The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1946
Page 4
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PAGEFOUR. -ALGONA GEORGE'S FOR FINE FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP Open Seven Days a Week Algona, Iowa .. To use oil important occasions yourself or to t;ivc to some one else on an important occasion, one oC our beautifully etched Continental (land Wrought Aluminum pieces will bo the perfect answer. Trays, casserole dishes, odd pieces—the selection is good. L^iEis^lfe TRAYS Crcaled with meticulous care by master craftsmen. Non-tarnishable. Several patterns from which to choose. $4.75 up SILVER PIECES Silver plate on copper. Bon bon dishes, cream and sugars, bowls, salts and peppers, double vegetable dishes, and candle sticks. EAST STATE GIFTS • WATCHES WATCH REPAIR FIRE: EXTINGUISHER' FOR STOKE OFFICE HOME GAKAGE Put One in the Glove Compartment of Your Car SI-KEEN smothers fire with CO2 gas that is released when it hits the flame. Cuts out oxygen on which fire feeds. No oxygen—No fire. That's all there is to it. Very effective on burning oil—gasoline, grease, burning electric wires, small home and office fires. Non-conductor of electricity. Quick Acting Easy to Use Chokes Fire New Discovery Laboratory Tested Botsford Lumber Co. I'Jione Jim Pool LONE ROCK Rose Barry of Bancroft spent the first of the week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lynch. Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Wood spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Watts of Haifa. Mr. and Mjrs. Wilfred Radig spent Thursday evening visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peterson at Titonka. Viola Berninghaus is spending a few days visiting her grandmother, Mrs, Leo Berninghaus at Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaig spent Monday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry We?tergaard at Graettinger. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dacken of Sibley spent Thursday and Friday at the parental Frank Dacken home. Mrs. Everett Hanna spent Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McDonald at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Kucck spent Tuesday at Nevada,' Mo., on business. Mr.s. E. M. Jensen and Dick ;ire now visiting her sister and husband Dr. and Mrs. F. W. England at Muscatinc. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zwiefel of Fenton spent Monday evening at the home of ,Mr. and Mrs. La- Vc'mc Hammcrstrom. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Walsh and f;irl.s took his mother Mrs. Ann Walsh of Chicago, 111. to Laurence Thursday to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lynch spent Monday afternoon helping Jacqueline Lynch at Ledyard celebrate her fifth birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberts of Alaineda, Calif., spent Wednesday evening visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Marinus Nielson and family spent Wednesday evening visiting the Donald Buf- finylon family of near Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hanna and Myrtle Hanna were Monday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dciken. Mervyn Thompson and Berdine Hunt of West DCS Moines spent Thursday visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and Mr. and Mrs. John New- broiigh and Johnnie and Janet Irfl Wednesday morning for Fort Worth, Tex. Ben Jacobson of Manhattan Beach, Calif., spent from Monday till Thursday visiting his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cherkind. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noeman of Tacoma, Wash., spent the weekend at the home of their aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. John Nyman. Jean Gettman spent from Monday until Thursday visiting ...T sister Marj* Ann and her bfother Jack caine Thtft'sdSy m& spent the day. ; i Mhv and Mrs. Ale* Krtieffet spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ack- crmah at Ventura. They also helped them thresh. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marlow and Buddie were Thursday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Seegebarth Ih honor of Mrs. Marlow's birthday. I Laura Jane D»ardorf 'of Yale is spending a week at the home, of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen while her parents are on a fishing trip. Mrs. Ralph Blerstedt, Mrs. Ornie Behrends, Mrs. Lyle Mai-lo\y, Mrs. Art Prietoe, Mrs. Mcr- wih Marlow spent Thursday . at Walter Dacne's at LuVcme. Mr. and Mrs. H, W.' Hobson spent Sunday visiting Mrs. Nora Hobson at Burt. They also spent Wednesday afternoon visiting Mrs. Kate Dittmer,at Algona, Myrtle Hanna and Mrs. Ella Hanna, tho latter of Fairmont, Minn., left Thursday afternoon to spend a few days visiting the Reid Anderson homo at Spencer. Mrs. W. H. Altwegg of Austin, Minn., and Mrs. Louis Solto of Algona spent the week visiting their daughter - .granddaughter, Mrs. A. E. Jorgcnson and family- ~ ,, • • Mr. ant! Mrs. Russell Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Cruikshank of Burt spent Sunday visiting Mrs. Jensen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jackman • at Ames. Mrs. Ralph Hurlburt,' Rita and Meredith spent Friday visiting at the home of Mr. , and Mrs. Lawrence Rath and Mrs. Martha Rath and also helped do some canning. Mrs. Lizzie Salisburyuof Fort Benton, Mont., and her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittmer 'of Burt spent Wednesday afternoon visitinjj • Mr, and Mrs. N. L. Cotton. . ; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leininger of Burt became the parents of an 8%-lb. boy at the Algona Kossuth hospital Thursday night. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Volentine. Mary Ann and Margaret Dittmer and Jerry and Jane Angus attended a fourth birthday party of James Drown at the home, of his grandparents Mr, and Mrs. R. T. Angus Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittmer of Burt and Mr. and. Mrs. N. L. Cotton and Mrs. Annis and daughter of Algona were , Thursday dinner guests at the home of Ciara Zahlten at Algona. Mrs. H. A. Blanchard and Mrs. L. A. Newbrough returned home from Des Moines Wednesday, where they were guests on the Edith Webber program over WHO Tuesday morning. Mpndcfy dinner guests- at the homie of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuebk were Miss Elsie Leopold and Mrs. Amanda Mohrhusen of ALGONA IOWA- Milwauke&i Wis. and Mr. Bfttt Mrs,,, tf ulius Paul ol Marshall, .',.,- -...- ' .- - o •Mrv afna MfsY MlrlM Aftdersofi and- Iwd daughters .of Ra'clhe, Wis., arid M.fc- and Mf& Lyle Welch and daughter and son of Velleyjtt, Calif., spent Monday eyenifig at the home of Mrs. Mary Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser and Betty and Mrs. Hattie Shits* er were Thursday evening supper guests at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence. Rath and Mrs. Martha Rath in honor of Mrs. Albert Shaser's birtfcday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ctenrich returned home Friday morning after attending the National Rural Letter . Carriers convention at Des Moines a few days. Their son Bernard is also home from Ames. ' Monday evening'supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Donnell were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Nurre and family at Bancroft, ahd Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Walsh and family and his mother Mrs. Ann Walsh of Chicago, 111. Sylvia Wprthington. of Fort Dodge and Enid Worthington of Havelock came Wednesday night to spend a few days with their mother - grandmother Mrs. Lillian Worthington. Mrs. Merle Jorgenson and daughter of 'Ledyard came Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mueller and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Mueller and children of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Mueller of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Mny- nard Mueller of Merced, Calif., Merle Mueller of Fentort spent Wednesday at Okoboji. Wednesday evening guests at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig were Lucille Kressin and Warren Ward of Minneapolis, Minn.,' and his mother Mrs. Ward of Morton, N. D., Mrs. Dora Laabs : 6f Algona, Mr', and Mrs. Henry Mueller of Lotts Creek. Mr. arid Mrs. Dave Weber, and some friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberts of Alamoda, Calif., Mr «nd Mrs Joe Miller,« Mr. and Mrs. Wm Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. tioy InhBfi aM (jjiliflft family/ fittd : 1vtft Dave Lynefe«atteiid«id - a Mf8v Mr, and -M>&Gfeo^6ftW M St; Louis, Mb.) It. T, Angus, Bob .and Grace Angus, Mr* and Mrs. Del- War Angus, ahd Verrt Shiftier t the latter of .Burt, spem flam Tuesday 1 Ufttll Friday at Leech Lake, Minh.j ort a fishing trip. Mrs. Blalne DroWn. and three children of Curlew spent that time with Mrs, R; T. Angus, ; Mr, and Mrs. Wilfred fladig spent Tuesday, evening visitliif relatives from Mt. Pleasant, la., at the horiie 6f her mother Mrs. Ramstock at Lakota. MrSi Rani-. stock and her mother Mrs. Ebert and Mr. and Mrs, Bill Ebert ahd children, of Mt. Pleasant were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mr* Will tfed Radig. ' Sister Claire Affisi of Pocahontas, Sister Angela Marie of Dyersville and Catechist Claire Miller and her companion, Catechist Florence Buerner of Huntington, Ind., came Monday to sppnd a week visiting their brother .Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller. Their father, who has been visiting his daughter Irma and relatives in Joliet, 111., brought them with him.. , . to sdld th'eift V^lfety and ; Mrs,"A^iif ^rolf :ialt Myatei ng ,^s '^d'fte oft Wednesday and immediate p6s» session Ijivf ft ta the fiew*,. others. Mt* . flSUni'art b&uglit tifie store last; January; ffdfti the 3, M, Wei* fares whd^imoMdJOiRlttgBtedi •'• .Mr.- and -tost ^r"6lf ';have^beeni farhiing ht the-feflgt edge '6f tdWw for two ysarg o'ft : the' httftie fartt which v>As sold this- year.' previous td that-Mr. Ti*6ff 'Was plowed at the Cai^ehte* ' ' •••• Gco*gc's Cafe While tieorge Boswell was showing Theo Hutchison 1m- provertients at his cafe, no\V under way, he looked up'and found the roof near the' chimney ablaze. A call to the fire department resulted, and little damage was done. The traffic jam, howevef, at Phillips and Fair street was tremendous, swelled by,cars leaving the baseball game at the fairgrounds, but ,city police, were on the job and! kept things moving. Sj».|rit, Iftgfc: wejelt With ^Istj L wfefit to ctLicficl' crJGJ - „ „ _ SttfidajPi All ii^ehiidfefii. BuMe were expected to be eht. ••>•••:,,••>/:;- : ";• J<'".;-';';' Close Labor Day .._• business., all-'dijy k&fc .day, sept. 2, -the closing cbrftmit* tee, of the Chamber of Comhierce fltflfprf Hisfv»»f1i!« ..-,»• 'I* Algona Fait Grounds LABOR DAY Sponsored by ALGONA'LIONS CLUB Townsend Flash By Mrs. A. M. Anderson iFor the first time in history the Townsend Plan had a short hearing in the U. S. Senate. Although only a handful of senators were present it set the stage for a better fight early in 1947. The'senators evoked many strong tributes of the Townsend Plan. For the first time in history, many Southern senators appeared to understand that the Townsend Plan will <pour such quantities of buying power into, their section each month as to attract new business and create wealth unheard of since the hey day of the great plantation civilization.—Adv. COME IN OF COMFORT Upper Des Moines Want Ads Bring Results, /J** i: ' :/i> "._/• '• (9 "VThr OVER 8 GENERATIONS HAVE mscovmmTWIN 8FP COMFOKT ON THIS DOUBLE BED MATTRESS <*>•*'. ';. » .« 4» • **^. V - . J The exclusive Seal; process of manufacture—transforming »] 6ve-foo» bad of codon into a giant pillow for your body— makes the Seal? Tuflless mattress the outstanding comfort sensation on the market. Tbe resilient fibres of long staple cotton, "Air. woven" together, have the' right buoyancy to support the un» equal weights of two sleepers without one disturbing the slum ber of the other. Come jn^et us demonstrate the superior wttfott teturM «f &e Se*l/TolO«M mjttrtw to you.// ' RICHARDSON FURNITURE A CITY STORE WITH COUNTRY F»ICES AFTER INVENTORY CLEARANCE Biggest Clearance In Woodward's History Women's and Girl's Wear BACK NO. , RACK NO. 2 Woman's & Misses RACK NO. Women's 3 & 4 Spring Sjtyle All sizes $2 to $12 Briished Rayons $2 to 6 values. Tweeds, Worsteds Choice All sizes REDUCED TO $3 to $12 values . .. % PRICJE SI RACK riDI C DRESSES, SKIRTS, HOUS|E COATS $1 to $5 REDUCED TO NO, 5 values BLOUSES, JUMPERS All sizes RACK Women's &CJfJDTC Wool & All sizes NO. A Misses "J"UVlJ^Cotton $2.00 to $6.00 values RACK Women's & TA ATC-Spring All sizes NOW :•>.. : : NO. 7 Misses ^"""^anlTFaU $10.00 to,$35.00 values tllM^Ml I i "P**" 1 *! I'UN i iMjJMIHIlH'hMi ' RACK Women's and CI Til W p r A 1TC All sizes NO. 8 Misses Spring "UIIJ i^tUA I J $3 to PRICE REDUCED TO %' PRICE ss.ocy I 0 4 RACK NO. 9 Women's PURSER SWEATERS SHOES HOUSE TABLE NO. 5 W«nW S HAURQCHEES CHOICE OF WOMENS & GIRLS SPRING HA TABLE NO. 1 TABLE NO. Women's & 2 & 3 Girls TABLE NO. 4 Women's & Children's Men's and Boy's Wear RACK OF MEN'S AND BOYS TABLE OF MEN'S LEATHER TABLE'OF MEN'S TABLE OF BOYS,' SUITS HOUSE SLIPPERS | Infant's Wear $2.00 to $fOO values \ All sizes ' $2.00 to $5.00 values PUMiPS, SANDAL9 All sizes ORDS $3 to $5 values and Colored value $3.00 value Reduced to Wool Worsted Wool Tweeds ' values WORK SHOES $3.00 to $5.00 values Peters "Diamond Brand" $2,00 to $3,00 values < ONE COUNTER CONSISTING OF INFANTS NEEDS REDUCED TO % WOOL CAPS WOOL CRIB BLANKETS AND RECEIVING BLANKED DRESSES BAT.IJI ROB^ SETS ALL WOOL SWEATERS . ALL WOOL BOOTIES ALL WOOL SOAKERS ROMPERS CHOICE OF BONNET^,. &&!; \' Four Tables of Odds & Ends to 1-2 Price MEN'S AND BOYS' BELTS, SUSPENDERS, TIJBS, PQjkO SHIRTS, TRUNKS, HATS, CAPS, SWEA^»RS/,WQMPNS AJ^QlRfcS SLJ^ S^ BRASSIERES, BUTTONS . . '^ffSM^'^'?£^^^^£'S}-l^^^M^&£^^'^

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