The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1946
Page 11
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, OCT. 8, 1946 Are Returning Veterans Wat jfltti ttcArd 'a ! Iot about hoW hard'jl Waft going ttf be for returning veterafis to fcet'ad 3 justed tq< Civilian tffe . . . how they'd be^'difrorent." Well, plenty of them* have re-, turned t?;our tpwn, and a finer, steadier bunch, you cotildn't- ask ioti Mostjof them are. back' at the saffle jobk . . . goings with the sarne niie honie'town girls (getting hiartied, some of them, and setting: xrp families) ... renewing the sanie-old friendships. Even their aMUseOieht* are'th^ 8aW». Nothing Aibrc exciting thhti fishing Se\vard's creek or pitching ht>rseBhoes . . .-enjoying an outdoor bttHjeeue , with friendly wholesome b.eer and pleasant tnlfc. If they've changed at all it's in the direction of maturity and tol- etnhcd. t. tolerance for, everything except dictators, and those who would destroy our democratic of live and let live. And from where I sit, that's another reason to be proud of them, Copyright* 1946',' United SlaUt-Bftwen Foundation mmm We ate all'huttgiry for' a nice T-Bpne Steak or a juicy ^otli dhop/' Iiet/s Hurry- those Cattle, S.h£ep artd'Hbgsttt market. THe pat' bins are full- atid this 1946 corn cafop is .tbp>V DiON'* ^ASTE A BtJSHEIi. It's valuable property 1 . Balance it with TANVI- liAC 01ttdi>tH3TS. WitH' new corn feed 'TAN- WLIZ^jp'MINERAIiS free choice. It Has high Reboflavin • fy and > Vitamin D,' plus Tanvilac cultures, It%very economical to feed; Try 500 Ibs. Cofls^l«pti6niVeryl6vv'. Priceih 5 baglots, $34, in>1 Ask^yp.ur* dealer? f of feeding instructions. We haVe steel'mincral : feeders, priced right. Start' yotir- feeding 'cattje- on : silage until new corn is dry enough to grind.' Proteins were never scarcer. Tanvilac will do the job cheaper. Your dealer has feeding instructions. The 1945-46 Grand Champion Calf at the Kossuth Co. 1 4iH-Shpw Was fed and finished on Home Gr^Wn Grains plus Cattie TANVILiAC and TAN-. Don't neglect yo,irt ; J&ayimg Hens and Pullets. Fejpd a mash fortified with^NVlLAG CULTURE ' BA^; r T^ dealers marked with a star can furnish, a high type mash for you. -jq FARMERS ELEVATOR^ CO^ Bode COOP: EXCHANGE, Lone Rock ELEVATOR CO.VPen.ton ! £QOP. ELEVATOR CO,, Burt A'i C. SCHISSELi L'akota ELEVATOR CO., Ledyard FARMERS ELEVATOR CO., Elmore, Minn. HINDERS MILLING CO., Woden 10NA FL.QUR & FEEJR I CO,, Algo»a RECKER FEED MIIJLV Bancroft: TITONKA FEED MltL r Tit6nJca' HQBART0N COOP. EtE^AfOR^CQ^ Hobarton HENRY KOHLHAA9, Livormoro COOP. EitVroCp/, Cylinder Phone 215-W Algona Gold Star? Mothers Bode: The Gold Star members of the Bode American Legion Auxiliary received special recognition 'here Sunday, Sept. 29 in keeping with the National Gold Star Mothers day observance. EAR OPERATION. Lone Rock, Oct. 2—Mrs. Upland Chrislenson left Sunday evening for Chicago for an ear operation. ORDINANCE NO: 284 SEWfift ORDINANCE AN ORDINANCE DEFINING AND REGULATING THE SEWER SYSTRM AND CONNECTIONS T H E R E W I TH, PROVIDING P E N A L T ; I ES FOR VIOLATION, AND REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT. BE IT ORDAINED by Ihe Cily Council of Ihe Cily of Algona, Iowa: Sec. 1. Sewer System Defined. The Sower System of tlu-'Citv of Alpona shall consist of (1) a Sanitary Sewer System for the disposal of-sanitary sewage and (2) a Storm Sewer for the disposal of storm, win find surface water from streels, alleys, and public places. Sec 2. Control oi Council. The Sewer Syslem shall at all times be und^r the control of the Cily Council with a Sewer Committee from the Council appointed by the Mayor following the regular municipal election. The Sanitary Sewer System shall be under the immediate supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works, and the Storm Sewer System shall be under the immediate supervision of the Street Commissioner. Sec. 3. Connections. No person, firm or corporation shall make any tap or connection with a^ny City sewer unless and unlil permit therefor shall' have been issued as herein provided. Application for. .such tapping shall be made in, writing to the City Council signed by the owner of the property to be served or the duly authorized agent of such owner, and such Application shall be deemed to be an agreement on the part of the owner to comply with all of the requirements of this Ordinance and such rules and regulations as may be adopted hereunder. The Application must be accompanied by tender of the required tapping fee as fixed herein and, when approved by the Superintendent of Public Works, if for Sanitary Sewer connec- lion, or by Ihe Slreet Commis-. sioner, if for Storm Sewer connection, permit for such connection shall be issued by he City Clerk. Sec. 4. Tapping Fee. If the property described in the Application for Sanitary Sewer connection has not been assessed or is not subject to an* assessment of a special tax for the payment of-.the cost ofe construction of-the sewer to< wHichi copnection,u rjs made, a tapping " or * connection fee in the amount- of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per tap shall be paid as a condition precedent to the issuance of the Permit; if the property has been or may be so assessed the Permit will issue without payment of said tapping fee. The applicant for Storm Sewer connection will in each instance bear the entire cost of the construction of each connection and necessary laterals. The applicant for Sanitary Sewer connection will, when the property described has been assessed or is subject to assessment as aforesaid/ bear the'entire cost of all construction including all laterals and any necessary extensions of the" sewer main; when the property has not been so assessed or is not subject,to such a^sesment, the tappig or connection fee fixed herein shall be deemed to include the cost of construction of the. connection and the necessary lateral to the curb line of the property described when/ adjacent to the sewer main, which cost will be borne by the city. Extension of any. sewer main shall be made by the-City only when, •iri the opinion of the City Coun^ cil, such extension and/the expenditure of necessary funds .ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINESi ALGONA, IOWA therefor is considered justi%d. No tapping fee will be requir- ..PAGE THREE: ed for connections with the Storm Sewer System. See. 5. .Supervision. All con- ections with the Sanitary Sewer System shall be installed as directed by the Superintendent' of- Public Works "find subject to his inspection and approval before being covered, and he shall keep n record of all such connections and file the same with the City Clerk. All connections with the Storm Sower System shall bt; installed as directed by the Sti'eet Commissioner, and shall be subject to his inspection and approval before being covered, and he shall keep a record of all such connections and file the same with the City Clerk. Sec. (i. Excavations. All excavation* or ditches dug in the streets or alleys or in.' any other 1 public place shall be done under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works, if for Sanitary Sewer installation, and under the supervision of the Street Commissioner if for Storm Sewer installation, and in any event shall be guarded by the'ap- plicant so as to prevent injury to persons, property or animals and red lights shall be plaeed-so as to give adequate warning at night. The dirt or other substance removed in all such excavations or ditches made for the installation of any sewer or sewer connection shall be replaced in as good condition as before the removal thereof'and to the satisfaction of the Superintendent ofx. Public Works or the Street Commissioner, whichever is in char. ge_.,,. The Application for Permit to tap Council. In the event that the City Council does determine that said Sanitary StAvor is not. readily and reasonably available to the property affected, it may arid shall permit the- construction and use of an outside privy or outhouse not so connected with the Sanilnry Sewer System, but such privy or' out hoCise rrtust be constructed, used and at all times maintained in compliance with the requirements of the City Health Commission and the Stale Board of Health of the Stale of Iowa. Any privy or out. house .that docs not so comply in construction, maintenance or use shall be deemed n public miis- anre and may bo abated as such. Sec. 10. Title to Sewers. All sowers and sower connections in any street, alloy or public place of the Oily of Algona, whether constructed ;il the cosl of the properly owner:; or'not, shall, become and remain the property of the Citv of AJgonn. Sec. 11. Repeal. That Ordinance No. 187, Ordinance No. 224-A, and Ordinance No. 231 of the Ordinances of the City of Algona be and they are hereby repealed and all other Ordinance's' Or parts o[ Ordinances in conflict with the provision:; hereof are hereby repealed. Sec 12. ..Violation and Penalty. Anyone violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall, upon conviction, be subject to imprisonment, for not exceeding thirty (30)..days or to a fine of nol exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Whenever the fine and costs imposed for vio- lalion of, this Ordinance are not paid, the person convicted may be committed to jail until the and publicalion as required by law. PASSED and ADOPTED this 2fith day of Sept., 1046, ' FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attesl: ADAH CARLSON, ' City-Clerk. The above Ordinance No. 284 is duly authenticated this 20111 day of September, 1940, FRANK KOOLHAAS, Mayor. ADAH CARLSON, (Official City Seal) Cily Clerk. * Upper Dfea Moities Want Ada shall constitute an agreMent on fine and ^ costs arc paid not ex- Relief For Financing of Hew fetUcal, dentaK or hospital e?c- Automobiles, trucks, tractors, pensjes. Payment of all bills, Re- combines, corn pickers, refriger- , ?adios and home appli- o| and business expenses, Mo%t anything you wish to buy Mori 8Hj('fl4heF worthy jjurpose, or purchase. WNliD Lpll JiBVICi ^£t'f i '.~:-'" '" ; '' '' ' ' ! ' .:;/•-,. part of the applicani'td comply with these requirements and further to indemnify and«.hold harmless the . City of Algona against any and all claims for damage or injury resulting from the failure of the applicant to comply with the requirements of this Ordinance. Sec. .7. Repulalions for Construction, The following rules and regulations are adopted and established to govern and control the construclibn and installation of all new .sanitary sewer connections and the reconstruction adn repair of all existing sanitary sewers and connections: , (1) Separate' Connections. Every house or building shall be separately and indeoendently connected with the sanitary sewer wherever one is provided. (2) Construction. Iftonv "ive feet outside of the building, where the soil is of suff ibiu&t'' solidity for proper t'oundalicjn, cylindrical vilrified earthenware pipes of Ihe best quality, free from flaws, splits or breaks, perfectly burned and well glazed- over the inner and outer surfaces, may be used, and shaLLlwj laid .on, a . smooth bottom- iiviwi a .^rpove^cjit in v thg ibpt,JpTn'|ctt the trench for each hup, so that the length between hubs ha^ a .perfect bearing on the' ground. Joints between the hub and.spjgpt shall be half filled with a gasket of oakum and thoroughly filled with mortar composed '• with one- part clean sharp sand and one part fresh Portland cement. In all cases the spigot and hub ends must be concentric and after they are cemented, enough dirt shall be placed and a clear way shall be left around the joints for- inspection. After a cement joint is made, care must -be taken that no cement remains inside of the pipe. (3) Grade. All sanitary sewer pipes must be laid 'with a uniform grade from the rriainsewer 'to the; building, but no offsetting will be allowed unless by special permit from the Superintendent of Public Work's. (4). tyaler tight." The Sanitary .Sewer or drain pipes and connections shall be water tight. (5.) Connections, A.ll connections with the sanitary sewer system shall be made at the regular junctions built into the sewer for that' purpose, and all connections with" the sanitary sewer shall be made in the presence - of the Siiperinten.dlent of Public Works or someone 1 acting under his direction, Sec. 8. Us* of Sewers. The Sanitary Sewer System is designed, for the disposal of sani tary sewage and wastes, and it shall be unlawful fpr'any person, firm or corporation to empty or drajn rain water, storm water or •other purely surface water into a.ny part of the Sanitary Sewer System. The Storm Sew^r System is designed- for the flispossl of rain water, storm water arid other surface water from the streets, alleys and' public places of the City, and it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to drain or empty sanitary sewage of any kind in any part of the* Storm 'Sewer System of; the City, The City of A*gQJW ; .reserves for itself or agents or employees the right to go upon, any premises; or blaces aiyi cUsipQnn«ct'any unlawful or improper sewer con* nectjpn. gee, 9. Privies W»d Ou* Houses, l\ shaU. be-WAlAWful fpr any per-. Bpn. firm or «orjppr0Ion t9 eject, build, or maintain or iri ajny manner use any privy 9^ gqthouse foy the disposal 0} rn9!tter OP anjf place wj!hj#, ; t jLimit|- of thp 'fflfr of ceeding, however, thirty" (30) days. Sec. 13. Enaclmenl. This Ordinance shall be in forcn and effect from 'and after its passage WE NEED LAR Wtt WILT, BUY YOUR RRNDEREI) LARD IN ANY QUANTITY. BRING IT IN! Algona Baking Co. Bakers Of "Honey Krust" Bakery Product? PAY PROMPTLY CREDIT BUREAU OF KOSSUTH COUNTY One Complete Carload Of GIRLS! Algona Hotel has TWO JOBS OPEN "Wait ress human fecal (|prp>rate and 19, the pro fln<t they «yaMsjJ Wajry ge%r« cftses be affected, Saii- in ajl fty the City ';>« Housekeeper^ •';•,!-,: J, . . . Apply Now! Algona Hotel WrLLARD OWEN, Mgr. -Piece Livin Has Just Arrived LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COVERS AND COLORS Come Early For Best Selection fifef AUTHOIIIIY oriHt c«CA- ' If Comino Ai ;.fl|ll!|.\-.UR^«^.^|p^P4^R|MWIWi^H¥-/''>-'^flWI^^K|HHHHI iM;MIP ; lSSi^

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