The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
Page 2
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JAGE TWO, BLVfHEVILLE, JABK.j COtJRtER:: 22,; 193(5. creletu ; Social Calendar '•' SATURDAY'S EVENTS ' Crowdcr-Klng wedding nt home of Mr. find Mrs. Mns Parks, 8:30 V-' '"• - r 'Children ot Confederacy having picnic nicetlnB at home of Mrs. James B. Ciart;, 12 M, Club lias Giirsls. •• When Mrs. H. P. Kirshncr had the Thursday Luncheon club she also entertained Mines. Jinhes H. Bell, W. J. WiUKlcrlich and W. tcon Smith. - Early summer llmvcrs decorated tlie living loom of her new home where (he small tables were arranged. t in "Hie bruise games, which followed hinrti. Mis. A. G. LUUc won iirst and Mrs, Wunderlich, second Bits oi' News Mostly Personal Mrs, Molvin J. Urown, o( St. Paul, Minn, has arrived to spend the summer \vllh her parenUi, Mr. Entertains Club. * Mrs. Fred Rutherford had the Thursday Bridge club this week when Mrs. O. H. Willey was the . only guest Tncy plnjcd bridge on {he hostess' , sini porch, which was gay with garden (lowers She Served a plate lunch. *'Thc club prize, a sheet, went lo • Mrs. Loy.Welfii and Mrs. Willey Vas presented a handkerchief. Mr;i. Bilbo Cillljert to Texnrknnii yester- and Mrs. S. I'. Johnson. Mr. Urown Hill conic down later. Mr. nnd were called day afternoon because of the ritlcal Illness of Mr. Gilbert's Kis- icr following an operation (or iip- |)endieitis. I), J. Allen Is in Joncsboro today attending ;\ district sales mect- Inu. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W. neale and Mr .unit Mrs. Tom Phillips, of Memphis, were here yeslcrday as guests of Miss Bess Hull luicl family. Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Cratton nml cliildren, Mrs. S. 1'. Crafton, Jim Crafton and Miss Zoln Criif- ton will KO to Little Rock tomorrow for chu weekend. Mrs. J. B. Callaway returned to licr hotne in Arkndclphia, Ark., lo<iay after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Charles L, Wylle, nnd Mr. Wylle. She WIIK accompanied home by Mrs. Wylle who will spend a week or two with lief Steele Girl Is Named Cape Teachers Grid Queen STEELB. Mo.—Miss iUilli Harper, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Harper of tills city, hus been chosen footbnll ciueeii o! State Teachers college of Cam 1 Cilrardcau for next season. Last year she received llie same, honor along wltti ni.tny others every year since slic has entered this college. Sue is to gn«|. linlc with high honors next year While In hijjli .school 'iierc MISS Hurpcr \s'as a leader in clnss work nt Steele High school and also ' a leader In grade school, in her Junior'niiri senior years she wai elected ns Miss Sleele ilics'n also won many popularity and efficiency honors. MLss Harper wll arrive soon to spend the .summer here with her.parents »nd a ninn ter of> Interesting social events an to he held In her honor here am at Carutliersvitle. Kriiles Coiiiplimcnlcil; - AIi-s. Dick Watson, who was'mother, going over especially for hefore her recent marriage, Miss'the closing of Henderson Stale Mildred Lee Norman, were guests college, her alma mater. Wins High Honors At State School for Deaf SteeJe-Cobter' Society — Personal Demonstration Club NeWs Notes Hurdrtle 4-11 Club The Burdctte 4-H club met at he Burdctte school Monday, May 18,- with 20, memtfcrs present. Biis- .er Stewart, president, • and Juah- Ita MUldleUm, Mcretary, were In charge of- the .meeting. John L. Dameroh, assistant county ngeiil, gave an • interesting of honor at a bunco iwvty given by other employes of the South'-western: Bell Telephone company IJst night at the honie of Mr. and fart,. Paul Damon. >'• Miss Rosalie Russell won both, the htEh scoie and trnvcllng 3jwarcl and the low scoie prize went lo Miss Marie BomViolaskl. 5; Ice cream and cookies were J.'Uib JMcds — Mrs. Bilbo Gilbert played cards S'tth the Thursday .Contract club .this .week when Mrs. J. Ernest Hassoh was hostess. The two tallies were in her living room which " They were> accompanied by Mrs. Chesler Caldwell who will attend (lie closing of Ouachita college, from which she graduated. She will return In a few days. Jlinmlc Tlplbn, who attends. the University of Alabama at Tuscti- Idosa, arrived home last night to spend several weeks belorc going lo a military camp. Mrs. Bess Pa^c Walton and Mrs. Ardiiii Crowder were In Mcmp'nis yesterday where Mrs. WalUm consulted her physician regarding injuries to her mouth received iii an automobile accident several months ago. Mines. B. A. Lynch, H. H. Hou STEELE, Mo.—John Elmer Workman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Workman of this city, graduated wllli high honors from Missouri School for the Deaf this week mil a large number of friends and relatives including 'ills parents mid his i brother, John Henry Workman, are hi Pulton to attend the commcii incut exercises this weak. John Elmer, who lias been clout all his life, has attended tills same school since he was sis years old. Tie will rctihn here with his imr- culs to spend the summer but will enter college In the fall. clilns nnd A. Cionway \vcre in Oscc- Biirdette Pupils Have Interesting Visit Here The 42 of fne primary grades uf the Durdctte school had a train ride and visits to various plnccs of Interest Iii HlylhevlIlD as ola yesterday loi- a meeting of fne P. E. O. chapter at the homo of . _ Mrs. Godfrey White. | llni| i to Blythcvlllc, where they were Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Conway and' lnct D .v the district bus which took » special treat in the school closing this year. Accompanied by their teacher. Miss Ediia Uecn, t'ncy rode the 'she had decorated In pink Radiance roses. •: The prize, a cut work btldRC fet, went to Mrs. R. U Bradley. -A fruit salad wiis served with _ __ .... _ j . .. .. _ _.. •sandwiches, potato chips and an .daughter, Miss Mabel, or St. Louis, t ""•'" 1 '° 'he canning faclory, IJed drink. . [will arrive this afternoon to bo tliel ico pl'U't. Coca Coin plaiit, Friinks-lawr«nce. ! Of unusual Interest is tile wedding of Miss Gladys Frank to Robert Lawrence which occurred hi the court, house at, Caruther.wllle Tucs- dny evening by a Justice of peace They returned to this city and went to their liew hoinc which is locate! on. South Walnut stre'e'tVahd which already had been furnished The bride Is the cnnrmlng daugli ler of Tbin Frank nnd Mrs. Safeii: Prank of tills city. She graduated from Steele. high school in 1932 and while. In lilgn school here elected queen of hlRh school for two years and also won many mow honors, she attended Woman ? Teachers college it Murfreesboro Term., for two yean but graduated iro'ih State Teachers college at Cape Olrrirdcau. Oiie season at Mur- freesbbro siie wns elected most iKautlful' arid most popular in th6 entire college, she has been a member of the Steele grade school faculty for the past Uo years l and Is one of the most popular,young ladles of this coinity she Is also a leader in the Mclnodlst chtuih of which she has been a member lor several years. The groom is the BOH of Mr and Mrs. Lawrence, prominent farmers of near Holland lie grafl from Holland high school nnd „ in high school w as a stir athlete After finishing high wfnoot he hi operated a garage in Steele for scv era] years. * * * Smith-llurton. Announcement Ins been nmdc,o llie mnrrlnge of MISS lliclma Burton of Sleele nnd uhtlicvillo to Beaumont Smith Q r stcelc, whicii occurred nt Marion Ark, on Apr! 3rd, and which hid been kent i secret until nou The .bride Is the oldest dauch '5..°. f ,. M . r .- and . Mra Hiny B,,U6n of this cllj and Instructive talk For Green Plants." on "Polsoiis The, girls have studied poultry Judging and are able to identify the common breeds of the cgg- iaylhs class, the dual purpose chickens, nnd the meat producing class. The team demonstrations that Miss Cora Lee Coleman county home demonstration agent, wrote foi the girls, are being studied The nurdctte club hopes to be represented at the county rallj Iflfl per cent and also hopes to send a delegation 'to • the state co in p. H was loted that the next reg- ar session should be held August 1. at 2 15 o clock p m at the Burdettc school. L CHURCH EXCUSES i By G. TV. Barfe _ h'avt been seriously ., cohtem-. listing the .placing of tm advcr- :lsemciit In some good paper and If i can find some good wo man wlio will call and take Sis tor and Junior, to 'Ch'ufch »ni Sunday school. Of course,-1 would, not want to pu't out the money'it ed of rcprcsciKn lives' from' ail local organizations, ^flss Byler will compete with llie queeas from oilier lowns of the county, the winner representing the county In would cost unless .the paper would guarantee saUsfactory results. It llie district. Mayor C. I), named chairman McClellan of a committee seems I've tried everything, and haven't found anyone that seems interested; Oh! I've had some suggestions, but I • simply can't stay iip most all Satur'day and then, get up in tlme'tc Sister and Junior and-take them «Y(d I certainly don't think; the Church sh'ould expect me to, but from what I hear, from some of Our club members, and they should know for they are among the West folks the church has, It was seems the church Is Betting more •Nazarcnc Women Meet. *~ A Bible lesson, from Psalms 22, 23, 24, was given by the Rev. Eu- •pha D Beasley, former pastor ot tlie First Chtjr^ti orjllic' Naiwrtili',' g a meelJSB of'the Women's 'Missionary society of tlie church {Thursday'afternoon, at the church. There were 10 present ,., Mrs. Harmon Holt offered prayer. Few;er than one-firth oi all ships sailing under the British dug are more .than 20 years old. Bussts of.Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway until Sundny. Mrs. Frederick Ealou, of Pine Bluff, was here yesterday ns the Biiesty of-.Jier brother, Boss p. IIifynviA'hhd fninlly. -Sho.. nreoin^ p.infcdVfr nnd Mrs. Hushes home Ironi Memphis where they attended llie funeral of their bro- j tiler in law, E. L. Klewcr. She' will return home tills afternoon. \ .Mrs. Warren Jnckson was in St. Louis Tuesday where she met 1 licr fnther, returning hoinc '. Thursday afternoon via Memphis. ! grorcry store and the new Walker park before returning homes on tlie bus. to fnclr prominent residcnU r" M ldert f>lcel for (lie past two years she h al l " c Hotcl Nob to perfect plans for the staging of a Centennial pageant here. Those serving with him are, Raymond FritchcU, Mrs. Noel Marc'om', Mrs. G. B. Dcyer, Mrs. J. W. Hill and Mrs. C. A, Ward; <Sueen Committee, Mrs. Fred Stuekey, Rev. c. H. Gray and Mrs. W. N. Ray. Carduj Helps When Nerves Seem ."On i;Ugc" Every Month Women who find themselves in it painful, nervous fix, suffering every month, may have some functional trouble which Cardul should benefit. "At limes, I felt like I must scream If a door slammed or there was an unusual noise," writes Mrs. P. A. Odum, of Haincs City, Pla. "I did not leel like doing my housework, arid as I.had other wor>> besides, I fell more like lying 'S>,vn. A friend of nVfric asked hie to try Cardul, which I did. After niy first bottle. I felt much better. I continued taking it until I had taken six cr seven bottles. By tills' flmc I vvas so much improved I was able to leave it off." If not benefited by Cardui, consult a physician. : ', Steamer President To Be At Osceola On Monday, June 1 Ark ,— The million President queen of wilt makc ( |lcir |lomp OSCEOLA iollar S S the Strcckfus'flect cruising nbrth- ward on its annuM spring' barnstorming (rip fronm New Orleans f> St Louk wlll\ arrive at Osceola for in excursion outing Monday, June 1st The big all-steel 611 burning pleasure craft commaridcd by Cipt John Streckfu, 1 ; will lca\e Sin SoucI binding on Main tilth wa> J" mil&s below Osceoli at 8 30 P M One of the best, known darkj dance buidb on the MU,- shslppi — Chailis deaths and late Mirablcs luneslcrs— will )no- ude music foi the locil outings Yvonne Beth Byler Is Named Queen at Lepanto LFPANTO, Aik Mai 21 Yvonne Beth Byler, daughter of Di met Mrs C E Byler of Lc- pinlo was mined Centcnnn! Queen to represent Lcpinfo it i meeting- held here todiy coiniws- Read courier News Classified Ads Dine at the BLUE ROOM Dance FREE! EVERY DAY PRICES Kodak finishing—any size 8x roll finished complete, 38c Post caul photographs, 2 for 25c or $1 per dozen. Stamps. 6 for lOc. Wylie Picture Shop Across From Roxy Theatre BUT,POP-THIS'IS MILK FROM CRAIG'S DAIRY DIDN'T YOU SAY You ._ WAMTED SQMETHIN6 IN YOUR CAS TAMK THAT WOULD <J1VE YOU PLENTY OF PEP " ~ <t\T UP AND <S6? TONIGHT ?l per plate Dinner served G:30 'til 9 Stay and dance as long as you please ... No cover ctiargc to dinner guests., Admission after 9 P. 75c per couple GIL WILSON AND HIS HOTEL. NOBLK ORCliKSTKA BETTER TEA for the Money Muscular activity burns up qmckl* Refuel with WllOI.L 1 SOME, FRESH CRAIG'S M1I.K. COOI.KST SPOT IN TOWN! An odorless, onion ,1s cultivated IjjV (ho jplitne^c., :. ; . i i'- ;'; FOR DISTINCTIVE IIKAUT'Y SEUVtCE Cull 10G MAUOARET'S HKAUTY SHO1 1 liignun Hldg. PRESSURE COOKER MADE BY COOKS A LARGE OR SMALL MEAL rH '/3 USUAL TIME Inquire about our greatly reduced club price. PflPflPlTV Hol(is 20 No - 2 01> 14 No> 3 Un cal ^' 24 vHlnWB i 1 pint, ? quart or 5 half-gallon glass jars Can Re Bought With or Without Inside Utensil* Strongly constructed of heavy weight, durable aluminum with bakeiite thumb screws ... a real joy to use , -^ Al&o it full slack of'!• other sizes " T -:,, v '.' Get our prices on TIN CANS and FRUIT JARS PHONE 32 The nation's favorite suit for eville! summer arrives in BEACH SUITS Everyone KnOws Palm Beach suils are in a class by themselves because of their coolness, Iheir ability (o withstand wrinkling, and Ihcir clcrin-ciit finished style. That's why we show such a great selection . . . not only in whiten and (be natural bangkok shades but alfo in navy blue chalk stripes, silver greys, i/ittcr.sall checks nnd other patterns.. You'll like the s'miirt panel back single and double breasted sport styles and (he plain do'ublc breasted. They arc the favorites all over the country -as 'well as in lilythcville. Chances are you'll want at least .two of them ... a white double breasted and it bangkok in a sport model. Buy before the rush . . . price guaranteed. See our great I'alm Reach window disjiliiy lo'day. . $ 16 75 i^_ Whites^Bangkoks - Chalk Stripes - Tatlei'salls m fashionable business and sport models [^Exclusively in Blytheville at CLOTHING Co. 315 West Main Street Open Saturday Evening Until 10 P. M. Today Only •PAL NplT 2' Xiluils Aillriltrd for Vricc of I All Children—10c ; ; Margaret Sullivan in 'The Moon's Qur Home' With Henry Fonda, Charles liiiUonvorlh and Walter Brcnnan ' Selected Sliorls —Admission— Matinee—10''* 25c—Wilb Ic Ta\ Night—10 A; 35c—With Ic Tax i Saturday Only 'Yellow Dust' With Richard Dix and Leila Hyams III a. story of lite great Nevada gold 'rilsli. Cartoon and Srrinl—"Flash Gordon" with Buster Crabbc Adm.—Matinee & Niffh't—10 & 25c With Ic Tax —Continuous Showing— Sunday - Monday Carole I;omhardi • ;md Fred MiiciVlu'rru.v in 'The Princess Comes Across' W i 1 h Douglas Dumbriilc, Alison Skipworth, William Frawlcy and George Barbicr Tlie gay younj stars of ''Hands Across Ihe Table" romp (hroujli an even- mnrc rnllicliiiif; roiTiancc i Mllh • Carole as A princoss (from: Urooklyii) wilh a yen for Holly- iiood -and Fred as a j-ming 'lad with-a yen for- Oarote. raramoiint Ncivs and rilipatrlck Travellalk In Technicolor Adhi.—Mat lilt c & NiRlil—10 & 35 C With Ic tax —C6ntinuous Shewing— SOON— i "SHOWBOAT" n-llli Irene Dunn i nml .Allan Jones, "SONS 0'. GUNS" with Joe i:. "GOLDEN AKKOW" with Ccor B c Ilrcnt and Bctte Havis. TUESDAY, MAY 2G— 5100.00 BANK NIGHT!

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