The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1946 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 13
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AUG. (5, 1046 -MEWS Hit I IMS County torti* fjtore, Lakots, lo Robert Hamilton « Aug ' L The nc w owner was born and raised in Lakota and attended the University ol lown and Upper Iowa Unive/slty. then being employed by the Inter- .slate Power Co. before entering military service, Plans of Mr. Anderson are still indefinite. 11 « K ?°1? tllat ll 'c Bancroft Lions baseball team loses three Barnes in one week, but that hap- .pened last week, when Fenton ^n^, the Lions, 10to5, Austin, : Minn., defeated them at Austin, 4 .to 0, and Titonka made it three in' Lea ,'t" At Sheldon, highway patrolmen , spotted a car in which they, discov- wed 32 cases of whiskey. The car a station wagon, >had 'whiskey beating South Dakota seals, and valued •at. $1,440 inside of its spa- clous compartments. Don Lawrence, 40, Sioux Falls, was arrested. He told officers he was on his way to Rcmsen. ft D Four townships near Etnrtiets-i burg, Freedom, Great Oak, -; Nevada and Emmctsbui-g, have bandied together to purchase >a fire truck for rural use in case of fire. A tax to pay for the truck has .been approved .by voters of the four townships. Delivery of the truck is promised for from CO to* 80 days. ;!-:• , fl ft * RtiiRstcd's town council signed a contract, .'recently, for the purchase of a new 500 gal. per minute fire truck. The i did , truck ., wlil be retained, also. The cost will run around $5,500. . . : , ! ft ft •' * ; t •, Dr. W. W. Jollcy, Fcn'tpn, recently received his private" pilot's license which enables him to take passengers with him in 'his plane. « li r, .. Lester Wcisbrod, ..Fenton, ..has purchased a 1946 model Piper Cub/ airplane, two passenger, and »«»$ ceivcd delivery last week, •ffi-'i keeping .the plane for Ihedj ' trt*i*Btt fcfc8 M01NES, ALCONA IOWA at Erhrn'e'tsburg. He is abOuteieSdy' to solo and make application'for his; license to fly'alone. T « *...• » Warner Johnson; Bancroft town marshal and night watchman since May 1, has resigned. Until Mayor . r f- Ji Egan makes a new appoint- • nienf, JohA's^n will continue, on i dutyl '•'•(, To give further details on the-' • 4 ,.hail stprrn in the Corwith area, as 1 reported last week, in additio'n to ;:• the, -breaking of 80 panes ,, of glass in(the Corwith school building, the Methodist church stained glass windows were broken in 14 places, and at least 50 dwellings had windows, broken,yropfs damaged, etc Some damage^p crops ..fn-.tljie&t'ea vKas also repori&'iamii|'im Oxlcy, Corwitli 1 ; Insurance "VJSJrjfen, saw : they had a'-Hundred or ntb>e cla'irjs for damages filed, and "other, insurance menjin - ; th6 area -had the^sameYeJiijierience. ".;-' lK\t-;l|rjitt; Clarence Hartzell was THE HOME HAS MORE accidents than' any other place on ,the farni. Clultered stairways, like tae one OTJOVB, cause many accidenls. Observe the rules and save broken bones and maybe worse. (Cut courtesy Wallaces' Farmer). 'At Altdna Shower— ' Mrs. Ffed Will, daughter Esther, Misses Alice and .Martha Will attended a shower In Algona Sunday honoring Lorraine Loper McClintock which was held at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. WilL A Correction— The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bode is to be David Lee Instead of David Allen. Joan Bode left last Saturday for a visit with her aunt Mrs. L.. C. Puth of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. F- R. Gardner attended the Saddle Club doings at Seneca Sunday. The W. L. Hecrdt family attended the old settlers picnic at Grant school. Mr. Heerdt's father owned a farm near Grant and Walter was raised there. Mrs. Bernard Gisch and 'Larry Gisch were sponsors for the baptism of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sp'echt of Algona a week ago Sunday at St. Cecelia's church in Algona. The little one has been named K. Thomas. Mrs. Specht was the former Fern Gisch. HOSPITALS Four Corners Area Has Oats Running 50-60 Bu. To Acre EoUr Corners: Threshing and corhbinirig in this neighborhood was pretty well finished by last Saturday nightj A good .crop' of oats is repor ted. Some fields yielded between 50 and 60 bushels to the acre; , The wot morn'r- ings 'toward the: last of the wec'k made .,for late rriprning start. But it is 1 a' hardj hot job well done. Rich Reunion -Aug. 11 The, annual /Rich reunion is schVd tiled to , be < held' at the Call Stale' 1 ' ' park,-' - 'Algdna,.! Sunday .August 11'. ' ;! : the cab of his. truck af- t£r'loading mail onto the .evening JWilwaukee. 1 Before .he could ."jet s^ai'tcd/ .away, tho'train bpspn;«j><iiling'out and the rear of tflo .triick •; box hooked onto the i^Bil;,cariand.the tru'ck'"was cl'-'at!- ,Ccd east;'fo> several feet before it 'broke loose from the train without^ any serious damage. i Charivari At Burt Burt: . A charivari party was held Thursday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Claude Whitehill Jr. at the Harold Angus home. A large \ group of attended, neighbors and friends; >-fMrs. -Keith Stevens, %on Lance and Sue Ellen spent Friday with the Earl Millers, Algona. ; • Mr. "and Mrs. Ray Smith and family -were Sunday dinner guests; at-the hbmc.-olir.;*!'. and Mrs. Chris Bolie of B'urt. Theo Egbert, /Mrs. -Minnie Wilson and son Virgil were Friday evening guests at the'-ihome Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rich. The Edward Rich,-form home was covered with a new coat of asphalt shingles. THe~WoTk was done ,by the local Gamble. Store. Philip Baker of 'St. Cloud, Minn., arrived at the John Sabin home Thursday afternoon for a month's visit vyith local relatives. ...... ' ; : Mrs. Margaret Lykjhs of Kal- ispel, Mont., her mother, Mrs. Jack Ditsworth, sons Dick and : Bob were Saturday callers at the John McNeil home, ... Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith and family spent Thursday evening- fit':-the home of their daughter andv'Kon-in-lav,', Mr. and -lvfrs. Herbert Wallace of Fenton. ; <Mrs. Merton Christensen and fafnily spent Monday of last week; at rhe Edward Rich home helping 1 to" cook for ..threshers Ma'yy., Pla'th, Algona, was also thereV'-'' ' '•", '••'.- •. "''•' ~~: • ''•••' ; June Adel and Sonny, children of Mr and Mrs. Ben Sloter, were brought by their parents to the Everett Witham home*"-,for an extended stay. The Slqters came two weeks ago Saturday and left on Sunday. Mr. and.Mrs. 'Leo Sabin attended the funeral, of Mrs. Sabin's grandmother Mrs. H. • A. Jennings at. Titonk'a, Wednesday morning of last week. The Sabin twins, Carol and Carolyn, spent the day. with their pater- inl grandparents, the John Sabins. •• . : . Lew Lowman' and brother Mart of Coifax, III., were Thursday dinner guests at the Everett Witham home. Local relatives met Marl at Iowa City a couple of weeks ago. Ho plans on an extended stay. He ' is also a brother of Howard Lowman, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Pole Hel- incrs, Algana, were Friday supper guests of the Wilhams. Bahnsons To Canada Burt: Dr. nnd . Mrs;,. B., K. Bahnson left- Thursday : for Ignace. Cana., where they plan to spend a ten-day vacation. Mrs. Bahnson's fatherj J. L. Peterson, is staying a,t/.the-Burt hospital during then 4 absence. Doctor and, Mrs. Tyndal, • Wpclcn, wenf •vith the,-n. Fern Andreason To Be Hostess Aug; 2 To Union Busy Bees Union: The Busy Bee club will meet with Fern/A'ndreasen Aug. 2. Members are requested to bring a covered dish, sandwiches,and dishes. A sho>er will;be held for Mrs. Nina TaWor 1 whose homd was de- slro^ed- by fire Iseveral! months WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS was served. Honored at Shower— ' A shower honoring Lavonnc Bacon was given last Friday afternoon at the Merrill Bacon home. Assistant hostesses were Edna Cruikhank, Katherine Leason and Nina Taylor. Contests were held v/ith Mrs. Beulah Seeley, Mrs.' Kenneth Strayer: and Mrs. Harrji McMurray as winners. The bride to be received many beautiful gifts among them a set of dishes. About 30 ladies attended. A dainty lunch KOSSUTH HOSPITAL July 23—Mrs. N. B. tiest, Algona, boy. .- July 25—Mrs. Bernard Bode, Algona, boy. July 26—Mrs. Stanley Muckey, Algona, girl., July 27—Mrs. L6uisc Falk, Algona, medicaj. July 28—John Voss Jr., Lu- Verne, appendectomy; Mrs_^ Raymond Reid, Aigona, medical. July 29—Mrs. Dale Jensen, Lone Rock, appendectomy. GENERAL HOSPITAL l July 24—Elaine Chambers, Algona, medical. July 25—Mrs. Kenneth Hill, Wesley, girl; Mrs. Arden Lloyd, Algona, minor surgery. July 26—Nancy, Gloria, and Shirley Bennett, West Bend, medical. July 27—James Price, Wesley, medical. '^'. Dannewetz To Open Dry Cleaning Plant At Belmond Sept. 1 M. M. Danttewitz has resigned, effective August 1, as assistant manager of the Botsford Lumber .Co., and Will move to Belmond, iWhere he and. Gene Harringer will open a dry cleaning establishment to be known as the ,Model Dry Cleaners. The new .business will open September 1. JVtr. Dannewitz will leave about August 1, but his family will not move lo Belmond until a little later. He has been here about three years, but previously was engaged in the dry cleaning business at Decora^. His partner has been in the army the past five years. Both worked together previously. Tom McGraw of Gaylord, .Minn., will succeed Mr. Dannewitz, and has been here the past Week or ten days. He is married and has one child, and wil|'?6c- cupy the house the Denriewit'z family vacates. Mr. McGrawvis recently out of the service.'- 1 4 Bmt Youth Taking Scout Trip By Bus Hurt: The G. H. McMullens took their son Jack lo Storm Lake last Thursday, where he left by special bus with 22 other Boy Scouts and two leaders for an extended tour through the west. The expedition will be the trip of a lifetime for the The McMullens the home, of brother E. N, Storm Lake. Mr. McMullen, \Jieftf 5 'i Travel I'D Winnipeg ^! f Burt: Mr. and Mrs, C. ,0'.' Smith left Sunday for Winnipeg; Can., where they will spend •;•« vacation. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hanna, Little Falls, Minn., weife to go with them. ;> : CLASSIFIED ADS IN NEWSPAPER REACH OVER 4,100 FAMILIES EACH ISSUE. , N« Rtstrletiens On FURNACES S«m« Models Ayoilablt Now . fanillM wlU bt Mjoyta. toon th«t new pre-w»r qiulity Oreen Colonlil FuniKf they'rt beta w»!Unf for. ^ HAVE YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER? H no(, d» It qulcklr; thi dcmuid h h«Tl*r than UM Int' m«di*t« nipplr — but you'll «!•»?• fa* (ltd »o« wdttd for • Ofwn ColoeUI runuM*. ttt Wh*tk*r yen fnltt •M!, oil or IM thirt'i • tptdillr dwlcned Onto Colonial Fumm • turn* yew mntet oiL-piun Laing & Muckey Phone 4fi* Algona. Iowa N Dodge S- As Materials Become Available, We Are Prepared to Assist You Through Our Property Improvement Plan for Home Modernization Investigate This Plan Now If You Contemplate Building or Modernizing Come in and Talk It Over F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 B«F. GOODRICH SILVERTOWN 0UTWEARS PREWAR TlRES Shlpm«nw ,pf At new B. rich SilTfrtof^n ire nfrivlog Utly, «nd w* ro»y h«v« your «jif. But th*r«'i roor» d«m«n4 /of H>mf tiff binod* th»n otherv»nd tfa« big ixtr» 4tmtm4\% fa Sllvwwwn, «b* . fir* ft*; Tlwre'i » fCMoq! The nev tr«ad d«i«n i« wid«r, Q»wt tnd put? mpf*,nibb«f o* the road, Thtt'f wbr wt wyi U you nwd wdty. Pi«c« yattf ordff now far ; *]t\ •% CONVENIENT TERMS AVAILABLE FARM WIRING* APPLIANCE WIRING OF ALL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING f«v£»(£ tL€QRK but Long Distance is still Crowded ona Housewives Know. B -w-^ jp»i| il ^ ~i .EGoodncii r* c s fhe wsusil summer increase in long dis e»Uing is much gf eater this year than ever before, TThis upsurge of caUs on top of tb« already, heayily loaded lines is increasing the number of pslis that are being delayed, ~ . New farilJties ire. being addfdj« fist as possible JP order to bfing long distance service ^bagfc . ^> vj^ewli? ':||>^p di .• iftd tyf« faster, Aeute watf rial shortages are waking this task difficult;,- jFii the fl»e»tttii||e yell ip(fec gginrls* if ye» pj»«?i 9 : A. Mi m ultti i P« M, NQItliWfSTfRH there's NO bread like Colonial —fresh from the ovens to your grocer's every morning—brimming with sweet, oven-fresh flavor. — smooth as velvet; a fine, firm, delicious texture like no other bread on the market. —dependable, always the same wonderful quality, week in and week out—because it's made of choicest ingredients, ! by finest, modern baking methods, -y r : I2LF6 ^ "'-'--"-,, \.- ','••;:;•' -''7 . * • r* * * ^ u *t °ne loaf of Colonial shows you the big difference over ordinary bread; telli yiPtt why it's first choice of Iowa Housewives, Ye«, it pays to always ASK Theise Popular '."'• • i. • ••''• '^...ii':'"•-••:."•• '*.••'/•• ..- . .. •.— V *;>: '•.,.;•.. ^^-£\:.^;&^'?i£$M$#j!i$ Tea Co, Hood's Grocery i?iaffti)dj||8^^ I "i'W- ... J«ek jprti : ^^^^^&iS^^fif£j^i§iSfj^$^

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