The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1946
Page 5
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AUG. S7,1946 ~ -^ :- ALdONA UPPER ttfiS BfOltfES, ALGONA IOWA. F'i •** Lost Our Lease! Wo nrc Intcffistfld In ilifi .Idnsn or pti relink rtf ftropftHjr KiiHnldfl to ft«r business, nn<1 In AlffOM. Wilt Iro Intoirastad In isiiltublfi vn« cnnt prnfttirf.y oft wliicll to Kossuth County Hatchery ss cnrft Spfincwr Chick Hatchery, Spencer, Irt. I FLATTERING FOR FALL The hats this season are designed-to'accentuate your femininity—and they do jnisoft rounded contours bedecked with colorful feathers'that flatter and charm. Feather hats are more beautiful than ever. 1 ' "• " Jc •»• • _ 4 And there are high crowns, berets, bonnets— every style to make y°u look your loveliest. The ELITE CooC » l Tues.-Wed., Ayg. ; 27i28 ' ' Joe E. Brown in • > -•* , "Wide Open Faces" Thurs.-Fri.-Sat., Aug. £9-30-31 'Eddie Bracken, ^ *V0i?oiMCfl LQKO ' •. ^ * *• in ', • /of This World ,SHE KNEW SHE WAS A MADMAN'S pw2&v;>A^^^/ Whittemore Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fanclel of Whittemore arc today celo'irat- ing their flOth wedding anriiveis- ai'.y with solemn high mass being performed by their son Father Edward Frindel of Sonborn. The Rev. James Fandel, Alton, a grandson, is acting as deacon, the Rev. Wm. Veil, Whittemore, sub- deacon, and the Rev. Raymond Pick, Whittemore, master of ceremonies. The Rev. Tennyson of Hospers is also in attendance. Acolytes are three grandson^: Stanley Fandel, Humboldt; Michael Kelly, Whittemore; and Roman Eisenbacher, Armstrong. Later a picnic lunch is to be held at the academy hall at Whittemore for 170 relatives and there will be open house at the Fandel home from 3 until 5 o'clock this afternoon. Michael W. Fandel and Rosina C. Kerker were married August 24, 1886, at St. Mary's church at Loyrdcs, 111., .with the Rev. F. M. Eckert officiating. In 1900 they located on a farm two miles west of Whittemore and 17 years later retired to Whittemore, which has since been their home. Mr. Fandel has long been recognized for his business acumen. He is president of the Farmers Elevator at Whittemore and un- FOR SALE 160 Acre Improved Real Estate Northeast Quarter, • Sec. 16-9529, 2 Mi. S. W. of Alprona. John Hutchison, Exec, of I.iS- bclla Hutchison Estate, Wesley, Iowa. Hutchisonr'& Hutchison Algona, Iowa Attorneys JARS CAPS, LIPS & RUBBERS ' And follow initruclions in the Bull Blue Book. To fet your copy tend JOc with your name «nd tddrcti to— •All IHOTHiRS CQMMNV, Muntlt, In*, til last spring was secretary of the Farmer's Creamery, a position which he held for 29 years. Mr. and Mrs. Fandel are two of Whitlemorc's most beloved and respected residents. Mr. and Mrs. Fandel became the parents of 12 children, two of whom died in infancy. The living are: Mrs. Jos. J. Elbert Sr., Algona; Geo. L. Fandel, Rodman; Emma Hilbert, Algona; Wm. M. Fandel, Whittemore; Ralph Fandel, Humboldt, Mrs. T. J. Kelly.Whittemore; Mrs. Alfred Semon, Algona; Herman J. Fandel, Mansqn; Rev. Edward F. Fandel, Santoorn and. Arthyr • A. Fandel, Mason City. There are also 69 grandchildren arid 58 great-grandchildren. ••;'''':' Mr. and Mrs. Fandel are both in good health, live in their own home and do their own housekeeping. Mr. Fandel is particularly active for his years. Both Mr. and Mrs. Fandel are 81 years of age. HICKENLOOPER IN TALK HERE TELS OF ATOMIC BLASTS Speaking before a group of about 100 men, last Thursday noon at the Algona Country club, United States Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper described hip .eye-witness experiences at Bikini atoll, scene of the recent atomic bomb experimental explosions. "I do not think any other nation is going to discover the final secrets of the atomic bomb for several years to come," said Senator Hickenlooper, himself a member of the Senate Atomic Bomb Control Committee. He gave several reasons for his viewpoint, chief one being that no ,cjth ( er ., present has the concentration' of all scientific factors .with the production of ra,w ingredients necessary to manufacture the bomb. Warns of Biological War. Near the conclusion of his talk. Senator Hickenlooper pointed out that "if another war comes, it will be 'based on bi'ological warfare," as well as use of atomic energy in bombing. "Biological warfart could destroy Iowa's corn crop of today overnight," the senator said. -He added that attacking planes could scatter diseases 'that would strike clown whole communities in short order. "We dare not permit another war," he said, ."because of these factors." Approved of Tests. Senator Hickenlooper was of the opinion that this nation shall not find itself disarmed so long as it controls the atomic bomb. He added that in his opinion the Bikini tests should have been held.' All ships used were old and obsolete as vessels of war, he .said.. The ifirst atomic blast at Bikini was observed .by the senator from a perch some 90 feet above, the water, on a ship's mast. The second blast (under water test) he witnessed from the air In a'trans- port plane. The scientists, service men and observers were able to enter Bikini the day after the tests a.nd board some of the ships, 'he said, where tests determined that radioactivity was npt dangerous/ Senator Hickenlooper did ,not minimize tlje power or danger of atomic bombing. "Against a concentration of people, material or armaments, the bomb is so deadly we cannot imaging it," he said. other manner, conl and other fuel, of ,GVPiy kind nml dpsci Iptlon, itfinln, livestock and other farm products nml product', farm Implements, Hnn- l>cr iinrt Keneriil biilldJhe material Olid to build, erect, eipilp, own, lease, maintain, operate, buy, s-r«ll, transfer itml exchange elevators, wai-f hotisp.«, mills, sh(i(ls, offlrfH nhd Innnlmilx, find lo buy, otvn, sr'll, ekclmiiKc, transfer nlid ijpal In rnnl e«lBl« of nil kinds nnd rt<?no.rlptlons, InrludltiK lonso lioldx, nml to nnpfnpr*' lu liny K fi nornl bnslrn*n.q of llko nnd rpht.tPd nnltir' 1 nnd to do nil things norpssjiry «nd projK'f to Ilifl (.•nndiirt. of thp buslm'HH nhovo prmni- firiilfd. • Tin- nnlhorl/.pd pnpllnl slork of •HUH corponitlon .ilmil hn Flvp Itiir- flrpd (",IKI) shari-H of (>otntTion Hlot-k Will) ii par vnlnn of ($1(1(1.110) Onn llnndrpd IiollnrM ppr Hltni'^p. Tho rnplinl stock inny hn Inri-prispd liy Votp of llirr>p-rniii'lliR nf nil HIP slock I'Hsnr-d add (iiilHlnnillnpr nl nny such ,llmo. \Vhr-n II.o i-ni)ltnl slook Is to IIP li'.i'fcfpsfrl, HIP ndillilnti.'il Khn «linll IIP ori'prpd to din exist >itor'l(lioldrM-.H pcoporl Innn I ply to tlK'lr lioldlnes fit not IPKH (Iran HiR par viilnp. Nnnn of HIP sluiros ulinll hi! Ininxfpr.'ihlc PXPP|)| n|ion the books of Hit 1 corpora lion ami tlm Jollowliipf I'C'Strlcllonf! nrn In HP pine .Pd upon piinlv .sharp of slock: "Ho- iforp llm lioldC'f of rccrn-d or olbnr- Wlsp tnny spll, frlvp, dcvisp or otlinr- WIs^! Iransfpr a shnt'p or share's to nny pprson oDior llirin llin .Inporpor- alors named hnroln holder shall nniiMn.tllo Dfinrd of Directors lot 1 the. corporation, of whirl. 1 ' the 1'rcsldpnt shall IK; OI:P, lo apiiralsp HIP (ilinrn or sharps, and I lit- holdc .shall ol'fpr Hip sluiro or sharps to the Directors Tor the use of tin-Corporation nl. lite appraised vnlnp. If ll'.p Dlrpctors do not. exprclso Ihplr loptlon lo iinrclinse I IIP, share or .shares for the use of the Corporation within Ihlrty days of Htic.h ap- •prnisal, tlw'JioldiSr may dispose of the sliarti.or ..sliitres lo .whom and In such I.e rrja.y see :flt: None •of the said capital istock'sha'll he Issued until the' s'llnIP,ls either paid for In cash'rHijiot.-lpss than, the par value or' In pro|vi5l 1 ty : as provided by law. . - • • The time .of .coramencempn t of this corporation shall • he Ihe dato of Issuance of Certificate• of Incorporation by'lhe Secretary of .State (jf the .State of Iowa,'and the terntlna- tion shall .be twenty years'frpm'sald date. Tl'.ls corporation may'be dissolved at, any-time, prior to the date of Its termination by a 'majority vote of the .stockholders. The business affairs of this corporation shall be and controlled by a Hoard of Directors consisting of not less than five and not more thai: seven as determined by the stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, who «hall hold office for on-e year or until their successors, are elected and Onallfled. and tl.e directors shall be elected annimlly by the, stockholders at Ihe regular annual meeting of the stockhoders of this corporation, and until Ihe next annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation, the following persons shall be directors, to wit: l Fred .A.-Dlekmann, Wesley. Iowa Arlluir..Maass. LuV«rne..-rowa Arthur .W. Itlley. LuVcrtie, Iowa Bert (,'.• Ramns. I,HV'erne. Iowa Harold : H.. .l-'hllllps, CuVerne'. Iowa The directors of IV.Is corporation Immedlntey after their election:- at the annual me^Hnp shall meet and elect 'from their number n'n'resltlent, a vlcfl president, a secretary and a treasurer.^ Any director ,of the corporation may. hold niiy one or more- offices If so ordered'hy' the Board of. Directors. -The Board of Directors shall'have the right'-and the power to appajnt an assistant secretary and treasurer who need not be a director of the. corporation.' Until tl.e h-ext annual '.meeting of stockholders -tho 'pfflcers.of the corporation shall he. to'wit: . '•.'." Fred A.^TJIekmann, President , •fj Arthur. Maass, Vice: President . . Fred j\'.''Dalknfahh/ SeeretftrV, .'' Fred 4- plekmann, : Treasiir"cr,' " J5ach .(llrectni 1 slinll lw a, stockholder. nml If .any director shall ceaso to bo a stockholder In this corporation ho. or she slinll nntomalically cense ti be n director. The llonrd of Dlrec tors may fill nil vacancies occnrrlnf, In Us members between iiniina meetings by tho appointment of ilimllflcd pprson lo I,old HKI offlci Irtr.the remainder of the lerm. The anniml meeting of the stockholders shall ho held at Ihe princi- pal place, of business ^/ the corporation on MVP. third Monday In.Auff- nui ,( each year for the election of 'ors and to transact any nlhp.r i «s of Hn. coi-poratloii as shall (•cssary ami proper vale properly of tl.e stockhold- t this riM-pornfion shall not be. dlrec hush be m I'r • •I'M I liable or snbfect to the debts of ilia 1 co?potation Dated tbli 2()lh flny of 10 I (I KtTNJ! OHATN, TNO Fred A. DleUmnnrt, President:, Fred A. IMpIcmnnn, Secretary Trpnsni'nr. 3.1 HE'S COMING IN IN PERSON ORRIN TUCKER And His Great Band Only $1.22 plus taxes LABOR DAY x DANCING EXPO PARK Fort Dodge MONDAY, SEPT. 2 Coming Al Menke—Sat., Aug. 31 Lynn K«rns^-Sun., Sept. 1 ;Fezz Fritsche—Thurs!, Sept. 5 Skippy Anderson Sat., Sept. 7 and Sun., Sept. 8. Franklc. Masters—Wed., Sept.- 18 XOTIf'K OF TNCOnPOHA.T!ON» KU.\Z CiltAlK, IXC. Notice Is hereby given of the Incorporation of the Kunz drain, Inc., will: I IB principal place of business In Wesley, Kosuuth County, Iowa, The general nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation shall be: To buy, sell, receive, store, consign, deal In and handle on commission, or in ' any Ufi WITH CITY jtnitaiHliuii<Ha.,ti. rm.vH M-III -THATS WHAT I jM-WAYS SAY IF THERMS ANYTHIKQ BETTER. ONE eCJTTLE OF TWO/ YOU ALWAYS DO WELL V AT S&L! FALL MILLINERY A Glorious army of advance styles in Millinery! Hals you'll wear everywhere in style anil beauty! ... 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