Bluefield Daily Telegraph from Bluefield, West Virginia on January 20, 1925 · Page 2
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Bluefield Daily Telegraph from Bluefield, West Virginia · Page 2

Bluefield, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1925
Page 2
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Page Two. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, Bluefield, W. Va. City and Coalfield Short Items Cltf Conl Co„ Phona 1550. Pocahontas, Cienulno Haven Rod Ash atid Mohawk Scrn !-9mokel<;33 . Lump, Egg, Nut and Mine nun. Reasonable Prices and promp* service. Every load correctly weighed. Concrete Garden Furniture We make flower boxes, pedestals, bird baths, lawn benches oJf ornamental concrete. See us about prices and styles. Sec window display on Bland street opposite the postoiTice. Limestone Product Co. Phone 296. —•— For Kent Five room flat, corner Bland and North streets, hot water heat. Janitor service. Phone 741. Mercer Cowl Compnny For Coal—Good Coal—Best Prices. Call G. I. Smith, Manager. 6t •*-••"• Bowers Conl Co., Phone 106 or 226S We are running a special on red ash coal hiniti and mine run for the next couple weeks but handle nil grades, give us your order and full tons with service Is due you. j Ladies Penntj Pnrlor. in t!ie West Virpinian barber shon. Tint'tg ' -• 1 Henna packs, a specialty. Funeral of Colored Man. The. funeral service of Joseph C. Scott, colored, whose death occurred Snlui-day evening, will be held at the Scott Street Baptist Church today at 2 o'clock. The service will be in charge of the iN'orthlolk Brair:h of Odd Fellows and members of the city lodge are invited. Rev. P. II. James will officiate. Escaping (3ns Fumes Ignited City firemen received a call to Lee street. Sunday afternoon, when a back fire of the motor in the Mercer Funeral Home's new ambulance set fire to the escaping gas times. No damage was done to the ambulance. Fines Toliil f?24 (T*~ Fines assessed in the <A y police court last night totalled *2<tl). E. A. Thompson, charged with possession of liquor, was fined $100 and given thirty days in jail, tw». drinks drew $25 each, and five speeuers netted the city a total of $90. Jiotlcc! The annual meeting of Klkhorn Hazard Coal Co. will be held in the office of the company at Bluefield, W. Va., on Saturday, January 24, 1925, at 2 o'clock p. m. Secretary Hold on Whiskey Charge Bud Johnson, colored, was arrested Sunday night In the west end of the city, charged with having six gallons , of moonshine whiskey in his nosses- (Signed): C B. Hell, ( slon. He was arrested by the police. fit Notice to (he Public: This is notice to the 'public that I will not be responsible for any checks issued or debts contracted for in my name by any person other ! Southern than myself. (Signed) r Joseph P. Shelton. t- a. w~2t. Piny House Cafe Under new management. Mr. Chas. K*ESOS, of Cincinnati, a real up-to- c/4te restaurant man. A real place to get something good to eat. Don't forget when in Pocahontas to give us a trial. Play House Cafe, Pocahontas, Va. HOME COOKING Served in a Home-Like Way. Prices Reasonable. ROOMS. Phone 329. 30 ROGERS ST. Trial has not yet been arranged -for Johnson, and he is being held prisoner in the city jail. • (Jns Assured for West Illuefleld. Walter WhctBtone, president, of tho (las & Power Corporation GAS ON STOMACH WONT LET YOU SLEEP and F. W. Lawrence, mar.ager operating department nf Sanderson & I-oter, engineers, have approved tin- extention of the gas mains of ttu Bluefield (las & Power Company, West Bluefield. Va. C. K. Reese, manager of the Bluefield Company sfnteo thai the main on Lynn Street would be replaced with a larger main ant tied into the Bluefield avenue Iln* which will be extended to the siatts line. From this main line latternis will be run on those streets in Wesi Bluefield where the canvass now in progress shows gas service Is warned. BRITISH PROPOSAL IS NOT_ACCEPTRBLE Imperils Success of International Opium Conference, So Stephen G. Porter, Head of American Delegation Says. BiTTERLY DENIES D YNAMiTE_GH A R G E Roy Patrick Held in Marion Jail Without Bond, Accused of Responsibility for Saltville Dam Disaster Xmas Eve. HARRY F. JONES, ACCOUNTANT and AUDITOR fijrstems— Tax Service—Audit* 117 Brndmana Bulldiuy Fauns SOW. Oas pressing on heart and other organs sometimes causes a restless, nervous feeling and prevents sleep, /dlerika h"lns any case gas on the stomach, unless due to deep-seated, causes. The QUICK action will surprise you. Because Adlerika is such n excellent intestinal evacuant it is wonderful for constipation—it often works in one hour and never gripes. Tho White Pharmacy and Central Pharmacy. In Princeton by Ulce Drug Co. I ATKINS Says What about that Photo you promised your friend for Christmas? Come to Atkins and have them made on Aran's or Buff Silk (paper). Studio 239 Princeton Avenue PHONE 13«6 Come Today—He Will Please You (DR. N. M. COUNTS DENTIST Office tnHonaker IJept, 8lore Bid* FEDERAL STREET Opposite Law ana Commerce Bldf, P110NK 3190 DR. WM. H. CARR OSTEOPATH Specially la Dlignoats and Treatment By Electronic Reaction of Abram* 406 Coal A Coke BuUdiay BLUEFIELD. W. VA. Office Fhoud 962. Ben. Phone C4S IT'S A TREAT For your Breakfast Pure Country Sausage and old fashioned buckwheat cakes with coffee— 35c The Altamont Cafeteria. Oeneva, Jan. 1ft. ((/P))—Stephen G. Porter, head *of the American delegation, tonight declared the British proposal submitted by Lord Cecil today at tho reopening of the International opium conference, as a possible solution for the far eastern opium problem to be "quite unacceptable." This problem is one of bringing about the gradual suppression of opium smuggling in the Tar east in fulfilment of the terms of the famous Hague opium convention. The United States wants opium smoking stopped entirely within ten years. Great Hrltaln, through Lord Cecil, announced she stands ready to stop it In fifteen years, but upon a condition. And it is the condition to which Mr. Porter takes exception and which seemed tonight to Imperil the success of the present conference. Great Britain's condition is that the fifteen years will begin to run only on tho time when. China shall have suppressed her growth of opium to that stage which will remove the dan ger of opium smuggling from China into olhor far eastern territories. The American position is that danger of crime generally may be always said to exist; hence, tho likelihood the danger of the crime of smuggling may continue to exist indefinitely, thus postponing forever the inauguration of the British suggestion. Mr. Porter explained his dissatisfaction was not alone confined to the opium smoking problem, but extended as well to the committee recom- endations concerning cocaine and the establishment of a board for the control of narcotic drugs. | Next to the presentation of the :British suggestion, the outstanding feature of today's session was the .lining up of Great Britain, Frnnce land Holland against tho American motion to resume the work of the first opium conference and thereby take up at the present conference the question of opium smoking. Lord Cecil, M., Dalndier and Dr. Loudon all declared the first conference alone was entitled to discuss opium smoking. That conference has concluded its labors, but no power has signed the convention drawn up by it. Lord Cecil, however, coupled his disavowal of the present conference's incompe­ tency by introducing the new British declaration on the opium smoking question, and British spokesmen explained tonight Lord Cecil's idea is the suggestion might be added as a protocol to the convention elaborated by tho first conference, which was restricted to countries having far eastern possessions. Hawkins Undertaking Company Largest, oldest and moat mod- cm Undertaking Establishment la Eoutheru West VlrclaU Motto: SERVICE ii Bland St POODS DR. N. E. RIERSON DENTIST Twenty.One Tear* In Blaefleli) ' iray oasu ami aa.iil£ the Difference rprer or Tower Set Teefs $20.00 Extracting $1.00 PHONE 417 413 Princeton Avenue 'My Mother's Wedding Ring Game From THE HENRY RODGIN COMPANY Jewelers Since 1902. Mercer Funeral Home 410 Bland Street A MODEltN FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Phone 128 Harry L. Greenspon Merchandising Ideas .Phone 2009. (Ivertising Ada Written Bradmann Bldg. DR. J. B. EADES OSTEOPATHIC Physician and Specialist stayer Building JJLUEKIELD. W. VA. I'ko-ie IMS, lltt. Phone nil JAMES STOTT PIANO TUNER Moaabtr National Association U#*v« orders at Grand Piano Co, (U • Bradmaaa Bid*. Phons 2157. Residence Phone 1500. Twenty Years Experience Radio Concert Every Evening 8 to 11 P. M. Everybody Invited! Hall Radio Supply Go. Bradmann Bonding. Women who shop with an eye to thrift watch for events like this and take advantage of the savings. Big sale of cooking utensils of every description today at M. G. Whitlow Hardware Co. JANUARY TERM FEDERAL COURT TO OPEN TODAY The regular January terms of the United States court for the southern district of West Virginia will convene in Bluefield this morning at 10 o'clock, which Judge George W. Rtc- Cllntic 1B presiding. Ira II. Mottershend, clerk of the court, accompanied by several deputy clerks and stenographers, arrived yesterday and put in tho day at the federal building shaping the docket for the spelling today. Judge Mc- Cllutlc, the attorneys and other court attaches, will arrive in Bluetleld this morning on train No, 4. The hotels of the city last night took on a congested appearance. Jurors who hnvo been summoned for this term, witnesses and numerguB officers had made their way to the city so ns to be on time when court was opened this morning. Considerable interest was shown here yesterday in the reports from Marion,, Vn., to the effect Roy Patrick, aged twenty-seven years, was being held in the Marlon jail without bond on a charge of being responsible for the collapse of the muck dam at Saltville, Christmas eve in which eighteen persons perish. Patrick was arrested Saturday morning, at Saltville, and is said to bitterly deny the charge and claims he will be able to prove an alibi, according to reports received here. He is married and has two children. The authorities declare they have evidence that lends them to believe Patrick used several sticks of dynamite to dislodge the mountain of lino muck stored in the huge dam back of ilie town of Saltville. It is alleged ho made threats against the Mathleson Alkali Work because of failure to get employment'there. Heports from tho jail at Marlon last night said that the prisoner was held on the second floor.of the jail and carefully guarded. Threats against Patrick are said to have been heard at Chilhowic and one or two other places Saturday night but it 1B now believed that there is no further probability of violence. .Evidence not disclosed in detail by the officials is said to indicate that several sticks of dynamite were discharged on tho dam about 8:30 o'clock on the night of December 24, while n number*of families in the little valley underneath t)jp brow of the dam were joyfullv making preparations for ChrlstmaB. An hour or so later thousands of tons of lime refuse poured from its moorings engulfing a wide expanse in the river bottom and sweeping human beings, homes and outbuildings into the Northfork of the Holston rT>ar nearby. It is said that suspicion first rested on Patrick when several persons recalled having >rard him make threats against the Alkali Works. Patrick declares tho charge is the result of anmosity of persons who "have it in for htm." He is rehement in. his denial of guilt. , Patrick has recently been working at North Holston, Va. His father re sides at Plasterco. The arrest of the young man has caused a sensation in Saltville and that vicinity. It was revealed yesterday that many persons there have been of the Im- .pression that tho disaster possibly has its inception in the mind of a vicious character who songbt means to wreck the vengeance for a fancied wrong. The fact that the collapse of the dam appeared to be timed for Christmas gave strength to this conjecture In the minds of many. As soon as Patrick was arrested the officers deemed it the better part of wisdom to remove him to Saltville. There has been no sign ot attempted violence in Saltville, however, and none is looked for. No effort will be sflared to make a thorough investigation of the case. It is also expected that careful inquiry will be made into reports that Patrick possessed a quantity of dynamite on the night of the disaster. KIWIS CLUB TD'LIOUOR 1ST STAGE AUTO S Will Seek to Raise Funds to Carry on Its Work for Underprivileged Child—Fine Musical Program Enjoyed. In order to secure funds to earn- on its work for the under privilagcd child, the Kiwanls Club of Muefiela during the last week of February will stage an automobile show, it was announced yesterday at the weekly luncheon of the club. Clarence E. Ridley, chairman of the committee on arrangements, announced at the meeting the' place rov the show lias been secured, six or eight local dealers have declared In favor of it and are willing to come in and the other two have not yet been seen. Several committees were named yesterday to formulate plans for the show, the details of which will be given at a later date. In calling upon tho chairman for the report Monday, President Ken. drlck in a few words referred to the work of Ki.wanis this year. He o<v clared the people of Dluefield will not judge tho club this year as to what they say but as to what thej will really do In the community. O. W. Evans presented to Russell S. Ritz, a stiver pencil, which was given ns the attendance prize for lasi month. Mr. Ritz was captain of the team showir.g the best attendance. The club enjoyed a very fine must- cal program and a short address of Edwin C. Wade, member of the Bluo- field Rotary Club, and superintendent of schools of Beaver Pond district. Mr. Wade talked upon a subject which was of considerable interest to the Kiwanis Club, as it was a matter in which they had interested themselves several months ago—that ot naming new schools in Bluefield rot heroes of the late war. Such a request had been made of the board of education by the Kt- wanis Club shortly before the completion of the Preston street graded school. Mr. Wade advised the ctun the board had considered the matter, but was unable to agree upon-a name. It was now preparing to erect another school which would be made a INTO tm\m Jim Perdue and Green Johnson, Arrested in Raid in Glen Lyn Neighborhood. Are Pris oners in Tazewell Jail. PISO'S • ' /"'Coughs Quick Relief! A pfeasan t effcrttre syrup. 35c and 60c ita» And externally, use PISO'S Throat and Chut Salve. 35c AVost Virginia and Virginia prohi­ biten agents again raided the Glen Lyn neighborhood Sunday and arrested Jim Perdue and Green Johnson, charged with the possession of liquor. Perdue, the alleged head of a notorious gang of rum-runners from the border section of Mercer and Giles counties, was arrested for the fifth time on a liquor charge. This time ho was tnken by federal prohibition agon 't>. One of two sacks of liqu#r said to have been thrown in New- River by Pen'|), and Johnson as the officers rushed them was fished out. Yesterdny Perdue and Johnson were taken to Tazewell and arraigned before Commissioner H. G. McCall. They were held for the United States court at Big Stone Gap, Va., under bonds in the sum of $500 each. Late yesterday they had not arranged bond and were being held in the Tazewell county jail. The officers making the raid were Short and McGlothin, of th e Virginia federal prohibition department; Federal Agent R. h, Taylor and State Officer Watkins. of Bluefield, and State Officers Easter and Shepperd, of Charleston. SHOT SUE Mrs. Mary Martinez Arrested After a Sensational Taxicab Chase and Mrs. Anna Per mentee Is in Hospital. BRIDGE AUTHORIZED OVER OHIO RIVER AT HUNTINGTON Washington, Jan. 19. VP)— The house today passed and sent to tho senate a bill which would authorize construction of a bridge across the Ohio river at Huntington, W. Vn. Chest sore ? Relieve the congestion this way You can break up that congestion without tiresome rubbing with messy greases. Use Sloan's. Its stimulating effect on the circulation does the work. Relief is immediate and positive. It will notstain. All druggists—35 cents. Sloans Liniment —kills pain! New York, Jan. 19.—After a taxicab chase of almost a mile down memorial to not only dead but theiEighth avenue tonight, detectives ar- Whatever you do today, take time to come in and see tho wonderful values in aluminum ware and other cooking utensils at M. G. Whitlow Hardware Co. DOOMED BY JURY OF Two Men Tell of Being Rescued From Death in Waters of the Hudson, by So-Called King of Bootleggers. SICK WOME OF MIDDLE AG Can Be Carried Comfortably Ove? The Critical Period by Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound —Note Mrs, Headden's Case - Investigate Our Terms. R. L« MORRIS Contractor and Builder. Bluafield, W. Va. KENT & KENT, Chiropractors. The New Radio Treatment, Cur. North »ud JeBersoa St. Office Hour* 8 A. V. to 10 P. M. Macon.Georgia.—"During tho Chanee of Life I suffered with my whole right aide ana could not lie on my left aide. I was in bed about two months and could not get up only aa my son would lift me. Afterdoctoringwith- out relief a man who waa rooming with us toldmysonthatLydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoundcured his mother at tho Change of Life, so I began taking your medicine. After taking it for two weeks I could get out 1 of my bed by myself. I am now 53 j years old and in better health and I stronger than ever in my life. I have recommended the Vegetable Compound to many suffering women, young and old, and you may uso my name anywhere as long as you please. I will be glad to answer any letters sent to me." —Mrs. P. B. HEADDEN, 6 Hplt Avenue, Macon Georgia. ^ In a recent countrywide canvass of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, over 200,000replies were received and 98 out of every 100 reported they bad been benefited by its use. For sale by druggists everywhere. Jersey City, N. J., Jan. 19. VP). — Two Weehawken men told in court here today of a "bootleggers' trial" in which they were sentence to. death by a "jury" of alleged rum runners, and of being rescued by the socalled "king pf the bootleggers" as they were about to tte thrown into the Hudson river. The men, Thomas Heagney, a fireman, and John Dorsey, were witnesses in the trial of twelve Hudson county men on indictment.? for conspiracy to violate the prohibition law. Those under indictment arn William Griffin, Jersey City broker, alleged lender of the gang; Police Commissioner Hurry J. Stearns, of Weehawken; Captain McXaniee, of the Hudson county police, and two nontenants and seven patrolmen of the Waahaw- ken police. Ileagney told the jury today with Dorsey ho went to the foot ot Baldwin avenue, Weehawken, on the night of August 27 last. Several trucks were there Heaguey said, loading up with what appeared to be cases of liquor. The next nlgUt Ileagney said he went to Weehawkeu police headquarters with Dorsey to complain against rum running. Lieutenant Kolling, one of the defendants, was at the desk and refused to eut/>rtain the complaint, chasing tho two men out of tho building, Ileagney testified. As they were about to drive away Heugney went on, u stranger Jumped on the running board of their automobile. They stopped the car only to find themselves looking down the •barrel of a revolver, the witness related, and ut point of this revolver they werji taken back to the doors where they underwent a "bootleggers' trial." Relng found guilty they were sentenced to drowning. They wero taken were taken to the bank of the river, he said, but there u -man he "believed" was Griffin put a ston to the violence and let the two men go. Dorjiey'B Btory was substantially the same. The leader of the gang told him, Dorsey said that It was all right because he was "seeing Steams." This loader, Dorsey testified, "looked u lot like" Griftiu. The trial will re resumed tomorrow, morning. living heroes of the World War from this district. Some of the contemplated plans of the proposed structure were disclosed by Mr. Wade. The musical program was furnished by Miss Mattie Bowling, ot Princeton, and Miss Virginia Hancock ,of Appomatox, Va. Miss Bowling, who is quite an accomplished violinist, rendered a very beautiful number, and was accompanied at the piano by James Elmer Brown. Mrs. Hancock, who has an unusually ;.weet voice san& and responded to an encore. In the latter number she was accompanied on the violin by Miss Bowling and on the piano by Mr. Brown. Visitors to the club included E. C. rested Mrs. Mary Martinez, who a few minutes earlier had shot live times Mrs. Anna Permentee, who wds sitting in an automobile in front of the Pennsylvania railroad station with Mrs. Martinez' husband, Louis. Mrs. Permentee, wounded in the head, breast and back, was taken to a hospital in a critical condition. Louis Martinez was arrested at the scene of the shooting. According to police, Mrs. Martinez tired after the other woman had taunted her with her inability to hold her "husband. Martinez was not wounded. Police said Mrs. Martinez, who is the mother of two young children, ,„ , ,.. . , „ , .told them Mrs. Permentee would call Wade, Miss Virginia Hancock, Miss !her on the telephone after being with Maftle Bowling. Lion Guy L. Purrjher husband and recount all the do- and Mrs. Furr and R. W. Robinson 'Ladies—Don't forget the big aluminum ware sale at W. G. Whitlow Co.'s today.. MAKING THOROUGH OF SALTVILLE Bristol, Va., Jan. 19 (JP).— Authorities of Saltville, Va., are making a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the muck dam there on Christmas eve and of the movements on that night of Roy Patrick, twenty-seven, arrested in connection with the disa% ter which cost .the lives of nineteen persons.- Results of the investigation will be laid before the grand jury which convenes next month. Meanwhile Patrick is being held without bond lit jail at Marlon, Va. BICYCLE BANDITS Belfast, Jan. 10 VP).— Three young men on bicycles rode into tho market town of Fethard county Tippevary, today, donned masks and held up the Provincial Bank taking away many thousards ot pounds. husband and recount all the de tails of their meeting. Mrs. Martinez told police, they^gaid, when she saw Mrs. Permentee enter !her husband's automobile tonight jafter she had followed him frdm UQAnr (their home in a taxicab, she begged rnUBt the woman to leave her husband. She niCACTCR sai(1 tnat when Mrs. Permentee UloHOl EOlsiammcd the side window of tho car in her face and motioned to Martinez to drive on she fired five shots into the car. Rheumatism News that should bring thousands ot thrifty shoppers to this store today. Big sale of aluminum, enamel and hallow ware today at M. G. Whitlow Hardware Co. Fine for Lumbago Musterole drives pain away and brings in its place delicious, soothing comfort. Just rub it in gently. It it a clean, white ointment, made with oil of mustard. It will not blister like the old -fashioned mustard plaster. To Mot her»: Musterole is also made in milder form for babies and small children. Ask for Children 's Musterole. S5 fc 65c in jars fli tubes '.hospital size, $3. BETTER THAN A MUSTARD PLASTER -for Weddings -for Birthdays -for Anniversaries. Diamond Rings of Lasting Charm and value. Payments as low as 50c Week. HOME Jewelry Co. Old St. Luke^s Bldg. E. F. McKinney, Watch Maker. P OLITEST RULES ARC H£I*£ CBtVED ON-TIME DELIVERIES A« MADE R I GMT PRICES •COMPETITION IN " THIS TRADE! THE PORK. PURCHASED AT THIS MARKET is selected from the finest stock ever fed for the purpose of furnishing a luscious meal to particular people. Its quality matches the other superior cuts of meats to be found in this establishment. RYAN GROCERY CO., No. 17 Bluefield Ave. Phones: 51 and 1574. "Good-bye old crutch!" T HERE IS positively no longer any excuse for suffering the agonies | of rheumatism! Especially in the , autumn of your life, when the vital , organs weaken, Impurities multiply ! find linger in the muscles and joints, as never before. It is now* just now, ' when you cannot afford to guess. No day returns! 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