The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1946
Page 3
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iCHlLLS! WITO flACES COMING Algona 'Pair 'Grounds LABOR DAY •'At 'fiiiH,Steven 'Jr. .of 'AJgonrf as- 'siSrhM 'hfs"dlit1es M<Wday mor Wg Us 'Htthatfer t>£ 'WoWwafa SWre Ih ttlgfe, tte 'Ms^ib-eyn ' wjthHheWgfanl- 1 2atforv<rfeVe''i!hee '1940,'•wlttr'the' eir^tloh ''of 'the 'time 'he w "serviHg in the^rniy''^^!^ ai 3%'iye^r'Bt'retch, <!WilOdJnirserJ vtas.'in New Qumea, Bill 'has 'b,een 'a resident -here ftnvthe past'15'years, is 'married and welhknotfn ' to • all. jA't»S' dfe fli'e; biggest'bar- Choose a Genuine FROM SHARP'S • - p • i . . Exquisite "3tyliii£ Superb 'Quality Honest Pricing When selecting your "ring, the integrity of your jeweler and that of the maker of the^rthg-is'tif greatest importance. c ; Right/ *:•* '* 5 :: Sj| . t <Harid" ' ""' ' ' '4 £*fe .r>v- /^—* IQ^flUM^^MU' f ^.23-30 DPS MOINES \T^7^!«BB if>EW>. Auto RocOft — 50 famous^tlrivcra. racing for A.A.A. Dirt Truck Championship £* \«\ree afternoons - Fri., Aug. 23; Sun., Aug. 85; rri., Aujr. aft I* Horw Races ft Rodeo r,w S dou.. eature—three afternoons— Aug, 8?.;^-8& r Famous-Stall " ' tmmcr- '•— J ---"••- ' -rvmilne ith-t. hi<*wii«»lm»i?;7 CENTENNIAL hornet et 100 ynn. reopen, thresher* «t airly Iw* . ? 1k*'*£ r-ral»lng tt Urnoon tts[nt,)>!/ f ' ' fiRtMiM rifjiif 1 E&IQ nifh li of (lit* tn U?r6inio(ni t»/ 23-M, Gwgtoiu! • • tff "fw •.. EasbVl, Daughter of fir -' HUfris Potter, s6n'bf Dr.'flnd Mrs. L. R. • Potter, Altrere united'in'mar- rfofge- Sunday morning at-8'tfdlock in'th'e Presby'teriah-chufeh with the-Rev/A. English reading the tlbuble .ring, service. Attending' the couple were Doris M6Qufre, frtend of th^'brl'de, and Don Pilfer,"brother "of the groom. The bride wore a'.b'eige suit with 'a' cojfsdge of'-Ved .roses. Lohengrin's v^eddfng "nia'rch was'played "on, fhe organ iby Mfs. Fred'Geig'el. fehe also accomWantfed Ardis who sang ''Because". A'wed&in'g Ul'e'akfa'st was served the immediate families at'We Algona 'Hotel. Mar5oHe-is-a ; gra'du'ale 'of r the -Algorta'high 'School land attenddd 'IbW'a'Btat'e I'e'a'dhers 6ollege 6ne year/'Jarrt'es 'gr'aHuated 'from the Sch'ail'er'high sch6'61 'and-'attondi'd roivva State 1 college. \ •Following a 'Weeks • h'drt'eymtt'bii a t • Lake • Ok6bon i' the c6u pie Wi 11 Reside in 'Algana where James is ; empldye<3 at'the 'Potter Frbfcen Foods Locker Plant. Plum Creek .'Elite <3lub— the'PluW'CFe'ek'ElHeclub'herd 1 Achievement clay at the Center, school. Friday. August 16. The •"~'^'->- co)isi.4f6d 6f 'a'feport'^y: Jahe'Keith'bh h?rUrip4o ! the ! state' convention, .' a talk 'byi l BeWrlvi KAIn aVi.d-aYeadOfc of 'ih'e 'Plum! •6reek 1 Elife;ilub < ,s.hist«ry l 6y'M'ar-' i i An / ZeJ l gler."Mrs. Ray a.p.dloiig' was| Norman L.Lfee.. former 'boy and recently discharged-from' •the navy alter-about 'f6ur -yedrS service, was ;marrletl (o 'Mtlryl Frances Malcolm, June 7, (ha c6r6Vnon'y "performed at '. PlgfgoU, Arkansas, according'tb' arinoun'fce-' merits redel'ved 1 by ^ocal frfeVidS- ?Ke yoOik 'cdiiplfe'iwlU make thdir Wome in St. Louis, Mo. Tea' ror :v Mai< jdrle' Ea'^rt— A lovely tea and shower held Saturday afternoon for Mar- jbrie jEason, daughter of Dr. dnd Mrs. A. J. Easbn, at 'the A, E Kresensy home. Hostesses we Mrs. Kfeserfsky and Mrs. : C, : B MurtaVh. Thirty Presbyteriai ladios allen'ded. . jMiss 'Efl'^on. who was- hiafrfe'd Sunday iWorhjrig to ; Jam'es 'Pott'er rei?eivecl'many loVely, gifts. -A light 'liuich was •Served by 'the hostesses. ttdyal ; The : Royal Neighbor lodge meet- ihg-iwill not be;'held on August-22 as previously arrarnged because b. (he Kossuth county fair. It has been postponed to August 29. club's judee. Seven members rireek Elite -club ?Aln( Union day. 'Aleth'ean's i of the Piiimj •attended the Achievement! Voneusrti S. S. Class— ; The Vanguard S. S. class of the' Baptist chUr'ch met Tuesday even- VH? ; at ''the • hrtme ' of Mrs. E. M. ; Richardson'with Eve Presnell and Verna Clansaddle assisting. Six-; e'e'n "members were nresent and ,\Vo visitors, Mrs. Wilfred John-, '•on. Chicago. 111., and Betty Her- :ig, Mason City. ' 'jlrty 'for -Algoiilah's Mother •Mrs. Besse Jones and son Glenii nnri Fa'ye'Krause spent Sunday at Milford at the R. W. Schporman' •"hbme'wh'ere-a'birth'd'av waftv'wafc in progress' in honor of Mrs. Jones' mother Mrs. Cora Willson Staple-! ton t>f f Lake-Park. ,Mrs. Stapletbri' formerly' lived in Algona-'ahd was a "sister of the ; late Lester 'Willsou and TVTrs. Hattie Ward. Mrs. Stapleton; was • 85 ••on 'August 15, • and Is ' the 'last 'survivor * of her ' irrime- 1 Hiat'e 1 family. * Other puests were' Mrs. Jones' son Harold and fam- Mi)ford; ;Mr. an'd : Mrs. .'Roy' and family, Mr. and Mrs: Rex' BeVer.' : Fred Stepletbh and famHv of Lake Park. Mrs. Bevei J Is 'a daughter bf ; Mrs. Stapleton and Mrs. Schoorman iS-a-'granddaugH-; ter. Mrs.v;Sta^leitpn l^as^W Jivi grandchildren %rid f^sbrne' •Rer >raffdchild"f en. "'A'nothpr "do'tfifh lives in; Spokane." Mrs. Stapleton v'efy well and active for'her years.! ilhi' h(6linr'c1son Is 'Four— Mrs. : Paul'.Richardson enterlain- 6d-a group of llttlp folks in -ceje- bration of'her son Jimmy's fourth birthday, Guests-were'Dayid Kohl Ju'dy-and Bernard 'DahlhauSer J'avid '-Pa'ssmore. Jane, Mary- Airtn Charles and -tlick'Casey,. Marilyn i'chardson, ! Dickey "a'nd 'Maxbn, : and -Larry and Gwentha Williams. Is Brian Linnan celebrated his see'-- ond birthday -Wednesday and IVi honor of the occasion his mother! eritertairied a "number of "'neigh-: •btfrhood children and their mothers during the afternoon. t bk'obojl— •Mrs. iF. 'E. ; Kent entertained a few friends-at a-luncheon''at her cottage at-Lake dkoboji 1 'Wednesday. Guests.-were Mesdames 'Walter 'Loreriz, -Rhoda : Bbriar, Melzar Falkerihalner, H.--M. Smith, Donald 'iHutchiso'n, and John Haggard. 'Attend 'Burt Luncheon— Mrs. J.'H.'Brechtblil, Mrs. R. M. Wallace'arid -Mrs. 'J.'O."F."PrTce went to BUrt Friday to attend a lunch'ebn given 'by Marie Grover, sister of Mrs. Wallace. :Hum- 'Humphreys Entertain— 'Mr. 'arid Mrs. .Campbell .phrey, . : entertaMed : iiif_.., „ .Thursday eyeriihg for Mr, ,'and TWrs. Melvin 'HenderspQ,,.-'6f ! Pomo"ria,. Calif,, an'dV^Mr. -and ; ;Mrs. '.Ceqil 'Willey, ; of ' : Downers 'Grb*^, 'ill.' .Guests were '^lesssrs, ,'and ' Mes- dames.M. G. Bqurne.'Pl P. ZerfaSs', Laird'Ouric'an arid Theodore Hiit-, chison. ..' •-'.,„'.' • ' i ; !ln a lovely wedding ceremony fefformed SatUrflay -at hfgh noon in -the -Methodist 'parsonage Miss '|mogene GttodwiMie t)f Talb6t, Ind., f aihd Dr. George W. RoSS of Wat- ,|eka, III., were 'married by. the •Rev. Nelson Allen Price. The Hblittle ring service Was used. ••AtjerYding r lhe couple w6re ^Itr; «hd Mrs. .Leslie C. Srtyder of Wat-' Seka. Also witnessing 'the cere- rrtony were' Mr. and Mrs. 'Paul we'eley of 'Algona ahd Mrs. Phyllis I -miWgrin of Mason City. I i Mrs. RHss was^ a first lieutenant m the niirse e6rps'6'nd : ser«-ed ih the ETO for a year with-lhe'l99lh General Hospital. -Mrs. Holmgrin :was a sec6nd lieulendnt in the rjurso Corps. i Br .Ross, who .is the mayor of \yatseka, has bought several farms 'Of Mr. Seeley, and through their itau.^iness association 'became g6od frierids. Dr. R6ss had 'the'Seeley.^ rn'aTfte : 'arrarfgeniehts for'the tere-; rn6ny hei-e, . i Following'the service a wed'ding dinner.was seryed the bridal'party at'the Algona Country club, A're- ceiitirtn was also'h'eid -with Ma'y6i- dnd Mrs. Fra'nk;K6hlhaas and Mr; and Mrs. Phil-J.'KdHlftaas beinx invited 'guests. h. W."Miller wfes horidred oh his birthday, at his home Friday even- irig, at an informal dinner party at whfelra few "Close friends Were' guests. 'It Was 'also his birthday anniversary, os'w'ell 'as *an arfnt- vtefgary 6f his start in the practice! of law in Algona. • This Ctjngre'gational-ladies ; Bible VHass miet.'Wednes-day. with Mrs, Soren Diedricksen at Sexton. A large group' of relatives gath- dfed at'th'e c6untry''h'ome of Mr. •.dnd Mrs. .Henry W. 2eimet last Suhday'for a family reunion. Din- ndr and lunch were 'Served • ap- ! pi-oximately 70'gu'ests. •, .Those attending were-Mr. and .Mfs. John •ZeVmet'-of-LiveMofe, Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Zeirnet :i ahd m6t^er of West'Bend, 'Mr. 'and Mrs. Frank-Zeimet and Mr.' 'and Mrs.. Eugene Zeimet 'of •Algdna, Mat Zeimet, Peter, Sylvan and Raymond 'Zeimet, Henry 'M. Zei/het and family, and'Prosper Fi-l- d^res^imilyof'Bb'de, Mr.-and Mrs. J6hn Kenina and 'family '6'f 'Ban- , iroft, :Mr. and Mrs. Frank'R'attike and family of-Humbbldt, Mr.-and Mrs.-Joe'Zeimet 'ahd 'son,"Mr.-, and Mrs. John P. Kloft.'Jake Heiar and ions, Mr. 'and Mrs.-Arnbld -Hefar. iester -Heiar of Springbrobkj -and Vlr. arid Mrs. George ; Diers and family'of-Swea'City. • . '.Sunday afternobn visitors at the eime.t home were Jam'es-Kunkle bf'St. Benedict.-Mr. an.d Mrs. -John ^hasin Jr., -and Mr. and'Mrs. -John febbe and son Harold John, all of Springbrook, Iowa. Stitmt rieth 'E. ! r*ygan, 'both of JSpWi'der, ^ere married Sunday, August 18, ,at • 2 'd'clbck in 'the Methodist ciiurch by the 'Rev. Nelson 'Alien 1 Prite. Th'e couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black. Mr. Iiogan'ls ; a ; brttth'er of John Logan oh the 1 near Algftna. r Paint Parking Lines New citrb and sidewalk park- ings we'f-e b'eiWg'painted, Monday, in -trie Atgon'a business sec- Hon, to aid motorists in'parking ahd to'sho<v'th6rn'the IS^rn 1 -""- Ibad ing zories' a bit'clearer. Algona ?JWJWWMMfAfl& l You ?irls : and. women who' suffer so rrpm simple anemia that ;>you are tWed;>ea-k, "dragged out" . rfed "Surprise for 'Mrs.' Hagg— 'Mrs. Peter Hagg -was given • a jirthday surprise, party by a 'few, 'rlendff Saturday.afterhpon in cele-. Jration of h'er 7dth-anriiy'ersary.'' guests 'were' Mes'darries Alma •Jelsbn. Charles Rosewall, Qle Alison, Joe Christerisen, arid Gebrge ' ystbhelp -bl6od to -get -more y—in such cases. -;s are one bl6od-Iron _ ca.n f buy."Just fry .... .-__ 30-tiays—then ; see If-ydu, l too, : a6n't remarkably • benefit. All drugstores. tftfia E. Pi^ham s Notice To The Voters of Whittemore Townshsp, Kossuth County, Iowa: The Board of Directors of HVhittdhiore ToVfh- ship tfas'ilirccied that the'fdlldWirig pfopdsitiori'be submitted to the voters of said Township and by them determined: Shall {he'fioard of Directors of Whitfembrift TdHship., TCosstiih Cdtinty, Iowa, be duihorfeeiti 'tb sell-ihe v schoBl lioUse'an'd school grouHHs 'in Slib- district ^ix<ttif Wllittemdre Toton'ship-aHd pl^'the proceeds of such sale, in the general fuiid of «Sid district? . YESD '. Non : / Voting to in Whittemore District '"No. 7 School I'P.-M^to $ . 7 Whittemore Township School Board Bertha Ebert, Sec'y 33-34 Slns-s for Soroptimlsts— 'Mrs. 'Dal'e J Brand s'ahg " several selections and Mrs. C. C. Shierk accbmpanied her.Vit.'the 1 Soro'p'tim- ist.luncheon last Wednesday noon ''Hotel "Algona. i'Cefebnite 'GOlh'Anniversary--; i •Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fandel Whittemore will celebrate theii] 60th, •anniversary -witti Solemn (high ; "mass on : Tuesday,! August-27;-with'tKeir- 1 son,'^Fatheii Edward Fandel officiating. Later, there will toe'a picnic lunch at thpj Whittemore academy for 170 relf atives. , \l r . Mr; Fandel is president of the; Farmers Elevator at Whittemore,.' He was-also -secretary of thV Farmers' Creamery ''at v Wtiitte'morei f6rr29-years,^retiring this spring. ';. Mr. and Mrs. Fandel are the patents of .-ip-Hying --children, 6fli indcmldfe'n and 58"great grand-'children. -'Th'eyare 81 years old, and both in good health. '•; ^(rtfi'day 'Dinner— • A'family .birthday dinner was. held, at the Country club Friday! ffor-MVs.^heb/CMlscHille's, « ^"y vf™i>w» fe | N W^ •nrwCfip. *w« &± WHWf .^.^ff^f,,^- _ ^ r ,1 1^^ IOWA STATE FAir . for tl, e Tir n p of Y«ui' !*«?! .^,. A ^ \, _ j..,. ^ p>-K5pS}JS-<g^*?^t i ^?^l¥ffW9W^^J¥?^ gi ^*^' Upper De« Moinw W»nt Relief far Your Financial Problems foans For Medical, dental or 'hospital penses, Payment otW mis. pairs of all kinds, travel, Purchase ^bf caiN trucks, penses, purpose Most any'i|th^r worthy * «*•• sfl IS 3 i ppngberg. Mrs. Anna'-Bohannoh, vhiember of this ; group, was Un- Dle'to'be : p'reseht. . . For Beauty, DurabHity,'and Efficiency, the Winkler is an 'butstand- 'valUe ih autbihatic, coiil-burn- ing equipment. 1 will' see "exhibits and'dlsplays por- ement 6f -our county has extra :pttVver to ! crush-fill'Ordin- prize canned noV*ers, embroldand: seeds, and of thB work of — thff^.H Boys and meet harvest of this season, and dis cuss prospects for next yeir ... Vou will join In the rollic&n* fun of the Fair, and see the many sfiows planned T KRESENSKY'S Vou will find the new Fall Fashions on display for you you will see the stunnta* hew fall suits; the new dress charmers; Hhe beautiful, new fur and cloth coats 'that have been arriving Vou will see new Back- everything from rugged young, up to Ugh Md college clothes that are truly teens Most anythingryow purchase, While You A*-e At MITED LOAN E. H. Pittman, rVfgr, -9-

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