The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1934
Page 3
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(ARJU_ COURIER NEWS of ,, wonien •Jorencc NCWf -L-T T ^ UK BECffES 1 1 ft F t*i n i " au ^ George Thurn, Associstc Kditor These Recipes Will 'Add Inlcivst | () Other Ordinary Dishes ns qua: >.r,l |,,-.i,i ifimn,. aking eacs l of U>C cre l»- 20 rwse i-y plain i-nhul. such tl|B ] sy lo Prepare and Always Welcome Declares Mrs. George Thurn ar Headers in lUyllievllle: . r "i- icoked fruit dessert., wheth- | '•• il I)-.- pudding or pie or a coin- I '. le ib al lias l' me ol year one -j tin- jnosl important kilchen :il- f ?• 1 call dried fruit an ally be- f isc It is economical, easily pre- i :cd, to be found at all grocers i matter In wlm part of the intry you live, and Die family | ^ ually ajjpros-ei of Ihe finished 11 h io the ex lent that they ask [ 5 more, und demand frequent re- ; .l its. n answer lo a number of re- > ests for a variety of dishes us-1 • dried and canned fruits, and | * economical apple. 1 have select- : Ihe following; ! Emergency Pudding \ One can of jx?achc.s or other ' it (two cups): one egg; one lull tea spoon salt; two thirds i inilK: one and oi'.e half cupn ur; Iwo teaspoons baking pow- riirn the fruit Into a shallow . .,.,..,„ , , imeled Fauccpnn with ijlentv ot .- ,, dilm; "' ! ' clotn covers juice around It; id a little " e . t ," ble a "? ;i " el cach pto icr if mi enough juice in which'.™ rse '"" C1 ' L| e |Mpcl ' hcarl toil the fruil Heal ID boilina ! i |:npcl ~ ""I' 1 ' 1 -'- 5 al 'c liearl- ° 03Uln 8- slinnec! tco and nut cups are made by simply (overiug drink' )g cuixs with red nuper. Tile centerpiece i.- very dccora- a Loiiuito aspic UN 'nilimiiiij s.iiico is di- nd Ian c-.ip chill SIIHCI-: one u-:ivy cream, v<hlp)>cd; ise. I'\)ld tne into the whipped add the i-liih sauce, very cold. otnv on any green cooks :nl[| two taule- h lo thLs .vnice, <T»nm. Sauce '•'bli^jxwns butler; one halt •"he; i« 0 t.ibli^ixions Hour; , one hall t,-:,,,KH,n ., ; ,lt ; two cups .:; jniilk; ,,i : ,. h : ,i f ,.„„ to ,,, nu> cil(sll |,. • .three MII-.'^XWUS Wcii-r.slcr.shli-e i.snucc; • Iwo Inlu-spoon nour; two cups can- ne<l tomatoes; one teaspoon nail; one eighth icnspooii pnprlka; few grains cayenne. Ccok the onion, celery mid green tapper Iti tlie. ,, u fni . nvf ralmUeSi Awl the fin,,,. lin . t sUr lm( u Niiooth. ,\dd the lomaloes, .vill IJaprikn and cayenne ,,:id cook gently twenty minute*. BfHs and Orange' s*uce , One labif.spoon butler; one und' one linir lablo.spMiis flour; one ">![ cup of liquid off the canned heels; ci,,. icus, )mm ^mrd ovnn Und: on,- li,,]f nip, orange Juice- : one half n-aspomi salt; one fourth leaspoon |ip|i|x>r; one teaspoon su- Bar; two cups canned Ijcets sliced very Ihiii. o r dli-rd nm! 0 "," 1 ',' b " l!(lr ' 8llr '" lfl « fl°"r Add th V "". ll ""' '' m "' llll(i - :uli pi'pixr 1U i,| sugar? f'Jiok ini't'li .!!',,, ",' • <i| nooili, Gilrrlng con- Lintly K, avoid lumping. AiW Ihe wets und i,,. n( tiioroiighiy. a-n-o once; i-nou^i f or s | y . PAGE THREE Here Arc .Recipes for . a NW.!;cr of Unusual Veg- elablc Dishes To innke ihls populai- vision of l:.e ramoiis Ainei-Je:i anwhiic l»at the egg with ihe t until light, atlft the milk and wly stir in ih e Hour whicli has n. silled wilh the baking pow• Tlie baiter should be quite I. Drop by (easpoonfuh into boiling f rll jt juices, clipping t.-,e n I 1 , inch mailing tube ,or broom Candle,. Make a separate lube ol each strip by wrapping it iicimtl the maili,, E lube, pnstln- tin. end or th" stiip in place, ana cr.ishliig the crcp:- tosc-thcr will, ; —'• hands. ~ I'or ihe bas cut a circle 12 inches in cround tliis Oi t«!de edge. -i Inches wide. ;.m] Place One can ll.-tia lx>ans- cue can tomatoes; one XITCI, pepi.rr chop]>e(l nne; nji[, niid one hi|f nnvs celery; bnllcrcd mimbs- ' seawi- hiBs U ihcre Is n Hide t,.f ( ov ?r "lid added (o Hie mixture Mix all except the crumbs, put in Yens- senile nihucd w j t!l siioneinnu, i-'nkc covered for one hair hour In' n modnal,. CiSO dexrccs, oven un- ., ' " r « 1:l r KiiJm Jail h, V' n ' C:l! (U1>J - A '«>lil burglar sllppr.i ln ,„„ )ocal jn|) mill btole .seven blankel.s when somebody fornoi io lock (he door lor the night. .. "" nvrt...l.>, UVI'II ,111- ill Ihi- celery [i tender, then sprln- «•«' wllli crumbs and biikc inu-ov- crcd niiuilier hair hour. Serve- from Ihe baking dish. To make butlered crumbs, use one inb!e.s|)oflii bulier lor ( . n ,.i] ;-a]T " limbs; ini-ll l)i]tt t .,- nu ,j st | crumbs a few minutes In it. Carrot Rings Wash and slice carrots h, thlii slices. Put in n bowl, beai on- egg nnd pour over them oiul stir easily un'.ll all pieces nre coalej. Lift fell.with n spatula or broad btoded knife ami coal with floiir which has been salted and peppered Tiien fiy In deep hoi fat. Delicious with roasLi. C.inncd C.nin Clmeltl Uialn n cnn of torn, and If the kernels are large, pui through the meat chopper, using ih 0 nnt-sl l»r. Real six egg yolks, n iid whltw scparalely. the latlcr until stirr. Mix ihe corn Inlo the yolks with two tablespoons of cream, llx-ii fold I" tlu- whites, cook in an omelet P-in, j n u . 0 tablespMiis O f short- i-iliiis; browning delicately on tae'i side. Serre folded once with crisii MrliK or bacon. Arlleliokr KrIUerH "iiy the canned artlclioke heiirts dra.ii. .Make n batter o[ one half cup Hour sided wllh one half toa- .si»im each sail and baking nowder »»(! a mile u-iilte ,x;pp 3 r. u,at an CM and add lo this. W | tl , i nrc ,. tablrspoons o f mllk.'n!,, each ar- tlclickc in (he halter ami fry In "icop hoi rai. live and you can make it your- j n .self. Here arc tl-e dircciions: Take iwo heavy wires and piece tach lo make It .'-2 inches lon» »n into the Sim «7h time. ^ ( ^ 0 !^ " M i nc 'f lon ^ •er Ihe saucepan and steam for I'" I*"'" ^"^ '". form of '!ve minutes .<;»«•» r,,,;, .„,, '. ": a>( ' all(! w - 1frt> wires meet, , , al Ihe bottom, '.cave fouv 5-inch 'K'e minutes, serve fruit Ant, •nplmgs with the sauce in which y cooked, and a little whipped am on lop ir possible. : ilis : one egj; one cup milk; one Toaslfd Cuconul Annie 1'ie llalf cup mo| asses; Iwo tablespoons nieiiMl shortening. Sift, the bran, flour, salt, soda and baking powder togeiher and tablespoons cider""vine°'ar'"one ret " rn lhc blal! bits to the mix- irth leaspocn salt; one fourth', I " 1re: cse !:b ' M]a not ^ discard- spoon inace: two tablespoons; , d<i rals " 15 -ind moisten wilh ^.^:^i~"""'""- S ^ coconut. ' ° I ou ?hly logether. Beat well, turn lix Ihe chopped apple, wafer i e ni? 1 J n " ffl , n .Vt" 5 , nil " )cd wi ' h short - ti.bes with pnsle lo foini one lube, and slip this ever ihe wire frame! W'th a narrow r.uirj of crc>|>e cul across the cmin, v;rap the "lour 5-inch wire ends together from no:turn of heart -down for •m-he.s. Bend the rcrnainm,. "-•vo cui-s chopped or grated aj>- ": two thirds cup sugar; one water; two tablespoons flour; an nddilional sauce made with canned pineapple ;ii:je, bro-.ui SI-B.I and curranls, simmered lo^ei ••('-', few minules till slightly ihicken'cd - -MUS. GEOHGE THUn.N le. cored bui not pared. Sprin- shrcdded coconut generously • all and bake until the apples lender. Hot. oven. r400 degrees) ut twenty-five minutes. After 'ting place o candied cherry in cetiler of each apple rinir. Ompole H'ilh Meat ne half pound prunes; one half nd dried apricots; one half J?m- one half orange; three fourths sugar. Soak prunes and apri- ovcr night. N?xt morning cov- vith enough water to boil, add ar, and boil for one hair I'.our. n aild the choppsd lemon rind thin slivers ot orange rind and .inue ccofcinj slowly until the t is very tender. *rvc as a garnish for roast ot b or uark. Or make a rin» of hly cooked rice, fill center with stewed fruit, and serve In place one of the vegetables of the icr menu. Kaisin Brun Muffins uc cup flour; thirds tea- ion sail; one tcaspoDn baking ; iwo leasiKons baking pow- two cups bran; one cup rais- I 'Rhrn/i uoae' • i «.'**ttt. cgg.s, oilp Clip °T3nil]fltCd 'sugar; one half cup canned pineapple juice; one teaspoon vaniila; OIM cup Hour; one teaspoon baking powder; oi^c tni 1 53lt; four slices caiuie four slices canned p;i naif cup b:o«n sugar. Bcai Lhc eggs im t!l very light «'jh the sugar. Add the pineapple juice, vanilla and dry ingredients sifted together. .Mix well. Then ixxir into a Hat cake pan or cas- Jerole. rubbed well with s.-.orten- apple arranged i n jt anc! sprink'kd with the. brown sugar. Bake in a mcderate oven (3bO to 375 degrees) for thirty lo thirty-five minute* Wmold immediately and serve hoi °U_°^-__S«™s six. Borne profer Blue Star Ends Eczema Itchtag This Fighting Drug BANISHES COLDS —Old fashioned remedies give i.-aj- 10 I r, Se ? Sat; ° na ' figliung drug foimd ii] Shcddnn's Salve. That-drug i >fll o: found .in cither cold.salvej, and ytl ii is rcg.irdfd as one of ,h> world'i best when usej in remedies When )-ou- U!e Sheddnn's S.T|VC ccn- Liming this new drug, you are assured of results «hich nre far beyond the power of o(her jalves. Ji i s nbjolutely guaranteed "Your Co!d Goes or Yonr Monev Back''. Try I, today Two kmds; "Mild" for Children. "Strong" for Adults. Sold by all drug More, 1$ One .toy Con Afford \ # am , b,,i,,!!n K . u dd ,.;,,, C; ,,,k ten or Hfteen ,H, Ume. Add Wo rcesters.-.ire "HIGHER in FOOD VALUE" And Ita of wircy flavor coili no nor* Ihan ordinary lea. AiV your yf<x«f for . India Tea. lh* r":n- 1*0 In lh. world h grown In fndla. fit: 11, Icck fcr )U (ofcov.), f n ciidltJon to \t-< cd edge of (he run Make o of mis.y «, fine for growing Children Specials For Saturday and Monday A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR A t Good Grocers Kv cry where THE CRAFTON mSTKIHUTOHS To relieve ec7enia itching, ring- t-itch.covcr ia irorm, tcller.rash or foo-c.covcr BTilh sootliing liluc Star Ointment. Tested modidnes melt and quickly soak m killing germs. Itching ends Skin heals. No burning — no blis- tcnng. bare and reliable. (adv.) This Crystal Chef ANDTlvA Can be. yours WITHOUT COST! FOR COFPEK n, ,M n .nnii-i!, All you IIHVU lo <ln is «uv Uic tmipons you find ,n c«i-h i-an of .,I ; ,U,] F J(1 , l^fVoirJc The conlcsl will I.- (k-tmmin.Hl ?( , !u |v ,,n the m ni- ';(.'!• "I coupons, tile twclvt itursorV liol.lin.r U)>> most coupons will win. ! ' Ask your friends to snvc Four Leaf Coffee Coupons for you. FOil TKA A Complete Showing In Green and Ivory ip your kitchen will, this cvr.n.ntecd Chip- Proof Knnmrlwnre . . . it win sivc scrvic( , , or years and years. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 Look fo The Date/' CENTRAL COFFEE CO. Blytheville, Ark. PURE LARD, Pound 6!c . I'iire .Meat eat CC l,b. J GROUND BEEF ""' cl ;.flO L HAM HOCKS £<£ "t. P HENS ni-y. Full Dressci IU7c NEW POTATOES PORK ROAST ll ..... BACON Slicee' F;i NECK BONES MHBMH No. 1 KiilJ ^0-AP '^'""""".v. While «r Yellow «B" ^ ^Vnl 7 H:,rs Z^C IPS II-li DD/.L-U 18C i^^M^^H I LETTUCE Kxtr:i '' : ''^S'' 7l (; POTATOES TOILET PAPER rj-S- .\rk:ii;-;is Hpocial No. 2 C:sn. Sandwich Spread 2Sc I ^alad Dressing c SlrRM (;;lr(lcn l>alrh - Who| e Kwni'!. Ll>lin i) rv |. : ,, k . | OS ()2 ( . CHERRIES

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