The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1946
Page 3
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V 24, 1946 fettV t*!«lk*« a Brld«— _. ... Mr. and Mrs. Armor emkce' arc anhouncing the mar- W* ,o* tholf daughter Betty to f. Fleet Cfane Jr. The ceremony tok plac6 June 21, at Lake View, ifk.,.ln the Baptist parsonage and he. Couple • will reside at McOee, uk. 1 , where the groom Is employ p by afftllroad company. Prior to ms positibn he was a major In the fmy, and received.his discharge i May. • R^bekah Tho'Algona Rebekah lodge will mecl Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at the V. F. W. ball. Auxiliary Officers Luncheon— Mrs. Aaron Steussy, county president of the Legion Auxiliary, Is giving a 1:15 luncheon today at George's Date followed by a school of instruction for county officers of the Auxiliary. >ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES, ALGONA, !OWA Donald Hutchlns Weds—• Watch Bands Our. assortment of watch bands is very complete. . We hayo them in solid gold and gold plate in the different colors; of gold. Also leather straps. Don't take chances of losing your watch by wearing a band that isn't safe. You will be delighted with the Way the new band enhances the. beauty of your watch.; Come in and make your selection today/ - NOW IS^THE TIME TO LAY AWA-Y GIFTS ... PHONE GIFTS • WATCHES WATCH REPAIR K & Hf£o%@|terative Qflv^rtilpialiy :•. ' '• ' •* '•',-'-'• SlWTEMENT SJfl ii, i945,'TO AUGtlSf 31. 1946 j—-_-^-i-----:--li- ; -i--- - .- $410.701.87 tl of Sales . .'• • . '-'•'. . '." ." '' • :.'•' ' , "Invchtory^-Scptembfcr 1..1945 '-._ — $ 1,2678.12 } Purchases. .^.--^-------^-1-:--—- 313,165.43 . ''" ,-.' ''''•'- 'f-''; ,.:-••'•''' $325,843.55 Less: Ipyentpry^-August 31, 1946 14,926.73 310,916.82 ..Gross Cpmmpdity Savings $ 99,785.05 |>fher Incoin* ••'•;.. ':.'-•".''' •Over Collection of Sales Tax $ 14.43 t 'Patronage Refund—Cooperative Service K .'Company — --'—-i—U-; 1,573.08 1,587.51 • •• x Gross Savings and Income _ $101,372.56 txpens*» > • - '-' ".'/•' V General ,_.—.'—' :._—--- $49,124.23 Directors', Fees .4—.-^,.;—L r _ ,_,—_ 172.50 Rent ....,-:-.l- r -.^--———— 267,85 Repairs j.4rj^-W--'---" 1,262.48 Taxes ....„—ll r .u -- 1,156.01 Contributions .i;..'j-.——.—- 110.00 'Depreciation Allowance -—,.» 1,092.48 53,185.55 i Nel Operating Sayings .^——' 48.187.01 fon-Op«railng Income . Diseounta earned ••-.%.-—.•.•,----=.-- $ 1,552.38 Interest earned on Government Bonds.. 198.92 1,751,30 j Net Savings :..._r..y^- ;— <• - $ 49,938.31 tribujlpn of Net Savings ' - ' Patronage Dividends ,-„,'.-----——.---$ 43,197.83 Interest Dividends ..-.ij;.-i--__- 844.50 Federal Income Tax ,..—-„.,__—'-, 1,521.78 State Income .; ,^1 „.-._.'—, , 101.50 To ISurplus ^—,—— i...,,_--- — x 4,272.70 -.'.- ••'*'•-•-•'.-•,••'. :./•"'-" - $ 49.938.31 TQTAL SAVINGS 18 YEARS .„.„.,-, ,?,364 1 552..24 A WORD FROM THE MANAGER • .' • "^Hr A compfHPison of . y«ur, Ppernllpn 'ten years should give w confidence {^ mt ewn 1938 1949 •r-»-**-- ( ™---f"-Tr'.•»•*•: •*^"'~~^-r"'T™™ ! * 1 ' iQ)4 .'-,:-,.^.».,.,.,, 1447,000. 1182.635,46 t410.7Q1.87 2-5QO.WO ?113,861.66 I 49.938,31 ' ^ Lorna Mahe Roper, above, daughter of Fred Roper of Lohrville, and Donald H. Hutchins, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins, of AlgonaT were married Sunday, Sept. '22, at 2:30 p. m. at the Little Brown Church, Nashua. The double ring ceremony was used. Mrs. Helen Crawford of Des M6mes was the bride's attendant and Eugene H. Hutchins, brother of the groom, was best man. Men- dlessohn's wedding march was played by Miss Eleanor Iverson of Des -Moines. a friend of the bride. Miss Roper was attired in a white wool 'bridal dress and she carried a corsage of orchids and yellow roses. Following the ceremony, there was an informal -reception at 5:30 p. m.' at trie home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins; • with -the wedding . guests present. They included Fred Roper, father of the bride, Robert and Louis Roper,'.brothers of tMe bride, Mr; and Mrs. C. D. Crawford and Miss 'Eleanor Iverson of DCS Moinfis, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hutchins and daughter Kathryn, and Mrs. Ida A. Minkler. Mrs. Carl Hutchins acted as hostess. The bride has been employed by the Register and Tribune, Des Moines .for the past three years. She graduated from Lohrville high school and then attended business college, and is affiliated with the National Business Women's Sorority. C. A. Geiicnfclds Hosts- Sunday dinner guests at the C. A. Geilenfeld home were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faulstick, Waldemar Riedel family, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Donohue and Jimmy of Forest City, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laabs of Granada, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schipull. August Schipull and 'Lawrence, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geilenfeld. . to Wed September 27— Mr. and Mrs. HUMO Fuulstick, Lolls Creek, unnutinco Lhu engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Mildred, above, lo Mr. Forrest Gilmcirc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilmuro ol' Cor- wilh. The wedding will take place Sept. 29. at LoUs Cruek. Miss Fnul- slick is employed al the Druggist Mutual and Mr. Gilmoro at Bra:!ley Bros. Tionnic Bonar VVVil<-— Bel Canto Meeting— •.•;: -, >>, , The opening meeting of-the Bel Canto club will be Wednesday at a 1:00 o'clock dues paying luncheon at the Algona Hotel. A fine program has been arranged. COMING! CALL THEATRE Sunday and Monday October 6-7 Algona's Chubb Twins Appear in This Wonderful Entertainment OF IN( OItPOHAl'JON Kl ,\7, fin A I,V, itiV. Nollrf- la hereby-Klven of, th'o In- Riirpimtllon of the Kttnx Grain, Inc., will: Us principal place of business In Wr>s|py, Kossuth County, Iowa. Tim ffoncrnl nntiirt of the business lo he transacted by this corporation shall be: To buy, sell, re- f-olvf. more, consign, deal In and lidndln on commission, or In any other manner, coal and other fuel of every kind nnd description, grain, livestock nnd other farm products and produce, furm Implements, lum- her iind KOnei-al -building material and to build, .erect, .equip, own, lease, mnlntaln, operate, buy, Bell, transfer nnd exchange elevators, war-o houses, mills, sheds, offices nr.d terminals, and to buy, own, sell, exchange, transfer and deal In real estate of nil kinds and descriptions, liifludliiK lease holds, arid to engage In any oilier general business of like and related nnfure and 10 do all tiling necessary and proper to the conduct of the business above enumerated. Tin- .intliorl/.ed capital stock of this iMirporiillon shall be Five Hundred (TiOll) shares of common stock with a par vnluo of ($100.00) One Hundred Dollars por share. The capital stock may bo Increased by vote of three-fourths of all the slock Issued and outstanding at any such time. When the capital stock Is to bo Increased, the additional shares "hall be offered to the existing KlockhoMc-rs proportionately to their holdlngsiiit not less than tho par value. None of the shares shall be transferable except upon the books ii! the corporation and the ifnllowlr.K restrictions are to be placed upon end. share of stock: "no- fore the holder of record or otherwise may sell, give, devise or otherwise transfer a share or shares to any person oilier than the Incorpor- ntors mimed 'herein ouch holder shall cause the Hoard of Directors of the corporation, of which' the President shall be one, to appraise the slmro or shares,-and the holder shall offer the share or shares to the Directors for the use of tli-o Corporation nt (he appraised value. If the Directors do not exerclso their option to purchase -the share or shares for the use of tho Corpora- lion within thjrly days .o'f such appraisal, the Iiold6r may dispose of the share or'-shares to \yhoni and In such manner'as ho may see fit. None of the said capital stock shall bals- sned unlit the same Is cither paid for In cash at not less Ihan tho par value or In property as provided by law. Tho lime of commencement of this corporation shall bo the of 1s- sunnci! of Certificate of Incorpora- ilnn by the Secretary of State of the .Slate of Jowa, nnd the. termination slinll be twenty years from said dale. This corporation may bo dissolved at any time prior to tho date of Its termination by a majority vole »)f the stockholders. The; business affairs of this corporation shall be managed and controlled by a Hoard of Directors consisting of not less than five and not inorc thnr.. seven as determined by (he stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, who shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and riunlll'leil, nnd the directors shall he elected annually by the stockholders at the regular annual meeting of the slockhoders of this corporation, iind until the next annual meellfig of Hie stockholders of thla corporation, the following persons shall bo directors, to wit: Kred A. .Dlekrnanri, Wesley, Iowa Arthur Maass, IjuVerne, Iowa ' Arthur W. Itllvy, jAiVorne, Iowa fieri ('. Unmlis, LuVcrno, Iowa , Harold If. fhlllips, LuVerne, Iowa The directors • of this corporation Immcdlaley after their election at the annual meeting: shall meet and elect from their number u president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. Any director of tho corporation may hold any one or mote offices If so ordered by tho Hoard of Directors. The Hoard of Dlrc'c- tiirs shall have the right and the power lo appoint an assistant secretary ami treasurer who need not be a'director of tho corporation, Until the next annual meeting .of siockholdcr-s the officers of tho corporation shall be, lo wit: Fred A. Dlekninmi, President Arthur Maass, Vice President Fred A. Delkmanh, Secretary Fred A. Dickmann, Treasurer Rach director shall be a stockholder and If any dlreclor shall cqasc to'bo ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES 9 N. Dodge Street—Phones 16-17 j. W. Haggard & R. B. Waller, Publishers Entered as Second Class Matter ai the Postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March ; 3, IR7P Issued. Wppklv. i In a candlelight ceremony Saturday evening at 6:30 Bonnie Bonar, above, and Burville B'ra'd- ford of Concord, Calif., were united in marriage by the Rev. John P. Clyde at the home of Ihe bride's mother Mrs. J. L. Bonar. Attending the couple were Barbara' 1 Haggard and Wayns Moore of Ames. Nancy Hutchison played the wedding march. Only a few 'close friends of the bride attfctatie'd the service. A wedding dinner was-.'served the bridal .party following the cere-Mo'riy' rit?G-eWrgVs.f : - a nfi .1'? Bonnie and -Burville met, each other in Japan 'where he' w'as in the hospital and she was a nurse stationed there. Both were in'tHe army and have been discharged. Their plans for the future are indefinite as, yet, but they expect to be here for some time. Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 24-25 , besi Arncz in "CUBAN PETE" Co-Hit—Lloyd Nolan in "HOUSE ON 92ND STREET" Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26-27-28 Hard Times Party— About 120 attended the hard times costume dance held Sunday evening to close the country club social season. Prizes for costumes went to Mrs. Torsten Lagerstrom and Dick Cowan.- Orville Wicks won the door prize. Royal Neighbor Meeting— The Royal Neighbor lodge will hold its regular meeting Thursday evening. September 26, at the V. F. W. hall. Important business will be transacted. starring 'DAN DURYEA JONEVINCENT PETER 10RHE wilh BRODERICK CRAWFORD CONSTANCE DOWLING WALLACE FORD HOBART CAYANAUGH FREDDIE STEEL Screenplay by Roy Chinilor Based m Ihi Novel by Cornell Woolrkh Directed by ROY WILLIAM ' "PrbdijeX by TOM MeKNIGHt arid ROY WILLIAM-HEIU' .j Co-Hit—John Mack Brown in "TRIGGER FINGERS"; Added, Serial, "Scarlet Horseman" Campus "Eye-catchers sparkling with naillieads young,,. very new Ipok) It's elasticized suedene... pitch black with gold dvit glitter, ADVERTISED \ SHOE n stockholder In this corporation lit or she shall idiomatically cense to bo a director. ,Tlie Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring In Its members IxHweeii annual meetings by the ttppolrtmcnt of a tlimllflcd person to hold Iho offlcd for the remainder of the tnrin. The annual meeting of the stock- lidlclers shall be held lit the principal place of business of the corporation on. the third Monday In August of each year for the election of directors and to transact fthy business of the corporation as Bhftll , ho necessary and proper. Private property of the stockhoidU <M-S of this corporation shall not"ba liable or subject to the debts ot lilt rnrnnratlonl Dated this 20th day ot August, Ifllfi. KUNS! GRAIN, INC. Fred A. Diekinann, President. Fred A. Dlekmann, Secretary & Treasurer. 33-38 For Von, whose waist measures 38... Craftsman K-Control offer* 2-way stretch comfort with support where you need it most. A light but firm elastic panel hidden inside (he front really tames your tummy. Blessed relief from your heavier garments. Pantie and girdle have four elastic garters and two tiny roll-stop bones at back. Nude. Waist measurements: 32", 34", 36", 38". Mail Orders Filled HOUSE DRESS HIT! ''Morning Queen" Small blue-bell and red 1 lower print. 80-gquare print, fast color washable cotton. Full button front —with smart blue buttons. Blue and while rlc-rac trim. Stunning new shoulder and sleeve effect. Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20—40, 42, 44 $340 Mail Orders Filled! If you want to order this ^ sent to you by mail, send in order blank below. MAIL ORDER BLANK KUESENSKY'S, Algona, Jowa Please send me ^Morning Queen" HoUse Frocjcs at $3,4Q each as follows; Quantity Size

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