The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on November 27, 1953 · Page 15
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 15

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1953
Page 15
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THE AGE. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 27. 1953 15 Migrant Says Deportation Means Death BRISBANE, Thursday. A Yugoslav migrant claimed today that the Federal government had sentenced Ills brother to death In or-lerlng his deportation to Jugoslavia. Bernhardt Ivan Sever, 26, )( South Brisbane, said that ilj brother, Christopher Sever, 28, had spent five seeks In Brisbane gaol waiting deportation. Neither he nor his brother ho are political refugees rom Yugoslavia, knew why jie deportation order had jeen made. Through an interpreter Bernhardt Sever said, "The 3overnment action is a jrave injustice and I have taken legal action to try to have my brother's deportation stopped. , The order is a death sentence as my brother and I led from Yugoslavia alter m had refused to join the Communist party there. FURNITURE . REMOVERS, &c A A A. A. A, A. A, A, A. A. A. ADELAIDE EVERY WEDNESDAY. Srdney Brisbane, Perth, Mondays, topi Vans Going: Newrorovch. Sov 30. Benalla. 30th; Dayleslord, Dec. 14; Morwell, 6th. Empty Vans Returning: Elldon, Dec, 1. Uongatha, 1st I JeereJang, 7th ichuca, 11th; Mertmbula. 9tl gcnuca. out . jpcuui.u ..u ! Tra- SkM' 'BROS:' (AUBURN) PTY. LTD., 2 Camberwell Road. Auburn. WB1234. All Hours. I a A.A.Melbournc-Mlldura. Twice lf Weekly. Furniture Removed, lied ui Transit. FRANK DAVIS. JSB.TI7: MILDUBA lf10. GENTS FOR ALL HIGHWAYS. C G. BENNETT, WA4191. Complete Service, Removals Ml Storage. 879 Bureood Road, Hawthorn. E.2. CHAS z, HINOSTON, 43 Dennis St.. Northcote. Furniture Removers and Storers. Anywhere. Hone JW2377, all hours. T7URN1TURE Removals, all hours. S ANY SUB., Country 8 100 Miles. MX3633. SYDNEY. Loading wanted. Vlsca, Chelsea 281 (dial MU024). rruXI TRUCKS, FREE QUOTES. 1 Anywhere, any time. MX5891.' south Melbourne Taxi Trucks. mixi TRUCK REMOVAL SERVICE 1 Anything, anywhere. WA4191 HaWTHORN TAXI TRUCKS. HOTEL & OTHER LICENCES APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF LICENCE. We ARTHUR ROBERT FOR. BEST' Slid BEATRICE JUNE FOR- BBST, on whose behall Arthur Robert Forrest Is the holder of Victualler's Licence lor the Glen-burn Hotel st Glenburn In the Goul-bum Licensing District, and I. ELIZA CATHERINE JAMES, 01 228 Hlchirdson Street, Albert Park. Victoria, Married Woman, hereby live notice that we will APPLY to (he Licensing Court for the said Licensing District, sitting at Mel-teurne on the 7th day of December, 1953. or the TRANSFER of the Licence to the said Bllta Catherine '"Sited this 25lh day ot November, S 8, A. R. Forrest. ; B. J. Forrest. LUKE MURPHY & Co. 422 i Ituili street. Melbourne. Solicitors J VfLlCATION FOR TRANSFER 1 I i sltnKMPR VINPENT O'HARE. it the' holder ot a billiard table licence l, .Ittl.tM at MOdCllR Raid, Longwarry, In the Glppaland ! West Licensing district, andJ 1. t Va VIOLA DUNCAN. Of MOdflla Hal, Longwarry, HIJJBY GIVE NOTTrt that we will aobly to the Llnnnng Court at Melbourne on sionasj. tne (in aay oi xretcHioct, 1953. (or the Transfer of the said llnitt to the said VERA VIOLA Drawn Dated this 26th day of Novem-eet. 1963. L. V, u hake, sranwerur, V. V. DUNCAN. Tranaferee. AUN WAINWTtlfiHT k CO.. 390 Utile Collins Street. MELBOURNE, Solicitors lor the Transferee. tuuubrun at luuruiw. mjain Street. DROUIN. VIC,, Solicitors for tbt Transferor. MONEY A A. A. A. A. lit mortgage to 300U, 5 per cent., audi street, sewered area, to mud ot buy. Immed. Inspection, loskliuj, S3 Barkly St.. St. Hilda. US1S. Alt. nrs.. LB1092. A - ADVANCES, ill) to 20UO. Amu or Without Security. SniU1! FINANCE PTY. LTD., . , . SI Blllbsth St. MB149S. ' -C0I'LETE LOAN SERVICE, . V SMALL LOANS. WJSDIESS LOANS. CWsoLinATintj of rntriT. HIM. PURCHASE FINANCE. Call, Witts or Phone. MU7753. for FREE MsraiPTlvB! nrvMrr WT JHg PROTOENT LOAN SOCIETY ' 'itramA LTD.. Reg. Omce, 360 comm. 8T.7 Melbourne! A - tSTasusaro since issa. . We USD minout security, .we hierest. You sealn. asrjea. Repay. JC II 2 15 Kl WaeklT iS 3 10 10 Weekly MS . ., .. 8 II 13 Weekly Ana so en. The rate per cent, per aMeot, u rspresented above, doea fit eiceed 48, In accordance with i,i lci ."wit A Investment Co. W, Tali House. 309-311 Little S!J5j,a op. Royal Arcade. Fnont :,fw. .wool awanaton sr., op. futile Ubrsry. Melbourne. FB3900. Cll Loins. still have the use of roar ear. No Inqulrlea. See Mr. rate; alter hours, jiM1419. TlfOJtOAOI Money available for IU trsttlon of new homes. 0. 4257 IfMTOACES, lit and 2nd, to -- rHM w Duiia, avail, lo du t.;..1.1 0 P-c Allan VUU. Esi. Wj. 90, 105. MOTOR TOURS T) , TOUR DIARY, STIUtttCIt! RANGES. Totaofro, naur island sunset. pan, ...'"i 12. " intra on Full Day Tourl. Order When Booklni. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN. fci... u:".ul1 Application. "!: whljhtji20 Fllnderi St. i.. mil. TH niJJCARS widist ; iwnce of day and . . IN MnjHvmNV U Included on AH Full Day Bookings: Collins street. 4tU Slnarnn a...s MU9M1. Wc, Govt. Tourist' Bureau, MISSING FRIENDS 2 ft i11- Divorce and General A f1? Swanaton St. C. 530.. A.A.A. CORBETT'S. late 7w.Ul.IIVO'WE INVECTIGA. SlS SS?- COUNTRY. IWTER-mLl00" FUS'T FLOOR, 3)1 COLLINS ST. MB1S79. - ALWAYS CONSULT Victor's 1(3 Rmirl. a. innl Jijll husband of the late Alma Si'"."1')'. Ernest T. Dlllow, of taM7i.,wn soutn Yarra, HJ" 1 W In uch with the VkT.:.". aoove. Mother. Mrs. Wjr. Viol,' ...d about 40 i,Jt heard of in Carlton. Or "I rrUthre, or Robert Black who SSLj information ot their .wivitia. MACHINERY Spindle Preliht ilm ik R' 122 ln'' JlfLSaw cninco, 102 Ore? St.. S. slrlahana fl wfntef'R, ."ff"!"?''-. - .5?? AIRWAYS Q'Jff, ." AIRWAYS Mr l in - ,.."w''iiii, addit wnn ' St.. Half. M8i!g71 Firm Competition for Strong Wool Prices for some types dropped slightly when the fifth series of Melbourne wool sales ended yesterday. Oddments were up to five per cent, cheaper. Competition remained firm for strormer tvuea and nearly all the 11,150 bales offered were sold. Tod Merino Dries was 200d. for one bale of extra super a f combing, branded GlrvanleaW. McO, from Horsham. Best price for comeback was 137d. for eiirhr. balsa of aaa quality branded BrisbaneHill, from Hamilton. THE MFTT.ROtm VP! WfVST BROKERS report that ths fifth series of wool sales In this eentrti concluded yesterday when 11,150 bales were eubmlt-ted to auction, A comprehensive range of wools was offered and they represented practically all of the districts which supply the Melbourne market. Approximately so per cent .of the catalogues were of comeback andor crossbred quality wools. Competition tnrougnout the day's selling was widely SDread. with vaIhm for the bulk of the types remaining unchanged on yester- jj . . nuwnvcr, m tne instance of some types, prices were irregular with a cheaper tendency. In the oddment section of the catalogues competition was less general than earlier In the week and prices were un to s nnr nt. in, The principal buyers were the vuiiwuwhu eecuon or toe trade, supported by Japan and Great Britain. Practically total olearances were enected. NEW ZEALAND LOAN s. Mint. CANTILE XgSnCY Oa LTD re Wrls November 26, 1953. Sale No. a. Offered S800 baes. raeulta included: MORMA pajucmJ (MISS'S' ,'!S?" 353d" e ItiOd., ISOd., 11W.I CmVANIWMcG ZUOd., 193d., 171d,: JSHTYO kPL. la0.:. RWDMAUl-baa (Maroona). lanaba 301d . B DALE (Balmsdale). iambs afod . f;ehl-16d.. UOd.;-MutMILLA tGlenuiomDsonl. lamem -rrtA nc i3JV4d.. iaq(4i.i jwMooti 1iJ0d- 'fSfi" LN (Hor- -.w,., iuN jouns., Aura.; aau A (Ararat), 153d., 132Kd , ilOd : RMDM (Moree).' ixtd iSod lOld.j ,ARWT (Talbot). ISOd., 140d., lHd,; ASRPER (Coroke), lambs 150d., fleece 130d.. 128d.; JPSUNNYSibs M(Edenho1e llaHi.. 112(411.. lOOaid.: rel: MAR (Ararat), 145d. : OFCYTCK liSd.. Tamu-'WrHV': sham), 143d., 108a.. laid.: eyrie! (Elmhurst). 143d.. i35d . 1244. i H lc EABkURRA (Ararat). H'coTa (Heaihcote). I40d.. llijd., lldd.J BRISBANEHILL 1 .i... p" 1333. , OHK, JSwan Hill), 136?4d., 13od., 106d.; PIGEON PONDS McL (Hamilton), 136d.. 120d.. IlOd.i ADWOODIVALE (Violet loMia.i n ee pair MOOLERRSTA (St. Arnaud), 131d., 112d 10414d.l JWWAL-LALOO (Stawell), 130d 140d.. 110i4d.: MARINGAG (Glcn-orchy), 130d., IlOd.. IlOd.i MEF BLOORA (Edenhone). 1ld.. ima 98d.i HH7DARKBONEE (St. Arnaud), 128d., 112d.l CR Si wawsar. la.i AWL (Eddlng-ton), 126dL1 115d.. 10414a.: FB MELTON PRK (Flnns Creek). 126d.. 120Mi.. IlOd.: DBSHIGH rAtviv ivioiet -Aosrnj, l'jw., lU4d., MKd.i wCULLrvEL STH (Urana! at. a. i , i, isuu,, jioa,. liD'A u. i STAWELL, 12iM., llfed, ; ' K1L- jvciTiii fAH.iv vjonnsonviuej 1244.. 116d., 103Wd.: jrltr. LEEBRI (Bushy Park), 124d. 116d.. 116(1.: OCBLIIMEAW -Man. Wlore). 124d.. 112d I12d.; HPW 'vyu, , jji- vunowmDooi west), RISE fSt. Arnmiil. 129.1 lldrf FLOWERDALE (Strath Creek). lid. SHNLONGPORD. 12nd.. 15d. : JTWAPPAM CUnnrsU Dopn). 120d., 115d.. It5d..: HR lml'AKAK.SlUeeL.UUAN, J JtH. IVWARRrGALCK (Dirrlmn llRV,d.. llSHd., 10M.; LFBHLL- KM.! FOWWOODBWEHOWl.Of.G' V EWM1THK TlKfl lfUU.r1 . litia.. iima.. iuo. : THE GLEN (GlenorchT.. U6d., 106d., 104d. : DCDELEGATE, Fat Cows Sheep Cheaper Fat cows sold at late rates at Newmarket yesterday, but sheep prices were slightly cheaper. Lambs were equal to Tuesday's closing rates. oawfl Yurdlni of 1775 (Increue of 155) was ot moderate quality. wun many cnoppcri, rnmt inuur welctiU were In short aupply. Demand waa iteady. with value un-chanced trom laat week. rRIUKa. tows inn nciic". x go- vMIUAIIIKRiNtl LTD. The Followlnj are Included In Our Forthcoming Ssies: SI (WITT'S HOTEL. MELBOURira, Account BV C. RUWOLT, SQ. dune. Elder Smith co. uwttl . BOO CATTLJS, WAOOA. Mond. N.?" 3U' (Assoc sted Agents.) 500 STORE CATTLE. vmnintnlRBAin) LTD., SAW Of REGISTERED SHEEP MSrwMARKET (MelDOUrtlt). 238 Romany Marsh, vsi w" Lelcesrers. 8 Romn Marsh, l T1US IS "THE OtOTTANDIMO LE Bu,OTlTVrPI'': Sffi"Tern.liW'to hi offsted lor aale. niM.Mi ia make Aisnia wui r PTor'Yu,r.0rSr,1..rii.-u W, MAivAr:. BREEDERS! u ,1..V. ? 1 va comna as.. . Victorian Mailer ButehaM Ltd. (Renlsterert under tM Uw "I,1"" io induitrlal A Provident societies). srmKS! ADpraisea vr?y directed br Australian Hioe ana llerther IndusulM Board. Plus 7Vi .hp' SKINS: Market-ad. to fid, per lb, lower, esceptlnj sound Sir which, were """"'lo,, l0 Merino Skins, fullwpols. 88d. to Tld.l 4 woo s, 620. to jot. It -nnl? SM. lo 56d. Fine X .full wools. 51d. to Md.l wools. 44J. ftarf-tf ..wool.. 40d. W 44d to ma. uoarw a.. .1 alt. Un aium and coir.. . ,40L to 4M. Sprint Lambs 464. to 0d. Pelta. 35d. to MM. ,""!.' nJ X. IIS and larMled iltlna relatlvelr lower than the forerolnt quotations. M "tallow: Market unchanged. Prime mixed. 83 jlA.P" ton! nod color. 61 to 62: fair to Jood, 1 3t to 58 . 'lr, color. 'tltX tosrf; no color. 43 ta A-loi inliilor. 133 lo 36V 22. Per 100 lb.: Prime Hfht beef 120-1U51 medium. 115-1227; fivy.66-110; cWplng. 115d.; ETCWILLXRA (Serpentine). lHHd.. ll3d., IlOd.; JKSB-BKT (Burrumbeet). 113 Ud., 104Md., 10M.I TMiLUE (UUchvllle) H2d., 954,; MANX ARMS (Mo- ARVS,")! 112d.. 106d.. ml ampark! SIDELOGAN, 112d., 106Ud SlVsa. HJMNG (Nurcounf), lSd,; iiJw" r traynesviuei. . iv . i invnnuun rASUI. (Sandito, N.S.W.). Illi4d 10d 108d,.: ALLAMBI (Sarrandera N.S.W.), llld.. IlOd., 108d.: RR --HILLSIDE (Werona), llbftd. 106d.; MARCH (Dunluse) .l.0.iiAll'!1-l MOONYANCo' CANARflA lirM iiim .tLia " PARADIhe 1104., 10M. (leadini line passed) E (Euroa), IlOd., 91d.: CT 5ASKLY, liod.. I04d.: PHILLI- fJift, tramamo), liod.i TAR. IlOd., Ogd,. 90d.. TFNURCOUNG. iioa.. lood., 84i4d.i jgbmay: FIELD (In trie) (Seymour), IlOd., lOOd., teVid.; GLeAmriV IKiil ?SSi)A9?.,V,EsrrATE GHDEL-LICXNORA. 109d 108d., 104d.: KMSTRATKFILLAN ITurt TKsail VSSl'l.iLlte S (Kllmore), 1084il-.i LRWMTE (Nnlll) 108 (id. ; vltl-MfA downsjtW N S.W.), 108d 98d.. 93d.: HJCiULROSSIE (Donnybrook). load. : JABWHIT-TLESEA, lOYd.: GWBD (Wcddei- wuiii. Ausa. : KASKOORINGLE (Tocumwa, N.S.W.), 107d.; 90d- HILLSIDSUIS (Euroaj" ifJ6?4d. ANDrCA fVlrn.p. M fa . 1064.. 96d.; (leadlns line passed) JRA (In trial (Insley). lOfid. JUM... lOad.i CRCW (Wlnlam taratfal. 106d., 95d., 87Hd, LIMITED report havlrut offered for Kit.0! ,the 26th November, 1933, wrcs oi wool oroceeds from which i u-e due on the 17th Decern, ber. 19tvt. The fViMivsim, Sf-.'S ,5,r,n,0!.,111 Prices: jbvera. DAUB (Carlabrook). auo aaa 124d. TTlaV (Laverton). m Si laid! -tfir. irernoaiisi, aa I 00k & aa f cble e U9d. B. k FRDEHRI A.rJ.i 101 aa com ilea, GMK (Orummartln). aa lie 116d, a.'uras pines (Ivlalorca), aaa com lied. DPFSTAWBLL (Stawell), aaa 11S4. WYMFOROFAS & Co. (Goroke). aaa w 115d. KORI- gongkorxella (Kortelra). aaa com una. as dale tuarisrorook), 'Up), aaa h 115d. FTORE (Creleh-:on). aaa Mm 11?vt .TM PA.TpuIKMr (Arnold), aaa com 113d. KML EDGECOMBE (Derrlnal). aaa e & aaa 1121. N VCLYN (Slaweii). aaa 112(4d. DAREBLN (AsxleT). mn nh 119.1 TSUST (Kanlva), aaa com h 112d. GB LANGAR (Gre Gre North), aaa com m 112d. KMFENSAY (Doctors Flat), mer 112d. ARJKE (Kybybol-Hte). aa 112d. CEB (Nhlll), aaa I1C 1120. KiUUKUNULE IBSTtlSml aa f T12d. fJJGOA (Dlmtaoola) aa com 112d. MCMFA1RVIEWRO tKoonester). a mer irja. jirwv (Wattle Vale), aaa 112d. OMDK frtonnvibrook). aaa aun 11fM AC HTLLVIBW (Korona Vale), aaa com I11d. ICM (Macorna). aaa f m liua, LAMr K. (Karuvai, aaa liuo, Brick Factory for 11,110 A single story brick factory at 114 Campbell Street, Colllnirwood, was sold for 11,110 at auction yesterday, The factory has 7900 square feet ground space, and was offered with vacant possession. Yeo, Crosth-waite and Co. with J. W. Styles and Son were auctioneers. Other sales. GLEN IRIS. 79 High Street, brick, nine rooms, V.?,, passed In 9829, reserve 7100. (H. B. Johnson As Co., with Blackburn and Lockwood.) SOUTH YARRA SS Mame Street, brick, one of pair ot maisonettes nine rooms, V.P., 11,300, terms. (Williams & Co.) TOORAK. 9 Iona Avanuc, pair of Cats, six rooms and five rooms, V.P. one, other let 24S: 8,000, (Abercromby and Beatty.) Motor Cruiser At Pootacray Wharf, 60 ft. ocean going motor cruiser, T.S.N.V. Miss Winnipeg, passed In 5500, offer Increased to 7000. (Eric Weber tc Co.) Firm; nalla, CJolac, E. C. 32 114; 10. H. Swayne, so. vioi lit n ano S. l.C. Shanks, Aleiandra. 30 19 i. 9. G. Harris. 30 176: 12, a. n. uoDson, Acneron, t M . SHEEP 7000 t increase of 2000) Included a number of aged ewes and wethers, suitable mostly tor canning. Prime trade sheep were scarce. Demand was lower and values showed a slightly weaker trend. AVERAGES Wethers: 2S3. T. Canadian, Watirlni, 387; 202, J. P. Davis, Yea. 586, LAMBS. 7000 yarded, moderate quality, many plain ana drled-out lambs offered. Demand from ax porters and butchers was steady, with values on a par with Tuesday's lower closing rate. AVEBAOES, 176, A. Bailey & Son, Nagambla, 759: 191. N. Mc Kendrlck & son, Balmattum, 7431 183L Mrs. M. Slavln, Homewood, 743: 70. J, Hamilton, Tooltm. 74li 58. J. McAullffe. Echuca, 731: 132, G. Bennett. Cobram, 72: 174. 4. L, Petersen, Korlella, 718: 184. L. J, Webster Son, Acheron. 713: 125. A, Whlihton, Sprlnghurst. 657: 181. Kyremore Estate. Booiey, 646: 26?, A. Griffith, Mangalore, 817! 113. R. Mc-Cullough. Tocumwal, 811. 'Baconers Down 1 Bsconers were fully 1 chesper at Brooklyn pig market yesterday, but backfatters remained firm in a keen aemano. BAOKFATTERSt 210 (12 mere). tight. f 18 .19-20 16, 1VI -1 u AOS 1.""," 5: heavy. 37 10- is. 44 6: extra. 44 10-55 1?-BACONERS: 3B8 (78 fewer). De 3U-37 rnand weaker and values down by IXyWl' d.,. totalled 1562 ( 37 more). MELB. PIS MARKET Sow Litter P, Boer 80, porkers well within the bounds, 4011- c. J. Dyke, . ... 29117- A. Mellura .trlM. 2514- 4 P. O'Bryan. 258- 1. Harbor tryln' ,e.'B14ri6Tr473 ShaW LOGANS craii. aqt.,i. STOCK AND STATION iruiiuamv wnVSCMTieR Tjl. The Australian Estates Co. Ltd.! Australian Mercantile Land Financ. Co. Ltd.: Dalgety ft co, Ltd.; Elder, smith ft Co. Ltd. nirflk.n,,... Mnrr A, Po. Ltd. New Zealand Loan ft Mercantile Agency Co. Ltd.; Vounjhuaband Ltd. (member, of the Melbourne Wool Brokers' Association): and Victorian Produceri' Co-operative SHEEP SKINS 27,371 akin, offered. Market generally 3d. to 6d. cheaper with the exception sound pelts which wer. practically unchanged. Merino skins, full woou, B8d to 70d. per lb.: wools, 62d. torfed.! W wool.. B2d7to 5Sd. Fine Xbreds, MH wools, aij, to wools, 44d. to 47d.; Vi wools, 40d. S .ZIa TS.jlum snreds. full woos. 41d. to 44d. 3i wooll. ,37d. to .IRd.! WOOll, 320. 10 840. wane Xbreds, full wools. 870. to 4W.1 y Jools. 32d. to Sai.i 14, wools, Sid. to 32d. Spring lamba, 4Bd, lo 500, L aaa. To ifid.t mad unl id cosrse, 40d7 to 4247 Pelts, bare to "4 In.i'lOd.. to 12d.i in. to ,Wn?mto .T''lS fn" 38 ta 33d. ill damaged, burry. nrr and seedy skins rela- HIDES. 7685 hides and 4383 calf iking offered. Board Track Cyclists Train iiiiliitili RACING CYCLISTS, Noel yesterday at Tenet Outstanding By Our Mentone Expert Of the Mentone horses engaged at Moonee Valley tomorrow, Tenet stands out- for the Barkoola Stakes. Tenet has done everything right in the stable and on the track. On Tuesday, TENET was holding an older horse, ANGLO SAXON, over four in SO, the last two in 25. GREAT SAXON yesterday with WITNESS ran four in 50, the last three in APPARENCE fs having her first start in the First Pascoe Stakes, but she can be relied upon to give a good account. Yesterday she was restrained over three In 40. SOLAR SLIPPER has each-way prospects in the Albion Handicap. Pacer Likely to Complete Double By Fremont Wilbur's Hope, winner of the free for all at the opening meeting at Ararat this season, may complete a double by taking the Alexandra free for all at that club's meeting tonight. Wllhiir's Hnnp Is a smart pacer and is well suited by tne Ararat, iracR. Mo Invnrlablv troes well here, much, better than he does at the show grounds, and tonight may defeat Qentieman jonn ana one us this season's stars, Evasive. Selections 1st Martin Handicap. SARAH SANDS, 1; NOTimuilAin, , FORMIDABLE, 3. 2nd Martin Handicap. MOD-E8T MIRACLE, 1; SOUIH PORT, 2; BEGOORAH, 3. Wallaloo Handicap. NEW WHEAT, l: GLENFALLOCH, 2; CAMPBELLF1ELD, , 3. Elmhurst Handicap. DAR-RYL'S PRIDE, 1; FEATURE POINT, 2; HONEST RAIDER, 3. Alexandra Free For All. WILBUR'S HOPE, 1; GENTLEMAN JOHN, 2! EVASIVE, 3. Landsborough Handicap. COLUMBUS, l; K1W ISCOTT, 2; CALIFORNIA BOY, 3. Rtpon Handicap. KAYE LOIS, l; SARWATTE, 2; HEATHERTON, 3. Fields 1.30. 1ST MARTIN HANDICAP, ink fur. 2.26 or better,. mmv JoVprlncesif Sarah S"5J' Nottlng-ham. May'g. Pr do. Kiwi scon. Kur Don. Formidable. Boau Ertr-t, Brimah Mac. Falcoi. LJidy. miiitihii . Jov Court, S1W panther, Cheyenne, m t . : Sunoharm, 24 yds. Mary'a Wii,., 33 yd?. JJ.OV 2ND MARTIN "ANO'CAP. ffit FlrKifc MouV.' 'Lord fa: iex? Fleetimt Spring, South Port. Green Delta, Roma Ran), Lawn S5SS?r. Rath inz Belle. Kronl Lawn. Beioorah, no Hope. Mlnhty coum Admiral , Dal IT. 24 yd.- Lily Redmond. Beauty "."" 5" ReJmcnd. wah Klnj. Campbelineld. S.,. i-i.urn isirw wheat, icr.: Good News, Great Four. Noble Lord, Mo- Office Bearers for Royal Park Office bearers elected b Rojral Park Colt Club associates: President, Mrs. L. p. "alone, vlce-pecatdent. Mrs. A. Ncwon. cintsln. Mrs. F. Delanej: hoy. secretary. Mrs. H. G. Bradfleld, handicap manager. Mrs. J. v. Dlfucclo; hon. treunrer. Mrs. w. Sholeri committee. Mesdsmej A. Bsnks. W. McLaughlin, J. r. Shingler. H. Travis. Croquet IVANHOE PARK. 10 a.m.: Port-poned games, 57 minutes. 10.JO: VroU v. Robotham. Hardman J. sr.rmn. Manning v. Gardiner. 3 p.m;: Uiher v. Hatherlr. Tllson v. M offiraRRrs HILL. - 10.30: Nutting v, Jarman. Ibbotson . Sir. 12 30: C. Voumard v. Lane, Oal-bralth v. Druce. 3.30: Sly v. Tres- SANDBINOIIAM 13.30: Gatla y. wa us. w.wos . "i"'"'"". 230: Edwards v. Gatls. Dean y. FSSTERNWIOK. 10.30: Bence y. McCarter. Barnes y . rreiu. stig-gliu l y. Karnbach. Mcke, y. Saun-ders. 12.30: Oregsor, y, 0'on. Mallalleu y. Basset Marling y. Fothfrlngham, Pontefract y. 1J. Smith. 2.30. Bradbury 1. Hpwa McRee y. Banco or McCasker, Cohen 'skddoi. 10 a.m.t Flower . Pick, rarrar v. n.ssiuuu. ii .', Tunk y. Morris, Barrow y. Rlchard-lon, unflnlshad games. Noon: Tunk y Mclntyre. Johnson y. Crutchfleld Haurhton r. Morris. Barrow y. Or- mlslon. 3 p.m.: Peck y, crutcnnaio, Mclntrr. y. Bartlett. Golf Associates SOUTHtTRN. Sleoke, A tllv.I 0 ttrlrivtoril f30. AO, B f)lv.: O' McGregor (32). Tl. B Hoi Nett: M. Ormerod (1st. 24. council: Brit Gross: B. Little, 91. Best BRIGHTON, A Dlv.. Stroke flit Teei: Mrs. . cssnion (H'.i. 37 10th Tie: Mlu W. Chatfletd (si, 39. B Dlv . (Ill Tee): Mrs. D. I.awson (17). 37H. loth Tee: Mrs . Burgess (16), 40. Connelly, Ron Connor and Eddie Stout, training the board track. North Essendon. in Barkoola Yesterday SOLAR SLIP PER with GLEN LAW ranH four in 51, the last two in 2514. EAGER SON yesterday ran six in 1.18, the last three in 38V4. POSHAK has real' prospects of winning the Glenara Handicap. . Yesterday he ran a mile and 20 yards in 1.54, the last five In 1.6 14. LOHENGRIN is at the top of his form and should win the Kinross Handicap. On Tuesday LOHENGRIN was too good for ROYAL DENNIS over seven in 1.32, derna. 24 yds.: Jenny's Choice, By- Piay, oo yoi.: Lriimiauoan, 4 ya. 9.0. ELMHURST HANDICAP. 10 fur. Cl'JA rr tetter Rlenfoth. Amber Sheen. Honest Raider. Fea ture point, pronto styie. penny uoy, Admiral nalla. iVTiu Rohlna. Sun. cli arm. Koran' Wish. Edola. Never ran. Brilliant Ayr. ttomanuc ko-bert, cr.. uary'i Pride. Travel Talk. Darryl's Pride. 12 yds.; Hcnest Van. 3fi vds. 9.30. ALEXANDRA FBKE-FOR-AI.I.. 19 fur .Hlffhtleld. Flondllcrht. Gentleman John. Evasive, Wilbur's now, Pacini peter. Avian Again, 11 a iitru, new amasncr. scr, 10.0. LANDSBOROUOU IIANDI- Call rorn la Bov, Graemerr. valiant jjukc, jrirni uiviBiun, iwiavan scot, Clievro. Mavadalre, Kiwi Scott, Vlndason. Columbus. Marlwon. scr. KirUN HANUIUAP, lU" fur. f2.21 or hettert .Lueltv Dark Sheen. Kaye Lois, scr.: Double rarn. &arn-ii(!. p.eamerion. jyyai. ; iu mstsu, CO ruo . Moonee Valley 12.55 Barkoola , Stakes 1000. (2 T.O. C. and a.) Five furlongs. (Apprentices Cannot Claim.) 131 Tenet 19 Williamson 9 3 00 Aga Blue 6 Powell 8 7 0 Belatta 16 .8 7 5 Cloaked 3 8 1 05 Commenee 12 GUmore 8 7 Court Style 1 7 Del Rltz 14 . Burton 8 7 060 Great Saxon 9 Sellers 8 7 074 Irish Foreit 8 .. ..8 7 Jungle Maron 8 .. .. Hutchinson 8 7 King; Boru 10 . Smart 8 7 5S King Reman: IS . . .. McLauchlan 8 7 0 Lord Arrogance 17 . . 8 7 9 North Shore 7 Mitchell 8 T Paracombe Z 8 7 Pelham 11 . Coleman 8 T Sherpa 13 . . unlikely t 7 Third Dimension 18 . Hartney t 7 0 Trekala 4 . . . Laskey 8 T 1.30 1st Pascoe Stakes 750. (2.Y.O. Fillies.) Pive Furlongs. (Apprentices Cannot Claim.) 212 High Trend 1 Mitchell f 0 Apparence 1 w- Smith 8 7 8 Britain's Glory 14 , 8 7 90 Dainty Gull ... 8 1 69 Demeanor 12 8 1 90 Elrroc 2 . . GUmore 8 7 00 Frltzt 11 , Sam Martin 8 7 Las Carros 4 .. .. E. Frances 8 7 0 Mileihot 8 . . J. Dean f 7 274 Moon Chariot 13 .... 8 7 Prince Estrlss 3 . .. Youlton I 7 00 Sally Mine 10 .... 8 7 0 Valbet 9 .. .. Hartney 8 7 367 Witness ( . . Sellers I 1 2.5 Albion Hdcp. 1000. (3 Y.O.). One Mile. (Apprentices Can Claim.) 403 Vychan 10 Hutchinson I 13 04 Queen Mark 12 .. .. McLauchlan 10 06F Solar Slipper 19 .. .. Hartney 8 8 I9K IH . .84 IS Derek Boy 7 . Purtell 8 i Judicious 8 . Mitchell 7 12 Camoanla 14 7 11 140 Brent 6 . . Coleman 7 9 023 Cathbar t . . . Ball 7 690 Nlrelro 4 ... P. King 7 7 04 WUd Lime 9 7 1 000 Eager Son 1 ' 7 8 770 Helleborui 2 W. Smith 7 8 840 Nevana 3 .. . Ford 7 8 000 Signal Lass 11 . . . . R. Cameron 7 TRACKMEN'S FANCIES FLEMINGTON. Commence, Scottish Circle, Globe, Miss Ping. CAULFIELD. High Trend, Command, Bllerslle, Great Ben. MENTONE. Tenet, Desert Warrtor, Lohengrin, EPSOM. Lovrana. Prince Ruthless. Stakes the last four in 52. Yester day he ran three in 38. KEUL7EN on Tuesday covered a mile and 20 yards in i.oi on me Dir.. Yes terday with MACPABLANE ne ran tne distance in 1.52. tHJLiAH STREAIC nn i-uesday did three in 41. AiNULU SAXON ha place chance in the Duna- lister Hishweight. "Black Day" for English Soccer LONDON. Nov. 26 (A.A.P.. Hungary. Olympic soccer champions, yesterday trounced England 6-3 before a iuu.ouu crowd, at wemn ley. GRACEDALE PARK Tonight. 12 Maiden Stake, Straight 230 Yds.: Silver Scamp. Tinsel Lass, Glenflltan, Sprlngwood Countess, Minnie Sharlene, Sabrt Lad, Mlaty'3 Dash, Arlkl's Pet: Royal Aim. '2Q Flnt Dlv.. Straight 230 Yds.: Dinner Jacket. Flotilla Leaaer, Lady sprineoank. Berwick, Young Morn, Bert's Luclt, Just Carol, Knockle's Judy: a,e. Moon Up. t a hocp. Htiraie, Circle. 500 Yds.:. . Nollken. 10: invera- dan, 10; Son of Ours, 9; Blut Toora, S; Bustle's Hope, 8; Our soaa, i; uu, b; me Navajo, 5. 45 Hdcp.. Circle. 500 Yds.: Mr. Knockle. 10: Personna. 1(1 I'm Sail, 9: Sunset Downs, ft; Old Tlpperary, 9; Barnacle Lass, 9: San Fien. 8; Yanchop, 8. 25 Second Dlv., Straight 230 Yds.: Fensarl, Albert Lnd, Young Corrlitan, Quiet Dldjerldoo Nora'g star. Blue Film, Brazen Veigy; a.e. Turf nuunaaoiHii. t -u fit si U1V.. Straight. 230 Yds.: Queen Flush, wniw nare, Maymen, stump1 Mate. Royal Loon. Indiana.! Bush Guard. Gof Harbor; a.e. Heir Wayne. 30 Hdcp,, Circle, 500 Yds.: Ponty Pool, 10 Treacla nan:, iu; swinyi uouoie, 9; Switty's Tip. 9; Jostle. 9: Kwln-ana, 9: Rebel Rogue. 9; Ashlgga, o. 1 u nrs; uiv,, circle, duu xas. Warllla. Tom'3 Memories. Boh' Talk. Taraouln Flyer. See Actor. Tinkle's Fame, Kameruka, Super Flush; a.e. Royal Temple. C20 Kirst uiv., circle, 500 xaf,: rodj Minstrel. Ltadlnt; Hand. Cot Flail Larg's Boy, Birch Leaves, Braelyn, cniei ajiKiunwi. iiuminous kock; a.e. Sublet Best. SELECTIONS By Heroic By Tasman BARKOOLA STAKES TENET KING RBMARC TENET COMMINCJ IRISH FOREST CLOAKED 1st PASCOE STAKES MOON CHARIOT HIGH TREND HIGH TREND MOON CHARIOT WITNESS WITNESS ALBION HANDICAP VYCHAN QUEEN MARK COMMAND . COMMAND QUEEN MARK VYCHAN 2nd PASCOE STAKES SCOTTISH C. LOVRANA CIRCA CIRCA LOVRANA . SCOTTISH C. GLENARA HANDICAP OUR LEGEND GLOBE POSHAK OUR LEGEND GLOBE P. RUTHLESS KINROSS HANDICAP EL TOVAR ELLERSLIE B. D'AMOUR B. D'AMOUR LORD B'LEIGB CREVASSE DUNALISTER H 'WEIGHT. GREAT BEN D. WARRIOR ANGLO SAXON GREAT BEN MISS PING TAITSON 2.40 2nd Pascoe . Stakes 750. (2 Y.O. FUlles.) Five Furlongs. (Apprentices Cannot Claim.) Alllant 4 8 I Apres Midi 8 .. .. .. .. Williamson t T J Circa 13 . . . Purtell 8 7 Deb Rose 5 8 T 6 Esrhart 7 t T 86 Fair Symbol 2 , . , . R. Cameron S T 0 Golden Choice 8 .. ., 8 7 Lovrana 3 .... Stan Martin 8 7 00 Miss Blllaboni 9 . . ...... . . J. Qulnlan 8 f 0 Pallida 12 B. quintan 8 7 Roieberry 10 Coleman 8 7 824 Scottish Circle 11 .. . Hutchinson 8 Valmelle 1 ..ST 3.15 Glenara Handicap 1250, 13 furlongs. (Apprentices cannot claim.) 133 Our Legend t .. .. .. Williamson 580 Great Gilbert 1 .. ..8 2 97S Diue vest 6 7 207 Engllih 8 . , Purtell T 171 Globe 10 Hutchinson 7 860 Rocket Gun 8 ., .. T. Qulnlan 7 609 Step Aside 12 7 8 Zethns 11 ., Saunders 1 92 Be Sure 3 . . . . 7 45 Poshak 3 R. Cameron 7 229 Prince Ruthless 7 . . . . Powell 7 tl Special Agent 4 .. .. 1 GLOBE VALLEY PROSPECT JBfj Our Flemington Expert Globe, winner of the Ormond Trial last Saturday, seems best among Flemington horses engaged at Moonee . Yalley tomorrow. He meets better class horses but could take the Glenara Handicap. Qlobe was being restrained vigorously as he strode over six furlongs in 1.27 on the tan yesterday. He Is particularly fit. COMMENCE Is working well enough to win the Barkoola Stakes for two-year-old colts and geldings. Commence, sprinting on the inside grass with VAR-NELLA, ran three in 36 yesterday. His effort is sure to bring him into calculations for tomorrow's event. THIRD DIMENSION, ac- nomnanied bv HELLEBOB- OUS, ran four in 64 yester day, un xuesaay, wiuj DAVID KINO, he ran six In 1.27 on the inside grass. DAINTY OTJLL ran three in 39V4 on Tuesday in preparation for her first Pascoe Stakes engagement. MILESHOT. In company with ALLIANT, ran three in 38 yesterday. She is worth a place wager. VYCHAN displayed win-nine form in runnlne third at. uauineia last eaiuraay, and Is likely to improve in the Albion Handicap. Vy-chan ran a mile in 1.54 on tan yesterday. uiriUA is an lmorovine type. She is considered to High Payment Offered Coach SHEPPARTON, Wednesday. , Shepparton Football Club will read-vertise its coachinr position for 1954 and will offer 500 for the complete season. A special meeting on Wednesday oould not reach a unanimous decision on two applicants and felt the new offer might induce Melbourne League players to apply. The fee means that if the club only plays in the 20 home games, the successful applicant will receive 25 a week. If the side reaches the grand final the coach will average 20 a week. Country Acceptances for the Geelong race meeting tomorrow, and weights for Woodend on Wednesday, are: GEELONG 1.15. MAIDEN 3-V.-0., 6 Iur, Blue Arab 2. 8.0; Barl Grafton 4, 8.11; Star Entry 5. Susannah 8, 8.8; Judicious 1, 8.7; Gold Banile 17. Rapa Nul 6. 8.6; Bon Ton 13, KUgary 11. 8.5; Maid of Money 18. Miss Tolrlda 3. Relish. 12, 8.4: Nandl Star 16. Pushover 20 8.3; Lady Pristine 14. 8.1; Gay Valma 7. JeM Star a. Miracle Star 19, Miss Folio 15. Sliver Lure 10, 8.0. 1.45. 1st MAIDEN PLATE, S fur. Au sonor i, g.o; St. sltva 6. 8.; Joyful Hours 11. 8.8; Bell's Hero 9. Merry Minstrel 7, 8.7; NghtOeat 8. 8.5; Kllreny 2, 8.3; Felicitous 5. Slmonlsn Belle 12. 8.2; Safety Pin 3. 7.13: Cann River 10, Lord Para 4. Royal Tune 13. Skyscraper 14. 7.12. 2.13. 2nd MAIDEN PLATE. 6 fur. Sir Day 4. 8.10; Don Golea 9, 8.8; Barbltly 11, Landau 5. 8.7; Bill's Plan 13, 8.6; Whitfield 1, 8.4: Rapa Nlu 3, 8.3: Reclaim 6. 8.2: Tamesll 10. 8.0; Anlkln 7, Cola 12. Province 3. Shady Oaka 8. 7.13. 2.50. HOSPITAL HDCP., 8U fur. Royal Pageant 2. 9.0; Trail-way 4, 8.4: Law Legend 14 8.7: Dusky Jewel 11. 8.6; Franjohn 5, Kerry song 7, 8.5; Talkaway 3, White Port 10. 8.4; Cwlngana 8. 8.2; Cragwil 13. 7.12: Hanrner 1, 7.9: Colonial 6, Freighter 9. Tren Leigh 12. 7.7. 3.25, ADVANCED HDCP., 11 fur, Beaufort Lad 5. 9.0; Lady Guide 3.55 Kinross Handicap 1000. One mile. (Apprentices can claim.) 655 Ellerslie 4 Williamson 9 2 421 Blight d' Armour 11 . . Purtell 8 10 020 Fetlar 2 ' .... 6 9 250 Lord Burleigh 12 ... 8 6 005 Golden Pippin 17 . . . . aam martin 8 5 038 Tipsy Cake 6 8 5 F86 El Tovar 9 . . Sellers 6 4 565 Lohengrin 8 D. Paterson S 4 922 Reddln 1 . . W. Smith 8 2 341 Pookason 14 .. Burton 8 0 04 Crevasse 13 . . Coleman 7 13 685 Bugle Boy 16 Hutchinson 7 9 005 Codrus 8 R. Cameron 7 Staravon 10 . GUmore 7 7 709 Prince Edward 709 Prince Ethreal 3 .. ..7 S 332 Red Astral 7 T 5 3 solar streak 13 7. 8 F: Fell. 4.35 Dnnalister lUghwelght 1000. About 6 furlongs. (Apprentices can claim.) 20 Desert Warrior IS ... 9 7 Beau Chief 2 a a 019 Anglo Saxon II ,. .. 8 13 011 Taltson 3 Sam Martin 8 040 All Fair 16 .. Burton 8 4 612 Ben Law l 6 4 St. Barry 4 .. .8 4 30 Cle d'Or 7 .. Powell 8 2 Devon Law 10 8 2 2 Great Ben 6 . . Purtell 8 2 221 Great Leigh 8 . ..82 872 Andvarl 12 . . P. King 8 0 180 Colodale 14 Saunders 8 6 812 Glenlaw 3 . , Hartney 8 t 70 Mils Ping 9 Hutchinson 8 I 00 Scottish Music 13 .. .. Gliders 8 0 Market for ML Valley BARKOOLA STAKES Tenet. Commence. Kins; Remarc. Cloaked. Great Saxon, Irish Forest, Pelham. Aga Blue, Belatta, Court Style, Del Rltg, Jungle Baron, King Boru, North Shore, Paracombe, Sherpa, Third Dimension, Trekala, lit PASCOE STAKES High Trend. Moon Chariot. Witness. Demeanor. ' Eirroe. 1 ALBION HANDICAP Command. Vychan, Derek Boy. Queen Mark. ' Solar Slipper, Cathear. Brent. Campania, Helleborui, Signal Lass. 2nd PASCOE STAKES Scottish Circle. Circa, Lot-ran. APPEALS AS have an excellent chance of 1 winning the 2nd Pascoe Stakes. On Tuesday, Circa ran four In 52, followed by three In 39 with APACHE yesterday. Smart Gallop MISS PINO Is worth an each way bet in the Duna-llster Hfghweight after her lour in oi on xuesaay, ana Ellerslie Merits Handicap By Our Caulfield Expert Well-performed weight-for-age horse Ellerslie should be a good each-way investment in the Kinross Handicap at Moonee Valley tomorrow. On Tuesday he went very I well with COMMAND over five furlongs in 1,3 and yesterday was not extended lor nve in i.i. TTPSY CAKE yesterday ran four in 51V. CREVASSE yesterday was not extended in a mue in i.kj. BUGLE BOY with HIGH TREND, on Tuesday did lour in a, ana yesieraay the pair coverea lour in oi. sjl.isftivr.1 (gHirKoon Stakes) yesterday with MOON CHARIOT ran four in 51 M. EIEROC on Tuesday did four fnrlones in 50. and was not extended yesterday. fritzi on -ivuesaay ran four in 52. Easy Gallops BRENT on Tuesday traveller! six in 1.22. and covered an easy six in 1.28 yesterday. SIGNAL LASS yesterday with PRINCE ETHREAL ran seven in 1.37. ENGLISH mav Drove our best in the Glenara Handi cap. On Tuesday he went a mile in 1.56, and yesterday ran 10 furlongs In 2.21. ROCKET GUN yesterday Racing Bouyant 17, 8.7; Splon Queen 7, 8.5; Blanos 15. Prince Solar 14, 8.4; Sldiaw 3. Top Felt 2, 8.3; Hanmer l, 8.2; CUdlng Gem 11. Pamatt 10. S.0; King of the Glen 8. 7.11: Colonial 16. El Hampton 13. Kerry Valley 12, Never Easy 9, Polonla 4. Sir Day 6. 7.7. 4.0 INTERMEDIATE HDCP,, 6 Iur. Prolan 11. 9.0: High stand o, 8.7; Don boko 2. 8.6; Hocus Pocus 13, 8,2; Eric's Choice 1, Lady Wellington 15. Star Anton 14. 8.0; Court Win 8. Tonnare 7. Tren Leigh 3. 7.12: Motley Lad 12. Na-tollo 10 7.10: Yorkshire Colonel 9. 7.9; Bell's Hero. 4. Kllreny 6, 7.7. 4.30. WELTER HDCP.. abt. 7 fur. Royal Pageant 3. 9.9; King Richard 4. 8.8; Varsity 7, S.5: Cratwll 8. True Royal 1. 8.4; Fashion King 9, Prince Marbcc 6. 8.3: Echo star 5, 8.2; Miss Yorkshire 2. 8.0. WOODEWD HDCP. MAIDEN PLATE, 0 fur. Rich Promlttj, 9.0; Edjum, Regal Element. WiUena, 8.12; MulLyau, 8.10; BartrlLly. Fortge, GlenJlnnon, Mediate, 8.8: Alec Vista, Bay win, landau, Rural, auntaia, 8.6: Civil Court, Duke Cheval, Land Blaze, 8.4: Bahtll, Dlness. Divine Rose. Dunloosln. Fair Lad, Grecian nae, nuzay, saint o or, sir my, 8.2; Bintl Lau. Deaert Memory, Goweatep. Karl Ik I. KILfary,, Rushworth. YllraJi, 8.0: Anlkln, Auld Reekie. BUlkiM, Cann River, .Cliatlan, Darcne, Four Cheeri, Great Future, Great Jewel, Iron Mail, JeI Star, Kythlra, Mlnalaw. Mustcatream, Outbuwt. Province, Puahover, Reclaim. Relish. Royal Tune, Salety Pin, St. Gerard, St. Silva, Shady Oaka, Skyscraper. Spring Ray, star't Choice, Two Sisters, Wild Lime, Yprw Belle. 7.12. IMPROVERS' HDCP.. 1 m. Oathbar. ).A: tramalnaha 9terilsr 8.7: Bracador, Bronie Hero. Green 0IGCV79, LftaUJT W 1 1 ling On, B.Tt , l aadec, MlUman. Pride of Naples, Prince Fury, Prince Valley, 8.3; Glen Law, Gold Trlmier, Royal Dennis, 8.1: Co rich at, Desert Stream, Donrarra, Ftaah Fox, French Melody, Great Performance, Hot Water, Judy's Pride, Prairie Misa, Sylvan Sunrise, 7,13; Blue Arab, Dawnise, Happy Lad. Lady Jennifer, Law Quest, Leonore, Motley Lad, RlP stock, Timant, 7.U ; Beauhania, 7.9: Olympic Pageant, Scotsinrd, Solar streak, 7.7; Arha Nul. Beau Richie, Black Minstrel, Colchester, Dlnquctte, Fairy Arch, Faydol. Gay Vergil, Heroic Emblem, iron Lnd, Last 'Look, Lord Para, Mastermade, Merry Minstrel, Royal Tune, Safety Pin, St. Sllva, Sir Day, Sir Eagle-niont. Stance, 7.5. TIIRF.F- YEAR-OLD INTERMEDIN ATK HDCP., 6 f. Cathbar, 9.0; Ostentation, our Ddannc, 8.10; Blue Jacket. Elba, 8-8; Blue Isle,; Chatham Lad, Gold Spinner, S.2', Concert Time. Golden Laurel, Judicious, Sans Etat, star Kiss, Sunn-nah. 8.0; Desert Memory, Fashiri, Gooseitep. Heliflre, Karllkl. Mediate, Miracle Star. Miss Torfrlda, Pun-over. Wild Lime. 7.12. TAS. KEATING HDCP., t4 f Anouk, 9.0; Golden Pippin, 8.7; Pookason, 8.3; Volatile. 8.1: Don Buteo, Zealant. 7,13: Don Paatiuale, 7.11 ; sporttnf Princess, Willow Lottfe. 7.9: Beaufort Lad. Be Sure, David1! Kini, Finn McCool, Kerry Sonar, 7.7, FLYING HANDICAP. 5'4 f. Stairway. 9.0; Beat Man, Gay Archer, Llmbohn, Peieoptlc. 8-1; Ben Sun. Kin field, St. Barry, 8.10! Anglo, 8.8; Blsrt Jet, de d'Or, Yunwwee. 8.4; AU Fair, Fierce Fir, Inspiring, 8 2; Andvarl. Brlpht Law, Fenwlck. First Fire, Glenbumle, Lord Ben, Mulwsla, Queen Oywell, Pas urka. Rhodacrc, Sopra, 8.0. approved iniCP., 1 m. sun Pool, 9.0: Black Sand, Laverock, Tittle, varsity. 8.11: Snortlnt vr)n. cess. 8.7: Arch. 8.3: Long uland, Prince Revelry. Too Wive. R.3: vld'i Klnc. peevish. 8 1: Ko cmel' pasha, Mir1rtorouph, 7.13; Belle Ca"al, 7.1.1; Browfi Llfht, Chancellor, HUdnon. 7.9: Colllnera. cret Performance. Orecfin Queen, Hen-podur, Punfatrr, Prince 8olart Rtp-tock. 7.7. Apres Midi. Alllant, Deb Rose, Barhart, Pair Symbol, Golden Choice, Mlsi Blllabong, Palucle, Rose-berry, Valmelle. GLENARA HANDICAP Globe, our Legend. Poshak. Great Gilbert. Blue Vest, Special Agent. Rocket Gun, Step Aside. KINROSS HANDICAP Bright d'Amour. Crevasse, EUerille, Kl Tovar, Lohengrin. Fetlar, Tipsy. Cake, Redden, rwiKnHon, single Boy. Golden Pippin, Codrui. Lord Burleigh, Staravion. DUNALISTER HIOHWEIGHT Great Ben. Desert Warrior, Anglo Baion. Taltson. Beau Chief. nets lass All Fair. Scottish Music, Miss Ping. . I a smart sprint of three in 39 yesterday. SCOTTISH CIRCLE sprinted two in 26 on the grass yeBieraay. FETLAR (Kinross Handicap) ran five In 1.5 on the rrasa vesterdav. LORD BURLEIGH, also engaged in tne Kinross nan-rlinan. ran a mile In 1.47 on Tuesday. Yesterday, he ran nine in z.tu. Support covered four In 52. SPE. CIAL AGENT on Tuesday mam a mue in i.iBy. UKKAT BEN will be hard to beat in the Duna-lister Hlarhwelrht. After easv work on Tues. day. he was untroubled to run seven in 1.42 yester uay. ANDVARI on Tuesrlav did four in 61 and yesterday six in WHITE CITY WhlDDeta. Tottenham jltki Miss Jessie (54 lav.). 1: Silver uiuw ki4), z; uunga s to1) Flora, V.W.R.C. Stake: Beau Glory ttj, i: Aooey k. toij, a; uow sssr ii, d. z icq., neca. 7-10. Pocket Edition tnA lav Hurdle: Peter Wake (31). 1; Bol Beau (41). 2: Florin (64 tav.I 3. 2 len.. 1 len. 8. James ;Eney nril pail post, out an a for not Jumnlnz hurdles. CIRCLE First Division rat Traffic CMe (21 lav.), 1: Pata- Vt. len.. V) len. 35 8-10. Boxes; , 4, i. Handicap Hurdle: Bli Na valo (21 eaual lav.). 1 Glen Vuen (Sl), 2; Rumont (151) len.. V, te sher l len. 23 3-10. CI eauai rav.t. Boxes: ari), i . J.ryaiiini wl iav., More Brass (61), 3. 2 len. ,neck, 21. Out: Sam Star. Boxes, 2, 3. S. First Division i4i Perfecl Roc (81). 1; Rusty 'a Hope (54 on v.. uarnacie Lass t7l), 3. 2 len., i len. 27 7-10. Boxes: a, q. rust uivision ia) Smasher S en (41 1. 1- Jnvml Nit? ger 64 on lav.), 2; Fengarl (71), 3. W en., HA len. 22. Out-Foam Fl eht. Not renliippfl Ttivr... 5. 1. 2. Smasher Sign dlsqualined . wctrRB ior neniinR. nrst U1V1- at-jii io;, rrupusiuon wJJ.i: Last (6l. 2: Tangier (31) 1 n IA.". 3o 7-10. Ray1 utKiuic nii ittY.j. . Duxes; STRAIGHT. First Division (It Unrhosen (31), 1: Dandy Princess 'pA iav. i, uneeny uiipper KUXi, X 1 len.. & len. 13 4-10. Out: juii -nroi, in: unecKy cupper Boxes: 7. 2, 8. First Division (2) Hardeeku Lad (74 on fav.). 1 Lattoson (81). 2: Bay Lume (41 3. 2 len.. len. 13 3-10. Boxes: , 46, o. otnuia uiviBton: uoi jiar. bour (21), 1; Pearl's Luck (121) 2: Silver Klh fav 5 i n., neck. 13. Out: Harpoon, o. Oi X. SIR AMANA and Blue Mountain nave been placed in worn at j. l,. Meagher' anivuies, raencone, alter spell In the country. Mornington Details ownem; association hdcp. un", soiies, Gr-, 5"-T (Keelle True Gold), 9.6 .. (R. Lindsay) J HALL PPINCE, 9.0 (J. Walters) 2 EAGLE'S LOCK, 9.8 K. Denharn) 3 Others (dnlihlng order): King Wawm, cd. 10.0 (Hall); Burma Star, 9.0 (Youlton); Brilliant Star, od. 9.3 (B. R. Smith); Three Rivers, 9.0 (Bllney); Pencil Case, od, 9.4 (Selkrlg); Re, pOT. 9.6 (Londre-gan), . 109 GOLD KILT, 4 Esgle'S 1.0. (Winner trained bylr. Warke.) DELTA ADVANCED HDCP. Abt. 714 Iur. GREAT PERFORMANCE (Eng- hlen Second Act). 7.8 .. T. (L. Frencll) 1 MARYBOROUGH, cd, 8.3 .. .. (Oarks) 2 PAGAN Lad, 7.H .. (Powell) 3 Others: Collnera, cd. 7.12 (Mitchell) ; Pompous Lad, 7.12 (Gil-more): Gay Invasion, 8.4 (W. A. Smith) : Long Islsnd. 8.11 (Toomer) : Rare Gem. cd. 7 9 (Grant); Black Minstrel, cd. 7.6 (Wllion) ; Bantu, 7.5 (R. L. Martin); Markham Valley, cd. 7.13 (Joiner); Fairy Arch, cd 7.8 (Nowcombe) ; Protan, 8.6 (Newton): Lord BambL 7.9 (Qulnlan); True Royal, 8.6 Wohnaon); Gold Trigger, 7.10 (Ring). . 94 Colllnera, 72 Gay Invasion. 4 GREAT PERFORMANCE, 5 Long Islsnd. 8 Psean Lad, Lord Bambl, 10 Protan, Pompoua Lad, 12 True Royal. Markborough. 15 Black Mln-strel, 20 to 33 others, Dlvs.: W., 2 14; P.. 148, 1 06, 19 3 lan . 4 len. "1.33H: started 1.S2. (winner trained by R. II. Clarton.) 1st TRAINERS ASSOCIATION IMPROVERS' HDCP, 6 Mr. EGDUM (Pure Gold Ithogram), 7.7 (Moore) 1 LADY JENNIFER. S S (k. smiini 'j CONCHAT, 8.8 .. Neweombe) g Others: Heliflre. 1 fl rrv.'.m.n . Kllreny. od. 7.7 (Sonldlne): York- ihlre King, cd. 7.4 (Bremner): Jen. ipvai. tMLsonsm): Mils nmvi: cd. 7.9 (Woodl); Dongsrra, 8. irattersonK miss Marcrolt. 8. 1 "C!"'I ...aiiv. wi, O.O (Ou nlanl! Duke r 19 rnit. more); French Melody, cd. 7.11 (Gliders); Urblce. 8.3 (Sam Mar. tin): Very Easy. 7.11 (T. Pranetil! Fort V.ll.nt ft St jan'evai, a uongarra, q way Jennifer, Urblea. 5 French Me'ody. Heliflre 6 Conehat. 7 EGDUM. 8 Miss Mesne, Duke Cheval. Kllreny, 10 Fort Valiant, Very Easy. Mill Rltlvll. Yorkshire King, 12 Miss Marcroft. Divs.: w.. El 13: p., 9, E2 11. 4 Ii. W W, len .ffliA. Slsried 2.S. (Winner trained 'j w. Lowe.) BENDIGO JOCKIY CLUB MFTTNG. JtATimBAV. htv. In 40, MUden Handicap, 514 furlongs. 45. Progressive Handicap. 6 lurions. 100. President's Handicap. IK mile. 50, Intermediate Hand. 8 hlr- inngl. 70 Welter Handicap. 8 Mr. longs. f RO. Advanced Mile. 1 mile. Entries for sll rare, will he re. celved by Rsclng Agencies. 4S2 rsuur.e siren, Melbourne, or wim the secretsrv st Bendlgo w till 4 v-Si. n iuesaay, December i, 1053. PHH-rp h. sEEnm.- secretary. GHLONQ RACING CLUB CHARITY MEETING. SATURDAY, NOV. 28, 1953. SEVEN RACES. SEVEN RACES. FIRST RACE LIS P.M, ADMISSION: GENTLEMEN, 14 LADIES. 8. Tickets on tale. I. C. M'tty, 14:t Queen street (neat door Victorian transport: Trains leave Spen cer street R m .nrf . u .PAlVtOR COACHES, from opposite Rt7ruVN,.u m FARI' Tfi wp.11 oV1- r'r- P! g"1 fifeeij Geelong. Phont 5043. J c. bell. Secretary. Lovrana Has Strong Claim By Our Epsom Expert Lovrana, in the Sec ond Pascoe ' Stakes, appears the best bet oi he E p s o m-trained horses engaged at Moonee Valley tomorrow. The Ally hag continued aound progress since her promising third to TENET and ALCYONE In the Raw- don Stakes at Caulfield recently, when she made her racing debut. LOVRANA sprinted bril liantly tor four In 49, feet out on the course pro per on Tuesday. She was not sent against the watch yesterday, FAIR SYMBOL was beaten by GAY INVASION over three In 37 on Tuesday. She ran two in 26 ii, 16 feet out, yesterday. DEMEANOR with LORD PARA sprinted three in 38 on Tuesday, and, with FERN PEAK, covered three In 38 yesterday. Stable Pair Stable companions AOA BLUE and OLE D' OR were together for three in 38 yesterday. OAMPANIA ran five in ,7 Tuesday and, accom panied by EL JALEDO, six in 1.23 yesterday. PRINCE RUTHLESS. preparing for the Glenara Handicap, worked impres sively yesterday over a mile In 1.49, last six in 1.20H. On Tuesday he did an easy mile In 1.55. GREAT GILBERT sprinted three in 38 on the can on xuesaay, ana equalled that time on the course proper yesterday. iunross Handicap candidate RED ASTRAL yesterday went attractively six furlongs in 1.18, 16 feet out on the course proper. rxiAon uji sprinted three in 39 yesterday. NELSON PARK Selections. Johnny Kamora or Carlong'l Ciih: Rolserlna or Erln'a Bard; Winston star or Blue Sons; Kin, Dell or Devon's Gilt; Nlekle's Elect or Moondale; Bugle's Fortune or Radiant Len: Kin, Dalton or Los Antos: Burly Johnnie or Little verge. iVAPIER PARK Monday Shire AtaV. m Im.4I. C5??k7 Clipper, Cross Masle. Jubilee Chief, Mercurlo. Red AUwah. sudiCs Best, Young; Morn. A.E.. Corn's Pride, park slake (1): Dln'l u.i una unns, km. way, Seratlam, Testing, Uncnnsen. I."Ill)li,A'E" Rervolr Star. Shlra Stake (21: Dashing Dllwyn, Encoun-ter, Rwlnana, Lukatxiy, Notlaka. f?r' Rral zephyr. Sally Mlttj A.E.. Nat'i Fancy. Olenrov Hurdle: Burnl.hed Crest. Civic King, Wcon. Grey Latoon. Noskl. Rumont. ThundersDot, Trallon. A.E., Kefa-""a , Pojei. Meltoiirn, Gold Cus Pinal: Brilliant Birch, 12; Fwn plan, 12; Sltwell, 12; Harhor Man,. 11; "an Bets, ll- Murray Bay.. 11: Solo Chief. 9: Dandy plume, B. Shire Stake (.11: Aurle's Seal, ma Tachlsta, Kamulla Lad. Moondale. Ranenrbe, Royal Cubford. Rustr'a JTmie, verey's Cub. A.E.. Aroon Ke-fslln. Brunswick stake (V. Oene-ral Nuisance, Islsrd Shark, Kay's Crest. My PhH. Neroonda. Rot Tere. Scottish Custom. Sydenham Flyer. Mo,'av's tfesrs. Brunswick stake (21: Denrlmut, Pair Return. I m Sal. Kammika. Reralls, Ring-wood Bov. SwIftT's Tin. Tsctful Bnr. r,E J. "er and Under. Esscndim Handlcao: Pls.h pine. 9: Jovial Nig. Jer'J): h'tne Vmt- ?: Loo'a Reji-t. 9: Tsnrter. 9: Albert Lad, 8; Los Antos. 8: Warllla. 7. Jnd TltAINErtS' ASSOCIATION MPBOVEBS' HDCP, 6 Iur. "sSSV". , (Nebrll-Brtght Saint), 8.2 .. .. (Stii.r.i i OUR DIANNE, 7.13 .. (Ring) 3 r KYPERE, cd. 8.4 (Shaw) 3 Others: Iron Lad. 7.13 (Came. g?f 8.12 '(sins Msrtffl SjPf'ii, 0,. Valma, cd." 7.6 (Wiu """.i . sniiacie atsr, 7.5 (W. A. Smith); Just Magic. 8.5 (Newton): BoS','i-.cArJ n (Gllmorejr '' Dlanne. Amana Fox, 5 Lady Ky-pere. 8 Rlpstock, 12 Iron Lsd. 15 Just Magic, TeesdalJ 20 others. Jwiilii'f ''fVS5" St.rted.M: (Winner trained by I. J. Wlllraoti.) .MPaVHDcV.T,'0" KEMALPASHA. 8.U .. (Sellerl) 3 '" o, 7.11 .. ,. (King) 3 othera: silver Lure, 7.9 (Lasky): S""''1.?!... 7.10 (Luxford): Canlo. Iflligerald); RobUi Ud. 8.6 (Powell): mu fouo, . 7.9 (Brim- ner); Great Jewel, cd. miw, ureas jewel, CO, 7 6 (Wll-,on); Land Blaie 7.1l (Evange- 7.11 (Evange- 6 IPatt.rsAnT .32 silver Lure, a nim it.. EL'?. Kemalpssha, Tonio am, Nevana, 8 llobln Lad, Great Jewel L,stt!,n a0!l"J' Ln1 Blaie, 15 Miss Folio, 20 Csnlo, Alee Visti. v.i w., tl: P 76, 11, fl. Lets 1 faii '..-71. Vb (Winner trained WC.' giiuoST VICTORIAN CLUB HDCP. J.H mile. TTIBNTSIDE (PageantFirst Coil), 8.7 .. .. z. Oarke) HAPPY MEDIUM (Ruthless All . 0.9 .. tv. isaxtncy) -KOVUt. 8.2 (Ironi) 3 Others: pusky Jewel', cd, 7.12 (Wllsonj; sun March, 7.7 (Caina. r,? : -pMiarok, cd. 7.6 (Bremner); Flying Way, 8.3 (Moore): Bt 5"", co. 7. launt) zethos, cd. (Newton'l ,'nyi Ve"' . g2 ltAlY MEDIUM, 3 Ragna-rpk. 5 TRKNTsrDE. Dusky Jewel, 85 SI".'' CBlu,.ywt' Sun Maicru 10 Flying Way, 12 Hoyle, 15 Zethos, Trol'le 16tJl P.. happy Medium 6. Trentslde 13. Hoyle 1 10. Deed heat, 2 len. 4.10. Started 8T43 iwl?I"i-,r,1Pf i: "appy Medium N. McDonnell; Trentslde, W. Fos- RACINQ WKITER8 ASSOCIATION WELTER. 7 Mr. TAROrc (Pure Oold Fon- tlnso, 8.5 .. ., (Mitchell) 1 BANDAR. 8.0 .. .. (R, Irons) 3 GLEN .YARRA, 8.10 (Ollmore) 3 ..!!,e.r,!. J"'".! -.. 8 3 (Sam Martin): Barlndl, 8.0 (Erangellita) ; Leprechaun, cd. 7.9 (Grant); Bll-galr, 8 3 (W A. Smith); Don Benito, cd. 7.7 (McMullen); uw 9t. R.O (Jenkins); Laverock, cd. 8.2 (Rollings); SunpooIT 8.8 gerald), 21 Olen Yarra, 94 TAROrjg, S Bllgair, Banndl, 12 Sunpool. 15 Don Benito, 20 Leprechaun, Bandar, Laverock, Law Quist, Ulllna. Diva.: W., 126: P., 68. 1 5, 68. 1)4 len., hd. started 4.20. .(Winner trained by N. A. Hodder.) WRionr STFrncNsoN notici HDCP. Ha mile. NORTHLEE (Lord Paramount Double Strain), 9.0 (Ring) 1 HANMER, 7.13 (W. A. Smith) 3 Qustar, cd. 8.1 .. (McLean) 3 Others: Top Wave, 8.0 (GUmore); Beau Richie. 7.7 (Doyle); Gliding Gem. 7.11 rfjameronti Wea Mac. 7,16 (L. Francis); Red Dip, iJi Hi 3RTHL1 im. 15 .u Rlc j iMCKemiei. lost rider, Hsnmer. 2 Ton Wave. R2 NORTHLEE. 6 'Qustar, 8 Gliding Gam. 15 Wet Mac, 25 Red Dip, 83 sttrted 4.S5. (Winner trtlnetf t W. M. Lynch Tl CARLTON FOOTBALL CLUB Application! are invited for senior Cntoh (Pltyinf or Nnn-pUylng) and two Aulitant Coaches. AU apnli-cnnti to atatt experienc, quaiuica-tlnna, ait and aalarr rtQUtrtri. Aa-slatant coachea may bt rtqulred to asilit at senior traJnlnf nlihtt and to taka eharct of the Second and Third ElihtMna raswotlvaw. aooiu tlva t cm ion cioie wun int) Frldny, Dccemher 11 Friday. December 11 at Prlncea Ovil. North CaTlton, 1 .W. a IT-OYD, Btctax,

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