The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 3, 1946
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Des Molfle§;-iota ','»••. t* If* * ^ . $160,000 In New Construction Nears Completion In Algona ''Shown above are major 1'eonstruction jobs -under way In Mgoha at the present time, and regress' that has been made on them as of last week. The four projects illustrated represent over $100,000 in business development locally, \ At the right the first picture is thai of the Quonset hut, special- ly constructed, which will house the Allen Motor Co. in the near future, on Diagonal St. ' The second picture is that of the new building on State St. be- ing constructed for K. S. CoWan ( which will include 'bowling al? leys in the basement, two store fronts on the first floor, and a hotel on the second floor. Third picture is that of the new building on South Phillips f6r the Percival Motor Co. which should be ready for occupancy in the near future. At the extreme left is the Kent Motor Co. building on Di- agona St. which is to house the motor reconditioning plant operated by the firm for the Ford Motor Co. This building is now rapidly nearing completion and will employ 60 or more people on motor and parts reconditioning work- (Algona Upper DCS Moines Newsfolos), •« IUNTY FAIR HAD !,056 ATTENDANCE OTH SOME PROFIT V- . ' « • • Attendance at the Kossuth Coun- yf.Fair, . which ended recently, ,<ras, officially 11,056' a check of the' late totals disclosedi •There were 6,883' admissions to fi(e grandstand the three days. [jpaily figures were as follows: 'ay - Gate Grandstand 'rst ..:...... ............. 3529 2638 pnd ............. :....3860 . 2434 • ................. ....1167 311 tie total paid admissipns was i and- about 2,SOO children Jadrm'tted free. Total paid Inland admissions Were 5,383 bout 1500 children admitted '' • •» Brown, secretary of the imaled without having fi- Cords to go by,' that the fair ition should have about and above expenses ijch to pay off some of the om previous years, with .Khe associations 'has been Ilihg since a change in man- fjor results in the; 4H and .) classes of cattle and live- p judging follow:' BABY BEEVES orthorns—Kent Seeley, Alfirst; John Albright, Burt, >rid. Light Hereford — Richard pney, Burt, first; Cletus Lone Rock, second, ngus—Franklin Bode, Cor-- firit; Mark Bode, Corwith, irid. '•'.-.- -• • . •"• "' -•"• !qavy. Hereford — Carol Ann impson, Lone Rock, first, &Mads.en,> Burt, second. ESTABLISHEt) 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPT. 3, 1946 . . :' ! > . .. I Two Sections—Ten Pages VOL. 81—NO. 35 bio " ChompsOn, Lone Rock; re'serve nampion, Wm. Madsen, Burt. LClub Group, 5 calves—Plum feck J first,''Burt second. Showmanship Contest — Dale hroeder, Lone Rock, first. Ik D.AIRY CALVES 1 Grand Champion — Jerome ibderberg, Bancroft, with Hol- Pstein. * Showmanship Contest, club dairy division — Jerome Soderberg, Bancroft. P,UREBRED SOW AND LITTER Champion Gilt and Champion Boar—Dick Weber, Irvington. OPEN CLASS—BEEF .Shorthorn Grand Champion , bull—Craig Seeley, Algona; *£rand champion female, Roland Ituder, Corwith. it Hereford Grand Champion [—p. M. Christonsen & Son, ne Rook, and -'also grand ampion female. . 'EN CLASS—DAIRY (Holstein grand champion bull, u-man Soderberg, Bancroft; nd champion', female, Floyd ..e, Algona. jfuernsey Grand Champion 1—W. H. Bos worth, Algona; champion female, Eldon Whittemore. ^Ayrshire Grand Champion Bull and Grand Champion finale; Corwin Peer, Algona. , 'Milking Shorthorn Grand \Cnampion Female—Wm. Jenkin- ~sc)h, Algona. SHEEP Hampshires—Kent Seeley, Air <gona, champion ram and champ-. Ion ewe. 'Cheviots—Craig, Seeley, Algona. champion ewe. SWINE -Poland China—grand champ- Ion boar, Theodore Qoet, Elmore, Minn.; grand champion sow, ijsJf, Rejlly,..Lone Rock v 'urpc Jersey—Grand, champ|boar, Corwin C, Peer, Al- ~'j grand champion boar, Dick ipr, Irvington, „..Jester White-rGrand phamp- W? sow, George Wolf, LuVerne, F Hampshires—.Grand champion fear, Harold Fisher, Burt: grand jjmpion sow, C, C. Baas, West lend,. „ Berkshires •*- Grand champion llboar and sow, Mrs. M. W« Hollr f ptrom, Fairmont, Minn's County Special, Market Pen of ! Three Hogs—Edgar Keith, Burt. HESULTS OF GJHW 4<H ACHIEVEMENT SHOW In the girls 4-H Achievement Show, concluded recently f« nart of the Kossuth county fajr, clubs won'blue, ribbpn? for ifcteir home furnishing (Jewon* Stcatiops. fiie' R.iverdale Rustler team ol Kayser an4 Kathryn RUMPUS IN SOCIAL WELFARE BOARD OVER A DISMISSAL A difference of opinion about management and hiring and firing ••f help resulted in the resignation, Saturday, of Jack Quinn of Lone Bock, one of the members of the Korruth Board of Social Welfare. Quinn was appointed to the board as a representative of the county board of supervisors. Myron L. Johnson, another supervisor, was appointed lo replace him en the Social Welfare Board. Assistant Fired. The trouble began some time ago when Doreen Fraser, typist- stcnrgrapher in the off ice, of Mrs. Clotilda.Hutchison,'director of the Social /Welfare board, requested a 30-day extension of leave on a doctor's recommendation. Miss Frasor had completed a 30-day leave allowed her, but her doctor ..told hor that she should take 30 more days for reasos of health. Mr. Quinn, as one of board members, favored giving her tire extra .30 days. Mrs. Hutchison objected, ar-1 wanted to dismiss the assistant. While this matter was more or le$s .UMie.b&te.vMiss .Eraser^e.ce.w.- ed- 1 a*letter from Mrs/Hutchison notifying her of her dismissal Quinn said that he was never notified of any discharge, nor did. 'he approve the notice of discharge. Condemns Wranglinsr.. Other members of the board, M. L. Button and Mrs. D. D, Monlux of Algona, were .-reported 'by .Mrs. Hutchison" to have approved the letter. ,. , ; - ...' Miss Fraser 'herself submitted a letter of resignation, Saturday She said that under existing regulations she should have 'been given a chance to resign within 30 days, which she did. "There is too much wrangling <toing on over the management of the Social Welfare office," said Quinn In asking the supervisors to appoint someone else in his place City Electric Plant Has Percent Increase In 5 Years Publication of the forty-eighth annual report by the municipal electric and water department o£ the City of Algona disclosed that the total kilowatt hours generated by the city municipal light plant has shown better than a fifty per cent increase in five years. A total of 6,868,185 kilowatt hours were generated in 1945. In 1940 the total was. 4,391,825.' Since 1935 the electrical load has practically tripled. Net Profit $32,889. During 1945 the total revenue from the plant was.$131,267.03 and the total operating expense was $71,478.22. .; .- Th'is operating expense includes the maintenance of street lighting and signal systems. . . After deducting all operating expenses, income and sal&s tax deductions and taking a depreciation for the year, the plant showed the year 1945 of a net profit for $32,889.69. A total of. $6,7 19.11 in free services was rendered, and a balance qi $26,170.58 went into the surplus of the- electric fund. Delivery of a 'new 1500 horsepower diesel is expected this fall. The new engine is sd built that it can -be changed into a 2,200 horsepower unit by the addition of a supercharger. ' . With knowledege that Algona's growth is certain, the, city council and Supt, C. U. Pollard placed an order for the new unit last spring. While the prisoner-of-war camp has closed, the loss from that load is expected to be more than taken; up when building materials are available and new construction is completed 'in the city. Plant. Value $737,621. On the basis of figures in the v 1945 report, a valuation of $737,(321.01 is placed on the plant at present, and a net worth of slight-' jy less than that. : A reserve for depreciation of $250,000 is canned at present. Biggest single item of expense in city operation of'the plant is for engine fuel, with labor second. The city's water plant has a net worth of $297,396, and operated at a net profit of $9,002.65 for the year 1945- ' " Algona's municipal electric and water departments have made an enviable record, and the annual report shows them- in -excellent shape financially, and keeping up to the minute in equipment;and. ability to handle .the future demand for current. ^solution b;,i the U. S. -.Agriculture. Kfrsch, with Mrs, Jewell P SCBJ, club advisor, won the rigfot compete for Ko&suth at We ,at Pel there last week, Other blue ribbon teams wtff ^ ' Prairie Pals Set-.ajM} Cam Center the MasoA Who &to SKUHFRACTURES IN TWO CRASHES Two skull fractures, one • in each of two accidents; sent Kossuth youngsters to the hospital Thursday. Ralph Hagg, son of Albert Hagg, Algona. received a skull fracture early last Thursday morning in an automobile accident-near Brjit. Rpger Slagle end two girls from Wesley, also in the car, were less seriously injured. Ralph is in Ihe Kossuth hospital. Patricia McCurry, 15,, of Renwick, received a skull fracture in an accident last Wednesday evening near-the 'Wilson Legler farm, east of Lu Verne, -Mr. and Mrs. Robert Detmering of Lu- Verne, in the second machine, were cut ad bruised, Phyllis Johnson and Ernest, Pergande. Renwick were' also shaken up, Poth cars were completely de^ molished in the' LuVerne crash, Miss McCurry was taken to Fort Dodge to a hospital. ' Falls 'Through Window Jotm'Besch of-Algona received a badly cut face, requiring thre,e stitches to repair, when he lost his balance', Thursday afternoon, and fell through a window at the Sigsbee pjutnbing building. Mr- Besph is an elderly man. ' ' -were Red rjbbons were won'by the rvington and Lotts Creefe ^ Fifteen blue ribbons awarded - to 4"K, girt§ Jar „ rppm unit entries, Q-- jStudjsr, won o| tW9 (jje 8Wey !,' - /"'"-.5-Vo ^?>fjr,,tsJsM CHARGES ADULTERY INDIVORCECASE One- divorce was granted, and two new aplications for divorce filed in district court in the past week. Wilma Zielske was given a divorce' by Judge G. W. Stillman irom Carl Zielske. She was also awarded custody and control of Iwo minor children, aged seven and'four. and $30 monthly support for them. The couple married in February, 1938, at Armstrong, and lived together until February. 1942. Lillian Hawk of Fentpn twp. filed suit for divorce against Melvin R. HaWk, charging cruel and inhuman treatment, desertion and adultery^ on the part of the defend, ant.- The couple were married Fel». 18. 1927,. and separated in July of this -year. There are four children, 18, 16. 7 and 5. The plaintiff charges that the defendant is now living in adultery with another woman. She asks divorce custody of the children, and suitable alimony. In another divorce action, Stanley E. Keith asks a divorce from Marie M. Keith. A civil action was also filed, the Titonka Savings Bank vs, Willie Meyer, asking a judgment from the :ourt for $302.85 in a matter over a note. • •• The next term of Kossuth district court convenes Sept. 23, with .Judge Hudson on the bench, Youth, 16, Held In Farm Home Theft A 16-ye^r-old Algona youth, who for a day and a half had peen working RJI a farm north of Algona before he disappeared frofn the place, was bpund over to the juvemje court, last Friday afternoon, iftter a -bearing in the sourt of Mayor Fran.k. Kohlhaas. After the 'youth's disappearance, W»e ffirm tamilx - began checking HP "pn things ,snd say a watch was found musing, sheriff A- J. Cogley w4 Cjecil pf ithe Algona police fprpe found the youth ift a FALL BRINGS NEW , RUSH OF WEDDINGS Fall, as well; as spring, seems to be a god time to. get married. At least ten couples thought so in the past week as that many marriage licenses were issued in the office of Helen White, clerk of 'the district court. They went to the following cbuples: Aug. 27—Wilmer Dale Brayton and Ruth Ann Gronbach, Lu- Verne. Aug. 28—Leslie Koch' and Luella Duncan, Dayton, O-; Floyd Reibhoff, Burt, and Florence Hulsebus, Defiance, O. Aug.- 29—Lewis Gade and Alvera Schwepka, Algona. Aug. 30—Joe Fisher, Bancroft, and Frances Braddock, Swea City; Veryl Dean Baas, Burt, and .Shirley D. Lewis, Irvington; Elaine Engstrom, Wesley, - and Robert Deal, Algona. Aug. 31—Wm y A. Kliesendorf, Fairmont, Minn., arid Eleln I. Larson, Armstrong; Paul Douglas Olson, Chisholm, Minn., and Ev- .elyn- Bexell, Swea City; Albert J. Scott, Toledo, Wash., and Margaret Schroeder, Lakota. 17 New Machines In A Banner Week The supply of new cars and trucks is gradually increasing. The 17 new car licenses issued, as shown below, is the biggest week's total thus far since the end of the war in this county. Chevrolets-^Algona Creamery (truck); Michaelson Bros,, Titonka (truck); Frank Pruisman, Titonka (truck); W. H. Ricklefs, Titonka; Whittemore Creamery, (truck); Ray L. Menke, Bancroft. Fords—Botsford Lumber, Al(truck); H. .L. Dalton, "Lakota (station wagon); 'Pr. H. C. Dewel, Algona; Eugene Prager, Algona; Wayne Keith, Burt; (Forest Rasmussen, Titonka. GMC Truck—Bradley Brothers, Algona. Plymouth — Alfred Farland, Swea City; Gale W, Johnson, Swea City, Podge—L- E. Uovey, (truck). Hudson—Hans Presthus, Algona. U. S,l»f ILE, PAY FOR POTATOES AS PRICES COLLAPSE North Iowa potato growers have rio market for their potatoes! ' Although there are only five or F'X commercial potato growers in /Knssuth county, they are offered a Dept. of '•;': Under this plan, potatoes will be 'piled on the grower's farm and payment made to the grower for line potatoes thus 'handled. ''- Prices to 'be paid by the Com- ;rnodity Credit Corp. are $1.55 cwt. afor U. S. No. 1. 55 cents for U. S. 2. B, and 55c cwts. for U. S Thorcson-! Plan Storage. Krwin Sirms of the local.AAA Office has been named chairman for four counties in this area, to Candle the details and act as liais- Tfjn man between the CCC and potato growers. Thoreson Bros, of Swea City, largest potato growers in this are?. nlan to store some 30,000 to 40,000 •bushels in. their own bins, but may have to turn in some under the /program. : . ' y Closing"of plants, which "have the California potato crop was < afbout three times what was expected, are the chief reason foi the present-sorplus. Cannot Ship Abroad. While many sections, of the world are crying for food, patotoes, except in a dehydrated form, arp one food that cannot be shippec "broad.-The potatoes would spoil before arrival in foreign ports. 'Potato growers in this area have found that carload lots of potatoes will not (bring over $5 a car terminals. The government offer runs unti' Sept.-15 and growers should con- 'act Mr. Siems at once if they desire to get some compensation for their potato crop. Beer Bottle Toss Good for 30 Days; Ten Court Cases TRAFFIC CHARGES BRING A VARIETY OF LOCAL CASES RIVERDALE 4-H TEAM WINS TRIP Shown hero arc Vcr- ena Kayser,' Mrs.. Jewell « Patterson, adult leader * of the Riverdalc Rustlers 4-H club, and Kathryn Kirsch. The two girte won the 4-H girls championship of Kossuth county with their fair dcMnonstration, "Rugs to Beautify the Home." Sub-State Baseball Meet At Bancroft Bancroft: The Pancrpft trict semi-pro baseball dis- will tangle with Waterloo, this afternoon, (Tues4f»y), at 3:30 at Bancroft, in . three elimination t9 determine a state finalist. The winner of the Bancroft- Waterloo series will m£et thf Burlington-Pes Moines winner for the right Ja- eater the national finals at Battle Creek, Mich. The second game will b,& played -y^ednesday at 1:45 p. pj. if 9 third game is necessary |>e th,e first 21ALGONANS SEE CHICAGO BASEBALL t That loud cheering the Cleveland Indians heard Sunday in. Chicago, in their game against the White Sox, came 6ro.m 21 Algona throats, an dlikewise the double header, Monday, against the Detroit Tigers. A party of 21 Algonans, in five cars, left .here Saturday morning to take in the three games, and also provide a little reward to members of the Algona K. C. 'base ball team who turned in a fine record for the 1946 season. Cars making the trip were driven by Bob Loss, Matt Amfahr, L. A. Winkel, Frances Froehlich and Bill Barry Sr. Others in the partjl were Walter Bra/dley, Lester Quinn of LuVerne, who iook their wives, Kenneth Doojw, Joe Elbert, Don and Gordon Winkel, Don Kaiewski, 'Robert Winter, Dr. R. J. Thjssen, Martin F.ischen, Vincent Seller, Wendell Ringsdorf, Ray Schilmoeller, Louis Gilbride and Herb Weydert. The party was due back today, hoarse but happy. ' M0re Sal* Prices Oh 44-i Baby Beef In addition to the 4~H baby beef sale? as recp.rded last week, a few prices can toe added to animals sold at the sale and not prviously reported; r Kos§uth Fair Ass'n — Charles Kiley, : Burt, $25.50, $230. 8; Rose' mary .Studjsr, Corwith, $25.50, $246,08; Robert Kiley, Burt, $25.25, •5203,89; Francis Erpeiding, Whittemore, $23.50, $203.28. Kpssuth Farm Bureau •— Larry KiJe-<7Burtr Jai.50, $192.313: Duane Stumer, Corwith, $34, $211.60; John Govern. Bancroft, $26, $204.10; Gene Tokheim, Swea City, $20.50, $231.65, Saddle C}ub — Dale $30 and Marland Schroeder. Lone Rock, *25, $3*3.50 and $230: Jorkensen, Ppck. $25.75, 0 Wnj, Quijm, Pancwft fens Hwk ,1 |?7i,4j8; Oavid t, U snd $32.75, NEARLY SMOTHERS AT GRAVEL PIT Union: It was a fortunate thing for Lowell. Samp that he had his three nephews along with him last Tuesda^ afternoon. Otherwise he might have been buried in a gravel pit accident. He had been hauling gravel from. a pit near Irvington to the Andrew Godfredson farm. In the forenoon he was accompanied by his nephew. 7 years old. In the afternoon, however, his three nephews Dick, Jerry, and Wayne, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Samp of Algona, went alon.^ for the ride and the fun. 'While loading gravel at the pit, the gravel broke loose and slid down the cliute covering the back end of the truck and pinning Lowell between the truck and the oncoming gravel. • The three boys swung into action and frantically clawed the gravel away from their uncle as it kept pouring down. Lowell was buried to his waist but boys prevented it from getting any higher. He was finally pried free, and •although somewhat banged up he managed to get the truck as far as the Greenfield filling station at the 169 intersection with the Irvington roa'd, where he obtained assistance, and was- taken to the Kossuth hospital. His right leg was badly injured, but x-rays proved no bones were broken and he was taken to his home, where he is now convalescing. Whittemore Voters Voters in V/hittemore township, sub-district six, arc asked to note the correction in time of voting on the disposition of the school house and gounds in their district. The vote will be taken on Saturday, Sept. 7 be'tween 1 p. rm and 3 p. m. An ad elsewhere in the paper .^ives further information. The date was previously correctly listed as Sept. 7, but the day of wsek was -not correct. GET PERMITS FOR FOUR NEW HOMES Building permits for four new homes were granted, last Thurs : day evening, at the regular monthly meeting of the Algona City council. Bernard J. Bode was granted a permit to construct a new $5,500 home on South Harlan St. Russell Hutchins was given approval for a $6,000 home on Soutfy Harlan. Dallas Klein v.'as approved to PRESLEY SARCHET OF UNION PASSES Presley Sarchet, 87, well known Union township farmer for many years, died Sunday evening at his lome. Surviving are his wife and live children: Roy, Jessie and Sabert, Union township; Mrs. Ol^C liomstad, Des .Moines, and Vern, _,aramie, Wyo. Funeral services are being held this afternoon (Tuesday) at 2:30 at the Prcsbyteripn church, Burt, with the Reverends Kitterman of Good Hope and Hill,of Burt, in charge. An earlier story, printed in the second section of this issue, tells /f his serious illn.e|S. Eight On Faculty Of Fenton School Fenton;^ The Fenton public school opeae4 Sept. 2 with V. J. Patum as superntendent. The acuity fgr the new year will be Werle Vaughn, high school prin- ; M ughn, and* awjletic eplch cipal an#r athletic cpach; Mrs. lay ton Ellsworth, English and ocaj m.usje{' J£r§, Gerald Ma4- den, mathematics and commercial; Mrs. Jess Halverson, junior high school; .Mrs- Dfelbert Long, -" - ' - * " Mtrle Vaughn, construct a $6,000 home on Souta Wooster St. Paul J. Hawkins was approved for construction of a $4,000 home on South Dodge St. Seven other applications for permits to make, minor repairs and construction were also approved- C. of C, Hears Depot Plans Abandoned Algona Chamber of Commerce officials were considerably upset last week when they received information that the Milwaukee road had decided not to do anything about rebuilding or modernizing its- depot in\ Algona, as originally planned. The depot is without toilet facilities, a condition that has existed for many years. When other improvements were accomplished at the Milwaukee depot and in the yards, it was understood that a new depot was also being planned. A "wild pitch" with a beer bottle brought 'Henry Vanover, a transient, a suspended sentence of 30 days in the county jail, Friday. The sentence was suspended after Vanover agreed to leave the vicinity as soon as a pension check for military service arrived in the mail. , Vanover was standing in front of the West End pool 'hall with a beer bottle—reports failed to , say whether full or empty. ' In the course of a heated discussion the hfeer bottle flew from his hand, banked off the side of the pool hall, and struck .Vic Steil,-i who happened to be in*' cinity, in the head. ; The»bp.tttj stitches were necessary to closeV 1 ?! the Wound. -, •>', Hopes to Leave Town . In Mayor Kohlhaas' court, Fri- clya, Vanover was given 30 days jn jail on a charge of drunken- ess, his liquor book was suspended, and he himself indicated " a desire to change scenery, so the sentence was suspended on agreement that he do so. Other cases in the mayor's court: Walter A. Fangman, charged with reckless driving, was fined S5 and costs Friday. Robert Schaffer, charged with • speeding, was fined $5 and costs. He was said to be going 45 on East State SI- Wallace Will, charged with improper parking, was fineu $1 and costs. *> Melyiri Klein, charged with 1 *'' speeding at 55 miles per hour on South Phillips, was fined $5 and costs. Fined on 3 Counts .Before Justice J. -B. Johnston, n few cases also were handled. Gerald McFarland of Bancroft was fined $2.50 and costs on each of three counts: defective lights, defective brakes, and not having a chauffeur's license. John Romer, Algona, was fined $2.50 and costs, on a charge of having defective lights on a truck. Julius .W. Mbnson, Wesley, was fined $2:50 and costs for not hav- ig a proper muffler on his car. John Carney, Emmetsburg.was fined $5 and costs for ignoring u stop sign, All of Justice Johnston's cases were filed by state patrolmen. »* rul Qttosen Plans A Celebration, 1243th Ottosen: A Centennial celebration will be held here. Thursday and Friday, Set. 1? and 13, with a dance 'both evenings, baseball games each afternoon, a horseshoe tournament and other street sports. The Ottosen Commercial club }s sponsoring the 'event. The Ottosen Commercial club was recently organized with 33 members. Fred presi" presii Kampen was named Kermit Fowler is vice Merle Hpjt, treasurer, and, f|a|n Kjeer is secretary, rived an JjQjioiigls discharge fronTiS* *W$? ft mftt - , ' '' l ,if' t "* ' ' ' i V t Mother, Son Meet First Time, 32 Years For the first time in 32 years a mother and son were reunited last week when Mrs. Henrietta Lorek of'Portland, Ore., arrived in Algona to visit her son. Herman Funk, employed at Hoenk Motors- The Funks, went to* Springfield, Minn., Wednesday' to meet Mrs, Lorek, 3 Being the oldest of a family of ten who were left fatherless, when he was a young bpy, H^VI man set out tp make his way in, ' *j the world, married and pegajv] > raising his own family, and thg years slipped by, So it was g. happy occasion when the tWQ met again last week. Mrs. LoreH wjll be 80 next February, but JS Weil and a and is enjoying her trip an4 ing her children- Tornado Patient Has A Fractured Pelvis City . land visited her mece, Mrs,

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