The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCT. 20, 1946 [MRS. AGGIE KNAPP 'BURIED SATURDAY tT NORA SPRINGS ., Funeral services for Mrs. Afegie Fi Knapp, 87, were held Saturday Afternoon at 1:30 at the Major Jurierfii home in Mason City with •he Rev. Wilbur F. Dierking, pns- lor o£ the First Presbyterian Ihurch, in charge. Burial was at Rock Grove cemetery, Nora [Springs, /where her husband was lurletl. V Mrs..,,; Knapp died Thursday rtornlng at the home of her sister, -Arq.'f.'A. Corey, whom she had weeii'visiting for six weeks. She Tind'becn making her home In Ma(son-City the past, three ydars, and was; taken sick a clay or two after her rarrlval here. Aggie F. Johnson'was'-born Oc- Uobei"5, 1859. in Beaver Dam, Wis., the Wdest child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson. As o young girl |hc-moved with her parents to (;a Springs where on February 1880 she was married to Ira Cnapp.,In 1901 she and her hus- rancl-rnpved to Mason City which was their home until Mr. Knapp's ;|tK Ih 1915. Mr. Knapp had op- atecl a hardware store and was gwipciafed with the Roife Iron vnrft'R 1 there. / Shortly after his death she came Bin Algona, and made her home for Babont 25 years with the Core,ys. I iMrs. Knapo was a charter mem- Bber of the Nora Springs Eastern IStar and. had .been a member of I*hat organization for 50 years later •.transferring her membership here. I.Since her illness the Algona chan- ItGi' had presented her with a 50 ^year pin and certificate. Mrs. Knapp is survived 'by two sons. Harrv W. Knapp, Mason City and Harold S. Knapp. Glendale. I Calif., eight grandchildren and [four great grandch'ildren. She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Corey, Algeria, and Mrs. Angle Quackenbush, Sturgls, S. D.. and two brothers, Curtis Johnson. Wa- lertown, S. D., and Arthur. L. Johnson, Los Angeles. Two daughters died in Infancy. * Mrs. Knaipp was a gracious little person with a deep love'for her friends and flowers. It was a hob- toy of her's to, visit her friends who were shut in, and until the fast year or so she had kept up a wide correspondence with * friends of past years. Attending the service from Algona were Mrs. Corey and June, and iMrs. Paul Wille. Pallbearers Were Everett Rekers, Cedar Falls, and R. L. Felix, Lloyd Qtilnby. and C. G. Boatwrlght, Mason City. LAST RITES HERE FORK. RUNCHEY Funeral services for Robert Runchey, 54, retired .farn\er,wero held Friday afternoon in the Methodist church here, with Rev. O. W.- Brand oi.ficiatirtp. Burial was in Eastlawn Memorial Park. Pallbearers were Orvi'.le Drennan, Ralph Morgan, Douglas Wildin, Harvey Jereenson, Ray Smith and Don Sparks. A son, Charles, Orovllle, C'al., and two brothers, Will of Algona, and Ellis o St. Louis, survive. :' • .• ' «(|«| Mr. Runchey was born March 4, 182 at Compton, 111., and in 1901 the family moved to Kossuth county and.farmed southwest of Algona. In August, 1904, Mr. Runchey and Etta Gardner were married, and one son was born to this union. The deceased has been in poor health the past two years with a heart ailment. He was bedfast, however, only one day before his death Tuesday evening, Oct. 22. He had moved to Algona in 1945. MILES REVIEWS STATE PLATFORM Several hundred persons turned out last Wednesday evening to near Frank Miles, democratic candidate for governor and Oscar Johnson of Kanawha, democratic candidate for congress from thsi district, deliver keynote addresses at a pre-election democratic rally in the high school auditorium, here. • Miles reviewed some of the chief points of his platform. 1—Revise the state sales tax so that clothing, foods and medicines are exempt from sales tax. 2—Strengthen state laws for unemployment compensation and workman's compensation. 3—Further farm-to - market roads and flood control, and expand the maximum soil conservation. 4—Revise the state'tax assessment system to wipe out inequalities. 5—Do something to speed building, particularly for veterans. &;—Take the schools out of politics, if we hope to maintain a good school" system and good teachers. C. B. Murtagh, member of the state central committee of the party, and Mike McEnroe, county chairman, arranged the meeting. New Auto Clerk •Alma Junkermeier. auto clerk in the treasurer's office,"'has resigned, effective November 1, and will go to Estheryille to be 'bookkeeper for the Dickinson. Emmet, Kossuth office of the REA. She will ibe succeeded by Wm. C. Heller of Garfield township who started work the first of the week. Mr. Heller is married and expects to move his family here soon. -ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA. IOWA. Ottosen Girl Bitten By Vicious Skunk Three-year-old Joanna Vinatis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Vinaas from near Otlosen, was bitten .by a skunk Tuesday of last week. The little girl was playing in the yard when the skunk ambled up. The child's mother saw the skunk and called her into the house to tell her about it, but later allowed the girl to go out to play. Evidently the little girl ran across the skunk again and in her excitement kicked the animul which bit her on the ankle. The girl fled from the wash house, where she had found the skunk, and shut the door keeping the skunk inside where Mr. Vinaas made short work of killing it. -PAGE SEVEN In the meantime the mother took the child to a doctor where a shot was given against rabies. Five Fined Locally In Justice Courts Five fines were handed out, four by Justice J. B. Johnston, and one by Mayor Frank Kohl, over the past few days. CAT K. D. JAMES I The mayor fined James B. Thorn $10 and costs on a charge of drunkenness, last Wednesday. In Justice Johnston's court, Campbell Humphrey was fined $2.50 and costs for exceeding the 20-mile speed limit, Agnes Bro-> phy was fined $5 and costs for going through a stop sign, Geo. Krieps of Wesley was fined $2.50 and costs on the same charge, and James H. Potter was fined the same on an arterial violation. In Justice Delia Welter's court, overload cases were also heard with Loren J. Brown, Droessler Bros., Earl Lauritzen and Louie E. Miller as defendants. LEGAL BLANKS, desk blotters, adding machine rolls, stamjJ pads. The Algona Upper Deii •Moines, 9 No. Dodge St. 4 BIG DAYS! WEDS., THURS., FRI'SAT. Taylor Implement Co See This Now at Taylor Implement! FROZEN FOOD Farm and Home Unit Brand-new home freezer units—ample size .sharp freeze compartment and large, spacious 15 cu. ft. deep freeze compartment—all in one beautifully made unit by "American!" Drop in and see this! New Merchandise At Taylor Implement Murry Power Mowers With Motors ^ See Our Pempn«tratiph! 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