The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1939
Page 9
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20, 103? THE WANI-AW f CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING U»iJy rate per lino for consecu- livc Insertions: One time per line JOc 'ryo times per IJpfs.pcr d.ay....08c three. l|me«-per '.jtne per day.. .OOo *lx .tunes pe'r line per day.. • .ftfo Moafti rat* ptr' line. 6pc CardV of '.thanks....... ,50c & V5c Ml.OlnjUffi fliarge 60c ^.ds Peered for three or six ilmes ,ahd stopped botore expiration jyrjl be charged for the number oj, Units fhe add appeared antl adjustment qf pill made. . " All cj^ssjfjpd ' ^dvcrllslntr coj>y lubmltted'.ty perepjis resttjng (jilt- Bide of (lie city trjus.1 Ije accompanied by'fash. flates may be easily computed fropi above tabJeV Advertising ordered for Irregular Insert Ions takes the one time fate. No rcspbnslbljity will 'be t£ken for piore th^ji. one In,e6rrect : inser- Uo/ijof fttiy' classified ad. ir," For Kent Cool, front ' pedrpsm, with private .entrance to .b.ath and .pulsi'de. Pl>9iic "838-iV,".627" w. Walnut, ' _ . •' •. .' •',•;• • 28-ck-5 5 room house '>'K})" bath. B06 W. AsJ). • 'Cnll '*lp-E T 2l. ; 20-ck-30 2 (arge, ralca. Mrs." 'newly (KcQ- fjolen, 310 25-ck' : tf For : Re;;tt^'f'ftree ,rppm ,ji;iijr(iB- •fd. apartment...private faith. Hot and... cold water. 324 North 2nd, "Phone 211. 23-pk-30 2".'jropm modern furjitshetl »p"pft- ,inept. Pfiyatc enfrfl'n'ce. 108 \y. Kefilucky.. :: , ; 23-pk30 Cogj, soutty.jieflr.qom,. convenient'"lo bath. 611 W.'Majn..Call 280.: 2l-ck-tf Cpnifprtabie:"bcdKom! '1617 Wainut. Pfiane 102. . !5-ckTti CpxjJ,' south bedroom. Garage. Kea- gJ.nBble^ Mrs. ^SinTOWS, 818 Walnut: i • • ' 5-ck-tt 1 or "3 .fporj) '' 'n'pnr tmejit.. ' : decorated. '.9H Hearji'. Moderri -3 r.o^im unfurnished ap'aft- ment. : M«ln" and •'Sec'otid'. P.' Sinion, phone. 7E*. . 3-ck-tf Office foonis. Sudbury'Building. Sec Graham ,'sudbiiry. '' iftf , For .Sale 2' gaspjine..pp.ift'er ;,<mjtij.- H. llQ-.vqli, D..C, IJglil Plant,'Five "Alrplajift o'fyec'!. •fani. -dhe t pft]cc safe. Barfcsdale Mfg.'Co.", piione"iS. '•'"''• ' '" -' " Gold fish minnows. Day and "night. E. L. KeiUi, ill No. 6tli. 24pkl 213 B! -KfeAiUcky, •"4""ro6ms""wiLn bat||. iNfiVly .papered and.p.aint- cd. $200 down payment, remainder to. .include principal, interest, Insurance and t^seg,; payable, niontli|y like rent. ; Haryey Mp.rris, pjioiic 128 or .506.'" ' _". : 24-ek-7-24 Green jgraJKs, fine for jefljl •B)ionp ,362-J. 'Mrs'.' Joe Kucter." 23-ck'-'30 My .Stucco home and 2 acres. ,llas 5.r9pn>s and Jjnth. Bjq.cke.ii harrt- wood ' ''floors.'' Phpnc 252 or 347. Paul '.Byr'urii. " '"'" " 23-ck-lf Siveet peas nod other cut flowers. Lois Hooper, Phone 305 or 792. 700 dozen used Triilt jars, any'size. • Save - mpney. Alyln Harrfy, 312 E. Main." ' n-ck-7-17 Cans, for ."Jug -Fishing .complete - with straps^ (jimrajilced wpn't leak. 7Vi cents each. ' Haymond BrookE. -Steele,. ilp. . ?-P}>7-? "Ne Jiaye .s nurnber .of allractivs and desirable'pottages In BlythD- ville, .well io.eated, 'which \vc can sell at reasonable' prices. Terry Abstract it Really .Co. Wvone 617 C-ck-U Dairy PatWactory •quality find service In Dairy producls. Cattle free of's plrease. In best of physical condition. "call Mrs. Grace lowery. 9<)2-J, for Italscll's Grade A Raw NJtik. Cream, Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or liolltiay orders. Inspection .encouraged .anytime. Prnmlscrl land. Route 2 Notice Fishing License FpR YO.UR ; cibiS'VBNIEN'nE, WF, A'RE PREPARED .TO ISSliK S" FISillNG ' ; 1,ICESSE AT STpBE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. fhonc 35 For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and'-market for sate or trade. \Vcll located, established business. Wrltis Box "P", c/o Courier ',j Personal Arouse Sluggish" "lAttr, work oft <h« bih,-to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling.'" Take pue box of ''KIRBt'S'""'' . ACTIVE LIVER PILLS "Zic at all Klrby Stores. THIS CURIOUS WORLP VVi|liam .Fergusw r-xc^^St-Sr^rr"^,^ iS •WMMNE TO AAANV DISEASES IrW HIS NATIVE LAND WHICH HE READIL.V CONTRACTS WHEN V WARMER ' W".^. :;.. ^ Hunt Gold In River Beds Of Arizona TOKSCOTT, Ailx. (UP) -.The fevered . days of Av!/.onn's curly '80s arc being rc-eunclcd on Iho (rentiers of Chis pun O f Ihc-slate as the summer months I'mvo re- Mvrd nijaln the lure' of plucc'f gold, 1'rgspcctors, with thi'lf tvcalhciv beaten string of puck mules, mo winding oiit of clvilj/.ntion to streinns where sprliig freshets hiivu replenished sinuls with « monger siipyly of nlhiviiil geld, W|>cn the ainnc llclcls \vevc nrst placered, gold had bppn collected through the slreaii; bcrts for thoti- .sniiils of years, lint w)l|i iii.oft of the beds "worked out," the-' prospector of today is yet-hopeful he can \yash ont und recover IIUJO pieces of the yellow metal mlsscii in the huirled pijej-nllcns of the LAWN JWOWERS . fnclpry method, adjusted oiled—picked iii> ft delivered I' Used Lnvyn Mowers For Stile ATKINS Machine Shop. & (Jarngp •"0 S. Ijlul 1'hone 2S1 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guarantee.! Bent Price* Kirby Drug Stores r.M.Scc.u.s.>«T.6rr'. GpodTooef. A gastronomer is a person devoted lo : EcnsjJiil enjoyments of the table. How docs bologna saitsafc derive its name? Salesiiion Wanted WANTED : l*m with car for profitable Rawleigh nontc .Must be salisncd with good living nl start. way ., Memphis, Ten up tin's Dept. year. Write AKP-27-loi, Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Lost Fei;iale, Ilrlndjc BiiHdog. Olipped cars. Baby's pet. REWARD.'Hugii Wlillsltl.' ' ' ' 20-ck-30 Found Arkansas >103a 1-2 ton truck 11-'. cense. Nijnjber 214-545. Owner niay ha ye license by paying cost of ihis ad. Courier News. : Minnows For Sale Minnows nnd fishing ciiiies. 309 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. Goldfish Minnows B. F. Brogdon, 310 l)oui;an MINNOWS & COCK ROACHES Karl Damon. Cor. Railroad & ify. Wanted Copies of the Courier News, dated June 1. Will pay 5c each. ; Room mid Boai'd Comfortable rooms. hcaswinble rales. 803 W. Ash. Phone OS3. 22-ck-tf Hudson Buy an inland sea. Is net, , a bay, J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only OrmliMlc Optometrist in lilylliCTllIc. C,liisscs Filled Correctly past. The bits of gold were fonncriy "" • if let Tiicii ^'M^\ known us "colcrs" .-, lodny , they the livrllhuod of nn estimated 2,600 persons lit (ho slate-. In Oiintitc Creek, which runs llirmijjli (he western section at I'rescott, n- large number, of men Sliilly wash reeky ijrnvrt.'i lo earn "I living. A short, (lisiiinee from 'the cily's linlnslrlnl plnnls, men and women alike lire digging Into the bunks, removing bi 8 s ii tTS „[ rartU to bo cither "panned" or "slwkvd" for gold. No "benanzii" of Die curly VtOs Is found now, but tunny unemployed men mid women mnke n ., In (ho placed beds. Tho pc«- siblliiy of n rich strike liv an overlooked urea still prevails, ^—PRESCRiPTIONS-— Siife - - Acctii'alc Your Prescription Urugglat Fowler Drug Co. SliUn ,t I'ii-st 1'hono 111 OBTAIN HKI.1K1.' KKOM CYSTITIS (Inflii incd Hlndder) A 30 -ilny (rsl ,,f •fills N A T IJ » ,\ 1, MINlilUI, WAT|iit I''") cast you yn-y Ill'c ... MiiUc Mi's test yimrwlf ll.llll Illllc (hi) | m _ lirqvcini'iil, Distributed by Crossfown Whiskey Shop l.Ml'OKTKI) A 'llOMUSTIU WINKS, LJQUQBS, Purse Finder Returns 55, Keeps Remaining $15 KENT, o. (Ui'j—Vfrlnc nmy be Its cwn rewi\i-il, |«H. 1)10105 one liersflii hero who needed ft little more Eiibsliinlli nilvaiico.' Mrs. Kobevt Dliike, of Cullfoinia yfcllhin here, lost a billfold containing $ao, viilnubln puirors nnd Callfomla mid oiilo drtvlng -mid in Iliivc Voiir |(ug Dr F. J. Weilz 1719 \V. Slio replied a iciici fiopv the nml- ei nftc) she Imd nd\crUscil U con- lamed (5, |icr pnpcf,, clrheii licenses and n note I huio Ijceu out of nork for' NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For I'rompl Laundry <ind Cleaning ServJct of the g some' won, and \vMn I get It I return }ii; ;C5 i; '] HEMORRHOIDS Ciircd WidKiut Surgery, iiiul A very tmtii itnd ImnnlcM niethmt; \Mtnoui coiinncmgul to |Kd loss of (line from v,,,,k niul W llli ve.y Jltllo (llw-omroil. All types of piles, Ibsinw, minim,, c (o., tieiUcil |,y our otllco ])KS. NIBS & N1ES OHido (ill j,iai lllflhtvllU, Aik. Now Located at 101 N 0 ti|, Snotm ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU . " , ^ ,-^T —. ' *f SAFETY'S SAKE! HBAI) Tills AI) US rtiir! save! Sjve dtl.iyf r lr»ublcl Before goluc a» ' t^catlnn or tukhtfr niofoi S let us check (he ' Danger Points 'Coojinj; S,vfilcm mid Kiin JI*lt System ]{iakos, Unikc 1'cilitl & Clutch Steering Qcjtr, Wheel and PHILLIPS MOTQR CO, Phone 110 Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" . Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 : GOD OF THE SEA HORIZONTAL 1 Old Roman " god of the Water?7 The most remote .known i AnsH-cr !o Previous Puzzle . for him (pi.), 12 Malt drijik. ISE.xtrprric. ?5 To be" ojjligated. ,16 injustice 18 Cow's call. J» Horse. 23 Vehicle carrying cpflins. 24OffseIs in walls. 27 Street. 29 Corrupt. 30 Comfort. J31 Plural pronoun. 32 Headgear. M TQ cra.dicate hair. 36 Doggy land. 39 Blocking damages. 40 Sum ot money. 41 Withered. •15 And. 46 Musical cnjerinin- mentr. 49 Genus of, frogs. 50 All right. 37 Covered with S2 Puzzler. icing. 55 He carries a H Golf devices. HPonilcroua volume. 1C He was once — or revered in •'; Ilomc. • l7.Sojcmn. : ic 19 Intelligence. 20 To guard. 22 Leaks 23 Warms. 25 Kind of Jiospilal. 26 Poor in , ,, . , . quality, trident as Ins 28 Silent: c r^— i 31 tumor. 56Fresh. 33 Si.%-plus four. VERTICAL £5 Drains. 2 To merit. S,^ 1 "' 0 ''" 3 Farming tools. 3e To ^concl. 4 Cavd 42 To put on. combination, 4,] TO question 5 Primeval 47 Back of neck, ""id- 48 Ripped. .6 Tree. 48 To feel ' 7 In behalf of. sorrow. ,8 Note in sonic. 51 South 0 Marked with Carolina. spots. ' S3 Either. }0 Water jugs. 51 Type measure All Mulcts .of Helmut Tj renters, AdUIng HMclilnc 8 u,,,l 10S S. Division Si. THERE'S OUST A Z 8UTRED, HtiNS E FUSE • UNDER THfti WITHOUT BEING SPURS -filUNDEfl lAltb.X fAfif BY V. /T. HAMLIA MEANWHILE; 6.I.TUM, OOVERNMEUT 'COURSE iT UP RISHT AVVAV, BUT THAT THERE'S SOME ' WIRE QUEER'S HAPPENED AROJMp HERE--'CEPT|rJ A BUSTED FENCE.' -- _ ._ WHERE PHANTOM APPEARED - WELL VMMSHtD V£"£ii I?Y KDGAjl MARTIN OO&bKtt HWTER WWW . ! COME fpti VdO A VASII TUIIIJ3 So .Lorig MWURAUV, I MtEO MOT WRM VOU> SiS^S?5 ml ± W ^ Ep " 5 i vJtiH yoii WEREN'T &biw&, DARUWG. i ID MEVERBIM \HAME A FEEUM6 TO TH' SOOTH ) THAT SDMETHW6 BEFORE.' I WHERE'S MV GOIU6 TO POCKETBOOKf TH'TICKETS? ' BV THE WAV, M'BOY, THE HATWM OF HIPPA-HULA wTRicAcies OF BAMKIMG". .„„„ THIS TRUUK VIlYH VOU,... IT COWTAMS (0,000 SILVER OOUA.B.S. COtJTttiVS SECRET. TWS TRIP ft QME THAT Mfty WEWJ MH.V.IOMS TO McKEE ISOUSTCIES.AWD ?M t«PEHplM& OM VOUR JUD6MEMT ^ • '" (MTEtUOEUCE MO WOUOEP. BOV'S EXC1TEO.' AND HIS" FRIENDS BYMERRIU, BLOSSKK LETTER. • O^ 1 ITS . Jowes"' MEAN we GOT ORAsbep ALL TME WAY UP HERS : jusr eer THE RUW- SOMETIMES we DO ,ir THIS WAYW A FINE TMW3 , i MUST SAY '-r-A- FINE THINS f THAT THE WAY You WELCOME PEOPLE ' HERE ? - t SHOU.O- ^4'^ SB' AT AfJ. SURPRISED/

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