The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 29, 1930 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)-COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a 'word lor first Insertion and one cent a word for etch subsequent Insertion. No p4vertls«ru£iit taken for less than, Me. Count the words and Eer.U the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE TOB SAL&-Barrexl Rdck. chick' ens Mrs. E. R. Alley, 2'/i miles north of garfleld. • ••'• 24P-K3 FOE SALE 'or THADB-2 teams and farm , tools. Mrs. -E. H, Alley, Vk' mUes north ol Barfleld 24P-K2 FOR SALE—Cafe, 401 W. AsM St. best paying proposition in Ely. thevllle for small investment, hall Cash, Balance on Terms, must have quick action. Owner going to Texas. . : 34P-K12-2 PLANT NOW early bearing paper, shell pecan and'other, Jruit" trees lev wondtrJui results. New planting guide and cataloaue free. ' Bas. Pecan Nurseries, Lumberton, Miss PRE-HQL1DAY SPECIAL on Elain toiletries, consisting of: Cleansini Cream, Face Powder, Narcissu Perfume, and siring of indestruct ible pearls with beautiful sterlln; silver clasp. »7.50 value for only $! prepaid. Guaranteed to please o dollar refunded. 'This sale mad possible through importer an manufacturer. Order today. Texas Products Co., 2M7 Alabama, Ball a: Texas. -. . FOR RENT FOE RENT—Furnished bed room for gentleman or couple. Adjoin ing bath. 119 South Lake S FOR RENT—Rooms. One monl rent free. 914 Heam. 13P-K2 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms f light housekeeping, 700 Walnu Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnu 24C-K FOR RENT—Nicely -furnished be • room. 916 W. Ash. Phone 9 .. PK-: ROOMS—Rent one month fre 914 Heam. 28C-K FOH( RENT—Furnished apartment, garage. 305 Dougan. P-K-6 FOR RENT — Bedroom, furnace teat, garage. Mrs. E. M. McCall, 1037 West Ash: 28P-K3 FOR RENT — Six room modern stucco residence. Dr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410. 28C-KD FOR RENT—200 acres of land at Ekron to party who can furnish,-.himself. .Address "H", %, Courier News. -.-,.. • '•. 28C-TF LOST" AND FOUND LOST—Black leather billfold. Reward if returned intact. N. S. Taylor, 910 Walnut StS. 28P-K2 , WANTED WANTED — Sewing—Quilting—at my house or yours. Phone 377. 24P-K2 CHANCE OP LIFETIME—Reliable, ambitious man to establish local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. Make $8.00- S12.00 day. Full or part time. McNESS CO., Div. 63, Freeport, 111. PAVING TAX Time to pay Favinr; Taxes is ;eltiii[ sliort. The penally is loo high for anyone to neglect paying before the boots Ctost— Belter Pay Now— . C. 3. EVRARD. THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN • WERT He Makes 'Em See V. R. WASHAM^-Tmnsfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 631 Memphis Phone 3-D3I GOOD STEAKS AND ' HOT FISH TOM'S ; GAFE Paving and Sewer Taxes District No. 1. . Now Due ('. 0. CAUDILL, Collector, in Farmers Bank Bldg. -NOTICE With our recent parlncrshlp wllh Mr. Geo. Girncy, we now lv»vc Ihe best equipped inde- P««5«il shop In town. CAIlNEY.JENklNS GARAGE flckwick Building ANNE AUS nBGIK IIEKE TODAt JUAMTA iKLIH I. murtirrd «l h«r 4re**J»ic lafct* d«rlBg a bridge Mrtr. KONJCIE DUNDEE alitn everyone ip take <h* pl'fCH tb*y »'M (»• Ike *tall»( el , tkr "Uf«tk hq"'" MHIII Ifce Iwly wa* fond. PEXfiV CHAIN. KABKK MAHSHAM- »•* CARULVK DfiAKE *tt Ike Klirrui I.OH CUM*AP. Ntca'i oily wcrN» frltn*. Hand! kr»ldr ibfmi FLORA MII.F<* !• In Ikf fe»« oiilnldf Mln'. room, trlcphoaUgt JAMOT IIAYMOM) l« o» Ik* froat i»rrh| I'OI.I.Y I1KAI.H an* kfr bare. Cl.IVE HAMMONU, arc-la Ihr •nlRriaai, Karra celii the k!4 for »lx • L>arfr>,- anil after kfr band. TRACE* "lll.t:". Klnra^i kanLnnd, tnlm. IVnay. KM Ntra, Jvaau* ap, ••*• klm to Hakr tofktMllii, «»4 Irnvtm. ~"*t*r, fallonpd by [,ol», grata lato Ikr Klalac rooai. JUTICF. MA IIS IIA 1.1,. K»rfn> ko.ta.4. tnaifa la aad itim kfr advlrt annul alarlag <a r hum). JOIIK DKAKK *nt*Tfl. nuzrllr prntmllna ncalaal tklK rarer, Dunrtrr Irnra* «k>l at •««• flaring itnlf nn« walliH otrr Crnai t«f clib. Drake Inallr pdaillii Ibni ,t and kin irlO qnnrlYled, Ai ike end of rke knnd. nKXTl-'ll »l'HMiIIB.- terrllil, BeJvnii.. c-omr. la wlifc June! Rarnona. Tkr rroop I. konllle In him. and tkr two r* lain tkr tlalnc rn<im. Kar«a alnrla to fa tn Ikr krdroom to tell Klla far xeorr. am ake did fcrfoir. Itut eollnpn-a. MOW no ox WITH TIIR sionv CHAPTER X INHERE was a concerted rush lo the girl who hat! fallen, sobbing ana whimpering, to tile floor o( the ball. Bnt It was Dundee who reached her Brst. Dundee .mil not her outraged and excited old husband. "Mrs. Marshall—iisteii. please.' he begged In a low voice, as he lifted her so that her liead rested ageinst bis arm. "You have been splendid—wonderful! Please be lleve that I am truly sorry to flis tress you so. and that very soon. I hone, you mar go home and rest And you do want to help us all you can to discover who really killed llrs. Bellm?" "I—J suppose so," Karen conceded, on a sob. ."Then I'll help .you. HI «o Into the bedroom with you." Dundee promised her with a sigh of relief. To the others he spoke sharply; ' "Go back to Hie exact positions in tivfns room and dining rb'om and solarium, that you occupied trheh Jlrs. Marshall ran from tue room.''' To Strain's amazement Dundee tircw cp:n iht door 61 tht 'cloie and iioopcd to- the'floor. !y at the dressing ''table-' top nnd With Karen Marshall clinging 'to his arm, Dundee waited down 'the liall. beyond the staircase to an open door' on bis left—a 'door guarded by a lounsins plainclothes- rnian. Seated at.the dressing, table cf the guests' lavatory was Flora Miles, ier sallow dark face-so ravaged that she looked 10 years'older than when he bad first seen her an hour before. "So you were In here when you heard Mrs. Marshall scream. Mrs.' Miles?" Dundee paused to aak. "Yes—yes." she gasped, rising. "And that horrible man has made inl'o the small -frastebaiUlt iicarby. 1 "Yoii^ybii can- see 'that I cold- creamed niy'facc'ftelore 1 put on fresh" powder and^rand rouse." Flora Miles pointed out,' with an obvio'ua effort at offended dlgulty. 1'Alter' 1- canfe, baclt. while you were making those poor girls play h'e hand- .over'- again,- I weut through the snuie motions—bemuse you told all of'us to-hehare esaclly as we had. done before—" '"I—see," Dundee agreed. Pretty, clever.'In;spite of bclny almost frightened'to' deiith. Dundee said to himsclf.-./But -bo had been jnst-a shade cleyereY,lthan. : sbe. for be bad been<Jo.tbis-rbom ahead'of bar, snd therp'h'atl'beeii no halls of greasy frice tissue, In the wastebasket then! /" . '/, He was passing ',out of the room, offering bis arm lo Karen, when one of his underlined notes' thrust itself-upo x n his memory. .. .-.' "May I see your bridge tally, please, Mrs. 'Miles?" sn't hero now. , And you ahan have to sen-am. I'll Sire t'bc sign sci;. I jutl want you-'.to go ousb the same motion's' you d before." - - - f On jerky feet, the girl idvabci to Nlta's now deserted, van! £s?r. 'I—I was calling to her all t time." she whispered;-, "f dldn even wall to knock, and 1—1 hcgai, 10 tell her how much, we'd made 011 that hand, when I—yben ehe didn't answer. ... I didn't touch her, but I saw—1 BIW—" v .. -. "I know," Dundee assured' her gently. Then be shouted: "Ready:" THE BLACK PIGEON', niEAVENGlrJ-iPpeaDT' MURDEB0ACKSWPS" Anil I'enny pointed toward tint "<r of die' robin which lieiJ. on * angle, tbt door, !e»dln» to the nb. «nd on Itg 'other angle Hie iidow from which, of from am 'I'll Klti Stllm had been shot. 'Vou'rt lying. Penny Cruln! 1 J "o such tlilntl" P'n« N»i-» led hyjterlcally. "1 came running lth-wlth Ihe'rest of'yo'i. licil over lhcr« juit lo Bee It coulc! M anybody runntHB away 'ess the nicndnw—* "Sly wlto la rlpht. «lr." Trarcy 'Its added ble word ugBrebjlu]y aw wlmt'cli« wa» iloln i uensllile of nil—anil i to ]nln her. We lookeil nut or lie vlndows. But we didn't rce lJIIllHB." v ' ,- Suriirlslnjly t)uiide,o inliamloiied he point. "And you wtr« llio only one (o oucU her, Spraguel" "I-bellcve BU." Defter Spra^ne nsnored In > striilueil volco. "1 —laid "my linnd on her—her hnlr, or an tnstnnl. then 1 iiickeil mi her nd to seo it—it there was any lse left." "Ycfi?" "Bhe—Bho nas dcail." "And her uiml-dlil It (eel cchl7" "Neither told nor wtinn-]ntt cobl," Sprague answered In. u vuke hal waa nearly strangled with cino- Ion. "She—she always had cnol minis—'' , '"What did yoil.dc,* Juili;'' Mnr ihe'lir 1 buudea asked abriiuliy. "I look my poor little wife 'rom tils room, laid her on 'n couch n .tho' living room, and' then telephoned, the police." . I 'And the real of yon?" Dundee asked. "Nothing spectacular. I'm afrnld, Mr. Dundee," Polly iiealo ansv.'ered. n her brusque, deep voice, now edged with scorn. me stay in uere door Of course tbe was closed—before. 1 tele- bomo to ask about my children, and'then 1 came in here to— to do my face over—" • • • SiVOD dffln't hear your husband •*• arrive?" ' "I—I didn't hear lilm arrive," Flora Miles faltered. "I—see," Dundee said slowly. He stepped into tbe little room, leaving Karen to stand weakly against the door frame. Williout a word to klrs. Miles ho looked close- "My—bridge tally!" slie echoed blankly. "Why-rlt on'tlie. table where 1 was playing—" I "It Is not,". Dundee-assured her quietly,, "Perbaps .it" is''in your band bag?'* '." '• - •'. '• • She snatched. -H up, slightly averting her bo^Jy, as -slie looked hastily through Us contents. . "H—Isn't lierei-. . i Oh, 1 flon'l know irftcrc It Is! • What does it matter?' 1 ;.'.." Without replying! Uundeo cj cortcd tbe trembling.little discoverer of Kits Sejim'a body Into the la'rgo ornate bearoom. murmurius as he did so: "Don't be frightened, Mrs. Marshall. The bcxl— i aean Mrs. Seliinid:«r Mere/" ITBniJED by Strain, -the email •*-'crowd "bf men and wotnsn ram-? njng .• Into the- 'room,--.Jiiu'ge Marshall leading,the- way'. Penny icing second In line. .' . . Penny iccoixl.' Why not Flora Miles.-.who lad been nearer to -'than iiiy of .tbe -others,' if her story was true?: Dundee, asked: him self. Hut ueuvinto'tlje-rpom. m- chiding Polly Peale adil-Clive ilam- mond._,beforeMrs.'-Mlies'. "Is''.tliJ3. the orrtcr of your'ar- rival?!' Dundee' asked 'them all. Penny, who. was standing against the wall,', just .inslile'tho doorway, spoke up, Flora with frowning liitentnes's. • "You're sort of mixed up, aren't you, Flora'; 1 was standing right hero until the worst of it was over —I didn't even go near Nita, and I know you didn't pass me. I remember that Tracey stepped away from . the—body, and called you arid you weren't here. And tnei almost the neit minute I saw you coming toward him from—from— questioning lltlld'raorc. beyond the Tart that Cllvj Uijmmbud 'bad dusbul nm to circle thb.'liousc and look over the grounds. : »ncl tb'nt John Drake bcpti.fullji occupied with a liysloi'l col wife.'. "Better let this bunch go for Hie present, hadn't AVC-. toy?". ( Sirawn vhlBpcreil untaslly. "Not quite jit. sir. if you't ratntl." Dundee answered in n low voice. "Will you take them hnch .to the living room and put llu'in under Sergeant Turner's cliarcr lor uwlillc? Then tbere arc one or lv,-o liings I'd' like" to talk 'over with •oil." • ' iMolllilcd hy the younger man's lefcrencp. Strawn obcytd Ihc s'JK- gestlbji. to return within five nilu- Ites. ills gray brown drawii Into ,a i * 'OTm. 1 "I hope you'll be.willing to inkQ ful) credit for that fool bridge game. Bonnie." bp worrlcil. "I don't want to look a chump In Ihc newspapers!" ' "I ! ll talie the blame." Dundee ns- sured him. with R grin. "Hut Hut fool bridge game'—and I nilinlt It was a horrible tiling to have to ilo l$ld me n whojo hunch of facts." I'For instance?" Strawn growled. "Vor Instance," Dundee answered, "it:told roe that it took approximately eight minutes to little slam bid. when ordinarily II woiild have taken not more than two or three minutes. Not only that, but It told mo the names ot everyone In Iftfj party wlio rouli. H have killed Nlta Scllm, and— Good Lorflhof course! - And to Captain Strawn's aniazo- ment, Dundee threw open the iloor of Nila'a big clothes closet, Jerked on the'llgUt, and stooped to the Boor. (To Be Continacill WANl'ED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TP New York Cotton NEW. YORK, Nov. 2fl (UP)-Cotton closed very steaoy. Cjron High Lo W . close Dc= (new) 1040 1C50 1037 1048 Dec (C-Id) 1C41 1044 1040 1044 Jan' (new) 1059 1060 1040 150!) Jnn (old) 1033 10SO 1053 1000 Afar 1015 1083 1070 1033 May 1101 1110 1004 1109 Jill 1116 1125 1113 1124 Oct 1134 1143 1130 1140 Spots closed quiet and unchanged ut 1050. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 29 (UP)— Gotten clcsert steady. Orvm High Low Close 1040 1050 1037 lOaO 1048 1058 1046 1058 1073 1084 1060 1034 looD 1110 1095 noa 1117 1127 1114 1126 1133 1139 1132 1139 Spots closed steady and unchanged at 1022. FRECKLES AND Dec Jan Mar May Jul Oct EXCHANGE AID JOBLESS CHICAGO, lUP)—The employees of the Chlcsgo St'ck Exchange as a group will contribute to the unemployment fund of the United Charities, the tctal amount cf tro subscription being deducted from the payrcll and handled each week by the Exchange. AMD psres. THE HeRWT AB6 CECENSO IN FWENDuy BY. OP IMDIAMS, DEEP IN THE VANISHED MEM ..... THE OLD. IKIDIASI IhJ Or S!SM WASH TUBBS SPECTATOR'S TOE BROKEN AKRON, O.. (UP) — Entliusiasm ] for tte sport lcd City Health I-.i-j spec-tor J. B. Fontaine- to the side-1 lines during a recent, high school i fcdtball game here. An out-ot-l bounds play converged upon him! nnrt when he \vai! -?xtflcatcd he was moaning over four brsXcn t<*s. ', Wf^OS, f^y ROSl TO see voo> eor VOHM ENRTH Bft.lN6S-SoU BNlHTo COSTft CiENERMS, A9PO\NteP CftlEF SALESMAN OF PROI=. «6 WASNT fORfaOTTEH OUR BOARDING HOUSE voo r u-PMV AHH ili DUVi-OCK QME SORRY, QLV MAM, MV TAWMCV -To -si-f AT I -THOLJc-jK-r, VOL) WERE PREPARBP GO ou-T Me -THis VoU /ME WA5 "fe BE 5MOK&FJ REP PIPER! PAcc IS A Erf -Too FAST TOR CENSUS '-frltS CTfy i5 6&CAUSE RsR-TuJEMTv ARE BOOTS AND HEIl BUDDIES By Martin KKK rNX.\- 6V5ci-V 1'v.V. ChVV UP TOR. Ttt' 1'Ot INFORMATION! ' FIND OUT A VJAV To eer voo s,\cx. TO toon- \\iKi 6EN AND COL. NOVJ IS COL. CORT27. IIC 'rfJAS ft FOR VOUJ j, Ot'COSTTs PICTATOR FRIENDS GALORE ( ftW MISSION, SOU. I'M OUST.

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