The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1946
Page 11
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8SOAV,' , AtGONA* UPPER? DBS IOWAJ JPACHk t. and Mrs. Walter FauU'tlcK ftelte'd Mr. and- Mrs,.. Merman usiie ni.Burt Wednesday, Mft arid Mft. llttotd'tfitf 6st Tuesday a t Fort Dodge where to'Fltdh transacted business. , Dr. J6e fteltfr > ; of«ShWT<rp0fti a., Is making tdri'.dgy vlsltiwith Tils Mother Mrs. Mary Kelley.' the!"new office girl -for • e Plumbing & Healing Co. Mrs. Oscar Anderson suffered a attack a week ago Sunday, how able. to<8itup;ln. bed; . Mrs. Arthur Ferguson of Keohtik tte la'st Monday .for: a; fortnight ith her mother Mrs. F. S. Norton. Mr. and Mrs. -Alex Detmtnd.and ildt-ert' visited Mr and Mrs. Will- Wiegert at Thompson last eek. Br. & E. BAMetl, of <New -Sharon tweA Friday for a visit of sov- sl days withihis'son Wesley -and rtilly. : Mrs. Eli/abelh -Kopnen. of • Air; tta wfls a rctent visitor nt the SoMe of-,Charles McDonald of Wa. Nichols and family spent Tuesday, in Fort Dodge attending ne funeral services of his sister- li-law. •. ... . •Mrs. Julia Dearelis retilnied-'to her home at Hurt recently follow ; a week with her daughter Mrs. Tary DeGraw. Mr. and Mi's. Harvey FliilC.v took' the 'Matter's-mother. Mrs. William ile, to her home at Estherville Sunday following a Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reid of Ores- were' Sunday dinner guests of ; letter's stster and he ! r husband dr. and, Mrs. Delbert Fosnaugh. Attorney and-Mrs. II. W. Miller returned recently from Rochester rwhere Mrs. Miller went through flfthe clinic. She Is considerably improved.; Mrs. Katharine McEvoy went > Minneapolis recently/to visit the IMaurice McEvoys. The, latter., are r parents,of a new son. Michael: Edward, born September 1. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brandow "turned last week Tuesday .'from Height day trip to the Ozarks. n/.route home they• stopped in JSkaloosa for an overnight visit $1jn relatives. f,,Mr. and Mrs.* CItfm Friedman of front and Mr. and Mrs. John nuth.of Independence spent the end at the home of Mr. and ; Charts Hoffman.,Mrs, Fried- jis a sister of Mr. Hoffman. and Marian McGulrev ghters of Mr. and Mrs. John 5uire, have 1 returned i to their jJctive colleges, Doris to 3s, and Marian to Boulder, Colo. " ankSPo'ppctf of Portland, Ore., been visiting his son-in-law daughter Mr. and Mrs. David ng. From here he went to Rock and, 111., but "Will return for a ther visit here. s. Mattie Davis of Moorehead, [.Minn., ^came last week Monday 'and has. toeen visiting . relatives here. • She is 'the former Mattie' Jaijey,! .at one .-time a' nurse 'em- Bloyediby the' late Dr. E, .C. Hart'* nan. '.."••" , Wesley Bernhard of • Baltimore, is spending two-weeks visit-, j, here, with his mother Margaret Hurt, and-other relr ves. He is employed in the Balr. |timqre office of^the Social Security Joard. Mr. and Mrg, WJ J., Green" of Bend are* the, proud parents jf'a son,toorn Tuesday,'Sept.- 3,' at Kossu'th hospital. The little lad. 10 Ibs, 2 oz. This giyes family i of 5 sons' and 3 ghtersi : .-• r. and Mrs. John Galefe; of /aterlo'6, who have .been' visjtjng ejatives; in the. Irvington -and SR f Joe vicinity the .past .week, ..speni •Thursday .with Mr. and Mrs; •Walter -.' Elbert,' They returned [home Saturday; I Patricia Plumb,- daughter of, [Mr. ariji,' Mrs. , Fred ; • Plumb • of- lUnion -township, has begun her Iseteond year of teaching at tha Po- [cahonta|ischool. Pat is a graduate "of. the,ii3edar Falls, Iowa 1 Stata Teachers College. ^Mr. and. Mrs. G.sO. B(irWn Jia,,_ lid thejr pome to F. A, Woodcock 10 is $inployed at the Clements Evice -station. TheyBartons- wil! |>ve t* Crowrieinexfr, week'where Barton, purchased a recreation plor some time ago, Ir. and Mrs,' Hollas Raymond vellfof Dete Moines are parents 3ftheir,i first ; child. Michael Rav- nd, 'bprh August, 8?( and weigh- 6 IbB. 12 oz. Mfs.'Boswell is , fonner Mary. ^aniHth, dftug i of Matt Lamuth, r. a^d Mrs. Rfchard tel^h'vls- her;: ?lste!r and family Mrs. /ayne Smith, at IndedepncJence, ur a few days recentlx,. Tneyi^oJ; ieir daughter,-Dorothy,.to Ce'dar alls Si^nc^ay to resume studies at powa St^te Teacher? college. Lulu Mae Evans,-slstfip of I .A, Ei/ans^, arrived ' Saturddy, frpmiWishington, b. C., for an extended visit here. Kathleen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F^ans, aHd-B6*rghlld'Wollen ,are now at Washington. D. C., where both are purses in a hospital. t M*<-andi»Mmii Fi Rice- and flffUghter ' JanlSy, .formdrty of Wyoming, were In Algona •& day or two recently, They visited friends herff and 'thbn -left for Eiigene, prgon, where they have bought an acreage* Thu Rices formerly owned the Algona Bakery. .' Miv add /Mrs, Mv G. Norton took their daughter Siie to Grinnell last Tuesday-where she is enrolled at the college. En route home they Stopped' at'.Sooner to see Mr. and Mrs. Anlone Johnson. Mr. Johnson is -in •a 'hospital there* having.. 'been taken sick while visiting there. Mfv and 'Mrs. Li Ms Merritt are leaving soon for a. fishing trip in the northcMrs. Merrill has-been staying with their daughter Mrs. AM6; Larson,, at Mnson City, the past few days. The Merritts recently sold their funeral home and are just taking life easy for a While. MrVand-Mrs; William Vigars and Lhe latter's sister Mrs. Olson of Pdcahontas,-and, son Bud left last week for Vancouver, Wash., for AVo.weeks with Mr. Vigars' sister. 'BUd"'went'along to assist in the drivingrand, upon-his return home ,vill ente'r the university of. Wisconsin. , Mr. and Mfs. Raymond Green and little son of iRe'seda, Calif., arrived last Monday for a two weeks visit with Mrs. Green's parents Mr. and Mrs. Everett Witham and Mr. Green's parents at Charles City. Mr. Green, is employed at the Lockheed aircraft plant, Lo,s Angeles.',': '' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schimmel of Blue Earth,-and their son Willard Schimmel of- the navy, and' his wifei"and!ttwo> sons,- of Oregon, •were'.Sunday.'guests of Mrs. Agnej EischeW.i'mother of-Mrs.- Schimmel. Willard is on furlough which he and his family are spending with his parents at Blue 'Earth. , Mrs. Arden Gre'cn and- infant daughter- Sue. Ellen of Rodeo, Calif,,, are visiting her mother Mrs. Frank Ditsworth. Another daughter Alta Mae Michelson who has been in school at Oakland. Calif., came with Mrs. Green and will remain here with her mother and has enrolled at the high school. When Mr. and Mrs. Kay Walker returned home to International Falls,,MinnM a short time ago they took the .former's mother Mrs. Nettie Fisher with them; Mrs. Fisher's daughter Mrs. FIorcncR Dumias, nlso of International Falls, returned to, Algonn with Mrs. Fisher, Wednesday and will remain for a month. Mi's. Almirti Green has retimed from Austin, Minn,, where she was caring for n lady who later entered a hospital. Moh'tiny she bognrt'cnr- ing for Mrs. Phillip' Scheme!, who feM last \vintcr and broke a hip, Mrs. Schcmel is able to 'be In a wheel chair now nnd expects lo babble to walk in n few more weeks, but until then she requires a nurse. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Zanlic of Burl and Mrs. Ralph Herberts of Algona returned two weeks ago Sunday from n thrcfe weeks trip into southern Canada and eastern United States. Mr.- Herberts was injured while walking across a street in Pittsburg nnd is still in the Allegany hospital there. The accident occurred after ten days travelling. Mrs. Tony Scliinitt and daughter Blanche, returned last week frbrn Chicago where they had. spenl three weeks getting acquainted with the former's new grandson, Larry Jce Jr., son of Mr. and Mi's. Larry Coppotelli. Mrs. Coppotolli is the former Mary Quirino Schmitt. Mr. Coppotelli is a chemi. cal engineer for the Salisbury Rubber Co. in Chicago. Mrs, Edward ' Sinclair and he* sister Mrs. C. E. Sullivan of Port*land, have <been visiting friends here life past several days. Edna daughter of.Mrs. Sinclair, .was* .a former teacher here ( and Mrs, Sin clair was- one of the first'organists at the .Presbyterian church., Mrs» Viva Peterson entertained thenvet luncheon'Thursday,and they-were dinner 'guests of Judge and Mrs. G. W- Stillmnn Thursday evening, Mr, and .'Mrs, Roy Christensen ant! son' Bob,' and -Mr, and Mrs. Joel Herbsl went to> DCS Moine.3 Wednesday to see, "Oklahoma". Others attending .were Judge and Mrs, G, W. StMlman. Mr. and Mrs. II. M, Smith: Mrs Wade Sullivan, Mr. nnd Mrs. M. G. Norton, Mf. and Mrs.'A. E. Kfcsensky and Mrs. Helen Passmore. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hobinson'ahd LUcia Wallace Weathered Heavy. Storm Farmer Vince- Gbedkcni' Mnnclic.sttr, Iowa, says:-. "I found Carffill. hybrid superior to three othcf ^hybrids in standing against a heavy., storm." Carffill Hybrid"Se'ed Chrn is sold, in Algona by- FITCH FEED STORE, MI1- waukfcn - Depot Corner. I George's CHICKEN or. f^ RIBS Algonquin > INDIAN STYLE GEORGE'S CAFE Where'Good Food & Good Fellowship Mee£ By (Mrs, A, M. Anderson ^The'Unlted fa "heade4 for a straight ," «<scordipg fo one of the 1 most tn*An^erica, the Rta Rev. creteCT of lie Nattonal Conference of <$a{ho, Ch94t}es tn on tnsions,' 014 agg, a{ • irveomes ha¥e> Because of Many Requests —for a lighting fixture value'like, this, we.have worked with several, of our best fixture manufacturers and now of fcrdhisjtem at a price we think .will be welcome* to our customers in Kossuth. ,.., :,.,o : J While Present Supply Lasts Installed In Your Home •r ANYWHERE IN KOSSUTH COUNTY The Completely Automatic Washer 3 11 Fills 9tlt Washes-. 0; It Rinses ,. •, If Damp-Dries ® It Drains 0;It Cleans Itself 0 ; i It Shuts Off Automatically It's tlici \vonderful Wfistinghouse Liiundromat^-it'ddes-the* hard work ; of, washine'for you. You hav*>. no'tubs i6<fttl,', no • hand rinslnfr,, nothing :to clean ,up afl'erward^. In fact^your, hands never touch water! No bolting'or anchorhlg : required.' installs anywhere, upstairs or-dowm, Thrlftjiv with > water, soap*, cleclripily. SEALED-IN TRANSMISSION IS Ladies!! ^ Come.- i« andiSe&^U*^ M^n Laundromat 5 Come, to .Prat^*;l€ictric - any* afternoon this-vveek — hours 2 to 4— seat, yourself comfortablM.iin.front"of ithe Laundromat— usdo a wash..' You'.ll probably be. able toido.a. better, wash than w« wUI', .but, that's , how muchi«on- fidcnce ; we. Ihav.e. in, Laundromat... jEyen a man can: get a go.odi wash', out of .THIS automatic washtlr: &&&/ Pratt 'Electric THI HEART Iti working heart... the Traiumluion .. / now<S«tlcd in Steel knd guaranteed for five year*.i«fter ^ye«.of, manufacture, agajnit, manufacturing defects) .Auurance of long life' and.trouble-free «crvice . . . e.Tcluiivc witli th« Laundromat!. Kitchen Light Fixture* COMPLETE WITH TWO TUBES i Everything included in this one., low., price — tybe^ installation, aNjompJete fixture that gives you (modern Fluorescent light the moment you (lick your light switch after it is installed.; We have had many inquiries for a well-constructed, efficient Fluorescent unit for the kitchen, where • such light is most needed. We are glad to be ablfr to offer such a value at this pyice—'COM« PLETELY INSTALLED! Order yqurs now^- a&dfBiowftthfe citw}'ieffictwt'Wgbt.that FLUOR- ES€l3*WP*can bring to* yowF'ldtehen, Phone 170 or Drop Us a Post Card The Pratt Installation Man Will Bring You A Choice Of Styles, Either i"!"' •!•*• etectri 83 Shopping Bays To Christmas Lots of time.left r that.'s truei . ... but when something like this comes our/way, we4hink thfere are enough of "you who will want to lay; aside a value like this 'for Christmas-giving later—especially, for that one important 1H[IM! New Shipment JusbReceived- On Sale Naw! 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