The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1946 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1946
Page 9
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WMflTUY, SEPT, 3, tivvm im smim, AEOONA George's Special CHICKEN of RIBS GEORGE'S CAFE Where Girtotf Ifyrttt' & Good Fellowship Meet Your Nfew Is Here And Hats were never lovelier than they -are this fall; There is such a gorgeous Variety in- design, a wonderful array of colors, and feather trims and hats that are out of tlils world. You will find hats trimmed with ostrich, casuary, hackel, vulture, marabau, jet, jewels, ribbon bows. . Colors are black, brown, wh.ite smoke, Cuba rose, wing grey and carmel. &-.£: ~«*»?y. _ .:T^.-;;.:«5W»\ : .,iV^t.ed 'last , ^J..orit.6f:217, '» C J^ ';,' school-. Supt. lowing teachers: "Betty Ann .Bran- Larson, Mrs. Lola "arbara J. Victor, Rus'.or, and V. A. Barrett. ' CONSOLIDATED 245 ENROLLMENT -•edyardi About the same number as last year enrolled at Ledyard,, 245 ,pupils starting school here last week. The faculty is complete with one excep- , tibn. No, one has yet been hired to teach grade and high school/ music. 'Supt. R.'.B, Rogness is iiy charge,: and Robert Leland o' Swea City is coach, with Shirle Baker of Spencer, principal. ..; Charles Hilferty, PaulNitzai John Jorgenson are driving t three rtew school busses. •Ledyard-meets Lakota in . ball, (Friday, Sept, 13. BOTH WESLEY SCHOOL/ RESUME STUDIES / Wesley: Fifty-four pa- enrolled in the Wesle school. Charles Mullini perintendent and other,,. v are Mrs. Mullins, RalpJ\vO iLoren Ozias, Mrs. Hif peter, Anna Flom, Mtf Olson. ; ' • / Beginners are Je/ •Marilyn Harr. / There is a regis* at the 'parochial sf , ters Jpsine, Su. nes, Virgilia and IRVINGTON FORCED TO Irvjngton; ' since its ^ .»-£ ^-"- •<n5f?.-i'K!-!.*'r::>-*i-~ :••».-, olh-'bones in-*t'he- •broken. He is now his ankle in a cask.s'< LEDYARD BROKEN ON Ledyard: 'youngest Jack while BOY both' ' Was Hostess To Lone Rock Club G roup Lone Rock: The Idle ftoUf club met at the hofrie of ^trs. Edw. BlancHard with Mrs'- M. O. Richards assisting hostess. Roll call was answered b'y 13 members: Where 1 would , like to spend my vacation. Mrs. Odey Cherland coHdUcted the meeting 'in tHe absence of the president and vice president. Each member told who their mystery sister had been the past year. The entertainment Was conducted by Mrs. James Coacly' and Mrs. C-tfey Cherlarlfc The prifees were won by Mtfs. Walter Thompson, Mrs.- Fred Tigges arid Mrs. Harry Hbbsdn. The next meeting Will be Sdpt». 20 at the home of Mrs. Frartk Merroh. Birthday and Farewell A birthday party in honor of Mrs. A- L. Cotton and a farewell party in honor of Mrs. A. E. Jor- gfertsbH- artd daughter' Lora Jane Was held Wednesday afternoon at the Hbtne of Mrs. Harry Montgomery With the following ladies present: Mrs. A, L. Cotton, Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. Art Priebe, Mrs.' Ai E. Jor'gerisoH and Lora Jane, Mirs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. EM. JenseM, Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Margaret Gladst'orie, and Loretta Gapp as guest of hortor. Betty Deitering of Bancroft spent Sunday Visiting' at the Bert Quinn home. Emil Kraft . attended a D. X. tanlc men's dinner at the Algona ;hotel Thursday night. Mr.' and Mrs'. Jim Long and Roger attended the state fair at •Des Moines last weekend. .Mrs; Barber, who has been visiting Mh and Mrs. L. C. Williams is spending a few days visiting at Burt. .Mr. and- Mrs- Maynard Mueller 1 arid children spent Monday forenoon at the Clifford Mueller home. Mr-- and Mrs. Allan .Hungerford of S\vea City spent' Thursday evening, visiting at the Wm. Rath home. . Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Holtzen of Santa 'Rose; Calif., spent Monday evening visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs- Emil Kraft. Mrs. Ella Hanria and June : A'dele went back to Fairmont, Minn;,- Thursday after a visit at the Geo. Hanna home here. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittrrier of Burt were Sunday dinner guests at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Wm. ScHrader and' family. Mr. and Mrs.- Byron- Kruse and David , of Winona- spent- fram Monday ^ntil Friday visiting her 1 ' By S.ICOBB stfi'eliy fib<#try ItWfcfoHtota fcntered a hun^y." Snd' . perSflfl, M'e taofc tt'siftt, A srtlrt-3lefeved waiter flttf§«l-' Up- alongside ' (tetffSifirdkrd the tfWWjdftr; there's tttfc sister Mrs ; Art 1 Priebe arid fam-' •ilyii- .J. v.— .«:»,•• •''>.<•- *» Mr. and Mrs. Don BlancKS'fd,* •Donna and Craig, .of Plymouth, came Friday to visit at the home of his parents Mr., .and Mrs. J. ,M: Blanchard. : Mrs. Odey Cherland was hostess for a shower for Mrs. Howard Ge'esman Friday afternoon at Burt arid Arech Cherland Was on the program; Dorothy and MelviH BroWhirig of Forest City spent from Sunday evening until Wednesday evening visiting at the Ornie Behrends home. f Miss Charlene Rath dame Wednesday after a week's visit at the home of Jack Beck at Royal and the home of Gus Tumler at' Peterson; 4 . • Mrs. Underwood of Jtingsted spent Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hi E. Micka and they took her back home and visited there Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hanna moved into their new home on the ;Frank Dacken farm Thursday and Friday, where Bob is going to farm the following year. Mr. and- Mrs. W. J. Korlaske and' family, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hillman of Emmetsburg were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lockwood. Mrs. Edwin Howe and baby, Dennis of Emmetsburg and Mrs. Mundell of Osceola spent Wednesday visiting at "the home of Mr. and Mrs. .George Pettit and Mrs. Evelyn Earing. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hoppe and Roger were Sunday dinner guests at- the home of- Mr-,, and Mrs. Avery Fitch at Burt, and also spent Thursday visiting 'at the Vern Hoppe home. •Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jergenson- of- Algona spent Sunday ^'evening, visiting" at the" FraM Flaig home. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burt of Armstrong Wednesday evening . there; Mrs; Ella- Hanna- and . ( June Adele went 'back to Fairmont, township ' .11. It is/ f.-hools in/ , 16 Q^tr|u • "• i'seWherr ,' in IV/Tnix rt j' m Ma Algp; tildrep AT ;, / O^en weekdays from e p,m, onV u^ti^F » v • - ?) ii * & , , . . . get Twned Up For The Biggest Season Ever! Bowl At Barry's . - . • i^ 'en, Health w <•. ''Say," atisweted the Mitef, "Wltefi do yotl thiilteyou are, anyhow? —'the' RitziCarlton ? We ain't g&jt no inenus. Just'- pick out what yob wanty- same as our other customers does, and 1 if we got it I'll bring it to you." i .„ A ' j "But' hoW art' 1 goitfg: to WibW Wat you've #6 if it ain't WTO* out on a caril ?" said' the pUZfcleU pa'trofi. , . "Why, yofl- just tflke &' Ictolr at the- tableClotM iftid see': what other .folks haVef had today," plained' the feervitof. i So the strstfger took a tobtf at the spots on tHe* tablecloth sftid 'oWeVed' Ifefftll soup, hamburger Steak/ fried toma't'oe8 r b,lt>eberry pie, and* c«p of eafieA After He had-concluded a somewhat hurried but see'm- iMgly s&tisfactbry m«fl : iTgain he' hailed the waiter: "Whe-re's'the'ehe'ek?" [ ' "Still dreartiri', huh?" said the ottfef gciorTifulJy. "Aiw't 1 yoft'gpt it •through yotir head yet that this ain't no fancy joint? We don't have ino checks. All-ybu got to'do is stop the* at the' ca"sHlef?s\de4k< by thef iddof as you go out and she'll tell you how much you owe. "How is she going to know what I had?" "Trust her—she'll know, all right." ; So the departing, .customer, without a word, halted before the cashier. The latter, a keen-eyed young woman, bent forward oVer her d^sk and-gave a quick appraising glance at his shirt-front. « "Lemme see;" she murmured,'"lentil soup, hamburger, fried tomatoes, pie and coffee.—ninety cents, Mister." (AnMrlcJia New«^eatfire»; Inc.)' Minn., Wednesday a. m. She is getting along as well as can be expected ; at this writing.. She has : been going through the clinic"Mr.- and Mrs. Raymond Nelson 'left Thursday morning for Waukegan, 111., where they will'visit his-sister, Mrs. Walter Soderqiiist and' family and' they also intend to visit friends in Chicago, 111. . Mrs. Charlie Hawks and son Wayne of Spirit Lake visited relatives iri Lone Rock Mdnday. Phyllis Jackman of Ames came Friday for a few days . visit at the home of her sister Mrs. Russel Jensen, •Mr; and Mrs. Clifford Mueller arid family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E, Mueller at Fenton in honor of Mr. and-Mrs. Maynard .Mueller of- Merced,. Calif., as a farewell dinner. •'• • Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Mary Madison and Mr. and 'Mrs, Milton -Madison were Mr. and Mrs. John Munch and Jackie, of- Fenton,. Mr; Mrs, Charles Osborne and Jimmie and .Tinus Madsen. Mr. arid Mrs- A. D. NeWbrough returned : from a' visit at Fort Worth, Tex., Monday. They took their 1 son' John arid family down there, where they have bought a house and intend to live. John is employed in a service station there, Jessie Stebritz underwent a tonsillectomy operation in the Worrell' hospital- in Rochester, Minn., Wedrtesday morning. She is- getting along as well as can be expected at this writing. She has been going through th(< clinic. Mrs. James Glynii of Grand Meadow, Minn., Mrs; W, Pt, Altwegg and' Merlin of Austin, Minn., have spent the past three days visiting Mr. and Mrs; A. E. Jorgenson and fahijly, Helen M.C- Mahon' of Algona' came Friday for, a visit, Mr«. Geo, pong, Parjene and Dennis, spent Jtesday visiting Mf. and Mrs. Hiram Ad? at Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence of Wesley brought dbygjiter Oarlene back; to G - ebt With' Ji'er , Mfc, art went alon Mrs, F, WT Don CoUjns Oscar and Ida r a vwt ,ej. mother, ana brother enn Vislf Marilyn DltsWbrtH, fioris isUury arid Mfele*rt : Grahdrn were Weekend guests at tHe home of ,Mr. a"«a' MrS» Marshall forger son at HanlonoWrt. MY. Tofger- Sdri WBB formerly' the cdach at BilH high. . IK Heffhy Klvnrt o'f tlife In- norp'orfttltfn of thn Kiinsi Ornlh, Inc., will: 1 Its prltlfclpnl f»laco of lilisInesM In \Vcnlhy, Itossutli Connly, lown, THil prfrt6V"ftl nnttirS of Ufn business; to IIP trnnsrtblprt !)>' tliln cor- pni-ntloh slmll hn: Trt buy, sell, re- cplvo. fitbt-p, donsltfn, Ocnl In anrt Imnilln'off crt'rnmlsslort. or In any oilier rfinrfrfefl conl ftnd other fuel of ox'pry Klrfil nml ilfl'sfrrlpllon, Ri-alrt, llves'look nn<l oilier . farm proilunth and prt>thi<?e, farm InKpIemfTnts, liinr- lipr nnil'fconornl InMlilInK mntprlal nnil to build, p.rec't. cinllp. own 1 , IPOPP. rflalhtnln, operate, buy, Mil, trnnsfor fthfl exchange clnvntofs, waro lioilscs. mills,' sheds; offlcna itr.d iwfftltfalsl nml to buy, own, sell, oxchnflffW, li-nhsfpi' njid ilnd'l In real eslnio rif nil kinds rttid dpHfcrlptlonS. ln»u(llnif ]^n«n Imldif, and to ptiKnirc Ifi an.\* dth'tfr' gpner'til bitsln^ss of llkri nh'il rpldlt^rt nature and to do nil riefesriary ah'd pYopcr to tlio oftlte btislhriss above eiitnn- Bernard, from the Iowa (State college at Ames. Mr- and Mrs. Blanchard intend to go-on to Des Moines to visit their son, How- 'ard and family! and their daughter, Mrs. '{Albert Thompson and family there. Mr. and Mrs. Gen- rinh are to take their daughter, Lucille to Belmond, where sh'_> > ; ill teach the following year. A Sunday school party in honor of Marland Jorgenson, who is moving away, was held at the Home of Delores Marlow Thursday afternoon- Marland was presented with a gift, and several games were played. Those present Were Mrs. L. A. Newbrough, their teacher; Joan Zwiefel, Joan Flaig, Betty Shaser, Delilah Marlow, Delores Mar- lOw, Virginia Rath, "Rita Hurl- 'burt, Vevda Bell Behrends, Don Jensen,, Gene Blanchard, Mar- :larid ; Jorgenson, Charles HouSe- Wblder, and'Fritz Newbrough. iMr. and Mrs. Louis Seegebarth ^entertained .the following' people ; at a dinner' Wednesday evening ;in honor Ojf'their daughter Karen's first 'birthday: Mr. and- Mrs* Wm. Dreyer.and' Victbr, Mr', and jMrs. Eric r Eeefgebartri of Lone Rock, Mrs! John Seegebarth and jLydia of Algona, Mr^yan^^IrsL iLjawrence, .Zwiefel orSwe'a' City," 'Mrs. Ann'a Alke and Mary Anna, Ida of'Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. ;Niel Miekealsori and children of Titonka; Mr. and Mrs. Jdhri-Alke of Corwith, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Alke arid Janice of Wesley. Union: Presley Bardlets- who has not been so Well; suffered a relapse last week and at this wfitlrig is confined to his bed in a very Weakened' condition"; refusing riiUch nourishment- in his late 80's. He is Home At Swtea City Swea City: George E. Butterfield' sold ,his remaining residence lot;, to Gayl Johnson last week. ;.The lots lay to the south of/the Butterfield residence, and just north of the Dourte home. .It was understood that Mr. Johnson plans to touild a brick residence .at some future time. LOW ,00ST ADVERTISING — That's 'what you get in Upper Des Moines want ads! Over 4,000 Tlic rtl(t1ioMzc(l caji'lthl slock rtf tlilR .crtrpofatlorf ((Ifall We Five Hnri- dreil' (HOO) slini-os of common stock with n pnr vnlnn of ($"100.00) Orie Hundred Dollars pnr shnrf. Tito (.•njlHal stock may bo Incrrnsml l(y volp o'f (.hren-fonrtliR of nil tlio stock l-sstipd rihd ontstnndlnR at any such time. When the capital st'ock Is to Be Increased', the adflltlpnal slmres shnll ho nffcreil to the existing; stock-ho.ldeffc proiforlloifiitely 'to llwlr holdings at not less than \he par value/ JJond oC tjln shares slnll he trnnsferablo except upon the hooks.of thfl corporation and the following restrictions arn to 1«3 placed upon cnclv sliai'o of stock: "Be- Torfi tlio holder ot record or otlior- wlse may sell, s've, devise of olhor- w!*o Irniisfe'f a shnro or sharps to any person oilier than the Incorporators iiamed herein such holder shall cause the Board ot Directors of tho corporation, of will el? the President shall he ore, to appraise the share or shores, and tin; holdnr /shall offer the share or shares to the nirectors for the use of the Corporation at the appraised value. If the Directors do not oxerel«o their option lo purchase- the share or shares for the use of tlio Corporation within thirty days of such appraisal, the holder may dispose of the share; or sharps lo whom and In such manner as l.o may soe fit. None 'of (he said capital stock shall he Issued unlll the saliie Is either paid for In cash at not less than tho par value or In property as provided by law. The lime of commencement of this corporation' shall he the date of is- •suanco of Certificate of Incorporation by the Secretary of Stale of the State of JUwa; and the lennina- • tlon slfall be twenty years from said date. TKlH corporation may he dissolved at any time prior to the date ;of its termination by a majority ivote of the stockholders. The business affairs of this corporation shall he managed and controlled by a Board of Directors con- slstlns of not less than five and not more than seven as determined by the stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, who shall hold office for one year or until 'their successors are' elected and qualified, and tT.e directors shall be 'elected annually by the stockholders -at the regular annual meeting of : the stockhoders of this corporation and until' the next annual meeting of the stockh'oiaers of Ihl-s corpora- tlori, the following persons shall be directors, to wit:., •Fred A. Diekm'arirt, Wesley, Iowa H JAl-tliilT Mttn«fl!-T J uV«rne,".Iowa : Arthur W. niley, LuVerne, Iowa Bert C. Ttamus, LuVerne, Iowa Harold If. Flillllps, LuVerne, Iowa The directors of this corporallon imrriedlatey after their election a] the annual meeting shall meet and elect'from their number a president a vice president,, a secretary and a treasurer: Any director of the cor- porhtioh : may hold any one or more office's if so ordered by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the right and the power to appoint an assistant secretary affiT treasurer who need not be a' director ot the corporation. Until tho next annual meeting of stock'h'diaers the officers of the corporation Wit: Fred A. Diekrtartri,-President Arthur Maass, Vice President Fred A'; Pelkmahn, Secretary Fr-fea A 11 . Dlekmann. Treasurer Raoli.dlfactbf :fm'ttll Be n stockholder and If any director shall cease to be a stockholder In this corporation he or she sTlall automatically cease to be'a director. The Board of Directors rhay.flll all vacancies occurring In Its members between annual meetings by the appointment of a qualified person to hold the office for the remainder of the term. The annual meeting of the stockholders shall be hold at the prlncl- rfal place of business of the corporation on th-e third Monday In Aug- Ust of each year for the election of directors and to transact any other business of the corporation as shall be necessary and proper. Private property of th-e stockholders of this corporation sli^ll not be liable or subject to the debts of the corporation. , . • ,, Dated this. 20th day of August. $40. KUNZ GRAIN, INC. Fred A. Dlekmann, President. Fred A. Dlekmann, Secretary & Treasurer. 33-38 As Materials Become Available, We Are Prepared to Assist You Through Our Property rovement Modernization See us tot rteW 6. f. Goodritto tifUS thtt¥ OUTWEAR PREWAR TIRES I? i'; t ', • . i 4 t out of prewar, tires." ,?, Under all cofidittbrtt, even,at High speeds, on test cats the neW .BVF. G66drich Siiveftow'ri'was a^Upe^hbr performer. It outran prevftr tires . t. shdwed less tread wearvi f j$fVe thousands of miles of extra<s«rVii!e. So here's a tip. If you'll be needing new tires soon, come iri today. "Vftth a taxi garage superintendent, it's mileage that counts in tireV' says Mr. E. L. Guelcla, superinten- dettt of Yellow Cab, Louisville, Ky. '"faxi tires take a beating. .And there's no better test of a tire than to try it out on taxi fleets. Oar cabs' have gotten more miles of service oilt Of the new B. F. Goodrich passenger tires than we ever got Listen In the ttcw B.F.Gdidrieh radio 4M "Oelect <md Collect" with Lew Lehr ai M; C. otf ABC utlti/ork, Satufilar evening O w rfcWTTbFfcfn iirr 1 ! i\ isfifilo . K. RUBBER WELDERS LeStcr DeBolt ) 118 N. Thorington Phone 308 if The infantile death rate in the United States is very low. From 1934 to 1936 we ranked seventh in the world, led only by New Zealand, Holland; Australia, Norway,!Switzerland, and Sweden; ; Yet 70,000 infants die annually in the,jiirst, month of life, and 53,000 more from the second to the twelfth month. How many of these precious infants might have lived had their mottiers had adequate prenatal care under the direction of a competent physician ? It is now up to the mothers to take advantage of the knowledge and skill of the physician during the trjri'ng • months of pregnancy. We are ready to supply the needed dietary supplements and other medication ordered by your physician; THUENTE PHARMACY ,*• PHONE 252 ALGONA IOWA: After Cleaning— Fresh and Smart Service if Requested For Expert DRY CLEANING PHOtfE 2&T-'- We Call For and LCONA LA

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