The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 24, 1946
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EMMETSBURG 42-6 TALLY Veral hundred Algona foot- fans'who -went to Etnmets* last Friday night saw some- J they have waited to see' fbf long' time — an Algona high football team that per- in a smashing manfter High four quarters of j)lay idofeated the EmhietsTJurg Idogs, 42 to 6. wa* really a tight 10 l«n th* hearts of all fan*, frotri' Alflona that deceptive offen*' i&fmaHons that could Ick and pad, and thai tor two play* by. Em- tg presented a de- stone wall all even- early season Lake Mills Vl§tdtyv.was heartening, but Em- '^buri furnished a better test — ltf JUf locals. Emmetsburg had defeated Eagle Grove 6 to 0, the '' gifeeding Friday, and on a comparison basis the Red and Black froflSgAlgoha is destined to be a Stronger team tfoan pre-season dope gave' it credit for being. ; 1;^JFiUmble Proves Costly '^'Algoha received the first klck- eff. After a five-yard penalty, a *tyt 'pass, 'over the line, Skillirtg y, Crapser, went for 25 yards |nd' th» march Was on. Forced H boot, the locals did, 'and UtchlsOn, playing, a bang-up line all evening, recovered on fte Emmetsburg two when their Bceivcr, fumbled. Youn^ hit the [he for'a totrchdown and Skill- Bg's" drop kick was good, illiat was-the only tally in the mi 'quarter, but on the first jJlay of the second period, Crap- 'Ser took another short pass, cut through the Emmetsburg sec- A<bhdary/ and with ' Waldron InAhrowing a healthy, block into i'the last opposing player, the big /Algona end crossed the goal line. j*SkTlling'3 drbp kick was again |good. Algona led, 14 to 0. ' Just for good ? measure, Skilling executed a drop| kick late in he "period for three more .points, jfte,r/;play had see-sawed some""' giving the locals a 17 to 0 titage. , n *l, this point, Emmetsburg's |st H > 'Joe Dirk hit the Algona ' ^ found a hole, and raced by secondary to score the only Buchdown for his team on a ESTABLISHED 1866 ji —•*—•—*-• • •—••--> — ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. 1946 5' Kossuth Players Spark Minn&mta Ball Champs VehA ' ert Le * team took the Minnesota state ama- >«nf f ii» n* r\ ,*i * »»• • — • . "'" l ""y l " c w»»iiie8uia state ama- ^^^K?tJ^^ K ™^<A^^ got the credit. COUnt touniey ? ;the. stars of the contest, includ ng Walter " most valua ^ lc " P^er in ,.•--, i-,v-— Johnny, left, and Walt, the .iv?ndup tilt' at Owalonna for ihe to them as "the most feared duo in But Kossuth^as ; other;representatives on the tenm. Leo'Leimnger •Otis Creek; Tortv SMinrfii-w *t *)„«„..„<•» ..:u. _.-!_,i_ ,. ... e . raSo^la^yiSne.RS^^r^ fi»^£ l s^^j^Wiri^t. Minnesota ^a 70-yard dash.'The kick and the : half ended with s)cpre 17 to 6. jLosers Tally—Long Run ,_j, start the second half, Al- pna'i.kicked off, and after three ays,"had the ball when Em- itsburg fumbled on its own 35. tie 'plays, and end runs took the 11 to the Emmetsburg' two, liere Stephenson lugged it over a score, A pass bfdught the •a point. Algona'led, 24 to 6. |bn the>next kick-9ff,'Skilllng 1 iione -far 'down the field .^_IHSpfef a first.dowri speedy "SHilflng i .talUeH aji- 1 other.', The -kick 'failed. ,'Algona " M; 30 to 6. , • ,'Dirk, broke loose again for a , 40-yard • gain, and the only first down'-his team scored all even- Ing, , l but' Emnietsbufg fumbled tj ori the next' pla'y, Crapser recov- »gV and the -third quarter end- with* Algona having the ball [deep in Emmetsburg territory. Webster City Next pass was intercepted by Em- Two' : mcii are in ...-the •' courity jail,'.this w.eek, .a& the; aftermath of:;a general- •;• disturbance,, last Thnrs.qfay. tlie Lorie Rock" area. ;-'•', • • Truman 'Meacham, Yakinia,' Oregon, was .fined $50 and costs on a charge^ of' assdult and battery, or 15 days in jail, and Was given a." sentence -of. 15 days in jail.on a'charge of defacing- a building by Mayor Frank Kohlhaas,; here Friday. morning. Willie Leininger; • Lotts • Creek, was: ^fihedc $100t or • 30 ,,ds»ys in. jail on ,atiha.i'ge jof disturbing."the' metsburg, but they failed to gain on , their series ,of downs and punted, "Skilling returning for 30 yards', or more ( and, the Algona Bulldogs were on the march again,, with Stephenson finally cracking the line for a score. The kick failed, and Algona led, 36 to- 6. Coach Genef Hertz sent in about all the men he had available around this point, but the gteam roller kept traveling, and a .pass to Crapser scored the final touchdown,! setting the tally; at 42 to 6. ; While Cpach Hertz was well pleased, he declared'that the Ali gona defense has yet to be test- thoroughly. Neither Lake [Mills or Emmetsburg had much *of an offense, or at least not comparable to the better conference ^ams ,yet on ths Algona ached; Friday evening the Btill- .dggs play, at-Webster City in a |cpnference ppener. • Humbpldt edged out the Webster City team 14 to* 13, last Friday, and they will be bouncing back for revenge, Two years ago the Algona 'team went to Webster City and was beaten, by a S3 to 0 score, something which the boys' should remember next,Friday. Two Qn Injured Ll»t TWP Algpna players were unable to see action Ipst week, (Rich, a tackle, receiving F an ankle injury in the Jamboree at G\$r, ion wh,ich kept him pjjt of sef- viqe, ami Chrlstensen n«d an appendicitis, operation Jast week, l^e linkup', against -Em toiu-g, and ijrpbabJe. starting — .agamsf Webster CH;-- * peface,,-andfl6^days.-on : a charge ok rlnffn«.:*4fv',.n ;£., «iT*)-!«i**' ^TnliU^U Mn'te 1 - ^ii^aiid'^from/!: that' point '^traveled'' 'out?, to ..the .'home' of .a'nother relative in: the vieinity. where ( 'the'y^aye him a.;.beating, : The; county/'sheriff's office' Was; •notified: and.Vtoqk;:the ;pair'"liito custbd^' -aftei-v. they Breached ,A1- gpna, i,bu't,!pef6VB';an'v ;hiore. damage, resulted;-,': VA -/gas i pipe. .".v*as thrown : thrdugh •.th6?--'-p'6ol.'••'•'." window, ".• ,/•' >-." •• iv > ; • ..- . . t Other Justice. Ca?es Several''other'minQr''Cases i were up 'in local 'Cburts f in .'the' past webk;; /,''••"-.••'.'"-/'". : ": -•'.-,' .-. . •Roy Keene A^as.'fined $2.50 and cbsts.'for'speedirig, m the mayor's court. « i'.:, ; ,: Barney V. May, L'ittle Falls, N. J,, was fined $2.50 and costs by Justice J. B. Johnston for .failing -W stop at an: arterial. : Boyd Graves of Bellflower, Calif., arid John' Schroe'der ,x.-of Marshall, Minn., were fined $5 and cpsts for violating a stop. -sign. ' Donald ' Jansph, • Algona, was given a suspended-sentence of $10 -fine on a charge of drunkenness, on payment of costs. Jos. Goetz, Wesley, was fined $2,50 and costs for not having a safety chain on his trailer, all in Johnston's court. Police SeelcMan flirCase Of Girl, 5 ; A five-year-oid-Algona girl was none the worse for an experience that'called in local police authorities, last week, after she was taken for a ride by a strange man and reported missing from her home. The girl said that she was stopped by a man in a car, on East State street, and promised a quarter If she would go for a ride with him.'She got in the car and they drove around the city,'and after a while the man let her 'out. • She was unharmed. According to the girl's description of the incident, the man had a suitcase and a suit on a hangar in the tack seat of the car. BUT POWER RATE :>Afi?6'r(giving, serious •• consider- itfohitp.'.thj^&iidea •• .of, .„ erecting. *-'•: (—rT.^'j-.l.^i.'.iSvii'ja**?, •uLii-i^r'jlVAjli'u*..™ 18 More We w Cars Licensed Locally ' "Eighteen more fortunates ;in Kossuth county were driving new cars, or trucks-this week, • That njany new Vehicles .were licensed last week at the courthouse here, ' They \yent as follows; • " Willys Jeep-r-Bartlett Bros,,'Titonka. * , , Cheyrolets "— Hans' Beenken, ifent 'frdhv'ihfe ; ; Algbna municipally-owned .plant, .the Burt Gity.-council'Obtained new and cheaper;- light' and power rate from the Central States Electri Co.:; ';• V" ':":.„•• . ••. •. . The -new rate structure wen into effect August 1. •viResidence 1 / and ; •.' commercia •Tates;,;had been 8c per killowa hour,' after the -deducation fo .prompt payment. The rate now. 7c. The second 30 KWH used is now 5c and the next 4 is 3c. •- Over 100 KWH used the rate i how 2c including the'discount. •'Power rate reductions havi been made accordingly* , The Central States franchise a Burt runs until 1952, but the council, and mayor' and city clerl negotiated the new rates unde: the existing franchise to thi benefit of the" community. NINE DIVORCES UP IN COURT AS NEW TERM OPENS HERE The petit jury for the Septem ber term of district court Wil report next Tuesday, Oct. 1 Judge Fred M. Hudson of Poca hontas will be on the bench. No grand jury is to report for this term, however. Three criminal cases are on the docket, Arlic M. Stone is charged with manslaughter as the result Of:{ fatal accident on Highway 169 near the fairgrounds in which a Bannroft man was killed, some weeks ago. Hugh L, McEnroe nnd Lawrence Becker arc each charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Other Trial Cases Other court cases scheduled for trial follow: Lucille Mary Webster vs. Du-ighl Webster divorce. Ray Gordon vs. Mary K. Sands, county treasurer, equity, to stop an assessment. Mervin Cronan vs| John Helmers, law. to collect account. Mrs. Ralph Hasty vs. Myrtle Frost, law, damages. Frances Trasamar vs. Harvey Trasamar, divorce. Doreen Nelson vs. Russell Nelson divorce. Clctus Turnbaugh vs. Scandinavian Band et al, law damages. Roy Anderson vs. Jennie Anderson, divore. Mary E. Meyer vs.'Wni: Meyer, separate maintenance. Pesicka vs. Pesicka Gladys Pesicka vs. Leonard Pesicka, divorce. Clare Erickson vs. . Axel R. Erickson equity, partition. Elizabeth Lutter vs. Rose Duling et al, equity, partition. Credit Service Bureau vs. Harry Trasamar, law, note. ! St. John Catholic church vs." The Right Rev. John Hennessy, equity, to,quiet title. Merle Miller vs., Irene Miller, divorce. Olive Needham vs. Dan Needham, divorce. Stanley E. Keith vs. Marie M. Keith, divorce. Titonka Savings Bank vs; Wei- lie Meyer, law, note. Lillian Hawk vs. Melvin; R. Hav/k, divorce. Ida Mae Gorman vs. Walter J. Gorman, guardianship; ;• A Damage Suit New cases . filed iru > i district court Two Sections—12 Pages VOL. 81—NO. 38 3 TEAMS TIE IN BOWLING Wesley; Clayton Avt.priebe.-I^one Bock; J^oplsoh, Swea City; Rusclv, 'Whittemore; Russell Algonaj v .Swjft ,& C(*;,,Algo«a (truck).; Pr.-R., E,' Weber, Bancroft : Wli;wermersotu Sex ^jmavivjtv, Tfiii/.i ton? Vfhittemore'. Elevator ed peVf (truck). ?s, ,Ti, 'Algona; kotai Ditswdrth, Swea v u> 0 t ^ tthp A f f' /fea ' Kerrnlt Setghell, Algona fc.6tona v Al*H»a.i U, g , (truck). Three (earns jumped to an early lead in the Kossuth ibowling league, this past week. ' Burt, Olc Style Lager and Tanvilac kegjers are still unbeaten and have six victories, as a result of last week's matches. High scores were absent from the week's 'play, only six men breaking into the "200 Plus" honor roll. They were Hank Geilenfeldt and Julie Baas of Old Style, each with 214, Blanchard of Lone Rock with 210, Donovan of Hank's Barbers with 204, and Soup Briggs (of all things) and Clarence Lu- cleke of the Algona Barbers and Britt, each with 201, Team standings: 'w Burt Q Old Style Lager 6 0 Tanvilap ..6 0 Woodman Ins 5 i Pioneer Seed, 4 1 Herbie's Ghosts .^. 4 2 Bauer implement £< 2 1 Rock , ................ .. ........... 3 Kan^wha .......................... .......3 K. of C, .................................. 3 Swifts ................... : ...... : ........... 3 f 'itt..,'. ................. „ .......... .'.„ ..... 3 ullins Hibreds ..... ....... ,,...,..3 wk'? Barbers .................... 2 Bradley Bros,--..:...-. ................. 2 , ...... J»erp{val Motors •• ......... ....,.".0 Algona Barbers ..„ ........... ^,,.0 Consumers ....... v ...... r ............. o .- .................. 0 Newsprint ^hortsge Algons newspapers qre rm to pieet | crisis jn int to^ » bludedrar danlage JctJoHibroiight; by Edwin Kullberg «gainist" the M. L. Coonan Co.; asking '$532.75 as the result oi an accident June 16, .1946, six miles east of Algona. Sina U. Beenken is plaintiff in an equity case involving partition of an estate, with 'Ben U. Miller et al, as defendants. S. & M. Finance Co. is plaintiff and Joe and Maty Malone are defendants in a foreclosure action over a chattel mortgage. M. E. Smith is plaintiff and Elmer and Lydia Sheldahl are defendants in an equity case, involving attachment of property. ital Fund Campaign to Start In County, October 1 DRIVE; ASK TOTAL $100,000 PLEDGE Plans were nearing completion today, for the drive for pledges and donations for the new $400,300 Sisters of Mercy hospital to be located in Algona. At a mass meeting attended by about 75 persons representing all groups, denominations and clubs, last Wednesday evening in the courthouse, a permanent set of officers for the drive was named. L. E. Linnan was selected as chairman, T. C Hutchison as vice chairman, and A. H. Bor- Chardt as secr'etray and treasurer. The sum 'Of; $100,000 will be sought in this area. The Sisters >roup has agreed to assume a )onded indebtedness on the hospital of $200,000 and it is expect:d that a grant from the Hill- Burton act hospital funds for owa will'total another $100,000 ;o provide a total of $400,000 for ;he new structure here. Before'the drive for pledg x - es even officially got under way, a total of $2,000 was pledged from the Western Buyers and Algona Livestock force in Algona. The firm itself pledged $1,000, Virgil Smith pledged $500 personally, and pledges of $250 each were made by L. W. Smith and Don Wiese who are connected with the organization. Organzation throughout the' ounty was progressing, also, ivith a majority of the county ommunities represented. Towns nd townships with chairmen as f Monday were as follows: Wesley-Xj. P. Studer. Burt^Hugh' W. McDonald. Bancroft—H.:V. Clark. Whlttemore — . Gilbert Ben- choter. • . , > Lak'ota—A.i C; Schissel. Titonka-!-Mrs. Grace French. Garfield i twp.—A. H. Bonn- tetter. •-'*••; ->:• : • • • • , Uvefdale:,'twp'.—M., •-• ,3?.;, ,\Mc-; te»fc~>~.^",J. ?£3*&-&^j$$*8& J^-SS^'s^^liSst^^a^-vi^fe.feSpw ^ 1 ' * Named as a permanent committee for the rais- l ?/ nn °L* h Z • com 'nunity's donated share of the new $400,000 hospital being planned here, are the abova three men who were elected at a mass meeting in the courthouse, last Friday evening. L. E. Linnsn. left, is permanent chairman; T. C. Hutchison, center, is the vice chairman; A. H. .•3orchardt, right, was elected secretary-treasurer.' (Photo by.Long's Studio). MRS. KOPPEN OF LAKOTA PASSES Lakota: Mrs. Otto Koppen passed away Sunday evening at a Mason City hospital after being rushed there Sunday noon. Direct cause of her death was undetermined but she had had n slight 1 strap throat complications. Mrs, Koppen, a with chier . . well known woman of the community and daughter, of the late A. Q. Smith, pioneer settler, had been ill only a day. Her sudden death was a great shock to all who/knew her. She is survived by her husband and four children, Orville, Wayne, and Mrs. Edward (Sylvia) Hagge, all of Lakota, and Howard of Ellendale, Minn, Another son, Clyde, died as a baby. Funeral arrangements are pending. r elnOu"sen, Sherman: twp.-r-J. P. Studer. . Sherman; ,• '. twp.^—K. ,L. T Kohl- aas. Wesley twp;—J. P. Studer. Whittemore twp. — Gilbert Benscho.ter. N Plum 'Greek twp.—H. 'J. Bode. • Union? twp.—Jens Sorenson. Burt twp.—E. R. Woltz. Portland twp.—J. H. Z'anke. Ramsey twp.—Thomas Cogley. Greenwood twp. — Maurice Bernhard. Seneca twp.—C. O. Bailey. Grant twp.—Richard I. Anderson. A committee of six; was also named to handle the contact work in the drive in Algona. No quotas have been -established, nobody is being approached for any pledge they do not care or may not be able to make; the entire program is one of voluntary contribution based on personal .feeling in the matter and a desire to provide adequate hospital facilities in the county without resorting to a tax-supported institution and perpetual hospital tax levies. Algonians named to handle the local drive were Allen K. Buchanan, J. A. Haggard, Joe Bradley, R. H. Miller, John Dreesman and T, H. Chrischilles. The drive will officially open in the county Oct. 1 and efforts will be made to have the money pledged by Oct. 10 when representatives of the Sisters group and an architect will visit- Alona. Mass Initiation of Legion Planned Here Sept. 30 Post No. 90 and Auxiliary will IMS hosts at a joint county meeting of the Lesion and Auxiliary here Sept. 30 at 8 p. m. in the higrli school auditorium. A mass initiation of all new members of the American Lc- fffon not previously initiated will be the feature of ttfe evcn- niff. County Commander Walter Ensel states , . T .'?? 'n'Hat'on ceremonies will be put on by the Pocahontas initiation team and the county commander stresses that every member of the Legion not initialed in this area should be present and go through U»c ceremony. la.ln ^Tt.^^^^r' 15 - 6 "' DCS Moincs - "' h ° served as a chaplain with the 34th division, overseas, will be present and deliver the talk of the evening. FORMER WESLEYAN KILLED IN CRASH Wesley: Word was : received here'.last".week 'of the death"', of .1«*vwa»l<2r. l rv.':u't_ : ii'-.-. -.:'.!^'.':.-',.- ' • i'L o,. i, >i.. -i St. Cecelia's Nine Beats Bradgate, 19-16 In a wild, free-for-all, hittipg contest Saturday afternoon at Whittemore, the St, Cecelia academy baseball team defeated Bradgate, 19 to 16, in the first •ound of the sectional 'baseball :ourney. , White started on the mbund for the academy, and was relieved in the fifth by Schmitt, who •jnished the game and got credit 'or the victory. Wilhelmi had a perfect day at bat, poundmg out three hits, and Winter connected^ fop fp\jp safe blows for a" perfect day also. .chmitt got three hits, Buscher got two apiece and White and Winkjl got one each- The sixth'was the big innjng or the locals. Tjjey talked eight iins pn five ontest, after gradpte d eight runs m th| snibstsmia) lead. The Afsdemy nine p t,he §ew up Ihe scor. finish part of «npre high had been scheduled. e postponed because of the ouj-ney, Friday, g*Jmm meets t. Joe, there, and Oct. 4 has a ESTHEHVILLE EDITOR TELLS Of HOSPITAL SUCCESS Deemer 'Lee, editor of The Estherville Daily News, addressee the Wednesday night rally anc told of the successful operation of a , denominational hospital al Estherville, which in the past several years has solved a similar-problem in Emmet county After years of inadequate facilities, - the denominational group that took over the Estherville hospital has expanded and improved the entire institution, and any skepticism that may have exited at th,e start hag turned to one- of sheer amazement and tribute to a finejob, he said. fi» wiihed Kossuth csunty success in carrying through plant for a limUar' hospital ally-injiijred in "a-~ car accident in California Sunday'Sept. 15. He had . obtained a',ride home with friends, and the driver failed to stop ajf' a stop sign and/collided with, another car. The other occupants of the cars were picked up and taken to hospitals before "Bud" Was found on the floor of the car. He died several hours later. He is survived by his sisters Viva and Virginia, his step-father Charles Landers, a step-sister Annabel, who is married and lives in Charles City, and by two stepbrothers Gaylord, married and living in California, and Seg- more, married and living in Nora Springs. 'Funeral services were held Friday afternoon in Nora Springs. The Landers lived here a number of years ago and operated the east end, garage and service station. b* A credit to the wea, not be A constant added that county or indigent patients without funds for private, hospital attention, were given, the sam.e wno paid their pwn way. as less _ . ,,.,.., ^ -. — .. rr^ , take care of such cases, as be the case in Al igjhe. case at prwen Swea-City was Needs Translator For Finnish 'Letter Mrs. Bert Palmer is looking for someone who can read Finnish. If there are any such in this area, they should contact her. In the meantime she has a letter which anyone is welcome to look at, because nobody knows what it says, or where it came from. As a matter of fact she wonders how she happened to get it. However, it is probably the result -of some article of clothing shipped «ome months ago destined for needy families overseas, through the Red Cross, she believes. In the meantime, the letter, in a very nice hand, remaps strictly a mystery until a Finnish translator can be found. 1,500 Lutherans Are Expected For Rally Final plans were being completed, this week -.for.vthe big meeting and rally here next Sunday. Sept. 29, at 2:30 .p. m, in the, high school Auditorium ,of the .AlgqnaLclrcuit •rc-^ielif^Jj^f^a'^-jlrL* 1^^liJ^'±W2ati££r'T?.-_ ..1 A••'•'c'rwfaf of about 1.500 is expected to be. in attendance us 1 audience or to participate "in the massed choir program being planned. Dr. F. C. Streufert, D. T>., of St. Louis, Mo., will deliver the chief address, ;He is one of the most active missionaries of the Gospel in modern times. Rev. L. H. Loesch announces that practically all of the families of the- local Trinity Lutheran congregation will be in attendance. Back From Florida Mr, and Mrs. Hi White return' ed Sunday from a vacation trip to Florida where they thorough ly enjoyed themselves, and acquired good coats of Florida tan. named chairman of a committee that met last Friday evening in the Hotel AJgona to lay plans for bringing the matt^- of a couniy tax hospital to the voters pn Nov. 4. Petitions are being cii> culated which will force a vote on the matter. An architect was present with, a set of blueprints, similar tp those shown .elsewhere for 'eon« struction of a $100,OOQ building tP house a county hospital, should one be voted. The bond iss.ue for a county hospital is limited by law to $100,000, and a federal grant, if assigned to a :punty haip.ltaW,,would be one- COUNTRY CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS Eugene Murtagh was elected president of the Algona Country Club, at the annual meeting for election of officers, ' held last Thursday evening at .the club. ,- Wen French was named vice president, Bill Sharp was elected treasurer, and H. B. White as see, « retary, after the resignation of .«'I Cjraig Smith who has held that t>ost for several years. The five directors named to the board of 15 were Eugene Murtagh' and Ralph Miller, new directors, and Fred Kent, Wen French and J. D. Lowe, who were re-elected. Other directors . whose , terms carryover are' 1 Jim Pool, Fi'ecl Timm, Orville Wieks, Bill Vjgars; Karl Hoffman, Bill Hawcott, J. D. Lynch, Mel Griffin, Don Smith and Lloyd Robinson, the latter being the retiring president. There were about 50 in attendance at the meeting, of which 25 to 30 were stockholders. Two main questions brought up were the matter of hiring a 'professional for next season and having a full time club manager. Both matters were referred for further consideration The financial report showed the club to'be in excellent shape. Mgona Girl Gets To Korea Safely Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh have received word via 'cablegram from their daughter, Mrs. Thorna? Kruse, announcing her arrival in Korea. Mrs. Kruse left Seattle several weeks ago to join her husband, whom she has not seen for 31 months. Mr. Kruse, .a former newspaperman at Vinton, Iowa, was in the army for over three- years and transferred to a position in civilian government in Korea, recently. NEW METHODIST PASTOR TO ALGONA Rev. Oren W. Brand, Methodist pastor at Sac City for the past six years, was named as the new minister of that church in Algona, Sunday, to succeed Rev. Nelson A. Price. Rev. Price will become the vice president of Morningsidc college, Sioux City, Iowa, and takes over that position at onc'j. The new pastor, 44 years of age, is a graduate of Morningside and the Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanstbn, 111. He has a family of three children, a daughter attending college, another daughter in high school and a third'hi the eighth grade. .He formerly had pastorates at Whiting, Harris, Ocheyedan, Sioux Rapids and Odebolt, before going" to Sac C this area as. ,a' result __..,„ ... cKurcfr conference for the Algon'a' • * district held at 'Eagle Grove. ALGONA FIRM BUYS CHAMPION BARR.OW An Algona firm, the Western 1 Buyers, played-a prominent part in the National Barrow show, concluded last weet at Austin, Minn. The grand champion barrow, entered > by a Manning, Iowa, farmer, was sold to the firm for $8.85 a Ib. and a'total Of $2258 or a new world's record sale. The animal later was sold by the Western Buyers to Curlys restaurant, Minneapolis. The company also bought- the"'"" grand championship truckload at $77 a hundred for the Jones Dairy Farm, Fort Atkinson, Wis., and another load for Aberbass & Gastine, Allentown, Pa., at $31.50 a hundred. A third load went to the White Provision Co. of Salisbury, N. C. at a price of $30 per hundred. Virgil Smith of the Western Buyers was one of the judges of the show, which drew thousands of visitors the fore part of last Week,, Conservation Cases Two violations of hunting and fishing laws brought fines, la§t week, in th« court of J: B. Johnston, justice of the peace.' Fred Algona, was charged with - -jt^out a license bV , ..,,...,,.an Officer Wendjfl Simpnson,'3n4 Wm> H. Tt>hj 8 pf Ottosen P. TV A. In First Fall Meeting Ottosens The first meeting of the P. T. A. was held in the school house- last Tuesday evening with a large crowd attending, The meeting was opened by community Dinging. Mrs, Adah Rannels Jed he singing,' Mrs. Ralph Richards •ead a group of poems, Mrs, Merle iolt and Mrs, Rasmus Olson played a piano duet, Thelma Coopc-r sang a vocal solo, Barbara Long ilayed her guitary and Evelyn lates gave a reading. The following committees were appointed for the October meeting: program, Mrs. ®. J. purdy, Mrs. Earl Long, Mrs.. Adah Ran* nels; refreshmens/'Mrs. Jake Ryg. Mrs. .Percy Watnem, Mjs, Melvin ^llingson, Mrs, Wpachter, Mrs, H/dward Zinnel, Mrs. Albert Stone, Mrs. Ted'uthers, and Mrs, Ras* •nus Olson. Buy Grant Twp, Farm , Irvington; Mr, and Wto, GJli bert Hargreaves recently pyiv,* chased a 180 unimproved farm, HI ,>' Grant township. They haya', made no plans for moving, however, and wiB jpontiaue to, " on the " Buchanan Honored At the Junjpr erce ' " was Ul WB , . formerly, of without secretary-treaswef Ijce.njia5. His fine W as fltt and ' nnsta. . / - ^^ -' .! . '-'- «3£&li5l^.,^

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