The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1946 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE SIX_ UPPISH Letter From Finland Some weeks ago this newspa- icr carried a story about Mrs. .Bert Palmer having received a ;' letter from Finland, written in , Finnish, evidently with regard , to Red Cross garments shipped . from here, and which carried Mrs. Palmer's name, as such garments carry the name of the worker as well as the chapter name. I Mrs. John Clyde, reading the article in the papper, asked Mrs. Palmer for the letter and then forwarded it to a friend of hers | who can read Finnish. Thus, j here is the letter translated: "It must be quite a long time since you knitted the sweater on which you pinned your name and address. Our* warm and delightful summer is slipping away and the cold, bleak winter approaches when your gift will give warmth to a grateful poor old lady living in a small hut. I who am writing this letter have Townsend Flash By Mrs. A. M. Anderson Assuredly a pension p;iid by the Federal government is, a right of citizenship, and not charity. Townsend club members call it an annuity, not a pension. An annuity brings up the idc;i of insurance, and it is precisely the idea or principle of insurance that is back of the Townsend Plan. Tliis type of protection, as a right of citizenship, would even make Old Glory have a greater meaning. The Townsend organi/alion proposes a new tax lo take the place of so many of our tax burdens. A gross income t;.x of 3 percent on all cash incomes, both individual and corporate. There is one exception: namely the first one hundred dollars per month ($1,200.00) per year) of any income which will be exempt from this tax. Tin' tax is to be collected monthly by the Federal government and appropriated to pay the annuities equally per capita to all qualified annuitants. The use of money is all the advantage there is in having money. Why not protect each other by means of a National Insurance Plan?—Adv. It's Here! Edwards DOOR KNOCKER CHIME It's Non-Electric . . . just put il up and enjoy musical chimes at your door. OUTSIDE Designetl to lend real character to your from entrance, the Edwards Door Km>t'kiT Chime suits any stylr of front door. It i> o solid brass (not plated) accented by an ivory knob. INSIDE An Edwards extra — on the INSIDE of your door (the back of the door knocker chime is a beveled, hand-polished mirror for that last fflimpse at tic or hair, before you open the door. The mirror cleverly conceals the compact, non-electric mechanism while adding interest to your door. The Edwards Door Knocker Chime has no wiring, no push buttons, 110 transformer, no batteries—yet it gives forth with the same musical chime notes of the most expensive electric chimes! Priced Only $6.95 Complete PRATT ELECTRIC CO. not received any of these gifts; there are others who need them worse than I. But I have had the pleasure of delivering these gifts to the needy in this remote countryside where I am a country school teacher and a member of the local Finnish Red Cross. "I wish you could see the happiness that these gifts have brought to many, many destitute families, and how utterly grateful they are to the kind donors. "I cannot find enough words to express our appreciation to you and the thousands of others who have extended their help to my countrymen in their dire need. God Bless You. Anne Nurmi, Honkajoki, Finland, Aug. 30." SEXTON Larry Johnson of Irvington and Tommy Fqrburger of Wesley were Friday visitors at school. Drusilla Opheim was an overnight guests of her school friend Helen Fox Thursday evening of last week. Delores Bcmis visited Thursday evening and over night at the home of Marilyn and Shirley Lowman. Dusilla Opheim visited over night Wednesday evening with her school friends, Marilyn and Shirley Lowman. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Gatton and family were Wednesday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lowman and family. Little Miss Ruth Wise of Renwick visited several days last week at the home of her aunt and grandmother Mrs. Drusie Noble and Mr. Sarah Wise. Mrs. Kenneth Dennis of Eden, N. Y., is spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Brethorst, and her brother, the Ferd Brethorsts. Mrs. Leo Gardner and children of Algona were at the home of Mrs. Andrew Hansen west of town Thursday, where they! spent the afternoon visiting. Louis Lane, Fort Dodge, was a caller Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Sarah Wise. The Lanes and the Wises were old acquaintances some 30 years ago when they all lived in McLean, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Opheim and family, Mrs. Sarah Wise, Mrs. Drusie Noble and little Ruth Wise, Renwick, were Thursday evening visitors at the Henry Phillips home, Algona. The occasion was the birthdays o! Alfred Opheim and Henry Phillips, which falls on Hallow- WHI1TEMORECAGE TEAM IN OPENER Whittemore: •• The /Whittemorc public school will open its basketball season Thursday, Nov. 7, when the boys' and girls teams will meet Wesley, on the Wesley floor. Their first game at home will be Nov. 15, When the Rodman team will meet the boys and girls here. The schedule is as follows: Nov. 7, Wesley boys and girls; Nov. 15, Rodman, boys and girls; Nov. 22, Cylinder, boys and girls; Nov. 27, St. Cecelia, Algona, boys and girls: Dec, 10, Ringsted, boys and girls; Dec. 13, Ottosen, boys and girls; Jan. 7, Emmetsburg, Catholic boys; Jan. 20, Seneca, boys and girls; Feb. 4, Fenton, boys; Feb. 21, Lone Rock, boys and girls. Union School No. 7 In Halloween Party Union: Miss Beverly Brown and her puplis entertained nt a Halloween party last Thursday afternoon at their school Dist. No. 7. Mothers and smaller brothers and sisters were guests. A program of song, play, and stunts was given, followed by a lunch consisting of popcorn, cocoa, sandwiches, and cookies. LEGALS XOTin-1 <>!•• IVrOIII'OllATION TO \VIIOM IT MAY KOXCKKX) Nnlli'f Is \n>rpl>y Klvi'n Unit tin' HiicliTKlKiH'il linvo I'ornX'tl n <.'iirn'"'- iitliin under the pfovlslnn.s nf Till'-' XIX, riinpltM-N 101 to-.101. Irfliidlvo, n( HIC- Una t.'niii! "f town. Timt tin? nnmo'of wulil onrpririitliiii Is THOMPSON WSTItlUfTJNf? I'OMI'ANY. nml its nrlnel'inl i>ln<'>' III' iMISilH'SH it* ll.l l><> Un'HU'd Ht Al- UMIIM. lltWJI. Tin. linsllH's.s in 1,0 tninsHCI'.'il Hluill In.- lii luiv and snll. ni. w'lioli'- ^n In in- rnliill, f n rm iniii-lilncry. tviivflioiisc I'nulpnvom. stnllornry riicliioH. nil typos of rlc'rtrlonl ni>- plliini'MS. (jnnnllnc, nils, liilirlciinls. ^rriisi's, utluT niiiti'rlii Is or proiUiets ii.«i'il In i-iinni'i'ilmi \vllli tin' npi'i-ii- rinn of nuitnrs "i' tn'Mur volilrlt's. purls nri't'ssorli's fnr irucKs. jnniiniiililjt's, I nii.'turs. nlrpliuu's, Turin miiHiiiKTy, wurt'lionse i'i|ull>- iiii'iit siiitlnnary rnirlm's. all typos M|' I'li'ulrlciil appliances nml all cMiilpmtnt mill tools necessary In ll:c iiporatlni: uf wartimes, filling stations. WH rohiiuscs :inil all ulhcr typos of business wliore motor vehicles are repaired or stored. Saiil corporation will engage It- soil' in operating shops for tho repair of parts and accessories for Iriickn, tractors, automobiles, airplanes, farm machinery, ware! ouse equipment stationary engines and all typos of electric-ill c<iiilpnienl. Said corporation Is authorized to purchase, erect, alter or lease buildings for the conduct of Its opera- lions at such towns or cities as may be determined by Its Hoard of Directors, mid to purchase, hold, opcr- :ite. sell or tense such real estate anil persunn] property as may In- i:reess:i ry fur alt purposes aulhor- i/.eil. and to mortgage and encumber I he same. The amount of the capita* .Block Is cine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100.010.00) divided Into shares of tho pnr value of Uno Hundred Dollars ($100.00) oacl,. -No slock shall bo Issued' until tho cor.pqrrttlot; lias received payment In 'tun.' at pnr, In cash or pmpcrty, subject to llio approval of (lie i'ixoetlllve Ciiiir-el 1 f Iowa. All Hliarcs of Rtook shall be transforablo only on tm>' book.H 1-1 thp corporallon. and each sl^tro of stock Issued shall bo subject to the restriction that before tile 1. older of recnrd of such stock ti)fl.v sell, give, devise oi olherwKMo transfer his Khilre or shares of stock to ally person or persons, other than the Incorporators named herein, such holder Mini II first offer' every such share or shares to Ilic -JJll-ectors for the use of this corporation, and at tin same pi Ico which such holder has been offered for I he sale thereof, and said Directors sha.ll have ar opllon for thirty ctll) days from tho dale of such offer In wl.lch lo purchase such share or shares of stoek at n like price, bill If said offer Is not- accepted by Ihc lilrectors within snld thirty CIO) day period, then Ihc holder thereof may dispose of such share or shares -of slock as lo may see fit. The corporate perloll of the cor- porallon shall bcgli: on (he date the Secretary of Stale Issues a l.Vrtlfl- cale of Incorporation, and shall terminate at the expiration of twenty years from said date, Tho corporation may he sooner dissolved by a !!/:! vole of the stockholders present at any annual meeting, or at 11 special meeting called for that purpose oi hy the unanimous consent of nil slockholilers as provided by law. Tl e corporation slutll be mi/iancd jii;d controlled by a Hoard of Directors consisting of not less than flv<* nor more than seven, to he elected by the stockholders at (he annual im-ellng' which shall be held on the last •Friday li: December of each year. Thai the Board of 1 ill-colors shall Immeilhilely elect a President, V ice- President. Secretary and Treasurer. and oive or more of these of- flefs may be held by ahy Dli-cclur. ' In He election i(f j ilplfieetors and In all other stockholders ni'CM'llngs, each stockholder slilill he or.lltled to one vote ( for each share of sioelc owned by him. which may be cast In person, or by written proxy. A. majority of the slock represented ni any Stockholders' meeting shall constitute a quorum. Kvorv Director must be p. stockholder and tlie./fflce of the Director .si. all be vacated upon his sale or transfer ,'of his /tito'ak In said corporation. y?| All stock In I his y'lrpora I Ion shall be non-assossiilile ami this Article eannoi be amended wllhout th» unanimous vote of all stockholders. 'I'he private property of Hie slock- holdi-rs ol this iMirporatior. shall be forever exempt from ihe corporate debt, and the Article so providing Is not subject lo Amendment. Kxeepl as lo Articles VII and VIII the Articles of Incorporation may he amended by n L'/-'i a I'l'lrmatlvi) vole of the siockl'.olders n t any anrual meeting, i" 1 !' al a.ny special meeting of the stockholders called for that purpose. The corporation shall have power to borrow money from time to time upon n 2/3 vote of the Directors. Tlu- property of the corporation. real or personal, may lie mortgaged to si-cure such sums so borrowed. Haled tills 1st day of Xovetnber, A. U.. HUG. f: THO.MrSOX DISTIUI3UTIXO '' ' 44-4 • I XCO I ! PO H \T(\flS A. F. Thompson l.orcn S. Thompson Melvlu I'. Tliompson Kussell A. Thompson .Mrs. A. I 1 '. Thompson Alrie I-'. Thompson Mrs. Vivian Moore. LIGHT BULBS ARE SCARCE STOCK UP NOW — With This Extraordinary Value! Special Household Assortment "MAZDA" LIGHT BULBS FOR In Convenient Carton for Storing in Your Home EXCISK TAX INCLUDTD Here'? What You Get—All Needed Sizes:: 1—15 watt bulb (for porch, pantry or closet) 2—25 watt bulbs (for basement) 1—40 watt bulb (for bedroom) 1—50 watt bulb (for lamps) 1—60 watt bulb (for fixtures) 1—75 watt bulb (for livingroom) 1—100 watt bulb (for kitchen) TOTAL 8 Maida Bulbs Yes, light bulbs have been scarce, and arc scarce. That's why this is such a real bargain. Get a carton containing these 8 needed and most popular sizes, have them on hand when a bulb burns out in your home. It will save you fussing during these coming winter months when you need a light bvflb. This value only at Pratt Electric! -^ ^ i«l *V ^*jr» Pratt electric Co Cfl tUUSTROM'S ' jfeyemb§f^ .4yi|iw$,os:-,' "*"" f\& WWt Here's "Christmas Select a ROOM For Living Room For Bed Room or For Kitchen Not Christmas Yet, But "Santa" is Bringing You a Gift Just the Same! OUR GIFTS TO BUYERS Of These Complete Rpoim Outfits These are our gifts to You! Come in and select one of the complete room outfits listed below . . . then either the silverware set or the dresser set described *:here is yours without extra charge! / 11 -Piece Complete . 24-Picce Family CUTLERY SET DRESSER SET A $12.95 Value INCLUDES: 6 Knives, 6 Forks, 6 Tca- i-pbons, 6 Tablespons . . . with neat chest in which lo store. Pieces arc In neat pattern, made of stainless steel. Choose Either of Above Sets-It's Our Gift to You With Your Purchase! A. $19.95 Value INCLUDES: Large lined case, comb, brush: hand, mirror, pojvtler box, cuticle remover, 2 cold cream jars, 2 picture frames and large mirror In Hd of case. •^,_.[: :^>'^;-:' To Furnish A Livingroom: 7-Piece Living Room $ INCLUDES: 2-Piece Studio Lounge Ensemble 2 End Tables 2 Matching Table Lamps Coffee Table TQT4L—7 Pieces PAY $40.00 DOWN Balance $14.73 Monthly on This Group IS! To Furnish A Bedroom: i-Piece Room INCLUDES: 2-Piecc Bedroom Suite , in Waterfall Walnut Veneer, Double Bed and Chest. Coil Spring. Felt Mattress. 2 Vanity Lamps. 2 Bed Pillows. 2 Pictures. TOTAL-=-10 Pieces PAY $30.00 DOWN Balance $11.22 Monthly on This Group en Swiss: iP lii ill To Furnish A Kitchen: 7-Piece Kitchen Set INCLUDES: < 5-Picce Unpainted Dinette Set—Table I and 4 Chairs Unpainted Kitchen Corner Cabinet Metal Kitchen Stool TOTAL—7 Pieces PAY $20.00 DOWN Balance $7,70 Monthly on This Group PHONE US FOR EVENING APPOINTMENT For the convenience of out-of*tavw customers and you who would ra(h- er come in the evening, we will be happy to remain opeii ariy evening by appointment. Phone 520-Wi Special Terms for Farmers Ask about our special payment plsn for farmers. IH^^ HI ^JF WHF WPI WW '^W T^F BP * Wp ' w^lF WW . ^|P>wSp.^^^lpl : ;3l^ ^^..v^^. - - ^(HF .flW,--JBf|PP^i..;;'./ : jQjjff^^jQflr. ^p.'ESTABLISHED :"«%?•& m-mx : QyA|iY:4pi|ia •*--./;'V'-;,; ; '.t.-'i!i?'-;f.5^Ji^

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