The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1946
Page 11
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I ..Calhririe Metzeft and son laK-Wt Monday to visit Mrs. ||fPa (brother and sisters at J%r HI., and Waterloo, l6wa. i&lBtee: Jerome, son of Mf. and Rckolas Weydert,1 visited at itiJt d PoetWler home near ItSP* 0 several days the >pa$t rj"". f ' " a " rid, Mrs. Paul Erpelding •om Tuesday to Saturday , ._week at Lake Okobojj. -1 for the Erpeid- Ing children,' Margaret Stessman and Adelaide Ooul of Earlliig accompahied Mrs, John P. Bormann and sons to visit With relatives id St. Joe. Miss Stessttian Is a niece of Mrs. Henry and John P. Bormann. • Mr. and Mrs Henry Thllges, son Harold, and Mrs. Matt Kirsch returned last Sunday, evening, Aug. 4, Tatter spending the weekend with the Thllges daughter. Sister Mary Alda in Dubuque. Sister Alda Will toe at Bancroft this coming school year. : . WANT A0S BRINGS RESULTS iWW^ wcnwv 1 FARM WIPING APPLIXNCI REPAIRING WIRING OF ALL KINDS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTINC 'j| «»»6tO(V)Wll ^«M***(*$1^ I fllCOnfl tL€(TRK| PMOHE 2O-206W6ST STATE ST. ALGONAG CAMPFIRE — — ^^ «^v« w ^pr M « ^"* m An Algoha girl Nan$''&utchl- son, daughter oi Mr, Uhd' Mrs. Don Hutchisbn, tjfa'a .' Honored, Saturday, Aug.-i*), fcy^the' fire Oirls at Camp * ti - A tloone. .'-,> "y • She was taken *"»"••""-• ary organization' of Cafn tesa at the annual 'co ' held the last night t of Girls, In order,, td -i highest order of-.the. i be registered. Gai ' -•am v tneir Hahtesa ... different years, be ^a camp ci'afi est honor other cran, mm jjuniiii. require*, ments as good ..tStrfpers' and l fbtt good sportsmanship'.' vv V ;',•., .: Camp Hantesa ' vcdtBpfctcd';' its. i order of-, the. catntjtfmtist 'glste'red- Gam^ffr^V.'jjirls? neir Hahtesa *tt<$br'>fyireef nt years, be !«<a jSvpy''in :i'aft, and. eaf'n#Jith'e. Wi&hV lor .in swifmMgi; haljd,' 6f' cra^ft, and jMfili. : fG.quiret. Od rtn/\>1 ,' J»A*J.WJ:'.-it •-.iiL-^i . .iU/' Lone Rock Digs Up a Little Centennial History of Itself While elie Is digging up ___. « alhef to throw th* Centennial Year Isn't going to ; Some ' researchers in the Lone Ro<5k Legion Auxiliary, ' i little »tory worth .T,,;—7",~w ' - .$eemf that Lone Rock was Mitblithed in 1899,when the btinch of the C. <c M. W, .**H£Oaid .Was,built from Burt to Fox Lake, Minn. ". l 'Thif' 16*rii got its name (rotn a large boulder north of the , present town, a landmark well known It costs-less PER han 28th camping v "seias'QnT* V Suft f da'y!' -, ****••.'•• Aug. 11. .... ';..;, v;;v.",'•-.;•>>. ;."•.." "A*;,the time of the Spirit Seven of the-". y6urtgtr- "Ai""* 1 " 1 Lex> f girls spent; th ; e {last'-.'w^eJ camp. Thcy^werfi'- : ,tnaif*ffH-' ensen, Sandra •M'cC(,,^ Il .-, ; ^.jnev Kuchcnreulhfc'r; da'rmen': VTelleh- dorf, Lois Funk, VlrginP" *• •' • stedt and ^Julia An"'They all Came home''! _—v massacre a company of . f he'Border Brigade made up • at'JPort Dodge and Algona, »hd. under the command of Capi. Wm. tngham, father of Hirrey- Ingham of the Up- ;p*r-' D« Moines and Des Mejnes and Des Moines Register, Was rushing to the as- Mtte.nce^jbf settlers. . -'.V Th*y.''Jijl6ppftd to • eat near »hl«-boulder, from tlje top of .. ..Jch ,C!at3l. • Ingham gare a peti,:ftJlt'- At one time there . . vcrtise in • The.AJgohtf StfpWte Molnes. . ; \vf t -7'-.'-<.:,V' 4 tfAa/,r'.", •'•i . • '' ¥ "^ . * '. .; * HL'- ''''7.- . »f • '^^L^jj^^^j^i i»issi'- : was a demand for building stone. George E. Clark bought the rock for $25 and had the bill of sale recorded, to prevent it from being broken up. Since liiat time tRe own- 'ership.of the huge rock has befeh returned 16 the present owner of the land on which il resls. The above slory appeared' July 22, 1946, in the Auxil- Wry seefion of Ihe Iowa Legionnaire. . BE SNOVEUNG SOON 99 be come into the mines'. It V- NQW; AT NORTON'S Woven and Barbed^ Wire Creosoted Posts it may Pg,r.'* ! ff'pv?fip j.^rc'ctiyes may r^jtfl^lia|ii|tothc plans of the i ^l^filt^puic cdart bin NOW. -.: •:..,•,$• ;;."•'., iSW»yv/V*i".'•'•''Vrv^'';. 1 '?'^"',''"'.' ..-•, .•.-... >>-^v^i j >^4j^^.-|'^ii^. vi'/Cl. ••/..'. '.. '.'.'" :^^^Mtof^.'> : jr ! . •••(••-.•.'•-• : ii8i^»S^-^';;:v "'.' Wl? ,;'7»iT. jT ^'rn^it '•'r'-. I** u'T - 7 ; i.SV^/Ji.^.r • NOW AT NORTON'S Stained Brown Wood Shingles Asphalt Slate Coated Shingles ,,Vt"*~ l """~ Superior Coal •I I NOW AT NORTON'S Red Barn Paint $143 $150 ^ Per Gallon In Lots of 5 Gals. • '- : ,-'/"v;«.rr.- ; '?v.-' •.•-.-.• JPI.^'J:': $,5 Per Gallon In I Gal Lots f. :Due This Week 2 CARLOADS OF Place Orders Now: , V'f Vj 1 -;,,-* .1 "< ', v ..•. F S •^W^i ,,. ^W " ( t Wr^^' ^P£ ^ * *-',f^ r - , *i t* ''"''-/' PHONE gH9 , gJjgJJgJg"Jl^ggJgl«gJIWJIi)glJJgJ I '1 • > '/•*•'•'« v l ' '• 1 wU ''I ' -> • k "ifel^l rr ^- " \ l\ I i : -*? I f-%- t t • Coke , , , " T, 1. .'TF'&I vt- 1 ^ •-^'Sii^i^;;-?, ' v,>^4>H : ^ V'^ff ^ 4L€iONA "*>» • , TWP. WOMAN IN CLINIC '-Union:"'Jfcriiest Godfredson ant two daughters went to Rochester last Friday' and stayed with Mrs Godfrccfsoi}. till Monday. She is undergoing; treatment there and responding''favorably but will re- iain another week or 10 days. Township (Activities— A group .of Union ladies spent he day in Fort Dodge last Friday, Mrs. Quentin Bjustrom. her guesl Mrs. L. C'. .Mitchell of Chicago, Mrs. Aerie,: Ditimer. Mrs. Larson, Burt, Mrsj..Ruth Harlan, Mrs Howard Sarchet and -Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. .gjustrom's mother. L. C. Mitchell arrived Friday evening from Chicago to join his \yife and baby. The above mentioned with their families and Mr. and Mrs. Verie Harlan of Iowa City en.ioy<K),a picnic dinner Sunday at theVDittmcrs. The Verio Harlans reWned to Iowa City Sunday PMj&t. . . M*s.|ffel.Larson, Burt, is visit- 'n!»'-.»vOTc»homc of her daughter Mrs. C., S, Shi'pler. Mr. and Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Shioier attended 'he funeral of Mrs. Shipler's cous: n Mrs.-Florpnce Connor at Lucas 'ast 'week. She was a relative of Mrs. Larson. Home for Visit- Mr, and Mrs. A. W. Linrlsley and son Terry were guests last week •l L node*. Mr. Lindsley returned ]ast Saturday to Fort Dodge where '•'e will- soon begin work for th? Brady Transfer .Co. following his recent discharge. He worked there irrvious tq his army duty. His wife remained here for a longer visit. Former .Farmers Visit— Mrs. Lawrence Tripp of Beloit JCaris'as, and her two children came lastiF.riday for. a visit with her sister Mrs: Glen Strayer and family and' former' Union township old friends and neighbors. Sunday''she went to Minnesota for.'a,..visit, with her father Sam Zentn.ef.and sister Mrs. Leo Keefe. The Zqhtners owned the farm now owned 'b'y Eest Godfredson. T ,-rr,f.M. - M,M>r-> *J**^yf r .WffH.\M.t,**l ; A+WV'- *-»t 3flC| daughter Margaret left' last Thursday,, .£oc -a',, visit with relatives at Hectpr. Minn^ • . , Doro'thy Leigh attended a Rural Youths gathering at the shelter 'icuse .in A. Call state park last Thursday, evening. i. 'Mrs, ..Arthur Cruikshank has beeo..'>assi'stiug her sister Mrs. Laura ^Hdhenstein with thre'shers :his week. YOUTH RECEIVES A NORWAY LETTER Jack Allen, son of Jim Allen of Allen, .• recently received another letter from a young man whose acquaintance he made through sending of gift packages to Nor\yay, with some interesting contents. "Dear Thank you for the letter/I received a few days ago. .,.J..was : surprised to know that you. were the young man who-, senf ' vte the package. I thank you'/so much for it. I will never forget it. I haven't got the pictures yet because I have no filirt. vAs soon as I get it I will Send /you our picture, "We also .have many sports. Last winter I took a prize in skiing. I. like, that very much. I have gone, in swimming but a few • times because my suit is worn out. ' I would like a new one. We cant buy them here. The eighth'of August school starts. I began school with English. Dad and I hope you will write again. My congratulations for your birthday being the 4th of July. v "Many regards from Norwegian friends and many regards from mother and dad. Borg Andresen." - ! ' : This is the second letter Jack has received, and O. Madson did foe translatjmg for him. 1~*1 W •' ' •''• I 1 .•'; Floor Lamp ;; , " Bridge Table Lamp v ^K • i : w •• •?• •-••'•.''.-'^... 1 -'- ^jW&2tt$®!M • •' '---.:»v.\;-ni'lVJ4i..v,.(-;r^fe • - .••'. • l \-.:'->'s&<L;..ji f :'<i-*W:»4 THREE handsomd metal lamp, a bridge lamp, a l»bl«"fin*AV.-i^*SSS''S'-^ now for this one • low OjJrJceY«•• < jMl»>' «V - TR0M-S! Come i " Auffu.?t presentation value for the money ;H ^^»iS^Sfe8-W*' Arrived! ^a^iisii;t«r,^:.h::. i^^l^i [1^8IW??' •^E^r^vSIiMS^^^^^^""^ ^ '.* e bo: s•'' -iSJSflK.fflK-'^-v 9W ; WPS*?.' refrlseratoK ice box? Here's one that t * "t^iidi'^JfiTii""'^'"i ' 1 "^'7:f;'^..' v "*s*rator r and it's beautifully . -., J^V'^SfflSJ^IiP-^^J 1 -! 1 ^- ^^ enamel. Built on •" • ^^^^^^^B5?1feS m9vemenk 751b ' ice Unp^i|piM^-ill:^y GATELEG Seats 6 Comfor^bljtf • : ^:-^'&. W p fa M 2 en . . ••.•'.•• •~\->Myw?'-*.~iMvfwxtt¥^-i™''* : > x ' ^« '^^'f^!?*^J'fl?!h. t i' r - i ?''**il/,'!If^.'j r -'i' :>*T r ' ' 'j :ed';a4wl 'i^f^fM^Mi^^f'•'••.':'-4 f ^«t:^f-*4^W^ ! »^l^h«*tt^?^- v '• So many homes need a tabl* iiJKe'r k'l through the market " - - f well-built gateleg , 32 inches long 1 with the*' _ inches by 32 inches and seats' if WTrS^ef^rinT color scheme you ette. RiAD THE WANT ADS • ,fr .-.'••• . ,, . ' •llnpainted Chairs to Match Available •V-: ! The Latest! 3-Piece Bed and Modern, New HOLLYWOOD BED newest, smartest bed foryour "bedroom. to make your bedroom over handsome 3 -piece bed en- le. Leatherette headboard, spring 5Rrin« and comfortably mat' tnrep to go together) < OM'S * J^f ! . »j^W1W, t>^fF ^Hf^B I^F „*(!,„». ^-,,t p ^ . /^j u'f L.^.Jf ,, ^ V- ,

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