The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion Slated ' To Meet CBC Fighter BY J. P. FRIEND Tlie stock of the chickasaw Athletic Club boxing tenm took K decided jump yesterday with the announcement from Coach Joe Craig that .Hugh Harbert/, Mid-South Golden Gloves novice middleweight champion, may appear against the Christian Brothers College nma- teui's here Friday night. Al the same time Craig sold that Sonny Lloyd, colorful lightweight whose weaving and bobbing style has been one of the bright features of the local battleix, had returned to the squad and would fight on the card. Sonny will llxrow gloves with Barry Williamson, 135 pounder. If present plnns develop Harbert will draw Lewis Chandler, 158 pounds. In the middleweight class. Williamson and Chandler fought to the finals In the Memphis prep school finals held recently. Atlas James, the poker faced Holland, Mo., battler, sent word to the local director that his eye had not healed enough to fight this week was sending his older brother who weighs the same as he. Atlas Insists that the older James member is just as good, If not better, and would carry on just as well He will have n tough assignment In Frank Gala, Memphis prep champion. Unless » 190 pounder can be uncovered within the next two days, Walter Soefker will have no opposition in the heavyweight class After being knocked out by I'au; Duke at North Lille Rock last week, Starling Young has decided to call it quits. Craig has nol been able to locate anyone to take his place but is hopeful. Aaron Byrd, the crack welterweight, will oppose Bill Costello Southeastern A. A. U., In what maj prove to be the feature bout o the program. Byrd has not beei beaten .since the organization of the club and is developing all tlv time. Other pairings as announced b> Craig are: Billie Price, Manila versus Dempsey Dwyer, Mid South open bantamweight champion Henry Muery versus Bill Wiggins , featherWelghts; Horace Walters vs Tommy Berdall, junior middle weights. ;i r In the event Harbert is- unabl to appear, George Pniitt (rill op pose Chandler. mobile mechanic like his two brothers. He's still one of tin gang. That's why ibo bays In overalls and mucklntuvs. with the marks of rugged, honest loll on their hands, flock to the scene when Hoslak enters the ring. e youngsters In (lie Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle worship him. often he takes them oa Ills early morning satumn expeditions, or plays tall wllh llicm. .Small wonder he's the Idol of their eye. All llielr lire (lie Hostnks liave lived under the shadow of the growing airplane Industry. So close 's their new home to the Hoeing airport that Mrs. Ilostak's dishes fairly rattle on the shelves when the mighty tram-part planes lake ofl with n roar. Al likes to hear and see Uicm. Aviation l.s niioUicr llilng he light have gone Into had he not Iscovcred wluit he could do with pair a! .six-ounce gloves. BLYTHEVIU.B, (ARK.) COUJURR NBWS -lughes and Warring)on Unable To Participate In Spring Grid Drills BY J. I'. FR1KNU Carl Hughes, who. close football .bservers believe, holds Die pass key o success or failure for the Blythe-Ille Clilcks next fall, will not he fcle to get into action Ihl.s week, t was announced by Head Coach foe Dildy following a consultation vllh his physician. Suffering from a painful tack -train, Curl has difficulty In bcnd- ng and the doctors advised that ic be excluded from the spring irncllcc drills for al least, the rc- nnlndcr of the first week. It recovered sufficiently he will be per- iillted to don the uniform and uct nto the fun by Monday. Wldy Disappointed Dildy makes no bones over his The PAYOFF BY JERRY BRONDFIELD NBA Service Sports Writer Al Hostak, the newest pride o the Puget Sound country who ha been belting out the best middle weights who could be enticed lo th Pacific northwest, finally sees hi big chance ahead of him. For some time west coast flsti experts have been chanting tha Hostak is the number one chalteii ger for Freddie Steele's title, b\ Neighbor Steele, who halls from fa coma, has been avoiding the Seatt! lad ever since it became apparer that Al could hit like a. triphammc with his right hand. Now Steele demands a $60,0(X guarantee to put his crown on the f mm mm 11V HAKIiV Spurts Ddltur, ST. n fitrnngle-linld on the opportunity. He turned out to lie a first-class extra-base hitter In finishing one of the hottest coast rorcs In years wltli an cvtin ,300. Cordon's advancement was ve- mnrknhle when he was (switched to Aiwcild base last season. VRt Insists Hint hell innke pluys now on balls thai Ui/.zcrl would not have readied at his peak. Hue wrlu notion iambics Oor- „, . , p .. i don, u right-hand hitler, lo swat. UllClS iJ«C NC.W n long tall. He. Mattel MO In lead- Ing olf for Newark. Vilt predicts thai l;o will bal .2(10 for (lie Yanks, which would be good enough for n defensive pl.iyor of his tulllicr. I Kfllcr U\lx .W. In Initial .Si'us-on III his 'leens, Ciordon played first FfilflliEBTO Second Sacker As Great Ball Player (iltAVSOK NI-:,\ iisapiJointnient. it Is nn open secret Ihat Hughes needs the drills uid the Chicks need him. Last year vns the first time Carl had engaged n the pigskin sport nnd he wasn't ible, because of his Inexperience \nd the fairly tough games, lo sec much service, with LeRoy "nron- -o" Brown gone to Alabama, the •jurden of proof is on Hutches and he will need every bit of work he Is iMe to get durln» the current vor'.joiils. When the Chicks open 'heir tough schedule it will be too !nte (o get experience, ami Dildy 'su't kidding himself and anyone 'Ise into believing the Tribe cnu let by in '38 wllh a weak fiillbrtck. The Notre Dame system is no better timing's fullback. The Wa'frington brothers. Dnmiy wd Tommy, are also on the 'hors -ie combat" list, and their absence, while perhaps not as serious ns that ol Hughes, Is felt. Doth have ,'ilp bruises and such that only .'lino and rest will heal. Neither is expected lo do any work at all Ihls spring. In the meantime the coaches, DIUly, his assistant, Mitchell Best ind Junior Condi James Ace Piickcll, are going right ahead with v .helr program. Yesterday's routine, is on the opening day, called for 'imbcring up exercises, signal drills ind punlinj. The squad has increased to 44. four full (cams. :oun(ing Hughes and the two War- -iivjlons. Hal Alley, tackle, did not •nakc his appearance but his absence is only temporary. Dildy Is doing no litllc experimenting; and will continue to do •o until he finds tlie combination lie believes best. Running on the 'inofficial first Icnm were Leon Stafford and stnr!in s Young, ends; Alvlu Justice and Jos Bartholomew' Fin., March )—Uabc Ruth was a whale of a linn, b'll the New York Yankees luive it whale of an organl/nllon. and replaced (lie old home run king wllh Joe DlMauijIo, They said lljera never would 1)0 another Ruth, but DIMnggio quick - ly dlci a great job of making the Yunkce.s forget lhe Bambino. Tony I.auteri has boon lhe key player of Inllelds that have swept the Yankees to llv« world clinniii- lonship:-! nnd six American League pennant's In 12 years. The Vniuut [lever finished limn third wilh Lnm-rl always in Ihe right spot in lhe second basing area, steadying pitcher* 1 , and deploying ' ils teammates. They ran second ive limes. They s;ild lhe club wouldn't be the same when Luracri stepped down, but the sad signer has shuttled to the Chicago Cubs, ns conch or something, and the Yankee management's confidence In Joe Cordon would be startling if Bill Knickerbocker wasn't around as a backstop for the young 1 Oregonlan. And with lhe Newark club, from which comes Gordon, Yankee ofll- clals have a young man who Ihey have an Idea will outstrip DiMag- Blo and really be another Ruth. His name Is Charles Keller, nnd lhe young outfielder's facia! resemblance to Iho Balllniorc Babe of home run days is remarkable. Loudest In lauding Gordon and Keller is Oscar Vltl, new manager of the Cleveland Indians, who is partlculnrly qualified lo speak I'wc'd lo lire those of Jowjih Nu- Ihan liejjgs, Richard Alley Donald. Stephen Richard SuiKlra, nnd Ljm Kline, all rlghl-handcrs. Ucggs. a slender six-footer who tc;k his decree nl Geneva College, won 24 while loshi;; four for lhe Newark wonder Hears In 1937, and 1 r:o|),;ed -'2 and clrojipcd nine for Kcrfolk In in:i(i. He hud an earned run nvcrajo of ^,01 In tlie International League. exhibits lhe seal uherc Hie cur- or Again Make Champs, ^ 18e) ' i ' ]li ^ Look Invincible violin in u symphony orchestra. Ni?xt winter Joe plans lo Dorothy Cruni, whom he met at Oregon three years iigo. A world Kcrlt.s- cut would enable film lo pay otr the mortgage on u house he purchased for his mother Insl year. And during the next olf-.season he would like lo land lhe degree ol Bachelor ol Science in physical education nl Oregon, Gordon was horn in Los Angeles, but played high school baseball uncl football nt n Portland liitjh school, and now calls that city his home. A Yankee prospect Is advised to quit playing bnsoball profc.sslon- lly when representatives of lhe i-giiniziitloii see Ihat, he never will e of championship claw. But :om lhe outset Iherc was no linnet; of Charley Keller being 11V IIAKKV fJUAVSOX Spurts Ktlllnr. Mv\ SJmire S'l. 1'ETKRSBUHCi, Ha.. March —'Hu'R- an.' ;nmifTOii. 1 ; re.i.sons . Vitt turned out Laraeri In Sail Lnke, and polished Gordon and Keller last season while the Newark wonder Bears were .souring to a 25'i-game margin In the International League. As pilot of rival clubs, Vitt watched DIMagglo's development In the Pacific Coast loop. Vitt Sees Cordon Improving Yankees "As smart nnd as capable ah La/.iccri wns, Gordon will improve the Yankees," says Old Oscar Pepper. "After one season iu profession nl ball, -Keller has more .stuff .thai DIMagglo had at the conclusion o three In lhe Const League, wlilcl was when he came to the Van Gordon, who was 23 years oli on Feb. 18, Is a pleasant chap wlv can laugh at himself. He stands feet 11 inches, and weighs 17: pounds. 11 was just two years ago tha the rangy Gordon left tlie Univer sily of Oregon to join the Ynnke organization. He reported to th Oakland club, with which th . tackles; Everett Craig and Garland "Senior Bark" Moody, guards- Bill „ ,. „„„ ,,,0 v. u »u Ull me p"* 1 ™' center; John Pauls, block- block. At that figure his feelings " cli; Russe 'l Mosley and Mur- might not be hurt so much if he ray ' niom PSon. half backs/ and were to take it on the chin,. Willis Fort), fullback. Team NO. 2 But the match would be so much 1 as com l x)sc d of Buddy Baxter and of a natural that Nate Druxman Jchnson Blackwell, ends; Do Cop- Seattle promoter, has just about de- vc< * e alld Jo!ln Brm ™. tackles; elded to give Steele what he wants " B >' mond Bickerstnff and Pal chit"*--—• • - ' """' -lards; P. T. Haney. center; Hood, blocking back; Sonny . ar.d Norman "Monk" Mosley, half backs and Hugh Harbert. full The affair most likely will be held this summer. The fight would stand an excellent chance of grossing 5100,000. Both boys have a tremendous following around Seattle, which would only add lo tlie intensity of the neighborhood battle. Fine Santa CUus Hostak, especially, is one of lhe more popular athletes In the Pacific northwest. It wasn't until he started to make out his income tax report that it became known just how much the young middleweight has been doin? for his family^ ° Quiet and nn assuming, he rnbht have sailed away a. lot of coin, but there were too many other ways to spend his money. Too many ways in which his family was able to benefit ... , Druxman. was helping the youth with his tax figures when he made the astounding discovery that Al didn't even have a bank account. Nor was Hostak ashamed ot the fact. "Oh, 111 start a savings account soon now . . . certainly I know 1 should have one. But-well, there were Just too many things I wanted to get for the family before I started thinking of myself." So he bought a pretty MMe home for his psrents ... a 10-acre ranch ror his brothers . . . built them a. cabin on the plot . . . purchased a new automobile . . . and generally played, a corking good role of Santa claus. One of Ihe Boys It Hostak weren't a, boxer he'd >ly be a mlllhand, a glass illke his 'tri) or , Yanks had a working arrangemen The intention was to ship Qor don to the Class A flinghamplo: array, but when one Eddie Lelsh man's arm failed to come arouiu at shortstop, the Laughing Ho back. Special emphasis is being placet on kicking, a department the Afn rcoii Maulers have been rathe weak In since Herschcl Mosley grart uated. Russell and "Monk" Moslcj Lloyd, Paulk. Hartal and "Dub Cnnnda spent Approximately Hurt minutes booting the bull after th others had gone in. Under Dlldv' watchful eye they are instructed t kick for form, paying careful atten tlon to dropping the bull right an following through rather than at tempting to overpower it. Paul showed power and may help Rus Mosley with the punting dutie during the season. The candidates assembled In night for a long blackboard drill which fundamentals were outlln and some plays given. v.'lr, lhe New York Yankees should win i heir third conset.-iillve Atiu-ri- cjiu LnuyiiK pvimant .'uid world ':hamf:ionshlj], it is true that lhe great, Jou DI.M-icjglo sliouhl swing inlo full sirldi:. As though he was nmrkins; lime in MKil, when lie bailed .34<j, tik 4.5 horny runs, drove in 1(J7 runs and scored 151, mid was (lie finest, center Holder slnuc the immortal Trls .Speaker. Hud Hiiinug was nbseut when the toys sturtcj playing tor keeps tiisl April, ar.d Vcrnon Gome/ was „„. " question mark following a sour t l le campaign. Botli arc hearing down on Ilutjijiiis Field right now. highly satisfied, and as sound a.s War Admiral. MoSt of lhe better bill players old to return home nnd gel his of today are goid business men. ilnd on something else. and there are loo many of Ihem In his first ycni 1 in professional in lhe Jacob Rupperl parly for the ,11 /-'I.*.!.,.. ir.,11,,.. i.,.i T... well-being of the remainder of the field, which is mediocre after you all. Charley Keller led Intcrnn- lonal League hitters with a mark • .353. Keller, a product of the Unl- ersity of Maryland, hits Just bout as long a ball as you've seen. Ic was the first left-hand hitter o swat a ball over the leH-cenler- flcki wall in Montreal.-a distance f 125 feet, lew Itulli Id-mains in Newark for Seasoning "Keller would be a wow In Fenny Pnrk, Boston, with its short eft field fence," explains Vitt, and will be n definite home run hreat when he learns lo null the ill." It was his inability lo pull the linll llial limited Keller to 14 home uns last season, but Vitt predicts hat he'll swat 35 in 1939, which hould be bis first year wllh the. Yankees, and 45 the following sea- Mi. Keller is strong nnd cxceptlon- illy fast for a boy scaling I8G lounds. He boats out infield hits and can drag a ball nnd bunt. Vitt asserts that life only woak- mcntion Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago. There is not the sllglilp.'it, trace of lhe ennui which formerly nnd frcquenlly gripped oullits used to being; out in front. j But I 'believe that lhe liandi- cnppers are overlooking two of lhe more important points In an:il,v?.- inj lhe Yankees of 19118. The first is the buttle bein;? waged for berths b>- four promising new young pitchers. The second is, the presence of train l/iiiisiana Tech, straight, for Newark, icd with 19 victories and only two reverses. He slruck out 572 in li.'s four .seasons of professional bull—wild Wrecliiu, Norfolk, lilnjhnmplon, nnd Nenurk. £mi;ha, who won 15 and losl four for Wcwiirk, scales more than 200 Pounds and Is :i gluuun for work. KM bus a hard one Dial whistles and a irM>.':'nt% Milker. Sline's record with Uic second (iivision Kansas Cily array wusn'l what iiiiractwl Yankee scouts, who suspect Hull Uio 24-year-old Calirnrnlan may OILS year make tlir; While Sox and Itr-ds regret having !tt l;lm go. Then llieie is Joseph Albert Vance, a veteran who seems lo improve wilh age, inasmuch as he won 17 ami losl nine for the Kansas City crowd lasl term. If none of the newcomers crash the front line, lliey at leasl will cnabln Joe McCarthy lo keep applying the pressure lo lhe oiir- j icnl regulars — Gome*. Ruffing, Monte Pearson, Bump ffadley, and Jchnny Murphy. Ivy Paul An- drcds is still slicking around. Bud Chandler is back, and Kemp Wicker is the other southpaw. With Pearson's arm once more in shape, the Yankee stflft matches that of any other club in the clr- In ilu- t!u-;o:il tt:riwi\icui uue lull! of last season. Tom llcnrich marking Die s/ - tilage was removed from his left knee in October. Basketball in his iicuie town cf Masslllon. O., nnd irllls l~, (Hte Indicate ihat the knee Is okeh. With new .stars replacing and liilslllnj the old, and not a. sign :( a. «;?k bay, there is ample cvl- :lcire that the Ynnkees will keep :nmlnj. Wrc'DNgSDAY, MARCH 0, 1038 Caruthersville Grade Boys Win County Trophy CARUTHEnSVILLE, Mo., March 9. — Caruthersville grade school Capers Shown To Be Healthier Without Jump Uy N'i:A Service NCRMAN, Okln.. March 9. — Wlinn the •nrition's collegiate bas- 'iftbidl c-oaclies argue the pros and ens of the elimination of the .•enter Jump, at their nmuial meet- in Chicago liiis spring, Hugh boys basketball team, of which CoM> MeAdams is coach, won the county grade tournament trophy at Holland, defeating Deeiing boys 10-8. Cnrtithersvllle girls wore eliminated In their first gumo llccring girls won in thai division of the fe-rade tournament. Incidentally, this W ns Hie second time teams from those two respective schools won first in tournament play in the .county this year. Caruthersville boys won first In the high school tourney and uceriug girls won first in ihal division of the high school tournament. Trophies wore given first, SP and ihird place winners in grade tourney. th" Wilson For Second Time The Reiser girls were victorious 49 to 15 over wil.sou in the Kei.scr gym night. This is llio second lime that Reiser, who placed second in the Mississippi county tournament, has defealcd the vic- 15111 Knickerbocker. . I'ilch for I'ositiotis cult, nol excepting the one representing Cleveland. Knick the Backstop Net content with possessing the | Ind considered the prize recruit of the year. Joe Gordon, as a replacement, for Tony Iji/zeii at second base, lhe Yankees gave Hie Browns 520,000 and Don Hcllner for Knickerbocker. Five will get you 10 if yen have an idea that the .2G1 Knickerbocker . j hit in bailing himself out of Sportsman's Park. St. Louis, is the best The strange slinging faces re- [ ness is getting the ball nwny too slowly in Hie outfield, mid lie .shouldn't have to much .correcting Ihat. Advised to remain in , .-.^i, ~. ^m-uuu. «.». rrnnK (jrosein another season, Keller readily con- { will Have to boost his .234 of 1937 sented. But he definitely appears to be he'll do for the Yankees, if given Hie opportunity. He's a solid .300 hillei' In anybody's major loop, nnd was a whale of a shortstop in trouble, Cleveland. I Knirk not only serves ns a tack- Newark .stop for Gordon, but Frank Croselti "" """ ' will Have to boost his .234 of to stay hi the Ihick of lliings. George Selkirk Is prancing Mound , - ' " V.'<-U, & L u^inut. 1:1 [jiiiiLtiiior lUOlUlU another of those robust replace-1 ns lively as ever with a good arm menls who keep the Yankees com-1 hanging from his right shoulder in Place of (he bad one thai kept him out- NEW SENTRY COAL this tint* It's prepared in America's Most o . nA , Modem Preparation Plant We $1 ,UU lOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 IT COSTS LESS- To let us KEEP your Var in shape than it does to repair it after it hns broken down. Increase the value of your car and LET US KEEP IT IN A-l CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers 307 E. Main St. Sales and Service "Step Lively!"...IMPOSSIBLE! Working at the bottom of the sea is one job that can't be hurried. Fine brewing is another... From its slow-motion start to its leisurely finish, BUDWEISER'S brewing process demands time and patience. Choice barley must season for months. To make it into malt takes weeks. Finally, when the brew has been made, gentle fermentation just above the freezing point begins...and ends after more months have gone by. Time...time...more time. That's why your few minutes with a bottle of BUDWEISER are so brimful of satisfaction. MAKE THIS TEST! DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU WILL WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER. ANHEUSER-BUSCH Order a ctrton for year Acme NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED KING.OF BOTTLED BEER NOTE FOR HOUSEWIVES: A g i ass of cold BUDWEISER is always a thoughtful compliment to a husband — especially in the evening. Has he ever expected it when there was none in the icebox? Check up on your supply. Keep a carton on hand—and severalbottlesor cans of BUDWEISER chilled and ready for instant serving ... at unexpected as well as regular occasions. ANHEUSER-^USCH . ST. LOUIS MeDermoH, University of Okia']cm.<! menlor, will bo ttinong iliose .viio will battle lo keep Hie jump I V. • ri- i 7, . >ut of the game. iveiser (jirls I rim His tram, which employs the "ust hreak, runs nil night ,nnd •icvr heard ol a delayed offense, ilirivts on lhe -sport us it is. "Seven of lhe 10 varsity players iclitally uained weight through our grueling schedule," says McDermolt. "Twice this .season our sciimd was examined by physicians who were unable lo find any variance torious sextet from Wilson"since in blood pressure or heart rate, lhe toiirmiment finals at shawnep Moreover, we had fewer cases of Frnn ccs Anchlin, one of Reiser's folds t.uv year than any previous all-county forwards, was hinh scorer season I can remember." I for the game. •«•-»•«.

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