The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1946 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1946
Page 14
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mm PAGE SIX. MRS. COVING RITES MONDAY, ST. JOHNS CHURCH, DEPEW Fenton — Mrs. Julia Goylg, aged 68, passed away Sunday, October 10, at the Emmctsburg Hospital. Mrs Govig had been ill since Christmas. Mrs. Govig was born in Marshall County, Iowa. Services were held Monday in charge of Rev. V. G. Gilbertson of St. John's Depow Lutheran Church, and Rev. Govig, of Walnut Grove, Minn., a cousin of Mrs. Govig. Services were conducted first at the home of Mrs. Govig's daughter, Mrs. Ernest Oskvig, where she had been living the past few years, then at the St. John's church. Surviving Mrs. Govig are the daughter, Mrs. Oskvig, two grandchildren, Beverly and Marian Oskvig, and one sister, Mrs. George Jacobs, of Middlesex, New York. Attend Cylinder Sale— Mrs. Morris Mitchell, Mrs. Iv- vin Berkland, Mrs. Martin Hantelman and Mrs. Albert Mitchell attended the bake sale and Bazaar at Cylinder Thursday sponsored by the South Cylinder Circle of the St. John's Lutheran church of Depew. Fellowship Circle Meets— The Fellowship Circle of St. John'.s Lutheran church of Depew met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Edward Mitchell. Devotions were given by Rev. V. G. Gilbertson; a reading was ;;iven by Mrs.. Fred Johanneson following group singing acompaniecl by Mrs. B. G. Berkland at the piano. The ladies then sewed for the Lutheran Welfare. Guests were Mrs. Oscar Sorenson, Mrs. Rex Wolfe, Mrs. George Seims, Mrs. Lloyd Berkland, and Mrs. Irvin Berkland. returned Tuesday from a fishing trip in northern- Minnesota. Verda Elmers visited Sunday afternoon with Dolores Mueller. Delores was home for the week end from Hamilton business college, Mason City. The U and I Sewing Circle met .Wednesday With..Mrs. Walter Widdel. Guests .present were Mrs. Henry Lindsay arid Mrs. Mrs. Sam Warner and Agnes Goelsch. Mrs. Ernest Ruske Mrs. V. T. Tatum, Mrs. J. A. Schwartz, Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod and Mrs. Paul Eigler attended the county Federation of Women's clubs at Lakota Tuesday. Fenton was a hostess at the meeting. The U-Deal-Em met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Paul Eigler. Prizes 'were won by Mrs. Oliver Stoeb'er and Mrs. H, E. Reimers. Guests present were Mrs. Oliver Stoeber, Mrs. H. E. Reimers Mrs. Lester Theesfield, Mrs. Bert Speth, Mrs. Lloyd Sunde, and Mrs, Webber Yager, Mrs. Morvin Prieoe cntcrta : n- ed Sat'ji-day afternoon in honor of the birthday? o," Mr-,. Maiy Bohn and Mrs. Clarence Wegon- cr. The afternon was spent socially. Other guests present wore Mrs. Kate Wcgener, of Algona, Mrs. E. K. Johnson, Mrs. W. C. Stamer, and Mrs. H. E. Reimers. Mrs. H. W. Schulte entertained Tuesday evening in honor of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Otto, October 1, at the Little Brown church, Nashua. Those attending the wedding dinner were the immediate family and Delores Kipler. Following the dinner a shower was given at the St. John's Lutheran church in honor of Mrs. Otto. The couple will be at home at DeWit, Iowa. Mr. Otto is employed at the Clinton Co., Clinton. Mrs. Otto is a graduate of the class of '46, Fenton high school. Children Visit Fire Station— The first and second grades of Fenton Public School visited the Fenton fire station Thursday in honor of fire prevention week. Fire Chief Lester Weisbrod gave a talk to the children on fire prevention. Following the visit Fire Chief Weisbrod gave the chil- ren a ride on the fire truck to school. Mrs. Vaughn is primary : instructor. ' Host Jo Ministers— Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Friedrich entertained the ministers and (heir wives of the Algona Circuit Conferen?e Monday at a G p. m. dinner. A communion .service was held after which the group held a business meeting. Those attending were Rev. and Mrs. Rehder and sons of Fairville; Rev. and Mrs. Weinhal, of Whittemore; Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Otto and family of Lotts Creek; Rev. and Mrs. L. Loesch, Algona; Roc. and Mrs. Wittenburg, of Lu Verne; Rev. Mensing. of Humboldt; Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Kupke, of Garner; Rev. and Mrs. Wolfram, of Ventura; and Rev. Reith, of Burl. SEXTON Mr. and Mr.':. Fred Boettcher and Verdell fpent Thursday in Fort Dodge. Wednesday evening dinner guests at the Al Muir home were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lufkin and family. Mrs. S. E. Stralcy and Agnes Goetsch attended the Eastern Star 50th anniversary at Hurt Tuesday night. Alvin Zumach, Herman Luedtke, John Theesfield, and Rupert Luedtke spent the past week fishing in Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Hcngel and Mr. and Mrs. L. Poulson, of De.s Moines spent last week fishing in northern Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dreyer and Mr. and Mi's. Arlo Raney •Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holt and Mrs. Vinnie Laymo'n, Webster City, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabriclson Friday, and Mrs. Laymon remained for a week at her daughter's. 'Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders were Sunday dinenr guests at the latter's brother John Pink's, Tilonka. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett, Titonkf, and a causin visiting her were Sunday dinner guests at the former's daughter Mrs. Andrew C. Hansen's, west of, and also attended church services here. Glenn Gabrielson and his father M. G. Gabrielson, c-f Stratford, were weekend business callers near Wheaton, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mirr.'bach were Sunday dinenr guests at the home of her -mother Mrs. Kate Esser at Cylinder and Mrs. Esser returned with them for a few days visit. ••••;: 'Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders were at a shower at Mallard Saturday afternoon and visited at the Glen Sanders home. The shower was in honor of -a. nephew Paul Sanders and brid,e. Mrs. Druaie Ncble and Mrs. Sarah Wise accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Andy Phillips, Doris Phillips, and Milton McBride, Algona, to Mason City Sunday afternoon 'to visit the Mack Wise family. Mack's wife .had, ,iu«t returned from the Park hospital, where she had been a patient for several weeks. She has improved. RHEUMATISM and ARTHRITIS I suffered for years and am so thankful that I, am free from oain and able to do my work that I will gladly answer anyone writing me for information. Mrs. Anna Pautz, P. O. Box 825, Vancouver, Wash. PrJ. Adv. NUE-OVO Laboratories 42tf *ey... all I sairf was \ 4ldn't mind, rtait'mf, for the tin that Our customers are just about the most patient people we know. With so many car owners insisting on the new B. F. Goodrich Silvertown . . . the tire that OUTWEARS PREWAR TIRiiS.. .even the factories' outstanding production hasn't been sufficient to catch up with demand. If your tires are smooth, see us today. We've never had a tire that sold as fast as the new B. F B Silvertown The batter the tire, the faster it sells ...that's why we've had such a hard time keeping the new B. F. Goodrich Silvertpwn in stock. There's extra demand because these tires are built with x wider, Hatter tread that spreads the wear over a wider area. It's a proven tire of extra toughness and durability with millions of test miles on police cars, 1 taxis au<l special test car* behind it. i t _ _.._,. Con lit baught on Small Down feymtat and Ceivcaftnt Ttriat 0. K. RUBBER WELDERS Lester DeBoIt 118N. Thorington Phone 30? BFGoodrich IT I M E S , QUAtlTERLY STATEMENT, SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS School District of Algona Independent, County of Kossuth, for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 194fi. General F'tnut Balance from Previous Quarter $58,217.11 Re/eived During This .Quarter 1,323.69 Warrants Drawn During This Quarter 25,431.94 Balance at end of This Quarter $34,108.80 School House Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $29,000.99 Balance at end of This Quarter $29,060.99 General Fund—Disbursements Acne Chemical Co $ 53.36 Advance Pub. Co 58.49 Algona Flour & Feed 24.68 Algona Hardware 48.05 Algona Ice Cream Fact 89.97 Algona Ins. Agency 8.3. r > Algona Laundry 18.92 Algona Reminder 12.00 Algona Upper D. M 103.80 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co 27.47 Anliker Service 2.01 Ray Barton 7.00 Blossom Ins. Agency 148.70 Botsford Lbr. Co 97.67 Campanile Garment Co 5.99 City of Algona 224.74 Collector Int. Revenue 3150.00 Consumer's Grocery 2.13 Cowan Bldg. Supply 26.13 Dcmco Library Sup 6.20 Dorothy Dewel 5.20 Larry Douglas 92.45 Walter Edwards 28.40 Elk Cleaners 32.00 Mrs. W. K. Feivu?on 10.40 Kenneth Foster 3.50 Fryc Mfg 27.54 Funk & Deim 53.00 Gene Hertz 182.50. Holcnmib Mfg „. 76.62 Hood's Grocery 11.22 Huntington Lab ............ ....... Hutchison & Hough .... ...... .: Internal'! Business Machine Iowa Old Aeo Sc Survivor.,.. P. ft. Irons .............................. •lacobson Mfg ....................... Johnson Service ................ .... Elizabeth Johnston .............. K. L. King .................... . ....... Klipto Loose Leaf ,. .............. Kohlhaas' Hardware ..... ....... Kossuth Oil Co ..................... Betty LaSarrc. ...................... Durwood Lashbrook ..:...-...;.. Jerry Laurtizen .................... D. L. Leffert ..................... :.. Lowe & Campbell ................ Mahaffey Typewriter .......... Leon Martin .......................... Midland Chemical Lab ....... Modern Dry Cleaners .......... The Music Shop .................... F; S. Norton & Son ............... . N. W- Bell Telephone ............ NuBall .Mfg ......................... * Leonard P.esicka .................. Petty Cash .............................. John PletCh ............................ Barbara Pcole ...................... Post Dray & Transfer .......... Pratt Electric ........................ Frances Price ........................ Esther Quihby ...................... Chas. Redemske .................... Reid-Way Co ......................... Theo. B. Robertson ............ Security State Bank .......... ,. 51.87 6*64 32.35 624.48 952:76 11.27 14, 16 9.85 13.45 6.4.30 23.77, 1.72 2.75" 54.05 32.85 7,50 38.25 52.50 85.00 192.39 2.58 131.73 808.12 111.28 12.48 15.00 55.44 6.80 5.20 23.93 115.02 5.75 73.20 29.90 10.36 115.93 4.86 George W. Sefrit 27.62 Singer Sewing Machine 62.71 Sorenson Grocery 6.42 Roy Steinrnan 12.00 Howard Stephenson ;. 3.50 Glen Strayer 11.50 Thetmte Pharmacy 2.24 Thorpe Wood & Irons Works ;../.......,. 6.86 Treas, State of Icnva 4.63 Marilyn Tuttle ."..; 12,00 Vance'Music Co. .-..'. 76.50. Webster Pub. Co.. 24.33 Claud White 35.04 Kar! Willason 114.43 Hattie Wilson ., 00.00 Total $ 8,940.48 Paid on Salaries 16,491.46 Total Expenditures .'$25,431.94 I, Leora K. St. John, Secretary of the above named Sch661 District, do hereby .certify that this report, pages 1 and 2 is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending September 30, 1946. LEORA K. ST. JOHN, Secretary. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of October, A. D. 1946. E. A. SCHEMBL, (SEAL) __ t Notary. NO : Appointment Necessary Your.Child to Otir Store Whilcvtr kind of Furnace you want whether Coil, Oil cr Gj>Green Colonial engineered healing will si'e you the "Bij 3" of complete heating latiiFaction . . . ECONOMV. . . COMFORT .nd CONVENIENCE. Before you buy any furnace call or lee u». & Your Child's Photo OUR GIFT TO YOU! This is a BONA FIDE OFFER No Purchase Necessary to Receive FREE PHOTO AGE LIMIT: 2 MONTHS TO 6 YEARS CHOICE OF POSES Bring your child'to ^bur store to be photographed by our expert Kiddie Photographer. . . . Yoji will receive FREE a beautiful S"x 7" VIGNETTE enlargement suitable (or (raining. •' •• " ''?$?' '•'-''!,''?;,'• : This Offer Good Oct. 21-22-23 Only Phone 464 N. Dodge St. Algona. Iowa GREED COlOlliRL FURnflCE SERVICE . „ S wm Algona, Iowa BUILDINGS AND PLANKS ALE- Thursday, October 17 At 1:30 P.M. At the Herman Hintz farm known as the Lotts Creek picnic grounds, 1 mile north, H- miles west of Lotts Creek Store; J ' 3 miles south, li miles east of Fenton. Building 14x30x7 ft. posts, 32 3-in planks, 16-ft., in good 4x6 sille, in Al shape. A good rubber-oid roof. 1 building 8x12 ft. 1 building 6x10 ft. 1 roof 24x24 ft. cut into 6 sections. This was the old band stand. 1 board wall 6x18 ft. condition. 35 2x10, 16-ft., in good condition. 3 1x12, 16-ft. 10 1x12, 9-ft. 1 table 3x10 ft. I table 3x8 ft. 1 table 3x4 ft. 1 hardwood floor platform 6x8 ft. 1 hard wood bowling alley 46- ft. long, 2 ftt.wide, in good condition, complete with pins and balls, 1 steel water tank 2x4 with faucet* good condition. Some canvas covers, different sizes. Some lumber 2x4, 2«6, 4x4, lengths 6 to 16 ft, Other articles too numerous to mention* Terms' CtfsK at day of sale, Owner, LOTTS CRE! CHURCH Aucf , Fr«M M<*irtf jj • ' •"•'" -''- - :' " ' -.'.'''•• '•'•'-' '''• "A}" '.'•.'"•." •-.' '•'*' • •")-, . '' " : ' J -'. : '-vV- ,*"--rV'".,';.^-". : ',-'" '' ,- • f .''•:-'!.' :> ; -- : ; ;';/•'•: '" •'-./-''-.-• '•''"' : .'"' :-:::-^ MOTOR CO. •fciftillfl ;|ufj«p|, : ; '.:»>.:&•***?• f • -•. ;• Now Open For Business! -oca in fehief fcercival Motors Garage Across From Lesion Hull Wayne Riddle, Algona, ahd Robert Chambers, formerly of Bode, announce the opening of the new R & C Motor Co. ... in the building formerly occupied by Percival Motors. . We are ready right now to take care of your auto and truck 1 repairs, with expert work. Stock is coming in for our parts supply department daily, and with the coming weeks we anticipate even' a greater stock. We welcome an opportunity to get acquainted with you—and to serve you. Stop in and see us, and remember R & C when you need mechanical work or service! GENERAL AUTO and Tl We Will Welcome Your Patronage! R * C MOTOR CO. F *™ GV V cival Motors Garage U3JK ssssfa

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