The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1946 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1946
Page 10
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•PAGE FOUR— , ALGONA 'Entertain* At Unit: Mr. and Mrs. Anton Stobe, Humboldl, and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Billings, Alta Lon.i, C'.ilil , were last Wednes- WANT ADS RRINGS RESULTS ompson home. Thuisddy evening the Thompsons entertained Mrs. Gerla Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson at a porch supper. f. -a Phone _^__ Vv,'' V. %5*vJ%V BOmED ' --'M . • V-' GAS 20 Years Experience—No Red Tape—* Dependable Delivery—Just Phone JJs ' and We'll Do the Rest. Bfustrom's Fprniture Co* Msliiblished 1925 Algona, Iowa Laughing Around the mvm s, COBB For Purposes of Concealment By IftVIN S. COBS NJOT so very long Ago the military attache of oae <rf tfMM ^ 1 republics in Central America, where ttiey are ah*ayg having resolutions, came up to New York from the lefaticm at waaUfiftoa on ^ important official business. Calling upon a military tiiMr joi» fifth Avenue he explained his mission. There had been a change of aoministVa- tiops in liis country—the first one, it would seem* in nearly nine months —and the new government had decided to alter the utmbfffis' of ,all the branches of the national defense. . ' V' • was the visitor's purpose to give the contracts. He had brought with 'him special designs, hand-colored in the chosen ertectB. There ensued :i busy time in the tailor shop. It would seem that the fancy of the Central Americans ran to startling contrasts in color and to much use of braid, buttons, rosettes, festoons and plumage. Undress and full-dress had been selected for the navy, for the officers and men of the infantry, and for the artillery. Next, the attache produced a drawing for a costume more tforgeous than any he already had shown. There was a cocked hat, rather resembling the'kind worn by the Knights Templar in this country excepting that it was bright red in color with an adornment of vivid green parrot-feathers floating out behind. There was a double-breasted blue coat heavily embossed with gold iace on the cuffs, sleeves, breast, collar, and skirts. There wore baggy crimson riding-breeches, also be-laced down the seams. There was a. pair of shiny black, patent leather ridjng' boots with an adornment of silver spurs and, for final touches, massive bullion epaulets and \yhite erossTiplts finished o_ff with huge bright buckles. '•'Ah," said the dazzled tailor, "how very striking! I presume this uniform is to be worn by your cavalry?" "\ . . i "Oh no," said the attache. "This is for our Secret Service." (American New§ Fotaree, Inc.) ' "^^fflffWIkiftffrtE^ , .-„, Mrs, *»aui N. Safrf in F6nM! Thupsda:fc|fd Visit 1 at tl ., „ a Visit'm the Jlayton Dltsworths. Luella'Newel, .Chicago, arrived Sunday. Airs. Sanies Is the former Sylvia Newel and is -a sister 'to Luella and Mrs. Dltsworth. The Barnes and Luella Newel plan to go to Davenport to visit a brother Jack Newel, to Chicago to take Luella home, and then Major and Mrs.- Barnes will go to Utiea, New'York, where they will make their home. Major Barnes will soon be discharged from the service. \ liver shrini even v.-;tk\ a i r \ a better tube 1$ match the tire that PREWAR TIRES how :\ toy balloon will'^, times longer,-than prewar tubes. :o half its size over night,.' ,(iui;h the stem is tightly Scientists explain how the !;s its way through the rul'bcr, Irut llic point is, the same thin/; happens in a smaller degree with most all inner tubes. B. !•'. Citxxirich is now making a now tube that holds air mahvi Constant; air .pressure gives tires better mileage ..and lessens the chances' of damage from cuts and bruises. For quicker delivery of both the tisftfthat OUTWEARS PKI-AVAK .-'EfRES . and the tube rrtadc .to go with ,it, -*"»-" soon. Listen to the new B.'-.'F. Gopdrich i-£cDb quiz "Delect and Colled" will) Lew Lehi- as M. Clftn ABC network, Saturday evening. '" ROBBER WEL VISITORATFENTONDIESANHOUR AFTER ARRIVING,- HAD HEART ATTACK Fcnlon: C. H. Sanders, Storm Lake, died suddenly Thursday nisht. following a heart attack. Mr. Sanders had come to visit his mister Mrs. John Theesfcld, but the Theesfclds had left that morning I 'or a vacation in Illinois planning to attend a Theesfeld reunion in Moline Sunday. Not finding the Theesfelds at home, he went to the home of his niece, Mrs. Alvin Zu- inach. He was only there a short time when he/ was stricken with a heart attack. He died about an hour after the attack. Mr. Sanders was taken to Storm Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zumach left for Storm Lake remaining for two days. The John Thecsfields were called home from their vacation. Surviving "Mr. Sanders are his wife and a son- 118 N. Tlioriiiffton Si9 9 cs» • State Women's 5hew Eiposition • For»v Acre -. . '* F ' 5h • Stqte 4-ty' f Harness & Saddle • Flowers Club Shovr Horse Show Gordon Officiate? at Wedding— Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Preul returned Thursday from Kansas City. Mo., where Rev. Prcul officiated at the marriage of his niece, Miss Leona Walleneycr, to Allen Dale Sullivan, a recently discharged veteran. The occasion was somewhat traditional, as Rev. ^Pre^l !some : years ;ago officiate^ at the 'wedding of Miss Walleneyer's parents. The wedding took place Saturday evening in the Country Club Methodist church, Kansas City, after which a reception was held at the home of a friend. The Prculs were at Methodist Bible camp, Sunday to Wednesday, and left from there to attend the wedding. ancc is desired. .->>•• ' • Sunday guests at the home of. Lilas Boevers were Mrs. Mae Voigt, daughter Esther, and Mr. and -Mrs. Paul Klenz and boys, all of Ceylon, Minn. .••••. A birthday card shower was held for Agnes Goetsch, who Is vacationing at the Richard Goetsch cottage, Spring Lake, Minn. Agnes' birthday was Monday. August 12. Mr. and Mrs. John Munch and son Jackie and Marjorie Osborn left Wednesday for a few days in the Black Hills. Marjorie is employed at the Iowa State 'bank, AU gona. v \ Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred 'Stoeber and Janice attended a dinner, at the Hannah Anderson home, SWeA City, Thursday evening in honof of the W. E. Bprries,., L'oUlsvill'e Kentucky. ""' •' The Albert Mitchell family and the Morris Mitchell family were Sunday dinner guests at the Chester Skaar home, Primghar. Mrs!. Skaar is a sister of jArs. Albet| and Morris Mitchell.'. u ' \|g iMr. a.pd Mrs,,Martin Morten: and : fa 1 mily;"Molmtt' '111.', ''zmt Saturday for a week's visit at thp Carl, Fred, and Kate M6rtensons. Carl, Fred and Martin are'broth- LAKOTA WOMAN ONYACA1TONTRIP TO MEXICO CITY Lakota: Mrs. Guy Beemer left via train from .Manly fbrx St. Louis, Mo., where she met, her Sister Mrs. J. A. Palomo of New York City .and the two women went from there to Mexico City,where they joined Mrs. Palomo's' husband, who went there from New York City via plane and the trio will go on a sightseeing trip. Weekend at Cottage Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley went to Spirit Lake Saturday for a visit with the A. C. Schisscls a their cottage there. They returned last week Wednesday. At Ames Convention . *The-.Rev, P.-F. .and Mrs. Darnauer and family attended the International convention of the Luther League at Ames July 30- September 2. The t son Paul T was a delegate from .the local lost" 1 "* Hostesses to Aid •-, ,..^.' „,. Mesdames Waller v.Sachsf' ajrife Raymond Wilcox, -\yel-p \. hpgitess^ to the Lutheran AM -Society : , df the church last week Wednesday afternoon. Visit at Armstrong •'•';' Mrs. ^nma Smith drove to Armstrong • last' week Sunday and spent the day with Ed and Cora Smith. I'icnic Lunch Enjoyed—Circle 2 of the Methodist WSC! met Thursday, August 7, at th church, Mrs. Mary Hansen am Mr.s. Martha Chrischilles hostesses The- meeting was in charge of thi leader Mrs. Florence Talum. De votions were given by Mrs. Joi Madden. A discussion was held on lesson books to be used for futun meetings. A picnic lunch was served by the hostesses. Guests presen were Mrs. Kate Bellinger, Mrs Gco. O. Jorgenson, Mrs. Geo. M Jorgenson and Mrs. Roy Chris- chilles. Lutheran Aid Meets— The Lutheran Ladies Aid me' Wednesday at the church, Mrs Carl Priebc and Mrs. Ray Priebe ostesses. The president Mrs. Emi liiersledt, was in charge of the meeting. A discussion was helc ibmit a guest day to be held Aug- ist 15. All'churches are invited in he Algona Circuit, and also the ""airville church ladies. Following ho business meeting the ladies luilted. Guests 'present were Mrs ''rank Behne, Mrs. Ed Priebe, Mrs "Jehardt Hantelman and Kathryn Meckwenn. for CENTENNIAL California Visitors— Mr. and Mrs. Leo Palmer, Glendale, Calif., arrived Thursday for a few days visit at the C. F. Wegener and Geo. Yager homes. Mrs. Palmer is a niece of the Yagers. A dinner was given in honor of the j'uests Friday evening at the C. F. Wegener's. Those prsent in addition to the honorees were Mr. and Mrs. Webber Rager, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George Yager. The Palmers at one time lived in Algona. Twenty-three years ago they moved to California. Mrs. John Geitzenauer was iu'te ill the past week with the flu. Melvin, son of the Sam Warners, Sunday in Fenton. Melvin works in a packing plant in Waterloo. . Mr. and Mrs. Ray Theesfield -•-Dent the week end -at Okobo.ii. Sep'pmber -first Ray will begin working for Newel hardware. Coach and Mrs .Vaughan have rented the Oliver Stoeber apartment for the coining school year. The Vaughans have a girl one year old. The foundation has been laid for the Chris Egland house to be located south of the Wm. DeWall '^nme. Thn Eglands are parents of rs. DeWall. The Auxiliary of Amvets Will meet Friday at the home of Mrs. Bert Speth, Mrs. Jake Schwartz ,;:-i:.tiu-; h.jtlo;^. A yo.'d allem! crs and are sons of Mrs. Kate tcnson. Sunday guests at the Alfred Meyers home were MtV and Mrs. Verle Lohsc, Mrs.i jCharles Lohsfe and James, and Mn a'nd Mrs! J.'A. Hitter, all of Fairmont. Mrs. Ritter and Mrs. Charles |L«oHs6 are aunts of Alfred. ' Y ,.'..,.. Marie and Elaine'* Mitchell arrived home Sunday for three weeks vacation at t^ie home of their parents the Mom is Mitchells Marie and Elaine 'arc student nurses at Fairview Lustheran hos^ pital, Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bassett movf ed to Fenton Friday. Lyle has recently 'been employed Jn a hardware in Minneapolis, but will work for Stoebor hardware now". Lyle is a veteran and a brother of Mrs. Raymond Stoeber. Mrs. Alma Olson, MaTshalltown;, and Mrs. Katy Everhart, Berkeley, Calif., visited Tuesday -to Friday at the Albert Mitchells. The ladies are cousins to the Mitchells. The remainder of the week they spent at the Morris Mitchell home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tunge and son David, Sioux Fplls, S. D., spent the week end with Mrs. Tunge's parents Mr. and -Mrs. John Finnestad. Mary Lou, 'Mrs. Tunge's sister, returned to S|ioux Falls with them and will viait for several weeks. Loretta, daughtor of, the H. R, Williams, returned 1 home Tuesday after visiting for two months with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pearson, Fonda. Mrs. Pearson is a sEster of Loretta Art Krause, Ed PViebe and Emi Wcisbrod spent Thursday in Garner. Mr. and Mrs. W. (E. Borne anc daughter Gretchen, Ix>uisville, Ky. visited Tuesday to Thursday at the Wilfred Stoeber homje. Mrs. Borne s a sister of Mrs. Stpeber. Thursday the Bornes went fto Swea City :o visit Mrs. Borne's -mother Mrs, Hannah Anderson. Pvt. Duane Cornellius finished iis ibasic training the past week in San Antonio, Tex. He fts in a medi, cal division of the arr.ay and will! enter medical school, [Duane is son of the. Paul Cor.rneliuses and recently married Ethe^ Weisbrodi who is with him. Mrs. Milton Weisbruri went to Klemme Wednesday where her parents Mr. and Mrs. George ichoenwetter live. The group then, ttended the graduation; exercises of Howard Schoenwetter at Iowa City. Howard is a brother to Mrs, Weisbrod and received a IB. A. de. jree. Mrs. Weisbrod retimed tg ^enton Thursday. 'Mr. and Mrs, Amen Finnestad, ieattle, Wash., and Emil Finne* tad, New Ulm, Minn., viscted the ast week at the home ott their ousin Lars Finnestad. Suiaday a. icnic was held in their honor at he grotto, West Bend, Thope ati ending in addition to those men- .oned were the Nomwn Finne- tads, the Amer Couys, the Maur-; ce i'innestads nna the Lloyd Fin- ucr-tad,". Relatives on Visit .., The following relatives spent several days last week with - the J. W. Cooks. They were Mrs Cooks parents, Mr. and Mrs. B F. Willsic, Clarinda; her sjstci and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy McKce and son Richard of Wichita, Kans., and anothej-'sis- tcr Mrs. Wayne Garrett; Mai-ys- vilW, Mo. ••- •; -' ' " Goinct to China Don Wortman came Sunday in a surprise visit to his parents. Don is-''d"n a 7-day leave fron-i duties a£,,Camp Scott .in Illinois and has .received orders to leave soon foV'the Pacific area and PX- pccts tO/Jb;e sent .to' China. On Visit to Daughter Mr. and Mrs.. A. K. Johnson left last week Wednesd-iy f Mrs. Jack Patten arid 'Htt.L. Brooklyn, la., for a few days visit with their daughter and hu§r band, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Patten and little daughter. •' New Daughter Arrives' A daughter was, born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Harrington July 20 at Springfield," 111.," and has been named Carlyn Marie. Glen is a nephew of Mrs. Otto Koppen. The Farringtons have one other daughter, Glenanne. Eichth Birthday Mrs. Clyde Clabaugh entertained last week Monday. in-'hon- adWB tortidon ^y«s sp6W.fete.yi.tig games oh (thil'JiMM anfegfS.^Clabaugh sefVeH' StfildWicHes, ice dream and birthday cake to the little folk at the'.close of the parly. Baptismal Ceremony The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Koppen was baptized Carol Anh at the morning service at. the Lutheran church. August 4.: Mrs. Lowell Bettey, Algona, and Gee- Peterson, Ti- tonkaj sister and brother of Mrs. Koppen ,>vere sponsors. A .fam-, ily dinner and . supper was enjoyed ,at ; the Wayne the members of both families that day. Guests were: Mf. and Mrs. Otto Koppen, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Koppen 'and Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hagge and Janice, • Lakota; , Mr. and Mrs Howard Koppen, Ellendale, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs., Ernest Peterson and family of Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Paulson visited relatives near Pine Island, Minn., Iqst week Sunday. Patricia Mitlag and Wanda Heetland, who are employed in the Ben Franklin strfre in Algona, spent last week Sunday at their respective homes near Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Geerdes of Titonka, Mrs. Hattic Kelly of St. Paul, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Swatve and family spent last week Sunday evening with the Ahrend Swalves. Miv'and/Mj's-. Coi'l Rippentrop are spending tlici; 1 vacation with a trip 'through 'the" Slack Hills! Their son Roger is staying with his aunt Mrs. Alvin Rippentrop and the daughter Sandra is with $h.e E^.jJFfrJkafHps and the other M UghW^CoWrf^is'at the Don ., icR^'^&fi^lmoje. j;.!Lat#&rf$ Jfthsetf" celebrated his •baahda'yraasj&lw^k Sunday with '&&ffi&W lt ®Q*$' at Interlaken. Besides hft parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jansen and his sister Geraldine, the Alvin Rippcn- trops.^uljte J. E. TcJJtfSWfips. and Wa\foe>HiQetland weft*" guests. Mrs; '-W v ade Ball.' of .Algona drove" up/Jast week 'Monday to' see \|ier r . ; Upcle Charles Winter, why.°is saraously ill at his Home here.'- H.!,^'-sister, -Mrs.' Claude Raridall./Vriee Hattie Winter o Gieriburti.-'N. D., came-last week Monday' to see her brother Charles. The I. E. Wortmans drove to Blue Earth to meet her Dinner Guests Here atfd Ihe' ftefcert were dinner guests a week • ago Sunday, at the howo of MfS. Kate Ah'nig and daughtef ficth, Al» gona. WR RENT One Suite of Office* ; lit Hutchison Bldg. Possession Sept. 1 , * i ' i t ', \{ .. T.C.Hutchison M. Anderson Chicago: .The Chicago Journal of Commerce, mid-west counterpart' of : Wall' .".Street's 'financial sheet, sums up. Asocial security action in congress as follows: .» ''Xhe Townsend .forces in congress must ibe stronger . than the absence of-'Dr. Townsend and his plan from the news would indicate, if the committee (ways and ~"ieans) is forced to scrap a reason- •ovision 1 in order to avoid .,,.. r _» revision of Social Secur- it.yr-'oa-'the house floor." ' Tb\4fnsendites have long suspected -that the monied press of the country has been conspiring to keep Townsend strength and activity from, the public in an effort io makeklj'e-pecxple believe that it s..a : Tdyirigi' issue. 'Fortunately, the Townsendites have a publication of their own to bring the news of Townsend progress to the people. —Adv. OFFICE SUPPLIES — A good stock on han'd, getting larger every day. Fill y^our, needs at The Al- ~ona Upper; Des-'Molnes office. The KING OF R A DIO S J II-TUBE CONSOLE / . Beautiful Bow-Front Cabinet . Selected Walnut Veneers . Receives All Standard Broadcasts . Receives Newly Approved FM Bands . Receives International Short-Wave . Unequalled Station Selectivity . Eight Station Push Buttons . Built-in Loop Aniennas 5> . Oversize.IlluminatedDial;.'.•'.;• v; 1 J . Fitted with "Televisibh" Pin-Jack { . Fitted for Wire Recording Attachment , . Finest Strombe'rg-Carlson for J All Radio Programs j f I HARDWARE On the North Side of Sitate Street

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