The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1946
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, APH1J, 9, 19.10 BLYTHKVII.LE (ARK.) COUUIKU NKWS PAGE FIVE 75 Progressive Leaders Confer Possible Formation Of Third Party Is Topic At Chicago UY AU'HKI) 1.KKCII United I'rrss Staff Correspondent CHICAGO, April 9. (UP)— The iwsslbility ot a split in Democratic party ranks developed Monday wilh the announcement that Progressive farm mid labor lenders mcl secretly here during the weekend to discuss formation of a third party. A spokesman for the group stiid representatives from IB stales met here to dl.scnss "the possibilities for independent Progressive political nclion" in Uic 1348 national rlnctlon. Tiie group was composed of 75 farm, labor and progressive leaders. The meetings were held in se- crecv. an announcement said, be- C'ause many of thr^ ntlrmlinK were here onlv as individuals and not representatives of their various organizations. The announcement disclosed Hint some \vere members of the poliliiul action commi- tee. A provisional national committee was established, headed temporarily by A. Philip Randolph, president of tile Brotherhood of sleeping Car Porters. (APL.) The meeting was called by Randolph, whi was n leader in the campaign for establishment of the fair employment, practices commission. Other initiating the conferences xvere John Dev-ey. Professor Emeritus of .Columbia University. Jnmes Patton. president of the National Fanners Union, Simeon Martin, president of the Michigan Farmers Union. H. L. Mitchell, president of thp Natiotlal Finn Labor Union, and Famucl Wolchak. president ol the United Retail Wholesale and D"nartment Slore Employes <CTO>. H \vns lenvncd Owl. namlolnh and Patton .sent a letter to Prosres- Five leaders some time ago to meet here at the University o f Chifnco 4 International House and ovnlore " .colnHon.s to national Problems. Members of tbo croup said prival"- Iv that nn effort hnri been made to exchul" Communists or nipm- bers of Comtnunist-lront organizations. "The conference was called." the announcement said, "for Ihe pnr- nose of cliirm^ln" alternative courses r,f political action in tli« fare of shlflinir political alignments and the erowuiEf intensity of national and political issues. Food Distribution Should Be Woman's Job, Ottoman Learns Bv I'KKDKRJCK C. OTH1MAN WASHINGTON, April 8. (U.P.) — My bride was on the verjie ot tears. The roast for which she'd paid $1.50 turned out to be a solid chunk of bone, she'd made three trips to the grocer for butter and it still was a mirage. There you are. gentlemen, tried to defend you. Mv bride wouldn't listen. Only solution, she Isolated If we School Official Addresses D.A.R. Members Friday i The untied suites etui not lie California Intend to prevent snicl. is to put women Iti elinrge of '.nnother World Wnr. Di'iiu H. Wlitle- fooci distribution. She's yoinj! to • side, suiierliitviident of Osccola write » Idler, bin, nol to 1'resl- ^cliools, lolct ineinbrr.s or (he Wtl- • ' The nieiUum-sly.ed oranges were priced fit $1.20 lo/.en. The off-brand soap flukes vouldivi lather. The two-pound ar of rooking oil, bearing a label of which she'de never heard, had peculiar odor. "And look at these," she said, serving the old breadwinner siine ;)enchcs from a can with pretty pictures on U. Sonic of tliese i>cach halves were pale and some were dark. They had s|X)Us in 'em; some wove soft and .sonic were hard. The -syrup in which the> were packed was watery. She salt they cost more than the standard brand she used to buy, hut hadn'l .seen since war's end. She added that she plartly woulc share her food with hungry Europeans. Shed save fats, if she had some to save. Hut . . . That. Messrs. Rowles, snyder, Porter & Co., is where you come in. My hride is unhappy. She'll do her part, but she blames yon for lettinc her be cheated almost every! time she goes to market. I fried to explain to her that the official [inures showed she had to pay $1.39 today for (he same food she bought for 93 cents in 1939. I lokl her thai inflation wasn't, your fault. She said slic knew that. She got out that bone the man had sold her for our Sunday dinner. I told her that you OPA cents recommended thai housewives in such cases demand their money back. That's when she blew up. She said the meat counters in our ueiKhboi'liood displayed nothing but bloody chunks of coiv such as neither she nor tile butchers conHl identify. She said it was a case of buying the piece of meal the clerk handed you. or never attempting to do business with him dciil , •nnninn. she's writing to Hum stronu Cliuntcr. DiiugWers Mrs. T. If that doesn't bring :ic- uf the American Itovoliilloii, Vrl- tion. she has imothcr Men. VII ilo >nily uUernoon when auesl - my best. Howies, Snyder. et al. lo keep you abresl .•elopment. Porter f Ol - Hl) outstanding program at llo- 01 de- (l ,| peubody. Memphis. | Discussing "Borne Problems Confronting the UNO." superintendent /While-side spoke as a student of government In outlining some of the situulLons which nuisl be settled Immediately. 1'ialslng the United States for it.s "about face" policy regarding Russia, he pointed out I lull this country can be firm with Kussia by not reducing the size ol our ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. April <). ' Army and navy mul by "speaking Warns Against Future'Blitz' Attack On U.S. (UP> -Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson said Monday tile nation must gtuird against future undeclared "bill/." wars which might start off with a "Pearl Harbor" attack usim; gas. germs or both. Patterson lold a meeting of the American Chemical Society the weapons of World War 11 forecast far more horrible devices in any future conflict. He proposed to keep the Mutton prepared to meet this threat through creation of » nu- lioruil science foundation with n military division. He said if the world succeeds hi force lo force." "You can not be isolated you are less Ihun GO hours any point on the globe." he said in pointing out that the United States, in his opinion, should feet Europe and grant Urilish loans "lirltish loans are our security A- that once-greatest country no\v i ! on the downhill grade." he said and added Unit to feed Europe the "liomc foundations," All nntlotvs havA> petty llilims which they must overcome, ho declared In ciilllim Kussiii „ "problem child who is big utid overgrown." The expansive nnibitlunx ol nil nations was touched upon by the speaker ns he snld "Tiie UNO Is n game of politics like u game of curds and all uiillons want to get the best liiind." Mr. Whlti'sldi- was Introduced by Mrs. Ct. n. Srugraves of O-sceolu, program chiiirman. The 44 women nrt'Kcnl included members from Mississippi County and other Arkansas counties who meet monthly for a luncheon mccltng. Hostesses were Mrs. ,i. A. Merrill .Irs. John W. U//.HI, Mrs. Kvi( •'Iklns. Mrs. A. J. Cole. Mrs. A. !• Crlttciuleii and Mrs. J. R. Young ill of Wilson. bunch was served in Ihe malr dining room of Hotel I'cahodv u' long lnble bcuulUnllv decorulc< til a color scheme of ved. ".vliltv and blue In (he flowers which combined n touch of silver. The tnulu ceulerptece. svus uu oblong woven basket, In white, filled with (ullps, splrea anil iris, and al Intervals were lull stiver vases holding white tulips and iris. Ivy vine run the length of '.he long Inble and a pair or silver Dlrds of Paradise added (u Ihe decondlvc effect. Mr.s. J. W. Aldersou of Forrest an. Mrs. Joe O. 'ivlcscliiiiniin. Mr.s. tllo I day .of May, 1010, mid to cx- C. Allen, MIS. Ualph Herryiuau. pile on th« 30tli day ol June; 1946, Mrs. K. II. Woodsou and Miss :mnm Kate lllchards." n.s prescribed by Bulletin dated Jan- uary 7, 1938 and Supplemental B«- ul&Uon No. 19, efiectkve July JO, UtT, Carl L. Fomt Merchants See Goods l.ITl'l.K HOCK, April 8. IUP> — iloro Hum 1500 Arkansas merchriiits vere In Llltlo Hock Hits week-end nspectlng liOO different lines of >;oods 0 |) display al the quarlcrly u'etinp, of the Arkansas Triu'cl- rs' Association. The group's membership IN made ip cl 110 salesmen who travel gh Arkansas, NOTici: OP m.iNii T)i- APPLICATION i oit i.iqumi I'Kit.MiTl Notice Is hereby nivcn thai lhi'| undersigned has filed wllh the Com-, nilssloner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for jU'rmit lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous lUpiors lor beverage ut retail on the promises described as IOB Hnltlmore Avenue. Manila, Arkansas. Application Is for permit lo be Issued for operation bcglnnlni; on FOR RENT... Frozen Food Lockers Equipped to Cur* Your ^ . Bacon, Shoulders, Satnog* Hams, A Complete Meat Curing and Storing FROZEN I'hone 2602 FOODS Main »t SjUceeV was not Uic "most popular" project today but one of (he "most practical!" Declaring Unit people should be banishing war it will be because all i alarmed at headlines In ncwspa- latloiu realize mass destruction 1 liers loday regarding world affairs nil concerned would But the ceiling prices. I bccan. Her ianyhter aporoached tiie hvs- tcvtcal. SUr said, price fixers, she believed yon should interview Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Snydcr and Mrs. Porter. Then gentlemen, she displayed Ihe oranges she'd bought. They were little ones. considerably smaller than tennis balls. They cost her 70 cents a dozen. The S1.2C oranges were much better, she admitted, but, what woman in her right mind ishe asked) would One nlternativo dismissed was j spend ten cents each for oranges? n new political partv and a nrovi- sional national committee, hnaded temporarily by A. Phllin Randolph, was established wil'i lh« nmoose of developing an educational pro- 61'oin aimed at that objective." Randoloh said HIP prosram "aims ?t reaching bevond 194*>." Mem- tiers of i.he proup who bnlong to the no'ttical action 'committee al- rrady are committed to support, of ' thr Democratic pnrtv in elections this year. ii. wns explained. "We wish tn start an educational .eampnlsn thsil -will unite American Progressives brtiind a Democratic nrogram reaching toward a fundamental solution of onr economic problems." Rnndolnh said. The national committee will meet ( m Detroit May -I to discuss fur' ther plans. Olher sujcrts discnsscrl at the conferences here were: 1. Whether the political -action committee lias become "the tail of a Communist kite." 2. Russia's emergence as an "imperialist power." 3.Thc dangers of military control of. atomic energy. Ceiling price or not? She said that the grocers' shelves were filled with brands of everything from salmon to spaghetti. Each package and can bears its official price tag, she said, but what good is thnt when the contents almost hivari'iibly prove to be a grave disappointment.? | So we" had for dinner, in addition to those odd-looking peaches, some fresh vegetables, which my bride said I should cat slowly in order to Ret my money's worth from each bite, and some strange. white-colored cheeses, with a red rind. I noted thnt it ditln'l taste badly. "It shouldn't." my bride, "not at 65 cents a pound." of all concerned would result. I Biological warfare was one of I lip wcaixjns which Patterson said the Japanese were preparing for use against us in World Wai 1 II until our counlcrmeasLires made It impractical. "Just as preparedness saved us from the ravages of lias warfare." Patterson said, "so did our readiness for biological warfare deter the enemy from unleashing bacteria, fungi and toxic living agents to produce disease in persons, animals and plants." Oilier developments in warfare. in World War II which Patterson cited: 1. GG Japanese cities will; more than 20.000.000 population were; crippled by onr aerial livcbomb at- ' tacks, destroying Japan's ability to resist. '2. Contrary to popular notion, incendiaries caused more damage to major German cities than did demolition bombs, at far less cost. 3. U. S. fliers dropped 50,000,000 incendiary bombs. 4. chemical officers in Hawaii devised a Ilamc-thro\ving tank with a 500-foot flexible hose to carry flaming dealh itilo Jap caves the QUICK fffLlff for en for Business?! .060 liquid ot VublotH mild LaxtilJvo and gel at Hi 'it re. ^a uct an Cold M EGG No£o J)iojis or Scilvo begin* lo ru)lov« vtl>{tiiic^s ot id courjMng AT ONCf ..... in (ikon U <?anior to bioolh*. Wo,V s Groat and woik* ivt City, president, presided (Uirinw the program and business meeting. Included In the Muestw were Mrs. J. C. Ayres and Miss Adale Hook of Osceola. with Mrs. J. II. Hook of that city. and the UNO. be discussed slluallon domestically. He pointed out that statistic* revealed 34 per cent of homes In this country were now broken by divorce if Ihe veteran husband had been overseas two years and that another 15 per cent would be broken in the next two to four years. "\V C must .strengthen our home foundations" he said In declaring that another depression was expected in 10 years and that lowered incomes of veterans also hurt Names Are Omitted One to a typographical error hi yesterday's edition of the Courier News, three names were omitted from Ihe story of Ulythcville Ulijh School olee Clubs part!(|p;U!on n Ihe festival Saturday lit, Jonesboro. Tli c last paragraph should 'have read: "The fW members who participated were accompanied by Mrs. J. T. Westbrook, Mrs. C. W. Ciarrl- River Washed Sand — Gravel ]||S{> (ioiHl Sandy Dirt for Fills TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Hume C. R. HESTER Nor Hi Highway (!' and bunkers. New Pack Organized A new Cub scout. Pack has been organised nt Learhville with Hal- eotub Eteed as cubmaster. Mrs. clema Ed«'ards and -Mrs. B. F. Smith are Den Mothers. Sponsored by LeacUvillc School. Pack committee members are L. V. Norman, the Rev. E. H. Hall and Joe R. Wheeler. The Cubs will meet with their Den Mothers once each week and have a "monthly meeting in the Gymnasium of tiie school- The next, meetintr is to be April 29. 7:30 p.m. Charter members of Ihe organi- •/;Uion arc Bobby Maymard. Ben Smith. Ronnie Kennctt. Jininiie Lnltrell. Alton Bray. Ronnie Sctby, noberl, Hipp and Pat Steed. Read Courier News Want Ads. 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