The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLrTHEVPLLE. Br'djr. -Tournamfm Frius Go Oul O' CHy. Mrs. W. J. Peck and Miss Mane Slnnek, of C'arwhersvillc, Mo., made Ihe hlghes- score In the Bridge lournamenl nt the country club last evening among the &a Driver, ol Osceo'.i, received Hie S"neial cut prize end a deck of self dealing cards was awarded for a cul prise at each lable. The high score rnzes were ^vo pairs of silver ca'-u:c holders and Mr. Driver's glf was a .silver mop plate and relish dish. Oilier out o( loivii players were: Mines. Maud Grcin and John! Van Ausdale, Aima liecvcs, Vressie Wilkes ana Laura LUIHJ. cun, and J. M. cools, of Car- iithersvillc, Mmes Frank Williams. •Snow Wilson, Homer Qnlnn, Guy Bryant, Braxton S:ugg, Ed Qiiinn and James Diivci ,1110 T. p. Florida, of OsceolR, Wrs. H. E. Lee Wilson. Jr., of \V-i.;.n. Mis. char- ies -Lowi-ancc ot Driver. Mrs. A, C. Davidson, of Uniontown, Ala., and Mrs. M. R. B<u:cv ol lintesvllie, ;irk., houscguest >,t Mr. and .Mrs O. W. McCiilehen In addition to me local pn/cs all players participated, m tun uorld bridge clyi,-,pic. The iinai bids, opening leads, and results of game will be sent ;,-> the National Bridge associM'on heddqiiarteis at New York where ihey will cam- pete with oth,:r payers irorn nil parts .of-.-tlie n-oi;;! tor $Lt),ciw worth of prizes. The interest wit, i;esn in each ol the 1G hands ]v,\ycd. An example of the inte.oting hands nr- langed by 20 ol -lie world's 'or-r bildge players to- use was the hand ._. ... dealer, had no spnurs- the h oi clubs; the King, c^tr,,. J;lck 19 0, and 7 of JICI.MS; the King, Queen, Jack, Di S, and 0 ol diamonds. North hn;i no spades, tlic 1, 3 and a in he.irls; Hie -i. :i ant' 2 in diamond-; the Aec Km" Queen, Jack, 4, 3 i n;! 2 in clubs' East'had Ace, Kir:;, Queen. JncK, 10, O'.e and $ in Duties; no hearts- no .dliuuonc'j;; ih'.- 10. 9. 8. 1 and C -of 'clubs. Sou'.i had 8, 7. 6, < and^ 3 In spades; Ace, n. c mm Ace.- 10, 1 and 'j in treasurer; Amy Hn'h Morris, p;-o- 31 cm chairman; Ionise Lovelace, reporter. Tiie class colors ale purple aim (ild, Ihe flower is the ins and lie motto "T!.e Hvidcr We Pull Ihe Farther We Ccl" Ken Horn Mr. and Mrs. liuloid YJumg announce Ihe blrlh of a .-:on y.stcr- dny at their home wesl of lilylhe- villc. The baby, who has not yet been named, wele,hs clirlit pounds. Before her marriage Mrs. Young was Miss Lois Jones. l.leci.s on'icrrs. Mrs. Jm,f 'Jayh'i'o home roam, VIJ2, of jilmov h 1 .h .school, has elected these oil:: SU'dc-Cooter Society — Personal Miss Josephine Holly entertained her Mill-Week club lit her home near Ciw'.cr Wednesday, Miss Helen Taylor won high score prize at bunco ami Mrs, Dewarl Smith MIL- low nrore prize, ftfrs. Busier KelthiKiT itci'iud the buuco prize. Tlie woman's Missionary society of the MiinlLa church enjoyed a social Monday iiflcrnoon wllli Mrs. G. W. coi* and Mrs. Binis Michie a. hoslt's'JL 1 . 1 !. ,. !m me .,. fn . , Bi ">' H'-Wis. I.JKI. piixi.ent, uaiiiea liaines ...„ , vice president; Jumts McMullin .-'-•creiiiry; l.:mi!ls J'> Seller*, treasurer; Naomi Alexander, rcpoiler. .\mljasiadrjrs Mcci. The Junior Chris: Ambassador; met this week al I.!K- Hrsl Assem- biy of God church w. C. Weaver sang a solo "1-Ju'rybnd.v Ouxht 10 Love Jesus", liii'.j Wen'vri , li.istcr, B?v. Mr the meet- Bits oj Mostly Personal :c world's \i,v.\ George William; of Cincinnati, all playeis io|O., IB here hi.- a bri.-f vhil wilh West, as, his parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Miss Schmi McKnmqn is ill from Influenza al her hoiiso at Armorcl, Y. V. Turner is attending to business in Vick-sbure.' Mks., this week. Or. M. nltcnclctl to Mr. and Mrs. Felix Cumberland were culled to Cumberland. Tonn.. by the critical .illness of Mr. Cum- Ijorland's sister. %. 13. Lee Wilton, ol Wilson, al- ; ..... ~. "»."L .i.L.iiii, Bcvcnu uays in Mcmiilils as lou- spades, tome the puest of her >Ucr. Mrs. Lout-, .-. A - six ;'no trump;, the declarer was five tricks. Harry W. and Even-It It. Gee sponsored the nlfair. This is to be mi annual event at the, countiy -cinl * * • County- IVMe li. V p. u Mudy! Be Here.'-. '. -.: • E. E.. Lee of Dallas, Texas 1 fcuthwldo B. V, P. u. field seere- i?ry ol Baptist churches, will head n county-wide B y p. tj stuay bioup meeting of sll ages (o be , At - every luble jl.eroy, and Dr. l.eroy. ,el liom Olle Ifll Mr unrl Mrt Tj A CPOiicored by tho B Y Mi', and Mrs. I>. ,\. Lynch have :u their uucst Mir.s Alia Mae Gnrr liiiKlou, lit Scnrcy. Ark. I Mr. and Mrs.' Cecil Shane will | liuvc as 1 I heir dinner guests Saturday cvenln;; Dr. and Mrs. A. E. iKoblnson and daughter, l^orcthq. I Mr. an8 Mrs. L. G. Byerly mid son, Keoif, * Lcp.chvlll.'. i _, . •. , Mrs.' P. L. Husband, • wlij lias been III severe! clays, is still-, confined ID her bed. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Potter and Miss Sophie Meyers, of Los Ang- I'. U.'s ul c l''s. Cal., who Is - -J '••" JJ 1.1. u. t, JI ~,> .,. vj (I i,, *mu JA (1^,11111^ JILie, Will N:e First Baptist church March -I I spend the weekend at the Hotel tn Mnrrh 0 > r?,,,,*.. — *«„ i.j.. to March 9. The senior manual will be Alight by Mr. Lee and MLss Luna B. Wllhclm, director of the un- iens In the hos'ess church and J. P. Friend, president of the county and state assocliukms. secure other outstanding ! Gayo5o, Memphis. LouLs Greene, son of Mr. will secure other outstanding lead- (lny ' <-rs for instructors 01 other groups J ' uk Oliver and D. D. Smith, o .This is an anr'.ial event. Last i Cr ' |lt- Girardeau. Mo., will spen. year 100 received Ihclr diplomas •"™ weekend here us ihe gi;csl «nd a goal 01 30i' has been scii cr Mlss Jjlnt> K °<-'htitv,ky. for l)li<: fnnr- [ AT»<;<; llrtIC VI n II ttilm l-.^,.. I.,,-,. :. Mrs. Louis Greene, is ill from measles. , Mrs. J. Nick Thomas will return tpniorrinv from Memphis wliere has been vkiillng since TUI-S- Jack Oliver and D. a. Smith, ol id for this year. Thursday Brid;r Clubs Have Parlies ..The..four bridtjc clubs of which meet each Thursday! H i ! Miss Ucss Hall, wlio has been in ill hcnllh for nonic lime, was taken , lo the Memphis Mcthcdist hospital had their weekly parlies yesterday afternoon. •Mrs. R. M. Bailey of nalcsville Ark., and Mrs. Russell Porter ofj Campbell, Mo., who are house-! guests of their sister, M,.s o W ' McCutchcn, and family, were' Wests- at the meeting of the.' Thursday Contract club yeslcrd-iy 1 afternoon when Mis. MeCulcliciti Was hostess. Mrs. F. B. Joyner won i tt-.e prize, a double deck ol cards ; The vateiinie scheme was iibcrt in' the decorations and in Ihe salad pjale served. f "Mrs. Cecil Shane entertained i the Miti-Week club for a two! course luncheon and card ynmc 1 when. Miss. Alia Mac OarlinRton! ol Scarcy, Ark., hoiiscgucsl of Kr and Mrs.-B. A. Lynch, was the i only suesl. Mrs. w. L. Home- received si white swan for hiah «orc and Miss Gnrllncloii wj ' given, a box of cleaning tisiue Mrs. A. G. Little won a doubli deck of cards at the Thursday Luncheo yesterday. She was accompanied jby Mrs. FI. G. Wickham and Mr. | c jand Mrs. C. w. Uw.le, of Little 5eale has IKPII here . . several weeks and Mr. Bcalc came . over Wednesday night. The Proper Thing" •'On ;i coif links, public m tlub, whi-e .^rangers nrc Haired to- cethcr should themselves?" Yes. they introduce Otto Kochtitzky was ho^uvs A two course menu was terved bv- fore the curd game. - Mrs. L. H. Moore was hosttss to tnc Tliursday Bridge rlub wh^ti ^U^^y^Velch won the prize, a ~ Nut pie was served wilh "Whci, ihruwn uiih oi:ii':amoii •wiio -.uji.iif the- nile> ol Hir;iU'!l, ; ni^ eoli what should one do''" •"-> nn-cm Try tn correct them by voui o'.vn I llvlass(! y for - exi:niji!e. For injhir.cL-. yu,i can • :i<iiaily imd an opinrlunity t;> MI.V I I (in not piny until the prwi-eti- ie party of lhci' l J= " llltrl1 is well out of rr.tcl "i club when!, 1K ' VLY t;lk IV M. A. C. His Heeling The Young Men's A?r club, recently formed for ates of the vocational department oi the city high school, met last evening with Edward Gunner on the south highway. ' Included in the 12 present »T.S! a new member, Carl Green jr an ' :,,„,. j—.illcc piltls alter .110111:1; out tecaase it m;-v al ;iov : people com.ic? up behind ' in'W- irfine ca.vs on a public ,-i-n-,, 'j t 1 j'v.y IK advisable riinclly [,ut po- htcly 10 call attention to" the rules. JIayur 'Culs'^rihiry PLKA.S-, N. Y. mp.-Muy,,,- i.- : - t , d w.Porr.css of Olcan has r.r h- low- salary. S2QO became • t!:i«, . O 'b "jj^so soil it shouldn't. i,av i,,:v. -'• >»ig He notuicd the city amii- e'r^,'"'' ** ''''ncelorth will 51,000 instead o! ii.aoo ^nnu- be " Courier News Ads Mr. ni:d Mis. A. 13. Rhodes nnd lli!!ii\ Hobby and \Vlnfred ralkd lo Ijnwrcnccburg. Trim., las'. Friday by llic serious of Mrs. Rhodes mother, Mrs H. J. Outline. Mr. Rhodes and the boy.s relnrned Sunday but Mrs. RhixicK will remain at her mollifr's bedside until she Is bet- tei. .Mrs. Gulhrte will remain at her molhnr'.s bedside until khe is better. Mrs. Guthrie Is "a -sister of Mrs. H. A. Spence of SlccJc. Mrti. Hmiie^.Bnillh WHS hostess to her Jolly club and lo ihe Yoimi; M.iIrons rlub- of Cooler with a bunco parly last-week. Misses Nina Brooks and Josephine Holly also were uut'SUi. This \v«!k Mrs. E. W. McCi.'iin is hoslc-ss to the 'Young Miss Jo.-iephlne IMly lias been enrolled as a member. Mrxdiimes .1. U. Workman, H. E. Deerncr. Geo. W. linrnelt, A. Sle- l>henh. Iliith Lnwhon, and J. W. McCiillouijh. and ihe Misses Mollic Lee Dates and Alice McDunlel al- 'vnded the i'rrsicienl's Parly in the home of Mrs. '.I. H. Whale nf Ciir- lUhersvilh- Monday uftornoon. An asFnclalional training; school will be h-.''.d «l the Baptist church uf Comer next week. Mr. and Mrs. c. C. Cecil are the pan-nls of a lU-|x>iiiid son, Ixirn Siilurday night at their home in Slcele. Archie nichards. Mrs. Johnnie Phillips and the Misses Wadad Hnmra and Vcra and Vcma-Wch- nrds driuD lo Memphis Tuesday for I In- ['resident's nail. Air. ni:d Mrs. Ralph Halt and son Halpli Jr., of Memphis spent las', week .ncd here with her parents. Mr. inul Mrs. W. M. Cooirer. They were accompanied . as far as niythevllle by the Misses Vcrla ar.d Knth'Snow, who visited frictidb thciv. Mr. and - Mrs. K. E. Hcnscholer and daughter, Thcata Jo, nnd Miss Louise Copcland of Fort Worth, Tex., were here until Tuesday vis Copeland's piireuts at Cooler. . . ; ' T, i.. ~ Mrs. John Tucker, sori "' Cleo daughters Ruth and Rubyc, nut Mrs. J. R. Jones arrived today from Casa, Ark., where ihey had been visiting,' Mrs. Jones father. W. H 'fucker, who remains critically il ai the home of his son, Ben tuck- Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Jones, soi Leroy, and daughter Edtia have returned from n visit with relatives at Atkins, Ark. Tiie Rev. I. L. Ball and the Rev Mr. Hood of Blytheville are conducting a revival at Number 8. George and Jim Young ntteiid- ed the funeral of their coiisin Alfred Young, at Blylhevlllc Monday. Mr. nnd Mrs. -Bill Oakley jr., am daughter have returned from n three weeks visil with Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Powell at Memphis. Mrs. Clay Rushing is recovering from an appendix operalion at the Blythcville hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Aston Wright re- lnrned Monday to their home in Aston. Tenn.. after a visit at Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tnlkinglon have moved to Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. A. I. McDride returned lust Friday from Union City, Tenn., where they had hccti visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Tiibrey Earls were hosts at n fiirewell party Monday night honoring Mr. and'Mrs. Pat Patterson who are moving lo DCS Moincs. Iowa. The Woman's Missionary socinly 1 the Methodist church wa.s en- ici lamed by Mrs. n L . Childere in the nnncx Monday alleinoon Funeral services were held Mon- n'tiy afleriioon by the Rev Mr. Marie, infant Afler the business mcelint; weie ))1aycd. Doctors Give Creosote For Chest Colds J''or many ycnrs our best doctors have prescribed c.rrobote in wine form for coughs. Voids and hron- cl-itis. knowing how dangerous II 1.1 to ICE them h*ni; on. Creomuhion with creosote and -ix other highly important med- ir-nal elements, q-ilckly and ef- feclivcly stops eo-ishs and coids that othcru-Lse niirht lead to ser- ioits 'lionblc. Creomulsion i-v iwwerlul in . tiie treatment ol coliij ,-nd coughs vet It- is absolutely hcrmlcss anri'TS pleasant and easv lo lake Your own cli-u. : , r h; e imranices | Cjcomulsion by ictunritnj your j money if you «u r l(lt relieved af- IT (nking Crcoir.uMnn as ilireclcd beware the couc 1 - or cold that I'a-.iK.s on. Always k.>:p CrcomulsSon 0:1 hand lor instai t use. —Adv. A O,i ss Names Offir<is. The 7B1 class of iunior hirii i •school has elects, th'cse orticers.' .'or the new c.'ass le-.m- joe Bear- rim, president; R P i p h Washam ';ce president; Lucius Lendennie, ctwetaty; Eugenia Crawford •••*:? U":i-- t)- r ^•zmmi^ Ilcmnrrlioids (Pilrs) cured wlthoul ll\c knife, oihcr rec- <al diseases treated. Varicoscd veins fro-ilcd non-siireic.ill5-. rms. XIES & X1ES 5H\V. Main Phone 98. F|>yd Llpscomb, son of Mr rs. Charlie LIpscomb feU Playing near HI* home Mr •<> visit with his father Mrs. J. D. Hall of Cooler R'M PIG6LY WIGGLY ol<l son, r Ben Bums and Harold Sleele "re spending this week with" the former's aunt ul oibmn. Ten,, J. A Boonc left Sunday for his lierae in Tuscaloosa, Ala nitr-i- , visit hero with hta dauber! 1 Mr*' LI. w. Osceola Society — Personal Circle meetings P f the Mollio- il'st Woman's M.;s:onury society * : cre held Moudnj alternoon uitn Circle A meeting at the home of Mrs. L, Howton with Mrs How- Ion, Mrs. J. A. Plgj -hnd Mrs. Lee Mi.xwcll hostesses 1 . Circle B weieomtd its chairman, '•'1'S. C, M. H&rwcil, back alter .1 foui- vtccVf absence' ^uriiiit v.J:ie,h she Imf betr, on a sotitli- iiii cruise. Eighteen members en-' Joyed a social p'mjrr.m arrant'Ki! oy Mrs. H. M. Kneubusli and to!-' lov.'ed by the servii.g of rcfrcsli- n:cnUi. The .-.leeung was held ut U.c home of Mrj E. s Driver with. Mrs. Driver, Mrs. Wcatliers- I*. Mrs. D. K Taylor, Jr and Mrs. Kate Clnsci:iiull hostesses • » . Mrs. Clms. oliontz has relumed to her home In Louisville Ky i.lter 11 week's .s:s ; i n osceoia ili:rlng which time she has bten aie cl" Mrs T [' Florida. Mrs. J. A. Moran lias retuincd. to her iiomc in fwt Scott, K«n-! fas. alter n .-ihori visit "here wiilu I er niece, Mrs. 'D. s. Lauey. Sn>: \.r,s nccoinptinlcd by the Limey c.illdren, Joan ami David Swilt, w!:o will nmkj an extended visit with her. Dr. and Mrs. c. M. Hamen returned early this week from a southern cruise v.U'ch took them to Cuba, through (lie Panama Canal and to other noliits of in- Ipicst. :. Mr. and Mrs, G,,y Bryant; Mr. :ird Mrs. D. S. Lauey arid Dr "id Mrs. L. D M.ssey will leave Sunday for D (rip lo Florida and Cuba. Mr. and Mrs. Sa:.i B. Coble nrc .ixpectctl home Tuifday from Hot ?.\mugs •where '.hey imve bej-i ; cr a two weeks .honeymran. Mrs. W. J. Ute Die s at Home in Evansvilk Mrs, W. J.~Ut~of Evausville, Ind.. sister of Mil. Russell Phillips. riled last nigh;, in Hut city. Mr. and Mrs. Philips left today !=r Kidgetop, Tem.. home of Mrs. <"hillips' mothei, w.Vtc funeral ser- vires will be held. The deceased tax a number ol friends in this c!ly where she- has visited. She is survived ay licr husband, and two children. . . . Real Throat relief! ' Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub Head COLDS A very Plows and Light Implemenl.s Always-A-Ilcad Feeds, ilijh- csl Cinde Field and (lardrn Seed, Rqoflns, Fcuclnj, Harness, «tc. OBERST STOKE CO. Oil mrporalion mi, me s-civicc-s nt nell 'nxp^rjr.ic- ccl slalinn opcralor. .Musi 'war pooil irpulaiinii .and wide .irqviinlancc. (iunr- aiilccil wage carnirg, cither cominluicn or dcal- <r plan, stale expprirricc and jive icfcrcncr. \\rilc Snprrvisor". Hold N'nble, ilvltn-vili". Wl MOVIhUTT KROGBJt jforFridaM and Saturdmt UKtoULU HENS Fancy, Full Dressed •••••••MM Bacon Swift's Oriole Sliced I'ound, 1,6. - - - 12'/ 2 < Chops, LI). - - - lav Shoulder Stew, Lb. f, pound %, pound 7!/ 2 c Veal Roast ^^^^^•^^•^^•••^^••^•i Beef Roast Rolled Hest K C' Veal Pound Shoulder, Chuck, Lb. - - lie Brisket, Lb. - 7 J /ic V0al ^ oas *' P° un ^ ^ c iCdl Chops, pound lOc Roast, pound Brains, pound >Sinokt<i In Ihe I'ic'ce I'nuiul Roast nBKBBBBEBSa^. Cheese Salt Meat •MKHMBOM Fresh l.'diltil Hil, K. C. [fc^r I'uuitd Pound — i ^^HH^aMMMMUORnj Spare Ribs, pound 6!>4c BAITO^^'5 C STRAr KHHIKS rresh 2 launches C - c - I -urge, Sweet 17C S'o. 2 Can It iced ur L-'ng Loaf u, 10 e ORANGES c ""'iS.F York !m p«™i» Coukinjj-. J.b. C. C. Tin.v, Sweet 1QL- No. •> Can LV C. C \Y. Wheat. SYRl'P BUTTER Country Club The Fresh from thu Churn Flavor Lb. 22c CABBAGE N'e«- Tcx:is Creen Lb. 3c Butter Chanijiion OJTC Quurl liottli! £3 Juicy Golden Fruif S-Lb. Spring Hrook Pound irj;o ,luk-y Florida « I'm- Avumliile In Heavy Syrup Large 21> bin E J" ( .r;i Pnnc\- TL Head 3 QI1 Corned licef 311 No. 2 Can Steansljoat (1C _ 1 \'i Ctui J P 1 fiii:ir or ittl <?nnrl Jin- Each IBc (hiMm 1-ilVgK Jill' Each 25c C. C 1 . 17 C .'! Tall or 6 Small II . SOAP" -" '" e l£25 c CHERRIES JT.' LIGHT GLOBES :: aiO L TARN Sllin «'«nl Quiilily ore j miil^! NQ. 2 Can. :j for 6J . J SOAP I'wJnmlivr ' 'liar r D (r;;iham 1-Li). I5ox MIlJiLsr^ PURE LARD "'•"•'"" "'" E535Z c;i ' 0i!5 ' ;s ia-^-iii--5oi. Catsup Counfrv Cluh z. liottle Leman Wafers Peanut Butter . Jar Pnf fAH Jewe! -' 3 ll} - Ba s * y miCC Jewel. Mb. Bag 17'^c Pumpkin -«71c "i.r .Mothcis 2-Lb. Carton Kiii-h Chtmi AO. 1 'I'nll C:in :) I''or 1 Ktiils For Country ClubJb25c French, Lb - - - 21c Country C?«b' Sliced 2 dins K3»mn«BTjg:-^gBtTj\

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