The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1930
Page 5
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"AGE SIX NKWS Builds Huge Department Store Former Heavy-wcighl Champ Building Great Food Depart men I Sloro. •BY DON HOnEHTS NEA Service Wrilcr LOS ANGELES.— Jess Wlllau! '. the massive ex-hcavywelijlil. champ. , IF NOW supervising Ihc finishing u f n new enterprise in Hollywood. and : only one of his many llnc-s of :ir- : livity. i Since quilling. the prize ring. Wn- lard hns not only acctiniiilnird u few pounds, hut has addfd considerably to Ihc bank roll lie earn- : ed with his fists. The lire-sen 1 . pro , Jecl. a "food department store." i:i- I volves an investment of some S'Ml,- 000 and is built. 0:1 Wlllard's ov.i< ' land— a valuable corntr nlmovl in the heart of the film city. . The shop Is a furlMeranec- of the ' city's familiar "drive-In" market • \ for motorists nnd Is separated in- • . to various conccssloiis dcallni; i:: ' alt'fons of food, as wf-ll a* lioiisi hold necessities. A parking Icil is ; situated beside the larnc building, i The building itself is one sloiy in ' height, with a modernistic town \ nnd covers a large floor .space. Jevi will not manage It, however. j Since his last fighting days, Wil- ! lard, now 4C, has resided in Gin:- \ dais, a suburb of IXB Angeles. He i Invented most of his money in re:-l : estate, and for a time maintain- | od a sales office in Hollywood. Now i .he hns so much property thai ^1 his lime Is taken up in Its develop ment. Of Ihc lew great fighters to i leave Ihe ring in the (lough. Wll- ! SallriTlnic Kclimrlhig lard probably ranks amons II. e '1'lie cover |):i(!C of " most wealthy, although two of his mils." a Cli'iiiuin weekly of re- fellow tiUeholders, Jack Dempsey renl i«ut .slum's llirce figures of and Jim Jellrie.s. also arc well- ( men. To Hie left, small, Is plc- fiilded with shekels in real estate | lined Heir rioethe, uutlioi 1 of Fimst and properties hereabouts. j nnd olhcr Inmmis, German drama As for the weight that has In- rind llclion. A lllllc larger, toward creased in a lesser ratio with (h; , the center, is shown Hie war lord, coin of the realm. Willarrt scalrs a j Uli-niarck. Above and ovcrslmdow- mcre- 2G5 now. When at his test i in» tlic ollicrs, his clenched fist he weighed 235, although he frc-.j <vcaiim; abusing glove, is depicted qiiently fougliL above tlmt fifjuro. : Herr Ailolte Otto Slsfiied Max "Frequently" may not be exactly i Sclimclmg. ' SA'I'Liij)A Y, A BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufe U'lllnrd, NIP I'D iU \v;tl mil IP ['cumin-, is ishrmii us he RH En '.l.os Angrles. tiiday, looking ovrr one of His new All-Uoiind Star the word there—Willard's ring career was confined to 23 matches Anyway, those 23 assured him cl plenty of provender from now on. "I have little contact with sports any more," said Wlllard. "Heal es- lale_ keeps me loo busy. 1 hope tc open by new food department store by September 1. It's the biggest project I've attempted so far, and I'm sure it will be « hit. "When Prlmo Camera u-as in town I went down to say 'hello.' 1 looked like a baby beside him. I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near hi- weight—even if some people do | think so: He certainly is bl»!" | ..p.rimo weighs 371}—but Wlllard .commented lie looked ."more Itkr 370." Both arc around six feet sev en inches tall. The added weight T|lc (ion M]0 , c Ule , s deineatli is (lie legend, "Welch ein Fi rlsclirllt: von Clou the liber Bismarck blr. zii Sclimeling." or, "What progros.'! from Oocthe ihrough Bibtnui'ck to Schmclingl" Which makes it appear the Germans know IHW to tnke llielr III- He joke kram. well n.s their saner- "Ilern Worship" Turning lo an inside page, there is u lililo male in llic iiiune delightful vein. One of n scries of pictures under ihc heading "German Hero Worship" shows Gcrlmrl Chicks Lose Their First Game Under Lights; Bav- ons Move Up oh Pelicans iBahe Eight Games Ahead of ; '27 Record Yenr; Giants Win and Open Bitj Series SEW YORK. - The -:lui?ainij. Robins ot Brooklyn ra;<! in tin 1 occasion 1'Viday and li.itttd on: a win over ills Phillies :is Hie Cln- ra°o Cubs won and ihrc-H!(-iird to OM'iliaiil 'ho Kcbiivi. Tin- Kubin'. and CJiaius. who arc m tlii/d j)l;i- in the National chi'.st. U;K-H :i cm clal sr-rie.s toilay. llalip Herman, one of I'.niilns'in' 1 : hitting [jenis ana nr-ldiiii; freaks crasheil a homer in the scvenll tlut .scored three runs rmd ,sf\v»>d ; up the tall ^atne fci;- the Dodiieis i Mith the veteran Luqno ri.ceivlnv credit for the win. The score y-t | Gabby Harlnett with tlnvi' nils. I jnuliidini; a liomer aiw a pair oi doubles, led [lie Drums to vlclorv | over the Pillsuurgli IMralcs n.s Ctii- I cago won 10 to 7. Oslraa «-a:, (h? i winning and Spuictr the lo.-Jnc 1 liiirier though nrlihr-r slur'-d. 1 Here C'orm's .Mi-firu\ 1 ; 1 The New York Giants served ad' vance notice that they exacted to i move into the thick ol tin- pennant scramble with tiic Cubs and , Hcbins when they wallniied the : lioston Braves, 10 to 4 yesiorday Llndslroin wllli two home runs, p double' and single, was materially responsible, for Ihe win. Danomic, veteran ot ihc Giant slalf. hurled the victory. The St. Louis Cardinals after llirre .straight losses to t:ic line; came back ycMerday 10 waliDp tti? Cini'lnnali l?cd.s. 10 u> 1 »-iiii wild IJill Hallaltan limiting the Cincinnati club lo four hits. The Reds' only vim came in Ihe final stanza The busting Bambino crashed two home runs Friday us the Yank? rode lo victory over the Boston Rod Sox. The Babe's H8lh homer put him eight games n'^ead of his Do you know this young men? has been a tennis star high ranking this summer. This fall his name will be in bold headlines l>c- camc ol his sensational football teals for Harvard. Sure, he is Uarry Wood. Jr., the forward passing, (luartcrbacking youth who cut .such fancy callers on eastern grid- lions n year ago, however, on Wlllard makes him ap- j Haupnmnn wiih Sdmieliutj'.s mcth- pear shorter. He remain, however. I «r. The famous writer is asking pear the. biggest champion of modsrn j Fran Sclimeling. "Tell me fighting. Southern League W. U Memphis 11 36 New Orleans 60 41 Birmingham 60 4B Atlanta 58 52 Little Rock 5C 50 Chattanooga 51 58 Nashville « 60 Mobile 30 78 .664 .501 .556 .521 .500 .-168 .450 .278 59 60 American Philadelphia Washington New York Cleveland ........... 51 Detroit ............. 4<t Chicago .............. 43 St. Louis ............ 42 Boston .............. 35 iking about yum 1 great son. I need material for an heroic epic." Another picture in Ihe group shows uulire laying hands upon vulgar characters. The lines rend, •You spoke In favor of Sharkcy? Then 1 have to you for high treason and blasphemy." •Still another, and perhaps the most keenly humerous of Ihe three, depicts n professor of psysiology: Ltanding with pointer before a diagram ot the anatomy cl the genus homo. The professor is pointing to a region below (he belt, and the lines say: "Here is the liver, here the sriill-bladder and here the world's championship." Which makes I! appear that suiT- dry vcicc.s in the Fatherland are not averse to handing the world's heavyweight (by fonli champion Ihe Jolly old Hronx cheer. W. L. Pet. 69 34 .070 -10 .595 43 .583 FliRhl of llir Itobins 50 .510 I Recent averages show the Brooked .4tVj|lyn Retains were fourth in the Na- 59 All . tional leuiiue in fielding ami third C:i .41H in batting. Last year the Dodgers GG .341 'wound up the season baiting sixth National League W. L. Brooklyn 61 39 Chicago 59 41 New York 55 44 St.. Louis 49 49 Pittsburgh 43 BO- Boston 45 51 Cincinnati 44 53 Philadelphia 32 64 Pet. .610 .590 .560 .500 .490 .455 .454 .333 I and fielding seventh, finishing in sixth place. Bill I don't think that improvement has been i L\s(KinsU>le ' for kceplni; Wilbrrl's wonders up 1 there so Icng. Pitching, r.vthcr, is | Games Today mr> YOU K\OW THAT— : Jackie (Kid) Berg and "Kced' Chocolate, who fight Aug. 1 at the Polo .Grounds, might have been matched on some 'Other date if it hadn't been for a hunch of Luis Guitterez. pilot of Chocolate . . . Luis insisted on tlmt day because it. is the second anniversary of, the Kci'd's first bom in the United States . . . Chocolate drew exactly 335 for .whipping Eddie Enos nl Mltchel Held in thai bout . . . "Hey. George, whose working toilay?" a fan yelled to Pitcher Pipgras as he warmed up before the dugout recently . . . "Me and the outfielders," calmly replied the big Yankee . . . And lie was right too ... Dwigbi F. Davis, governor general ot (he Philippines and donor of the Davis Cup tennis trophy, advocates creation of a Par Eastern Zone in the winning hurlcr. The D:-troi( Tigeis swamped Hi!_„ , , - - -• —...Chicago White Sox beneath a bar- ATLANTA. On.—The Tribesmen 38:11 homer In 1927 which was made ' rage ol base blows and coasted tc of Doc Prolhro were given .-their!»" August 17th. Ruffing war, the | victory us Fnrl Wliitehill held lilt first night time entertainment .by ! — .. the Little Rock Travelers last iilRiit i and the leading Memphi^iis (re-' ccived as a le.sson in , night baseball another defeat from the be- ligercnl Pebbles, making three IP j all lhat Hie Chicks hnve receive;! | from the Travelers this week.. j The score, of the game was 5 lo | 3 with the Travelers 'coming thru ! with a veiy opportune rally in UP j eighth to break up n hurling' duel i between Walter Beck . and Leo Moon. . The Birmingham Barons, moved up to a chnllcnglng position bclilnc'. Ihe Pelicans, in second. pliw;e.}with a win over the orphan Bears Friday as the Pels were-downed by.the Crackers.. The Barons had an extra Inning to subdue the Bears bill conserved the extra punch until the tenth inning. The final score, 1-6. Campbell, who relieved Ludolph. was the.winning hurlcr.. The Nashville Vols bested Chal- lanooga in a slugging bee. wiih Ihe Vols taking.the game,'.15 to 10. The Vols got 18 hits while the Lookouts counted 14. Zumbro went the route !or Nashville 'despite frequent hitting. The Atlanta' Crackers won the fourth straight game from the Nsw Orleans Pelicans 7 to 2. Oldham held the. Pels to eight hits while the Crackers amassed 14. RECCWEP . MORE MONE.V R»R. ONE NCHHPIE, •RHX=EWOOP cocuTex CLUB-, ".'CLEVELAND" Sox lo eight hits. The score, VI to 4 I Duteh Henry sustained his 15th de-1 feat of lii; season. ] The Cleveland Indians defeated ;he at. Louis Browns. 0 to 3 at St Louis. The Indians scored two y in the first iniu'ng and maintained a margin the rest of the route Brown was (lie winning twirlei 1 and Stiles the loser. • championship play . . .Oie says it costs too much time and money for teams of the Orleiv to play In the American or European zones . , . With a thirn zone. Davis believes greater interest will be created in Ja pan. China, the Philippines and Australia. CHEVROLET ANNOUNCES BE LUXE WIRE WHEELS at no extra cost Sweden's Twin Crack Shots Celebrate Birthday STOCKHOLM. (UP) ^- Sweden 1 '; master shots, Major Wilhelni Carl- tei-R and Captain Eric Carlberg'. twin brothers, have just celebrated , their fiftieth birthday, although not together because the former ! lives in Stockholm and Ihe latter THE NOISY ON'E baby sent Southern League Memphis at Little Rock <ni?ht> New Orleans at Atlanta. Mobile at Birmingham. Chattanooga at Nashville. Mother, wa: the answer to Flnlbmh suurcess. ] f rom Heaven?" Dazy.y Vanre has bettered his "Yes dear." last year's mark, but he is pitch- . "i suppose they like to have nig only about .500 lull right now. | things quiet up there, mother."— so yon can't- Rive him the greatest jThe Humorist. part of the credit, young pitchers' who have come through under Rob-1 bie.'s careful direction and Imbrens ] who have been rejuvenated this : season are proving lo b.> the props I of the learn. Phclps. Elliott. Clark j in Tiuran. Persia, where he is employed by the Swedish Match in- i (crests. Eric also has served three • \ears with the Persian Center merle. I As early as in 1006, at the Olym- ' pic Games in Athens, the marks', innnship skill of the twin brothers : was pronounced and brought many : prizes to Sweden. Two years later, i at tho games in London. Wilhelni 'jwnn Ihree ?old medals nnd three I silver medals In pistol shooting, j v.hilc Eric won two first nnd two "own j fccotl( j ])r Wilhelm also captured (he world championship in revolver shooting in 1913. TURN 1IF. CAV LOEF The book salesman knew Ills American l.«gtir Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at St. Louis. Washington at New York games). Boston at Philadelphia games). Philadelphia at Boston (two games).' New York at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Pittsburgh .at Chicago. 1 and Moss have been pitching win- | ning ball. The veteran Hollls) Thurslon. brought back from ob- j I Hvicn by Wilbert and kep! idle I i through moM of the present cam- i iiaign by the Brooklyn boss, was turned loose on the lads recently and pitched two shutouts, giving the Cards three hits and the 'Uvo Braves two. Wilberl. vcleran catcher himself, has no peer in the development of pitchers. That's why Brooklyn i3 np there. "Tlii.'; book." he said, "will : do half your \vork.for yon." "Good," was the reply. "I'll tnke two."—Til Bits. COONT UNLESS HE CAM FATHER, SON IN COURT ALBANY, N. Y., (UP)—A father and his son were arraigned in police rourt here, one after the other, In different cases. The father. John Burns, Sr., va^ charged with stealing ai table and several chairs, and th<. son, Harold, was accused of robbing a poor bo* liv SI. Anthony's ehurchi ' ' : PITMPKIXS KIT.]' WEIL LOGAN-SPORT Intl.. M solid well preserved pumpkins pulled from ihe vines late in September. 1929. are in ll-.e fruit house of E. K. McGinnis. Lake Cicott. Me- Ginis. truck farmer, stores pumpkins for winter use eadi [ail, but usually rices not keep thi m !r,n^- , cr than February. Thr vepetaKcs ^' arc of the old fashioned sweet variety, ...._ i In llir nislrict Court of the United OF (-\IMSELP DOKN'T I Sl:> " % for lhc Jon « borD INvlsinn IKVT I M^llcCC UpPiM j cf «he Kartcrn nlstrict of Arkansas i In iho Matter ot Wm. Richardson. in Bankruptcy. I To the creditors of the above named bankrupt of Blythevllle. in • he county of Mississippi, Division and District aforesaid, ft bankrupt: N"«:ce is hereby given that on July 3-Jth. 1930, the above named petiuoner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, and the first mecling of i ihc creditors will be held at my j ofti.-e in the City of Jouesboro, in i?ai(! District on Aug. 15th. 1930. -it , j 10 a. m. at which time the said j creditors may attend, prove their ! claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such: other business RS may properly I come before said meellng. At Jonesbaro. Arkansas, this August isi. 1930. F. C. Mullinlx, neferre in Eanknip.icy. Chevrolet ugaln adds extra value to the Chevrolet Six! Those who prefer may now have any passenger model equipped with beautiful (Jc tuxe wire wheels—<jf no additional cost! These wheels incorporate many important features that have won favor on cars much higher in price—large chrome-plated hub caps, bolts located inside the hub, and an unusually large number of spokes. ,1 ncrifti/ of attrat'tiru new rolortt In addition to this de luxe wire wheel equipment, Chevrolet now makes available a wide choice of new color combinations on all models —colors that are rich and distinctive. You are invited to come in—NOW—and attend the first showing of six-cylinder Chevrolet modeis with these new extra-value features. Sport KMditfC. ..'555 Co«ch M ..*565 Coup, J565 Sport Coup* 1655 dub Sedan;. ..«,.H6X Srftn «75 Sj*cl»l Stdan J 725 u-ire whftlt ttondard Stdan) RO.MlSTm or PHAETON .«595 I.IShl DfllTcry .,, 1 Ciu.uU *^° Ro»<UtCTt«llTtrj..*<* (PicJl-vp &OJ «fr«) VMlhCab ....Ha frlcn /. o. t. Hint, Ulch. Sptcio! tytilf mtnt tMtt* W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. BIythevMe, Ark. S I X - <; Y L I N U E It S > II : S S AT I. O W C O K f

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