , but in 1935 was ipsferred to Oelwein, the Lpne 'ijp routes were qonsoljdatedi Fred now covers 50 miles He is married, has .three dren, all graduates, of Iowa EVOLUTION!. In. 1903 this, is the type of vehicle' and an example of the daily load that L. E; Heifner, of Titonka was .cjelivering rural patrons In that, area. Rural carriers, 'more than anyone else, probably have a clear and vivid recollection of the transportation. . . various developments in p College .and is secretary pf ytossuth Count*! Rural Car" " "'' . c. GIDDINGS, ; is one of the newer and qpmparatively tjy returned frprn 20 months tw> Navy in theiecieot war, Jan. on the route at,LuVerne in i), had his career, there temppr. uy stop when he enlisted, > saw ity in, thr Okinawa area, ampng 1 er places, anfl Wtumed to till • sin February, *f 4ft, Hs is msr and has three s&U&'en, two who arft~j married,; gj*a KpcllSp BBfc!-a ;....»;.• OMI»'« WAY PACK WHEN, you might not guess it. but the young fellow ready to start out with his trusty team to deliver rural mail in the above picture is Carl W, Priebe of Fenton, , Titonka, when he was appointed, having worked for^W. A. Schram and R' L. Krantz. He is married, and has.,- two, .daughters, Juatiita ' ' . , . Mae and Audra ,, jO'.arid of age, Fishing -is hi.s hobby. a yurai carrier for He ybars, with time out for two years from |818 tp 1920 in Wprfd War I. B, E. BERG. Swea gity—He is a native pi , the commyitjity seVves, h?Yi n $ bee ^ IjPTn and ed iii the community. He started on the RFP April 13, I9gs, whep thefe were t\vo routes. ^ He now covers 67 miles, as a result of route consolidation ir\ )93J aftey de= his and has five children, three boys and two girls.- Qpe son is overseas. ' : ' - > .' : GEORGE ALplUCH, Wesley-^ He has 27 years pf>service, starting Nov. 1, 1919, at-.Wesiey,..where his folks pioneered 49 years ago. He is married and -has one adult son. Fishing and hunting' are his fa'- vprlte hobbies.,He cfivers Wesley "route I- • '*••*'•£•;'. .. •• Information ons/Frecf Schroeder was not pbtainabje, we are sorry to say, tout he has been a rural carrier at Lakota for a good many years and carries/the same mwHy .re ..„. QW c«rr>ers, degree of OPJ aphif ved by hi? i »d Farreiii;;pf ill Sheridan" of "babifig 1 ' of th^ p| service, byt if gp^wjthowt »W' inie that '^|4§t aj)Vbbdv" canno iprarmsj and ilaner0ft arp '"the THE FIRST STEP, in the weekday life of the rural carrier is sorting his mall. L. E. Stephens; (left) and H. S. Montgomery, the Algona rural carriers, pai^se for a photographic moment. The rural sorting boxes in the background happen to be stuffed with Algona Upper Des Moines copies, incidentally. TAVERN FRACAS IN CITY BRINGS FIVE INTO A SQUABBLE A bulging docket of law infractions was handled in the court of Mayor Frank Ko.hlhaas over the period of the last few clays, in- clud'ng one deal wherein five local men became entangled in a scries of complications that brnught fines of $5 and costs to each of them. In the White Front Tavern, Alex' and Ralph Burghart on the one side, and Clinton and Oscar Foster on the other, became involved in a controversy dffring the "ourse of the evenins which finally resulted in a broken door and broken glass for the 'avern. In the melee. Alex Reefer, another natron, also became involved in 'he fracas. At this point the management ejected all five at about the t : me that Patrolman Cecil McGinncs arrived. All were arrested. Assault and Battery. The two Burgharts and Oscar Foster were charged with being drunk and disturbing the peace, and each fined $5 and costs. Clinton Foster and Reefer were charged with disturbing the peace and received the same fine. In other cases, fines were assessed as follows: • Gail Beard, Algona, charged with intoxication, $5 and costs. Earl Ingebritson, Ottosen reckless driving, $5 and costs. Clyde Hewitt, Swea City, charged with assault and battery after a domestic squabble, fined $5 and costs. George Muller, Algona, speeding, $5 and costs. Henry Vanover Algona. intoxication, $5 and costs;' ; , Charles'Bennett,' 1 Algeria,' drunk and d:sorderljV$5 and;cos.ts.. , THE SECOND STEP in rural mail delivery! is bundling the various batches of mail to exedite sandling along the route. In the above picture H, S. Montgomery is about to arrange his bundles so that they cover the various parts of the route in the handiest manner. .: driving was filed; ; against W. H. Godden, Algona,' and was slated for a hearing before the mayor on Wednesday.^ Many Defective Frakcs. In Justice J. B. Johnston's court, six cases were disposed of over me past few days, as follows: Wm. A. Moore, Swea City, charged with improper registration on his car, fined $5 and costs. Raymond D. Sanders, Fenton, defective brakes on his car, $5 and costs. ' Kenneth Kollasch, .Swea City, defective brakes, $5 and costs. Ray Smith, Swea City, defective Drakes, $5 and costs. John Alberts, Swea City, defective brakes, ?5 and costs. John Batton, Swea City, defective brakes, $5 and costs. An interesting sidelight on the fines for defective brakes, in charges filed by highway patrolmen, is that one of the defendants in sending in money far the fine, also sent in an affidavit from a garage ovner that efforts had been made by the car owner to have brakes repaired, but the garage man was forced to wait for new brake linings before he could do the job. As cars get older and repairs are needed, car owners are finding that sometimes they cannot get the job done until replacements arrive, which often takes times. Last week's paper carried the wrong name with regard to one case. Donald Weber was fined ?l for improper parking, not Donald Weaver. Algona: 27-0 Victor Over Humboldt, Homecoming Algona high school's football team wound up its season in ;i blaze of glory, in lha annual Armistice Ua-J game, clowning the Humboldt Wildcats, 27 to 0. Howie Stephenson, Algona fullback, was out of the game entirely as the result oi an injury in practice last Friday. But Humboldt, too, was playng minus the services of several of its best men which weakened the visitors greatly from their early season strength. Humboldt failed to make a first down during the entire game. BulldogT; Score Early. The visitors kicked off. Algona scored a touchdown in six plays. Playing a heads-up game, the Bulldogs advanced the ball to near the Humboldt goal, from which point Skillmg went through center for the first tally and then ran ,ihe extra point. Humboldt received the next kickoll', and made the mistake of trying a pass. Algona intercepted ARM TORN OFF IN CORNPICKER NEAR CYLINDER John Mormon, 27, overseas veteran of World War II, was seriously injured Tuesday of last week when his right arm caught in a corn picker he was operating at tine Oliver ' Twait farm near Cylinder. : • He was alone at the lime . end his plight was not dis- • covered for over an hour. 'When found; : by others, it . .(was* with ; area* , .diffiqujty. /: :. '- ;: .: -. .' ;fr$iiyifre 'machinery, bui he. had- managed to shut off the motor of the machine. It was found necessary to amputate the arm above the elbow, at the Emmetsburg . hospital, where he was rushed." His condition was said to be favorable, despite styock and IQSS of blood. Harold Lewis, another worker at the Twail farm, had noticed that .the Dicker was stopped when he drove up in a wagon. Mormon was conscious and nad pulled off a wire to disconnect the motor. Mormon had been employed at the Twait farm sine.; lait August, after his discharge from the service. ; the "t^^ff'.is leading; the. mail. L, &. i is .pi the hsivy stpfi in the back ' s»|per (wrcels get to ride '' ''' " FRANK EIGLER OF FENTON SUCCUMBS Fenton; Frank H. Eigler, pioneer druggist at Fenton for the last 46 years, died Sunday noon at his honie in Fenton. Funeral services have been set for Wednesday at 1:30 p, m. at the home and ut the Meilio- dist church at 8 p; m. with B ev F. C. PreuL officiating. Surviving are the widow and two children, Paul, who is now in the store, and Mary Jane at home. ' Further obituary facts were not available for this issue but wi}l be in Thursday's paper. Hospital F«nd Now Over |13?,QQO Mark A. Hi iBprfehardt, treasurer of the Hospital. fTrprnptioij Associr atiom Mve fftr lacai (unite to augment |H8t to $>e ?MPP)* the Swtm.ol Mercy- fof stnwtfc ot a ; 5j8*.|e4 hereV sa|4 'gAtuysdjiy. tb«t thi to ts! now , son-of Mr. f|!jrnj,njg|iaus, fej} " • irffef;; sM^w: W-wtiwf op. LAKOTA WOMAN DISCOVERED DEAD Mrs. Herman Schroeder, 39, died sometime Friday evening, at her home, in Lakota. She and her husband run a cafe at Lakota, and during the preparation of breakfast, sihe told Mr'. Schroeder that she didn't feel well and guessed she would go home, which she did. Mr. Schroeder conducted the business as usual and went home in the evening to find his wife sitting on the davenport, evidently asleep,' He dm not' at first attempt to awaken her, but later when ,she did not arouse he called Doctor Williams of Lakota, who in turn called Dr. R. A. Evans, Algona, county coroner. Her death was ascribed to heart failure. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Lester of Lakota, on the Humboldt 30, and Skilling cracntcl the line shortly afterward '; for the second touchdown. He J passed, to (Jrapser for the extra " point. The score was 14 to u at the , end of tne f.rst quarter. In the second quarter, Algona was forced to kicK after an ex- • ; change of punts, and Brown foil ; on tne ball alter it was touched. by a Humboldt player, to set up >•>••- tne third touchdown on Hum-;' bpldt's 39 yard line. A pass play , with two ball carriers carried the,! pigskin for 29 yards, and Young • went through the line for the next score. Skiiimg earned it over for < Inc extra point. Humboldt averted another tally -, wnen the half ended just as Brown ;! recovered a blocked kick on the : tne visitors' 35. •';'.-'•; Bulldogs Draw Penalties. During the third quarter the Buuaog;, drew three lo yard pen- v , allies which nullified any gains;,*g they may have made; Reilly in-';'>5 tercepted a Wildcat pass on the * 40, but Algona fumbled and Hum- ,; boldt recovered to even matters in tnis see-saw quarter. ' In the final quarter, a pass,, SkiHng to Crapser wound up withi Algona in possession on the Hum-; ; boldt 19, and line plays moved it), i toward the goal again. Chris ;^> Bown, who has played a : steller •?:'.' game all season in the line chief-;;' ly, 'but recently in the backlield -:'>• as well, tallied the final touch-;>;> down— his first of the season. A'; v;;. try for the extra point failed, • the game ended. 27 to 0. Crapser at. end turned in a game, 'also, and SkUUng ; was ; to his usual good form..,'; >! ''';V JOAN WOLCOTT NAMED; ..llOJttECOJWIN. G ; m ..,^ Homecoming Queeri by studentf,;. Algona. high school, andi was : ipte.l| sented to the crowd- during the'j half. Jerry Skilling, as team cap-;: tain, crowned the (jueen, while both the Humboldt ui.d Algona/ bands perfprmed niceiy. Miss Wolcott is a daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolcott. FIVE INCHES SNOW OVER WEEKEND Over five inches of snow fell in Kossuth county over the week end. While it hampered traffic in all sections, and stopped it completely in some areas, the hinderance was only tetnpprqry. By Sunday afternoon all highwajis were re^ ported open again. The snowfall started Saturday, when 3.2 inches fell, and continued into Sunday, when •another 3 inches fell. This was intermittent?' ly accompanied by .35 inches of ranfall. '.'•••-. Week's^ weather: Date Nov- 5 .. Npv, 6 .. N«v. 7 ,. Nov. 8 ,. Nov. 9 Nsy: 10 NOV. n Rajn'-Snow H'Sh Lpw 55 gH 51 .. .4.09R ,.1.34^ ,.|4i .49 4V 37 35 40 35 81 HOLD RITES FOR MRS. HERTIG SAT.,' BAPTIST CHURCH Mrs. A. J. Hertig died Thursday, November 7, at the home her daughter Mrs. Jack Cra ^ after an illness which had kopt| her bedfast for 11% years. : Sn Funeral services were held- j.. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock;'.?/ at the Baptist church with the!:,; pastor, Rev. R. F. Kittrell in, '. charge, and burial was made in,;?, Riverview cemetery. Pallbear-'* ! ers were George McMahon, W. A. Foster, Homer Tuttle, Ed;; Taylor, J.j.B. Johnston and J. A.; 1 ' Freeh. '"••.( During the services Robert; .Richardson and Mrs. Mildred 1 *^ Black sang "No Night There'"-.; and "Lead Me Gently Homo,- •„ Father." They were accompanr;,;. led by Marilyn Tuttle. '- , Borft at Wesl Union ; Sadie Mae Wilson was born ; November 21, 1879, at Arlington, Iowa, and was 'the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson-;; She was married September 14, 1894, at West Union to A. ,J,: Hertig and the young couple,; came to Kossuth county; the ; £ came , year- in I92l^' ; .theyt'- moved to Algona. which; has.-^ since been their h°me. Mr, Her* i- tig died June 21 oi this year, si: Mrs. Hertig became a "me/mbgr;® of the Baptist church at Bap-'Ssi;; croft many years pgo /and later ; f?S transferred her membership"''ta:® the Algona Baptist chprch, Shj3i|, was a devote4 wife and mpthef^Si and was, a. cheerful patiept ,^"~ " ing her long illness. ; ' V V Surviving" Mrs. Hertig ; i four children, Mrs, Way^ Clossen, E, C, Wertig gnd. " Hertig. att of; Maspii "" Mrs, Japk Cra|g t Alggp are alsp geyeja} m il put pt tpwn, i'reHatives tended the funeral servieffEi • " ' M.r, : " "" "

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