The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1946 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1946
Page 13
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.• TUESDAY, QCT, s, 1940 LEGALS i or fNconcoftAtio* . ntiftft- OfUtN, ifStJt . Notice Is hereby glv«n bf th« In* cofnoratlofi of the Kuti* drain, Inc., with It* principal place of btii|no«» in'.Wcsles'v KpssiitK Cotlnty, towa. • The ffeneral nalUM of tha business to be trartsadted by this .corporation shall b«: To buy, sell, re- CCH»OJ «tof«, consign, deal Iti and handle on comhilmlon, or Ih any oth^r manner, coal and other fuel of «v«r'y kind and ,.description, grain, livestock and other farm product* «nd { prqduie, farhi Implements, lumber and general building material and to- build, erect, etiuip, bWri, lease, maintain, operate, buy, Mil, transfer and exchange elevator*, waijB houses, mills, sheds, offices and terminals, and is buy, own; sen,* exchange, transfer and deal In real entitle of all kinds and descHptlohs. Including lease holds, and lo engage ,ih any other general business of like and r.clated nature and to do all Ihlngfi necessary and proper to lh(J conduct of .(ho business above enum* crated. . Th« authorliidd capital stock 6f thlH corporatlph shall ho Five Hue! drcd-(fiOO) shai'es of common stock with ft par value of (JIOO.OO) On« 'Hundred IWIlars 'per share. The f capllal slock may he Increased By 9 vole of Uiree* fourths* of all the slock Issued and otilslandlnfi; al any such lime. When U.e capital stock Is to be Increased, ~the additional shares Rliftll he offered to. the existing stockholders •. proportionately lo their holdings .at nol less Ihan the par value.' NOhe of Die shares shall 1 bo' Iranafbrabte except upon the bookH of thd corporation a'nd Ihe following-restrictions are lo bo placed upon eaah share of slock! "Bc-> fore tho holder of record or other' wise inay sell, give, devl«n or othor- tv-IM) transfer a share-or sl.arcs'to any, poi'Ho'hjoUicr lliari the Inporpor- nto'rs, nanred : herein such holder shall catisj'e the Board of Directors bf.tha oorpprntlon, Of which 1 Ihe President shall he or.*, to appraise tho shard or shares, and the holder .shall offer the share or shares .to the Directors for'ttie use of Ihe Corporation at the appraised value. ,lf 11;a Directors do not exercise their 'option to purchase the share .or shares for tho use of tlin Corpora- lion wllhln thirty days of miclr appraisal. Uf* ••holder may dispose of Die slmre-or «liare9 to whom and In such manner as r.o may see fit. None of l lie said capllal stock shall be Issued until thd same Is either paid for In cafh at not leas than the par value or In property as provided by law. ' - ' Tli'a lime of commencement of this .corporation shall be the date of Issuance of Certificate of. Incorpora- llon by the .Secretary., of Stale of tlic Sluln "f Iowa, undttlie termination shall be 'twenty years from'safd date. Tl.Is corporation may be dissolved nl any llmo prior lo Ihe dale of Us termination by a majority Vole of the stockholders. .The business affairs of this cor-1 poratlon shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of nql less Ihan five and not more than wsv'en as delermlned by the stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, 'w.lio shall hbl'd otflde for one year 'or until their successors are elected and iiuallflcd, and tho directors shall bo elected annually by the stockholders at th°e .'regular annual meeting of Ihe siockhoders of Ihls corporation, and until tho next annual meeting of the stockholders of thl* corpora-, 'lion,' Ihe following persons shall be directors, lo wit:"-'. .. • • : • Fred A. Dlokmann, Wesley, Io-*ra Arlhur Maass, LuvcniD,-Iowa • ArlhunW. lllley, LuVcrhe, Iowa '.Bert C. Ilamus, LuVerne, Iowa •'Harold-H: Fhllllps, LuVerne,«Iowa ^>» "A«.S,t?r^Ot. •U.U_ jE COrDO ) rattqil ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA- .PAGE Service, fuel -^ MllViraukee, frislght Fulton Irow Works, la- bof ,-.*.* i.,..^ Cowan « Cowan, poles- W. D, Allen MfgV Co. mdse. .+-.—-..-.i. 16 wa filcctric Supply, mdse., — '<..-.'...' 813.67 TetTy-Dufiri, mdse. 076.37 Robertson Products Co., mdse. .,...»..> Glenn Strayet, expense Algona Machine Shop, repair • Algona Laundfy, ser.'. vice »-^^. C. Pollard, expense __* H. Post, freight L. Harms Oil Co., gas KossuthiOil, gas ... Creamery Oil Co., gas. Dutch's Service, service Dau Oarage., repair — Pratt Blectrib, mdse. •.. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. ... Al?ona U. D, M,, printing — Matt Parrott & Sons, mdse. Addressograph Sales Agency, mdse. .. Telephone Co., service . Postmaster, postage ... WATER FUND H. Barton, salary 101.47 F. Ostrum, salary 1 87.S2 R. Barton, salary ' 61.16 727.72 781.22 229.92 1292.43 3.9d 6.74 115.00 2.36 63.61 41.14 15.69 4.66 4.70 3.86 5.50 24.38 1.43 5.08 7.65 3.41 23.80 31.46 240.00 E. Gerbcr, salary ...... 83.62 C. Pollard, salary 35.00 Ira Kohl, salary ' • 30.00 P. Morgan, salary 25.00 i.. Mitchell, salary 77.50 Iowa State Bank, tax.. 26.50 Security Fund, tax 4.44 ,v/. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. 44.28 Iowa Machinery & Sup. Co., rridsc. *-. 166.58 jnnlv Cn.. 88.04 Leighton mdse. Wallace 1 Corp. Sebastian Supply Co., & Tiernan 7.48 109.15 22.50 7.43 2.23 10.24 6.66 1.4S men were present. The minutes of the last two mectinja were fead and approved. ' fiuildiftg p&rmit^ wet« apjjfdv- ed for E. Robinson, John Wald* rof^ and Glen Johes. Ordinance No. ; 284 (Sewer. Ordinance) vt/as passefd. Ctrdinahce No. 285: was read for : the flffet time. Appropriating Ordinance No. 677 Was passed. . , !' The meeting -waS 'adjourned to October 10, 1946. ELECTRIC FUND L. Bellock, salary ...-4 91.77 F. Dailey, salary ...... '• 105.90 T. Halpin, salary ..'. 95.77 C. Wright, salary III.I ftl.16 W. Ludwig, salary .... 99.67 Ed Graham, salary 96,62 P. Newsome, salary ...-' 79.62 J. Reynolds, salary 62.68 J. Hardgrove, salary ... 58.97 A. Hill, salary .....".. ?,1.42 H. Stephenson, salary,- 95.77 diet Webb, salary 89.65 L. M. Dunn, salary 83.62 E. H. Gerber, salary ... 42.50 C. Pollard, salary •... 120.40 Ira Kohl, salary ... 57.95 A. Carlson, salary ..... 100.02 H. Passmore, salary ... 71.4? Iowa State Bank, tax .. 105.40 Security Fund,' tax ...- 1.4.80 Diesel Service,: oil .... 809.38 Milwaukee R'y, freight 493.36 Fulton Iron Works, la- . bor and repairs 916.12 Socony Vacuum Oil, oil 725.93 Northland EleC. Supply , Co., mdse. ,.'.— .. 267.9.73 Terry-Durin, mdse. :45.68 Hughes Brothers, mdse.. 166.18 la. Elcc. Supply, Co., : : mdse. .......^'. 152.3J Supply '.Co., 39.00 Electric mdse'. Norton repair —.... Algona Machine. repair -*..*- —-i Town of Bancroft, mde. ,...i..——'—-—• 839.27 Machine Wks;,. Shop; 83.70 82.70 im'medlatSy. afteTr thejri? blectfon at W I Innual rtieetlnB 'shall meerand elect from tbclr number a : pr6sldent; a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. 'Any 'director of the corporation may hold .any one or more offices If so ordered by thd. Board of Director*. Tho Board of Directors shall h»T« thd right and the power to appoint an assistant secretary and 'treasurer who need not D * • a dlreevor ;of, the cprporation. Un- ''.til tl.e n«xt. . annual meeting of stockholders the officers of the cori noratloiJ shall be. to wit: Fred A..Dlekmann, President. • Arthilr Maass. Vice President Fred A. 'Delkmann, Secretary. . . Krcd, A.-Dlokmann, Treasurer Rich director shall bo- a. stockholder, •'und-lt any'director shall'cease to be iB-Hlocklioldor-'In this corporation- ho i 'or-shp shall : automa.Mcally cease', to • lie a'dlrectb'r, . Thd .Board of Dlrec- vtors may fill »H vacancies occurring Mil. Its' ni.erribors- between .annual .-•'incctlrfgaijiy;. the •arjpolr.tmcnt ot a I-jiualiried-person toehold',lh« .office f> loi'. IhoWm'alndQr of, the term. " v; r' The annual meeting 'of. the stock' lioldors shall be hold at the principal placB of bUnlneB.1 of the coriHir- Billon on. tho. third Monday In.Aug- i\tKt of each year for tho election of Ittlrcotoru and to transact any other ' business of the corporation a» shall ' e.necessary and proper. ' . ,, , Private property of the mockhpldt era of Oils corporation shall not b« liable or subject to the debts of tn« itiirnnralton, --i' •, • » Dated this 20th day of August. ,vu«J8' CJTIA1N. INC. •• ' Fred A. Dlokmann, Tresldcnt. Krcd A- Dlekmann, Secretary ft |j.Treasurer. 83-38 CITY BILLS . f- Al&ona, Jowa. ,, August 29, 1948. The City.Council met at the roRulac time and place, .Mayor .Kohlhaas and the following Counctlmen present: Harris, iHutchiriS, • Fox, • Bohannon and HuenhOld. Herbst was absent.. The minutes of the meetings ince t^ last regular were ap >rove<l» : . ; • l Mclvin -Johnspn • asked permis sion ttf operate a roller skating rink, and this was - granted, BuiWirtg permits'were approved! for Lage; }fawltins, r Mediri, Whit" ney, Bept«r<l v i Bode'i -FftMei & Both, K Murthi, ^. Hutchlw, p, *"-'- 3 A- iKresensky, W. Bow ^Morgan's. sa^ry \yas fixed" i't M3S.W Per IBQUto, .»?. r n(qw , f NQ , ; 6?5 was .. Diesel Equip- rnent mdse. Thompson - Hayward Chem. Co., mdse. Diamond Alkali Sales Corp., ^mdse. 'Culligan Zeolite Co., mdse. .j H. Post, freight Dutch's Service, rcpair_ Algona Hdw., mdse. ... Algona U. D. M., printing.......— 10.20 CONSOLIDATED FUND C. McGinnis, salary ... 93.00, T. O'Brien, salary 1 97.00 Al Boekclman, salary .. 77.50 A. Weishaar, salary ... 89.10 Kent Motor, mdse. —— 60.05 Dau Garage, repairs -.- 11.09 Harms Oil Co., gas 24.17 Telephone Co., service. 6.18 Jess Lashbrook, salary. 99.67 E. Skilling, salary . 74.25 C. Harvey, salary -—_ 69.35 G. Gundor, salary . 65.10 J. Bahr, salary 69.30 P. Helmers, salary 69.35 R. Knudsen, salary i— 73.25 H. Lashbrook, salary „ 38.31 J. Jordan, labor 10.00 Gibbs-Copk Co,, mdse.- .1.23 E; W, Hansen &v Son.v m'dse. .--_--_ ' 13.86 H. J. Cpwan, labor .... 4 34.50 H. Post, freight 2.24 Conoco Oil Co,, gas --- 45;S5 Joe Greenberg, mdse. .- H.22 Dutch's Service, service 1.71 Algona Impl. Co., mdse. 1.02 Spilles Hdw., mdse. — 2.15 Algona Flour & Feed,- mdse 2.45 Bqtsford Lumber Co., mdse. - - 120.13 Iowa Mutual Casualty, : Ins. - ' 34.7S A, Larson, mdse. ----- 25'.00 Lairig & Muckey, repair 18,90 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse.— 120.58 Security Fund, tax .— ,12.04 Iowa State Bank, tax — .47,00 P. Morgan, salary 40.00 ',J. Kohlhaas, cng.,,ser- vices ..,.„——— 75.00 M. Jones, salary 59.40 Dr. Sawyer, rent :..' 59.40 G. Dettman, salary .-„_, 79.20 Des Moines Blue Print Co., mdse. ,.,.—— 3.33 Max Conrad, dues —— 30.00 Algona U. D. M., pub- v llshing 61.57 Advance Pub, Co., publishing - 43.71 SEWER FUND C. Pollard, salary 25.00 P. Morgan, salary 25.00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. ,— 3.21 D. Helmers, mdse. —-- 66.40 FIRE MAINTENANCE Hooker Supply, mdse.-, 121.50 Globe Machinery Co., mdse. —. K, Frankl, gas Dau Garage, repairs —- J?ossuth Motor, repairs. MWUTE8—GAL. TWO Algona'. Machine Shop, repairs . '—,—., Kossuth Oil Co., service R'y Express Agency, service ,- --,. 1.77 service- 4.34 POOL FUND 69.30 60.80 53.00 44.4Q 40.85 • 3,93 24.10 7.35 Don Mitchell, labor H. Post, freight .-'—— Ralph Moe, mdse. Dutch's Service,, repairs Algona Crcamery ( gas.. Wagner's DX, service'-'. Kohlhaas Hdw.., mdse. ; ' Funk & Deim, repair .-Des Moines Blue Print Co., mdse. i-'.--—1-.' Algona U. D. M., mdse. C. Pollard, expense Telephone Co,, servlce- W. W. Sullivan,. P. ; .3VJ., postage _'„------— WATER FUND H. Barton, salary —— Frank Ostrum, salary .. R. Barton,-salary----E. H. Gerber,' salary— C. U. Pollard, salary — Ira Kohl, salary, P. Morgan, salary •L. Mitchell, salary,.... N. Palmer, labor Roy Haag, labor. .. Geo. ; Palmer, labor- ..-.. Iowa State Bank, tax- Security Fund,.tax .... la. Mach. & SMpply.Co., , mdse. ——-— '.-.'— Sebastian Diesel Equip. ,- C.O., rndse^^.^^.-.r Frank Cook, mdsej,' -.^. I'own of' Bancroft, ' mdse. l -•_—i—-------Norton Machine Works, . repair .„--—-Funk & Deim, repair.... Matt Parrott- & Sons, supplies — . Kossuth Oil Co., gas—O. K. Rubber Welders, mdse. • •-.... Dutch's Service,, repair. Algona Creamery, gas.. 5S.OO 17.19 1.50 10.2.03 .3.03 .5.0 4.19 17.30 86.70, 3t26 19.83 ''7.58'. 101.47 87.82 61.1,5 31.12 3«.00 30.00 25.00 77.50 8.85 10.89 14.25 27.85 42.84 233189 59.47 13i55 .17.96 1.01 10.99 '4'.45 4.43 7.00 1.50 11,03 2.00 4.00 service ,--Telephone Co., SWIMMING E, Hertz, salary —,,—,„ M. Anirimnson. salary , F, Price, salary - T . TT ^., j. O'Brien, galary „,;, D, McCmire, salary,,^; , -,,•, State Bank, tax.. 61.15 98,87 96,52 79.83 58^7 58.07 71,43 95,77 m*:m . , TT ,T 4 Dejiro, mds?. —r 09,, service, ser, 7.88 ;5,55 3,33 CONSOLIDATED FUND. C. McGinnis, salary .'- 93.60 T. O'Brieri,, salary. -—.- >93i60 A. Weishaar, saiairy---- 89.1Q 'A. Bockelmani;.sa)aryi, • 77.50 Telephone Co., seryice. ^ .,6.27 Huxtable . ; Supply, I Co., . '^ ! •;' ' mdse. . -—-•.-V-'.-i---: "83.9.9 Loebig's • Service,--gas ,— , ; 13.81 Dutch's Sorvic<i,;:gas .;. .' 2 .8.75 Clement's Service, gas . '8,61 J. Lashbrook, salary — 99.67 E. Skilling,'salary —— 74.25 C. Harvey, salary ,—- 69,35 John Bahr; salary —— 69.30 Geo. Giinder, salary ..•- '65.10 Pete Helmers, salary _. 69.35 Robt. Knudsen, salary. - 73.25 H. La'shbrook, labor ... 5.25 Iowa State Bank, tax .- 50.95 Security' Fund, tax '11,76 Funk & Deim, mdse. „ 21.80 Algona Hdw., mdse, .., 5,36 F, S. Norton & Son, v mdse -—-. 94.60 C. A. Heard, repair -— 8.00 Norton Machine Works, : . repair ...'. J, .42.93 Algona Impl. Co., mdse. 1.28 Greenberg Auto Supply, mdse .- 4.91 O, K. Rubber Welders, mdse, — : fl.80 Kent Motor Co., mdse.- 18.08. Dutch's Service, repairs '; 8.00 Kossuth Oil Co., e.93.^1 41.85 MINUTES—GAL, THREE Frank Cook, mdse. —, 2.38 Iowa Mutual Liability Co;, ins. —.„-—. 122.81 Conoco Oil Co., gas „,.. 105,02 P. Morgan, salary—r-. 49,97 Minnie Jones, salary -, 59,40 Dr. Sawyer, rent T ^T"- 35.00 Geo. Dettman, salary „ 70.20 Fred Foss Co,, servipe^, .-. 2.55 Sorenson Groc., rodse.r . 1.20 Advance Pub. Co.. mdse. and- pub- -^-« 17.13 ,' SEWER FUND C, Pollard, salary T ,,-P, Morgan, salary -ir T^ F, S. Norton &' Son,, nidse. ....,-^.,.^,.- '49.27 H, g. Both etid, servjcgs Ira K«h,J, -'' 30,00 H*,M Device 6<fc, mmii™*' 88, UwaH^ef W^ftfW-; , A hue, admission tax .. DEPOSIT FUND Tffthsief, refunds 45.00 , Passed, and approved this 26th day of September, 1946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, M'ayor. Attest: ADAM CARLSON, ' , , City Clerk. Board Proceedings AuUllor'H Ull'icc AlKonu, Iowa Auffiist 1, 1!) 10 4:09 O'clock A. M. • The Hoard of Mupcrvlsors 'if KOH- utrlli Coiinly, Iowa, met In reKuliir Mcsslon pursuant lo adjuurnfncnl Ann Hid following members pre.sorit: .Supervisors .1. II. Kraser, \\'. K. McDonald, \V. A. ^schraln, .1. F. UMiInn ntul M. L. .Inhnson, Motion made by Uulnn ami 2ml by .lolinnon that Krascr be appointed as ;i committee to make necessary repairs on driilnaKC districts No. 9 and No. S3. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made b.V Kraser and 2nd by Johnson tl.Ht Scliram be appolr.l- cd as a committee lo make necessary repair* on llio TolowInK dralnoKO dnilnaRn districts: No. 25, No. 121 and II & K No. :i-t(i. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Afollon niado by .lolinson and 2u,l by KraHcr that (julnn lie nppnlnlcil us a foinmlltc-c If") innki! nfeeHHary rnpulfs nn driilnaKe dlMlrli'lH Nn. IOS and I 1 . A. K. No. 1. Ayes: All. Nays: Mnne.Motliit: made by yuluii nnd .'ml by Hchriim Ihal .InhtiHon lie iippoiiili'd a." a coinnilllei 1 lo iimltc ncci'SKnry repairs on tlm fnlowliiK drainage district*: Hub !• of No. I. Nn. !in. No. 1211 and No. 100. Ayes: All. Nays: None. M.uilor made by (jiilnn and 2nd b> Praser that the Hoard nf Suiwrvl- vnrs npTtrnvi' Ilie Indemnity lioud of Vtf'p. .1. K. Carmen n In the amount of 11,1,00. Ayes: All. Nays; None. Alotlon inadr 1 by .Inlmson and ^nH by Qulnn that Ihe potltlnn clrculnt- ed )iy Albert I!. AnderHon and xltrit- eil'b^' flomc't' l-lirlerlhie. el ill, fnl' I'Hlabllshment nf Secondnry ISniwl Dlslrlrt No. l!)0 for II.n punioxt; of fiirfaelnc with crnivol be placed or flli> ; Aves: All. Ntn's: None. Motion mnilc by Qulnn find 2ri1 liv •it»cr tlint tln> itellilnn roivnind Improvement lietwei'ii Seel Ions S inn' l^ rt'id 7'iind IS. Porllnud Tiuvushlp nnd between Seellnns I -' niul 1". Hurl Townsliln, signed bv Vein .1. Xolxn" et al. be placed on rib-. Ayes: All. Moilon innde bv Sehrnirt, am' :'•'-' b.v Qulnn (hut Ihe objection subinll- '**'! bv. D. It. SiuirkH. us lo eliaiiK-e of waler coursn on nkl liiirl'vvny 1S ".lest of AlTiina. town, l« iiluced on flip. Ayes: All. Vnys: None. -Motion made by I'Vascr and -nd 'iv .Inhnson Hint I lie Hnnrd nf Snper- •'Mnrw annrnv.e Ilie aiinolnlnienl of Ttonry Sr-iieppm-"!!. nf lrvlnirli*n. Iowa, as Township Clerk In and fnr Irvlntrlon Towpnlilp as recummond- d bv the towiislilp tru.slee.s nf said ownslilp. Ayes: All. Nuy-s: None. .Motion made by .Johnson and iind by Kcliram lluit tile Hoard of Super- isors approve the following final Htlmate." for Kravellnp; of F. It. KverdH: Maintenance I'rojeets No. 1. No. 0. No. 10 and No. 12; Secondary Road Dlxtrlcls No.s. 01B. 017. (131 «;!•"> ai-.d 0!l(i. Ayes: All. Navs: None. -.Motion made l>y Quinn and 2nd b> Fraser that the Board of Supervisors approve the estimates for sravcllng of Maudlin 'Cor.Htruotlon Company: Malritohauce Project No. 0; Secondary liond DIs- 'trlcts No. i",29, Ni/. 021, No. 023, No. 027 and No. 029. Ayes: All. Nays: Nnne. .2:30 O'clock I'. M. Motion made by Qulnn and 2nd by JohnHoi: 'that the following Itecord lOntry ba made for the IDlii County Budget. Ksllmale: Be It reuiember-od Ihal on Ihls ilm ,1st day of August, 181,6, tlie County i.Supprvlsors «'f> K'Ossalh -eoynlj'. I'd'wki mol In scssloh for the purpose 'of a hearing - upon Ihe budsel .esti- ,111810 aw f|led with this board.. There was 'present a quorum a.s rciiulrcd 'by law. Thereupon the board Investigated and found that Ihe notice of the .time and place of hearing had according to law and as directed by the board been published on the 18th day of July, 11110. In the Bancroft Ilcffl'sler, In the Alotriia Upper Des Mollies on the 10th dny of July, 1010. iind In the KuHxutli County Advance On the ISIh day of July, IDIfi, nfri- elal nowspapcrK, published In said county, and Ihal the affidavit of publication thereof was on file, with County Auditor. ,-'•• Tliefeal'ter and on said day Ilie 'c'Htlniato .was taken up and consld- wi'Oil.': a.ud laxpayers I.card lur and aenlnst said o«tlmate. .'.No objections filed and r.o objecting taxpayers present al this meet- V Thn-rcal'l'or'Iho board look up the estimate for final consideration and ajliir 'being fully advised the board coiircctcd- ar.d eqmploted so thai determined that ' said estimate be when completed It .should be In words and figures as Ktatcd> herein. Tho vote upon final adopllon of Ihu budget was as follows: Ayes: supervisors J, H. KraHer, W. A, Hchram, J. V. Qulnn. M. U Johnson iiial \V". li. McDonald, Chairman, Those voting nuy were: None. 'Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the bud- got duly adopted this 1st day of AllBUHt, 1'JIO, Motion imidc by Sclirom and 2nd •by Johnson that the County Auditor Iw Inslruelud to notify the County Attorney to comnicueo condemnation proceedings on a tract of land for gravel purpose, being all of thai part of the N\V'4 of HW!4 of .Section U, TnW.iiHhlp US, liauge "M, bourded and described us follows: Ueginulng ttl the .Southeast corner tit Ihe said N\Vii of SWW of said Heclion li. thence .North 1155.1' to ll.e Soulli Illghl-of-wuy line of the C. H. & St. V. Ity., thence North II degrees ill minutes West along Ihe Soulh l(iBlit-of-Way lino of the C.. &1. & St. I', Ity.. a distance of 627.5'. tl)onco-tju-u Houth lull 1.8' to Ilie Siiulli llpe of the said N\VVi of H\VV» IhCncu Huull. SS degrees 67 mlnnles Kuwl, a dl^liineo of 007.5'. along the Soulh line of the N\VVi of SWH '" the point ul bugliutlng. Containing 17.17 acres. Ayes: All. Nayo: None. On motion board proceeded to audit and allow claims as |ier "Scher due gf Calms" hereinafter written. COUNTV KUND Fldlar & Chanibcrs Co., sup. Nut NW iloil Tele, Company., telo. serv Iowa Slate Bank, withheld taxea ,!...'., Iowa,Old Ago .& Bury, Ins. 8y., tax , City of Allfor.a, light and water serv. .,,,....,.... W. W. SuUlvani V. M., uUmpK. etc. W. W. SHlllvan, P. M., stamps, utc. \V. W, Sullivan, P, 1J., Eleanor kollas'cli, asslHt. v - Co, Auditor .,.- ;..,, Mrs, Itmli lianey, assist. Co. Treas, Ardlit Boswortli, assist, Co. ,. -^m m :+: rt*ffit .„ .,. JSSiiiiSw^::^^!^^ :4Tfia*-^:. jtiSfc®3S:isgg^^|| *Wt?5i3iSS|i Allowed .. 12U.61 Jeanne Kuchynka, Co. SuPt. jr,»p(jr, eonim. and 128.30 39:77 13S.-I2 .SS.15 188,80 02.76 71.72 8.90 63.0J 235.13 21T-07 344.71 2D0.85 Sweu Clly Herald, notice lo renew ojiriiuors lie 5.10 lllnnka Tuple, nolli'i.- lo 1-i.iiuu opuriiturs lie K.10 Kllplo I.OOKI. l,i.tu l.n., sup... Sli.ll .Mail I IIITOU ^ rtniiH i:n. t MIIJI. lil.ii., Fldlar A ('iuinil)i.|-n Co., sup. u.;i;i I'lll! Mouse (if AlHlllrWS. Nllll. nnd office ci|nlp 12.10 •ItiirrutiK'hs Add. Much. Co., HUP 7.ill K. n. JiiineH. sup 2.10 i«(,'iiton Ili'ijorler, county claim blanks u.S2 Tyiiewrlter Mxclianse, lypc- wrller II l.ut .Shnrp'K Jewelry, electric wall clock The \V. C. IVIni-N Co.. sup.. C. A. 11 en nl, sharpen and ri'lniir lawn mower 1.70 HplIlcH Hardware, sup -I.-'il iiieiuii'ds Clienilciil (,'ompany, sup 88.00 llolsfnrd I,be. Co., sup IO.!M I'. S. Norlon & Son, sup.'.,... 0.",7.0I Jnc II. Anderson, load of rolis -l.oo l.aiiif! a Muckey, sup il.iii! V. \'. Nandaln, sup. 2.'!S,0", Alary K. Sands. Trciis., adv. lily., etc Irvh: \\ ii-ijes, bly - Ullly (jrlhol, lily li. A. lOvuns. coroner I'm.'s... Joe i.Irecnlier^. Jury fecH... llobi'i-t llunchcy, Jury fees. Urvlllc Dcriinan. Jury fees. Oraiin Koiilia, repnrler fees. .Mr.", (.lenilil \V. Duddli'iK, witness fees 2.In Frank Kohlhaas, tniiynr fees 7.riii *'!. II. MHwdsl' i y, spcclul triislcn IUIK 2.00 John I 1 '. Weber, special Illlstee Inlg ^.011 tt. ,\. lini'innun, H|ii'<.|nl iruslee mttf 2.01) l-icnr,\. Sclic)ipninn. special trustee m IK Henry .sclii'ppimin, weed cnniiii.. Irvlngl.nn Twp :>ri.!tn I. (.'. l.ueilllc"c. -weed coin- nilsKlnni'r c\'p S. I."» Ivos.snlh f;uiinl.\' J-'ririn lluicnn. ii|i|iri'i|ii'lallnn .... 110.07 .. I.. Join.son, sclinol nf Insli-u 20.50 Hmvkcyc Casually Company. mid. premium' 2205.07 •'cmi. l-'ni-csman fv ('oniiiany, sup i'. ,:' i 7 2.7 "i Ifsinimond & Slephcns Co., sup i OH..S5 Iowa Suite College, sup 1.20 Harriet Vlning. usslsl. In ^ncliii v.clfai-n off 2U.70 >lrs. (.'Inllldn HulelilMnii, Hiamped cnvclnpes 17.11 Inchii••nii A.lislracl Cn., s.uu dec. Hcrv Iowa Slntc Hank, withheld I n x CM Inli'i'suiln I'nwer Coniini n>', dec. serv Maudlin Cnnsl. Cn.. InndliiK nnd hauling gravel ...... Tilos.OT Steve HflmllliiK. labur 20.on in. (lid Age ^ Surv. IIIM. Sy.. Inx' li'ii.::s TrenH. of Stale of Inwn, usi: tax rclnrn ; I I 1 '. U. KvordH, Jn;nllng nnd hauling gi'iivet r,:'!iJ..S7 Clly nf Algnnii, light, wnlcr n ml power serv I MI:I II. .1. llynii, sup ,.,.. 3500.011 Maudlin rncl inn Co., binding nnd hauling gravel 0770.511 Inlcrstnle I'nwer Coinimnv, elce. serv J.^l lies Mnlnes l)rug Cnnipiiii.v, sup. .Inhn W. Qninn. pumping water , Den n fj. Hwniisiiu. dnmnges.. Mnry K. .Siiiuls, Trea.s.. iiii\-. freighl i Central Stales Klcc Co., elec. serv Interslji I c Power Cnni|inr.y. elec. serv r'entra.1 ln«'ii Telcnlinnn Cn.. serv. ( nun I y I lie nn j-n;i<l........ Algonn t'pper I ICH Moines. nnllce nf gas Iclting Algniifi I nipleillen t I'n.. sti|i... linlsford I.lir. Cn.. sii|> I'leiuenls Sll|M-|- Serviei'. slip. Illlleh's Sllpcl- Service, sup... K'. II. .Ill UK'S. Klip .Inhn I.M i-siin. Ill Imr Vfllln \". ,V:i mill In. sup Nnrio'i Macliine Wnrks. !•'. S. Nnl-lnn Selnillx I'.rtis.. sup. •Pllles Illlwr-.. Slip 'I'linnipsnn Dlplrlhntlng Cn.. sup li'red II. Hrlckson. In Imr Knrmcrs Cnopei -n 11 vc SoHeiy. sup I.*,.! ruler;: I'iMi|ir'l'H li\'e S'iel(.|.\'. sup. Slid lilcki-. liibor -A'. A. Sclirnm. i-epnlrs \\'. A. Schl-illll. expel ses nf I rip lo Oil nm\vu Slllllnl'f 00 Service, lire 1-cpnlr lllll'lllll (i. \V'llllliOII, Slip Tlininpsnn ^"fls. Inc.. sup... rllficiili: of seill-ell 12.00 • Tbr.mni'nn Y'ls. I CUNbTI:i:CTIUN KL'ND Mtiudlln Coi:slrucllon Co., *' loading and hauling ' gravel Iowa State bank, withheld lu. Old Age'& .Surv. ' Ins. Sy., tax £'. It, lOx'erds, loading and —• haul Ing . grovel *Sta'uulln .Construelion Co.,' loading and hauling gravel Charles H. Schoenreld, et ul, rlglil-ot'-way , IT. M. Smith, salary 310.30 John L. Fraser, salary 1711,01 Join II. Strell, lirldge . insp... 171.10 Wilbur T. Courtney, rodman. 110.11 Cogley. , T. Pjf ley. J»Jlejige " --' - miii* Abstract ('".. l It 1,-luililcr nnd lien search. Dr. Nn'.: ISO , i". -I. K,!rslitmnni, cnunly wu rrants uscnr Itiinuni. npiilry Insp... Mrs. .1. 10. Cnrincnn, dnp. warrant cnriJT 1'TND town. SUHc liank. willilield fnwii Old' Age & Siirv.' li:s. Sy.. tax Mnlllcw C. drier, cnurl. re- pnrlci' Kle-.iiuir M. .Innis. court n:|Mi|-ter I.IIIKAKV I-TND Treasurer nf Slate of Iowa. use lax re! urn T. I!. Fl'VII I-lorrv w. KohlliiuiM, Indemn. cullle HANC'S DISKVSK I''1'NI AV'nli Magnnson, indemn. call I Mi-liuinrl I'llman. Indemn. William II. Hurgcr. Indemn. ; C.-lllIC . AJ". II. IJosworlh. Indemn. 3 entile-'.),....... John '.arson, Indemn. •• niUllo' .'i. _." INSTITUTE FUND Apijlcton-Ccnlury Co., Inc., OOOK; Ijiiiun of U. S.,. Inc., sup. Harper tt Urothers, book.,., Assn. For Jijupvu. A: Curr. ni>. iiiakc noccsNur'.\ UlMl ICl y,.s: All. liy .linn i,j mini None. appuinlt't.. ' ;• . j a , • Jinnii i, i-tpiins on jniKl dritiiiiigc dlHlrlc'l iinnic by Millnn and 2nd l).\ h.'ii .IniuiHctn be appointed 111 nut Ke iieecHsar> library 12.50 1.87 C.13 DI2I.IS WU.10 53.01 2110.70 2120.S3 1 02*00 .^purgeoi:. assist. Co. Mugr .......... . ....... HO. Moore, hauling gravel... Jou -M. Msser... operating dragline ....: ............. Lewis Marshall, hauling vdlrl, cut .brush, etc ......... Arnold Wegncr, ent brush, ^etc. .. ...... . .............. Itusmlu Hanson, cut brush, etc ...... ;. ....... .......... A. '.T. Hlldman, checking erravel ........ ............. 1C. M. Downs, -checking gravel ..'...' ............... \ r erue Mallnder, scoop work. Schram lii'Oti., use of drag- HI2.9ii 180.00 193.72 1 I'J.SO 164.S8 180.1S 2111.95 P.!S.2a 179.50 01.00 253.1 1 825.35 P. H. Pelersen, checking gruvel '. '-, .1. I. Merrymao, usu of tools ami labor , , , Dol.yle Nulsoi;, rlgbt-of-wny 195.00 t'nlun Konil & 4Iorlgage Co., rlghl-of-wijy ............. 18.00 Alden l f . Uooiuls, rlgbt-of- WII.V '. ..... . . . ............. 202.50 Hugh Walsh, rlgl.l-uf-way . . 9.00 Uelluur Fischer ..right-of-way 55.50 it McUuiri!, roud work.. 2l.~i.uo & McGulre. , removing gravel , . . ; ................ 102.50 Leu & McOuIre, removing sravel , . , ................. 490.00 Huiry ij. Cutit-r. gruUlng.. . . 112,50 Harry U Cutler, grading ____ 120.00 Harry L. Culler, grading.... 250. Ou Harry U. Culler, grading.... 525.00 Itarry U> Cutler, grading.... 532. 50 Concrete Products Corp.. SUP. ...,..., ............. 2288.17 Co,pdon -Cunningham Co., labor .. ................... 301.21 MAINTKANCI': FUND Leroy (Jrapser, shop mechanic 231.92 Clifford Holmes, patrol ...... Ferdinand Meyer, patrol ..... Hert Shellinyer, patrol ...... Olarence Heiitges, patrol... . S, 1). MelJor.ald, patrol ...... Ualph Jlarkla, polrul ....... ." Archie Dodils. pulrol ........ Walter 1* Johnson, patrol,... MUford 10. Hllyeu, patrol ---- Itussell K. CrapHer, mowing . Qarj'y MpOonuld, pulrol C|iarlea Crupser, 'patrol, ... Adam lieefer. upraylng Ihlstles, ete. . John Buseher, labor Oliver Yount>; patrol Urban Neurutlv, patrol Lem Slockwell, patrol 10. C. HuU'liinson, mowing weeds, etc. ,, ......... . . Dick Baade patrol .......... (V H. Cooper, blowing Irees,. 20.79 F. Graham, patrol.. 103,80 27.72 180.18 llil.SS 161.88 180.18 181.57 38,61 HJ6.26 167.25 150.62 ">8,90 116.11 111.07 118.97 ''i-^ 180.1 S 187.11 116.27 117.81 George F. Ortiham, blasting rock '."., Andrew Kroinlngu. palrol... 180.31 Janies M. Long, patrol. 172.78 William P. Schrader, culling ' brush 167.81 William E.."M*r'M>w. Pa 11 '*" 1 -- 16 <- 88 UflMld Bl|rstedt,..'puY bruVli'' „' , - - ' pumping -water 1S9.3U i Hawks, cut.brush... 35,64 CJl)4r.. Willard ^ ro), ,; C4it brush PM»Jd Wlnoa, patrol. .... Olyae SttKd«)fC Patrol »X^1f T.-* ' HfUljat. r «o t i.^ .. , palrol 15C,9» ^ •, patrql .,... KwlnijT patrol 1.;,-.... Ssiiiierij, patr.ol ..., . WBJ. ..... ,.{«!, H|suf>f jl. ;Joiui»or., palrqi,... 184.83 Tlj^ojclBre A. TrumB, p#trpl.. H.8.S6 125.56 36.64 126.G5 170.41 181.57 179,48 1S3.61 .u? HU.37 is^fe&l'tiaji M-sfi J. K. I'kcini [nip. K ll'hv •Mm t . 'rli'-iiiiiscn Yjirds. Inc.. sup..'. llcll Muliir I'd., ."lip M. I., .lohnfiii'. sup llni'Ui'rfiinl CnriiKi'. wi'ldiun F. I!. Mvcrds lui lllinji- ^I-MVI-I li-ii_i; .nii,i\- ,\iitii suiii,i\-. sui» r:.*;:,' »..M.(.':i\- ('nlnpH n>', sii|> S1.J-". i'"'iii rii' '.\iili> I'l'i-i'. '('I'l.'.'liic.'. U'. C. isriiwii Cd.. slip. SI.17 i-M(>"--Kiii-i DudKc I'linipiiny. sup TS. I . Tin- All-\\'l ccl-lirivc ('".. Inwn Atiicli. K Sn|i|i|v ('".. >-ii| Itrrmun M. Urnwii f'diiiiiiiu v. sun l-ifi.-.»'lf."\'i? .MacliJncr;.' ('inn- un -. ••. sun'clricHl Serv. & Siilcs Cd.. sup l)nl<( I iirt-IIiiKhcs Tr. & fJililis-Cmik Tr. & Kquip. (!d.. sup •"-" '-""' The liullinch Compiinv. sup... K..7I Harms (HI I'd., fuel siip S'l: 1 ..:^ Harms oil >'-(: fuel sup lilii.S" h'dssulli Oil Ciimpiiny, fuel •sup 1 H.o'l I'eerless Oil C'o.. fuel sun Gi>.nn Biincroft OH Compimy. fuel j^p 2H11.70 .luck's iV-X, V'un'l sup 1 "'- 1 " s'wnney Oil fVunpnny. sup... !>1.1-' Wkelly Oil Cnmpiiiiv. HUP "-I i"! 'Vnlii'i- .1. Olsiin Cn.. sup 1(.ii» |>-\ l.iilirieiint ('nmpam'. iuc.. snp :;:i.'iii . I'OOK FUND \V. \V. Sullivan 1'. M., C. O. 1). elm rues \-.... Ju.ys Marvel Dole, li-uvel -ep Id.S."' Dflid's Food Mkl. priiv l.' .\it.rrlll Ilrds., priiv -. -U.'in lU-rljilie's Cirue., prrtv Jl.uu \Vliillciiniro l'"urin. Codp. Cry., prov -"" 1'uul lOriust, prdv S.'" 1 Hood's l. C). A., prov Si.'J 11 Sorc'iisen Oi'dwry Co., )irov...'J \\ IslttL-inurt' Uleviiliir Co.. eon 1 In-. C. H. CreinieyiM-, off leu calls and mod Dr. li. A. lOvjins, nn-d. care.. LiiVernn I'luiriiiuey, ini-d.... l.ushy it CJiussi. incd. ....... KoMHUlh lldspll.ul. hosp. enru S7."i'f Mlu .M. Moswoll, rent 1'Ki.nil Hurl llnspllal. luisp. euri-.... li'l.-lu (lliickiH.'i- Sanuidi'inin. hosp. ciiru Jlli..".7 AlK'ol-il tielH'I'llI Hiisplllil, I iisp. care .SH.-'tO MkuilKSllid l.'iinvil.l(;«el-lll MoiiK?, hosp, eai'L' IS::.mi Mrs. John .It-lining's, can: Keep Spilles Hdwi'., sup AlBuna Insurance Ajjeney, Ins. pi-em MeCullouglis' Funeral Chanel, funeral exp Olms. Slui'der opening »ruve Alfred O'Keefe, rent MfCiilliniKliK' Funeral Chapel, umb. serv Dept. of Siiclal \Vell'ai'L», ulrl to dep. children liepl. ol' Social Welfare, aid to Mind Cnunly Farm— N\V Hell Telephone Co., tele, werv li,\\a Stale Hank, vvilhlielil luxes • Slevu!lii'A'. Inhur lowii Old A«c & Surv. Ins. ,. S.x'Klein. lax 'l.. 10. Slepliens. (•li-c. si-i-\'..... lien Hiikken. salar.v Fldi-enuK lliikki!ii. xulnry .... .Myrtle St. John, lulmr lldlmrldU Cdd|i. Kiev. Co.. sup Valid V. Naiidain. coal AlRonu Co-operative (.'ry. Co.. prov • Itoscoe'a Mkt., prov C. S. Johnson, prov.... 10S.50 .31 72.U.I 12.00 -10.00 . Algona HiiUliiK Company. p'rii'v l.ol.iis Itay's .lack Hprnt Store Xender's. .sup Hull Ckulili-rs, sup Ur. C. II. Crcix.meyci-, med. eare Dr. I't V. .lanse, calls and KosHll'll- il"H|ii'tai. lump, eare 91.011 Graham's Store, sup H.I' Fenlon Ueporler, waul ad.. .."•> Urn. Fox & Winkel. vel. cure 171.1.' Mary K. Sands, Treas., adv. fre.iKlH I.'*- Mel'uHoughs' Funeral Chapel, liurial exp SpllleH Ilarailwure, sup Lulng' & Muckey. reps Harms Oil Co., fuel sup O, K. Huuher Welrlers, sup... AlBona Inipleinent Co.. KUP... Kussulh Oil Convpauy. fuel sup Hi'ttdley Hro-s.. sup. .•. Kps-aulh Molor Co., sup..\... 7.HO 90.111' (1.50 5.;):: 0. A, Heard, reps ' - bull. IT 250.01' Holcomb & Walleutiiie, hui NOW THBBEFQRK BB SOl-VKD b.v Ihe Board of Suuervl- HOI'S thai Ihe C'ouuly Auditor i>s 'Hereby- authorized and directed I" Issue warruijts far all claims allowed at thla meeting ais shuwr. liy llu- "Schedule of Claims" J-erelnbefore wrllten. , On motion adjournment was taken until 8:00 o'clock A. M., August 31. 1016, W. B. McDON'AIJl. Chalnnun, Board pi Suii(jrvisors. Ailetil: J* MMERFAI^K. County Auditor. Audllor's Office , Algona, town •i. - August 31, 1946 8:00 O'ejuck A. M. The Board of SuyervlfQi'is of Ko.-j- sut'h Cguhty. Iowa, unet In regular, ' pur»uunl lo with the following uierobers uves- en I : -tJU pervlsor« J.'H. Fraser, W. K. McDonald. Wi A. Schrani. J. ?• Qulnn ard M. t. Jobnison", • «tlon UjJ^d«i b» Schram and 2nd Jolili».oir tl'ftt; Ffasev be aftppIiH- f 4 ** '•• ft *f>rafljjfte.e' io niakf sary '' ' .. - --.-- .,-- .-, s nf August 31. "•Mills 1,1. lne lulllMVIHK lllllinaK' i.iMiieis: No. I, i\u. ;il, AH. Ml, and ,s>.. :i-'. A.\'i-.-<: All. iN'n.vs: None. .ildiioii Hindi: hy liiilnn nnd ^nn li;, .nn,MS,in lujil Ji. i\i. Miilin. Coun- I .v i-;imn.i'-r ol Knssulli Count.x-. I..'A;I. .t. :iiul ue is nerehy dlreulttu i'. IH--1.-IIJ and erccl Irairk; si^'n:; IH-I i-.i 11, i un lliosc liiyli \va.\- inlel-- M «-iii,us and local cdiint.v and eoui:l>' i.tins nm nu a ,vs ik-sl^niiled 'J>' Hie i .;i).l «.( SopcrviHdi K ui! Kossuth ''"ii:ii\, h,\vii. pursuant In Me autli-. ,IM.\- \-i-si,-,| in ihe Hoard of Super- iis'ir,.; ;ind in cdinpl lai.eo wllh Scc- ii"ii .<n,:(.iil ;tnd .Secliiin ."id^Il.Ori df iln HI.:!I Cd(|e or Invva. Avns: All. .sny.<: .Vime. • : .\l«l!<f,i ui-.ide Uy l-'i-iisef '.iml 2nij !>,- ; -' -muni ihal hie Hoard of Super \i.-.,is appl-ovi.. tin.. folIowlllK final l :-l IliKll'-.^ I'dl- e i-ji velll;(^ uf \ll'.- .iidiiiiiin CIMISI riieiliiu Cunipany: .M.iiiiieii.-iuei rriijects No. 1, No'. 1:1. A... II; .secondary liond IJiHlrletH .si,:-, ,'n ."iA. - ,"i!ix. ii.'iu. «:i2 anil (i:i:i. ,\..-. .-: All. .\.-i\s: None. ..:<,li"ii ni:i,,e I'.v .idin.son and 2ll'i l.\- 'J'linn lhat Ilie Hoard of Suptrvi- . i .- iippiuvc Hie I'Lllowli'iK llnal es- .lli.l,le.- MI- Kr.-U-ellliK ol !•'. J!. KV-. -ids; .Mainti mince Project No. S; .•i ' i,iid:i.-y liond HlsirleiH Nos. Sii!). r,Lii. i;i-(. (i;il an,) li.'i?. Ayes: -Al. .M'lUiHi made h\- Sclii-ani and Jiid l.\ i-'ia:- r liiaL Ihe Heard of Super.-,.-*.i:-- ;.|i|>inve il.r increase in snl- -ir- i.l' l''iiii.lia I-], slcnv, Deputy Su],i-l i II I , lldl'll I of Schools, KosSlllll .'I.IIMI\-, li,\'.-a. l*' Ihe stun of $17Ti.lm ].i I tll'lltth hel.>, illllitie- {IS of AllU'IISt I, I!'K. as reconiinended and passed '.n h. the ('uHni\- Hdiinl of lOducii- ' :i n. Ayes: All. Njiys: None. .\l-.liuii math.- ly., 1 * l''rasei. anil L'nd !>;. .-:e:iiaii] liait thi: Una I'H "f Sllper- ^ :-..,.- ."leeej/l (he resi^llll I loll of .1. I-', iiiiinn. Memlier of Ihe Kosslllh i.::!-!/ I loa nl of Social Welfare, i ,r i ih-i a:- oI' AiiKlist 31. 3IIIC. i .-. .-•: .\:l. Nays: None. .-\:., ! .i'-M made h\- Scliram ilnd.Iind 'i- i-'r.-':--..i thai Sl>'roi: L. Johnson i,e ;i |.,(;iiiii i ed as ii member of Hie K ... t; ^ ui j. i'<iuniy lioard of Social '.'.',-i I'.I I'. . el'l i: 1 :ii. I.. I'i'l i c si'ina i inn of .1. F. Qiilnn. Ayes: .'. i). X:INS: None. ') i iii(,;iini hoard pi-dceeded to :'p.;ii ;in,l alhnv claims as per "Sehe- du:i- of I'ltilms" hereinafter written. corxTV FUND 'i-' I l"lher^. assist Co. Supl ••e:i 'rdephune Co., li'le. sel'V • ! a ( e I i:i n k. witliheld taxes •in liauey, assist, l 'o. Treas - 'i' . ';i .1 l:'..,lr;i. eiec. ser\'.. . \V. SV. ;-e.nivan. i'. M.. ••.!••- :M 1 ki-llil.--cll'.' il'ssisl.' 1 ". 1 \". Sullivan. I'. M., i;;"-.;oi ', Fi rdeii. aysisl. i 'n. Trc-ns I;,M-.-I, l Vinlni,'. assist, in Slali Coniiilriiller. excess r-.,-. ~e|..,o| fii"<l In' .f. II. I-'rascr. i.-oinm. and \ T ". '•'. Mcl'enald, coniin. and session \V. A., eomm. and .f. I-\ Quinn. eomm. and M" 1 . .Johnson, eoinni. and K: sslor.H .•'.|i (iv!—Inkle, del. per. ]". T . ii>x coll .\. .!. ' *i-u'le\'. hrd. and A. .1. ('oi^li..-.', n^ll. and invest. Itn'l'M - ( V.' i.'inJIi'orVt'. 'lilii. :' 1 '•' • :in,l I .-iv •<], fees Shirley HelberK. assist. Ce. Slllll ' ' -. ...-, |-:UM.I- I n->- M'fincs. l,,-il. i.'-oceer!.. sup. etc l.'lh'io l.e.ose I eaf Company. K'limo Loose Leaf Company. Ml" li" 1 ..-;! Slate 11 |e;li\vn y Coill- inlssioM. map ' i;i '.-1'oi-d Lumber Company. sup >!•>":• rrh I'rocHlels Company. Si-'vi,;.,. 'i-'iiiniiiii'iK it iieal- i ll^r I.'o., sup L'll'.k ^: I'elm. slip The Alscona Ilni'd\\'iire, sup... lie'iiine.-!on Hand, labor and su| Kin.7:! Monro,: Cnl. Macli. Co.. Inc., ma ml t nance Knaranlee ... K', ii,,|> t/ii. i-.quip. « Supply .$'70.20 . 98.84 . 330.51 . Jlixi C.t" . 96.112 . 15.0' . 23.7(i Co. ISnsr 106,((J Maudlin Construction Co., -. '•,*. lundlng find hauling gravel 1)84.37 Ualpli Mai'kla, cui brush, cVc. 211.81 Waiter lj. .lohnson, haul rock, i burn weedH, clc ISC,02 Adam Kwler, labor 14X.DT Garry Mcl.ionald, labor loi.80 A. .1. Hlldman, checking g-rnvel 2'ii.fl j Uroan Ncurolli, labor IDl.Dti 10. M. Downs, elieckliiB gravel 275.G2 .lanies M. LOIIK, labor 178.41- U'llilam K. Sehradcr, labor... 191.84 Uoyul Sanders, load gravel.. 211.38 Jolin \V. Larson, pumping water ;... 100.8' Clyde Sunders, patrol 161,41 Itoclf K. Miller, ptlrol 183.61 Alvin KwliiK, palrol 187.70 Theodore A. Trump, labor... 151.89 i'. II. Peterson, checking , ' Bra vel 225.82 Kd. iMoore, Mauling Bfavcl., 280.00 Henry C. Hchlck, labor 24.28 AlKona Upper DCS Moihcs, - notiee of condemnalion ... 7.90 .1. I'. .Studer, labor 238.78 ijonerelc I'roducts Corp., sup. 038,20 gnlck Supply Co., nup 584,97 Ai-mco Dr. & Metal Trod. Inc.. sup 398.91 Uui.eroll OM Company, fuel sup 704.63 Maudlin Construction Co., loading and hauling gravel 521.92 Itlcliiird .1. Qarretl, iHbor.... 156.87 Harold Albert Wagner, gravel land 3176.45 & Oroesbeek, tcrfldlng, 51'J.UO ' MAINTKNANCl'I FUND .Iiitnes .lorgenseii, cihllng brush . 81).24 LiM-o.v Crapwur. sliop mechanic 235,11 Joe M. Kssnr. operating drag- line 202.73 Clifford Holmes, patrol 187.11 Arnold Wegner, patrol 170.41 Feidlnand Meyer, patrol.... 170.41 liasmli! Hansen. labor 187.80 Bert Shellmyer. palrol 170.41. Clarence Henlges, patrol.... 187.11 Lewis K, Marshall, labor. H. P. McDonalr), labor Archie Dodcls, patrol ,Cliarles Crapser. labor... 1 (Jliv^r Vouug, labor K. C. IliitcliltKson. labor Lorn Ktockwell, patrol Dick Ilaarlc. patrol C. If. Cooper, labor Dwight Uralnim, labor 162.41 195.9!) 173.18 151.94 117.*)0 l.,J..j.i iri3.S.'. 62.:!7 7:i,.»i) S2."i9. 255.7 George I' 1 . Graham, labor... Andrew Kromlnga, labor.,. Clarent'e Van Hove, labor... . K. C. Ol.m. patrol ..... ....... 17.S.M Willlard Ohm. palrol ......... 1.j,i..jl Donald BIcrstedl, cut brush and haul gravel .......... 1:-!,1.'M Cbarlfs Hawks, patrol. ...... 1 ll'.SS Mllford 1-3. lillycu. patrol ---- IS'.lS Verne Mullnder, labor ........ 1: ']•.!"' Donald Htinders. cut brush... -''-i-l John H. Anderson, patrol.... ll'i'.Jf" Wm. Clirlstensen, spraylnt; ' willows .................. ll.:iC. : H-enry It. .lolmson, lalmr.... 1i>.J-i Paul ,1. Gassman, mowing ' . weeds, etc ................. 1 "i9'.7 t Donald Nelson. labor ........ 1S5.RH Kussell K. Crapser. pumiil water, etc Maudlin Count. CompHiiy. loading and hauling gravel 1067,'JS Iowa Public .Service Company, elec. serv ............ l.»2 N\V lielll Telephone Co.. tele, serv ........ ......... 23. ."i Iowa State liank, \vIlhlielU taxes ........... . . . . ...... 335.30 Maudlin Construcllun Co.. ' ' loading and hauling gravel 0714.57". Inl«rslate Power Company, dec, serv ................. 8,1 4 K I!. Kverds, loading and i hauling gravel ......... 12S88.1« Clly of Algonu, light and power serv. ........ ...... 15.47' Maudlin Construction Cp., loading and hauling gravel 5338.95 Maudlin Construction Co., loading and hauling gravel 4819.61' 50.05 GI.SO lOTi.OO S0.95 12.S7 H. T. Hundertmark, culling • ---- •. Central -Slates Rice. Co.. elec. serv .......... 'Inlerslale Power Company, elec. sorv D. . K. Hural Klec. Coop.. elec. serv. Central Iowa Telephone Co., tele. serv. ...'. Geo. B. Palmer, tile repair.. .ThtV Algona Hardware; sup.. Hoevers OH'.Co., sup Rolsford Lumber Co.. «up... Bradley Hros.. sup Funk & Deim, sup F. S. Norton & Son. sup...... 1'iiul L. lilclmrdson, labur.. Scliullz Bros., sup , Taylor Implement .Co.. sup.. -.10.93 Thompson Distributing Co., • . sup 1^02' Lease & Lease, sup.. K. & 14. Co-op. Oil Co., sup.. •12.03 ninr.ciitrop's itcpalr Shop, sup Gam hie Store Dealer, sup... Tllonka Implement Co., sup. Fred Flalg Oarage, sup.,...., Carpenter & .Son, sup... O. O. Anderson, sup Albert Lea Tool Co., sup (Jruco Track Service, suj Tire lietreud Co., sup. - -j M 22 ' ~ 2-iil lu.10 1.02 .88.52 eniiltx & Sci.ull/., med. C'ln is itic-Her, lit>" All n d liudiie, bty. ., a-'.-. K. A. I'ivuns, coroner fees ,1. H. Juniistoii, ,1. I*, fees..,, i'. A. .\IcAi-ihiir. weed eomm. I. iO. \\ oi-iniiin, local registrar Li. u. Cnriis. loeul reBlslrar. . II. II. lirever, local reglsirar 11. A. Thompson, local reg'ist- lar >\ m. Hoykrii. local i-egisirui'. . I;. II. l-'luiiell, local regisirar i-|..d A. lili.-kiunii, local reg- ISl I ill' Mis. -Mae Lattluu-r, local Adah Cill'.lsdll, local regislrur .V..-SUU' t.'oiii.l.v Farm Bu- i-eaii. appi'opi-ialion llaiiu.iiilid & Stephens Co.. use lax K liiuo Loose Leaf Company, Oscar Itunum, uplury Inspec- Harry Linde, co. bd. mtg 11. ;l. Uraley, eo. bd. of edllc. mtg K'iihv Smith, eo. lid. of edue. A. H"'sel'iil'ler. co. bd. of h loidiinV cii.' 'blV.' ijf ' " ' . etinc. •l.Utl 5,00 2. SO 4. SO 22. 5U ' 7.5U 91.72 1,5(1 5.00 -*1.7r, l.-'5 -I1U.UU 8.00 J.20 SI. Ull G.OU 15.0H 19,61 3.70 Tliorne, pre. sur. ou'Dr. l-dsl. No. 1S1 COL'IIT FUND l''i-uncis H. Kemis. court report er lowu Stale Hank, willilield COUNTY' FAiit 'i- i'-ii 'CLUB VU'NU IvoKsutli County Fair Asa'n., purlion of upprup. ....... 3ftOP.OO STAT'K INSTITUTION FUND Stall- ('iiuiptroller. state iu- •HtHuiion trlmrges, Cl.eru- • . J Stale Comptroller, stale in- slitiitiou charges. Woodward .Slute Cjimplroller, state lust iiution enarg-es, Ml. I'lea sun l State Comptroller, slale Institution charge*, Davenport Stalu Comptroller, state in- stltulioii charges. Glenwood Stale Comptroller, slate In- Btitulion cl.are'es, Qal^dale 489,38 au> Comptroller, state !«•,•- : titltiuion charges, Cptincir * 1511.CO 86.01 Stute Compl re Her, state in- Mituiiou charfjes, Toledo., 165.92 Hek'ii White, clerk feea.,,... 10.50 M. I}. Bourne, isxam, (>jt}.-».... ;8.90, T. c. Hutchison, utlornev tees f -,fl,9« *. .1. i'ogley, sheriff teen..., 43.12 W. H. Cret'/.in«yer. exam. phvs. 2.W v OQNSTRUOTJ.CSN FUJJP m- jjjaudlln CoiJBtrnstlon, Co., ' < i'.; loadiw and haullnfi: Kravej .Iowa Statu ijank. witlUield y* luxes . ...........V...; .^ i, SJsuillin Cunslriu-llou Op,, ft Joading aud^jiaulln^ ifrftvol Construe! ten loadlns and. Ijaullii Furl Dodge Machine.£ Supply Co., sup.... W. C. Brown Suuply Co., sup. Sieg- Forl Dodgo Company. Central'Auto Bl'ec. Company, Inc., sup Herman M. Brown Company, sup. Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Kqulp. Co., sup Bit Ulrica I Service & Sales Co., sup , Dukcbart-IIughcH Tractor 2.10 S..S1' •''• 7.9.1' . 02.19 16:01: 66. ! 22 .'17.54 1S.97 14.88 fi.7T 7.1t 392.81 6.65 1I.JS 8.91 10.B.8 3S.O!> 53.2'.' 03.3S 5.6S 7;OU -'5,-71 100,JW -.60.86 '., '..;,» 26,00 1SS.J5 ' : ; . , 83.15, ' •; 10.05 . . . . 41.".7S Hawlteye Machinery Company, MlnncapollR-MolIno ' , traclor ................... Sl!47."3 Iowa Machinery & .Supply Co., HUP ............ ...... '.. IQC.Sli Tlio Itulliaeli Company, evlfndnr iKtiuurrage ...... .5U \\talter .1. OlHon Co.. sup ...... 17.50 Keleo Alloy Comimny. sup... 91).;; t 1'cerle.sK Oil Company, fuel .sup. ... ................... ISt.'M Lynch Oil Co., fuel sup ....... ii'; Clllxioi.s Hervleo OH Co.. fuel sup ................... -1 uT.TJ Hwaney Oil c'ompuny, fuel sup ....... • ............... UI.H Slandard Oil CumpHiiy, I'ucl sup .............. , ........ l'-4,il Slundurd Oil Company, fuel sup, .................. .... 11".1« Dens-Oil Lubricant Co.. sup.. Sft. >, Dena-OIl Lubricant Co., HUP., 112,11 IiHer-State Oil Co., sup... ---- "'J',^ Inter-Hlalo Oil Co., .sup. .,.,.. riSifl Skcllv Oil Company, HUP ..... Maudlin CoiiHirucilon Co., loading and haulli'.ir -rravol ."81)8, S^ POOt: I-'IWII '. • .1, fi. ClupHaddle, M. p., med • ..---, care ........ ........ Not .MUi'vrJ Marvel Dole, travel exp, .,.. ..M.J1 Kterrlll Bros., prov ........... 80,00 Whltlemore Farm COQP. Cry,, prov, ,, , ... Deiio'u Food Mkl,. prov ..... IJp. K. li. Bonnctt, office '' 15,PO . . . calls and mcd. ,... Dr J. W. jicCrecry, moil, cire ' fi.B'l Dr. U. M. Wallace, med. care .BX.fH Dr. .1. Q. Olapsaaaie, moa,,... r-5.60" M. .1. Siller, sup. ..,.,..,,.., iS.Sa Kossutlv Hotipltal. IIQSP. care 15b,0f> Nil* M. llpKwell, rent ......... IPfltHU Bkaugslad Convalescent ' - ; . Honve. care ...,,.,,,,,,,., ': M,0« Burl Hospital, hosj). care, ... Leota C'pok, caro and, keep, . Pept. Pf Social Welfare aid lo dependent idilldren,. Dept'. of St>clal Welfare .; ,1 Al4 to blind., ..... .,..,,,. County Farm--N\V Bell Telephone Co., tele, serv, ...'.:. '.-••„. -....-• Iowa State Bank, ;jM>!iii.?'si«ii,;:; mw^s&^mffiil^ ^fciWEftlterM^ Brftjfrt SeM>Jjaf%ia -ftoMv:•' " % 'bstf&y w ftUff'Ww^, : -J7|:,)^H.yi-..^SVjpjiftt« tos-pijj •fM%nm$Mlli$iliiM 'HM^tuiA "V\F" ^^'?^;'^' !; -^^v^ '•^^™f^^ ; ^^TP

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