The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1946 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE SIX Wham! Newsprint New $10 A Ton (3PA last wee* raised the price of newsprint another $10 n ton, but refused a decontrol request by newspaper publishers. The increase applies to all newsprint sold for use in the U. S., both domestic and imported. The price is now at $85 a ton. In 1935 the price was $41 a. ton, and rose to $(52 a ton in 1041, then to $68 in 1945. Other price increases were made last year and one July of this year of S7 a ton. in Voylcs In Play Vernon Voylcs or Algona, a freshman at Grinnell Colleso. was a member of the cast for ''Beyond The Years", the centennial play presented at tlic college. Saturday evening, Oct. 1!), as a closing feature of the three-day homecoming. LEGALS ORDINANCE NO. 2f!5 ROLLER SKATIHG RINKS AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE REGULATION OF ROLLER SKATING RINKS. PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION, AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH. BE IT ORDAINED by the- City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Sec. 1. Roller Skating Rink Defined. The term "Roller Skating Rink," for the purposes of this Ordinacc, shall be deemed to mean and include all halls, buildings, open-air amphithe- atres or floors where roller skating is indulged in and at which an admission or fee is charged and where such rullr.r skating is open to the public. Sec. 2. License Required. No person, firm or corporation shall keep, conduct or operate within the Corporate Limits of the City of Algona, Iowa, any roller skating rink as herein defined without first having obtained a license therefor as herein provided. Sec. 3. License Fee. The operator of every roller skating rink shall pay to the City of Algona a license fee in the sum of $10.00 per month for each month of operation, which sum is payable at the Office of the City Clerk each month in advance. A month shall be considered a calendar month, and the. Council may, by proper motion or resolution of record, divide a month into periods with corresponding division of the amount of said license fee. Sec. 4. Issuance of License. Upon payment of such license fee and such other fees as may be required, and upon authorization from the Council, the City Clerk shall issue a license for a period of not exceeding twelve (12) months, and shall issue proper receipts for the payment^ of license, and oilier fees here'- under, and a failure on the part of a licensee to pav any required fee or any installment of the fixed license fee shall cause an automatic revocation of the entire license. Sec. 5. Persons Liable. The owner of the building or place, the licensee thereof, and any person or persons conducting said roller skating rink shall all be equally liable for the payment of license and other fees imposed under this Ordinance. Sec. G. Persons Qualified. No license shall be issued to any person unless and until the Council is satisfied that he or she is a person ol good moral character and a proper person to operate such a roller skating rink. Sec. 7. Waiver. The City Council reserves the right to waive payment of any part or all of any license fee or any in- sUlllment thereof it 1 ' and when the proceeds resulting from the operation of a roller skating rink inure to the sole and exclusive use and benefit of a Veterans' organization, a church or other recognized charity. Sec. fi. Licenses Limited. Determination of the numbi r of licenses to be issued and i.ul.-inrd- ing at any one time shall rest wholly within the discretion of the City Council and such Council may. if it considers such astion to be to the best ink-rests of ilu- citizens of the City of Algurut. by j;esolution of record, limit to any nUmber said licenses or to prohibit entirely all roller skating rinks within the Corporate Limits of the City. Sec. 9. Supervision. The City of Algona shall a* all times have the right to supervise any and all roller skating rinks within the City and to station a police officer, special officer or matron at the roller skating rink so licensed, which agent or repri'S ;n- tative of the City shall have the right to supervise the conduct of any and all persons at such place and to remove any person or persons therefrom. In addition to the license fee above specified, the owner, operator or manager of such roller I skating rink may, at any time, be caused- to pay to the City of I Algona the expense of such nec- forcement of the provisions of this Ordinance, and particularly of this Seectipni and in case of doubt as to his or her action with any particular individual, the decision of the City Police or other Representative with respect thereto shall be final. Sec. 11. Sours. No, roller skating rink shall, remain, open tp the. public, after 1,1:00, o'clock P. M. on any night and, during such times as the Algeria ^Public Schools are open and in operation, such rinks shall not remain opqn after 1,0:00 o'clock P. M, on any night except Friday nights ,'ind Saturday nights* Sec. 12. Penalty. Any person who violates this Ordinance or any of the provisions thereof shall, upon conviction, be fined> not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and shall stand committed to jail until such fine and costs are paid, not exceeding one day for each Three and : One-Third Dollars ($3.33 1/3) of, said fine and costs, but in no event to exceed thirty (30) days. Sec. Hi. Repeal. Ordinance No. 50 of the Ordinaces of the City of Algona is hereby repeal* ed and any and all .Ordinances or parts thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Sec. 14. Enactment. This Or- dinace shall be in force and effect from -and after its passage and publication as provided by law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this 10th clay of October, 1946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk The above Ordinance No. 285 is duly authenticated this 10th sumer has not failed to pay any account or bill due the Department, before the same became .delinquent. . Sec. 4. Repeal. AH ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict, with the provisions of this, ordinance are hereby repealed, j Sec, 5. Enactment. This ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after its passage and publication as provided by law. PASSED, ADOPTED and APPROVED this 10th clay of October, 1046. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, Clerk. The above Ordinance No. 287 is duly authenticated this 10th day of October, 104B. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. (Seal) ADAH CARLSON, Clerk. of October, 1946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. ADAH CARLSON, (Official City Seal) City Clerk. ORDINANCE NO. 287 WATER RATE ORDINANCE AN O R D I N A NX E FIXING WATER RATES AND SERVICE CHARGES FOR WATER SUPPLIED BY THE WAT- ED DEPARTMENT AND REGULATING BILLING. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Sec. 1. Rates and service charges. That the following rates and chargps for water service supplied by the City'Water Department to consumers are hereby f.xied rnd established: Tapping Fee. For tapping water main and installation of water service connection to and including curb box, the sum of $20.00, which sum wi)l be tendered and paid with written application for service, as provided by ordinance. Connection Charge. /The cost of water service connection from curb box to meter as determined under the provisions of the Wat- Department Ordinance, which sum will., be paid before water is turned "iftfo. the service. Waler Supply. All.water furnished by the* Department to consumers will be metercd and the mo'iithly rate to each consumer, '-including State Tax and U. S. Government Tax, shall be as follows: First 2,000 cubic feet, per month, 30 cents per 100 cubic feet Next 2,000 cubic feet, per month, 22 cents per 100 cubic feet Over 4,000 cubic feet, per month, 18 cents per 100 cubic feet Provided, however, that the following -minimum monthly rates will at all times apply: Sixe of Minimum monthly Meter Rates r : s inch $ .05 ••', inch 1.00 1 inch 1.50 i; inch" 2.00 inch inch ., ____ 3-inch: 3.00 5.00 Special (to be fix- essary supervision, not in excess, [ however, of $50.00 per month for each person stationed by the | City at such place, said amounts to be paid with the regular li- pense fee installments. Sec. 10. As<? Limits an.d Char- 3 Over ed by the Council). The above rates shall be applied separately on the consumption of each meter. MeJer Deposit. Each prospective consumer making application for water service shall, with said application, pay to the Department the sum of $5.00 to be retained in the water fund as security for payment of all .sums due or to become due the Department from said consumer. Other Charges. Any and all other charges against a service or a consumer as elsewhere provided by ordinace will be treated and considered as a part of the monthly charges and the right of, water .shut off is reserved to the Department to enforce payment of any and all charges. Sec. 2. Billing. Bills for water service shall be rendered on] or before the 10th of the- month next following the meter reading and. shall be then due and payable and, all bills will be considered delinquent after the 20th of .the month in which- the ORDINANCE NO. 286 WATER DEPARTMENT ORDINANCE AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE CITY WATER DEPARTMENT, ESTABLISHING RULES AND REGULATIONS, PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION AND REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Sec. 1. Control and Supervision. That the Waler Department of the City shall at all times be under the control of the City Council. The Superintendent of Public Works, hereinafter referred to as the Superintendent, will exercise direct management of and supervision over the Water Department under the control of the Council. (C 1946-397.1) Sec. 2. Water Fund. The City Treasurer shall set 'up and keep an account to be known and designated as the Water Fund. All money received from the sale of water works bonds, 'from the collection- of water rents, from taxation for water works purposes, from the sale of material and property connected with the Water Department, fees for tapping water mains, from any appropriation, made- by the Council for the purposes of construction or extension of ..water works or from any source" \yjiatever connected With the management and operation of the water "department, shall be placed in the said Water Fund, and all salaries and other disbursements connected with the management and operation of the Water Department shall bo paid from said fund. The City Clerk will keep records accordingly. Sec. 3. Application. Application for water service connection must be made in writing to the Superintendent, upon forms-prescribed by him by the owner of the premises to be served or his duly authorized agent, or by the prospective user, which application will fully describe the premises to be served, the name' of the owner thereof as well as the name of the user, and set forth the ucs of uses to which the water is to be applied. The application must be accompanied by tender of payment of the required tapping fee and also the r quired meter deposit. The application, when approver', w" constitute a contract binding upon the premises described and upon the user named therein. Sec. 4. Users Contracts. The rules, regulations and water rates set forth in this and other ordinances and as they may hereafter be revised and amended, shall be considered a part of pipe system, within tjie building. All stop cocks on the s'ervl'de like must have round ways Of the same diameter as the pipe and of, a pattern and design approved by the Superintendent, Sec. 8. lndtai)ai}6n. The laying and maintaining' of all majns and of service connections arjd pipes from and including the tapping of thn mam to and including the installation/ of the citib box Shall be donq and made by the Water pepartment, and at its cost, under the direction and supervision, ofi the Sur perintendeht. T.hq. laying and maintaining of all service pipes and connections from '-.he curb box to 'the rtietpr'shall'likewise be done? by the Watfi'f Department but at the expense of the owner of; the premises' or the applicant, which expense w w We the actual cost thereof, labor and material, plus an overhead charge of not exceeding 10% of said actual Cost to Be determined by the Sucrintendent and such cost of laying shall be paid before water is turned on to said service connection. Sec. 9. Specificaiions. Water service pipes hereafter installed shall conform to the following requirements: Minimum size of pipe — % inch. Kind of pipe—(1) For services up to and including IVi inches, copper water service pipe, Government Type K or equivalent shall be used. (2) For 2-inch services either copper water service pipe Government' Type K, or standard Cast Iron pipe Class 150 may be used. (3) For services larger than 2 inches, Standard Cast Iron pipe Class 150 shall be used. Sec. 10. Attachments. That after a service connection ,has been made, no plumber or other perron shall make any attach- m"nt or connection to it to serve other premises so as to connect the same with the City water system, without written permission from the superintendent specifying the particular additions, repairs or alterations to be made and shall then perform such work in conformity with said permit and the provisions of ^he ordinances of the City. Sec. 11. Location of Services. That no consumer shall be permitted to conduct water pipes across lots or buildings to adjoining premises, but all. service pipes shall be laid: in streets, avenues, alleys or other public ground to the preniiseg to jpe served and enter at the front or rear of the building; nearest the main. When there are two or more services on the same premises the piping from each service must be kept separate and no connection made from one to the other. Sec. 1.2. Separate Connections. That there shall be separate service pipes installed and connected with the main for each residence or building, and additional buildings or residences shall, not pe permitted to connect therewith. Sec. reseritative may be present. U the meter is found to registef within 2 p"er cent of being correct, a Charge of $1.00 will be 'made ag^iijst Ihe service tor such testing. If the meter h found to measure more than two per cent incorrectly, no charge ififlde tor such testing will and bo the. billing will be proportionately corrected. A water meter shall be considered as registering satisfactorily when it registers Within two per cent of correct. Sec. 19. Mete* permit. In no case shall licensed plumbers or other persons remove any meter from its'setting, break its seal of .interfere with "its marling for-itfiy 'ca'use, without fhvst obtaining a pqrmil from the Supodnteridfmt. Sec. 20. Extra Meters. In case tvyo or more irte'.ers are desired for measuring water" to (iifferent tehants in the same building from one servica connection, the said 'r.eVrs shrill Iv so placed that no MIC of their, shall meas- th t e water which has passed through another meter. Sec. 21. Care of meter. In all cases where meters arc broken or damaged by owners or other negligence occupants the contract with evcry person, firm or corporation supplied with water by the Water Department, and every person, firm or corporation by applying i'or and taking water shall be considered to have thereby. assented to bound When any of the same billings are rendered. The of a consumer who leaves bill the any person under the age of 12 years to enter or remain at such 1'oller skating rink after 8:00 q' p. m. on any night unless apcpnipanied by the parent or guardian of such child. No person of ill-repute or immoral I £hara.cter .shall be allowed to remain at any such roller skating rink.' The operator of the roller 6kat(WJ ''ink shall be. charged vith the responsibility of the en- are violated, the water shall be shut off from the building or premises of such violation and shall not be turned on again except by order of the Superintendent or his duly authorized agent. Sec. 5. Connection and Service. Water will not be turned on to serve any premises except upon order of the Superintendent and then only after payment of the required tapping fee and meter deposit; plumbers are prohibited from turning water into any service pipe. This rule shall not be construed however, to prohibit plumbers from turning water into any service pipes for the sole purpose of testing. Sec. 6. Curb box. A curb box and shut off, of type and design approved by the Superintendent, for controlling the supply of water to consumers shall be placed on every service. When connections are made in .streets or avenues the curb box shall be placed seven feet outside the property line on the street side; and when made in alleys it shall be placed one foot outside the property line. The coyer of said curb box shall 'be maintained at the same height as the sidewalk of the surrounding ground. The curb box will reach from the stop cock td the surface of the ground and be of suitable size to gdmit of a stopkey for turning the stpp cock on and off- and be equipped with a metal coyer having the letter "W" thereon. Sec. 7. Waste cock and gate valve. There shall also be a waste cock, of a pattern and weight approved by the Superin- tjandent, attached to every service pipe, at a point where it enters the building, inside the s.ame and easily accessible and so Situated that the water can be ;convenjenlly shut off and drained from the pipes. There shall also be a gate valve at the outlet side of the water meter and npt more than three feet from the meter, so that the water can be shut off and the meter can be that within said period the con- '. removed without draining the city or. otherwise discontinues service shall \>e due immediately upon the. reading of the meter. Tin the Superintendent shall cause water to be shut off from any service until the delinquent account, including water rents as well as other charges is fully paid. At the option of the Department, bills may be rendered bi-monthly, but upon the basis of the monthly charge .set forth above. ,'••'••. "•••••• Sec. 3. Refijnd. Proper, and proportionate refunds may be made to consumers who have paid w5gter rents in advance and have notified the SuB#rintendi-' n t It shall be unlawful for in writing to discontinue further services. r The meter deppsi|, less any amount due the Department, shall be refunded tb the'- consumer, or his assigns, qn denjand when such party ceases to be a consumer; and such deposit shall, upon application, be rejfundjd qt any time after five, consecutive years of cbnijnupus service' immediately preceding the date of afigjication for refund, provided 13. Depth of pipes. That all service pipes must be luid at least six feet below the surface ol the ground. When pipes are laid in streets or grounds subject to fixed grades where the surface of the ground is higher than the established grades, they shall be so laid that they will be at least six feet below the established grade. Mains will be laid at a depth of not less than six feet. Sec. 14. Repairs and maintenance. Any leaks or defects in service pipes -between the curb box and the meter may be repaired or pplaced whenever deemed necessary by the Department, without notice, and the expense thereof charged to the service, which expense will be the actual cost thereof plus not to exceed 10% of said cost. Leaks and defect between the curb box and water main will be repaired by the Department without expense to the consumer. Sec. 15. Supply. That premises served, or by freezing, hot water, or other injuries except ordinary wear and tear, the necessary repairs to the meter shall be made by the Department and the cost of such repairs shall be charged to that service and paid for in the next subsequent water billing by said owner or user, and in case t,he same is not then paid, the water supply, shall bo shut off. Sec. 22. Notice to remove meter. Whenever service to a building b to -be discontinued by reason of remodeling, removing or other cause, the ow^ner of said building or premises shall give written notice to the Superintendent for the removal of the meter and grant free access to the premises for such removal. Sec. 23. Private fire protection. If .proprietors of lumber yards, factories, halls, stores, elevator?, .warehouses, hotels or other large building or public 'buildings, being regular consumers of city water, desire to lay large pipe with hydrants and hose connections to be used solely in case of fire, they will be permitted to connect street mains at their with own the fight is hereby iasttyeeL'ln the Department td cut off the stifc ply of water at any tlme» and without, notice, any permit granted, or regulation to the con trary $ec. otwithstanding. All persons . using whfef sjiall keep all hydrants, tap$, wate 1 ! 1 civets., urin^ als, bath and other mixtures al' lotted to their use, closed at all times except when bbtaining water for use, and shall be re» sponsible for any damage oc in* jury that may result to others from the improper use of water. gee. 27. Damages 16 Property. It shall be unlawful to break, injure, mar, deface, interfere With or, disturb any building, machinery, apparatus, fixtures, attachments, or appurtenances of the Water Department or any hydrant, main, stop-cock box, meter^ water supply or service pipe or any part thereof, or deposit anything in any stop-cock box, or commit an act tending to obstruct or impair the ..intended use of any of the above rnen- tiqned property, without permission of the Council or the Superintendent, excepting in cases herein or otherwise provided by ordinance. Sec, 28. Excavations. It shall City does not guarantee a the constant supply of water to any consumer and shall not be held liable in damages for any failure to supply the same, nor shall it be liable in any claim for damages by reason of the breaking of any main, service pipe, stopcock or other equipment. Sec. There 16. Right is expressly of Shut-off. reserved -• to the City the right to shut off th? supply of water in any main, service connection or any part of the water works system, at any lime and without notice to an- one, for the purposes of making repairs, connections, extensions or for any other purpose that may be found necessary and no consumer shall have or assert any claim for damages resulting from such shut off of water supply. Sec. 17. Meters. All water supplied to consumers must be metered and all meters jh'all be owned, supplied, installed and maintained by the Department. Users must furnish and supply adequate and suitable locations in piping for said meters. All meters shall be so placed aa to be easy of access and convenient to read, inspect and retyigve. They shall glso be protected from freezing by the consumers. The Superintendent shall place or supervise and direct the setting of all meters, and shal} have power and authority to order extension dials placed wherever they ^may be deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this rule. Sec. meters 18. shall -be Tf*i»d, All tested when deemed necessary by the Superintendent, or wh.en ordered by the Council, and all defective meters shall be repaired or replaced under the supervision of the Superintendent. In case any consumer has doubt as to the accuracy of 9 meter, he may h.ave the meter tested, on request by the S,ujperinte.d,e&k Which. . testing the consumer or his rep- pense upon application to the Superintendent and special permit issued by him, and will be allowed to use water for fire protection only ,frce of charge. Sec. 24. Mulliole service. That on premises where water is supplied from two or more sources, the City water being one of thgm, the piping system of the Department . must be entirely separated from that of any other sourpe and not connected therewith' in any matter whatsoever. Sec. 25. :• Appliances and pipes. All consumers-will maintain stop cocks, faucets and other water appliances., sufficiently strong to bea\-, the, pressure and ram of water ,in .the .mains. They shall ke'ep'rttvcjir.p.wn-.service .pipes -and olne;i : apparatus, in good repair and'protec^cjd. jfrjam frost at their own risk; .-ana""at .their own expense, ancKthey shall prevent unnecessary -.waste of water. They shall havojjno claim against the Department for damgaes resulting ;frpm |i.irning on water into defective pipes or other water; No claim • shall be made agaipst the Department by reason of i-the breaking of any pipe or service cock, or if, for any cause, the supply of water should 'fail, and no claim shall be made for damage arising from shutting off water to repair mains, make connections or extensions, or for any other purpose deemed necesary, and the be unlawful to make any excavation in any street, avenue, alley or elsewhere within six feet of any laid water main or pipe while the ground is frozen or to dig up or uncoVer so as to expose to frost any of the water pipes or sewers of the City except by special permission of the Council. Sec. 29. Inspection. Every person, firm or corporation using 1 water supplied by the Department shall permit the Superintendent and the employees of the department at all reasonable hours of the day, to enter their premises or buildings, to examine the pipes and fixtures, and the manner in which the water U being used, or to, inspect, read, repair, install or remove meters, and they will frankly and without concealment answer questions put to them relative to the fp of water upon said premises. Sec. 30. Installing meters. Service pipes must be thoroughly flushed before a meter is attached. No meter shall be placed on a straight run but shall be placed at least six inches above the service pipe on .a loop. Meters will be furnished and owned by the Department and installed by the Superintendent of Public Works or under his supervision and direction. Such installation shall be in the basement of the house or building whenever practicable otherwise to be placed in a frost proof meter box of not less than twenty-four inches in diameter or in properly bricked up pits of not less than twenty-four inches by thirty inches all duly protected from frost and to be kept in such condition that the meter therein can, at any time be readily inspected, read, or replaced. ' Sec. 31. Fire Hydrants. All hydrants erected for use in ex-' tinguishing fires are hereby declared to be public hydrants and- no person or persons, except members of the fire department, or persons especially authorized by the Council or the Superintendent, and then only in the exercise of delegated authority, shall open any hydrant or attempt to draw water therefrom, or at an time attempt to uncover or remove any protection from or in any manner interfere with any hydrant. It shall be unlawful for any person authorized to open a hydrant to delegate his authority to another, or permit or suffer another person to take wrenches or tools furnished him; or .suffer the same to be taken or used except for the purposes atrictW OepaHrrienl Sec, es, shaU' e teTh6s^'iixed'and djfU?- rnltthd by th - ••Water Rate S2.33 Counflll Ihandk Sec. 33, VidlaH&ri 8nd P*fWlty. Any one violating, arty, ofe the provisions of, this, ordinal upon conviction; toe 'sUI imprisonment not ekcee _, _,_ da'ys,'or to the payment Ttt a fine not exceeding one h " " dollars). Whenever the ft._ ... costs imposed for. violation' 6f this ordinace afe' not paid, the person convicted; may be t-om- mi.t.ted to jail until'the fins? '" costs ate paid, npt ex.cefdiM thirty days. - i ' ? w<,-.,s- Sec. 34. Repeal, Ordinance No. 235 of the Ordinances of the City of Algona is hereby expressly repealed and all other ordinances and pa/ts of; in conflict with the provisions here 1 of are hereby repealed. •'• Sec. 35. Effective date, TMjs ordinance shall be iri'force and effect from and after its passage and publication as provided by T,rauger's,Stt)r.e,, D. S. sup- J, A. Ramua, playground . J. A. I^eUB,, dtt, 4fta&el jng law. PASSED and ADOPTED this 10th day of October 1946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, , Mayor. ADAH CARLSPN, Attest: City Clerk. The above Ordinance No. 286 is hereby duly authenticated this 10th day of October, 1.946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. (Seal) ADAH CARLSON, - City Clerk. QUARTERCY STATEMENT District, LuVerne Independent! (LuVerne, Iowa), Tw-p.,,LuVernej County. Kossuth, for the quarter ending Sept. 30th, 1946. ..' Sumrrarized Proceedings Pertain,- ing to Financial MattersV ' * Genera'. Fund To Whom For What Balance last Quarter $1807.70 Received during Quarter.... 7097.08 Warrants drawn this Quarter 4973.54. Balance at end of Quarter 3931.24 School House Fund.. Balance last Quarter .....$ 72.7.6B Received this Quarter ' 1022.07 Warrants drawn this Quarter ....'. None Balance at end of Quarter 1749.65 Expense? During' Quarter. This report 'comprises regular expenses allowed at monthly meetings and payroll of • employees; social security, and income tax withholdings. Board voted an increase of $10.00 per month on .grade salaries, due to large enrollment and unforseen dutier; of. teachers; Also planned and ordered equip.- ment for hot lunch program. ] "' '/ Lisl. or Warrants. General Fung—-Dlsliursemeijt.s. D- M- Lindebak, treasurer's salary ...;. ...$ 25.00 F. S. Norton & Spn, play- ,' ground ex. ;... 45.84 Register and Tribune, ads ahd"sub. •••••••• — .-•'<-•••• Algona Ifpttef Des -Molhes, Petty Cash, Acct., small items .V.'..:;....,..;.. LuVeffte feljarrnacy, sup,.......... Chapman's Hardware, repMfg. to, e<Mp.'.-« ....... ..... Norhiah H.<?sse, 'painting, 48.00 16.0,0 14,08 . etc. .....'..;: ........... .... .............. 103.08 orXftlth Lum'ber Co., equip, 'rei>atrs ..:....... ........... ........... 9il8 V Wlnjder, band master.... 38.90 D-X Qdr.aie, bus sQr.v,lcjA... 13.50 W " W *•< " -i_ ^.IXi. j.- ___ j. . : L \ ^ „: '-, 1 t •— Mr* It n Iowa Public^Service, light ' and -power*-.. Botsford Lumber'.Co., playground Julius Knopf, labor.... : 19.22 •39.79 6.30 Iowa State U., inst .'..'. 2.37 LuVerno Imp.;,Co., play- ' •'-' ground reh.t, ; ,2, yrs.............' 00.00' Cody's Service-Station, -bus .,, ' service ..:»>.£.•'.?.', :.-.:. 412!). la. Old Age Assn., social security -'.v 107,34 Collector of Int. Rev., tax withheld ........: 34.80 Town of L.uYernei wzjter.... 13-48. Eunice Meyer, to'al, of soia.ry 227,.6Q, S. C. Meyer, summer band-ex ......;.;....... 79-91 John Smith, dray ,.- 3.7.QQ- Evving Reasoner, labor 7.5Q Hammond & Stephen^, 1*4U*.UK»«) I^Ud 0Sf •. T,**f *•»••• *l*tl**» F;' g< CorhPton, encyclopedia 72.33 Metropolitan Supply' Co'., playground ex. 7.11 Kautzky Spprtihg Goods 'Co., playground ex. 2.81 Edna -Larljfleri labpr/.. 8.23 Mrs. Fred JJinz, labor 3.00 Doris Hlnz, labor..... '..., 11.50 Fred Hipz, latoor 3.50 Fred Tslede/tbal. due on ,..- janitor!, wk. -..> 5p.33 Farmers-State BaHk, insur- ' artce and 'bonds 281.72 •• ,' ' Payroll .Don Bowman, janitor .'. 138.70 J. A. Hjelle', supt-. ......: .-. 79pi77 . Bryce A. Wic.ket.t, cqach 290.05 Helen Dewey, math ': 200.55 Betty Conner. D.'S 200.53 JoyBurdick, h. s. teacher.... Grades Renora Roland, 7 and, 8 167.15 Frances Kuhn/5. and 6. 151.45 Vera Thorn, 3. an.d> 41... 330.45 EstherMerkle, land 2 155.00 Robt. Bigings, -bus driver.... 69.30 Lloyd Jackson, bus. drlyer 69.30 Stanley Geririch, bus driver 64.35 E. C. Broadie, sec'v. 7.4,25 I, E. C. Btqadie: Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report, pages 1, 2 and 3 is a true apd, correct statement of the. proceedings pertpining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 1946. .•• E. C. BROADIE, Secretary. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of October, Ai D. 1946. D. M. LINDEBOK, .(SEAL) ' Notary. NOTICE QF PROBATE OF WILL. STATE: OF" IOWA Kossuth County, ss. IN DISTRICT. COURT No. 5520, 'September Terms, 194.8. TO AI3;. WHOM IT MAY CON." " "" '" ' '' YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED. an- -instrument of writing ' purporting'; to be the last 'Will and Testament of A. J. Martinek, De. c^as,edi dateclrJuly ,1'!, 1946, having been .this dzjy filed opened and read, Monday the'4th day of November; 194C, is fixed for hearing proof, of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the Dis- .tri.ct Court, ,o.r the Clerk of said C6urt; k -a'rid r at' ; 10 o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested -ar,e.hereby notified -arid rejjUyped 'to, appear, and show cause", if! any. they have, why said instrument, should, not be probated and allowed as and for the .last Will and Testament of said de.,.. .•,-. . Algona, Iowa, October •'-' '" •'•>•' HELEN WHITE, Clerk, of .District Court. . (SEAL) , ••' ijlNNAN. AJ^R. LYNOH, Attpr. - 42 in your 4

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