The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1946
Page 6
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: PAGE SIX. -AtOONA Armistice Day Committees Committees for the annual observance of Armistice Day here, »***,Nov. 11, have been appointed by the local American Legion. w. G. HawcoH and Lloyd Robinson have been named as cochairmen of the morning program, and Walter. (Dutch) Lorenz and Jftft Lynch have been named as co-chairmen for the evening program. The banquet committee consists of Leighton Misbach, Gordon Dewel, Ralph Miller, John Bieser and Don Hutchison, chairman. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf Exchange Deiit. Basement Good Used FOrniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets. Buffets, Radios ^ ftnd Washers. BJUSTROM'S Remodeling Sale The Coast to Coast store this week announces its remodeling sale following a complete remod- eling and decorating of the main floor and balcony. Kelly Johnson is the manager. Joe Bloom, owner of the store, recently moved to St. Paul. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, • 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word. Blind ads 25c extra. FOR SALE FOR SALE: Immediate possession, 8 room house, barn, tool house, coal house and 10 lots in Wesley. L. L. Lease, Wesley. 39-40 FOR SALE: Overhead wago hoist. Fred Tigges,.Burt, Rt. £ 9w39 NEW HONEY for sale. 194G crop Hocnk Motors, west of Coin- House. 39t FOR SALE: 20 hens, 20 pullets 8x16 ft. chicken house; Gxo chicken house, suitable for brooder houses. Fencing, chicken wat- erers, etc. Phone 253-J or sec Robert A. Carney after 5 o'clock 500 S. Jerome St., Algona. 30w39* FOR SALE: Two 5 h. p. single phase motors, totally enclosed and ball bearings. PRATT ELECTRIC CO. ' 15w39 FIR SALE: 13 young bucks. I/O h. p. heavy duty gasoline engine. M. J. Alexander. 4'i mi. east Algona. US. 18. 38-40 :i FOR SALE BY OWNER: 80 A. farm, mile and : !.| north o! Swca City. Best of soil, all woven wire tight, some fruit trees, 80 evergreen trees, extra good set of improvements, with "electricity. S. C. Shiplcr. Swca City. 33 WARM MORNING COAL HEATERS. Standard models on hand. Will soon have the new cabinet models on hand also. Order now so as to 'be sure you will have one when needed. RAESLEY LUMBER CO., phone 234, Algona. 30-7w39t PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — AL the new releases. Needles, albums. Kcssuth Radio & Electric Algona, Iowa. 47tf FLOOR SANDING and Refinlsh- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-8tf NOTICES Very low cost home loans to buy, 'build, remodel, refinance. Veterans "GI" loans for homes. Let us explain our simple full option long term loan plan to ;<(ou. Call at our office today or phone 55. Algona Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 35U . * r '**• 1 leetric Co \ Haalti Values You Want To Make Home Work WANTED TO BUY: Soy beans. No waiting for cash. Bring them in. SARGENT & CO. 14w30 WANTED WANTED TO BUY: Soy beans. No waiting for cash. Bring them in. SARGENT & CO. 14\v39 HELP WANTED: Man and wife, wairtress work. Same hours together. Good wages, hour or by the week. Chrome Cafe, Algorui, Iowa. 21w.38-39 WANTED: House or apartment this month. Call phone 77. Mrs. 1. E. Scribner, 434 N. Dodge. l'6\v39* WANT TO BUY: Desirable service stations and bulk plants located n this area. In replying g ! vc full lescription and price. Kodak pic- ures dcsirnble but not necessary. Will pay cash. Write Box 09, Al- ,'ona. 33w39-41 FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars, G miles west, 4'. miles south of Algona. Leonard Baas, West Bend. 38-41' : FOR SALE: Duroc boars. Matt Wcyciert, Livermore, 4 miles straight west of LuVerne. 13vv39-44" S'L-xll FILE FOLDERS at the Alffona Upper DCS iUoints FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boors, tiiue riuoon winners in the open and 4-H classes at the Xossuih County J-'air. John *'. Weber, Irvingion, Algona phone FOR SALE: Eagle water prool home insulation, "Dlown in." Expert inspection, estimating service, uowan t»lclg. buppiy Co., pnune 2u, Algona. 2U-3-UU FOR SALE: Litchfield four- wheel farm trailer with 6:t)uxlti tires. A oargain at $Uo. Louis Stoulil, 1 mile north and 1 !^ miles wesi ot uttosen. 2aw39-4U :; CAN SPRAY chicken and hog houses on short notice. Phone 225, West Bend. Russell Doyle. 2zo, West Bend. 13w38-4l° FOR SALE: 50 black-faced breeding ewes. Alfred Jergenson, Algona. 1 u\vsa~ FOR SALE: Shepherd pups. Ernest Meyer, Burl, phone tj-9a. 9w39 '• FOR SALE: 40 Spotted Poland China boars. Anton Vammen, Kingsted. 10w39-4U" FOR SALE: Two Mexican Chihuahua puppies. See Clifford Baguy, Bun. 10w39" FOR SALE: Duroc boars. 40 head, medium type, \vcli hammed, heavy boned, deep sided, from leading blood lines, raised on clean ground. New blood for old customers. O. V. Harlan. 5 miles \ves>i Algona on highway 18. 36w38-41' : ' FOR SALE: «-room house with bath. 2 acres of land. Jesse 1! Scott, Corwith. 14w39-40 FOR SALE: Air Tile Heaters, .f4.yfi. New coal and wood heaters, $25.00. Coast-to-Coast Store. 15 w3!J FOR SALE: Model A Ford. Farrell Alban, B.J S. W. Rodman. 10w39* FOR SALE: Electric Smith Oil- less air compressor, perfect condition, used for dispensing beer. Sportsman's Tavern. 15W39- 1 ' VANTED: First-class mechanic at once. Call Schultz Bros. 39 TOR SALE: David Bradley corn sheller. Scars, Roebuck, Algona. 9w3J> To the Voters of Irvington Twp. Irvinffton Township School Board lias decided to submit (o the voters on Friday, October 4, 1940, bc- the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock P. M. the following propusilinii: , Shall Hie Board sell at Public Auction and place the proceeds in the General School Fund the following closed schools, land, and other property of— District No. 2 known as Kinsch school District No. 3 known as McEnroe school District No. 4 known as iUawds- Icy school District No. G closed for twelve" years District No. 8 known as Scliulz school Also District No. 7 is now operating but not expected to operate after this year. Voters will vote yes or no on each school. This is a vital issue to the township and voters are urged to inform thcm- rcivcs of conditions prompting this .ictinn and express by t''eir vole what action the school boar.d shall lake. L. C. Hutching, Secy, of Board. 155-39 Always rely on this great rub for CHEST COLDS to relievs coughs —aching muscles RUB ON p WANTED: 3 to 4 room apartment or house for 3 adults. Phone 474-W. Algona. 14w39' ! WANTED: Waitress. Reeves Cafe. West Bend. 5w39-40 WANTED TO BUY: Home in Algona from owner, close in on main highway. Write Box 400, Algona. 17w39-40 WANT TO BUY: Piano in good condition. Farrell .Alban, West Bend. 10w39* HIGHEST PRICES paid for late model used cars. Free information on OPA ceiling. Hoenk Motors. 39 WANTED: Woman for general work. Write or call Hancock County Homo, Garner, Iowa. 13w3G-39 SERVICES BEFORE cold weather sets in, get your electrical repair work done. Call V70, Pratt Electric Co., experienced workmen, quK'ii -service. 39 Fiyrr SHOP UPHOLSTERING AND FURNITURE REPAIRING 210 South Dodge St. Algona STAIN1ESS STEEL AT-CH BAND LICE,' WORMS, AND MITES cause about 75% of the sickness in laying flocks. There are many ways to free your chickens from these pests. Come in and talk it over. Nealy Hardware & Hatchery, Burl. 34w39* SEWERS CLEANED: Electrically. V-. P. Dibble, write or phone 9o. Clarion, Iowa. lLw37-44 5 SKELGAS Sales & Service, the first and foremost all-purpose' cooking gas. Sawyer Skelgas, 20B • E. State, phone 221-W. 13w39-42 J18-Karat Gold Plated MAGAZINE subscriptions taken at The Algona Upper Des Moines, complete service, new and renewal. 39tf INLAID LINOLEUM, Linowall tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-H-BU' INSURANCE Better Rates Better Service L. S. BOHANNON Over S. &. L. Store Phone 103 17w32t£ sti.For Years Won't Rust or Rot • Moneyback Guarantee Cold pfulutl MI Pi Iow or Whilu fuUr , BUY DIRECT FROM WHOLESALER MISCELLANEOUS WANTED TO BUY: Soy beans. No waiting 1'or cash. Bring them in. SARGENT & CO. 14w39 SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying | and estimates on tile. Phil J.i Apptl Induilrl.i, 5 N*. Wgbgih Ay... Chi,a 8 . 2, III. O.PICT1I D Enclaltd pliali Ond f ,, nd wolchbond potlogi frx. O Pltan itnd mi watchbond C.O.D., I will pay potman charge* plut poitaoa .Slain!.., SI..I «,„', Wol.hbandt at 11.00 . .Cold Plaltd M.n'i Walchbandi at $2.30 .lodi.i 1 r.llow goldplal.d walchbandt 3.00 • ladl>i' Pink galdplatid walchbandt 3.00 • Lodl.i' Whit* luim flnlih walthbandi J.OO Norn., Addr.n -] t | City Zon.... .SlaU "A CITY STORE WITH COUNTRY PRICES it Here's an Unusual Item — Ju«t Received! Complete 7-Piece Coffee Presentation Set Ai wal«r d healed a powerful, vacuum au- lomatically, opAni Timer-Filter and forcei water tnto upper bowl wh«ro brewing begins Wild heat off —vacu'utn revenei ond Timer-ht*, tercloset automatically. Coffee slowly jeept In- lolower bowl while-?-" patented dlici trap aft; grounds ond »dtm*nff A DC Luxe 7-picct—IG-cup Kcnl Presentation Coffee Maker Set that combines sparkling beauty with real utjl'ty. Complete set includes: Crystal tlcar heat-proof glass ,2-piecc Coffee Maker with Kent Timer-Filter; Matching Coffee-Serving Bottle; Singar Bowl; Cream Pitcher; all In gor- gcoii-. modern colors to blend wHIO colorful kitchens; and a smartly styled Jilasttc tray with mirror, of clearest, ., brilliant glass. Coffee serving bottle, heat and flame 1 , proof, enables yoiiSto ...serve-8 cups .tro'ip, the bottle whlle^S. additional cups are brewing on "the ,° 1)C " flamc ''«' c ' CClr .' c *t°™- 'VtlU ; IJast a Iifct(meMlth ordinary care:'•' '-:• ,;., f g i lyt , ; <;.' Exact Set As Pictured Witlv Automatic Time-Filter From A "Famous Maker" ELECTRIC IRONS Complete With Stove ELECTRIC Coffee Brewer The nalionallv-iamnu^ CORY inaico . . . «he coffeo maker you k'nuw. for. -finest coffee brewing: . . . and at t^js.'price you eet the coffee maker WITH the electric stove. A $5.95 Value Regularly :fv. Limited StofcH_of TABLE cu.sE.omv*. •-« limited | Nesco "EverKot" ..*',.. Electric Roasters COMPtETE WITH UTENSILS AND COOKING RACK 829.95 Fcailing days are ahead, and even though the meat situation isn't bright .you'll welcome t% Nesco roaster for the mnny cooking features it brings. A haiidsome all-purpose electric roaster thai makes home cooking far more easy! ' :• Doub'ic butner-'h'pt.vwnlateF.. -.•Jn:, a two-touq porcelain finlah you will find; easy to keep 'clean. Nice for quick ; snacks,, pr for you apartment dwellers. *&'' " ;>S%t**^: '°&Msi*£* Fluorescent Desk Lamps (!ie»r, portant for readin?,'or desk worJs\The,fte »re ^y ern manner; with quick sn8B*on §w|tpbr anB. a«y desk, home or off ice. . . |W>4« INFRA-RED HEAT LAMPS FOR Are the cl'ildren sniffling? Is it about time for you to get your annual Fall cold? We "don't guarantee that one of these Infra-Red Heat Lamps will take away all your aches and pains, but (hey do aid materially in preventing colds, and in promoting general health. Tb« tew isi nicely (intoned (us ptebtfff sJ|QW») w»j|. isaa be moved easily from room to room> It throws « proper Infra-red Jieat. Note: these lamps 4o not tan; but 1&w d<> offer (4$ fentle soothing infra-red ray^ so m*ny_ want. We Maintain a Complete Service Dept. for Any Afake Hope Appliance «

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