The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1946
Page 11
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'•TUESDAY, SJEPT. 24, For Son and, Mfg. j p h n Kohlh * rs K. Kohlhnas last Sunday Other guests were A of Ban- , a and' Henry Kohl- Showe* for Mrs. Do5m'""" Mrs. Stanley Muckey and Mrs. Woodr-oW Johrisorf recently gave a shower for Mrs. John Delm. The • afternoon was spent at "Court Whist," with thifce tables in play. High score prize was won by Mrs. Wade Hadson and the low score prize went to Mrs. Delm. ,| : I of HIS OWN! !- Kf *'t° M". Located in radius of miles east, 20 miles north of Algona. All these ,nl> hcIonfi: lo an cstatc and arc Priced to sell. 40% Down. Balance will he financed at \% inter- cst. ' 2 Good Improved 120's at $125 per acre 1 Good Improved 290 at $1 50 pel-acre 1 Good Improved 240 at.. ; ...$ 8 5 per acre 1 Good Improved 253 at $no per acre 1 Fair Improved 400 at $100 per acre 3 Good Improved 160's at $125 per acre P. J. KOHLHAAS Phones—Office 22, Home 620W Window Glass A Complete Line of Window Glass and Auto Glass Tractor Chains • A • • .',' " • Get your chains now while our stock-is complete. 'Factory will not supply more!; chains until ; spring! --i--^."-" '•:•;• ' »'••""'•.".*• GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY' Phone 118 SET YOUR SIGHTS It takes planning -^ to achieve 'i « goal Some young men know what they want and plan for it. Others are still looking for their niche. The new Regular Army can*help both. Perhapij you want to go to college bu6*c|ui't afford it. If you enlist in the Army, you'll .get ypur, chbnci. Honbrahly> discharged after a thr^e-year enlistment, you are,eligible for 48 months of education at q'ny college, trade, or business,school for can qualify. The Gpvernment will pay your tuition;' lab'dfatory fees, etc., up to'$500 per ordinary school year, phia $65 a month living aUowance-r$90.amonth-ifybuhayedepen'aei>ts.'. •• ;•/ If yot^ haven't found your spot, an Airn>y enlistment offers you training in pny of 200 trades and skills. Yoii x leave the service eligible for further training at the best civilian schools. .. ! ; ' • -'' You cdfi assure yourself of the bewfite of the GJ Bill of Right? if you enter the Army on or before October S, 1946. See your nearest Army Recruiting Station for details, '** . ' . • HIGHLIGHTS OF REGULAR ARMY ENLISTMENT 1, Enlistments for 1V4, 2 or 3 yeari. (1-year «nliitment» permitted \for men now in the Army with 6 or more month! pf perviee.) 2, gnUitmpnt age from 18 to 34 yean inclusive (17 with parent* 1 content) except for men now in Army, who may reenliit at any age, and former service men depending on length of lerviqe, v 3, A reenlUtroent bonui of $50 for each year of sctiv* iervice since, such • boBHi wgp i*it p«i(l, or »inc» -Jart entry into wrvice, provided reenlist-, pent U withip 3 monthi after (tit honorable discharge. 4, A furlough for mjh who reenjist within 20 days. Full details of other furlough privileges can'be obtained frem Recruiting Officers. 5, Musterjng-ou£ pay (baud upon length of service) to all men who are di«ch.arged to enlist pr reenlist. 6, Option 'ta retire at half p»y for the rest of your life after 20 years' UTvice-increaiing to three-quarters pay after 3? years' service. AH pre- V>?m active, federal military service counts tvwerd retirement, 7, Choice of branch of service and overseas theater'(of those ijill open) ofl 3-year enlis.troeat|^ . , HEW, HIGHER MY FOR ARMY MEN JSSfSS* * ? "w* y iO ?««•' JO r«or«' wWMWfl 40V IWPVW VW . . ~ . 4 I. AMI*. fetttaw.0* T «fE 5222*» »£•» *»«'« at «»« wi*ti ??%_ & SS l SL*y w * i?f'^ !*2i }*!•!! W?3$ \- • i '.,8(14)0 *•' 58,51) |fi,QQ 54t<K> 90,00 f I S t * Uf«f» 9t fMce." "Kate* */ U-S. RAfiRY "^fSr*^?^ Fish Dinner Jvjr. and ,'MrgyPhil Kohlh'aas ehetrtained three couples at a .fish dinner. Thursday evening, after'which cards were played. for-Heeeht Bride f';A migcelianGous shower was givori Friday afternoon, Sept. 15, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. willfiifn"' ; ' Draylon for i their daughter Doris who. Was recently married., to Elwood Richter. Fifty-two guests wore present. Entertains for Visitors •..Mrs. Ru,th Hrabak and children came from DCS Moinos and were recent guests at the rome of her cent guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lund. She was accompanied by her two children, little Segrid and Jackie Lee. Mrs. J. W. Haggard entertained Thursday at luncheon in honor of her namesake, Segrid, as well as the birthday of the childs bother. Mr. Hrabak came up after his family. > Showers for Miss VanAllen Mrs, James Allen, Mrs. Lewis Duffy, Mrs. Gordon Sigsbee, Mrs. Ray Cook, and Marita Beslenleh- ner were hostesses at a prernup- tial shower at the Academy Hall recently for Mary Elizabeth Van Allen, prior to her marriage to William Bestenlehrier. Cards were played with prizes going to Mrs. Bernard Capesius and Mrs. Ralph Brown. Mrs. Katherine McEvoy won the door prize. Another shower was given Tuesday evening for 16 guests at the Mrs. Ray Cook home. ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA. Union M-D Meeting • Union Mothers & Daughters club held its first meeting of the new year at the home of Ada Hofius on Thursday,. September 12. Mrs. Minnie Sarchet was the assistant hostess. Meredith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Raney, went to Iowa City Thursday, where she is enrolled at the university. Ardis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kresensky, left last week for Jacksonville, 111., to resume her studies at the college there. Mrs. Bruce Sandberg went to Sioux Falls, S. D., Thursday to visit her son and daughter-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Sand- 'berg, and get acquainted with their son Randy Bruce, born Sunday, Sept. 15. Mr. and Mrs. Clair B. Laird and son Teddy, Des Moines, spent last weekend with the former's mother, Mrs. Ella Laird, and. sister Mrs. Ethel Chubb. , 4 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mullet ari the proud parents of an eight- pound son born Sept. 18 at the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Muller. is the former Marie Pfeffer, drtd this is their first child. The son born Sept. 3 to Mr*, and Mrs. Bill Green at the Kbs"- suth hospital was baptized Sunday, Sept. 15, at St. Cecelia's church and named Terry Ray. Sponsors wore Mrs. Henry Pfef- 1'or and Ray Mullor. Mrs. A. C. Holizbauer spent last Tuesday and Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Voit at Des Moines. Mrs. Voit is the former Kathleen Holtzbauer, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe Holtzbauer. Mrs. Raymond Reid, who has been a patient at the Kossuth hospital the past month and a half, had been able to sit up a little each day, but has been ordered complete bed rest again since having a setback. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rieken left the first of the week for their home in Momence, 111., after spending three weeks in this vicinity. -They visited his son Melvin, Algona, and daughter Mrs. Robert Gross, Ventura, and other relatives and friends. Esther L. Pitch, daughter of Mrs. P. W. Hansen, is now employed as stenographer for the Rapids Equipment Co., Cedar Rapids. Esther, who is a 1946 graduate of the Algona high school, has been employed there since Sept. 4. Mr. and Mrs, Joe Zanke returned last Week from Mt. Carroll, 111., where they took their granddaughter Shirley Harvey lo attend Frances Shlmer school for girls. They came home by way of Davenport and Des Moines and Joe reports the corn in that area heavier and greener than it is here. Beverly Slebritz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stebritz, left the first of last week for Fort Dodge, where she will begin nursos training. She has 3 been employed the past year at the Scars Roebuck store. Her brother Bob is attending Texas Tech at Lubbock, Tex., where h« and his wife recently bought a home. Mr. and : Mrs. F. W. Meyer ancl daughter, Cedar Falls, visited from Monday to Tuesday at the Emil Elmers home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frankl were also Monday supper guests at the Eimers home. M,-. Try Our Complete Locker Service TENDERIZED CURING OPEN KETTLE LARD RENDERING SAUSAGE SEASONING OTTER LOCKERS PHONE 110 113 So. Dodge Street Meyer is a brother of Mrs. Eimers and Mrs. Frankl. Floyd Koepke was confined to his home several days last week with the flu. J. L. Miller attended a district meeting of grain elevator men at West Bend Thursday evening. H. A. Salisbury, Earl Ackerman, Wayne Mann and Raymond .Vogel left Friday 'if or Knoxville lo attend the WHO plowing contesl. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mersch of Eagle Grove were Thursday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Faber. ; Melvin Faiber' had* Ihc misfoiv lune to slip Friday on the feed grinder while grinding feed and cut his knee which required five clips. Horn* Ccmfert that L«H • HtMfttimc with an EAGLE CERTIFIED INSULATION JOB . Phont ui locUy CowanBldgSupplyCo. Phone 275 , IOWA Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Henry and children Patty and Kathy, who had been visiting Mrs. 'Heft'-' ry's inothei-, Mrs. Ruth Harlan, left Thursday for Knox, Mo., where they will visit "Mrs. U§tf» ry's grandparents, Mr, and Mi 1 !/ C. C. Wright; they will also vis'; it Mr. Henry's parents, Mr, gftd Mrs. Claude Henry at i.Burfirjgf* AUCTION Farm Land and City Property Saturday, Sept. 28 1:30 P. M.—City Property Sale 3:00 P. M.—Farm Land Sale On Premises 328 Acre P. C. Nearv farm, five miles south east of Emmets' bun; on good Kravel road, in Section 8, Township 95, Range 32. About 260 A. und,e;r cultivation. 8 room .house, large barn, IMK house, REA, >/> .mile to school. Low taxes. 28-100 A. Sec. G, Twp. 05, Range 32, Palo Alto, 1 Block, Joyce's 1st Add., Emmetsburg, to toe sold in quarters. 8 room house and barn. All Properties lo Bfj Sold to Highest Bidder. P. C. NEARY HEIRS Bci-t Salvcn, Auct. Wm. J. McNamara, Clerk •': • . -:.- • Bandix and Admiral TABLE MODELS RADIOS CONSOLE MODELS Coal and Wood Ranges - - 98 Boys, forls Sidewalk Bicycles Wearever Pressure Cookers * $1395 Galvanized Coal Pails 90c 2-Cell Flash Lights 98c Vitapane Glass 55c yd. Glass Cloth 35c yd. 80-Gallon Heated HogWaterers $OO50 wlfc"*" Air Tight 22-Inch Wood Heaters r ( ' "•" , ji f j ', vV'ij -*.A I'-.^ii^swl "That Sack Sargent Molasses Minral Meal You Won Is Waiting For You at Sargent's, Eldon" PRODUCTIO -1 ^Min* >|eedtj}g-G0od Management i of the Sargent ad which is at to* IwUftro ol this whole story, 4iiiJ \yhjch toW oil Meal. > Sargent Molasses Minrtf Meal foy Dairy Cows and Cattle— Sargent Mlnral MeaJ for Hogs FEED. _ _^__ _ ! f ^ r . ,_ ^ / ^^i^^ ^v «^SOT «^M ^kw ^^M^^P ^^m^M/ ^pp '^i _' pi|p/ Eldon Schutjer, Woden, andHisBrize Winning 4-H Sfiprthorn Heifer This is a little story of haw Sargcntfs lost a .bet...... . but it was-a bet w.c were to lose! i. Last June, after seeing the'Sargent ad that is reproduced below, young Eldon Schutjer of Woden came in with his father. His dad had just presented him with a 4-H calf to raise, and Eldon was intcrestciil in getting .the calf off on the right feed. We at Sargent's became interested in Eldon's ideas about feeding, and-after he got • ' his Sargent Molasses Minral > Meal, we jokingly said that if his calf became a prize- f*mmmmm*m*mmmmmitmiimiiiimmiimmmmmmmmmmf^mmq\ ! winner, we'd give him a free t wok of Minral Meal. Well, that was last June. Along came fall, and up comes Eldon Schutjer with g first prise blue ribbon on his purebred heifer Shorthorn at the^ Hart dock County Fair. So here's the Sack of Molasses Minral Meal we promised Eldon—it's waiting for lim .here at Sargent & Co. in ilgona. t Feed the Feed the Winners Use!

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