The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 7
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\yEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE 8EVB1 CLASSMED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per iine .for consccu- ^vc insecllons; One lime per line Hie Two times pec lino |jcr dtiy .. .OSc- Three times per line per day ..OCe Six limes per line iwr day ... ,05c Month rate per line GOc Cuds of Thanks 50c & ' j Minimum charge 50o .Ails ordered for Hirec or six , and stopped before cxpira- _(lon will Ijc charged for the nuni- of times the aud appeared ami uujiiEtniciH of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted hy persons residing outside of the city mast bo accompanied by cnsh. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. . No responsibility will he taken for inoro Uian .one Incorrect insertion of any-classified ad: Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S IN CAFE Good Food at' Good Price: All Kinds 9oa Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARKJX •IJAILEY'S Holland, J[o. Phones H-F-i & 878 For Rent 3 V room furnished apartment. 8115'. W. Ash: Phone 367-W. 8-ck-tf Furnished room entering into bath. Call 036, 818 Chickasawba. 8-it,v<la FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia 4 room house for rent.. Sec Hurry Atkins at Noble Hotel uttlc Shop. 8-ck-ll Modern :t room apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Comer Main rmd 2nd. Also business build- next to Kroner Store. P. Simon, Phone 7IM. 3-ck-tI DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished apartments. Private baths, call 280. 2ii-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom, 1017 Wal- iitit. G'rtll 10?. 19-ck-U Comfortable bedroom for gentleman. Phone 277-j. Cnll nt C25 W. Main. n-ck-3-17 Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. Convenient to bath. Call 500. 15-clc-3-15 Nicely furnished steamlie/itcd bctl- vooni. 003 W. Main, call CM.' M-ck-3-14 One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Steniberg, 084. 1209 Holly. 2B-Ck-2-28 For Sale Coal My Coal Is BlacV But J Treat You While, LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan niyilicvillc, Ark. Phone 107 Radio Service fiXPERT~R'ADIQ~SERVICB ., Complete, Line Of PARTS, TUBES, Hardaway Appliance Co. Main HENRY VVERNKIl 5(h - . I'lione ~SJ Personal •'OR SALE—12 (jooil younK mules. cash or lemis, C. H. Whistle. G niles soutli of HosclnnU. 8-pk-4-8 Gl S A V V. The Top.of Yimr >'nriilliu'e With Glass All (Ic.sluns cut <Sc llntshed. CALI, US ntyllicvtllu I'alnl & Wallpnprr <;:> »'ii> in H. siid Wanted iniM'krrjjcr, vviijlo. imrm-umbtml wonmn, ;ij'c about -15. Must be mcl c.-'iik and Imvo cxpi vH'nce vvilh rhildron. A wowlerjiil home lor Ihr \vomim wli C':ill 55V ailci n i>, Good flooring ami lumber cheap. Mrs. Henry Rcidman. !5-|)k-3-15 Burke Hardware nxtures for sale. Bax "B", Courier News. . , 14-ck-3-14 Hay—Soybeans— Outs . Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor. Work. See W. L. Tale, /iritiorel, Ark. Coj.'iplele 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loose leaf binder. Call 230 or 192. 15-fn-fa Cedar Posts, 12Me each. Jeff M. Jones, Rt. 2, SmilhviUe, Ark. folder wllli :! keys. Oivii er can luivo same by pnyltii; cosl of Mils ad. Black leulhcr key holder ccnlaln- <ntp key. Owner cnn have) sni.ue hy paylnjj' cosl of this ml. Courier Wows, Melnl key liny with 13 keys7i''mTiid near Hi(;li school. Owner cnn have tame by pnyhijj cost of this nd. 'Miss Clarice says will you come bnck anil pick her up in half an hour, Jolm? She has io stay in for throwin* spit-balls." I'nllce DETROIT (UP) Versatile Repairing chairs lik-iilifies I.usl lio> NEW OKLEANS 1U1') — T-.vo- broken by hefty precinct, onicer.s is i year-old Rex Busang's ,ui-n., an Important duty of one division I he learned in his hour of need, was of the Detroit Police Department. I Kenny the Roanicr, his do;;. Losi The 26 men in the division, mem- in a maze of unfamiliar streets' 22 bers cf the construction and main- blocks'from home and unaulc to lenance crew, are culled on to repair everything from window ventilators to drinking the dog pound. Found NOT 1,0 K _.lU'i't; U-sliiincuUii'y on the Ks- (iitc of ptlo liiwtbcrry, dcccn.sod, were Bnni)c<l, In Ihn umlci.-lnncd on Ihi' Hth day of Juvnuuy.' 193«, by (he Piouale Court of., the fhlckiisiiwbir Ulslrlcl. of MLsslssip- |)l Counly, Arknijsn.s. AH persons li ivy live ...rliilniR ii^iilusl fidd cslutc 1 uro rcq'uirrd Io I'xhlliil them properly iiiillicnll- nileil for nlluwanvc to thu, under, signed a« I'XL'cutrix of Mili^eslulo before Ihe rnd of one yarn from Iho dale of the f.rnnting of the ....,,„ ,,,.„„ letlerr, exmitorshlp upon snld es- oan (imilify. l"lc, nnd l( such eltilms bn nol ™ It-nli-lSi l>rtwn(ed they will be forever bur- 1 red. The- rcmo/.lii, .n bird of the British ^les,' InilUIs u Jim-shaped nest uf.cotton nml rfccii down. Thu slnidwe is wovcrt so flnely tiial FOWLKR DRUG CO DtUJGtflST Main Ar, M , ., ... , JFhojui, ill HRADUbUillY, Kxceiilrix of Ihp Will of Olio . Jlrmlbi'rry, Dccoiseit, l!i'id «s Kvnwl, Allys. KOOIH and Board Slciim hi-atcd room vvllh u'oavil 803 \V. Asli, iilione 151. Nicely fiinilshcil VOUHIK. [ioiird if desired. 1'lioM OO'J. 112 13. Cllcr- ''>'• aU-ck-3-il! S K 10,1) S Melil Hcqds,. All V....M.V.,, Oats, Soybeans. U-siwWa, rtiruHn. Any QnnnUly, W|iolc.ytln ^j, l^ctnlt W. (j. n'KKVfe. io. U.K. Ht. Hlylhevllle, Ark. I'lione 055&500- ; I3CO , Arlt«»sn «nd Mlsaowt, wcnt rnlvs—toweifi : cspeow 1 7 . Also ^clly propcMlo -. 1)ON If. KASSEKMAN llionras Lnnil Co, Ofilcf P. O. BOX 170, phoiia 517. HemprrhoidEs-Piles CURED \ViTHOUT SUKGBIIY & GUAUANTKlSU Safe, sure nnd wllh lf*i dhcoroJor)'. All dlwnsca anrt ciinilllinui of nervou.i orlflu, foift ailments nnil >bin cancers (rented and cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES , And Smiill Down Payment ' (JKNUJNK fluto Radio , ol>ors ,yoil 8linra|itced BelC(!l-0-M:iUc Tun- Ing. Pivsli.n biiUou find there's your sliilion. Come In today! ' See nnd Hour this .Kcniiiillomil new indlo. , You loo will w»ul one on your cm 1 . Aiito St Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVKOIGT CO. 301 Walnut I'lunic. liH t resombie's fell. 1 '.S, fiiurpic A-ACPI WELOI AT; PEST ?RIC jj PROMPT SERyK!B t BarksdslcMfg.Co. Dts, jfei & Wai OPTOMETRISTS Ovir Juo Isaacs' Store ' "1VK MAKK 'EM SKI" t'liono MO J.C.EVANS , Box. fl(M JDythcvlllc, Ark. Wstrlcl JMunascr, M. '1'ltUS'i' KCNO Sponsored By Humillon Pt|)osltoni Corp, Scrvic6 Station and Cafe All l.i'jullii* Ilntiuta of licer, Wlilskuy, Wluc, Gins Ami Cordials v Coal _ !(.,,, _ g, _ ( ;'r.iliis r.s CG GAS 2 |)lr. arm or fl.15 per Carlou 24 Hour Service IMV. Cl. ,1'liqne 17 ilollrtiiil, Mo.' No* Lociitcii nt 101 Na'riu Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU • WON KDWARDS, Projirlcti* Catcnlntors—IlcpnlrliiB—J'arin—KilibonH All makes o( Rebuilt' Typewriters, Addlni Machlnri' ao< Calculators—Kqialrlni;—1'arls—UlhbojVs Batteries lUTTEftV' SERVICE J. Ben Gune Phono 8 at. Tom Jackson's Lost : Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Relieves blUoiunesA. conatlpsl'.on • «nd by«<JacheB.. Active Liver I'illa get &t thp real c&DHO , o( jour KliiKgiAbnefca anil make you feel like a new peraon. J(id »our ByBtem of lurplua poiioni *ilh AttiTc Liver Pills. Bunclcsi, s»n"»Hold at «ll Kirby finis Slorci. 1-pair" of Glasses in a blue case. Please return to Courier News 8-rt.vda MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. Nc'.v Ostrex .Tonic Tablela contain raw oyster invlgoralors and other stimulants. One dose starts :ie\v l)e[). Value $1.00. Special:price 89c. Call, wrlle Kirby Bros. Drug Store For Trade Will tratlc new.;electric .razor foi revolver or automatic uislol, Call or see Ernie Robertson, Mai tin Oi' Co.. Stcele, Mo. 8-pk-ll Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blylhevillc-, Ark., H.W. Bl North, Phone 74'2 French Chemist ; HORIZONTAL il.SCo-discovcrcr. oC radium. 31 Unoccupied. f" 12 Knormous. ^ 13 Loom slackening bau 15 E'cncc liar. '16 Skillet. 117 Sun god. HB Tennis lencc. .20 Bone. 21 Side bone, 22 Townrd. 24 Southeast. 2S,r.nrson. 27 Wilhqut. 20 God of love.' '31 To combine. 3'1 Narralivc , : poem. 3.6 To soak flax. Answer to .Previous, ruizle ' 4R To bavk.. 50 To mention. 51 Foot, lever. 03 Dov.-er properly. 55 Knnve'of clubs. ,37 To lengthen in 56 To ventilate.' . , time. . • 57 Anything : 39 Tough, tree. slcepcd. 40 Nolc in scale. S3 Rowing too!. ! 41 Billiard rod. OlHc v:us a ,/ 42 Spigot. € H Myself. I M3 T,> decay. « Energy. f;impii5 French — C2 His wife • aided him. VERTICAL 13.H1B. 2 Thoughts. 3 Enthusiasm. 4 Thing. ."i To delight. 7 Pulpy fruit. 8 Shower. 5 Smalt islands. 10 And. U Ireland. 15 Polynesian chestnut. " 16 His married - life was one of great — : —. 19 He was a part time . 21 Owns. 23 JJnil. 25 Folding beef. 26 He was —— by a drnv. 27 Dispatched. 28 Mineral spring. 3D Pol lugucsc' coin. 32NcR;ilive. 311 Preposition. 35 Distinctive Iheory. 37 To deposit. 33 Merry. •11 Demure. 43 Writing tablet. •15 Branches. •16 Fairy. '•17 Elapsed. •I!) Needy. 50 Membranous bag. 51 Ciivily. 52 Uchold. 54 Monkey. 55 Postscript. 56 Form of "a." 58 Afternoon. 6DiMus.ic3l.nplc. Rive policemen.. nis name, rtcx wis .. "rescued", by.. the. dog. which in lien Osltopathln riiyslrlatu Phone 08 . of a langiingu exhibited u license la» to furnish a clew. Kvcn Ihn liosi l,iiid I'laiiK — OAV/(F. C '' MO>J ' OOO1 - A '-LET'5 VOIJ'RE 60WMA\^ ' IT RECRUITS ^f TAID OOP OUER- f A ^,S 7 C1 ,1 WOME OF EEWVS THROW FPMV ^ 1 CAUGHT.WE1L ,,CBO\AJO ARE WHERE WEHAFTA V MAKB IT * JOW - / ^E'LL BE ALL RIGHT. vouve.oMLV wo SEMTRVLL SPOT EEMV BE WILD irp'W SHE KMEVV WHAT OOOLA AM' ROOTS AND HER .;•• BY ISDGAll MARTIN •~Y\ ZUftl. 1938 BY NE» SERVICE, iri'c' 'T.'M. BEC. U. S: PAT Off WASH TUBRS They Cnn'l Insult \V;ish ., raur KY ROYCRANE X'SO XT'S WOT GIRLS,TH1NKA' THIS 15 MY OLD BUDDY , BEFORE MEETING GOZY, NOTED SOLDIEB MY DEAR I w\S SIMPLY ME, EH? A DW^RF! A FORTUME.XM AD ABOUT HUA, JUST FOR THAT. I'LL JOIN TH' NMlSH REUOLUTIOM MJ'GET WUEO-I'LL SHOW 'EM.' A Ward t» (he \ . WEE HEKO THWKS HE'S QUITE . \VJITH THE LADIES, THE LOVEuY PE3UTANTE5 AtL= AS THICK. A6.fl-E.\S.Mlp, 0\], MOW HAPW HE\S,'l® ' FUECKLKS " j KIND OF LOOKS LIKE? SOMEONE'S f CUTTWG IN OM YOUR TF.RKITOft.Y / UNLESS MY GLASSES ARE FCC6EO, THERE GOES YOUR GIRL.' . (' JUNE WAYM AN! Y WITH A SWELL CAR Ul WHO'S SHE / LIKE THAT, IT DOESNT R10INS WITH /\ MATTER WHO HE FSC P ,_S V HE ' S COMPETITION) )N v ANY LEAGUE// ir^t /; <r DO660NE IT/ JU5T .WHEN I FIND A GIRL. WHO UNDERSTANDS ME, SOME GUV MAS "!O COME ALON<5 AMD CUT IN.' " OUGKTA PULL HIM RIGHT OUT OF THAT CAR / (Lm BY MERRILL ISLOSSEK f BETTER NOT TRY lls UMTIL YOU FIND OUT al H.OW MUCH THERE is OF HIM AMD now TALL HE WEIGHS ' I DID THAT OMCE? AMP BIT OFP MORE •rf.'AN I COULD CHOOSE.'

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