The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1946
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR.. LUVERNE SCHOOL BAND NEAR TOP IN STATE RATING LuVonio: The high school innrrhiiiM band ;md their director Mr. Noble? were in Pocahontas a •work iigi) Saturday where they compclci,! in the annual marching biind contest. Soloists in the conic:,! wore -M;irilyn Miller, LaDonna Gllcden, Marilyn Hefti and Clif- ford Hanson. Marilyn Miller and LnDonnn Glieden received a number two luting in the baton twirling contest and Marilyn HeCti received a three rating. Clifford received a two rating in the Bell Lyre solos. The marching band received a number two rating. At Hardware Meeting:— Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Chapman and Frank Chapman attended a hardware dealers banquet at the Algona Hotel in Algona Friday evening. JUST LIKE THAT... SKULY HIGH OCTANE OLD CARS WAKE UP GASOLINE! There's no doubt about it... your aging auto will .ina/j back to life when the tank's filled with Skelly High-Octanc Gasoline! Yes sir... here's thrilling new zip, power, and pep in starting, in traffic, and on the hills! Skelly High-Octane's sold on an unqualified money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Get a tankful today! j f s Skelly Service :!<!<) \Yosl Stiife St. honr S0."> Algoun, Iowa YOU'll REMEMBER Sew for Bazaar— The Presbyterian Ladies • Asso* ciation met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Art Riley with Mrs. James Doak <as the assistant hostess. The devotional period was led by Mrs. Frank Chapman and the lesson was given toy Mrs. Henry Kubly. Mrs. Guy Trauger had charge of the business meeting. The remainder of the afternoon was spent sewing for the bazaar. Lunch was served by the hostesses at the close of the afternoon. The next meeting will be held on Wedneday afternoon, October 30 at the home of Mrs. Aksel Nielson with her daughter Mrs. Marie Hunt .as the assistant hostess. Mrs. Tiedo Hostess— The J. jl. Club met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Tie-do with fourteen members and one guest Mrs. Earl Hanselman, present. Roll call was answered by giving an account of "My Travels"The topic for the afternoon was '•Roaming American Highways" and a very interesting paper was read by Mrs. John Ramus. The remainder of the afternoon was spent socially and lunch was served at the elosc of the meeting by the hostess. The next meeting will be a parly which will be held Friday evening, November 1 in the ,-it'y hall. Six Weeks Honor Roll— The students on the honor roll for the first six weeks period are. freshmen—Marilyn Hefti, Char- lono Henry, Donira Meyers, Sally Shirk and Dean Ramus. Sophomores—Berry Schi'lz, Rosalyn Arndorfcr, Blythe Larson, Marilyn Rahrn and Jolene Sanford. Juniors —Barbara Meyer, Earl Gronbach, Gcraldine Henderson, Delorcs Lund. James Phillips, Merlyn Swanson. Seniors—Norma Ramus, Rivera Thill, Gencvievc Thompson. Nadine Whittenberg and-Bonnie Wood. Those on the honor roll in the '7th and 8th grades arc: Nancy Will, Joan Phillips, Marion Larson. Virginia Patterson and Holmes. UiiHhcr League Meets— The Walther League of the I,ul liei-an church met Thursday evening in the church parlors with Wayne and Robert Pergande as hosts. Tlie business meeting was held after which the evening was spent, playing games. Lunch was served at the close of the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goetsch and Mrs. Anna Goetsch were Fort Uod.Lje callers Thursday. •Mrs. Lizzie Brotherson of North OOD IVING THRIVES IN GOOD SURROUNDINGS! Living f Room] Suites Furnish your home with the best values money can buy. All made by reliable manufacturers. Best construction— '.{ood grade of covers, in wine, blue, beige and rust. Price range. $17000 $26500 Studio Lounges A davenport in daytime, a bed at night. We have u good selection from \vhich to choose. . Foster Furniture Co .ALGONA WPER DES MOrNES, ALGONA, IOWA Dakota is visiting at the home of hfer sister MM. Mast iMeyfcr, Norman Hesse who is: attending college irt Ames spent the week end visiting His wife *hd dau|hter. Mr. and .Mrs. Curtis Morgan had as their guests recently Mrs. Mdr- gan's sister Mrs, Charles filshey and children of Edgle Grove. Dean Bowman arteived hdme this week from Fort Sheridan, I]]., where he had received his ihonbr- able discharge from-'the army. Dallas 'Quntejr of Fort Wayne, Ind., spent a few days, visiting at the home of his untie; and aunt Mr. and Mrs. F. FJ Felt and family. : • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mason of l»a* mowa, Calif., visited relatives and friends here Monday and Tuesday. They left for thei*"Mi6;rne in California on Thursday.',! *| Mr. and Mrs. Heriry''Marr and children Joyce and Raymond of Spirit flJakc were visitors Sunday at the home of her' parents Mr 1 , and Mrs. Otto Ramus. J. A. Leuhman attended a teachers conference at 'Boone from Wednesday until Friday. Mr. Leuhman is teacher of the Lutheran .parochtarschdbr f>u ?" > ^" " Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Ramus ate the parents of r a daughter born Tuesday morning. October 15 in the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge. This is their first child. Mrs. Paul Maas accompanied her husband to their home in Waterloo Monday after spending sev. oral weeks at the home of her mother Mrs. Max Meyer. Mrs. Robert Phillips accompanied Rev. Phillips' brother and family to Oskaloosa where she will spend the week visiting her mother and other relatives. Everett S'chipull, sdi&nfcMr. and Mrs. Albert Schls]jnM{U'»rriye'd home Tuesday evetiftfgipfler r'e- ccivinK his honorable ^discharge from the,army at Ft."Shendani 111. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C&ly are the parents of a seven'. poUhd fourteen ounce baby boy bo jft'October 11 in the General hospitaj in Alcona. There is another jsbi}'in the family. 4 \;t • Rev. and Mrs. LcwisYYfittenberg have received word froittitheir son Cpl. Kenneth WiltentoBFg that he is taking a fifteen day Bourse at a school in Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth is stationed at Camp Lee, Va. Mrs. Irvdn Chapman, Mrs. Harry Van Draska, Mrs. I. H. Benedict, Mrs. Guy Trauger, Mrs Jeanette Hopkins and Rev. A. R. Smith attended the fall meeting of the north half of the Fort Dodge Pres- byterial women's organizations which was held in the Presbyterian church in Algona on Thursday. (Mr. and Mrs. In/in Chapman spent Tuesday evening in Ames visiting their son Robert who is attending college there and also Mrs. Chapman's sister Mrs. Barbara Mosely. Mrs. Chapman also attended a plumbers banquet which was held in Boone. Doris Jean Goetsch, James Phillips. Earl Gronbach, Arlcne Meyer, Mildred iLenz, Harriet Nelson, Lewellyn Happen, Nadine Wittenberg, Joan Hinz and Rev. and Mrs. Lewis Wittenberg attended ,a Walther League rally which w$s held' Sunday afternoon and evening .in the Beaver township chui^hi ''hear Humboldt.^ "The business meeting was held in the afternoon which was followed by a Vesper service. A banquet was held in Thor for the group in the evening. The remainder of the evening was spent socially. The freshmen home ^economics girls under the direction of their teacher Miss Conner, 'entertained the twenty-seven first and second graders at a breakfast recently. The breakfast consisted of cocoa, pink frosted cereal cookies and a piece of candy. Algonans Edit '46 Poetry Brochure In honor of Iowa Poetry Day, which is the third Friday in October, the Iowa Poetry Day As sociation has had published "A Brochure of 1946 Poems.' The booklet is published for program use 'by schools and clubs in observing Iowa Poetry Day which has been .an annual event since a governor's proclamation in 1943. Raymond Krcscnky wrote the preface of the book and it contain a poem by Margaret Durant, both Algonians. The two collaborated on the arrangement of the first part of the book which is now for sale nt'25c a cop.v. Minor Car Crash • A minor .automobile collision was reported to the sheriff's office, last Tuesday, when machines driven by Hariey Will of Whittemore and Robert Munger of Algona collided near the corner of Harlan and Nebraska streets. Nobody was injured. The Golden Rule Our Principle Phono 521-W Algona Home From Army Union: Laurence Riedel has been discharged from army service, arriving home Sunday, October 6. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Riedel and began his army career December 61 1944. He served in the Philippines and Japan. THROAT diittocoNTs Let a little Vicks VapoRub melt on the tongue. Works fine, to soothe sore throat due to colds and fclps relieve irritation in upper breathing passages. To East Spismcff Coughing; Put a good spoonful of VapoRub in 9 bowl of boiling water. Wonderful relief comes as you breathe in the steaming medicinal vapors that penetrate to cpld-coogested upper breathing pas- »ges .,, soothes the irritatfan, qi ntf of coughing, helps clear bead. For Added, Relief, rub VapoRub «, throat, chest, pack. Let its famous double-actionkeep on working for hoursasyousJeep, Upper Des Moines Want Ads Bring Results. CARNIVAL DANCE Wed., Oct. 30 "Ding" Ellis and His Band SPORTSMAN'S BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Sponsored by Whittemore Athletic Club 42-43 BEST PL ACE TO EAT IN TOWN! AT NOON! GEORGE'S CAFE 7-10 id toy ettitdiMrft PREWARJ1RES There's no getting awfty from lit When yotl hftve * good thing-'-wofd «*« flfouful—'nml FASTI And from our view, it Menu evdtyonc ii detutltiding the tifc that OUTWEARS PREWAR TIKES. FOR EXTRA SAFETY AND EXTRA MILEAGE THE NEW B. F. Goodrich Silvertown IS WORTH THE WAIT! The; new • Silvcftown tires have, been.' setting records for long mileage, safety and economy not only on taxi fleets,'police cars sod special test cars but in regular car owner use. These new tires arc built with A broader, flatter trend that puts more rubber .in contact with the roail, spreading the Wear over a larger area. To hold this heavier tread, B.F. Goodrich engineers developed 'a 35% stronger cord body with stronger cords and more of them.,.This meant better bruise resistance, greater safety. If you want the tire that OUTWEARS' PRE-' WAR TJRliS, place your order loiiaj, A littlfe wait will be rewarded with today** biggest money's worth in tires. Can be bought on Small Dow* faymtut end Coavcnlanf Term* N*w Improved II. P. Goodrich TUBES 6.00-16 3.O5 .- . " . Plus Tax.• Hold air many Hmtf longir 4 • Incrtastd tire mlltagt • Mart conitant air pttttun Better, by far, than prewar natural rubber ttfbcs for holding air. Greater resistance .to tearing if punctured. ;• 0. L RUBBER WELDERS Lester DeBolt 118 N. Thorington Phone 308 B.FGoodrich TIRES Tcxiyictuml?^ WAR N ING! DO NOT VOTE FOR BLIND LEADERSHIP Mr. Voter, farmers, friends and fellow citizens unless the farmers of Iowa and the farmers of America do something about it, we are in the calm before before the storm. Never before have we had so many sign posts warning us of disaster ahead as we have now. The eight Congressmen from this great State of Iowa are called the most reactionary in the nation The reactionaries, by betraying the people and supporting the puppet pressure groups and the fat, sleek lobbyists have put a powder keg under the American people. Republican senators and congressmen combined and conspired to defeat President Truman's postwar reconversion program by parliamentary filibustering such as the GI Housing Bill and Price Control, a fair sample of reactionary Republican tactics is bloc voting against OPA. We tried running this country under Hoover without any controls with disastrous consequences. Capital must be protected against itself, human nature being what it is; the Federal Government must be the super umpire to act in defense of the American people. Mr. Voter, if not the Federal Government, what agency would you name? This responsibility must be vested in our Federal Government, The Democratic Party is standing on its record in this campaign, a record that surpasses all other records in political history. We as a "nation are the greatest political leaders in the world and the world looks to us for leadership, We are the only party that read Democracy, Freedom, and the Dignity of Man with a new concept. We chartered new courses of human conduct fov other nations. We have established a record of research and efficiency that has turned ail eyes on the U. S. We have charted new courses in the interests of human rights versus property rights. We have established new safeguards for capital to protect capital against itself since greed is the oldest creed of the human race. A controlled economy is the answer. We claim credit for saving agriculture as the Republicans voted 75% against all farm measures for the last 25 years. We changed the U. S. from a vacuum of gloom and despair, to hope, courage, and * ,' • " '. • security. We have Established a more equitable dis- . tribution of the national income. In 1932 our national income for agriculture was around 5 billion a year. In 1945 it reached 24 billion. Agriculture reached a standard of prosperity and security in Iowa never known before. Republicans opposed all farm relief measures. George A. Wilson, Bourke Hickenloopejr and Gov. Blue invariably voted against the people and lined up with the Utilities. Major Geo. Olmsted. and Ding, both Republicans, denounced Governor Robert M. Blue as not fit to be governor of this state. ' The Democrats offer Frank Miles as a candidate who will put this State of Iowa back on the map and establish representative government. Our statesmen take a positive course in dealing with the declarations and decisions of public policy for all the people as opposed to special party privileges for the few and exploitation of the many. The Democratic party saved this country in 1932 and again with sound strategy and leadership from 1941 to 1945; the "bureaucrats" drafted every blue print, every tank, every ship, every piece of military equipment in Washington, D. C. for the prosecution of the global war number 2. This government cannot be run without boards and bureaus. Our party is replete with trained statesmen and officers who take a positive course for the common good, Yes, we made some mistakes but our batting average was high and we can still vote, have free press, and if you like you can call the president some pet names. We are proud of our State candidates and our platform, Frank Miles measures, up as a. first class statesman and can take his place with the big men of the nation, The Republican Party is the only organization who wants to gp back, They put this state baefc 25 years politically, Gov, Blue scuttled the Federal Housing bill in this state, helped to Wow the Ii4 off OPA, helped to light AAA, RjgA, TVA, and .was friendly to the National Manufacturers A^sQciatJon, Mr. Voter, the Republicans have taHen B static or negative course in this state for the past 8 yeass, Elect Candidate, Frank Miles, with his state office*.candidates and movp forward. Come To Hear Frank Miles Wednesday Night >t S'?, M,, Algoua High Sehoel Audi* torium, Octi 23 / 4d ?repsre4 w«i Inserted py BUfee 3»cEwoe, Kgswtb Coipty CPWnty ftepHHTiHe

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