The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1930
Page 4
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 1930 ULVTIlliViiLLK, (ARK.) COURIER MiiWS PAGE FTV* CLASSIFIED ADS •rwo cent* a word for first Insertion and one cent a void (or each itiluequtnt insertion. No MSvcrtlMmenl taken for less than 60c. Count the words and send Uie cash. Phone 30b FOR SALE ^Hollywood, Storu COPYRIGHT 1930 j by NEA SERVICE/«c> by ERNESTLYNNf FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching eacli weei Ircun now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 26ck-tt USED CARS Our pulley of scllinj Used Cars strli-lly at cost tc. us, is your us- j sniaiici: uf more Dollars fur do!-! value. All makes and models lu select from. I IWO Mctlcl t'ord Tudor Sedan $1H5| 1030 Model Kuril Tudi'r SciUin SIUJ; 1526 Mcdel llukk Sed:i)i — S175 | 11129 Model Font Stain). Coupe S!25' 11K8 JIwlcl Clirj^lcr Scd.m.. $515 1923 .Model Durant Sedan . S'i50| 1928 Model Fcrd I'iek-up S2U5 1928 Mod. Foril Business Cou[« S295 | 1028 Model Fcrd Tudor Sedan S295 i 152G Slodtl Dodge 1'antl Truck S »5 I 192G—Mcdel Chevrolet Coup* S 94 | 1929 Model Ford I'liaelon.. S2U51 See our stuck today and make j ycur selection, ycur car accepted! as part payment. j Used Car Dept. I'HIL.LU'S MOTOR CO. Aulberlzcd Kurd Dealers 611 TODAY' ttt r\- elli-vr* .'' "nil "Husky Chicks, standarii bred, auCLion type, bancu ixceKs, Kngiian Usnorns, uiinngtons; luu —*, ucnvy Mlxcci, >U:ID; prc- ])aia; live delivery, uzaih j-'nrnii, | wtsiplraun, Mo." ! "Reds, Barred Rocks, White Rocks; j 10U—sti.'Jo; Heavy Assorted, sii.bu; j prepaid; live delivery. Central | rarms, Jefterson. City, Mo." ; JVUJK. KhN'i FOR KENT—August 1st, one of- i nee, Ingram Building, inquire | I'arKimibt company. FOR RENT—Two o;- more furnish-! ect room 1 ;. 014 Hcani Si. FOR RENT—5 j-co:n -bungalow, liol and" cold water attachments, newly puinied. 115 Dougan, apply Ike Miller, Phone 889. 28c-tt. j FOR RENT—Two modern ituccu j residences, 512 North First and, 201 Missouri. Abo frame residence | on chicknsawba, Dr. Saliba, phone, 410. SlckG' FOR RENT—Three rocm lurnislicd apartment, bat'n nnd garage. Me-! ' Bride Apartments. Ipk5 | IIUUI.N IIBHE TODAY DAN HOunilllt. (nrmrr Sfw Yiirk uclthimiirr muti, nhu l« miw urltliiff fcuenarliu fur Cmillnenla i'k'lnrra In HullrlTQOcI, KCt* II !<"'- (tr from XIUI!V VOL'XU, nn uld frk'Ud In .Veiv York, telling him lo look up n t-lrl nnuic* ANNIE WIN- TKI1, \\hit hnJ come from 1'uUu, Ukln., 10 "rrilkk Ihc pictures." I. iUilrii»irul nt y.lissr}-. Iiul Anne lirnvr* I" liu vh.-irmlui;. Sbc kn» hnd »t/iKv i-MKTit-nci:— ln nlork i'a]ii|i:ink-». ulik-k Nun telU lu-r (* Ihv brAl /iiiindillltjii for nn rrtlrn lo limr. Anne uullirvi Hull lir l« (.'iMilliirnlnl. llorliut-r U-1U .Sum- :ilnn ini \rurk, IJIK lie milly • ki- nill "mnkc Ilic Kmil In- Inn* n*iuri-h licr. The lollui*- IIIK Miimltij rrbcurf ut!l lirRltt nn his iilrturf, nn nilniilufIon uf n xlury lie- linil «rilten. That evening En- l«-:irm ilial Anur IH (<> tMirk Ihc- fiilNjwiiiK ninriilni;. uirikiiii; Ilic *e«-nnil (line Ike knN fuiim! rJiIra cmiiloynirnt. NOW <;o ON \\'j'rn 'rut; S'l'ouv CHAPTER V i4\70U do?" said Dan. "That's swell! Tell me nil about It." "I'm lo rcporl." Anno Winter said, "at Grand United at nlno tomorrow morning." "Nothing but the bigKest and best for VMI, eh? Do yon feel like cclc- braling? 1'U lio tied nil ill the 'iVaiuiias dinner luilil nine, bnl—" ".No lliank you. Nine o'clock witli makeup on. That means Anne Winter goes lo bed at 10 at flic very latest." She aililed that It took her nearly two hours to mil on a movie makeup. "Well," said Ftorimer, "you mic'il let me call for you In the morning I have to be at the studio, al nine myself, and Hie Grand Unilcd lot is right on the way." Anne assented and thanked him "If you're sure it won't bo au> trouble." Uo'odby "' a "~ SCC r ° 1 ' ^ S:3 ° B " 1 . ! ' 10J ' e ' S "° ""* Ol St °Wi" S a He hiing up the receiver and be I!K '""Vies, gan lo get ready for dinner. j|, crc zi gBy w i rcs m 0 a full deacrip- Paul Uollicr came U]. to tlie room (|j c,,,,,,,,,!,,;; w i,o a ,,d soon aftenvaid. bruising with him I , Jim Donnelly, a publicity man atl^hat he Is, and tells me to get n = _ _ _ Contlncnlal Pictures. jcop and go down and meet his train l wcnt [or a , va nj_ OUR BOARDING HOUSE .By After dinner a quorum adjourned D someone's apartment for a ix>kcr ;an:e. Ic-rimcr. who had ceased caring for the game, and Collier walked out Collier louilly demanded a drink, and arrest bin). Just to humor liim, Hollywood boulevard toward Vino llorinier. "Or no dinner for yon. You're tieing honored tonight; \Yaiui>:is i3 particular." "And exclusive." Donnelly added. „ "How are you, Rorimcr 1 .' I under-j aud the two ot us milled tlio fake Collier kept up nn Inconsequential stiind we're starting production ou|pi LC i,. . . . n u t Rorimor knew right (chatter for a while, but Rorimer's I wont down. J didn't have time to look np a cop with n sense of hu- n,l« i IUW1I. UU1 HIV IJIhl'l ,m^ mor. so 1 got hold of Johnny Itlddle | co|() c|lm]g|| , or top ma[s _ street. The rain had sloiined by late afternoon, aud there was a moon, but the night was clillly— ucli as the next one, but 1 don't now whin's really going on." "Wlicro Is tlila stovy ot yours— i Ihoao mouutnltu over there?" torlmer aslicil. "I'm nol kidding: I'm sorloua. Tho story's not complete without lie extras. Think ol tlio thousands ot them—men nnd women ot nil nges anil dcserlutlons—htmcliii; on mil wulUus: ami Imping that by tlio ;racc of (iod lightning will islrlko iliem boiiiuliow mid they'll set a urenk Hint will bring Iliem fume.. H'a iialliolle, you kuuw IH It's a iliunii sight wares limn thai; It's [ilinual wibvllcriibly tragic." "I know II," raid llorlmcr. "Hut once In a white ono of (hem crashes through," lio milled, thinking at Anne \VIiitcr. "Anil for every niio that docs, think ot-tho hundreds that can't lioiio tor anything holier than nn occasional toy's work at ECVCU and a halt 10 $10!" Itorlmcr said, "Well, they can't say they weren't forewarned; nobody holds out any houca ot stardom to them." "yes. but this thing tailed Holly. \\eoil lias a sluinunr iiboul It Unit's as Irresistible to them us a amiku'a cyca for a fascinated bird. Tlio rank* aro ovurerovdcd, but they cume—and will continue lu come. 'I'lio iirodiiccra' association docs wliat it cnu to keep out llio unfit, ;u]d ii warns them nil what to expect—hut there's no way of slon- pine a iicrsou from trying to get Into tho movies. And \vhen they do get In trout ot a camera, what aro they; Just atmosphere—a byproduct." Collier filliped awny his eigarct, continued: "NYhat am tliclr emo- lions'! What do they think about? Tho stars—tho big figures of Holly- wood—wo alt know about, Everybody knows utiout them, iint the extras who provide the ntmosphcre for tlio Industry—who knows about them? True, they'ro listed at Central Casting, and they've got men up llicrc wlio can reincniber wliut a girl looks like uheu her naniu is announced over tho phone. Hut .liey'rc just names and types—a fat .nan with a bald head; a slender )lond who can \vear sport clothes. your story." Collier taid, "Some day you'll FOR RENT—Four room bungalow, i Apply 305 Dougan. lpk7! FOR RENT—Room adjoining bath. Private entrance, 80S West Asli _ St. Phone 1004. 2pk(3 j FOR RENT. SALE or TRADE— ( Five room house clcse in on high- j way. H. L. Chamber.?. 2pk6 I j have lo get Jim Donnelly to give you some ol his recipes, Uau. The Kid's good. . . . Tell him about that one, Jim, with tho tea in it—aud the cider cocktail." "J don't like cider," said Dan. (away that Viiggy was nt tjic bottom responses wero monosyllables, and * nr.i^ftiilK" lln 111 Tnl) oilun t nnrl IlifiV ol il." "At Toleilo," "Ziggy wired me Rovimer ilial lie said, hail a hcngovcr and a^kcd me to tf.s"e an aspirin for him." .lira Donnelly slood up. "I i enough and ought'to "Uld you ever mix it with gin gather," he said, "that Dan looked WANTED WANTED — Family Washings.; Washed and ironed by compe- • tent, white woman. Mrs. Brown,; 70-1 S- Lake St. ITcfc-tt I AGENTS WANTED—Big Ohio Cor- j poration sreks manager for open territory. Opportunity ta earn S3,- 500. 55,000 and more yearly. We | furnish everything. Experience nn-1 necessary. Fyr-Fytcr Co., 1982 Fyr- J Fytcr m<ig.. Dayton. O. 2pk4 and bitters?" Collier wanted to know. "By th« way, did yon get in touch with Kiggy'i friend?" "I'll say I did." Dan said. "Well, what wa» she like?'' "She's the swelled girl 1 ever met. And that goes," ha added. Collier sat up straight. One hand •shot up to his black, sleek head as it ho had been shot. "Well, I'll be hanged!" he ejaculated. "You wouldn't kid me," ho added, search- in;; Dan's face with suddenly curl ous eyes. ]fe turned to Donnelly and said, up a girl friend of Ziggy's with fear aud trembling—" "And with tnalediclious on Ziggy's head." Collier put in. "—and was disappointed because she wasn't what he had expected." "Is she really that good. Dan?" presently Paul fell silent and they walked slowly together, each busy with his owu thoughts. It was some time uerore cither of them spoke again. Collier, 3lou short, said they had gone far turn back. "There's lie said, thoughtfully, ;reat story in this town, Dan." "It's full of stories." said Ilorl- mcr, thinking of Collier's dally column. "You crack onc every day, don't you?" Collier Inquired. "You're not goiug back on that little O'N'cil gal I introduced to you. are you? . . . What a blond she — " "She's an absolute knockout," said Dan, "aud that settles it." Collier §aid, "Hollywood's full ot "Get the lill-ln on this, Jim. Buy Ziggy Young, back in This! knockouts," "You and 1," he said presently. !" Stir ' ol a lca£t col " mu11 <lcl "°" 1 New York, is the biggcbt iiraetical joker llmt ever lived. 1 mean he really- is. ... Isn't that rishl, Uau?" MULES For Sale (i lu 15 ywn-ij uld, good condition Phillips Motor Co. TJOIUMEIt smiled. IX he said. "Just about," "Just as an illustration," said Collier, "when Dan was 011 his way out • DEALERS WANTED—REAL BUSI INESS OPPORTUNITY. We Call place several live widt; awake men in a profitable business selling direct to consumers In your Home county. Write quickly for free catalogue. G. C. HEBERLINO COM- JPANY, Dept. 27, Bloomington. 111. 31cM i New York Cotton ] NEW "YORK. Aug. 2. lUP)— Cotton closed .steady. ST'M not thinking of movie gossip; I'm thinking ot onc great big story-'Tbc Hollywood Story. I'd like to be able to write It some day. And that's Jus' what I'd call it—Tho Hollywood Story. presently,: 'and all those fellows at the dinner. ! ualQT ° ( Hollywood? kuow very little about Hollywood, j "Tint's 11. And. nun. Cull noticed you went latter all. You're inside of a studio, | story that person wuulil Long Beach Saturday) writing stuff for pictures. They i tell)" i write blurbs nbaat Hie. Dlclurcs and "You'll never set it." Eald Uorl- dlg-|llie people Uiat niako them; anil; mcr. I'm gadding about all day, Hitting; "1 know it: but 1 (.mi continue from one lot to another. Interview-! lo think about "Yeah? over lo night." Collier sail), with assumed nily, that that was strictly his own affair. "'Affair' is sootl," said Donnelly. "Come on; we'll keep dinner wait- Ing." ing this star and that, watching i Henry's; lei's go In. them do their Klnfi In front ot Hie I wiU' a blab of that csgnoK caniera, I suppose 1 get around ns FKECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS uockY we OS 60T 1AOCT NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 }Ur dental oHlces will be dosed :adi Thursday afleinoon. Dr. I. If. Moore. Dr. If. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. Oct. old Oct. new Dec. old Dec. new .tan. old Jan. new Mar i Mav High 12C7 12Q7 1218 1278 1310 1317 1290 1292 132,') 1328 1292 1300 1316 I31ft 1330 1331 Low ; I Spous closed steady at 1285. li| V. n. WASIIAJI—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special ratios on carload lots. Local Phono 8ol Memphis Phone 3-8315 | WERT | |Ho Makes 'Em Set New Orleans Cotton NEW OHLEAN3. Aug. 2. (UPi — Cottun closed steady. Open High 1265 1275 1287 12H4 12B8 1301 U'il 1321 1330 1335 j 0;t. | Dec. 1 .Ian. Mar. May Royal C, Mil Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tan, nook keeping Systems Phone 52 liSram Dldg. Blythcvnlc, Ark Spots c!os,«l slc'ady and unchanged a I 121'i. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 210 Aviation G 1-H Chrysler 291-2 Cities Service Ccca Cola Fox Gcnc'.al Eicctric .. General Motors ... Grigsby Grmiow .. I. T. and T Montgomery Ward 1'ackaid Uadio Simmons Unilcd Gas U. S. Steel VES.-TM STRAPS ASG CUT R151ST Off- BANIi A PAY- FOR . RANCH, ARE 7UBMM FROM MORSE A K3r? *l" WQLS(-P)JY QQ IF ^OL OM , I AMP "(HE LAPS A - BOAT -TRIP . TOR CJ ER-UM.--/MI CQLJR5£ i/j(Hu, S-fAcS AFFAIR vJ -to GO U>Er\ OF A PERFECT V/ACA1(OW 15 BEI^CIJ RicaHT Hej?e Af H6ME T WITH PAFF^/ <3AM 6 OF To GH.T-RIP OF" •'EM ALL! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ST1U, ON THK By Martin OF IK) WUWt COM- , TOU.OWIW6 WttOT A GORGE, IN f\ TO Rv9E TO 6V\E t>O LOOK! TH' TIP OF BLADE WS KHIF£ COTTItJS NIGHTMAHKS UT1LCBOQGIC 1 . HE'S BMXING TOR MC TO OCWH LU.TtE:G\Rt- \ ""[.TOW ilo they live? lietoie t ^ cume out here a year aud « lialf ago, I subscriljcd to the lar notion that tlio restaurants and barber shops would be full of waitresses aud manicures who camo out here to crash the movlea. It Isn't true; Dick Charles says he's known only a few lu all his experience. And anyway. If they did lake a steady job some place, they wouldn't have a cbance lo work as Citras. "I sometimes svondcr what II would be like if some giant hand could scooii up all the people con' nected with the motion picture Industry, from tlio highest down to Ilia lowest, and throw them Into a giant hopper and Itavo them coino out of the Mule end as one composite person. . . . Know what I menu?" Horlmcr nodded Uiougblliilly. (To Ilo Continued By Cowap

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