The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1946 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1946
Page 16
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PAGE EIGHT_ .4LCiOKA Urffctt DES MOINES. AtOONA ,^.^.^-^^^Ai.^^j.L. . ..Ir^^M^ Laughing Around the World With 1RV1N & COBB The Matrimonial Shopper By IfcVINS. COBB A YOUNG Scotchman, methodic*!, painstaking, and sincere, as so muiy of hid race are, bad been « bachelor of long standing. Since to this country he had Saved his mon*y until now he felt he Wa* qualified properly to support a domestic establishment. One day " ^Tve about decided to get married," he said. "In fact, I'm looking wound now for a wife." "Where are you looking?" asked his friend. "Ill tell you," said the Scot. "It's my belief that .the girls who work as clerks in the big department stores here in New York are mighty fine types. As a rule, they are well-dressed and tidy and good looking and have nice ways. They must be self-reliant or they wouldn t be «?"»-king. They have to be intelligent or they couldn't hold their jobs. They know how to make a dollar go a long distance or they couldn't dress as well as they do on th« modest wages most of them get. "My notion is this: On pretext of wanting to buy something, I am going to tour the big shops until I see a girl behind a counter who seems to fill my requirements. Then I'm going to find out her name and make private inquiries as to her character and disposition, and it she answers all the requirements I'll secure an introduction to her and if she seems to like me I'm going to ask her to marry me." Six months went by. The cautious Scot and the man to whom he had confided his plan of campaign met «gain, The latter thought his friend looked rather careworn and unhappy. "How are you getting along:?" "Well," said the Scot, "I'm a married man, if that's what you mean." "Well, did you follow the scheme you had in mind—I mean the one you told me about the last time I saw you?" "Yes. I married a Rirl that worked at Macy's." "Congratulations. How's everything getting along?" The Scot fetched a small.siph. "Sometimes," he said, "I can't help thinking that maybe I might have done better at Gimbel's." (American News Features, Inc.) MANYFENTONITES AT SPENCER FAIR Fcnton: Among those attending the Spencer fair were the Mclvin Mansagers, the Alfred Meyers, the Hans Baagos, the Clarence Arbogasts, the Donald Grosses, the Frank Humphreys, the Lloyd Sundes, the Clarence Thcesfields, the Carl Becks, the Wilfred Bicrstedts, the Carl Voigts, the Holland Watsons, Mar Newel, Kathleen Rusch, the , Roy and Eugene Huskamps, the Amcr Coclys, Fred Ruhnke, Dar- rcl Drecr, the Wm. DeWalls, the Albert Mitchells, the F. F. Muellers, the Fred Jentzes, the Rex Wolfcs, the Geo. O. Jorgensons, the Clarence Wegcners, the Everett Dreycrs, Larry Alts, the Mcrvin Hales, the Arlo Ranneys, the John Lights, Donald Jorgenson and Ruth Fauerby. Church Groups Meet The Methodist ' WSCS met recently at the church basement. 'Carrie Voigt, WSCS president, was in . charge of the meeting. A business meeting was held, followed by the lesson presented by Mrs. Fred Brown. Devotions were given by Mrs. Mary Hansen. Hostesses serving refreshments were Mrs. V. J. Tatum, Mrs. Fred Newel, Mrs. Herman Huskamp, Mrs. Eugene Huskamp, Mrs. Clarence Arbogast and Mrs. John Mcnz. The St. John's Lutheran Aic) met also at the local Lutheran church. Mrs. Clarence Wegcner, Aid president, was in charge of • the meeting. Mrs. Emma Reimers and Mrs. F. F. Schroeder were hostesses. Guests present were'Bertha Kressin and .Mrs. Floyd McCoy, the latter the now home economics instructor at Fenton high school. Editor Home on Visit Karl Schwartz, editor of the Rockwell City Times, visited his parents, the Jaki: Schwartzes, September 0 and 7. Karl and his parents attended the Spencer fair Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob • Schwartz have been spending several clays with Mrs. Jake Schwartz's parents, the Ray Sperbecks, Swea City. Bob attends Iowa State college, Ames. The Bill Haa'se family visited at the Herman Gades, Thursday evening Sept. 5. The Dr. W. W. Jolley family and J. A. G. Smith spent a day at Okoboji. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer LaGrange, Storm Lake, visited recently with the Gerald Voigts. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Humphrey and Mrs. Robert Votteler spent Thursday in Emmetsburg. . Mrs. William Brown, Annstrong, visited Monday with her mother, Mrs. Anna Osborn. John Light, Carl Kern, Melvin and Gene Mansager went to Russel, Iowa, recently on business. Oliver Stoeber substituted one day as mail carrier while the S. E. Straleys attended the Spencer fair. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Salzwedel and daughter Marian, Deerfiedl, Wis., visited Friday with Mrs. Anna Osborn. Mr. and Mrs. George O. Jergenson moved last week to the Zumach house east of the Mary Hansen house. Huth Newel is teaching primary at Seneca this year. The Sylvester Hainzinger family spent Labor day at Graettin- gpr. Mr. and Mrs,. Reinhold Laabs and Amanda Schutt spent Thursday at St. Ansgar, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Laabs and family. Reinhold and Fred Laabs are brothers. Mary Jan» Eigler has left Springfield, Mo., where she was stationed in a hospital, for Camp Sheridan, Chicago, Miss Eigler is an army nurse and plans soon to be discharged at Camp Sheridan. Jess Halverson is now employed at the Zumach Cafe. Mrs. Halverson teaches junior high school in Fenton. The couple lives at the Harry Widdel home. The Arnold Krause family visited a day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ford, Whittemore. Mrs. Krause and Mrs. Ford are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Huskamp left Wednesday for several days with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Huskamp at Lake Koronis, of Paynesville, Minn. Guests at the Wm. Fischer home recently were Diane, Phvllis and Marlvs Frink, Pamela Weisbrod and Willie Pcttit. T^"-> nn-ints of the young guests attended the Spencer fair that , ABV. Mr. and Mrs. John Kohlwcs ->id Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Kohlwes, Lotts Creek visited recently at the Everett Dreycrs and Paul Eiglers. The John Kohlwcses are parents of Mrs. Dreyer and Mrs. Eigler. Mr "Ti Mrs. Rav Stoeber returned Tuesday from Lake Okoboji, where they had been for several days. Others'in the prouo were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reid, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Larson, Klemme. Mrs. Jennie Jensen, Arm- stronff, and Mrs. Anna Osborn left Sunday for Scarville, where they- Will visit a niece. Mrs. Oscar fillinffcon and family for two weeks. Mrs.' Ellihgson formerly was a Thompson 'girl from Fen* ton. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tieman and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Wolfe were September 4th • evening dinner guests at the Calvin Household- Mr, and Mrs. Virgil Norte and daughter of Waterloo came Saturday for a few days at > the home of Mrs. Nortes' mother, Mrs. Katherine Thilges. While here, Mrs. Norte was stricken with pneumonia, however, at the present time She is reported getting along satisfactorily. Mr. Norte returned to Waterloo Wednesday. Mrs, Norte is the former Irene Thjlges. 5 OF nvcoiironAtiotf Kt'Nse OHAIN, INC. Notice Is hPrehy Riven of the Incorporation of tlio Kuuz Grain, Inc., Avid Its principal plnbe of business In Wesley, KosMiith County. IOWH. Tlio general nature of tlio business to be transacted by this corporation shall be: To buy, sell, receive, store, consign, deal In and handle on 'commission, or In any other manner, conl and other fuel of every kind and description, grain, livestock it nil other farm products and produce, farm Implement!), lumber and general tfulldlng material and to build) erect, equip, own, lease, maintain, operate, buy, ftoll, transfer and exchange elevators, ware houses, mills, sheds, offices ni:d terminals, ami (o buy. own, sell, exchange, transfer and tleal In real estate of all kinds and descriptions. Including lease holds, and to engage li: any other general business of like and related nature and to do all tilings necessary and proper to the conduct of the business abovo enumerated. The anthorl/.ed capital stock of this corporation shall be Five Hni> drcd (fiflll) shares of common stock with a par value of (J100.00) One Hundred Hollars per share. The capital stock may bo Increased by vote of three-fourths of alt the stoffk Issued and outstanding, at any such time. When tl.o capital stock is to IIP Increased, the additional shares shall be offered to the existing si ockholders proportionately to tln'lr holdings at not less than the par value. None of tlio shares slrill he transferable except upon the hooks of the corporation and the following restrictions nro (o be placed upon PII(•!. share of .stock: "Re- Cure the holder of record or otherwise may sell, give, devise or otherwise transfer a share or si.ares to any person oilier than the incorpor- ntors named herein snch holder shall cause the' Board of Directors of the corporal ion, of which 1 the President shall be one, to appraise the share or .shares, and the holder shall offer .the share or shares to [he Directors for the use of the Corporation at the appraised value. If Ihe Directors do not exercise their option to purchase the share or shares for the use of tho Corpora- lion within thirty days of such appraisal, Ihc holder may dispose of the share or shares to whom and in such manner as l.e may see fit. None of the said capital stock shall bo is- siii-d until Ihc same is either paid. Tor in cash at not less than the par' I value or in property as provided by' law. I ' The time of commencement of this' i corporation shall be the dato of is-I suaneo of Certificate of Incorpora- I lion by the Secretary of State of Ihe Stale of lowu, and tho tormina-i lion shall he twenty years from said date. corporation may be dis-, i solved at any time prior to tho date of Us termination by a majority vole of the stockholders. The business affaira of* thin corporation shull be managed aivl cou- trolhd by a Hoard of Directors consisting of not less ihun five and not : more iliai: si'veo as determined by the stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, who shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and' (nullified, and the tllrectors "shall be I elected annually by the stockholders ( at the regular annual meeting of I the stockhodor.i of this corporation, and until the next ftfliUitfl moStlng of tlio stockholders of tm« cdrpera- tloii, the following persons ahall be directors, to wit; Kreil A. Dlckmann, Wesley, IbWft Afthul 1 Mftnsfl, tjtiVerlic, lo«a Arthur W. Illtcy, I.uVefno, Iowa Hort O. liamus, I^uVcrhe, Iowa Harold If. Phillips, JjuVerhc, Iowa The directors of, (corporation Immodlntey after thelf election the annual meeting shall meet and elect from their numbet ft'president, a ylee president, a secfetai'y ahtt a t'rcaiuret. Any director of thS tfor- porfttlon may hold any one of triofe offices If so ordered By the Board of Directors. The sBoftru of. Directors shall have the right and the power to appoint an assistant secretary and treasurer who need not be a director of the corporation. Until the next annual meeting of stockholders the officers of the corporation shall be, to wit: Fred A. Diekmaiih, President- Arthur Maass, Vice President; Fred A. Dclkmann, Secretary Fred A. tileKmatin, Trtdsurer Rach director shall be a stockholder and If any difectdV shdjl ettfnse'to be a stockholder In tlila corporation he or she shall automatically cease to be n director, the Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring In Its members between annual meetings by the appointment of a qualified person to hold the office for the remainder of the term. The annual meeting of the stoek- holdeis shall bo held at the l>rlnt5l- pal place ot business Of the corno?*' nilon on the third Moftday In A0f«' list of each year for the election of directors and to transact any othef business of the corporation ns shall be necessary and. proper. Private, property of tl.e 'st&Ckhclfl- ors of this corporation shall nO( be liable or subject to the debts of the corporation. Dated this 20th day ot August, 19-in. ' KUN8 QIlAIN, INC. Fred A: Dlokmanli, President. Fred A. Dlekmahn, Secretary & Treasurer. . 33-30 H83 It's Back on Our List , Dairy Supplement Is back with us here, after the pro- 'tein shortage. Also 32% Beef Supplcmicuit for cattle feeders. Dairy farmers are calling for our Dairy Supplement. Cartrill quality is sold 111 Alt Bona at FITCH FEED STORE, Milwaukee Dtpot Concr. i i i i THE atopri ROA —-TO POULTRY PROFITS SARGENT GRAIN BALANCER To feed with, your whole grains, cafeteria style.. No mixing': Keep your pullets on masji. ; ,_, S A R FEED TIC MOVING INTO OUR NEW BUILDING SOUTH PHILLIPS STREET » . . Our new building is not complete but we are moving'into it. Under the unavoidable adverse conditions we will do our best to take care of you. We hope the building will be entirely finished within thirty days, * WATCH FOR NOTICE OF FORMAL OPENING PERCIVAL MOTORS South Phillips Street Dodge and Plymouth Phone Cars and Trucks BJUSTROM'i Ready With One of Our Biggest Stocks in Matty Yei ' ' ;. * j ' i^" •',' . • "t a Circulating Heaters 1 . ^ , i _ * s ^^^ _.''*> i '• i i Bjustrom's now has one of the largest and most complete stock of" radiant ( coal and wood» burning stoves,and<heaters in several yefcrs. If you are in need of* one, see this stotk, lit offers the, unit you needj no matter what size room oi' house you are heating. Dixie No-Smoke $ Radiant Heater Cannon Depot Stove 35 SOC50 Coal Burning^ Parlor Stove $0050 38 Moore Radiant Coal Heater $ 94 50 "up EASY TERMS One Whole Year ' to Pay In SOLID OAK There Sets Just Came in They Are Beauties! Rich.-look!n£ Uuht oak pieces —table and four chairs with . smart red leatherette upliol- *•.. stcred. seats. Thls;set Is out- •- ? stand'ng for Jts sturdincss. .'"••' too, . wcll-bra'ced throughout. •» Just ,a lirn«*»'1 number of > them available. " , ' ' ! . ftf ROCKERS Give Superb, Smooth, Gentle Rocking! Smart, roomy rockers with restful high backs and deep, scft neat, construction that gives a man the comfort he wants, in his .off-hours. Choice of,durable new fabrics that will blend nicely with your present room furnishings. OUR BALCONY has a big selection of Dining Chairs If you need one, two or / three or more—come in and select from the many we hare to offer here at Bjus* trom's. ; With Leatherette Seats ' . \Ve Have It! , The new COMB-O-MATIO Carpet OWfr—56.08 Get Good' Quality— ,.. Qet qpod Value ,",-.< Select your pffice from our showroom of pieces, Every n}ece teed, -. -.83 BMMr |V ^B^ i^r ^H, ^H W> ^(p • ^,™_PB '• ^ ' * • ••'•>,_ •_-••" * ^ *"-< Established "1925 FURNITURE CO, EASY TERMS Ou Wktlt Ytar to Piy rr> J.

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