The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1930
Page 6
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Recreational Activiti es ;,. Start ^5'Soon,as Armory "': /.Officially Accepted. , with:,the new .armory building j . completed and contractors nwnu-1 .•'. ini KO.nly.- 'he .official approval jf .;.' tlie:!»rchHecl of. the state- mlllt.iiy department to. lurn the building y,pver [to Uie natlonnl guard oflicpts, •-.directors of .recreational activities plan to begin an active pro^mm cf .--indoor, sports sometime next week. : Increasing interest In tlie city . basketball league indicates that the ..circuit- originally plannsd tor four teams will have-to be 'expanded o -Include:.six squads, 'according (c , .Charles >iT. Kramer,-'-In charge ol • basketball. Company M. First Ni- tlconal Bank, Hubbard Hnrdivnro already entered Icnms In the Icntjitc 1 . - and Ark-Mo Power company have .. The Frisco railroad lias asked /or a berth In the league und the circuit will probably be extended Ic Include another team making !i>: .In all. ' Indoor baseball Is also to have Its place on the weekly program of the large Indoor drill hall which Is also -the-most .modern Indoo.r basketball court-In this'section. The Indoor diamond sport Jins many cn- 'thusiasls ui the larger cities but will. be making Its debut In this Morris and O. Wl'.Cpppsdgc arc or- clty. Malt Moiughim Jr., Harvey ganlzing teams and.a fourth will be added to the group. ; Volley ball teams are to be organized In the near future and r, place will be provided on .the i\r- •mbry schedule'' for their games. Organiie-' Athletic Club - Participants in 'all recre'a'llontU activities at (lie tirmory will be allowed, (o lise the armory-drill hall and' court according to.arranged schedule by joining the Blythevllle Athletic club. Monthly dues In thlj organization will be used simply to : pay the actual' expenses incident, to the use of the armory as a rcc- 1 reatlonil center. ' ..,' High school iaskeibaii teams al- .so will 'use the armory for their ''practice sessions- and " regular -. games with out of town teams. 'An independent basketball team : be organised out of the best players In. the city league and will .likely play a schedule • o[ eames •with fast independent and semipro quintets in ..this terrilory. ,.': Changing from the usual boxing shows, a.-wrestling card will prob- - ably, fc'staged,, at the'armory S3mo time -hi - Decc'mter. Negotiations are'under way t^ bring well known Erapplers here, for the opening .show.'and aa effort will bo made to - secure Charley Hentrop, veteran of- nclali as referee'.;for.the matches --.The; grappling ganie'has swept to :-Jar 'greater popularity In Memphis Little. Rock'and other cities than boxing..enjoys and it Is believed ; that wrestling will prove a big drawing card here. , • • P. P. Kyle, architect for the Ar- Sansa's,-National guard, ;s expected to arrive-here 1 Monday for a final inspectlp.nof; the new armory u 3. Brandon, local architect, is as sociated with Mr. Kyle In planning the new armory and has been in active charge ,of conslnictlcn. Pop Prepares. Dartmouth E SELECTS All-America EKi o—" BIG TEN Fesler, Russell, Baker Standouts on All-Big Ten Team. Portion End .... Tackle . iuarcl .. ! ;nter . iimrd . Tackle . End ... I llC s worked out at Palo Alto today when I'op Warner-r Cardinals 1 'meet The Stanford roach and tomb of the players who will Iry to turn back .the .preen .-Mountain'. Boys from ; He> Hampshire tire shown aboie ,-* ( . , • _: "(V • - - - - i j*! DID YOU KNOW TIIAT— Jack Kc.irns has changed the the name of Mickey Walker to meet the heccli; rf his present campaign among tho heavy- ights. . . . it's "Mil:?, the OInnt Killer" now . . . use<l to be "the Toy Bulldog." . . . Val- pnraisq|challenBcd Noire Dame In a finn:o the other dny . ... chess. . ; . Frank Caridco V/H3 acciiseil of bad judgment in '^ce of Net re Dame plays once or twice duvlng the Northwestern game ..... but, no one could sny tbjre was nhytlilng wrong in the way Francis, booicd that ball when.ho goj, tlie chance. . . . It was : like :' watching " target prnctlpc,'" Carideo scoring a bull's-cys every litna!-''.. . . Rockne's claim cf never .-having been beaten by a team using the Warner system still holds, good, after the Northwestern affnlr, even though It looked bad In (hat first half. . . . The Brooklyn Robins are to play several cxhlbitlrti games In Cuba In (I-,; iiirlng. Cooler Cagcrj Spljt . With Deering teams COOTER, Mo.—The Cooler girls kept their record clear so far this season by defeating the bnslteteers of Deering high here lust night, 31 to 21. .... The Cooler boys were not as suc- cc-ssful, losing to the-lnvnders from Deering by a 31 to -la -score. Doth I games were hard fought and a big [crowd lurried out for the'double- header nt the high school gym. Virginia College Plants Trees for its Governors , WILUAMSBURQ, Vn. (UP)— ! Fifteen magnolia trees were-planted on the cnmpus of'William and Mary College In honor -of the 15 ^ of th6' Institution. 'The ,gov 'ernors so 1 ion ored \vcre: Tlicinas Jefferson. - 1799-1781: Edmund HDiHlolph. 1786-1788; Benjamin Harrison. 1781-1784; Beverly Randolph, 1188- 17D1; James Monroe, 1799-1802; 1811; John. Pn'ge 1802-1804; William H. Cabell, 160?; John Tyler, 1308-1811; Wilson -Cary Nicholas, 1814-1817; James P. Pr'es- ton, 1817-1819; John Tyler, 18081811; William Branches Giles. 1827-1830; Littleton Waller Itoberl- son. 1830-1837. and'. John -M pregcry, 1842-1343. • :,'j.. . Quarterback White, Purdue , ,„_ Wheeler, Michigan lalfback :.. Hanlcy, Northwestern Fullback ... HiiiLMll, Northwestern BY CLA1KE. BURCKY NEA Service f,»rls Writer There It Is—tho Big Ten All-star coital]- team. Pick it to pieces if •ou like, for every person. Including Dr. Prank Dtcklnsri). is entitled to- his own opinion. These -Northwestern, toys who ilostercd Notre Dame for several nhmtes of a recent game, were to lave c-mprised this writer's ielec- ion. Then Dr. Dickinson the 111- nols statistics juggler, rudely Jc.'td mv composure with- the revela-' ion that. Michigan stood''.higher In he class than the Purple.' That left only..,one outlet—and '.n't infer that I haven't taken it On behalf of my team, I IsaJe a hallenge to Dr. Dickinson's u he in ccrape one'together. - , '. All-star teams 'have' to 'have tandouls and this pns U well fort- fled with three. iA whole handlul f voles Is for Wesley Fesler, the Ohio state team. The other votes re for Frank Baker and Reb Ruiell, two very big; elevenths of the Vildcat combination. I might have amett fMier standouts, but'It was ranted out that too many might :ukc the selection resemble an all- tar collection of coaches, and Uy rend of late has been to give the -. back t" the boys 1 Criminal Given Cop's Blood y 'DOUGLAS. Lslc of Man. (UP)- Pollceman T. D. Lewis of the local force, gave a, pint ol his blosd 'in an effort to save an ex-criminal. but tlie patient died. Chief Constable for tlie. Isle. Colonel Madoc, received air urgent request for Nib Steps Down Hfllo, flrp! -,sl be. pretty bad in America, Va. There is no .--explanation for.thc rash net of Luk Angel Pirpo In calling Mad<™. Square Garden long distance, " Buenos Aires and plfcrlng. his - - — fistic ' sen-ices. wouldn't care to fight agsin he had to, you may snfe'ly wager and Firpo'a spending a couple of • hundred bucks for a phone eal ireans that iw probably u just bc- J to feel effecis of some of . ' Dempsey punches, u there Is anything Luis loves better than nictels It Is dimes. ! * * • Is It Lovt? Jimmy Slattery.comes forth with a challenge to light heavyweight champion. Maxlo Rosenbloom. And' [Jnce Maxic has accepted, perhaps ?2. a J? , to ^ a revival <* such '^ ^ tette'friendships ns ex- lated between Beny Leonard and Johnny Dundee. -Leonard and Dundee fought one another about eight ; times. But. wait! Ted Kid Left-is . and Jack. Britten fought a times And -the 22nd fight was as bitter as the first;.. • B* Br»r*, STj L "Suppose you shrot around 106 . For wars you have trie-J to break -100 but you never could quits make It Should you hurl yourself hit the spa? .No, Fcr.we have Jus • learned > that the "average i Theatres Sunday PrpgrahJ RITZ 1BEATER Matinee—2 ami .4- P. JI, .2 Shows ' Sunday and Monday "Oh, Gids- - When He Holds Me like That- -- !" ; Thc intercollegiate football rumpus on tho Pacific ccnst involving Cal- ifomia and Stanford on one side nnd Southern California on the other finally resulted In the resignation of Clarence M. iNlbs) Prlc,- above, California's head football coach Price declared his resignation due lo dissenJon in the university fallowing the most disas- - si troas foottoli season sin« he took ' - ^ over thc coaching reins in isjfi at-r'--' Ihe death of Andy Smith. - ':<-— : ' ' ' — ~^T ': '"' : i football practices have died down' -V-^-r everybody on tfca coaii Is' busy dc-'h '~~ nying they had a vote in starting' H. Meantime. Washington st.ite which merely played the best fobt- ball en tl>e coast this year may be Quoted as saying that at this time there U nettling to say. Rcrknc's Critics At Ihe end of the 1928 football seaion, voices were r,ii:,;d here and there querulously, askin; if K K Rccknc had such a line gridiron '•system- after all. Noire Dame that year had toen beaten bv Wisconsin, Carnegie Tecli. Southern California anc> Gevgia Tech The answer seems lo be, "Oh, ycc." nrooklvn Builds 1930 . the club ever had, nre building a „<.,. dcubledccked stand to scat 40,000. It is a goad iiwcsuwnt. even if Robbie's b « teh!nd i " " because the Brooklyn cmcc CHICAGO. moot Country Club at Arlington, :. Mass-, and la ba'ixl upon 2763 cards turned tin by 201 players Forty- six per ,c*nt ft the players who *,.,„;,-; .turned In'cards never had broken, forded m °s\* •100. -So you can send back thai'loop hot"! rope to ths hardware stor,; end'floor thp' ordtr. some more golf ' " t 4 • 'It Jnt Grew fans the A fresh ai- Playground and playroom atop a .<£^«\£Sft«: owfflhatll "It! and.' Southern California « ,l Ho " ss - tho 25t;i aler charge of a nurse with whom v' y h reSWK thDlr cj shop, or Mtcnd the- CLARA Night' d 9nawtna Qictiat Cast Charles Ruggles Ralph Forbes Ske'ets Gallagher Comedy and News. Adm. Matinee—School Chil dren — Grades'1-6—10c.—7 12—25c. Adults 40c. Adm. Night—15 and -lOc. IOME 'Matirieo—2:30 mid 4 P. M. Sunday and Monday | *}' A modern ^j^RX n< maid, whose heart broke far too easily.. Modern morals with .LOIS - MORAN' Walter Byron Phillips Holmes Comedy, and; Cartoon A dm.—Malincd and Xight- 10 and 25c. Home Theatre.— Tuesday \Vednesday- and .Thursday- Charles Ruggtes i" "YOUNG MAN OF MANHATTAN" Tuesday and First-Team , •.'. Baker, Northwestern .. .Lubralovlch, Wisconsin Woodworth, Northwestern ..... Mcrr&tn, Michigan Munn. Minnesota Van Bibber, Purdu,? Fesier, Ohio State (C.) TO\V SIANO f-ea'jar, rordbjim. racntora hab a hand in the choice of this; aggregation. That's why Jack White of Purdue von -'the quarterback post ahead of Michigan's Harry Nesvman', who 'was placed nn the second team. Besides," Maynard... Morrison and' Jack Wheeler art considered, the very best of the Maize and Blue-players this aeason. . . .- Xubratovich and Van Bibber were not the biggest tackles in" the conference but they were Ihe most effective, according: to the. 'coaching gentry* Marvll of Northwestern/ snnd Stan Bodman of Illinois also won the favor of many' apseryers and 'the latter might even, have putscored Lubralovich qr Van J Briber had his mates given hfm any' cooperation. -.. .':'."'. I pride myself on choo:lng twp. i.?. husky guards who can do more than the customary.charging, 'tack- ,,-•? ,,., ling and interference ninnin?. Red trict No Woodworth of Northwislern "and At fhnt V« V .1 -o- B ' «- aoat a™ stears enacl.x At that, most, of the Big Ten, fine' points of guard play but - de 'luxe. Both! have done a major share of theln teams' punting. Rabat and Stears enacl,3d Uie -=«;SS5.--i i ja;-a» . Ijisi- showed Jlic cddcd talent Wopdiywth and Munu. ' - IHt- : reason Jack Wlicelcr. K say City boy, made my team U be- i cause he kept. Michigan e oln& when Harry Newman failed- 'Wheeler's! punt-handling, runlxusu ai(d Inter- ceptlon of passes provided the brightest bits of ball lugging Mlcli- igan showed to Hie CMiference this Reason. •. '-:The Unl- . . <,, J <.-_ie Unl- • Po ycu question Ki'e' Hanley'c vcl ' slt J r of Alabama, Southern -con- right to a first team berth? He was i[ cr< ;" ce champion, has accepted an the only member of. IJie; Northwest- Jllvlti >»on to play Washlnsion srn backfleid ivho str^up l-hrough • ale ln " le n»nual Rose Bowl l*ie s'hole campaign. .A'"sinr passer . game llprc °» Ne ™ Year's Cay. andiplay director • for two 1 . years I Earl Coster, graduate manager or wo 1 . years , ager i He.nley ca'mc; Itito the-ball-carrying !' 0f Wasnin gton Slate, extended the I ' did It better ''"fltatton and George H. Denny, limelight this year and' did , llian his greatly publicized team .mate, Uruder. •••"_ • GlEjice back now and ree Just what this team has. Wheeler, Fes-: ler, Wcodworlh and, Munn are great punl;rs. Fesler, Hanley and .White are star passers. Baker, .Fesler and the entire backfleld are nifty pass receivers. And after every cne of their touchdown Jaunts, big. George Van Bibber would be. handy for the goal kick- Ing. Yeah, says I! r - „-„.., of Ala&una, accepted for I iheVCrlmson T$e. ! The :,bld ' came close upon th= ,flnjsli''of. i _Wa!lat» s Wade's cbhth Iseason at 'Alabama. Twice has he had a team Into the Rose Bowl :and,.remains undefeated in the annyal classic. COMMISSIONER'S SALK ' is hereby given that the e underpinned commissioner, in com- with the terms - of a decree »rendered by the Chnncery Cour£^or''the Chickasawbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, en the 18th day of -November, 1MO, -, ; v/hereln National Savings & Loan IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP Association was Plaintiff, »nd CHICKASAWBA, DISTRICT OF! No - 43 *0 va. MISSISSIPPI COUMTY, ARKANSAS. The surface of Mars is chiefly of Bn orange color,' astronomers have detomuied ' • • •• Charles B. Braslier, ec al were ue-* fendanls. will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at Ihe front door of the Court. House, between the hoursi prescribed by law Jn the City of Blytheville, Arkansas! __ . — -,, „. ,,, „„,,„,, on lh&20th'day of December, 1330 .' Cale Bradford. Warrell Bradford,! the following real estate, lo-w!t ' State of Arkansas, Plaintiff, No.' 4762 vs. Delinquent Lands, Dillard & Coffin. Company. Clear Lake School ~ ' No. 4, S. W, Warren, '.James- Hicks, . Curtis Bradford^ • Jesse -Hicks, and Louis Hicks, .Defendants. ., '1 • •• ' .'' • 'iyAENESIG ORDER .Thc : defendants, S. W. Warren, Cale -;Bradford.;'Warrell Bradford, Hleks, Curtis Bradford, Jesse Hicks_a'nd, Louis Hicks, are warned to _appear 'in ''the Chickasawba DLi- trict''of 'Mississippi County Chan. . .. *•* iwjujtuji^i^i XJUU..IJT V^ILUII- ttyply>CU M;tUIll^, LU bcvlJlU Ullr eery Court within thirty days and | payment' of' the purchase money, answer .the cross-complaint of the -----defendants, Dillard &. Coffin Company and Clear .Lake School Dis»» " —""•'•—~-v «".". Witness my hand, as Clerk of said "?," n °I , f [ Ilnnes ? ta «*.•.Court, and the; £ eal thereof, on e luxe. - ^--'- ' civ - a —- -* " tliis 15th day of November, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By:Harvey Morris,'D. C. • 15-22-2S-0 Lot..Fiye (51, Block. "H", Ncl- Epn's .'Addition to Leachvilb, Mississippi County, Arkansr.,. . will be had to satisfy seid decrse in the sum of $3,283.53, with nine per cent interest, fro;n September 26, 1930. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the and a~ Hen will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 28th [lay of November, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Commissioner in Chancery. ... : • 29-0 m<.MI; iti inn THE: Strikingly beautiful, fleet and smart —a masterpiece o/ Fisher styling Never has the surx-riority of Body by Fisher been more strikingly exemplified tliun in the Bigger and Better Chevrolet Six! With the added advantage of a lengthened wheelbase, fisher designers har^ achieved in Uie new Chevrolet an impressive degree of sinartnesa, comfort and luxury. Innidc and out, scores of refinements stamp this car as a masterpiece of modern coachivork. Radiator, headlamps and tie-bar form nn unusually attractive «ud distinctive ensemble. Mouldings sweep back in an unbroken line to blend with the smart new body contours. And new color combinations lend a new individuality. Interiors, top, are exceptional. The new mohair and broadcloth upholstery is smartly tailored. Scats are wider and more luxuriously cushioned. Adceperwiiid- shield and wider windows give better vision. And beautiful new modern fittings lend a final note of. charm. Many mechanical improvements are also evident in this Bigger and Better Six. Among these are a stronger frame; easier steering; a more durable clutch; a quieter, smoother transmission; and many important engine refinements. The Bigger and Better Chevrolet Six is now on display. See it today—drive it! It i» the Great American Jndic. Of 'k« Mt«Uc Sport Coup. » AT WEW LOW PRICES The Phaeton The Roadster Sport Roadster with rumble seal $510 .$475 $545 $535 Thc . Coach Standard Coupe Standard 'Five- Window Coupe __ SPECIAL EQUIPMENT EXTRA Chevrolet Trucks from $355 to K95 rices F. 0. B. Flint, Michigan Sport Coupe with rumble Standard Sedan Special Sedan $575 $635 $650 -Hitz-Grac* Ji 0 6re '(Broadwav & MOR Ar, ES "-ih Reinn 0pJcr ?T, S ,^ ar) n " LADY MORALES"—with Reginald Dcnm and -Wallace Beery. J Arlen Saturday— Ritz— "PASSIONT FLOWER", with Kay Franck —Charles Bickford— Kay Johnson— L^Vis' Stonn—Tnru Pitts. - .. IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX W. DENTON CHEVROLET CO. Blythcyillts Ark.

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