The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1946
Page 11
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,<«{ ' tif AUCU7, West Bend Reunion !r Wcsley: Mr. and Mrs fed bffe attended a Jansen family re- -tJnloft at West Bend iMcsdHy of l_ait week. Also Mr. and Mrs. )hn , YoungMrtli, John aftd .8ry and Mr. and Mrs. Luke and Mr ( and Mrs. At National Bode: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lyons have 1 returned from Des Molnes Where they attended the ffdldtm jubilee convention of the National Rtiral Letter Carriers. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS It'* Time tot Back-to-School Girls School DRESSES 79cto $ 2l in We've all kinds of styles floral .and pla)h prints, check and .plaid /ginghams, plain broadcloth'. 'SizcS 3 to 0 years, Mo 14 years. SCHOOL HOSE Full length, ribbed stockings for girls, sizes G.M!: to 10. ANKLETS Plain or fancy pat-, lerns tor boy or girl, 'sizes 0'/ 2 to 10. ' I9c tn 49c Misses' Coats Sifees 8 to 14 years 60 Boy coat and belled styles in all wool fleeces — colors,' green, red, gray, and brown. Make your selection now! Misses' Skirts , Sizes 9 1 to 17, 24 to 32 S3.98S5.40 'Newj.for school/Black and white, brown /*.-:*, '.' KM'r'-'.r •;>*'.*"^ ; y*«» •-. . " '• ' nnd 'whitp-ichjreki. ; 'Plain'- colors,'- plaids, • pleated, or gored ;styles. All wool and combinations. • '• : • . ' Slipover Sweaters All wool in gorgeous fall colors, black, white, kclly green, Kray, fusc>'.iia cherry, maize blue, pink, long or short sleeve styles. , All wool cardigan's — in. a/ colorful array of. hew fall shades, soft virgin wool yarhs -$4.98to. $5.98 SLACKS All vyool—zipper plackets two roomy pockets, loops for belts. Colors, 'brown, new • ' ' blue, navy, • $6.95 » i Gray stripe slacks in all wool fabrics, $5,95 COHDUROV Slacks in bright colors/ SCHOOL BLO.VSES New, pretty blouses girls • wi}l HHe . .'. and p^yon crepe materials mothers will like. Long or short sleeves, Smart trims. Sizes 32 to 36' to $4,95 BOYS' POLO -SHIRTS 790 OTTOSEN DIGS OUT ANTIQUE DISPLAYS FOR CENTENNIAL' Ottosen: The - Ottosen community is observing the Iowa Centennial in several different days. A float, still more or less a secret, is being built by a group of men \v'th Jerts Bjersj, manager of the Ottosen Cream- in charge. Percy Watnem, Jloy Enockscn, Will Wehrspann and Jake Liest nre all helping with it. The ladies committee chairmanship has now been turned over in Mrs. Fred Kamoen. Oilier ladies on the; committee are Mrs. Percy Watnew, Mrs. Herman Kramer and Mrs. Oscar Op- pedah!. A king snd queen and prirfcess have been selected from this community to be in the group from which one will he selected to reign, at the Humboldt county fair. Will Wehrspann, 68, was chosen king because he has had the longest continual residence in Humboldt county, and in the Ottosen community. He was born on the old Wehrspann farm cast of Ottosen.' Mrs. Caroline Tolford was chosen queen because she has been the longest continual resident in Humboldt county and in the Ottosen community. She was born 76 years ifio on the Telford farm east of Ottosen. -Miss Genevieve Bjerg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs; Jens Bjcrg, was chosen •princess. Many Antiques Collected. A largo antique exhibit is now being held in the mayor's office in Ottosen. Mrs. Roy Telford and Mrs. Eugene Hofius have been in "harge of this show. The oldest atnique is a sampler 'brought from Norway by the Krogh family 165 years ago. It is more or less faded by time but some of the colors can still be ,-"»n. This is exhibited by Mrs. Clara Solberg. There are many items over 100 years old and all of the items are over fifty years old. A Family Bible that was brought from England in 1806 by the Telford family is exhibited by Roy Telford. There are other Bibles exhibited by Fred Kampen which is 128 years old. This is a Dutch Bible. Another Bible that is 106 years old is exhibited by the Christenson family and another exhibited by the Jack Crane family is 97 years old. Mrs. Jack Crane has on exhibit an old Gazette printed July 2, 1863. during the Civil War. Mrs. Clara Solberg has exhib- 'ted • some teaspoons that are hand made and brought from Norwav. They have been a wedding gift in the same family twice and over 100 years old. She also has > a portfolio that was car- -iod for four years durine the Civil War and contains all the '.•ocords of that war as recorded by; a member of the.JCrogh fam- •ly." '•: * : Early School. Books , There are a couple of old school books, one dated 1865, a fifth grade reader that belongs to Oliver Christensen and another belonging to Fred Kampen, a fourth grade reader. Both of .ALCANA tjf»t»fitt OES MOINES, AUIONA IOWA. these look like books that college^ students would have now. Along the line of musical instruments there is a Thomas A. Edison phonograph that is still in working condition. This belongs to the Art Lovigs. Peter Enockson also has a Zether on display. Mrs. Purdy has a small blue tea cup that is over 100 years old and she also has a glass cup exhibit as does Mrs. Jack Crane. Mrs. Caroline Telford has two mustache cups with a raised gold design. Another cup made without a handle that was found on the Telford farm where cave formerly was is exhibited. The cave was used four genera- lions ago. Christensons have a white cup with the handle made in the form of an angle. There are several China dolls oh display, the oldqst being 80 years old and belonging to Mrs. Art Lovig. There are several pieces >of black walnut being exhibited. Mrs. Eugene Hofius has a hand" made black walnut silverware box that is 80 years old. Mrs. Hofius also -has a Lincoln rocker on exhibit, a ladder back chair is shown by Mrs. Roy Telford and a marble top center table belongs to Mrs. Hofius. Early Day Linen G. Purdy is showing a hand woven wool counterpane that is very old. He also has a hand made linen lunch cloth brought from Denmark and it is 75 years old. Mrs. Clara Solbnrg has some hand woven lace that is about 75 years old. She also displayed a costume of nearly 100 years old consisting of a dress.' and bonnet and slip. Another item of interest 'to Ot- tnsen folks is a progiam of "The Oltoscn Dancing Club" that was printed January 11, IRQij,,. The program has the invitation written on the inside and 'it -.states that the tickets were 50 cents and the supper e^tra. Different commitles such as the reception committee, dancing committee 1 and several others are mentioned. This goes to show that at one, time Ottosen was a very up and'coming place. This program belongs to Mrs. Roy Telford. Along the party line Mrs. Jack Crane has displayed many dance cards that she has saved and also nany napkins. On display are two tintypes. Otto Kellner of StJoe Buys 120 Acre Farm at Livermore Livermore: John Tuttle, for 35 years local drayman and one of the last of the old time local horse traders, recently announced the sale of his farm to Otto Kellner of ihe St. Joe neighborhood. He plans to hold a'closing out sale on'Sept. t and will remain'here until Mr. Kellner is ready to move in probably In January. After that he and Mrs. Tuttle plan an extended visit to their daughter anil husband Mr. md Mrs. Pat Gleason in Omaha, ind to their son Leonard and fam- ly in Portland, Oregon. Thus it appears that Livermorc s destined to lose one of its most inusual .citizens. Born sixty-four years ago in a bouse which was located on the present site of the Standard oil station, he practically irew up with the town as he never left here. The story of his life is Almost as unusual as it is varied Tor be has at one time or another vorked at the old brick and tile factory once located here, been restaurant operator, mason, painter, farmer, drayman, dairyman, •net trader. He recalls working nt the old 'irick and tile factory for a dollar i day as ..compared to the better ban a dollar an hour now paid for 'he common laborer. In those days ie said that side pork was a nickel i pound and liver was usually g'v- ?n awnv and fishermen usually jsed it for bait. Although John at one time nought a truck to supplement the lorscs on the dray line. He also lought a car but never learned to Irive either one of them. He pre?en b has .displayed .a Mcrshum jpe that ; is 70 years old and Oliver '(Jhristcnson has a hand •nade Norwegian clothespin. Mrs. Tohn Coy.le has a dasher churn ind Mrs. Roy Telford has a can: sted set of silver and also an ^Idtime, silver pickel dish with ons. Mrs. Eugene Hofius also ias a silver pickle dish with ;ongs. Pioneer Spinning Wheel Mrs. Roy Telford has a spin- ling wheel on display. Mr. Purdy has a child's leather boot that was' worn 'by his brother and is 85 years old. Mrs. Ernest One is of Mrs. Jack Crane when Enockson has a musical clock she was a small Child and the other is of John Wilson and is 85 years old. This is exhibited by Mrs. Jesse VanBuskirk. Mr. Purdy has an 85-year-old Civil War sword on display, lalph Gatton has a 150-year old gun on display and also a. double, .vvhisk--'broom-holder, a fan that barrel gun that is 150 years old. Edward Zinnel has a 75-year-old gun and Mr. Purdy has a pistol ""H was used during the Civil War. Mrs. Clara Solberg has a Norwegian silver tea strainer that is about 125 years old. She also has an old magazine dated 187!). James, Struthers has. a fruit jar exhflbr» * . which was brought from 'Canada by /Mr. Struther's greafcfer'arid- mother Nickson. Fred- Kampen has two perfume boxes made of silver. One is 80 year old and the other is 60 years old. Mrs. Mike Coyle has a hand scale that is over 100 years old. Fred Kam- that is still in working condition. • , Fred Kampen has a teapot made of China that is 75 years old and also a pin cushion that is 40 years'old. Mrs. Clara Solberg : has •: a hand-hammered is 59 years old, and an old-fashioned, night cap. Ivan , Schneider is showing a coffee grinder, and Mrs. Helen Campbell has a glass slipper that is 50 years, old, Mrs. Edward Zihnel.'has a child's reed high chair arSy. Mrs. John Coyle, has a cracker '4ar, match/safe made: of irqnii.anSkover 80 -yearSs old .and al:.'. ^jse'ifor canning and; was sealed [with red. sealing-wax, '» Mrs. Eugene Hofius has a sug- •'ar bowl;,.that is 90 years old and Mrsl Will. Cooper has a bread plate that'is 65 years old. On it is printed "Bread is the staff o" life." For little sister (or brother) .-. . beautiful one-piece WEATHER WINKY Snosuits. Treated for water repellence and wind resistance. Genuine lamb collar and hood trim. Bonnet or helmet to match Biff sister's two-piece snosuit styled in ELKSKIN (rayon and cotton). Solid or contrasting colors. TALON..slide fasteners. ' Red, Navy, Brown, Misty Blue. Fancy stripe (or teen age Buy Now for Next Winter CHRISTENSEN'S ''Algpna's Style Center" ferred to do most of his work and his traveling with horses. The car was for his wife.' John bought his farm located just below the hill on Lotts creek in the north part of town 28 years ago and started a milk route in connection with his dray line. When he first bought the farm it consisted of only twelve acres but he started buying adjoining land and kept adding to it until it consisted of one hundred twenty acres. He built his herd of Holsteins up until at one time he was milking twenty-eight of them. For a while he ran the only dairy in town. He 'became a shrewd trader, particularly in horses and friends •often said that he would trade for almost anything that could walk on four legs. The Algona Newspapers furnish employment and provide a means of livelihood for 16 families in Algona . .. the printing and publishing industry in Algona deserves constant support. WANT ADS BRINGS HE8ULTS Joe Ricker Make* Farm Improvement* Union: Joe Ricker has been up to Amboy, Minn., looking after improvements on a farm owned by he and his brother and tenanted by Jess Hohenstein. A basement has been made under the farm •house, a furnace installed and some other remodeling done. McMurray brothers of Algona have been up there the past two weeks doing the work. -PAGE H. W,. PO'ST 1>IU¥ ANT) tUASStfflft Storage of All Kind) Long Distance Hauling Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds; Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algona, la. GEORGE'S FOR FINE FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP Open Seven Days a Week Algona, Iowa ^ Starts With the Smart New Teen Age Clothes at Chris: tensdn's Whatever your age . . . whatever your school . . . you want to be sure you have the prettiest of the new fashions, the richest color in your coat, the iirnr.test nipped-in waistline in your dress, the smartest cf suits! That's where Christensen's comes in, for our school fashions arc the smartest ercr. Sen our outstanding metis makers: '• selections from these fa- JUNIOR COATS AND SUITS "Sterling" "Klingrite" "Alpagora" "Paramount" "Lilli Ann" "Leeds" (With That Leeds Look) JUNIOR DRESSES "June Bcntlcy" "Paul Sachs" "Johnnie Jr." "Petite Lady" "Perry Brown" "Junior Guild" "Reich" JUNIOR SKIRTS Every new style in solid colors, checks, and plaids. You'll want several for school wear. • ,.'.-.'.' $3.98 to $7.95 JUNIOR COATS if it. is nevvvlvou'll i'ind it here. Shorties, Tailored ijF Novelty styles. Every new zolbr. - ' $19.75 to $75 JUNIOR SWEATERS New turtle necks—cardigans—slip overs. 100% wool in all the new wanted colors. $2.98 to $10.95 JUNIOR SUITS Gabardines and twills in black, brown and new shades. Matching 3-piece suits. $24 to $125 JUNIOR JACKETS You must, see these to appreciate the quality. Weather sealed. The ideal wrap for school wear. $4.95 to $9.75 JUNIOR DRESSES You mu^t see the selection to appreciate them. Gabardines, wools and rayons in sizes 9 to 17, 10 to 20 and 14% to 20%. $7.90 to $25 JUNIOR HANDBAGS Shown in the new plastics and leathers. Gorgeous colors 'and .styles tq match your new ensemble, . . $2.93 to $13.95 JUNIOR ACCESSORIES Gloves, Scarves, Jewelry, Slips, Hankies, Cosmetics, everything to match your wardrobe! ,,,!!• —Ai*4 If Yo«Ve Off to ft Distant College, Include An "QRR HEALTH" BLANKET in Vow Tnwk ^ for Flwffy Healthful Warmth! ,v,-:..'->^i^l»

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