The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1946
Page 6
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PAGE SDL. BIS ftfoffitis, -'« SdilliS „•»>.••< ".' Has Ninetieth Birthday Whfltemorc: Mrs/Theresa Schmltt. celebrated her 90th birthday hero Sunday at the home of her daughter Mrs. A. D. Brogan. A dinner was given in her honor ot the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brogan. Her children and grandchildren being present. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Weir. Clear Lake , and daughter Mrs. Bessie Travis, South Bend, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schmttt and daughter Blanche, an son Kevin, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brogan and son Tommy, Clear Lake; Anita Brogan. Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schmitt and son Earl, Whittemore; and Mrs. Mary Brogan, Dows, the latter being the mother of A. D. Brogan. Mrs. Schmitt has lived here the past 64 years and is one of the old- cst settlers here. She is enjoying the best of health Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3e per word; when charged, 4c per word. Blind ad.s 25c extra. For Sale FOR SALE: About 90 yearling Leghorn hens. Laying now. Andrew C. Hanson, Sexton, Iowa. 38* FOR SALE: Five room two story modern house. Eight years old. Electric water heater, electric- range, 2 car garage. Corner lot. West of Trinity Lutheran church. $9000. 521 E. Elm St., Algona. 38 FOR SALE: 1936 and 1934 Chevrolet. Good rubber. Good running order. At ceiling or under. Call or write M. J. Fersll. Phone 3145, Wesley. SB- condition. Phone 843-W, Algona. C. A. Geilenfeld. 15w38* CAN SPRAY chicken and hog houses on short notice. Phone 225, West Bend. Russell Doyle. 225, West Bend. 13w38-41"' FOR SALE: Registered Hereford •bulls serviceable age, also a few good grade bulls. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 1GW37-3B" FOR SALE: Good tomatoes. ?1.00 per bu. Bring containers and help yourself. Tony Sorensen, phone 7-F13, Algona. 16w3ti FOR SALE: John Deere No. 0 combine. Good condition. Ceiling 'price. Wayne Koppen, Lakota, 14\v38* FOR SALE: Two wheel trailer. Cream enamel Monarch Malleable range. Hiram Ackerman. Hurt. ' 13w38-> FLR SALE: 13 young bucks. 1/0 h. p. heavy duty gasoline engine. M. J. Alexander. 4 l |> mi. east Algona. US. 18. 38-40'" FOR SALE: Cream white enamel range, with waterfront. Also 30 KU\. hot water tank. Large round dining table. European Hotel. 20w38' ; ' FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars, C miles west. 4'-.'i miles south of Algona. Leonard Baas, West Bend. " 38-41* ELECTRICAL REPAIR service is as near as your telephone. No job is too small, and none too big. Call 170, Pratt Electric Co. 23w38 OVixU FILE FOLDERS at the Algona Upper DCS Moincs FOR SALE: Registered Hampshire Jail boars, also 2 or 3 of our herd boars. Only a few of these big rugged boars. We have a good offering of spring boars. Special prices on those not perfectly marked if taken early. Joseph A. Skow. Wesley. 43w37-38" EGGS ARE HIGH. So is feed. Don't waste it. Today I have a good selection of Flock Feeders and Waterers. NEALY HARDWARE & HATCHERY, Burt. 24w38* FOR SALE: 1935 Ford V-8 coach. 202 S. Ridgely, Algona. 9w38* FOR SALE: Spotted Moroccan saddle horse, broke to neck-rein. Alfred Jdrgenson, Algona. 13w38* FOR SALE: Duroc boars. 40 head, medium type, well ''ammcd, heavy boned, deep Sided, from leading blood lines, raised on clean ground. New blood for old customers. O. V. Harlan. 5 miles wes 1 Algona on highway 18. 36w38-41" FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-Stf FOR SALE: Warm Morning heater, used only two winters, A-l FOR SALE: Registered purebred Duroc boars. Some exceptionally good boars in this bunch. George R. Stewart, Algona, Iowa, phone 20-F1 11. 19w38* FOR SALE: Practically new Glo- Boy heating stove. Large enough for school or 3 or 4 rooms. Mrs. F. W. Bahling, Burt. 13F92. 38 FOR SALE: 14x28 wood stays silo. New steel shoot and rebuilt door frame. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 16w37-38* FOR SALE: Slagle properties on Diagonal, large 11 room house and plot, 2 blocks of ground which include many fine lots, triangular plot south of house. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 33w38 FOR SALE: Bob Noltc's little house, 12x20 ft., just northeast of Cowan's 12 houses. Without lot $1000. With lot $1500. See Joel M. Herbst. Real Estate and Ins. 27w3B FOR SALE: 5 room house, SVj blocks north Mainliner at 434 N. Dodge. No furnace. $4000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 23w38 FOR SALE: Electric Poultry Clocks, just received. Single circuits. $10.50; double circuits, $13.50 (and can be arranged for dimmers). Pratt Electric Co. 37 FOR SALE: Registered Angus bulls, serviceable age. C. L. Young. 4 miles east, 2 miles north Burt. 16W37-38" WANTED WANTED: Names and addresses of any one interested in old time dances. Send postcat-d to Legion Ballroom, Bancroft. . 18w38 HELP WANTED: Man and walrtrcss work. Same hotirs tb^ gcther. Good wages, 1 hoiir or by the week. Chrome Gate, Algoiiaf Iowa. 2lw38-39 HIGHEST PRICES paid for late model used ears. Free information on OPA celling. Hoenk Motors, West of Court House. 38 SALESMAN WANTED Start a Rawleigh .business. Real opportunity now for permanent, profitable work in City of Algona and west Kossuth county. Write Rnvvleigh's, Dcpt. .1A1-11-K, Freeport, 111. 27w38« HELP WANTED, MALE .& 'FEMALE: Immediate opening. Good Walking route in city of Algona. Car, experience', investment unnecessary. Average Income $45 weekly. Largest company, bcs^ know household products, biggest demand. Watkins Co., D-66, Winona. Minn. ;- 34w38" Vote** ftf ffviitfttoit township: irvlnittAn Township School Board ha* decldtfd to submit to the vot-, trs bit FHday, October 4, 1946, between the hours of 4:00 and 8:60 o'clock P. M. the f6ilovvingr WANTED: Place -for high school girl to room and board. Call or write Robert Kain, phone 29-F111, Algona. I5w38-' WANT TO TRADE: Good 1934 Plymouth and 1941 00" Harlcy- Davidson motorcycle for a late model car. H. J. Long, phone 4-F13. 21W3.8". Shall the Board sell at Public Auction and place.' the proceeds In the General School Fund the following closed schools, land, and other property of— District No. 2 known as Klnsch school District No. 3 known as McEnroe School i District No. 4 known as Mawls- ley school District No. 6 closed for twelve years " ' : District No. 8 known as Schulz school • Also District No. 7 Is now operating but not expected to operate after this year. Voters will vote yes or no on each school. This is a vital issue to the township and voters arc urged to KiifoVm themselves of conditions prompting this action.and express by f'elr vote what action the school board shall take. L. C. Hutchlns, Secy, of Board. Relieve Miseriesof Her Cold When you rub sooth- Ing, \varmiftgVftpoRub * on her cold-irritated, throat, chest and back at bedtime, it starts to work instantly .Then, while she sleeps, VapoRub's special relief-giving action keeps on working for hours. Often by morning , most misery °f% j|f»if<e the cold is gone. WAjKSu? i Try it tonight. I $50 REWARD for information leading to lease on a house of eight rooms or three bedrooms. Permanent,resident. I. E. Hutchings, phone 951, Algona. ' 23w33 SEWERS CLEANED: Electrically, j F. P. Dibble, write or phone 95.! Clarion, Iowa. .11w37-44« WANTED: Drainage ditch work and tile laying for draglines. Empire Contractors Inc., 910 South 40th St., Omaha 5, Nebraska. 35tf WANTED: Woman for general work. Write or call Hancock County Home, Garner, Iowa. 13w36-39 WANTED AT ONCE: Circulating oil heater. Hutzcll's. Successor to Jimmie Neville. 1 Iw38* MISCELLANEOUS INLAID LINOLEUM, Line-wall tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All the new releases. Needles, albums. Kt'ssuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 47tf SEE ME FOR Real' Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf Exchange Dcpt. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suite; Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE FLOOR SANDING and Refinish-. ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., -phonei 275, Algona. 17*3-ba INSURANCE Better Rates Better Sqrvice L. S. BOHANNON Over S. & L. Store Phone 103 •'• '17w32tf NOTICE: Very low cost home loans to buy, 'build, remodel, re-, finance. Veterans "GI" loans for homes. Let us explain our.simple full option long term loan plan to, .im. Call at our office today or ijhone 55. Algona Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 35tf ,1 Aouqueli to you in Ihii Annie Uuric •ull-dreii fl«ihc4 »ilh fold kid*t>in liintt rich, colorful Tef r«, • Liblii fforii. $24M M APVERTIS£D IN tscj ©or o as, m They're Back Again— Those Incomparable Marigofd Casuals . See them this week 'ROUND THE CLOCK AND THE CALENDAR, TOO, A MARIGOLD CASUAL ALWAYS LOOKS NEW. B«lov«d demit ...olwayi smart and trim of line, with III fly.lronl elating.. .lit action back., lit lell-plptd tlath pockth. Ptrftct for'lrgv«l . a must tor sports, (whtlhir you play or watch)... ty*-catchlh(| dot* ball (or big moments In «v*ry Important fabric 01 It btcom.r available (currently "COLD ROSE COIORSURE GABARDINE") and the newest colors: Sizes 9 to 17 n Not Floor Lamp, Bridge Liittp Table Lamp, All 3 for 09 '« Mftai.'*- ,<• rrJ_~: fcM t« I Its' taff*" MtUE'S ANOTHER BJOStitOM VAttJE "lilt" . . . comliiB to you Just at the time you afc thinking about new lamps and new lighting for «ir.till f*nd winter moHths. Volt have a large selection <)f slyltls to pick from—select a Table Lamp, a BrltlRC Lamp and ft Floor Lamp from our special selection, -and pay only $20.95 for ALL THREE. Each lamp' complete with Us own,shade. ,,, ; . New Indirect Floor Lamps and Smart New Torchlercfc Have Just Come In, Too! •<;.'• Full-length Door Mirrors... S5.95 See Bjustrom's Outstanding Stock of We jiave These .Famous <Lazy Comfort v Chairs Now in Handsome New Upholstery Coverings .Evciry home should have at least one of these superb, prcntlc rocking: chairs—it's a real firCsJdc chair that has 'restful high back and deep, soft scat- conslruct'on. Combines the features of a large Hviiiffroom chair with the smooth rocking action. At Bjustrom's low prices, they are real buys; ;•, ,.. Large Silk Lamp Shades...S3.95 up ^Everything io V^i B?hj| ppp t NURSERY ^tlitilH.!" Baby'Carriages,- High Chairs, .Strollers, Play Ecus,, .Small - Si^o' Furniture '. •'. KJj every-;;'.; thing is here to outfit a'coiii-'V plete home nursery. .We bavQ the latest design high chairs and a number of different play pens. We have the famous TAYLOR line of carriages and strollers—the. line wise mothers know is about UK; best that can be had. Come in and check over our nursery values now. Variety of What-Not Shelves S3.25 up Circulating Heaters and Stoves G. L's ATTENTION:! I think this |s what you have been looking 'for, A fast growing Old Line Life Insurance Co. wants * man. who must fee 25 years old, married, have a car and willing to learn, . We teach you all the principals of the selling in the field, pay you a good salary while you learn. > also keep a successful field man with you all the tinge you need one, so you can't fail. So wrile us all about yourself if ypu rnean business, give two references, who have known you the past ten years- Write c/o this paper. 5?-55 Dixie No-Smoke Radiant Heater Cannon Depot Stove Coal Burning Stove M. Moore Radiant ^ Coal Heater $3860 $9450 ^^HP^ . Hv ^IB^ • i^^^ ^B ^W1^ *^|^ * ^H ™ ^W - W^&? ,_• _' '^^ F ', .I I. - ' * ' v - « . ' Established EASY TERMS' One Whole Y|ar to Pay I BJUSTROM'S

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