The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1946
Page 6
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SIX BI/VTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1946 Insulation Pays In Fuel Saving Staggering Amount -Of Money Is Wasted - Through Heat Loss Approximately $1,000,000,000 a year, or almost one hnlf of Hie nation's domestic fuel bill, can he saved in the 40.000,000 American dwelling units by elimination of heat loss . through roofs, ceilings, walls, windows and doors, accord- Ing to surveys made by the Bureau of Mines, and statistics released on fuel conservation and home insulation. This saving would pay for almost half the 415,000 neV homes needed by veterans and wojild form an investment basis for- the construction of 2,100,000 new homes urged by President Tru- mav. to be built during 1946-47. Tlie answer to how this staggering sum of money can be saved is - contained in just two words— proper Insulation.' It has been estimated that 30 percent of home heat has been lost through windows, 25 percent through cracks and crevices and 45 percent through Hugh Whitsitts Remodel House Family Will Move Into Home On West Walnut After Remodeling Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Whll.sitt ami (laughter, Gail, plan to move to their »e«(' residence, 705 West Walnut, when work or remodeling has been completed. The house, owned by Mrs. Whit- sllfs brother. Jack Flnlcy Robinson, had been used a number of years ns two apartments, In the new plan, there will be two jiarlmrnls with the west unit to be used by the Whllsltt family which will move from the Plnlcy Robinson house. 1031 AVcst Walnut. The plan Is being rearranged with the living room to be on the from with the kitchen ami dining unit to be the second, room and the two adjacent bed rooms north of the kitchen. The rear entrance is on the west. The entire house will be redecorated and numerous other Im- walls, ceilings, floors and (he roof The answer to how stallslirhrd Glass is a rapid conductor of he£t. The many square feet in window-panes In the iiverage home build up heat loss. This call be practically eliminated by the use of..storm. .windows to create a relatively dead air space between the two layers of glass. . Qracks and crevices not oirty permit heat to escape, but lire a common source of drafts, dnst, soot , and water • damage. A local builder on contractor should locate nnd seal these properly and also, check (he liorac-hcallng unit to*^irisure its highest efficiency. The other factors accounting for 45tpercent of the heat loss arc the Ereatcst, but arc the simplest to correct. This Is done by Insulating, the walls and ceilings \vlth fiomc type. of. mineral wool material. Application of mineral wool insulation by a competent craftsman, In the form of blankets or balls in new construction, or in loose wool or pellet form blown into the walls in old construction, uill effectively Stop lliis major percentage of heiU loss, and affect tremendous savings in fuel. Actual tests carried out in Mil-' waukee, Wis., showed thnt it cost *75 to heat a small uninsulated liousq, yet the cost of heat plus deferred payments on Insulation »ith till-thick mineral wool cost only $42 annually for the same house^Tpheh'-paid r for along with thi-'"over a 20-year period. This meMis a saving of $33 (i year until the loan is paid for, nfter which the saving goes up to S42. annually. It is estimated thnt there is an average saving of $25 per dwelling unti per year when insulated, nud that the average cost of such insulation can he palji' for over a four year period through savings in the fuel bill. Insulation pays other extra dividends to home-owners. It is thrifty means of maintaining homes at^cfomiortable temperatures - both summer and winter. Combined with automatic heating hi cold weather, infulation eliminates chilly drafts nlong the floors and esses the house-cleaning due to dirt nnd dust from overworked furnaces. It lowers, 'the summer temperature of upstairs bed-rcoins, affording reasonable ^comfort In sleeping, and adds''cxtra'-sleeping hours through sound absorption of noises from 'other rooms or from the street. There is also the importance of fire protection. 7,500 persons, mostly women and children, die annually as, the result of 400,000 buildings catclihig fire. Mineral wool heat- insulating barriers in roofs and walls': make even frame buildings slow-burning, according to National Bureau of Standards tests, which proved thnt wood-lath partition fill- | ed with this insulating material' will 'stop the passage of fire for I one hour and effectively block off' drafts. On the basis of these tests the George Washington shrine at Mount - Vernon, Va., was insulated to inhibit^ the spread of fire. . Bankers and mortgage lenders have .long known that insulation in the walls and ceilings reduces the number of times the interior of the house needs to be rcdcc-1 orated. Dust patterns on wallpaper and alternate light and dark strips along lath and beam locations arc seldom found in well-insulated Homes- This is because there is less movement of air to carry particles of dust along unevenly heated surfaces, and less condensed /loisture on the surfaces to catch the dust. The loan value ot a house is almost increased because its life is extended due to the protective provements made. qualities of .such insulation. Architects, builders and contractors are facing one of the greatest building programs in the history of the country with more than 12,000,000 housing units needed In the nation during the next ten years, not counting the added demand for farm dwellings. The trend is loward the small, compact, highly efficient, yet very livable house which will be economical to run and durable enough to last many years without too many repairs. The public^-wns well educated during the war years by government agencies on the value of Insulation as a fuel saver, when fuel counted more than money. Thsula- Iton malcrinl was termed critical and its insiiillntion was given priority to save millions of dollars' worth of unobtainable fuel. Now Ihesc same people are Interested in the investment value of Insulation nnd builders are aware of it. That Is why insulation Ls being used ill practically all urban and suburban housing developments. Private builders learn ubout insulation from architects and hi the case of the expensive home clinics air-conditlonlng, is obligatory. Thousands and spare rooms arc being made livable through inMilatiou to help ens e the The Ranch House Influence which In- Insulation The design of the rambling ranch house, so familiar In western lore, Is tapped for this seven-room frame j home. If you are planning to build i on a knoll or elevation, this design is unusually appropriate. The exterior lines make it the | lype of home ihnt should be set! back on n large lot. It will re- 1 quire a lot 100 feel wide and you should allow plenty of depth. The whole design gives you a wide vif.v nnd a knoll or large lot should . }if provided. j The frame construction Is enlivened by the plnnk board effect on I the upper dormer. The large front porch is typical o f the ranch type. There are baths and two bedrooms on each floor. A two-car garage Is also provided. Fin 0 closet space is planned. This Is particularly suited for building in a suburb or In the country. Heatons Decide To Remodel Home On E. Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Heaton, discouraged over delays in building, decided to temporarily abandon the hope ot :< new residence at an eiu'ly date and improve their present home. 'The house, located just north ot the Hcalon's Home of Flowers at '200 Eiist Davis, is having" a room added, the porch to become a part of the living room with a small vestibule added, a new roof, floors PILES Hurt Lie Sin! But Kow! Grin -fTluiusaruJs clinnge KI-OUNH tti yrins. Uao a red I thii-tnt'x' lotituiL;i for di.sliv^ ot piles; sent di iiL'Pistd by iKitffl Thornton & Minor cimic. KurjirlsJiiK QUICK pnihu- live ii-lii'I of pain, Hcli, Kon • n i'.ss ])i>lpi KOftC-ii hard pmls; IP mis ti> ."-Oil-ink ,sw-il- Irig. Use iliH'tw-Jt' way loiluy. Ci<t Uili*! Thai nloii & Minor's I\^cNjl Oiriliricnl or '1'hi.inlcui & AJintir Hctlfil HLipijaHJtm-jc.s Follow lnt>*l .Jhi'i-linns. II IKJ( ilRllgliK-cl low tost will tju iirfuiiilinl oti n.-(|i!C5t. A.I i(U i;o<nl dniij, Kiting tjvoryivlivre. SECOND FLOOR Borum Building To Be Improved New Structural Glass Front To Be Installed At Drug Store Here Bonim's Drug Stare is to linvc n, ' new front which will entirely change anpoiivnncc of this large |<U'ug slore, located at 205 West of attics, .Min-poi'chcs .'Main. Work \vns stnrtccl yesterday on the remodeling pio^i'ttrn to i^ar- crltlcnl housing shortage t range ihr' vestibule sixc, convert the two display windows into a dll'Perenl type of exhibit space mid change the front door enlracc. fioyal blue and lisht »>rey structural glnss is lo be used for the decorative exterior, similar to that being selected by many other businesses i( s Improvement- programs 1-ct underway. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Borum, owners of the building as well as the business, plan to have special displays in the new windows. nncl renl estate ricnlers live recommending insulating older homes before offering thorn [or sain lo secure » bettor price for lliplr clienLs and lo nttract prospective custom crs. The Bnrerm of Mines survey cautions that insulation Ls no bolter than the man who installs it antl advises that competent craftsmen; architects or builders be contacted ns to the type and thickness of insulation that will save the most fuel dollars in a given building. It states that generally, mntorhils innUc of mineral wool arc preferable because of their resistance Radio Service "Pit" Anrrt Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer, Ironer qnd Gas Engine Service Pbillp Fr«l Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Kc- palred. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, M«jr. I'lionc 2071 20G-08 W. Main i lo fire, shorlcircnLLs. moisture, >vi inin »nd decay. Full-tliick insu il«n is most economical because it ills the hollow -space completely n most walls. Summing up the dvnntagcs of mineral wool Insul- tiou, 11 is found that U makes house wanner in winter and cool- r in summer. It deadens sound s fire-resistant and saves fuel and noney. Futtttttia! FARM LOANS 4 LowInUrMt / LoncTwru ^ Fair Appratul J Prompt Svrvioa RAY WORTHINGTON Hi-rviiiE This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd, 1'ljthcvillc, Ark. TV* ?,ij«.ti>l [ MWIM , C«*>p»nr *f AnwlM Tune in Prudential rroRrnm Sunday at I p.m. over WREC FOR SA,LE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete Wilh Steel Racks for Oil Hoiitors -'-" We Slock and Insliill All I'ltimliinj,' Fixtures Jess W. Provence 127 East Vine Slrccl Phone 271!) We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the liathroom and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS PAINT UP YOUR WALLS T)e-I,uxe House I'ainl It's amazing what a HI lie painl will do to brighten up your home, inside and outside. The cost is small and may he financed in monthly payments if desired. Phone 551 for "The Man From the l.umher Yard" to make you an estimate. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 'Friendly T?ni!ding; Service' PHONE 551 refinished, Ihe exterior walls rc-| F.TATE COLLEGE. PH.—No golf surfaced with asbestos slciii'.tj and i or tennis is piiinnod at I'ran stule other improvements buinu made. I this sprint'. Insurance of every kind ; Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg, * Just What the Doctor Ordered You tnke certain medicines and pills trust your doctor's judgment ;ind know own good. hecause you it's for your It's the same with insurance. You've got (o trusl your agent's judgment as to what's the best protection for you. It's for your own good — to prevent a "fracture" of your bankroll. Drop in and let us "prescribe" the protection you NEKI). No obligation; no fee — SIT . . . General Insurance Agency Phone Zfill "Kvcrylhinff In Insurance" F. W. WII1TNER First National Kank Hide. Hubbard Hardware Company Brings You the Famous -CENTURY FANS lIltNTKK-CKNTl'KV 2J-inch AlltSl'F.i:]) For Every Need Attic Fans I'roperly Engineered and correctly installed by our Kngiueers a n d M c- chanics. IS'o Obligation for an Accurate Survey, Residence or Commercial. Artie Fan and the Installation May Be Financed on FHA. No Down Payment, 36 Months to Pay. lirinit Your Fan Vroblrms lo Us! H UNTKR- CENTIIK Y /.KI'IIAIK Night Cooling 1'uit miNTKR-CENTURY Dchive ZKFHA1K Oscillator Electrical Supplies HARDWARE -'.3 MAIN STRERT ?/,«,„. 2015 TLYTKEVILLE, ARKANSAS Seecfs • Harness • Farm Supplies WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS WITH BORDER ALSO CCIIIHCS No pasting—no tools, no muss. Anyone cnn hang it! Guaranteed washable—fade-proof— style.tested—top quality. Three boxes do the average room, complete with border'. Price, $1.98 and $2.19. Ceilings, $1.39 per box. IT 'LANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. YOU* IX T« A a H • We are now distributors for Smith-Corwin Marine Boat Paints. We have al! colors now in stock. FAIT, OLASS& WALLPAPER CO. . 70S E. Main St. Phone 2272 Comfort! As permanent as the fine wood of which they're made, SI.A'l'S-O-WOOI) Awininys mean solid comfort al low cost for years to come! Let in l,igh(—k<c-^p otil sun. Let in air—keep out rain. I'rofcct porch or leri'iu-e, windows or doors with these lontf lasting, jjood looking awnings styled to (he design of your home. A phone call will brinjr our designer lo give you a free estimate on these aids to solid comfort. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE lienjamin Moove J'aints 101 So. First Nu-Enamel Paints Phone 469

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